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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kayveas not eligible to hold position, say PPP members

PUTRAJAYA, May 29— People’s Progressive Party (PPP) President Senator Datuk M Kayveas had been fined RM5,000 in 2005 and as such, he is not eligible to hold the post, said a group of party members who lodged a complaint with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) today.

The group’s spokesman, Dr N.A. Shanmuganathan said according to the March/April edition of the Bar Council’s official magazine, Infoline, Kayveas had been fined by the Bar Council on March 17, 2005 for an offence under Section 10D of the Legal Profession Act 1976.

He said that under Section 9A(1)(b) of the Registrar of Societies Act 1966, anyone who had been convicted and fined not less than RM2,000 or jailed not less than one year under any Malaysian law, then the person concerned was not eligible to hold any post in any registered organisation.

Shanmuganathan said that this meant Kayveas was not eligible to hold any post after March 17, 2005.

“But, Datuk Kayveas had participated in the party election in that year and had won the post of party president unopposed. He did so despite knowing that he had been fined by the Bar Council, thus disqualifying him from holding the post,” he said.

Meanwhile in Kota Baru, Kayveas claimed that the group who lodged a report with the Registrar of Societies that he was not eligible to hold any position in the party wanted to topple him.

He said that the complaint made by the group about his case with the Bar Council had nothing to do with the Registrar of Societies.

“The case with the Bar Council and the RM5,000 fine had yet to be finalised because he had filed an appeal and those who made the report did not know what was the case really about,” he told reporters after opening the Kelantan PPP Convention. – Bernama

Zaid attacks racial overtones in anti-Chin Peng campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 — Former communist leader Chin Peng laid down arms 20 years ago, and on April 30, he lost his final bid in the Federal Court to return to Malaysia, but in recent weeks Umno leaders and media controlled by the party have turned him once again into the country’s “Public Enemy No. 1”.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, a former Umno Cabinet minister, expressed concern today over the racial overtones of the campaign to prevent Chin Peng from coming home.

“According to Rais Yatim and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi there is a new enemy — the group that wants to revive communism. The ministers may have come to this conclusion because there are a few Chinese who want Chin Peng to be allowed home,” the former de facto law minister wrote on his blog today.

Rais, the information minister, and Ahmad Zahid, the defence minister, both claimed this week there were moves to revive communism.

Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian have also been running anti-Chin Peng stories on a daily basis in what appears to be a campaign to whip up a sense of nationalism among readers.

Former security forces veterans are also being interviewed to rail against the “evils of communism”.

Rais also said this week that RTM would start airing documentaries on the “cruelty” of the communists.

Writing in his weekly column in Berita Harian, Datuk Abdul Rahman Sulaiman, a former MP and a media advisor in the Najib administration, claimed that the principles of freedom of speech and democracy were fronts to revive communism.

He added that the tendency of the opposition to speak of a class struggle by using specific terms such as "ruling elite", "Umno elite", "Umnoputras" and "marginalised groups" reflected the same pattern.

The anti-communist campaign so far suggests an attempt to paint a picture of the Chinese community as sympathisers.

It also appears to include the portrayal of Malay Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders such as ousted Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as a communist sympathiser because of his close ties with the Chinese-dominated DAP.

Zaid, who was sacked from Umno and who is expected to join a PR party, defended those who have pleaded for Chin Peng to return to Malaysia.

“Many are sympathetic to Chin Peng’s aspiration to return home and die. This does not mean they want to revive communism.”

He pointed out also that even the Chinese in China were now practising free market capitalism as are the Chinese community in Malaysia.

“So what is the motive of Umno in making a big issue of communism? Don’t cause friction among the people by creating a new enemy.

“I wonder if Chin Peng were a Malay, would our stand and emotions be the same?”

Zaid noted that Utusan Malaysia was campaigning aggressively against Chin Peng, and while he agreed that the former communist leader was “cruel,” he pointed out the “cruel” communists included former fighters such as Rashid Maidin and Shamsiah Fakeh who were allowed to return home to Malaysia.

Jeff Ooi says it's 1 Black Malaysia ...

Unprincipled, shameless, "Orwellian" UN resolution ever - Prof. Boyle

"This is one of the most unprincipled and shameless resolutions ever adopted by any body of the United Nations in the history of that now benighted Organization. It would be as if the U.N. Human Rights Council had congratulated the Nazi government for the "liberation" of the Jews in Poland after its illegal and genocidal invasion of that country in 1939," said Francis Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law, referring to the resolution passed at the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Sri Lanka war.

"This Resolution simultaneously gives the imprimatur of the U.N. Human Rights Council to the ethnic cleansing, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes that the Government of Sri Lanka has already inflicted upon the Tamils in the past , as well as the Council's proverbial "green light" for the GOSL to perpetrate and escalate more of the same international crimes against the Tamils in the future," Boyle said.

Prof Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law
Prof Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law
"The U.N. Human Rights Council and those member States that voted in favor of this Resolution have thereby become ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT to the GoSL's genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing against the Tamils in the past, as well as AIDERS AND ABETTORS to future acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing that the GOSL will undoubtedly inflict upon the Tamils thanks to this Resolution-all in violation of the Genocide Convention, the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Two Additional Protocols of 1977 as well as the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court.

"Sri Lanka, together with these other Council States, are contracting parties to some or all of these International Criminal Law Conventions and therefore must be held accountable for their violation and international crimes against the Tamils," Boyle added.

"History shall so judge them all!

"Orwell stands vindicated by the U.N. Human Rights Council: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS FREEDOM, THE U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL LOVES BIG BROTHER," Boyle said, indicating he is deeply disturbed by the U.N. action.

20,000 Tamil civilians massacred by Sri Lanka – The Times

Evidence gathered by The Times newspaper has revealed that at least 20,000 Tamil people were killed on the Mullaitivu beach by Sri Lanka Army shelling. Aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony collected by the newspaper “present clear evidence of an atrocity that comes close to matching Srebrenica, Darfur and other massacres of civilians,” the paper’s editorial says. Confidential UN documents acquired by The Times record nearly 7,000 civilian deaths in the ‘no-fire’ zone up to the end of April. UN sources said that the toll then surged, with an average of 1,000 civilians killed each day until May 19.

PDF IconTimes photo gallery of Tamil slaughter
“These figures are not even complete yet,” the UN source told the paper. “It’s going to end up way more.”

Three independent defence analysts who examined photographs of Sri lanka Army and LTTE firing positions taken over the no-fire zone confirmed that the range of the LTTE weaponry and the narrowness of the zone make it unlikely that LTTE munitions caused significant civilian casualties.

PDF IconTimes video of Tamil slaughter
The Times reported acquisition of the evidence of the “hidden massacre” of Tamil civilians by Sri Lanka’s Army in a set of articles Friday.

The paper also slammed the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution Wednesday congratulating Sri Lanka’s conduct of the war.

The full text of The Times editorial, titled ‘Slaughter in Sri Lanka’, follows

“Deeply disappointing” was how a human rights group yesterday described the vote in the United Nations Human Rights Council hailing the victory of the Sri Lankan Government. This is a breathtaking understatement. It was an utter disgrace. The 47-member body, set up in 2006 to replace the previous corrupt and ineffectual UN Commission on Human Rights, has abjectly failed one of its first and most important tests.

It was asked by its European members to investigate widespread reports of atrocities and war crimes committed by both government troops and the Tamil Tigers in the final weeks of the conflict. The council chose instead to debate a one-sided, mendacious and self-serving motion put forward by the Sri Lankans. This welcomed the “liberation” of tens of thousands of the island's citizens, condemned the defeated Tigers, made no mention of the shelling of civilians and kept silent on the desperate need to allow the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups into the camps where some 270,000 Tamil civilians have been interned.

Support for this deeply flawed resolution came from the usual suspects - China, Russia, India, Pakistan and a clutch of Asian and Islamic nations determined to prevent the council ever investigating human rights violations in their own or any country. It was sad to see Israel, for obvious political motives, joining in this charade, claiming that massacres, violence, repression and internment are an “internal affair”.

To her credit, Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, insisted that there needed still to be an inquiry into “very serious abuses”. Those abuses, it now emerges, are far, far worse than the outside world imagined. The UN estimated that 7,000 people were killed in the first four months of this year; the figure now appears to be at least 20,000. Thousands of these victims died as a result of the shelling by the Sri Lankan Army of the strip of coastline where the final remnants of Tiger resistance were trapped, along with at least 100,000 civilians.

Photographs taken by The Times present clear evidence of an atrocity that comes close to matching Srebrenica, Darfur and other massacres of civilians. In the sandy so-called no-fire zone where the trapped Tamil civilians were told to go to escape the brutal army bombardment, there are hundreds of fresh graves as well as craters and debris where tents once stood. This was no safe zone. This was where terrified civilians buried their dead as the shells landed - after the Government had declared an end to the use of heavy weapons on April 27.

Some civilians were probably killed by the Tigers, whose brutality and ruthlessness over the past 28 years has fully justified their depiction as terrorists. Finding out what happened, however, is impossible: the army has barred entry to all outsiders. Food is short, sanitation appalling; wounded and traumatised civilians are in desperate need of help. That much is clear from those who have been able to escape. More sinister reports are now circulating of systematic “disappearances”, of families separ- ated and young men taken away. But until the Government allows in aid workers, the presumption must be that it wants nothing to be heard or seen of what is going on.

This tactic was used in the final push to beat the Tigers. The army wanted no witness to the onslaught, no journalists to alert the world to human rights violations, no photographers to record the suffering. Sri Lanka, now basking in its victory, may set the pattern for other nations battling against insurgencies. For them, victory is all that matters. Most of Sri Lanka may rejoice at the end of a bloody civil war. But the UN has no right to collude in suppressing the appalling evidence of the cost. The truth must be told.

Ex-cop implicates Abdul Gani, Musa in Anwar black-eye case, clears Dr M

By Leslie Lau - The Malaysia Insider
Consultant Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 — Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye beating in 1998, has accused the country's top lawyer and police chief of fabricating evidence in the assault but cleared Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of any wrong-doing.

He claimed he was told by the then prime minister to ensure there was no cover-up in the investigations, according to a statement of claim made by him in a suit filed against the opposition leader.

Musa (left) and Gani have been implicated in the black eye incident.

But the former investigator now implicates Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan in what he claims was an attempt to introduce a medical report which he found suspicious.

According to his statement of claims which was obtained by The Malaysian Insider, the medical report prepared by a Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof from Hospital Kuala Lumpur had suggested Anwar’s injuries were self-inflicted.

Instead, Mat Zain asserts in his statement of claim that he had taken all possible steps to prevent the medical report prepared by Dr Abdul Rahman from being included in his investigation papers.

Mat Zain filed a RM30 million defamation suit against Anwar last year after the Pakatan Rakyat leader claimed that Abdul Gani, who was a senior deputy public prosecutor then, and Musa, who was an investigating officer, had fabricated evidence against him in the black-eye assault.

Tan Sri Rahim Noor, the Inspector-General of Police in 1998, later admitted he had assaulted Anwar following a Royal Commission of Inquiry probe in 1999.

Besides Mat Zain, Musa has also filed a defamation suit against Anwar.

The statements of claim made by both Musa and Mat Zain have been admitted as part of an affidavit filed by Anwar for his Sodomy II trial which starts in July.

Anwar had claimed trial last August to sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, his second sodomy case in a decade.

Mat Zain, who declined comment on the details of his lawsuit, told The Malaysian Insider however that he had decided to sue Anwar to clear his name because unlike Abdul Gani and Musa he had not been officially cleared of the allegations of abuse of power.

Yesterday, Mat Zain, who retired as the Kuala Lumpur CID chief, claimed there was a high-level plot using a bankruptcy notice to destroy his credibility ahead of several cases including Anwar’s sodomy trial.

State news agency Bernama had on Wednesday reported that Mat Zain was declared a bankrupt on April 21 for failing to settle a RM250,000 loan and was served with the notice on May 26. The news was carried by several Malaysian publications including The Malaysian Insider which subscribes to the Bernama service.

The picture of Anwar with the infamous black eye.

“I say with certainty that there are very powerful hidden hands that wanted it so. Their reasons are to destroy my credibility and/or to paralyse my capabilities and prevent me from giving evidence against Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan for fabricating evidence in the ‘black-eye’ case of 1998 involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” said Mat Zain in a statement.

Mat Zain claimed the bankruptcy notice is related to his appeal to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board to clear his name after the anti-graft agency cleared only Gani and Musa from charges of fabrication lodged by Anwar.

“I have reasons to believe that the prosecution team anticipated that Anwar will certainly raise at certain points of his trial the issue of fabrication of evidence in the black-eye case. My evidence would be vital at this stage. Their only option is to destroy my credibility.”

In his statement of claim, Mat Zain points out that he had been instructed by Rahim, the IGP then, to head an investigation into Anwar’s allegation on Sept 27, 1998 that he had been assaulted while in police lock-up.

Anwar had been detained by police on Sept 20,1998, just 18 days after he had been sacked by Dr Mahathir as deputy prime minister. The widespread public protests and his subsequent sodomy trial led to the birth of the Reformasi movement.

In his suit against Anwar filed last August, Mat Zain states that he had accompanied two forensic specialists — Dr Halim Mansar and Dr Zahari Noor — to conduct a medical examination on Anwar on the day he started his probe.

He met Rahim later that night and was instructed by his boss “to leave no stone unturned” to protect the integrity of the police.

On Oct 16, Mat Zain claims he was told by the Attorney-General then to liaise with Abdul Gani on all matters related to the probe.

Ten days later he met with Abdul Gani at the latter’s office and was then introduced to Dr Abdul Rahman. The medical expert then signed a medical report and handed it over to Mat Zain.

Mat Zain then claims that he had objected to Dr Abdul Rahman’s report because it also contained personal attacks against Dr Halim, one of the original medical experts in the case.

He claimed further that on further enquiries, he had discovered that Dr Halim had previously lodged a police report against Dr Abdul Rahman for “criminal intimidation.”

On Oct 28, 1998, Mat Zain said he had come to the conclusion that Dr Abdul Rahman had never examined Anwar. He also claimed to have discovered that Abdul Gani had been present on the 30th floor of Bukit Aman on the night that Rahim assaulted Anwar.

Two days later, Mat Zain claimed that he submitted to Abdul Gani his investigation papers which asserted among other matters that Anwar’s injuries were consistent with an assault and that they were not self-inflicted. Mat Zain also asserted that he believed Rahim was the person who had assaulted Anwar.

The two men — Mat Zain and Abdul Gani — had a heated argument over the findings of the probe, according to the statement of claim.

Later that year on Dec 12, Musa, who is now the IGP, had asked Mat Zain to attend a meeting at Bukit Aman with Abdul Gani and Dr Abdul Rahman. At the meeting he was asked to accompany Dr Abdul Rahman for a visit to the lock-up in which Anwar had been held.

The next day, Mat Zain claims he took Dr Abdul Rahman to the lock-up, but points out that he left the doctor on his own in the room.

On Dec 31, 1998, Mat Zain claims that his investigation papers were returned to him. The papers included a second undated medical report by Dr Abdul Rahman.

In the second medical report, Mat Zain claims it was stated he had accompanied Dr Abdul Rahman and aided in a reconstruction of events, which he says was not true.

The initial police investigations prompted Dr Mahathir to suggest Anwar's black-eye could have been self-inflicted, an allegation that was later found to be untrue.

Mat Zain claims that he investigated the black-eye incident without fear or favour and had his statement recorded five times by the precursor to MACC, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) when Anwar lodged a report on July 1, 2008 that Abdul Gani, Musa, Mat Zain and Dr Abdul Rahman had falsified a medical report on the assault case.

But MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan announced on March 3 that a three-member independent panel led by the Solicitor-General had scrutinised the investigation papers and cleared Abdul Gani and Musa of criminal wrongdoing, prompting Mat Zain to later appeal the findings.

Bawa balik Balasubramaniam, siasat semula akuan bersumpah

(Hrkh) - Angkatan Muda KeADILan Selangor menggesa agar pihak kerajaan dan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) membawa segera penyiasat persendirian Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal yang masih berada di luar negara.

Gesaan ini adalah untuk membantu siasatan berkenaan kes pembunuhan Altantuya Shaaribuu melalui Akuan Bersumpah bertarikh 1hb Julai 2008.

Ketuanya Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin mempertikaikan tindakan pantas pihak kerajaan yang begitu cepat meminta bantuan Interpol untuk mengesan dan membawa pulang Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang berada di luar negara sebaliknya dalam isu akuan bersumpah Balasubramaniam seolah-olah tiada berita dan perkembangan terkini.

"Kita juga membidas pihak-pihak tertentu yang mempolitikkan isu mengenai kembalinya ancaman Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) berkaitan membawa pulang bekas Ketua PKM ke Malaysia.

"Isu ini ditimbulkan hanya strategi politik 'desperado' sesetengah pihak Umno/BN yang berusaha membakar hati dan perasaan bekas anggota keselamatan,keluarga dan rakyat Malaysia untuk menyokong kembali Umno/BN yang semakin hilang sokongan dan dokongan rakyat Malaysia, " katanya dalam satu kenyataannya.

Beliau berharap penyiasat persendirian Balasubramaniam perlu dibawa pulang segera oleh kerajaan kerana akuan bersumpah yang pernah dibuatnya melibatkan individu yang sangat penting negara ini.

"Semakin melambatkan tindakan untuk membawa pulang selama itu juga nama baik individu yang sangat berprofil tinggi itu terus tercemar di peringkat nasional dan antarabangsa.

Katanya AMK Selangor berharap isu membawa pulang bekas ketua PKM ini tidak menjadi satu lagi isu sensasi politik pihak-pihak tertentu yang semakin hilang dari sokongan rakyat.

"Amat jelas isu ini sudah lama selesai dan tidak perlu ditimbulkan semula lagi. Kini rakyat Malaysia lebih bijak dan pintar dalam menganalisis sesuatu isu melalui perkembangan semasa revolusi maklumat global," katanya.

A prelude to Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘Sodomy II’ trial

Now, the day after Saiful met Najib, he met Rodwan in room 619 of the Kuala Lumpur Concorde. Najib did not know this of course. Prior to that meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke over the phone at least eight times.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

On 11 August 2008, in an article called ‘The real dalang behind the Anwar sodomy allegation’, Malaysia Today wrote: Shafee was supposed to have led the prosecution against Anwar. A provision in the law called FIAT allows the Attorney-General to appoint an outsider to conduct the prosecution. If Shafee does well then he would most likely be appointed the next Attorney-General.

Since the publishing of article almost a year ago, Shafee has sued me and in his summons in chambers he applied to strike off my defence on grounds that my allegation did not have any particulars. Well, if it’s particulars he wants then it is particulars he shall get.

In the meantime, read what Malaysia Today wrote on 11 August 2008:


Sodomy II: Who stands to gain the most?

In the court of the rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim is not guilty of Sodomy II, and neither was he guilty of Sodomy I. He was initially found guilty of Sodomy I (that ‘judgment’ later reversed) in the most convoluted and illogical judicial process facilitated and engineered by top policemen, prosecutors and judges who were anything but the respected and responsible public servants for law and order and justice in a democratic country.

Today, we are on the verge of witnessing a repeat of that most shameful process in Malaysia's history. The question is why would anyone want to do this? Surely, Saiful (aged 13 during Sodomy I) knows the gravity, implications and consequences of his allegations against Anwar.

Assuming that Saiful has actually been sodomised, what does he gain by lodging a report? He says that he been sodomised eight times by Anwar, in which case he should have lodged a police report immediately after the first incident if he were the innocent law-abiding citizen that he (or rather various powerful interested parties are trying to portray on his behalf) is trying to portray.

On the basis of his own report and confession, Saiful now faces the possibility of being jailed for willingly engaging in sodomy (as Anwar's adopted brother was found guilty of and jailed for six months in Sodomy I) if his allegations against Anwar are ‘proven’. Furthermore, Saiful will now be the target of ridicule and harassment about his manhood and sexual preference. No young man will be able to live normally with such shame and accompanying torment and ridicule.

In fact, it is a well-known fact that genuine rape victims in general do not report the crime, and male victims in particular are more inclined not to report sodomy because of the greater shame and implications regarding their manhood. Furthermore, Saiful's allegations against Anwar are so flimsy that unless the Sodomy I process is repeated, Anwar will not be found guilty.

Given these facts, Saiful could be getting a huge reward for alleging that Anwar had sodomised him, a reward which adequately compensates for the stigma and guilt associated with being a partner willing or unwilling in several acts of sodomy The question is who is offering such a handsome reward? Who is so rich and powerful to be able to make an offer which Saiful cannot refuse? Or, more correctly, who stands to gain most from Sodomy II?

The popular arguments on the Net and in the coffee-shops point to Najib. Najib met Saiful on the day after the alleged sodomy. Saiful has access to Najib's aide. The allegation against Anwar has diverted the attention of the public from the revelations made by Private Investigator P Balasubramaniam about Najib in his first statutory declaration. Saiful's allegation has also put Anwar on the defensive and thwarted his plans to challenge the BN government for power by September.

All these suggest that Najib has much to gain from Sodomy II. The reality is that Najib is also a victim of Sodomy II. In the eyes of the public, Najib is not only involved in the Altanuya case but is also masterminding a conspiracy against Anwar. These perceptions will have serious consequences and will most surely weaken Najib's case to be the next PM. The way that Najib has responded to the sodomy allegation against Anwar suggests an individual who is blundering - not a mastermind who has crafted the whole thing, from positioning Saiful in PKR to getting him to accuse Anwar of sodomy. In conclusion, Najib does not stand to gain from Sodomy II.

As for Abdullah Ahamd Badawi, the people punished him on March 8 for his poor performance as PM. His popularity is at an all time low - the high petrol/diesel prices, high food prices, inflation, crime, etc. Sodomy II has added a major political crisis which Abdullah is ill-equipped to handle, even if he is inclined to do so at this time. Either way he will be a loser.

If Anwar is found ‘guilty’ of Sodomy II, the people will hold Abdullah responsible for victimising Anwar, and Abdullah may have to exit well before the declared 2010 deadline. If Anwar were found innocent, that would strengthen Anwar, enabling him to challenge BN and hasten Abdullah's exit. If Sodomy II drags on, there will be serious public unrest and this would also pose a major challenge for Abdullah. Thus, Abdullah is also a victim of Sodomy II.

It looks like that Anwar, Najib and Abdullah are all victims of Sodomy II in one way or another. So who is behind Sodomy II? Who will benefit from Sodomy II? Someone who will lose most if Anwar comes into power. Someone who will go to any extent to prevent Anwar's rise. Someone who no longer accepts Najib as a potential PM. Someone who wants instability in Malaysia. Someone who wants to topple Abdullah.

Someone who cannot accept the rise of the opposition. Someone who does not agree with the new direction that Malaysia is taking in matters such as the judiciary and law and order. Someone whose buddies (cronies) are badly affected by government actions such as termination of mega-projects. Someone who wants to prevent probe and investigation into government misdeeds and mal-practices of the past. Someone who wants to continue the legacy of the past.

Someone who is fully schooled in sodomy matters from Sodomy I. Someone who has strong allies in the government, especially the home ministry, police and AG chambers. Someone who is unscrupulous. Someone who will go any extent to get what he wants. Someone who is extremely rich and powerful. Someone who has finally readied an heir. So, who is behind Sodomy II? A Machiavellian par excellence.

Who is it?

Ken, Malaysiakini

That was what Ken wrote in Malaysiakini on 22 July 2008. I do not, however, agree with his prognosis. Without a doubt he is exonerating Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from the crime of trying to frame Anwar Ibrahim and has painted them, plus Anwar, as the three victims in this attempted frame-up. And in that same breath Ken is insinuating that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the real dalang behind the whole thing.

I do not quite agree with this assumption. Yes, Mahathir has no love for Anwar, and vice versa, but the Grand Old Man of Malaysian politics is not behind this latest move to frame Anwar on sodomy charges. And I say this because the behind-the-scenes goings-on prior to the sodomy issue exploding onto the Malaysian scene seem to point to Abdullah’s office, or at least to those within his inner circle.

Firstly, Saiful met Najib before the so-called sodomy took place. No doubt, at first, Najib denied meeting him and then later admitted meeting him but explained that it was for purposes of career guidance and to help the young man obtain a scholarship. Later on, Najib confessed he met Saiful to discuss the sodomy allegation against Anwar. This flip-flopping and inconsistency -- denial and then confessing only when it appeared like he could no longer deny it -- makes Najib appear like he is lying and therefore is trying to cover up an evil deed.

Najib’s responses certainly make him look like a liar and therefore he must have something to hide if he is lying. A lying man is certainly the mark of a guilty man, which makes it look like he is behind the conspiracy, or at least involved in the conspiracy to frame Anwar. But this is what they are trying to make us believe. Why this effort to make it appear like Najib is the culprit if not to deflect all attention from whoever is the real culprit?

Now, the day after Saiful met Najib, he met Rodwan in room 619 of the Kuala Lumpur Concorde. Najib did not know this of course. Prior to that meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke over the phone at least eight times. We can only assume that part of this conversation involved asking Saiful to go meet Najib and to make sure that everyone knows about it so that the conspiracy points to Najib. The fact that Saiful brought a friend along only reinforces this assumption, especialy when this friend is aligned to Anwar Ibrahim.

The man who is the real mastermind behind this latest conspiracy to frame Anwar is Shafee Abdullah. Just days before the sodomy allegation exploded, and even before Saiful’s meeting with Rodwan on 25 June 2008, Shafee was in Najib’s house to attend a gathering. And in front of scores of witnesses he asked to be excused early because he ‘had a very big fish to catch’. Shafee conveniently made it known that he is behind the move to catch the ‘big fish’ and he wanted all those in Najib’s house to be aware that Najib was in the know. Actually, Najib did not know what he was talking about and assumed that the ‘big fish’ meant Raja Petra Kamarudin and was with regards to the Statutory Declaration that he had signed just days earlier on 18 June 2008.

Shafee was supposed to have led the prosecution against Anwar. A provision in the law called FIAT allows the Attorney-General to appoint an outsider to conduct the prosecution. If Shafee does well then he would most likely be appointed the next Attorney-General. When word got out that he is heading the special police operations centre, which was located in his office, they had to abandon the whole idea.

Shafee’s hands are behind the whole thing. And this can only happen with Abdullah’s blessing. No, it is not Mahathir who is behind this. And it is not Abdullah, Najib and Anwar who are the three victims. The victims are Mahathir, Najib and Anwar. Abdullah is the hidden hand and Shafee is the henchman who was tasked with the job of implementing the evil deed. Politics is not what it always appears to be in Malaysia. That is how Malay politics is played out.

One man’s extremist is another man’s freedom fighter


How will history judge Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after he has long died? Well, at what point of time in history are we supposed to judge him? At different points of time he was either great or despicable depending on whether you support or oppose him. So whose yardstick are we going to use in judging him?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

By Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, May 27, 2009

1. We are all held to ransom by extremists. We want to be rational and we all want to do what is best for ourselves and our country. We all want the best for our children and their future. But we cannot do all these because if we do we will be accused of being traitors, not supporting our own community or our own religion. We will be demonised, etc, etc.

2. So willy-nilly we become the instruments of these extremists and their narrow jingoism, to our own detriment.

3. In Malaysia we are constantly being asked to confront each other on racial issues. Disputes cannot be resolved by rigidity in our stand. But we have to be rigid if we do not want to be vilified.

4. It is a miracle that this multi-racial country has remained stable and peaceful for so long. If the extremists can have their way we would all be at each other’s throats. We would be demonstrating in the streets and at the airports. If we do not accede to the wishes of the extremists then we cannot even make a living, there will be no investments and no jobs for the workers.

5. Today we are grappling with the problem of education. We have three streams and woe betide anyone who suggests that we should not have them. We talk of liberal society, of free speech, but if you express some commonsensical views you would be labelled racist.

6. Then there is the controversy over the teaching of science and mathematics in English. We curse the person who had proposed this, calling him a betrayer of his mother tongue, of the national language. Then there are those who want to carry out a nationwide strike if the policy is not changed.

7. I am ready to surrender to the extremists, to pay the ransom demanded. What does it matter if the country goes up in flames, if the extremists win the day? What does it matter if the life of our children and their children is blighted? Anything for a quiet life. I want to be a member of the silent majority and just acquiesce. However the habit of a lifetime just refuse to go.


3,500 years or so ago, Moses was considered an extremist, at least as far as the Pharaoh was concerned. And because of that the Pharaoh wanted the full might of the Egyptian government to come down hard on Moses and his rag-tag gang of dissidents. Today, of course, Moses is a revered Prophet in the eyes of the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

2,000 years or so ago, Jesus Christ was considered an extremist, at least as far as the Jewish authorities of that time were concerned. Today, of course, there are some who believe Jesus is the Son of God.

1,400 years or so ago, Muhammad was considered an extremist, at least as far as the Mekah authorities of that time were concerned. Today, of course, Muslims who view Muhammad as a Prophet would get very upset and would probably lob of your head if you were to call him an extremist.

70 years or so ago, Chin Peng was considered an extremist, at least as far as the Japanese Imperial Army cum the government of Malaya at the time was concerned. The British, however, considered him a patriot and freedom fighter and even brought him to England at the end of the WWII to ‘decorate’ him for his services to the Queen. Today, he is, again, considered an extremist.

40 years or so ago, Dr Mahathir was considered an extremist, at least as far as Umno at that time was concerned. And they said so in a press statement to the mainstream media when they made the decision to sack him from Umno. Later, he went on to become the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and stayed on for 22 long years and was hailed as the best leader Malaysia ever gave birth to. After he retired as Prime Minister he was, again, considered an extremist.

And the list goes on, whether we are talking about Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Joan of Arc, Robespierre, Mandela, Jose Rizal, Gandhi, Soekarno, Idi Amin, Khomeini, Muammar Gaddafi, Osama Bin Ladin, and who-have-you. Are all these people extremists or are they freedom fighters? It all depends on who is evaluating them and at what point of time they are being evaluated.

In fact, the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), as far as the British are concerned, is also known as the American War of Independence, as far as the Americans are concerned. And both ‘Patriots’ (positive) as well as ‘Rebels’ (negative) are used to describe the American leaders of the Rebellion or Independence War, depending on who is giving the view.

How will history judge Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after he has long died? Well, at what point of time in history are we supposed to judge him? At different points of time he was either great or despicable depending on whether you support or oppose him. So whose yardstick are we going to use in judging him?

Yes, that is certainly food for thought and not something you can comment on without your prejudices coming into play. Everyone has prejudices. No one can honestly declare that he or she makes an evaluation unclouded by certain prejudices. This is just humanly impossible.

So I will let history be that judge because I know that history will also judge me one day if by chance I am still remembered long after I have left the scene. And history may also not be kind to me as we have seen happen when heroes of one era become villains of another, and vice versa.

The terror of government silence

By Jacqueline Ann Surin

Penan child
Penan child (© Robin Hanbury-Tenison/Survival, pic courtesy of Survival International)

DATUK Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was the perfect picture of concern and care on the front page of The Star newspaper on 28 May 2009. The newly re-appointed women, family and community development minister was photographed at the Serdang Hospital with a five-year-old child who looked like he had suffered serious and constant abuse at home.

"It is so awful and very sad. Obviously the abuse must have been going on for some time," Shahrizat was quoted as saying after she struggled to compose herself.

Shahrizat, who is also Wanita Umno chief, has rightfully demonstrated shock at such abuse. However, she has yet to illustrate the same kind of alarm and urgency towards the plight of Penan girls and women in the interiors of Sarawak who were reportedly sexually violated and abused.

Indeed, since the report first emerged in mid-September 2008 about the sexual violence towards the Penans by logging company employees, eight months have gone by. A government-led task force into the Baram district completed its investigation in mid-November and yet six months later, Malaysians remain clueless about the plight of the Penan girls and women.

Loggers in Baram
Some logging company employees in Baram (pic courtesy of

Despite public funds spent on setting up the task force, the affected communities themselves remain uncertain about the concrete measures that the government aims to undertake, if at all, to prevent further violations.

In the meantime, Shahrizat continues to pussyfoot around questions about the report's contents and evades questions about its status.

Why the silence?

One has to wonder, what's stopping Shahrizat as the minister in charge, and the Barisan Nasional (BN) cabinet as the government in charge, from treating the rape and sexual harassment of Penans girls and women with more urgency?

Mother standing in water, holding a baby up in the air
Penan woman and child (© Andy Rain/Nick Rain/Survival, pic courtesy of Survival International)

Is it because the Penans don't factor as a constituency? Or because there aren't photo opportunities for the relevant minister to be seen demonstrating her care and concern? Or because the BN just doesn't care and will only respond if there is public outrage and pressure?

To be fair, former minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen was quick to respond with a concrete measure against a backdrop of public outrage over the Penans being violated. It was she who set up a task force that included representatives from different government agencies, two women's rights groups and the indigenous community.

Ng Yen Yen
Ng Yen Yen
And it wasn't as if the task force didn't work as quickly as it could. Additionally, The Nut Graph is told that the report isn't about pointing fingers. It contains comprehensive measures that attempt to address, as holistically as possible, all the circumstances that make the Penans vulnerable to abuse.

However, even Ng seemed unable to commit to making the report fully public. In early February 2009, when I met her at the MCA's Chinese New Year dinner for the media, she would not answer questions about when the task force report would be made public and why it hadn't yet been made public.

For a government that created a women, family and community development ministry to show how much it cares about these constituencies, Ng's and Shahrizat's responses are, at the very least, strange. At the very worst, it reflects a government that actually doesn't care about a marginalised community which doesn't have the influence and capacity to pressure or shame those in power.

illustration of Shahrizat shrugging
Attempts to reach Shahrizat for confirmation
on the report's status were futile

The PKFZ report

Compare, for example, Shahrizat's response after she ignored requests by The Nut Graph for a month for an interview about when the government would make the task force report public.

When she was finally met at the press conference of an event she was launching, she first said the report would be tabled in cabinet "as soon as possible" (but perhaps not soon enough for the affected Penans). Then instead of committing to full public disclosure of the report, she said interested parties could go to her ministry to discuss the report. That's at least one hurdle for public scrutiny that the minister is definitely trying to put in place.

Additionally, it was only later when she was pressed again that she said the report would be submitted to cabinet on 27 May. However, attempts to reach her after that to confirm that the report was tabled were futile. The Nut Graph was told she was at the Serdang Hospital as The Star report and photos bear testimony to the following day. And since then, still no word from either her or the cabinet about the report's status.

Compare this with the release of the report on the controversial Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project on 28 May 2009. Indeed, the report is available online until 10 June.

Penan lady sitting down
Penan woman (© Survival, pic courtesy of Survival International)

In his blog, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat boasted that the government had to "disappoint" the Opposition by "proving to the public that the new administration under our prime minister has nothing to hide and is prepared to reveal the truth as well as to take the appropriate action should there be any wrongdoing."

Now, if we could only have the women, family and community development minister say exactly the same thing for the Penan task force report. Then, maybe the BN government would have more credibility with regard to being "transparent" and taking "appropriate action" against any wrongdoing.

Penan woman smoking
Penan people in a longhouse in Long Lutin (pic courtesy of

The question though is why did the cabinet feel pressured to reveal the PKFZ report but doesn't see the need to do so for the Penan task force report? Truth is, apart from the Women's Aid Organisation and the Women's Centre for Change, no other public interest groups are raising their voices for the task force report to be made public.

The traditional media have also lost interest. Two of the largest English dailies in the country — The Star and the New Straits Times — didn't even bother reporting what Shahrizat said about tabling the report in cabinet and making it partially available. So is it any wonder that the government feels no need to be accountable? Hence, it looks to me that as far as Shahrizat is concerned, the public may just forget about the Penan's plight if she keeps silent long enough about it.

Penan woman
Penan person standing in front of the Rukunegara scrawled
on the wall of a longhouse
(© Survival, pic courtesy of Survival International)

Tackling terror

What was even more ironic is that on 28 May, the New Straits Times highlighted on its front page the headline Zero tolerance for terror old and new. The report lent support to Datuk Seri Najib Razak's actions in denying the request by former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng to come back into the country, and in incarcerating suspected terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari under the Internal Security Act.

But what about the terror of a Penan girl or woman living in the Sarawak interiors who faces the real and frequent possibility of rape and harassment?

Want to know what I find even more terrifying than that? It is knowing, as I am sure the Penans do by now, that even after a crime is committed against me, the Malaysian government can remain indefinitely silent for months about what it will do to ensure justice and prevent future violations.

Malaysia predicts upturn as economy shrinks

From Financial Times
By John Burton in Singapore

Malaysian officials forecast on Wednesday that the economy would resume growth by the fourth quarter, as they reported an unexpectedly steep contraction of 6.2 per cent for the first quarter from a year ago.

The export-dependent economy will shrink at a “very similar” rate in the second quarter, marking Malaysia’s first recession in nearly eight years, the central bank said. Economists surveyed by Reuters had earlier predicted a drop of 4 per cent for the first quarter. Zeti Aziz, central bank governor, said on Wednesday: “We see that the exports sector and export demand continue to remain weak and the environment is still challenging.”

Malaysia has Asia’s third most trade-dependent economy after Singapore and Hong Kong.

Mrs Zeti predicted that there would be “a significant improvement” in the third quarter of the year and added that there was “a higher degree of confidence that we will have positive growth” in the fourth quarter. The government is expected to issue on Thursday a revised economic forecast for the year. In March it predicted growth for the year of between 1+ to 1- per cent, revising an earlier target of 3.5 per cent growth. The economy expanded by 0.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Ms Zeti said the economy will improve in the second half of the year due to a M$60bn ($17bn, €12bn, £10bn) stimulus package unveiled in March and improved lending conditions.

Domestic consumption contracted by just 0.2 per cent in the first quarter against a 15.2 per cent fall in exports. Public sector consumption rose by 2.1 per cent.

Exports could also increase as industrial customers in overseas markets complete large inventory drawdowns of electronics components and commodities, Malaysia’s main products, that began in the first half of the year.

Malaysia’s economic performance in the first three months of 2009 was better than that of neighbouring Singapore, which contracted by 10.1 per cent, and that of Thailand, which contracted 7.1 per cent.

The slowdown has increased pressure on Malaysia to introduce economic reforms, including easing rules giving preference to ethnic Malay businesses.

Najib Razak, prime minister, recently rolled back some pro-Malay rules in the service sector to encourage foreign investment. Mr Najib wants to raise the service sector’s share of the economy to 70 per cent of gross domestic product, from 54 per cent, to reduce the country’s heavy dependence on exports.

Building Collapse: One More Body Found

PETALING JAYA, May 29 (Bernama) -- One more body was found in the basement of the former Jaya Supermarket building in Section 14 here which collapsed yesterday.

This brings the number of casualties to three. Two bodies were found yesterday and four other victims were believed to be trapped under the rubble.

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said the body of the third victim, which was found at 3.30am today, had yet to be taken out because the search and rescue team had to tread cautiously in its search for the other victims.

"We're trying to make a hole in the rubble to go down. We managed to reach the third body by crawling through but have yet to bring it out," he told reporters.

He said the team had problem making a hole because there were still tremors which could cause the escalator above to collapse.

There could be several victims trapped in the area based on the findings of the K9 unit (dog unit) and the firemen yesterday, he said, adding that four victims had yet to be traced.

Arjunaidi said 515 rescue team personnel had been working round the clock since yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred at about 5pm yesterday while several workers were carrying out demolition work on the building.

The body of the first victim, identified as Maskor, 28, was brought out at about 6.50pm and the second, which had yet to be identified, at 10.20pm.

Want to fast?

Dear comrades and friends,

Some of us are fasting for 24-30 hours in solidarity with Pakatan Rakyat in Perak. We would like you to pledge to do the same. Choose when you want to start as long as you finish the fast by 8pm, Thursday, 28 May 2009. Do let us know by replying to:

Sdri.Medaline Chang (Coordinator)
H/p: 012-219 2010

Sdr.Lim Swee Kuan
H/p: 016-6266 848

Thank you!
Medaline Chang

Jaya supermarket 'collapses'

Sri Lanka : A Paradise turned into Kingdom of Vultures!

Land that was known for beautiful beaches and waterfalls has now been turned into a Kingdom of Vultures.

Dead bodies of of the innocent Tamils are dragged away by stray dogs and wild beasts while the survivors hide inside the bunkers.

Let the dead bury the dead as the living will be dead if they try to bury the dead. Screams of the innocents can’t be heard to the far away lands because the rulers of Sri Lanka are not even allowing the birds in the sky to carry the messages to the lands of the living.

Mothers cuddle their crying babies and hide in the bunkers all day long. Starving mothers don’t have anything to give for their children. Frightened parents wipe their tears and pretend to be strong in order to comfort their children who are tormented by the demons of war.

Food and medicine are denied for the innocents and many of them are forced into starvation.

Most of the wounded are let to die in the open fields. Those who are fortunate enough to make to the make shift hospitals have their limbs amputated without anaesthesia. Caesarian operations are carried out without pain relievers.

Chinese F7s and Russian MIG fighters fly over the skies of Vanni continuously and they regularly bomb hospitals,schools, churches and orphanages. Cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs are used against innocent Tamil civilians.

Children are dying in front of their parents and the parents are dying in front of their children. Many of the dead have nobody to mourn for them. More than eight thousand innocent Tamils have been killed just within the last three months.

Tamils are now left with nothing. All their homes and farm lands have been made into grave yards. Many families have lost their loved ones. Thousands of orphans and widows are longing for death than suffering from hunger and untreated wounds in the killing fields of Sri Lanka. They have no more comforters left to comfort the victims.

Destruction came upon the Tamils suddenly

People of Vanni in the Northern part of Sri Lanka once had their barns full of grains, children played in the parks and on beautiful golden beaches, fishermen went to the seas, farmers went to their farms and the mothers worked hard at homes. They had the money, resources more than enough even to send their children abroad for education. They were neither prisoners nor hostages.

All came to an end when the Buddhist Sinhala rulers of the country decided to destroy the lives of the minority Tamils in the disguise of “War on Terror”.

As part of the so called deceptive humanitarian and rescue operation, Sri Lankan forces surrounded an area that is almost two times bigger than Singapore, bombed and destroyed all the hospitals, schools, orphanages and homes in this prosperous land that was once flowing with milk and honey.


Mother is trying to protect her child from exploding shells

They destroyed farms, fruit trees and the cattle belonging to the people who have lived there for years. They dropped cluster bombs and killed so many thousands of innocent people including children, women and old people.

They have forced people into starvation and made them to live in tents and bunkers for months. All this is according to them for just to catch or kill few hundreds LTTE fighters that were living among more than three hundred thousands of innocent Tamil

Tamils are persecuted all over Sri Lanka


Tamils who are forced to live in the open fields are bombed and killed in thousands.

Those who leave the war zone are sent to barbed wired concentration camps and torture camps. The ones that live in the other parts of the country, live in open prisons with the constant fear of abductions, extrajudical killings, torture and rape.

Their hands are tied and their voices are suppressed. Their loved ones living in the lands of freedom have been knocking on the doors of the kings and queens. Nobody has so far come to rescue the Tamils from these man made pits of hell.

Thousands of Tamils are living in the so called safe zone which is the most dangerous place on planet earth

3Sri Lankan government had few months ago,declared a safe zone in a tiny strip of land and asked the Tamil civilians to move in. People were moving in and started to live in tents and bunkers. They are no longer protected from the rain, sun and the bombs falling on them.

So called Safe Zone that has become the most dangerous place on this planet

Sri Lankan forces have now reached to the borders of this tiny over populated safe zone and started to use heavy weapons on innocent civilians. People are now getting killed in thousands. They are making the people to starve.

They let them to die with their wounds because people don’t have access to proper medical care. Wounded civilians that are treated in the make shift hospitals are bombed again by a murderous regime that has no respect for human lives.

Barbed wired Concentration Camps for Tamils


While Tamils are being slaughtered in thousands in the war zone, the ones that come out of that area are sent to barbed wired concentration camps where they are kept as prisoners.

Aid agencies, foreign diplomats and Journalists are not allowed to see these notorious camps except to the one that is used only for propaganda purposes. Friends and relatives of the detainees can’t visit these horror camps.

5Children are separated from mothers and fathers and sent to different camps. People are treated like wild animals. Food packets are thrown at them from military vehicles. They are forced to drink unclean water collected from irrigation tanks.

Mothers and fathers are forced inside the wired fence and their children are taken away. Not sure they will ever return

66Tamils are dying of diseases. Many have become mentally ill. Even the very severely ill people are not allowed to leave the camps and to live with their relatives.

There are fears that many of the young people who are taken away from these camps for questioning, might end up in torture camps and mass graves.

Concentration camps for Tamils in Sri Lanka

When the Sri Lankan military did a similar operation in the Northern part of Sri Lanka several years ago, thousands of Tamils were taken away for questioning. Many of them were killed and their bodies were dumped in mass graves. The military commander who was responsible for those atrocities, is now overseeing the barbed wired camps.

Tamils in Torture camps

8Young Tamil men and women are filtered out and regularly taken for questioning. They are tortured, raped and sometime killed in the torture chambers of Sri Lanka.

Tamils in Sri Lankan torture chambers,their hands are tied and left naked

Most of them are kept naked in these torture chambers in order to prevent them from fleeing. One of the popular phrase used among the Sinhala forces is about feasting on the women of Vanni while turning the Indian ocean red with the blood of the Tamil men.

Torture camps of Sri Lanka is a well known fact that has been documented by many International rights organisations.

World very well knows how the Sri Lankan soldiers were asked to leave Haiti after they were blamed for rape, while doing peace keeping operations as part of the UN force.

Sri Lanka is under reported

Although the images of the dying Tamils are beamed through the television stations and internet all over the world, many people have only a little knowledge about this internal civil war that can one day even turn into a confrontation between nuclear armed India and China.

  1. How is the world reacting to the current situation in Sri Lanka
  2. Why are they killing the Tamils?
  3. Are all the Sinhalese people racists?
  4. Who are partnering with Sri Lanka to slaughter the innocent Tamils?
  5. Why do they do what they do?
  6. Who are defending the Tamils?
  7. Who are so far the winners and loosers in this dirty War?
  8. Why should we stop Rajapakse from continuing with the War on Terror?
  9. Who can save the Tamils?
  10. Why did the nations wait till it got so worse?
  11. What is the UN doing about the whole crisis?
  12. What would be the consequences,If the Nations didn’t intervene?
  13. What is the Solution for the problems in Sri Lanka?

How is the world reacting to this?

9Cries of the dying children and women are reaching to the skies but they haven’t yet touched the hearts of those who have the ability put a stop to this man made disaster within minutes.

We have the technology to reach out to the injured in North pole in minutes. We have built rockets and space stations. But we have failed miserably to save the lives of innocent children and women in a land that is only twenty miles away from a country that claims itself as the largest democracy in the world

Only country in the world that bombs and kills the minorities. Obviously failing from their responsibility to protect

As the scenes of Rwanda and Kosovo are being repeated on their TV screens, the leaders of the free nations have so far failed to bring peace to this troubled Island.

Why are they killing the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Deception, foolishness, ignorance, arrogance,hatred, pride and greed. All of these evils come together and make people to commit crimes against humanity. Sinhala Buddhist extremists want to wipe out Tamils from this tiny island and they have so far been successful in killing many thousands of them.

Hitler slaughtered millions of Jewish people for a simple reason that they were different. Muslim extremists kill people all around the world that they treat the non Muslims as infidels.

Form of Buddhism that preaches violence and hatred in Sri Lanka

In the same way, Sri Lankan governments that are backed by the Sinhala Buddhist extremists have been persecuting the Tamils in Sri Lanka for more than 60 years.

Muslim extremists use Quran as their source of hatred and the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka have a holy book called Mahavamsa, a book with controversial writings, full of hatred towards the Tamils. Sinhala youth are indoctrinated by lies and deceptions in schools.

President of Sri Lanka and the Defence secretary are busy with their Buddhist rituals while killing thousands of innocents in the North

This book is very specific to Sri Lanka and not used by Buddhists in other countries. Buddhism in Sri Lanka is not the peaceful one that is preached by Dalai Lama in Tibet. One of the former prime ministers of Sri Lanka was assassinated by an armed Buddhist monk.

In the fifties, sixties and seventies, the Sinhala extremists slaughtered thousands of Tamils with knives and swords. They burned them alive and destroyed their homes. Hundreds of thousands were made homeless and sent to the North of the country in ships.

Tamils were killed and their properties were burned in the seventies long before LTTE came to the scene

Now they kill Tamils with cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs. They bomb hospitals, schools and orphanages in Tamil areas.

Are all the Sinhalese people racists?

There are many peace loving Sinhala people living in Sri Lanka. Several academics, human rights activists, journalists, Christian leaders and professionals from the Sinhala community are supporting the Tamils in their struggle for freedom. Some Tamils even tend to intermarry with the Sinhalese.

Although the extremists are only a minority among the Sinhalese, they have been successful in influencing politicians, military leaders and ordinary Sinhala people to incite racial hatred, violence and discrimination against Tamils.

Buddhist extremism has gone to the extreme levels that more than Hundred thousand innocent Tamils have been killed, six hundred thousands are made homeless and forced to live in camps, fifty thousands have become orphans and widows and many thousand Tamils are now disabled and mentally ill.

Majority Sinhalease support the War on Tamils and they elect politicians who come up with racist policies.

Who are partnering with Sri Lanka to slaughter the innocent Tamils?

China and Pakistan are giving the weapons and ammunitions. Iran and Libya are providing with low interest loans for Sri Lanka to purchase arms. India is orchestrating the whole war in Sri Lanka by providing intelligence and military expertise.

Why do they do what they do?

All these countries are trying to satisfy the racist regimes in Sri Lanka in order to look after their strategic interests in the region.

China is fishing in troubled waters. Sinhala extremists who have been killing the Tamils all these years wanted to get smart weapons to kill the Tamils in thousands as opposed to knives and swords that can be used to kill the Tamils only in hundreds.

They went and asked India for weapons. India refused. They went to the West and the East. Nobody wanted to give offensive weapons to Sri Lanka. Two countries came forward. It was China and Pakistan. They obviously asked for something in return,

In recent times, China has been actively involved in building ports in the South East Asian countries including Sri Lanka. China is spending 1 billion dollars to construct a port in the south of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan defence secretary in China with top military officers

China is planning use this port as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the Indian Ocean and protects China’s supplies of Saudi oil. Ever since Sri Lanka agreed to the plan, in March 2007, China has given it all the aid, arms and diplomatic support it needs to defeat the Tamils, without worrying about the West.

China has so far given six F7 jet fighters free of charge, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Pakistan is also trying to spread it’s influence in the Indian ocean and in order to build a launch pad in Sri Lanka.

Pakistan has transferred huge amounts of automatic rifles, heavy mortars, multi-barrel rocket launchers, artillery and tank shells to Sri Lanka in recent years.

Sri Lanka is also getting JY-11 3D air surveillance radars, armoured personnel carriers,

T-56 assault rifles, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, missiles and bombs

Iran provides low-interest credit to Sri Lanka to help them to purchase military equipment from Pakistan and China and to train Sri Lankan Army and intelligence officers in Iran.

Sri Lankan president in Iran: Partnership with like minded States

Iran is now very pleased with the anti western policies that are being adapted by the Sri Lankan government.

India never wanted to supply offensive weapons to Sri Lanka which is the very reason why the Sri Lankan government went after China, Pakistan and Iran in the first place. Having 65 millions Tamils in India, it will be difficult for India to give offensive weapons to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

However, India faces a real threat from China and Pakistan in it’s own backyard. Sri Lanka has always maintained good relations with India.

In order to look after it’s interests in the region and to deal with the threats from China, India had come up with the clever idea of providing with intelligence and military expertise to Sri Lanka.

Many Sri Lankan ministers have recently acknowledged that they wouldn’t be winning the war without the help from India.

There are reliable reports that many Indian soldiers are fighting along with the Sri Lankans on the front lines in Vanni. Several intelligence and military experts from India are helping fifty thousands of Sri Lankan soldiers to cause so much damage in the Tamil Land.

Even the so called medical professionals sent by India to Vanni to treat the wounded Tamils are mostly intelligent officers who are more interested in gathering information from the Tamil civilians than treating their wounded.

This is not because India hate the Tamils and love the Sinhalease but they are not ready to see Sri Lanka going into the hands of China and Pakistan. More than seven hundred Indian fishermen were killed by the Sri Lankan Navy within the last few years but India is willing to sacrifice even their own for a greater gain in the region.

Who are defending the Tamils?

LTTE took arms to defend the Tamils when every effort taken by the Tamils to fight for their rights through democratic means had failed to bring results.

Democracy never worked in Sri Lanka because the majority are the Sinhalese and they always support the regimes that oppress the Tamils.

Conventional Tamil Army that defends the Tamils from State Terrorism

Say for instance. If a country has eight thousand deadly Muslim extremists and two thousand westerners, Most of the the westerners would be one day sent to the graves under a democratic government because the majority rule over the minority.

When the democratic governments in Sri Lanka were sending the Tamils to mass graves, Tamils had no option but to fight back.

According to the recent survey, 99% of the Tamils support the LTTE and see them as their representatives even though they had made few tactical mistakes in the past.

Tamils in Sri Lanka and India, Tamil Diaspora have now emerged as a powerful voice to support their suffering people in Sri Lanka.

Who are so far the winners and loosers in this horrible War?

Sinhala Buddhist extremists in Sri Lanka are already celebrating with flags and fire crackers that they have achieved what they always wanted to

More than eight thousand Tamils have been killed, twenty thousands are wounded, three hundred thousands of Tamils have been made homeless just within three months and many thousands have become orphans and widows.

Almost all the Sri Lankan Tamils are now either homeless or they live in homes that are open prisons. This brings joy to the Sinhala extremists whose sole aim is to wipe out Tamils.

China has a lot to rejoice for, because they have been successful in securing their interests in the region. They are now busy building a port in the South of Sri Lanka that will be used as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the Indian Ocean and protects China’s supplies of Saudi oil

Pakistan has made enough money by selling cluster ammunitions and fire arms. They have also found a platform in the south of India to launch attacks against India.

India is a looser. India has made a historical blunder by assisting the Sri Lankan government to commit genocide against Tamils. Once the war is over, Sri Lankan government will go after China and Pakistan as they did before. India has now lost credibility both among the Tamils in Sri Lanka and India.

India would have been in a better position if they helped the Tamils to establish a prosperous secular state in order to free them from State oppression and to secure Indian strategic interests in the region. Even now, it is not too late for India to change it’s mind.

LTTE is now left to fight on their own without any help from other countries. But they are supported by a powerful Tamil Diaspora which means LTTE can’t be defeated by bombing the whole Vanni although they are facing defeat in the Vanni.

Why should we stop Rajapakse from continuing with War on Terror?

When the twin towers fell and the innocents died, we declared war on Terror. We have done the right thing and we have been successful in preventing many disasters in our great cities.

Unfortunately,Some of the countries that have been terrorising their minorities for a long time, have started to use the loop holes in the “War on Terror” strategy. to declare war on the vulnerable.

War on innocent mothers and children. Failed state that bombs Innocent Tamils

Theory of War on Terror has failed miserably in countries like Sri Lanka because the oppressor has got the freedom to declare war on the innocents who are already going through hell in their hands.

Many freedom movements that have been fighting for the freedom of the oppressed are now wrongly branded as Terrorists groups.

Some of these countries like Sri Lanka have been spending so much money in doing false propaganda, to convince the world that these freedom movements had links with Al Qaeda.

War on Terror is a great idea but the problems come when we wrongly recognise the Terrorists and the ones who are fighting the Terrorists.

When the “War on Terror” strategy is used by a Terror government that is already killing it’s own citizens, alarms should be raised to protect the vulnerable.

Did we permit Saddam Hussain who was a democratically elected president to wipe out all the Kurdish people? Hitler was democratically elected but he was still responsible for killing millions of Jews.

Rajapakse government, although it is democratically elected, shouldn’t be allowed to use the “War on Terror” agenda to annihilate Tamils.

UK government would never bomb the whole city of Belfast and force people to live in the bunkers without food and medicine for months, if they had to catch few hundreds of IRA rebels. They wouldn’t use chemical weapons against innocent women and children unless they had a hidden agenda of killing the people.

This old Tamil woman has lost everything. Rulers of Sri Lanka treat such innocent Tamils as terrorists

Sri Lanka is doing something what no other governments on this earth would do for their own citizens.

The way how the war is being conducted in Sri Lanka is a clear proof that “War on Terror”, “Humanitarian operations”, and “Hostage rescue” are just the buzz words used by the Sri Lankan government to deceive the international community.

Who can save the Tamils?

India has now got itself into a mess by orchestrating the war in Sri Lanka although India has no enmity with the Tamils. They are doing it to protect their interests in the region as they are becoming very nervous about the threat from China and Pakistan in the Sri Lankan soil.

India hasn’t so far come forward to rescue the innocents and they won’t do it in the future because they are ones guiding the Sri Lankan military to fight the battles.

China is obviously fuelling the whole situation by freely giving offensive weapons to Sri Lanka in order to look after their strategic interests.

Tamils can only be saved by the Western countries.

US, UK, France and other EU member countries are already pressurising the Sri Lankan government to stop this war.

Arrogant leaders in Sri Lanka have so far no not listened to warnings from the free world

Why did the nations wait till it got so worse?

Sri Lankan government has been very successful in demonising the Tamil struggle with lies and deceptions. [ Useful Reference: Lies and Deceptions! Comical Alis of Sri Lanka! ]

They have been so far successful in convincing the world that the military operation was a legitimate “War on Terror” strategy that targets only the rebels and not the innocent Tamils. They have managed to ban reporters and journalists to the war zone in order to hide their war crimes.

Western media also has failed miserably in their duties to give importance to this trouble spot where thousands of innocents are perishing.

What is the UN doing about the whole crisis?

As usual, UN has so far failed to protect the innocents. They failed in Rwanda and they failed in many other countries where millions died of man made disasters. They always waited till it was too late to act.

UN had sent it’s representatives to Sri Lanka few times in the last few months ,but they couldn’t convince the Sri Lankan authorities to stop the war.

UK and the US are working really hard to bring the Sri Lankan issue before the security council. China, being a permanent member is not allowing the war in Sri Lanka to be discussed for an obvious reason that they are also partnering with Sri Lanka.

They don’t want to be blamed for fuelling the war in this tiny island by freely supplying offensive weapons in order look after their own interests in the region.

What would be the consequences, If the Nations didn’t intervene?

We would regret forever for repeating the same mistakes that we did in Rwanda.

Sri Lankan government, would continue to use cluster bombs and phosphorus bombs to kill the remaining innocent civilians left in the safe zone. Many Tamils would continue to die of hunger , starvation and diseases. Young men and women in the concentration camps would end up in mass graves.

Sinhala Buddhists will be settled in the Tamil areas and the names of many Tamil towns and villages will be changed into Sinhala names.

Wounded LTTE with the support of the Tamil Diaspora will continue their struggle for freedom.

Nuclear armed China and India might one day confront each other as both of them are competing to dominate the same region.

This trouble spot in the Indian ocean can one day would become a threat to the whole humanity if we didn’t intervene to stop the madness that is going on, in this tiny island which has already been turned into a Kingdom of Vultures.

What is the Solution for the crisis in Sri Lanka?

World doesn’t need any more proof to recognise the war crimes that are being committed against Tamils. Hospitals are bombed. People are deliberately forced into starvation and death. Voices of the victims are suppressed. Chemical weapons are used against innocent civilians. Many Tamils are locked up in barbed wired concentration camps.

UN should intervene to save the remaining Tamils in Sri Lanka without any delay.

It is time that the Nations should get together and protect the Tamils from annihilation by invoking the Responsibility to Protect clause (R2P).

World doesn’t need to sit and wait for millions of skulls and bones to appear on their wide screen TV sets.

Tamils had their own Nation before. This hard working and highly literate community is once again capable of building a secular state like Singapore in the Indian ocean.

It is time for the West and India to support the Tamils to establish a State of their own.

Richard Dixons

Mat Zain claims defamation plot ahead of Anwar case

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye assault in 1998, today claimed a high-level plot using a bankruptcy notice to destroy his credibility ahead of several cases including the opposition leader’s sodomy case in July.

State news agency Bernama yesterday reported that Mat Zain was declared a bankrupt on April 21 for failing to settle a RM250,000 loan and was served with the notice on May 26. The news was carried by several Malaysian publications including The Malaysian Insider which subscribes to the Bernama service.

“I say with certainty that there are very powerful hidden hands that wanted it so. Their reasons are to destroy my credibility and/or to paralyze my capabilities and preventing me from giving evidence against Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan for fabricating evidence in the “black-eye” case of 1998 involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” said Mat Zain in a statement.

Mat Zain, who went on optional retirement in 2001 as the KL CID chief, said he believed the bankruptcy notice is related to his appeal to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board to clear his name after the anti-graft agency cleared only Gani and Musa from charges of fabrication lodged by Anwar.

“I have reasons to believe that the prosecution team anticipated that Anwar will certainly raise at certain point of his trial the issue of fabrication of evidence in the black-eye case. My evidence would be vital at this stage. Their only option is to destroy my credibility.

“Though this publication may cause some inconvenience to me and my family, but I take it as a blessing and that it will only enhance my resolve to disclose the whole truth of the “black-eye” episode.

“Believe me, that this is not the only case the duo had their fingers in. There are others which are as sensational. The truth shall prevail,” Mat Zain said.

He claimed that he investigated the black-eye incident without fear or favour and had his statement recorded five times by the precursor to MACC, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) when Anwar lodged a report on July 1, 2008 that Gani, Musa, Mat Zain and Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof had falsified a medical report on the assault case.

But MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan announced on March 3 that a three-member independent panel led by the Solicitor-General had scrutinised the investigation papers and cleared Gani and Musa of criminal wrongdoing, prompting Mat Zain to later appeal the findings.

“However, I am justified to state that the Prime Minister was never told the true and entire facts of this issue. Should the truth be told, I believe the PM would have taken the appropriate actions,” Mat Zain said.

He disclosed that he has instructed his lawyers to look into the bankruptcy matter as he had never received any notice of a hearing related to a suit by businessman Yap Thoong Choan, 72, of Damansara Heights, filed on Aug 10, 2004, against Mat Zain at the Bandar Baru Bangi Sessions Court claiming the remaining RM250,000 of a loan which was not settled.

He said in his statement of claim that Mat Zain, 60, had taken a RM500,000 loan via an agreement signed by both parties on Feb 22, 2002, and it was agreed that the loan was to be settled on or before Aug 21, 2002.

Yap said that so far, Mat Zain had settled RM250,000 of the amount. A letter of demand for the remaining RM250,000, dated July 14, 2004, was sent to Mat Zain but he failed to pay up. The Shah Alam High Court on April 21 this year issued a bankruptcy notice on Mat Zain ordering him to pay the RM250,000 with interest and costs, bringing the total to RM288,824.92 .