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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hamas won't stop rocket attacks on Israel

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Hamas militants fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel on Monday despite a 10-day Israeli military campaign that reportedly has left more than 500 Palestinians dead.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar says rocket attacks on Israel will continue.

Neither Israel nor the Hamas leaders in Gaza showed any sign of considering a cease-fire in the face of continuing international pressure to do so.

"I can understand the eagerness of the international community to see the return to calm," Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told European foreign ministers in Jerusalem. "This is our dream as well. This is what we are looking for. Unfortunately, there are those who cannot accept the idea of living in peace in this region."

Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas' military wing, warned Israel that Izzedine al Qassam Brigades will continue rocket strikes "for many months" and vowed to strike deeper into Israeli territory. He spoke on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar also gave a televised address Monday, saying that the leadership in Gaza salutes "the resistance men" and that their actions were justified because of what Israel has done.

"They [Israeli forces] shelled everyone in Gaza. ... They shelled children and hospitals and mosques," he said. "And in doing so, they gave us legitimacy to strike them in the same way."

Israel on Monday continued its military assault on Gaza from the air and the ground. Heavy fighting erupted Monday night around Gaza City, the Israel Defense Forces said. Earlier in the day, Israeli forces took "tens of Hamas militants" into custody, the military said. IDF also said that fighting between Hamas militants and Israeli troops left several of the militants injured, but it did not say how many.

Eight Israeli soldiers were lightly wounded during battles with Hamas militants Monday afternoon, IDF said. On Sunday, an Israeli soldier was killed, marking the first military death since the ground operation was launched Saturday night.

The military campaign has not stopped militants in Gaza from firing on southern Israel: 47 rockets and mortars struck Israel on Sunday and at least another 40 on Monday, the Israeli military said.

One of the rockets hit a kindergarten in Ashdod, the military said. The school, like all Israeli educational facilities near the Gaza border, was closed.

The Israeli military said the ground assault -- which was launched Saturday night -- is the second phase of the operation to stop militants from firing rockets and mortars into southern Israel.

Israel began its air assault on Gaza on December 27 to stop the rocket attacks that have killed four Israelis since the military campaign began.

"Before the military operation, the equation was that Hamas targets Israelis whenever it likes, and Israel shows restraint," Livni told foreign ministers from the European Union on Monday.

"This is not going to be [any] longer the equation in this region. When Israel is targeted, Israel is going to retaliate."

Thousands of Israeli troops, backed by tanks, artillery and helicopters, have pushed deep into Gaza, essentially splitting it into the south and north.

"Every couple of minutes we hear an explosion," Gaza City resident Safa Joudeh said Monday. "We can see tanks coming closer and closer into Gaza."

She said most residents are confined to their homes and are without electricity and running out of food and water.

The ground war has resulted in mounting casualties in Gaza. More than 530 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched its operation, including at least 100 women and children, according to Palestinian medical sources. That number includes 82 Palestinians killed since the ground invasion -- 30 of them children and 20 women, the sources said. In addition, 2,750 Palestinians have been injured, most of them civilians, the sources said.

Israel also stepped up its psychological campaign Monday, trying to turn Gazans against Hamas.

"Urgent message, warning to the citizens of Gaza," said a recorded phone call to Gaza resident Moussa El-Hadad. "Hamas is using you as human shields. Do not listen to them. Hamas has abandoned you and are hiding in their shelters."

The Israeli military also dropped leaflets into the streets of Gaza warning residents that the IDF will continue using "full force against Hamas." It also warned that the military "also has other means to deal with Hamas."

"If the army uses them, the toll will be very painful," said the leaflet, signed by IDF command.

A delegation of EU foreign ministers is in Jerusalem to push for a truce, while Egypt is putting pressure on Hamas leaders in Gaza.

Israel on Monday allowed 80 trucks filled with humanitarian supplies to pass into Gaza.

Heavy police presence in KT because of past election violence, says IG

By Adib Zalkapli, The Malaysian Insider

The Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the heavy police presence for the by-election here is necessary as Kuala Terengganu has a history of election violence.

"We don't want rioting, stopping of buses, smashing of police cars to happen here," said Musa referring to the incident that happened in the last general when busses were stopped from entering the district, as they were suspected to be ferrying phantom voters.

"When there is no police, people complain, but when we deploy, they say it's too many," said Musa after attending a briefing by Terengganu police chief Datuk Shukri Dahlan.

Today DAP Parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang questioned the move by the police to deploy a high number of personnel for the by-election, saying that it is an abuse of power.

"This is why the police arrest of five members of Parti Keadilan Rakyat youth wing, including the Terengganu Youth chief Faris Musa, is a matter of grave concern," said Lim in a statement.

"Is this already proof of police double standards in the Kuala Terengganu by-election?" he asked.

Some 3,800 police personnel are being deployed in the constituency of 80,000 voters.

"Is 3,800 too many? There are 143 polling centres, we cannot just place one or two men in each centre," said Musa.

He also gave an assurance that there will be no shortage of police personnel in other districts due to the large deployment in Kuala Terengganu.

"We have our way of planning," he said.

The police has also setup four tactical centres in every state constituency in Kuala Terengganu to coordinate its work.

The centres said Musa allow the people to have direct access to the police and police reports can be lodged at the centres.

Musa also reminded all political parties to apply for police permits 24 hours before organising any ceramah, adding that the move is to ensure order and stability during the by-election.

"Do not apply too late, as we need time to study the suitability of the ceramah venue," he said.

Panel To Probe MIED Award Of AIMST Contracts

pic: makkal osai 030109

RM 18,000 income per month is apparently not enough for MIED CEO Chitra Kala.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 4 (Bernama) -- A three-member panel has been formed to investigate alleged misappropriation in the award of contracts by MIC's education arm Maju Institute for Education Development (MIED) for the party's Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST), according to sources.

They said the MIED board of directors, which met on Friday, had appointed former MIC treasurer-general Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar to head the panel. It is learnt that the others on the panel are MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel and party disciplinary committee chairman Tan Sri G. Vadiveloo.

makkal osai 030109

RM 18,000 income per month is apparently not enough for MIED CEO Chitra Kala.


makkal osai 030109


The sources said the panel was formed on the instruction of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu at the meeting.

Contacted by Bernama, Nijhar confirmed the formation of the panel and said formal investigation had yet to begin.

"I am just looking through all the documents and have not gone into the details of the contracts. The panel will meet once I have sorted out the documents. The panel was not formed to get anyone in particular but to ensure that everything is in order," he said.

It is learnt that the panel had obtained all files on the alleged misappropriation from the MIED office.

Two weeks ago, Samy Vellu removed Tan Sri M. Mahalingam, 73, from the post of MIC treasurer-general, saying that there was a need for a younger person to take over the position as part of the party's rebranding exercise.

Mahalingam was replaced by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk S.K. Devamany, 51.

The sources said Samy Vellu was concerned over the awarding of three contracts claimed to have been given out at an inflated value.

They said the panel would also investigate two contracts given to companies linked to a senior MIC leader.

The cost of construction of AIMST, which opened its doors a year ago, had ballooned from an initial estimate of RM230 million to RM500 million, the sources said.

Mahalingam, when contacted, said he was in the clear and was willing to answer queries from the panel.

"For me, there is nothing to hide. I did as instructed by the (MIC) president. There was no misappropriation of funds or on the contracts on the part of MIED," he said. The MIED CEO is Chitrakala Vasu.


Malaysian Indian 'Showdown' In Chennai

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 (Bernama) -- Malaysian Indian political leaders from both sides of the country's political divide are heading to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu in India this week to attend a conference which is likely to be an explosive affair. Malaysian Indian political leaders from the MIC, DAP and PKR are heading for the southern Indian city to attend the three-day Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, better known as the Indian Diaspora Conference, starting Wednesday at the Chennai Trade Centre.

The event will also be attended by representatives of the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf). MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will lead a 150-member delegation comprising top brass and divisional leaders of the largest Indian-based political party in the country. "We would first attend the World Tamil Conference on Jan 6, also in Chennai. The next day would be the Pravasi. We would attend that too before flying back on Jan 10," he told Bernama. The DAP would send a 20-member delegation, led by Penang Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy. This is the first time in the conference's history that Malaysian opposition parties are attending the Pravasi held in a state where the majority of Malaysian Indians originated from. Ramasamy's delegation, it was reported, would consist of Perak state executive councillor A. Sivanesan and Selangor state executive councillor Xavier Jayakumar. PKR, meanwhile, would be sending a 40-member delegation. Kapar Member of Parliament S. Manikavasagam, who recently created a controversy by threatening to quit the opposition party, said the delegation would comprise politicians and businessmen. A check on the Pravasi website revealed that Malaysia would have four speakers, and they are Samy Vellu, Ramasamy, Malaysian Human Rights (Suhakam) Commissioner Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria and Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is also the MIC secretary general. After each speaker has delivered his address, the floor would be given at least 15 minutes to seek explanations from the speaker, and this is where trouble is expected. An opposition leader who declined to be named said the opposition delegation was expected to question MIC leaders on the state of affairs of Indians in the country since the party was from the Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition. "Well, we have an opportunity to question them directly. We do not have the opportunity here, so I feel they would take whatever chance they have to question the MIC leaders," he said.

To top it all, Hindraf chief P. Wathyamoorthy, who is now living in a self-imposed exile in London, is expected to attend the event with several supporters from Malaysia.


DR M says that Wan Farid is a bad choice for KT

By Lee Wei Lian(Themalaysianinsider)

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 5 – Dr. Mahathir may have jeopardised Barisan Nasional's (BN) chances in the crucial Kuala Terengganu by-election when he said that the ruling coalition's candidate, Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, is a bad choice and merely a proxy.

“The choice of the candidate is really very bad because people see him as a proxy to be used if Najib becomes prime minister,” the former prime minister said.

This condemnation of the BN candidate is seen as another swipe at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“The candidate was the prime minister's choice because he was working with the prime minister,” he added.

Wan Ahmad, the former deputy home minister and member of the senate, who resigned both posts last Friday, will contest against Wakaf Mempelam state assemblyman Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut of PAS.

Even without Dr Mahathir's remarks, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was expected to use his close links with Abdullah to attack him in the campaign.

This latest bombshell by Dr Mahathir could lead to a repeat of the March 8 general elections where his attacks on the government and calls for a stronger opposition were credited with helping the opposition to their biggest electoral gains ever.

Dr Mahathir's attacks were widely perceived to be personal in nature, and a calculated strategy to force his successor from power.

The prime minister became a focus of Dr Mahathir's attacks when he was blamed for the reversal of several of Dr Mahathir's pet projects including the crooked bridge to Singapore and the decision by Proton to offload Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta for one euro.

Dr Mahathir, who is Proton's advisor, had supported Proton's purchase of MV Agusta and was bitterly opposed to its sale.

In the Permatang Pauh by-election last August, Dr Mahathir had predicted that the BN candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah would lose but with a reduced margin.

Three USM students detained for distributing leaflets

2330: Freed! The students have now been released.

2300: Three USM students were detained at 9.15pm while they were distributing leaflets in the campus. The three were bundled into a van apparently without any explanation and taken to the campus’ security department.

The leaflets provided an introduction to the “Pro-Mahasiswa” group and a bit of publicity about the group’s appointment to meet the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor tomorrow. The students are believed to be preparing for campus elections expected to be held soon and are seeking free and fair campus elections.

Bundling students into a van? Is this the way an “apex university” handles students’ affairs? Do they think they can rise up the THES global rankings this way?

The three students held are:

  • Yap Heng Lung
  • Ch’ng Hui Yang
  • Chew Kai Sheng

Some 50-70 students are now keeping vigil outside the security deparment now (Phone: 04-657 3970 and 653 4333)

KT by-election - Najib not campaigning as DPM and police should not apply double-standards

(Lim Kit Siang)The police in Kuala Terengganu by-election campaign should not apply double standards and should treat Datuk Seri Najib Razak as one of the party leaders in town for the by-election and not as a Deputy Prime Minister or Prime Minister-elect.

At a time when the retiring Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is trying to give new life to his National Integrity Plan and anti-corruption efforts in his last three months in office, the way the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election is conducted will be a test as to whether his national integrity efforts and the newly-minted Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) have any real meaning.

For instance, would the police in Kuala Terengganu treat Najib at par with other party leaders, whether Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, for the duration of the by-election, as there is no business for a Deputy Prime Minister to be campaigning in Kuala Terengganu in his official capacity.

Najib is in Kuala Terengganu as UMNO Deputy President and Barisan Nasional Deputy Chairman and not as Deputy Prime Minister, and this distinction must be scrupulously observed not only by the police and all relevant government departments but also by Najib himself!

Najib should dispense with the horde of police outriders during his visit to Kuala Terengganu to show that he is not abusing his powers and be an example to all other Ministers and VIPs – that they should not misuse scarce police personnel and resources in having to provide outriders and escorts.

Najib should issue a clear directive that during the duration of the by-election, no police outriders or escorts would be provided to Cabinet Ministers or what-not VIPs for they will be campaigning in their party capacities.

Or is this one reason for sending 6,000 police reinforcements to Kuala Trengganu for the by-election, more to provide escort-riders and VIPs to the horde of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and other BN VIPs expected to descend on Kuala Terengganu during the 11-day by-election campaign?

This is why the police arrest of five members of Parti Keadilan Rakyat youth wing, including the Terengganu Youth chief Faris Musa, is a matter of grave concern.

Is this already proof of police double standards in the Kuala Terengganu by-election?

Why should the five be arrested for putting up posters of murdered Mongolian national Altantunya Shaariibuu as part of the Kuala Terengganu by-election campaign starting tomorrow, just because Najib will be in town for the by-election nomination tomorrow?

Furthermore, will the MACC be in Kuala Terengganu to take action against all those guilty of electoral offences corrupting the voting the process – as for instance the public pledge by the Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said that the state government would spend RM5.8 million to repair drains and roads and carry out several small projects in Kuala Terengganu provided the Barisan Nasional candidate wins?

This is money politics and political corruption at their most blatant. If the MACC is as indifferent and impotent as the previous Anti-Corruption Agency to such blatant electoral corruption, there cannot be a worse start for the new MACC which is supposed to be another ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong) in its first week of establishment!

1. Saya ucap terima kasih kerana ramai yang membuat komen berkenaan beberapa tulisan saya. Justeru saya tidak dapat jawab semua, hanya beberapa sahaja. Namun saya ambil perhatian akan seberapa banyak yang mungkin.

Automatic Government

2. Saya pohon maaf jika pegawai Kerajaan tersinggung dalam rencana "Automatic Government".

3. Setahu saya apabila Kerajaan isytihar "public holiday" pekerja di sektor swasta berhak dibayar kerja lebih masa empat kali ganda. Saya tak tahu samada ini benar atau tidak atau kakitangan Kerajaan juga berhak.

4. Kita belum lagi jadi negara maju. Oleh itu kita perlu kerja lebih kuat.

"Cuti" ke Yemen

5. Ini pendapat saya sahaja. Saya bukan bercuti di Yemen. Saya dijemput untuk memberi syarahan-syarahan dan berdialog dengan pegawai Kerajaan dan swasta.

6. Mereka ingin tahu bagaimana Malaysia, sebuah negara pertanian dapat menjadi negara industri.

7. Saya melawat projek-projek mereka, termasuk pelabuhan Aden, yang dahulu terkenal dan mungkin akan terkenal semula jika perancangan mereka berjaya.

8. Rakyat Yemen miskin. Tetapi apabila mereka berhijrah keluar negara mereka amat berjaya. Demikian Bin Ladin adalah kontraktor terbesar di Arab Saudi. Di Malaysia semua yang bergelar Syed atau Sheikh adalah dari Hadramaut. Ramai mereka berjaya dalam bidang perniagaan dan profesional.

Institut Jantung Negara

9. I don't know who came up with the idea of privatising Institut Jantung Negara. It is DUMB! My suspicious mind tells me someone wants to make money.


10. Let us not make comments about other people's religions.

11. All I can say is about my own religion which says clearly in the Qur'an; "To you your religion, to me mine".

12. The Quran also makes it clear that there is no compulsion in religion.

13. All religions teach us to be good. But we often interprete them wrongly to justify the bad things that we do.

Beban Doktor

14. Saya dahulu bekerja sebagai doktor dalam hospital Kerajaan, kemudian sebagai doktor swasta.

15. Semasa saya masih kecil ibu saya berpesan jangan jadi inspektor polis atau doktor kerana tak dapat tidur malam.

16. Saya jadi doktor juga. Betul kata Mak!

17. Tetapi pengalaman sebagai doktor mengajar saya bekerja tanpa mengira masa.

18. Saya mungkin akan dapat bintang KSM - Kerja Sampai Mati!

Ma'al Hijrah

19. Ma'al Hijrah is the time to change, as this was what the Prophet did 1430 years ago. For Muslims it is the time to resolve to work harder, acquire more knowledge and more skills and help in bringing back the respect for Islam and the Muslims in the years to come.

UMNO President's speech

20. I don't know why my speeces as President of UMNO should cause Sapatchai to be alienated from me. As I remember it, most of my speeches as UMNO President was about scolding the Malays for not working hard and changing their ways. Being chairman of Barisan Nasional I was careful not to antagonise the non-Malays. Some believe I should never talk about Malays but only about Malaysians. If I did not and the current situation of disparities remain then we would always have this feelings of jealousy and envy.

21. Imagine a Malaysia where Malays no longer need help in trying to catch up with the non-Malays in business and the professions; imagine a Malaysia where Malays and non-Malays go to school, live, work and play together and go back to the same housing estates, imagine a Malaysia where everyone is sensitive to the sensitivities of everyone else, then you can be sure the UMNO President will cease to urge Malays to seize the opportunities in the New Economic Policy. In fact the Malays themselves would not want the NEP because they can compete successfully and look after themselves without the Government having to look after them.

Sains dan Matematik

22. Saya ucap terimakasih kepada Cikgu Dari Uluyang belajar sains dalam bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya dan sekarang menjadi guru sains dalam bahasa Melayu juga.

23. Namun saudara sokong penggunaan bahasa Inggeris untuk sains dan matematik.

24. Ya. Program ini bukan untuk memusnahkan identiti bangsa Melayu.

25. Saya sebenarnya mendapat pelajaran dari sekolah rendah hingga ke Universiti (perubatan) dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

26. Saya fikir saya masih boleh bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Melayu, walaupun tidak sebaik seperti pakar bahasa.

27. Adat resam dan budaya saya adalah adat resam dan budaya Melayu.

28. Saya percaya saya diterima sebagai Melayu.

29. Jelas menguasai ilmu dalam bahasa Inggeris tidak menjadikan saya kurang Melayu.

30. Takkanlah hanya kerana belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris akan menyebabkan kita lupa bahasa kita, dan kita kurang Melayu.

31. Mempelajari sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris bukan untuk mempelajari dan menguasai bahasa Inggeris. Untuk ini sudah ada matapelajaran bahasa Inggeris.

32. Penggunaan bahasa Inggeris untuk Sains dan Matematik adalah kerana ilmu ini mengguna perkataan-perkataan yang berlainan daripada bahasa Inggeris biasa. Juga ilmu-ilmu baru dalam bidang sains terutamanya diterokai dan diperkenalkan melalui kertas-kertas akademik hampir tiap hari. Dan hampir semuanya didapati di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

33. Kita boleh terjemahkan kertas-kertas ini. Untuk ini kita perlu penterjemah yang fasih dalam bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa kita dan juga berkelulusan dalam bidang sains berkenaan. Kita tidak ada ramai orang seperti ini sekarang pun. Jika ada pun mereka tidak berminat untuk kerja ini sepanjang hayat. Apabila semua belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Melayu, di manakah akan kita cari orang yang fasih dalam bahasa Inggeris untuk membuat penterjemahan.

34. Dalam satu pertemuan saya telah beri contoh dalam bidang telekomunikasi, khususnya telefon sel. Kecanggihannya bertambah sepanjang masa. Ini semua adalah hasil pemahaman dalam ilmu dan teknologi "micro circuit", dalam cip, dan bagaimana menulis "software" untuknya.

35. Kita tidak perlu bahasa Inggeris untuk mengguna segala kemudahan dalam cell-phone. Tetapi untuk mencipta dan meningkatkan keupayaan cell-phone kita perlu ilmu yang berkenaan yang mana ilmu ini terdapat dalam bahasa Inggeris. Mungkin sudah ada buku-buku dalam bahasa Melayu berkenaan sains ini tetapi saya belum jumpa buku yang boleh menolong kita mencipta alatan yang mengguna sains ini. Sehingga kita ada buku ini kita perlu buku dalam bahasa Inggeris, syarahan dalam bahasa Inggeris, tunjuk ajar dalam bahasa Inggeris. Jika tidak maka kita akan terus jadi bangsa pengguna.

36. Untuk menjadi bangsa maju kita perlu ilmu pengetahuan yang luas. Hanya boleh bertuturkata dalam bahasa sendiri tidak mencukupi untuk menjadikan kita bangsa yang maju setaraf dengan bangsa-bangsa maju yang lain.

37. Saya sayangkan bahasa saya. Sejak 1947 lagi saya telah perjuangkan bahasa saya. Bukanlah niat saya untuk mengenepikan bahasa dan bangsa saya apabila saya buat keputusan untuk mengguna bahasa Inggeris dalam sains dan matematik. Niat saya ialah sebaliknya. Niat saya ialah supaya bangsa saya tidak ketinggalan dalam penguasaan ilmu sains dan matematik yang begitu penting dalam menentukan maju/mundurnya sesuatu bangsa. Niat saya ialah supaya bangsa saya akan dapat berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan bangsa-bangsa yang termaju di dunia.

38. Insya'allah apabila kita di masa akan datang sudah dapat mendiri tamadun Melayu yang termaju sama seperti tamadun moden yang terkenal di dunia, apabila pendita-pendita dan saintis Melayu dapat meneroka dan menyumbang kepada keilmuan sains dunia, maka pada masa itu para saintis asing akan mempelajari bahasa Melayu untuk mendapat ilmu sains sepertimana orang Arab mempelajari bahasa Yunani, Hindi, Cina, untuk menguasai ilmu-ilmu yang diterokai oleh bangsa-bangsa ini; sepertimana orang Eropah mempelajari bahasa Arab untuk menguasai ilmu-ilmu sains dan matematik yang diterokai dan dikuasai oleh orang Arab pada abad ke-15 Masehi.

39. Inilah sejarah keilmuan tamadun manusia sejak zaman Hammurabi lagi.


40. There is today a worldwide shortage of pilots and aeronautical engineers. The demand for them will continue whatever the economic situation. More Malaysian youths should train as pilots. It costs money. But if the Government is interested in jobs for graduates it should provide the fund

Sayap pendidikan MIC dilanda skandal

MIC dilanda skandal yang membabitkan sayap pendidikannya, Institut Pembangunan Pendidikan Maju (MIED) berhubung dakwaan berlaku penyelewengan dalam pemberian kontrak penyelenggaran Institut Perubatan, Sains dan Teknologi Asia (AIMST) milik parti itu.

Sumber-sumber berkata, ia berlaku apabila MIED diarahkan supaya membatalkan dua kontrak yang diberikan berdasarkan sistem 'tender terbuka'.

Sebaliknya, pihak pengurusannya dikatakan diarahkan supaya memberinya kepada mereka yang rapat dengan presiden parti, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu.

Dua kontrak tersebut adalah untuk kerja memotong rumput dan pengendalian kantin di universiti tersebut.

Sumber-sumber itu berlaku, jumlah tawaran tender oleh pihak-pihak baru itu - seorang daripadanya berpejabat di Ipoh - dianggap lebih tinggi daripada tawaran tender yang telah diterima.

Ia adalah antara lima kontrak yang diberikan oleh MIED untuk pelbagai perkhidmatan tahun lalu.

Dijangka akan berlaku pemecatan - malah, pemecatan bendahari agung MIC, Tan Sri M Mahalingam dua minggu lalu, dikatakan ada kaitan dengannya, walaupun Samy Vellu, berkata pertukaran itu adalah perkara 'rutin'.

Pada 23 Disember, Mahalingalm juga melepaskan jawatannya sebagai pengerusi MIED Capital Sdn Bhd - syarikat yang menguruskan Universiti AIMST yang terletak di Semeling, kedah.

Dr M: Wan Farid a proxy for Pak Lah