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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hunger strike launched with eight elected reps to fast in lockup

By Shannon Teoh - The Malaysian Insider

IPOH, May 26—In yet another twist to the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) hunger strike, riot police arrested over a dozen people including eight elected representatives who tried to lead a march from the DAP headquarters to the Ipoh High Court.

The arrests took place after the launch of the planned three-day hunger strike by ousted mentri besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin at the DAP headquarters here.

Those arrested include dumped assembly speaker V. Sivakumar, Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, Kedah DAP chief Thomas Su and Perak PKR deputy chief Chang Lih Kwang.

Kulasegaran was taken with into the truck with the others despite insisting he was simply “walking” not “marching”.

Meanwhile, the tent was taken down by Ipoh City Hall workers.

Earlier, the light strike force officers moved in at 7am, arresting two local and three Burmese workers from an event management company who were putting up the tent and a giant balloon.

The balloon was also confiscated.

The officers then occupied the tent to block PR from continuing with their fast, which is part of a move to press for fresh elections in the silver state.

At 9.30am, the riot police were still under the tent just outside the DAP Ipoh headquarters and having breakfast.

A total of 40 policemen, two jeeps, four police cars, two vans and seven trucks were seen in the area.

Police later tried to remove the tent point but Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham negotiated with them. The police said the tent was an illegal structure but DAP leaders present pleaded with them “not to take sides”.

“If you want to take down illegal structures, there are many in my constituency,” said Su, the Pasir Pinji assemblyman.

In the end, the police stood down and left the tent alone. However, when PR leaders tried to take a group photo, police asked the crowd to disperse, insisting that any gathering outside private premises is illegal.

The crowd has moved on to the Ipoh High Court, where a suit by 817 village committee members appointed by PR is to be filed for wrongful dismissal by the BN government.

The 1-Malaysia in reality


There are many things the Indians should fight for other than for more ‘lucrative’ posts and positions. And the fight should not just focus on getting more Indians into committees. This does not work and has been proven so for more than 50 years.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Indians are upset. And they have every right to be upset. After all, have they not been neglected and marginalised for more than 50 years? I will be very surprised if they are not upset when even I am upset.

But these Indians appear to be upset over the wrong reasons. They are upset because Indians are not given enough posts and positions. They want more representatives here and more representatives there, in every council, committee and what-have-you. And they are upset not because not enough Indians are being given these posts and positions. They are upset because THEY are not being given these posts and positions. It makes you wonder whether they are fighting for their fellow Indians or for themselves.

Why fight for more temples? Are there not enough temples as it is now? Fight for more government land and government funds for expansion purposes for existing temples. After all, are not mosques being built on government land and with government money, which means it is our land and our money -- Malays, Chinese, Indians and ‘others’ included?

In other words, don’t talk about quantity, talk about quality.

Why fight for more Indian schools? Some Indian schools are so dilapidated and don’t even have enough students to qualify as a school. We don’t need more schools. We need to improve the existing schools. Again, quality over quantity!

Fight for the abolishment of race-based quotas in public schools, colleges and universities plus for Tamil to be part of the school curriculum as a second or third language so that Indian students can still learn Tamil if they want to.

The taxpayers are paying for the cost of public institutions of learning -- meaning you and me are paying for it. So why should only one race be allowed places in these institutions such as ITM? The Malays are not paying for these institutions. All Malaysians, non-Malays included and in particular, are paying for it. It is an open secret that the ‘other races’ are paying most of the taxes but they are denied places in public institutions of learning which depends on taxpayers to fund them.

Are posts and positions really that important? Indians have been given posts and positions since over 50 years of Merdeka. But have the lot of the Indians improved? Do these Indians holding all sorts of posts and positions really strive to improve the lot of their fellow Indians?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad grumbled that he gave the so-called representatives of the Indian community all sorts of help. They got shares, contracts, land and whatnot. But did it filter down to the grassroots Indians or did those at the top sapu everything for themselves?

Today, the Indians might argue that MIC no longer represents the Indian community and that Mahathir should not have given all this wealth to the MIC leaders because they kept it all for themselves and never passed anything down to the people below them. Maybe, today, you say that. But, until very recently, 90% of the Indian voters voted for Barisan Nasional. The impression the Indians gave was that they regard MIC as their legitimate representative.

There are many things the Indians should fight for other than for more ‘lucrative’ posts and positions. And the fight should not just focus on getting more Indians into committees. This does not work and has been proven so for more than 50 years.

The Indians are being left behind. There are as many, or probably more, poor Indians as there are Malays. But Indians do not get special preferences when buying a home, the most important and fundamental requirement before anything else. A roof over the head is first and foremost. But a rich Malay house-buyer gets special preference because he is Malay while a poor Indian sleeps in a rented slum-house because he is Indian. Is this fair?

I support the Indian cause. But I do not support what they are asking for and the way they are going about doing it. Yes, call for the end of the New Economic Policy in spite of Najib’s warning to HINDRAF to ‘not to go to far’. It should no longer be about Malays first. It should be about poor and needy Malaysians first.

And you can demand this without asking for more places in committees. It is not about posts and positions. It is about getting other non-Indian Malaysians like the Malays and Chinese to join you and to support you in the fight to improve the lot of not only the Indians but the lot of all poor and deserving Malaysians regardless of ethnicity.


PKR man: Pakatan not doing enough for Indians

A grassroots PKR leader today lashed out at Pakatan Rakyat and its administration in Selangor for continuing to marginalise the Indian community in the state. “The sidelining of the Indian community by the Pakatan in Selangor is not much different from what Barisan Nasional has done,” said Petaling Jaya Selatan division’s deputy chief A Thiruvenggadam today.

He alleged that all promises made by Pakatan leaders, including PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, before the general election in March 2008 to uplift the Indian community remained unfulfilled.

“In Selangor, the PKR-led state government has so far failed to keep up with its promise to do something for the community. No job offers have given to the Indian community. No contracts have also been allocated for the Indian businessmen in the state,” said Thiruvenggadam, who is a PKR-appointee as a councillor to the PJ city council.

“I have been asking for the past one year or so for the state government under Khalid to make it a state policy to provide jobs and business opportunities for the Indian community but to date nothing has moved,” he said in a statement. He claimed that all Pakatan leaders were repeatedly lying to the Indian community by promising them better things as compared to the neglect committed by Barisan Nasional.

“They are only cheating the community to garner support. Nothing is being done. They have done nothing for the community by giving some money for the Tamil schools in the state. They must also help the community to be economically strong,” he added.

He said that the Pakatan leadership’s argument that it should not be looking after one particular race only does not hold water. “Why do you want to neglect an already marginalised community? There is nothing wrong in helping this community to find its feet. Otherwise, it will just remain neglected,” he said.

He added that it was ironic that many Pakatan leaders in power today were human rights defenders before this and now they were not seeing the sorry plight suffered by the Indian community in the state. He also challenged the state government to come up with statistics on what it has done to uplift the Indian community in the state. Thiruvenggadam said he would be revealing more on the state government’s failure in helping the Indian community at a press conference next Monday.

Nalla: I am not surprised by this

The Indian community, for long BN voters, shifted sides to Pakatan in the last general election after complaining that they have been neglected for years. Pakatan leaders had said that they would be different from BN and would help the community gain an economic status. However many observers, including insiders like Thiruvenggadam, have complained that the plight of the community remained the same.

Commenting on this, BN-allied Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) leader KS Nallakaruppan said he agreed with the contention that the Pakatan state governments have done nothing for the community. Pakatan won control of five states in the general election.

“The complaints are valid. I have travelled throughout the country, including to the five states under Pakatan control and the feedback I get is that they are still in the same poor, neglected state. Apart from appointing some Indians to some high-profile posts and local councils, Pakatan had failed to deliver its promise for the Indian community,” he told Malaysiakini.

He was referring to the appointment of DAP’s P Ramasamy as the deputy chief minister 2 in Penang and V Sivakumar as the Perak assembly speaker.

“Temples are still being demolished in the Pakatan states. Tamils schools are still in the same condition. Have they reduced poverty?” he asked. “I know full well about Anwar and other PKR leaders. They have never cared about the Indian community,” he added.

He said that while BN could have been slow in reacting to the needs of the Indian community in the past, it has now learnt its lessons with the federal government implementing some policies to overturn the situation. Nallakaruppan left PKR in 2007 after a fall-out with Anwar and formed his party.

Anwar: If I were PM ...

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — One way he would improve racial ties in Malaysia if he were prime minister, said opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, would be to stop awarding scholarships to the children of government ministers.

Describing his experience when his eldest daughter Nurul Izzah — now Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur — went to university, Anwar said he was told he needn’t pay her fees as she was “automatically” given a scholarship.

But Anwar, who was then deputy prime minister and finance minister, persisted and the university eventually accepted his payment.

“This has to be stopped,” he said of the practice, which has angered families of poor Chinese and Indian students who qualified for assistance but did not receive it.

Speaking at a lunch yesterday organised by the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore, Anwar touched on a variety of topics, including racial harmony, Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (NEP) and his long-time political foe, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Lauding the efforts of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Anwar said the secretary-general of the DAP sets a good example of how to work with different races.

“Here is a Chinese leader who talks about the Malay problem, the Indian problem,” he said. “If we do this, we will win every by-election and general election.”

Anwar was also sceptical about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s pledge that the controversial NEP would be reviewed. The policy gives privileges in government contracts, jobs, business, property purchases and education to Malays, and has resulted in a lack of opportunities for the minority races.

“He announced it here in Singapore, that he wants to dismantle the NEP, (but) nothing has happened since. You dismantle it in place of what?” asked Anwar. “Do you still continue the old ways of disbursing funds to selected companies and to your cronies?”

The opposition, on the other hand, outlined a plan several years ago to replace the NEP, said Anwar, one that would make Malaysia compete aggressively with economies like South Korea and Taiwan.

On Mahathir, Anwar said the former prime minister performed “remarkably well” in terms of reforming the country. He pointed out that the elder statesman had risen to prominence, though he did not come from an influential political family.

Anwar was heir apparent to Dr Mahathir until he was sacked in 1998 after being hit with sodomy and corruption charges. He served six years in jail for corruption but was later cleared of sodomy. The pair has been trading barbs over the years through the media.

Replying to a question on what he would say about Mahathir if he were writing his biography, Anwar said: “He had a very strong passion and desire to undertake necessary changes to make Malaysia great. I was persuaded to join (Umno) because of that.”

However, with time, Dr Mahathir became “too confident” and thought of Malaysia as his “own property”.

“I believe Malaysia has to move on beyond not only Mahathir,” Anwar said, “but also beyond old, obsolete policies and parties such as Umno and BN.” — Today

New police crackdown in Ipoh?

From http://

26/05/09 12:28
15 arrested - 1 MP, Speaker, 6 State Assembly members, 3 PAs and four members (DAP and PKR)

26/05/09 12:26
Detainees given VIP treatment, boarded Black Maria a second time and taken with full police escort to D7 team

26/05/09 12:24
Detainees have decided to continue the fast regardless of the arrest.

26/05/09 12:15
Arrested : Keshvinder, Sivakumar, Thomas Su, LeongMeeMeng, LimPekHar, Kula, ChangLihKang, ChanMK. 7 ADUNs (5DAP, 2PKR),1MP (DAP), 6 others

26/05/09 11:05
To support PR election fund, Koon pledged RM200,000 to the PR election fund. Cheque received by Nizar and Ngeh

26/05/09 11:02
Retired engineer Koon Yew Yin speaking in support. Describe Perak power grab “eternal shame”. Fully agree with Judge NH Chan’s articles.

26/05/09 10:58
Hunger strike officially launched by Nizar and Ngeh

26/05/09 10:56
Nizar - “Hidup rakyat bubar DUN Perak!”

26/05/09 10:55
“Urges all Muslims 2show solidarity & fast together. UMNO using police 2protect them & prevent PR carry out peaceful gatherings,activities”

26/05/09 10:52
Nizar “People must come 1st.Perakians 1 fresh election. Ct cannot elect government. Basic tenet of democracy.PAS encourage all to fast 2day”

26/05/09 10:46
Nizar speaking & 2launch campaign

26/05/09 10:45
Dr. Lee Boon Chye speaking. Police blocking programmes. Govt can only function with legitimacy 72-hr hunger strike but not those with illness.

26/05/09 10:41
Ngeh: “We will continue 2fight 4rakyat even though we r facing harassments and police abuses of power. People do not want MB elected by ct.”

26/05/09 10:36
Ngeh speaking now.Thanking all present who want to defend people’s right & democracy in Perak. Many,including BN supporters,want a snap poll

26/05/09 10:35
Dissolve assembly and call fresh election is only solution 2 crisis so that all can focus on economic recession and people’s welfare.

26/05/09 10:33

Siva sad 2see latest developments Perak.In crisis, economic & social issues neglected.No investors will come with such political instability

26/05/09 10:30
limkitsiang: Nga - “We want govt elected by the people”. Speaker Sivakumar speaking now.

26/05/09 10:29
limkitsiang: PR leaders will go on hunger strike for 72 hrs 2fight 4 dissolution of assembly

26/05/09 10:29
limkitsiang: Nga Kor Ming,co-ordinator of fast,urges all 2 continue 2fight 4democracy & our beloved country. 2day another shame - police highhandedness

26/05/09 10:26
limkitsiang: PR leaders singing national anthem

26/05/09 10:25
limkitsiang: Nizar having media conference at Wisma DAP

Police illegally occupying tent for fasting
Police in control of fast site, as their personnel sit inside the tent intended for the fasters today. - Picture by Shannon Teoh | Malaysian Insider

26/05/09 09:55
Giant balloon seized by police specifically made 4 fast cost about RM2k with markings ‘Daulat Tuanku’ and ‘Bubarkan DUN’

26/05/09 09:48
Ngeh, Kula, Thomas Su and PR leaders arrived 4 the fast which is shortly to begin. What will happen with hundreds of police milling around?

26/05/09 08:35
Police preventing anyone from getting near Wisma DAP. 2 men arrested. Giant balloon for the fast confiscated. Day of Infamy Ipoh continues

26/05/09 08:32
Massed outside Wisma DAP Ipoh 2 police jeeps. 7 police trucks, 4 police cars, abt 20 FRU who have taken over the canopy put up for fast.

26/05/09 08:30
Major police crackdown in Ipoh to frustrate start of fast 11am led by Nizar and Sivakumar? Arrests have started outside Perak DAP hqrs Ipoh

Police arrests in Ipoh

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 May 2009: Police arrested five people before the launch of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat (PR) assemblypersons' hunger strike today, Chinese-language news portal Merdeka Review reported.

Police also arrested several Perak PR elected representatives, including Speaker V Sivakumar and Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament M Kulasegaran, while they were walking towards the Ipoh High Court at 11.30am.

Earlier, at around 7am, the police arrested five employees from an event management company that PR had hired to help organise the "Mogok Lapar Bubar DUN" at the Perak DAP headquarters. The arrested have been brought to the Ipoh police station.

(Photo (© Steve Wood /

The police, who were stationed at the site from 6.30am, also seized a balloon made for the event.

The Perak DAP headquarters was also surrounded by around 70 police personnel, including 20 plain-clothes police, and 15 police vehicles.

Despite that, PR's embattled Perak Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and Sivakumar arrived at the site at around 10am and launched the hunger strike at a press conference.

Other PR assemblypersons also turned up in black attire at the media conference. The three-day hunger strike aims to pressure for the dissolution of the Perak assembly.

Other than the hunger strike, there will be a "BN's Perak coup" drawing competition this afternoon. A candlelight vigil has also been scheduled tonight to request for the state assembly's dissolution.

The Perak crisis was triggered in February when PR lost its majority in the Perak assembly after three former PR assemblypersons quit their parties to become Barisan Nasional (BN)-friendly independents.

Subsequently, Nizar requested for Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah's consent to dissolve the state assembly to pave the way for fresh elections.

Photo of V Sivakumar
File pic of V Sivakumar, who was among
those arrested today

However, Sultan Azlan turned down Nizar's request and asked him to step down instead. BN's Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir was sworn in as MB on 6 Feb.

On 13 Feb, Nizar, 52, filed a judicial review and sought a declaration from the courts that he was at all material times the Perak MB. He also sought a declaration that Zambry had no right to hold the MB office.

On 11 May, High Court (Appellate and Special Powers Division) judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim ruled that Nizar was the rightful MB.

However, the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court ruling on 22 May and declared Zambry the lawful Perak MB. PR is seeking leave to appeal the ruling at the Federal Court.

14 arrests so far in Ipoh

Seven Perak State Assembly members (five from the DAP and two from PKR) and one DAP MP have been arrested in Ipoh:

  1. Keshvinder
  2. Sivakumar
  3. Thomas Su
  4. M M Leong
  5. P H Lim
  6. Kula
  7. L K Chang
  8. M K Chan

Six others - two DAP members, two Unit Amal members and two onlookers - have also been detained.

That makes it 14 in all.

Public Forum: “Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka – What Next?”

ImageThe Bar Council will be organising a public forum entitled "Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka – What Next?", at 8.00pm on Wednesday, 27th May 2009.

The conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) over the past 26 years has claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people; at least 30,000 in the past two years above.

While the Sri Lankan Government has claimed victory over the LTTE, history has shown time and time again that serious insurgencies cannot be eradicated by military force alone.
The public forum will examine the roots of the conflict and the way forward.

The four speakers scheduled to take part are:

a) S. Pasupathi - Trustee of the World Tamil Relief Fund and the President of Educational Welfare and Research Foundation (EWRF),
b) Y.B R Sivarasa - Member of Parliament, Subang,
c) Y.B Charles Santiago - Member of Parliament, Klang, and
d) A. Kanesalingam -Trustee of the Tamil Relief Fund.

His Excellency Dr. D.D. Ranasinghe, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka has also informed us that he will be attending.

There are limited places available and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please click here for the registration form.

Thank you.

For further information please call: -
Tel: 603-20313003
Sumitha (ext 194) or Satha (ext 177)
E-mail: or

Show of support for Sri Lankan Tamils

ImageMalay Mail
Frankie D'Cruz

AS tales of terror emerged from the battle-scarred island nation of Sri Lanka during the United Nation chief's visit to a mass displacement camp, there was a major outpouring of sympathy emanating from Batu Caves.

The Batu Caves Hindu temple was packed with more than 5,000 people protesting acts of genocide against Tamils in Sri Lanka. The protest came soon after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern over the almost 300,000 beleaguered and shellshocked refugees held in Manik Farm in the north of the country. Barbed-wire fences encircle the endless rows of tents, preventing civilians from getting out and journalists from getting in, as the government continues to prevent the horror stories from being told.

To be sure, these stories are testimonies to the brutality of both the Tamil Tiger fighters and the government during the final stages of a 26-year conflict.

Each side had accused the other of acts of unspeakable cruelty. Both, it seems, were telling the truth and it is the Tamil civilians who paid the price. Some of these stories were related at the Batu Caves protest yesterday.

Amid a sea of red LTTE flags emblazoned with a leaping tiger, men and women chanted slogans calling for Sri Lanka's president to be tried for crimes against humanity. They also refused to recognise claims by the government of the death of Tamil Tigers leader Velupillai Prabhakaran earlier this week.

The protest, organised by the World Tamil Relief and the Coalition of NGOs movements, saw fiery speeches being made. The Tamil Nadu State government was attacked for not doing anything to stop the attacks on
civilians in Sri Lanka. "If one Prabhakaran is killed, thousands of Prabhakarans will rise. If Israel can be formed, a Tamil nation can be formed too," said Federal Territories Deputy Minister Datuk M. Saravanan.

He also urged the Malaysian government not to support a draft resolution tabled by Sri Lanka at the UN calling for member nations not to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.He said such support for Sri Lanka would hurt the hearts of Malaysian Tamils.

Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament M. Kulasegaran urged the Malaysian government not to give any financial
aid to Sri Lanka as it would seem like it was supporting the war crimes in that island State.

"The government of Malaysia is going to give RM3 million to Sri Lanka. We cannot allow that. I will raise this issue in Parliament," he said.

A donation campaign was also launched at the rally to collect funds for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Muhyiddin To Meet Kayveas And Murugiah Tomorrow

PENANG, May 25 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will meet Senator Datuk T.Murugiah and Datuk M.Kayveas tomorrow to seek clarification on the internal crisis currently faced by the People's Progressive Party (PPP).

He said he wanted to know the real story on the problem faced by the party and the real status of the PPP so that immediate action could be taken to prevent the problem from becoming more serious and affecting the image of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

"I'm disappointed with what had transpired because we are facing a bigger problem than the one faced by the BN component party. We have other issues to tackle but sadly, our component party has its own problem.

"Usually, we don't interfere but if it affects the credibility and image of the BN, we cannot neglect or leave it alone," he told reporters after meeting with the Penang Umno Liaison Committee, here Monday.

He said this when asked to comment on the PPP internal crisis which had reached a climax when Murugiah, who is a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and who was earlier expelled as a member of the party's Supreme Council, was elected as the new party president at an emergency general meeting (EGM) yesterday.

Murugiah was elected by the 1,760 delegates at the EGM at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) which allegedly involved more than two-thirds of the PPP branches.

At the same time, Kayveas maintained that he was still the legitimate party president and criticised the move by Murugiah in calling for the EGM without obtaining the approval of the PPP Supreme Council.

Muhyiddin said Kayveas had sought a meeting with him (Muhyiddin) to explain the situation and at the same time, he wanted to know the consequences of the action taken by Murugiah.

He said he might seek the opinion of certain parties on the current development and what could be done so that the issue would not affect the position and image of the BN as well as public support for the coalition.

Gov't backs Sri Lankan resolution despite local anger - Malaysiakini

The Malaysian government is set to back the Sri Lankan draft resolution at the United Nations in a move which will surely anger the Indian community here.

The Sri Lankan draft resolution calls for UN member nations not to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

anifah amanForeign Minister Anifah Aman today said in a statement that the decision to support the Sri Lankan resolution was in line with the government's stand of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Anifah also said that members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) had also expressed support for the Sri Lankan draft resolution based on the same principle.

Indian community leaders and MIC president S Samy Vellu had previously urged the Malaysian government not to back the Sri Lankan resolution.

They have accused the Sri Lankan government of committing war crimes by killing innocent civilians in its ongoing war with the Tamil Tigers.

Anifah however said today that Sri Lanka had its "sovereign rights to undertake appropriate means in dealing with the internal situation, without the interference of other countries or the UN".

"We are hopeful that the Sri Lankan government would further undertake concerted efforts to bring about a conducive environment for all segments of the people of Sri Lanka to come and work together towards finding a fair and comprehensive political solution which is acceptable to all parties...," said the foreign minister.

Get them to open up

s velpaari anak lelaki s samy velluIn an immediate reaction, MIC Youth wing advisor S Vell Paari lashed out at Anifah over the government's stand in backing the Sri Lankan resolution.

"It is sad that the government has decided to ignore the wishes and sentiments of the Tamils in this country.

"I wish to remind the minister that these people would be voting in the next general election, not someone from OIC or NAM," he told Malaysiakini.

Vell Paari said that rather than supporting the draft resolution, the government should instead push Sri Lanka to open up its war zones so that the international community can have access to the interned civilians.

"At present no one is allowed in to see the conditions of these victims of war. Thousands of them have been misplaced by the war.

sri lanka tamil tigers admit prabhakaran death 250509 02"What we want is for them to allow access for the outside world to give humanitarian assistance to these people.

"What is the Sri Lankan government afraid of? If they have not committed anything wrong, they should not stop access for aid organisations to reach to these victims," he added.

Vell Paari, who is also in charge of the party's unity committee, said that only an independent assessment by international bodies such as UN can determine if the Sri Lankan government had committed war crimes.

"However the Sri Lankan government is working in total secrecy. And they want to use the UN resolution to stop governments from pressuring them to act in a humane manner.

"What is more disappointing is that our own government is ready to support the Sri Lankan resolution," he said.

MIC to bring it up in cabinet

He also pointed out that the government had in the past interfered in the internal affairs of other countries and gave the Malaysian government's active involvement in the ongoing Mindanao crisis in the Philippines and in Bosnian crisis in the early 1990s.

"Why is it that in those cases we were ready to barge in and support the victims but now we use the excuse of non-interference?"

sri lanka conflict protest in batu caves 240509 02He urged the government to rethink of its decision, adding that MIC would also be raising the matter during the cabinet meeting this Wednesday.

He also urged Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to use his good contacts in the OIC to press for the movement to withdraw the support for the Sri Lankan resolution.

"We should do something to protect and rehabilitate the broken and ruined lives of the war victims and for that we have to remove the barriers put up by the Sri Lankan government," he said.

One-on-one with Farish Noor

NGO Focus with Islamic Outreach ABIM

Khoo promised to take-up the issue

Jenice Lee: Saya dihina

Part 2: Anti-Sri Lanka rally

Anwar confident he will beat sodomy rap

SINGAPORE, May 25 - Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said on Monday he is confident a court will find no evidence of sodomy when his case, which has inflamed political passions in Malaysia, resumes in July.

Anwar, who spent six years in jail on a 1998 sodomy conviction that was ultimately overturned, faces a 20-year sentence if convicted on the new charge. Homosexuality is outlawed in Malaysia.

That would effectively end his political career which has seen him come close to mounting a challenge to the National Front government that has ruled Malaysia for the 51 years since independence from Britain.

Political tensions in Malaysia have been stoked by arrests of opposition supporters and when Anwar was tried in the late 1990s, tens of thousands of people took to the streets.

"We've seen the conduct of the judiciary in the past, in the recent past ... as reasons to worry about that," Anwar told a luncheon of foreign correspondents in Singapore, in reply to a question about the possibility of mass protests at his trial.

His sodomy trial was transferred to the High Court in March, a move his lawyers have said could prejudice the 62-year old's chances of a fair hearing, because the Attorney General trying the case was investigated for allegedly tampering with evidence in Anwar's cases 10 years ago.

Anwar was arrested in July of last year for "sexual assault on a young male aide. It made little difference to his political popularity, because weeks later he won a by-election and returned in triumph to parliament as opposition leader after a decade's absence.

"We have all the medical records, the private doctors, the government doctors. Absolutely, there's no possibility of a penetration. Then how do you explain sodomy happening without penetration?" Anwar said.

"I don't think they can fool the Malaysian or international community by fabrication ... We will fight at this case. Clearly this is a malicious prosecution or persecution."

The People's Alliance grouping that Anwar now heads deprived the government of its two-thirds majority in parliamentary elections in March 2008 and ended up controlling five of Malaysia's 13 state legislatures, the best-ever result for the opposition.

The strong performance forced the then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step aside early and be replaced by his deputy, Najib Razak, the son of Malaysia's second prime minister.

Anwar joked with reporters about all the mudslinging in Malaysia politics.

"Must I be angry? No, I will go through the process. They alleged me with man, woman, and they haven't gone to cows yet, so I'm still OK," Anwar joked about the sodomy case. - Reuters

Nizar to fast 'for the pleasure of the Almighty'

By Shannon Teoh- The Malaysian Insider

SLIM RIVER, May 25 - Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is hoping to please God tomorrow.

While Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is leaving it to fellow fasters to find their own motivations, he said that PR had planned the three-day hunger strike to "seek the pleasure of the Almighty."

He will lead the hunger strike along with Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar who was dumped as assembly speaker in the chaotic May 7 sitting.

It is scheduled to begin at 11am tomorrow in front of the DAP headquarters in Ipoh, which sits a stone's throw away from the state secretariat, where for over 10 months, Nizar had governed Perak as mentri besar.

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider here on the eve of what he prefers to call a fast, he explained that all participants would be encouraged to fast according to their own religious beliefs.

He added that he has already been fasting on certain recommended days for Muslims since the February 5 takeover of Perak by Barisan Nasional (BN).

"It is entirely up to individuals to interpret. I cannot say you can or cannot fast for this or that. It can be for various intentions," when asked if the main objective was to press for fresh state elections.

Acknowledging that fresh polls was one of the issues that PR was pushing for, he said that moreover, the joint fast would "build inner strength and create solidarity in our supporters to face challenges which are in the future."

One of these challenges is a further appeal set to be filed by PR at the Federal Court to overturn the Court of Appeal judgment declaring his rival Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir as mentri besar.

Let Federal Court decide first, says Gerakan Youth

Written by Yong Min Wei, The Edge

With mounting pressure for the Perak political impasse to end, the option to call for an emergency sitting in the legislative assembly to determine who holds the majority is not the best solution for now, pending the decision of the Federal Court, said Gerakan Youth.

With the matter now heading to Federal Court, several politicians from both sides also hoped that the judicial process be allowed to take its course first.

Gerakan Youth chief Lim Si Pin said it was best for all parties to let the courts determine the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak, adding that any sitting in the legislative assembly now would only complicate matters.

He said this was because the legislative assembly would risk conducting an illegal sitting. "An emergency sitting now may only cause the impasse to worsen," he told The Edge Financial Daily today.

Lim said whoever was ruled as the legitimate menteri besar should call for a sitting in the assembly soon after, to determine who held the majority support.

"There should be a vote on whether there is a need to dissolve the assembly and not solely base on one particular lawmaker's decision," said the 39-year-old whose father is former Gerakan president Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

The Gerakan Youth chief also said the power struggle needed to be legally resolved quickly as it had caused anxiety among the rakyat, dented investor confidence and brought about a near standstill in the state administration.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on Sunday that convening an emergency sitting in the legislative assembly was an option to end the Perak constitutional crisis but stressed it was not the only way to determine who held the majority support in the House.

However, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said today the state government would let the judicial process take its course before deciding on whether to have an emergency sitting.

Commenting on the matter, DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) national chairman Anthony Loke said an emergency sitting would only determine who had the mandate in the assembly but not the paramount mandate of the people of Perak.

He said a dissolution was the only way to solve the impasse as it would be democratically right to let the voters decide who they wanted to rule the state rather than to leave it in the hands of the 59 lawmakers.

"It is still not too late to seek for dissolution. DAP does not mind if Zambry is the menteri besar that seeks dissolution from the ruler," said Loke, who is also the Rasah MP.

He added that the opposition party would not mind Zambry's administration being the caretaker government pending a state polls so long as it was the ballot box that would resolve the stalemate.

Meanwhile, an Umno Youth leader who declined to be named said Pakatan Rakyat (PR) must concede that it had lost its majority in the assembly following the successful BN motion which saw 31 of the 59 lawmakers in favour of electing Datuk R Ganesan as speaker.

"They (PR) know they will lose any motion in the House and that's why they suspended Datuk Zambry and six others in advance. The opposition must accept reality and should exit honourably, " he said.

The Umno Youth leader pointed out that if PR acted in the best interest of Perak's integrity and social justice, it must allow the democratic process to take its course and agree to put to vote a motion of no confidence against Nizar to see if he still commanded the majority.

"Democracy does not mean only fresh elections. To vote in the House in a free and fair manner is also democracy," he added.

Anwar vows tough defence

(The Straits Times) - MALAYSIA opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim vowed on Monday to put up a strong defence against sodomy charges, saying it would not be easy to convict him of the offence for a second time.

Addressing the Foreign Correspondents' Association in Singapore, he insisted that the case against him was based on false evidence concocted by political enemies.

'What case are you talking about? We have seen medical records,' said Mr Anwar, who is on bail ahead of a trial set to be heard in Malaysia's High Court between July 1-24.

He insisted that he was innocent of the allegations of sodomy levelled against him by a 23-year-old former aide.

'Of course, with or without a case they will always charge and convict you. But I don't believe they can do it that easily this time. We're going to fight a very strong case,' he added.

'I don't believe they can fool Malaysians or the international community.'

Mr Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, was sacked in 1998 and jailed for sodomy and corruption.

In 2004 Malaysia's highest court overturned the sodomy conviction, allowing Mr Anwar to go free after six years in jail and paving the way for his return to politics.

Under Mr Anwar's leadership, the opposition last year dealt the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition its worst electoral setback yet but fell short of the numbers needed to form a new government.

Mr Anwar also won a landslide victory in a by-election that allowed him to return to parliament, but he has so far failed in his bid to topple the federal government after key political defections he had hoped for did not materialise.

Husam Vs Minister of Defence

Husam is all set to take on Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, UMNO Veep, live on TV9 at 9.30 pm tomorrow. Below will be his points for the debate as published in his blog.

1 Historical Background

One of the first things that UMNO prime ministers promise when they are first appointed is to eradicate corruption. The 2M administration introduced the Cekap Amanah Bersih slogan. This was quickly forgotten. 22 years later the public perception of corruption in all parts of the Government was so high that Abdullah administration made a similar promise. After ECM Libra and the Turkish yacht debacle, it is now the turn of the Najib administration. It is hard to believe any progress will be made after seeing the Najib administration’s response to public concerns about the RM 500 million submarine commission.

2 Size of the problem

The Pakatan Government in Selangor has managed to secure savings of over RM 80 million from PKNS alone in one year simply by introducing competitive open public tenders. One can only imagine the scale of losses over the past 50 years if all the Federal, State and Municipal expenditure is considered.

In England the public reaction to relatively small claims by elected representatives is sufficient to raise alarm bells. Here billions of ringgit is treated casually. The contemptuous way in which the previous Mentri Besar of Selangor treats the SELCAT inquiry into the Balkis accounts highlights why corruption is out of control.

3 The responsible agencies

Corruption in Malaysia is high. This is not due to weak laws. There is more than enough manpower. It is simply poor leadership.

Take MCAC. After the Adelaide incident a new Director General should have been appointed. Why is he still there? Take for example his attitude to the SELCAT inquiry. Consider the deluge of information that has entered the public domain. His refusal to take action even in such a public case reveals much about the modus operandi of MCAC.

Then there is the whole issue of prosecution powers. Looking at the Attorney General’s casual attitude to the Kugan death, there is little reason to feel any confidence that corruption will be brought under control in the near future. Even when overwhelming evidence is available and the charge is clear even to laymen, the Attorney General’s inertia is blatant.

The public view about the police does not need to be debated after the Ipoh incident. We know where they stand and their view about the law. What is confusing is that the police talk about public cooperation and the need for the public to come forward and assist the police. Look at the Irene Fernandez case and the particulars of the charge. Anyone who comes forward with inconvenient information faces high risks.

Finally the judiciary. Take the Lingam fiasco and the statement made by the Chief Justice on corruption in the courts. Now judges have also decided that they need not give written opinions. No record of judicial decisions needs to be maintained.

These are the authorities responsible for eradicating corruption. From their track record it can be seen that there is much to be done.

4 Public Participation

Studies carried out in the field of forensic audit can teach us something about human nature.

Approximately 25% of employees are fundamentally honest under any circumstances. Approximately 15% of employees are fundamentally dishonest if given an opportunity.

The remaining 60% of employees will be dishonest if three conditions are satisfied – opportunities are available, there is little likelihood of getting caught and if caught are unlikely to suffer serious consequences and they are able to rationalize their dishonesty.

If dishonesty is obvious especially in leaders, if little or no penalties are incurred even in obvious acts of dishonesty, and numerous opportunities for dishonesty are created and preserved, it is not difficult to rationalise dishonest conduct.

5 Petronas

The only difference between Malaysia and Zimbabwe (Mahathir and Mugabe) is Petronas. Petronas has been the reason why Malaysia has been able to tolerate corruption over the past 25 years.

A good example of how this has been done is seen in Terengganu where oil royalties have been diverted. Exactly where has the money gone? How was it spent?

Now we are told that Malaysia will soon become a net oil importer. If corruption continues on the same scale the future of the Malaysian economy is dim.

6 Privatisation

The model has been to award concessions to favoured companies. The documents are official secrets. No information on costs is publicised. The consumer and taxpayer is penalised after the work is completed. If the consumer resists making the payments demanded the taxpayer is forced to compensate. If the project fails the concession holder is bailed out. A good example is Indah Water. However previous experience does not trigger concern for future projects. The PKFZ fiasco is just the latest in a long line of failures experienced over the last 25 years.

7 What needs to be done

First of all bad laws need to be repealed. As far as corruption is concerned the Official Secrets Act must go. It could be replaced with an act covering state secrets only as far as national security is concerned. The Act does not protect secrets. It is there only to protect officials.

The whole concept of the an Attorney General’s unfettered discretion with regard to prosecution cannot be right. In an open and shut case like Kugan or Balkis the Attorney General must be compelled to prosecute. The best thing to do is to establish a separate Director of Public Prosecutions answerable to Parliament. At the same time the practice of selective prosecution must be curbed. A good example is Irene Fernandez. What was served by prosecuting her? Now we have immigration detention centres again in the limelight with people dying from obscure diseases caused by rat urine.

The Auditor General’s reports must be taken seriously. Any kind of leakage must be investigated. Take PKFZ. No one can understand the problem in prosecuting the people responsible. Exactly how much was lost? What steps are being taken to recover the monies diverted?

8 The Judiciary

The judiciary has been under a cloud for over 2 decades. This is not some isolated comment from a fringe group of dissidents. It is also not tied to some isolated event. Again and again we see even more absurd and ridiculous conduct.

The latest turns on Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution. Let me ask just what is needed to understand this clause.

The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.

Is it possible for anyone to misunderstand this clause? No one can be that incompetent.

Then we have the Lingam judges. These are the judges expressly mentioned in the Lingam conversation. These are the judges identified for appointment as high court judges and now elevated to the Court of Appeal. Let there be no doubt that their actions will be closely monitored. We already have a clear exhibition of their conduct in the Perak MB vs MB case.

Then we have the Statement made by a Chief Justice on corruption in the Judiciary and his own actions while in legal practice of having to pay bribes to expedite his cases. Karpal Singh has already highlighted this issue. Yet all we have is complete silence in the hope that the Malaysia mudah lupa prayer will work. Judges must simply be forced to abide by their own Code of Ethics and some means must be available to remove judges who blatantly violate this Code.

It is these kinds of situations that enable the man on the street to rationalise that corruption is rampant and that there is little need to display any kind of personal honesty in his day to day dealings.


Let me be absolutely clear. Any form of corruption must be addressed especially in people in positions of trust and responsibility.

Husam Musa @

Najib is the primary target in Penanti by-election - referendum on his first 2 months as PM

The Penanti by-election has been described as a dull and unexciting contest because of the absence of the Barisan Nasional candidate.

The PKR and PR candidate, Mansor Othman is challenged by three independent candidates. The real battle however is not between Mansor and the three independent candidates, but with the main protoganist publicly “hiding” from the contest, the Barisan Nasional and its leader, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Although there is no BN candidate, Najib is undoubtedly the primary target in the Penanti by-election, which is a referendum on the credibility, integrity and legitimacy of Najib in his second month as Prime Minister

Last night, Najib allowed the police to do what five previous Prime Ministers, Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah had never done – police raid on DAP Hqrs in Petaling Jaya, the first time in 43 years, as if the DAP is a terrorist organisation when we had demonstrated our commitment to peaceful, democratic and constitutional change for over four decades.

The 15,421 Penanti voters have the opportunity to use their votes to condemn such gross abuse of powers and total disrespect for political parties like the DAP which has a 43-year record of fighting for all forms of injustices in the country so as to create a better, more fair, just, democratic and prosperous Malaysia.

When he became Prime Minister, Najib coined the slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”

Previous Prime Ministers also had their respective slogans like Mahathir’s “ABC” slogan of “Clean, Efficient, Trusworthy” government and Abdullah’s “Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang” but Najib had beaten them all in having his slogan shredded and discredited in the shortest time ever – less than two months!

Let me mention four instances which have become powerful symbols of how empty and hollow is Najib’s slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” in less than two months.

Firstly, and the most lethal example against Najib’s slogan is the nearly four-month-long Perak constitutional and political crisis and stalemate, caused by the unethical, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Perak personally orchestrated by Najib in early February.

How can Najib’s 1Malaysia evoke response and resonance when he could not even ensure 1Perak, and is in fact the chief cause why Perak has been plunged into such a constitutional and political stalemate that a well-known law professor has described it as a “hydra-headed monster that cannot be eliminated by ding-dong judicial decisions”?

The searing image of the Perak Speaker, V. Sivakumar, in Speaker robes and in Speaker chair, being physically dragged out of the State Assembly on May 7 Day of Infamy, is a standing condemnation of the unethical, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Perak which had led to one national institution after another – whether police, election commission, Malaysian Anti-corruption Agency Commission (MACC), the civil service both Federal and State, the Judiciary or the Royalty – facing a crisis of confidence.

Secondly, the gross abuses of power by the police, failing in its fundamental duty to ensure that Malaysians are safe from crime, and yet could deploy massive and excessive police presence to arrest some 140 people in the past two weeks, more than the number of people arrested in Mahathir’s Operation Lalang in 1987!

When the police find peaceful protestors at candlelight vigils upholding human rights as greater threats to society than big time criminals, rapists, robbers and snatch-theft killers, the police are making a total mockery of Najib’s slogan of “People First. Performance Now”.

Thirdly, the annual scandal of the country’s top scorers, with 11 to 14As in SPM unable to get PSD scholarships as compared to students with 6As is another debunking of Najib’s slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”.

Malaysians were promised that this year, there would be no repeat of such injustices in the PSD scholarship selection system but this year is even worse than last year!

Is the Cabinet prepared to announce on Wednesday an increased allocation of RM300 million for this year’s PSD scholarships so that all top scorers are given scholarships and a fair, just, meritocratic and transparent system for PSD scholarships immediately put in place for future years?

Fourthly, the RM12 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

Despite repeated pledges by the MCA President and Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, to “tell all” and make public the PricewaterhouseCooper audit report, letting Malaysians know how a RM1.8 billion PKFZ project in 2002 under Datuk Seri Ling Liong Sik could balloon into RM4.6 billion scandal under Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy and now mushroomed into a RM12 billion scandal under Ong Tee Keat.

And let all those responsible for the RM12 billion PKFZ scandal, regardless of position or political party, be prosecuted for one of the country’s biggest financial scandals!

All these four instances should not happen if Najib’s slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” is taken seriously by the Cabinet and its Ministers.

The voters of Penanti should use their votes to speak up on behalf of 27 million Malaysians to convey the message, loud and clear, to Najib that his first two months as Prime Minister had been a great failure and disappointment and Malaysians demand change!

(Speech at Pakatan Rakyat Penanti by-election ceramah at Jalan Berapit, Bukit Mertajam on Monday, 24th May 2009 at 10.30 pm)

Minnal FM misusing ‘Facebook’

The Traveler, Monday, May 25, 2009

Malaysian government run Tamil radio ‘Minnal FM’ has been misusing one of the fastest growing social networking website ‘Facebook’. According Facebook terms, prospective registrants must provide real names and information and cannot be registered under any organizations, events and programs.

 Minnal FM

But, the Minnal FM DJ’s, Bhuvana and Theyvegan, for Kaalai Kathir program registered it with false information and promoting it in their morning program, every day. So far, 273 people have joined.
Certainly, a public radio funded by Malaysian tax payers is expected to set an example to our youngsters by abiding rules and regulation set.

If not, they should change their slogan to 'Ilamai, Puthumai and Poi' which will be much more appropriate.

Facebook terms:

Registration and Account Security

Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

1. You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

Hunger strike — Is it haram?

By Zedeck Siew

PETALING JAYA, 25 May 2009: The Perak Pakatan Rakyat (PR)'s plan to stage a three-day hunger strike calling for the dissolution of the state assembly, has come under fire from certain quarters who say it might be haram.

An Utusan Malaysia article today quoted two state muftis as terming the practice as "haram" for Muslims.

Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya, in the article Orang Islam dilarang sertai mogok lapar. stressed that Muslims were forbidden to go on hunger strikes, as this resembled Buddhist and Hindu practices.

(© Steve Wood /

"I remind Muslims not to make hunger strikes a culture, because it is clearly different from the fasting rites of our religion," Juanda said in the article.

He also had the same opinion of candlelight vigils, which he deemed was a Christian practice.

Similarly, Johor Mufti Datuk Mohd Tahrir Samsudin issued a stern warning against Muslims participating in the hunger strike, even if they just intended to "show support".

"This is because Muslims are required to take care of their own lives," Mohd Tahrir said.

No conflict

But former Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, who is the PAS state deputy commissioner, disputes this interpretation.

He said the planned "Mogok Lapar Bubar DUN", which starts tomorrow at Wisma DAP in Ipoh, had nothing to do with religion.

Photo of Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin
Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

"Muslims will fast according to Islamic practices, Buddhists will fast according to Buddhist practices, and Hindus will fast according to Hindu practices," Nizar told The Nut Graph.

"What's the problem? There's no conflict here," he added.

According to Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) chairperson Prof Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali, if the hunger strike were intended to end in suicide, then it would fall into the category of a prohibited act.

"In the Quran it is very clear that we are not allowed to take our own lives," Hashim told The Nut Graph in a phone interview.

"But that is difficult to determine [for this hunger strike]. We cannot read people's minds," he stressed.

It has been reported that the 28 PR assemblypersons in Perak, participating in the hunger strike, will be taking turns to fast. Hashim suggested that medical expertise would be required to decide whether such a hunger strike would result in death.

"I would be hesitant to call it haram, as such a prohibition needs to be established on facts, and decisive evidence in the Quran or authentic hadith. The facts are not certain," Hashim added.

When asked about comparisons of the hunger strike to Buddhist or Hindu practices, Hashim said these should be considered analogies -- analogies are legitimate arguments in Islamic jurisprudence, but they are not water-tight.

"Analogies can be used for speculative judgements. However, they are not definitive proofs. They are a weak basis for a decision," he said.

Police reports lodged against Murugiah

SHAH ALAM, 25 May 2009: The Selangor People's Progressive Party (PPP) has lodged a police report against Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's department T Murugiah for allegedly conducting an illegal extraordinary general meeting (EGM) in Putrajaya, yesterday.

PPP vice-president Datuk Maglin D'Cruz, who was at the head of 12 Selangor PPP supreme council and executive council members, filed the report at the Shah Alam district police headquarters here today.

Speaking to reporters after lodging the report, D'Cruz claimed that the meeting was null and void as Murugiah had failed to inform PPP secretary-general before calling for the EGM.

"The so-called delegates, who 'elected' Murugiah as the new PPP president, included those who had been suspended and expelled from the party.

"Furthermore, Murugiah's own party branch had been de-registered by Registrar of Societies. How could someone become PPP president if he doesn't have any branch?" asked D'Cruz.

Some 1,760 delegates from 778 PPP branches "elected" Murugiah as the new PPP "president" in the EGM in Putrajaya, plunging the party deeper into crisis.

D'Cruz also asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take action against Murugiah for misusing the Prime Minister's Department premises purportedly for a "meet-the-people" event.

Similar police reports were also made in other states by PPP.

In JOHOR BARU, Johor PPP Youth chief Jamaludin Ghulamhan, who made a report at Johor Baharu Selatan police station, said Murugiah had misled the people into thinking that they were called for a briefing on an entrepreneurial programme, instead it was a ploy to install him as "PPP president".

"How could delegates from 13 divisions in Johor attended the EGM when 19 of 24 divisions attended the Johor PPP convention here yesterday," he said, adding that about 900 party members attended the convention.

In IPOH, Perak PPP chairperson Datuk Lee Heng has urged Murugiah to resign as deputy minister as he was appointed to the post on the party's ticket.

Lee said Murugiah had misused his position to apply for a permit to conduct a seminar in Putrajaya but instead turned it into political event.

"He had defied the party by calling for the EGM," he added.

PPP supreme council member Dr Naran Singh said Murugiah had until 30 May to appeal against the PPP Disciplinary Board's decision to sack him as the supreme council had yet to endorse it.

In SEREMBAN, Negeri Sembilan PPP chairperson Sahul Hameed Shaikh Mohaideen has asked Najib to resolve the crisis as it had put not only PPP in disrepute but also Barisan Nasional (BN). — Bernama

No place for communists in Malaysia, says Rais

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 May 2009: The communists have no place in the country because their sins for killing thousands of people in the then Malaya cannot be forgotten, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

As such, he urged leaders who had expressed positive sentiments for the former leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), Chin Peng, to state their stand clearly without hiding behind the cloak of their respective political parties.

"My comment is simple, Chin Peng and his commandos who had killed many people in the past certainly do not deserve any consideration from us," he told reporters after delivering a lecture on 1Malaysia to senior officers of his ministry at Angkasapuri, here today.

He said this when asked to comment on the call by the Penang Parti Gerakan that Chin Peng be allowed to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds.

Rais also called on Malaysians not to be hasty in following and supporting the innovations made by certain groups particularly bloggers who tried to idolise communism.

"The communists had abused this country. The thousands who had died at the hands of the communists should be sufficient for us to be remorseful so that we do not issue statements that can make us forget the atrocities committed by the regime then," he said.

Asked whether the government would take action such as those provided under the Internal Security Act (ISA) against those who tried to give a positive picture of the communists, Rais said he would bring the matter up at the cabinet meeting later.

"The ISA is not under my jurisdiction, but I'm discussing with the minister concerned so that he too would be prepared to look at such a tendency," he said.

Recently, Penang Gerakan chairperson Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan asked the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds as the communist terrorism which was rampant around the 1950s throughout the world including in China and Russia had undergone transformation. — Bernama

Ceramah DSAI di Sg Lembu 24 Mei 2009

Opposition Have Run Out Of Issues, Using BN As Campaign Target

PENANG, May 25 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the ploy by the opposition in using the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno as their target and "punching bag" in the campaigns for the Penanti state by-election had been expected as they had run out of issues.

He said the opposition were resorting to personal attacks, slanders and manipulation of facts concerning Umno and the BN in their campaigns because they could not come up with development plans for the people of Penanti.

He said the opposition, particularly Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), should take the opportunity to focus on the development agenda for the people of Penanti instead of criticising the government in their campaigns.

"As they have run out of issues, the BN which is not even contesting has been made the punching bag, but I receive feedback from the Umno division and state that their campaign was totally without focus," he told reporters after meeting with the Penang Umno Liaison Committee, here Monday.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Umno deputy president, said the opposition were telling the same old story on the Perak issue, transparency, economy and the BN's refusal to contest in Penanti in their campaigns but nothing about their plans for the constituency.

He said this when asked to comment on the criticisms hurled by the opposition at the BN and Umno in their series of campaigns to fish for votes although it was clear that the BN was not contesting in Penanti.

The by-election is being held following the resignation of incumbent Assemblyman for Penanti, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin on April 16 to pursue further studies.

Earlier, Mohammad Fairus had also resigned as Deputy Chief Minister 1 and as State Executive Councillor.

In the by-election, the PKR candidate, Mansor Othman, will face three Independent candidates namely, former Penang Parti Keadilan Nasional (KeAdilan) Wanita head Aminah Abdullah, company manager Nai Khan Ari and motivational expert Kamarul Ramizu Idris.