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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zaid joins PKR

By Neville Spykerman- The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Former Umno minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has joined PKR, in a boost to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced Zaid's decision today at a special PKR congress here, saying it will help improve ties between the three PR parties.

Zaid said he felt he would be most effective in PKR which fits his ideals and chose the party because he knows Anwar is a good man.

“It’s also multinational party with a wide Malay base, a young party with plenty of room to expand.” he said.

He said he was looking forward to playing the role of strengthening the relationship between Pakatan Rakyat’s coalition partners.

Zaid resigned from the Barisan Nasional (BN) cabinet last year in protest against the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) and was subsequently sacked from Umno.

During his short tenure as minister, he attempted to introduce reforms to the judiciary and pushed for compensation to be paid to judges sacked during the 1988 judiciary crisis.

But it is his role as a reformist and moderate which is expected to be a big boost for PR as Anwar attempts to put the opposition alliance’s agenda for reform back on track.

The PR alliance has been beset by crisis in recent weeks with PAS and DAP leaders at loggerheads over the Islamist party’s attempts to hold talks with Umno on Malay unity.

Anwar will be hoping Zaid can help bridge the differences between the secular and Chinese dominated DAP and the Islamist Malay PAS.

Zaid said today he was ready to help make PR a better alternative to BN.

He said he had friends in both PAS as well as DAP and feels he can play a meaningful role.

“The first step is to be better friends before we can move forward.” he said.

Meanwhile Anwar said Zaid’s entry was a positive development and would provide a boost to PKR.

“Zaid has a reputation for fighting for human rights and for the independence of the judiciary.”

He said PKR could use Zaid’s experience and exposure.

Anwar said Zaid’s role with Pakatan Rakyat would be formalised only after discussions with other component parties to be held next week.

He added that the PKR president would also decide on Zaid’s formal role in PKR.

However due to his experience Zaid is expected to be given a seat in the party’s supreme council and political bureau.

Zaid could pave way for MCA defections to PKR

By Leslie Lau - The Malaysian Insider

Consultant Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s decision to join PKR is expected to set off a flurry of former MCA officials joining the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) party.

The Malaysian Insider understands a former senator from the Barisan Nasional (BN) party is on the verge of joining.

Also mulling a defection is a former cabinet minister from MCA.

Zaid’s entry into PKR could be the push factor to convince a number of MCA leaders because he is considered a moderate Malay leader widely accepted by the Chinese community.

The former Umno man is also widely seen as someone who brings a more multi-racial approach to the opposition alliance because of his moderate views on Islam and race relations.

MCA has been in turmoil since it lost heavily in last year’s general elections.

Party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has so far failed to regain the backing of Chinese voters for BN.

According to the party’s own estimates, Chinese support for MCA now stands at just 15 per cent.

This is down from the 30 per cent of Chinese voters who still voted for BN in last March’s elections.

A recent online poll on the party president’s blog also seems to suggest the trend remains the same.

Approximately three in four people who voted in the poll felt the MCA should leave BN.

Ong remains hampered in his efforts to win back support from the Chinese by the community’s negative perception of Umno.

Significant numbers of the Chinese community may baulk at the increasing religiosity and narrow racial views of some of the newly elected leaders in PAS because of concerns about what kind of policies the Islamist party may introduce if PR won federal power.

But the entry into PKR of Zaid, a moderate leader they are more comfortable with, could provide some comfort for the community and make it harder for the MCA and BN to win them back.


HINDRAF have obtained reliable information from members of the public including sympathisers from the Malay Community that the underworld “3 Line and Mat Rempit ” gang are mobilising a large number of superbikers into Kamunting on Saturday, June 13, 2009 to “teach” the Indians a lesson as a result of the racial clash that sparked on June 8, 2009.

HINDRAF wishes to stress that we do not condone to any form of violence let it be from the Indians, Malays or any race for the matter.

The racial attacks in Kamunting on June 8, 2009 and the ongoing unrelated, unprovoked attacks on innocent Malaysian Indians in Kamunting are being perpetrated by outsiders in gangs of superbikes believed to be members of the underworld Malay “3 Line and Mat Rempit” gangs.

Over the last 2 days Indians in groups (in Kamunting) of more than 3 are told to disperse by the police or face arrest but they seem to deliberately ignore the large groups of the underworld superbikers who are patrolling and intimidating the Malaysian Indian folks in Kamunting.

A Hindu Temple namely the Madurai Veeran Temple in Batu 4, Kamunting was also torched by members of these underworld and Police is yet to investigate the report lodged by members of the said Temple.

The impartiality of the Royal Malaysian Police Force is questionable as they are fully aware of these gangs’ activities in arousing racial clashes in Kamunting and it appears that they are colluding with these gangsters in continuing their activities for motives only known to them.

HINDRAF calls upon the IGP to act in accordance to the oath he had taken in providing protection to all citizens of the country and prevent Kamunting from turning into another Kg. Medan massacre that took place from 8/3/2001 to 23/3/2001 (15 days in a row without any interference from the Police Force to restore law and order) where hundreds were seriously injured and 6 lives were lost.

We call upon the IGP to take a pragmatic and realistic approach particularly in mobilizing his men on 13th June 2009 to prevent any untoward incident planned by the underworld gangs which could lead to unnecessary cost to innocent lives.

There has to be more patrols and protection to the people of Kamunting and those culprits who have been attacking innocent people over the last four days must be arrested immediately and charged in Court, failing which the confidence of the people in the Royal Malaysian Police Force would be eroded further.

P. Waytha Moorthy.

HINDRAF – Chairman

Secret round table discussion: Najib, Hu Jintao and Ahmadinejad

The following is an imaginary roundtable discussion between Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and China's President Hu Jintao at an undisclosed location in China. I will just call them Jin, Jib and Jad to rhyme with the similar ideology of stamping out political dissent.


Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Hu Jintao (Jin) : Welcome gentlemen, please have a seat. Can I get you anything to drink?

Najib Tun Razak (Jib) : Water please, “yin shui si yuan”. When drinking water, don’t forget the people who dug the well (beaming proudly).

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Jad) : Get me a Zam Zam Cola.

Jin : Oh, you still boycotting Coca Cola and Pepsi?

Jad : Nooooo (sarcastically) because the Director of Zam Zam Cola is Ahmad Haddad Moghaddam who happens to share a similar second name with me. What do you think? (sneering)

Jin : Sorry don't have that in stock. Instead I offer you what we call feichang kele the Chinese people's own cola it is also called Future Cola.

Jib : When drinking Zam Zam Cola don't forget to thank the Well of Zamzam in Mecca from where its name is derived.

Jad : What's it with you and well's? You look different from when I last saw you in Kuala Lumpur, lost some hair and I did not realize you wore contacts.

Jib : That was not me. It was the former PM Badawi. He's retired now catching up on golf, gardening and fishing. He could not take the endless lampooning by bloggers which turned out to my benefit however this RPK is a thorn in my side.

Jin : RPK? Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova, the Kalashnikov assault rifle?

Jib : No, the Scarlet Pimpernel of bloggers, Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Jin : Does this RPK have a Twitter account?

Jib : Yes he does, but he has yet to post anything on Twitter.

Jin : Why not?

Jib : Have you seen the length of some of his articles ? His preamble alone even after being summarised will not fit into Twitters limit of 140 characters per post, damn cheong hei.

Jin : Eh? Cheong hei? What do you mean?

Jib : (Rolling eyes and sighing) Cheong hei, you know, long winded.

Jin : You have got your Cantonese and Mandarin mixed up, here let me write it down for you its C-h-a-n-g Q-i

Jib : Yes , OK.... Chunky...whatever......

Jin : Its pronounced Chang Chi....

Jib : The point is you will need a certain concentration level to read his articles, our former PM , Badawi, who has a limited concentration span, would start snoring after the second paragraph. On the other hand my wife, by virtue of her name being mentioned in his articles, has a morbid fascination. She will read, then re-read his writings in between fits of tantrums and shouting over the phone over a series of calls. We have five special branch officers undergoing counselling due to a nervous breakdown as a result of monitoring his articles and taunts from his supporters.

Jin : Did RPK write anything about China recently?

Jib : Yes, he calls me a hypocrite for wanting to visit and do business with China while barring a former communist leader from entering Malaysia. We are thankful that China's leadership has refrained from commenting on Chin Peng.

Jin : It’s the least we could do, we appreciate that during the Beijing Olympics, the torch arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur under heavy guard while you warned your own citizens against protesting about Tibet. So as long as Malaysia has no official stand on Tibet, we have no official stand on Chin Peng. Democracy or Communism what’s the difference? After all our methods of muzzling the press, clamping down on dissent and putting political interests above human rights are so similar

Jad : In Iran we do the same for the greater good but are relatively tolerant. If Iranian intelligence services were to arrest anyone who speaks ill of the government in private, we simply couldn't build cells fast enough to hold all prisoners." Jails are expensive to build. Why not have RPK arrested on trumped-up charges?

Jib : We tried but he did not attend court on the excuse that the court was within the state of Selangor, since he is a minor royal who is on a self-imposed exile from the state, he refuses to attend court.

Jin : So arrest him for not attending court.

Jib : We tried but he disappeared. We suspected that he was in Brisbane and had asked Interpol to help us extradite him but we hit a snag. (He takes out a file from his briefcase and flips the pages). This is the extradition treaty we signed with Australia in 2006 under article 3 of that agreement, exceptions to extradition under subsection 1(b) is as follows:

"If there are substantial grounds for believing that a request for extradition for an ordinary criminal offence has been made for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing a person on account of that person’s race, colour, sex, language, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political opinion or other status, or that that person’s position may be prejudiced for any of those reasons."

So, to avoid an embarrassing failed extradition attempt and to give our supporters the impression we can actually do something about it, we have denied initial reports that he is in Brisbane. Besides, the last time we tried to extradite an alleged lover of an opposition politician, Interpol told us to bugger off. They do not consider consensual sex outside of marriage as a crime. They cheekily told me to arrest a friend of mine who is a self-confessed adulterer instead.

Jad : These people can be pests. Supporters of my main opponent Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who is very popular with young people, write lies about me. So, to teach them a lesson, I blocked Facebook and Twitter.

Jin : My sentiments are similar. It's been 20 years since the Tiananmen Square…I mean illegal uprising. But some still want to make it an issue. So I blocked twitter.

Jib : It won't work. When we blocked RPK's site, Malaysia Today, people circumvented it by using mirror sites and proxy sites. He became even more popular so we decided to unblock his site and cooked up some story about honouring our pledge not to censor the internet.

Jin : Then how do you quell dissent?

Jib : Well, we arrest candle light vigilers -- those who wear black, those who utter the name of "she who shall not be named", cyclists wearing red T-shirts, those who gather without permits and recently we closed down a Cafe serving white coffee because some miscreants were going to gather there to sip black coffee while wearing black.

Jad : That is in some ways worse than what we do in Iran. Are you not afraid that the people will rise up in protest?

Jib : We have a counterbalance to sustain our support base using the NEP.

Jad : Ah, yes, we use the NEP in Iran too. Our Nuclear Energy Policy is very clever. When I talk to the UN I say that we are pursuing peaceful means of sustainable nuclear energy. On the other hand, when I talk to the anti-American groups, I have them believe that I am going to target an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile at Washington. Of course we are light years away from such capabilities but it works as a distraction for those at home who may scrutinise my failed government.

Jib : Very interesting but that's not the kind of NEP I am talking about, though the doubletalk is similar. We say one thing to the politically dominant Malays to rile them up about Malay supremacy. Then, when we talk to the non-Malay crowd, we talk about unity and reconciliation. In Malaysia, NEP is the acronym for New Economic Policy. "Ketuanan Melayu" is the OPIUM (Candu) fed to the Malay Masses by the Ruling UMNO SPECIAL Malays through the NEP. If the philosophy of the NEP is questioned, for example, we say it will result in social unrest. If we forget history, history will punish us, etc. The effect of the sum total of all the weight of this conventional and historical bogeyman is to instil fear. It is actually nothing but a big lie to preserve the status quo of an UMNO led ruling coalition called BN.

Jad : Sounds more complicated than a Nuclear Energy Policy. How does it actually work?

Jib : It's quite simple, really. First we break your legs, then we give you crutches after that we say that if it were not for the Government you would not be able to walk. The NEP is uniquely Malaysian launched in 1971.

Jin : Your NEP is not so unique. We had something similar 10 years before Malaysia launched its NEP. China had a NEP in 1960-65 to cut a deal with farmers and peasants from an uprising. This New Economic Policy was called the "sixty articles of agriculture". The Chinese communist party in 1962 promised not to interfere in their private lives, while painting beautiful socialist pictures. We implemented policies based on Mao's theory of continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat. We also flexed our muscles via the One-China policy a principle that there is one China and that mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, and Taiwan are all part of that China.

Jib : I do admit that the One China policy inspired me to come up with my 1 Malaysia policy. You see we lost an unprecedented five states to the opposition in the last general elections and I want them all back. 1 Malaysia, to me, is where all Malaysian's pay obeisance to BN and by extension UMNO but some bleeding heart liberals mistake it for calls of unity and meritocracy. I would like to thank you for the Falun Gong busters China sent us in 2007 to help us with our HINDRAF problem. The idea of banning an organization that was not even registered was brilliant. Those guys are good. Are they similar to Malaysia's UTK (Unit Tindakan Khas)?

Jin : They are from the 6-10 office, an arm of the National Security Bureau and Public Security Bureau of China. The agency was formed on June 10, 1999. The name of the office derives from this date it was established to target dissident groups. Our official stand is of course to deny the existence of this office. Please do not compare them to your UTK boys who blow up a victim with C4 but keep her earrings as a souvenir in the pocket of their jacket. Talking of jackets, they are badly disguised with their customary black jackets riding pillion, escorting motorcades. They stick out like sore thumbs against your white uniformed traffic police escorts. They seem pretty inept to me.

Jib : Not true, in mid 1994 UTK stormed a hiding place of P. Kalimuthu or Bentong Kali at Medan Damasara, Selangor. In the shoot-out with the police, the Most-Wanted Criminal was successfully killed.

Jin : Isn't that what your regular police force should be doing?

Jib : You see, our police are more adept at arresting skinny opposition politicians, catching people who gather without permits, candle light vigilers, those who wear black, those who utter the name of "she who shall not be named", cyclists wearing red T-shirts, bloggers,............

Jad : OK OK..... we get the picture. But why wait for people to gather before taking action? In Iran we have special police corps officially tasked with checking the cell phones of Iranians. All text messages and audio or video files considered 'illegal' are erased such as news on scandals, distasteful jokes about me (ahem) and other political leaders, information on meetings, political assemblies and rallies.

Jib : Malaysian's are very attached to their cellphones and guard them ferociously but ironically they exposed a personal SMS between me and Shafee Abdullah the lawyer who represented my good friend in the murder trial of "she who shall not be named"…I hate Maxis.

Jad : I hate maxi's and miniskirts's too, the proper attire should be full hijab.

Jin : So Jib, what do you intend to go back and tell Malaysian's about your visit to China?

Jib : I intend to delve into our historical friendship. It dawned on me that Admiral Cheng Ho visited Malacca with 35,000 troops and 300 vessels. If an armada of that size had desired to capture Malacca then, it would have been achieved easily. However, China had no such intention. Instead, it extended a hand of friendship. Malaysia does not consider China a threat because Malaysia had many times to evaluate China over the past 600 years.

Jin : (laughing hysterically) Friendship? Not Really. The Persian Gulf at Hormuz was known to be a city of amazing wealth and goods, including pearls and precious stones which were much coveted by the Chinese emperor. The Fleet also went to Africa to trade, which at the time was a very rich country. Malacca was just a warehouse and a place to rest before resuming the voyage, a pit-stop if you like. Had Malacca resisted Cheng Ho would have crushed them. Lets be realistic here. Your countrymen are historically not noted warriors. Pretty much anyone from the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese just stepped in and took over by a walkover. If not for World War 2, your country may have been a British colony right until the 1990's like Hong Kong. But go ahead. Say what you want to your countrymen if it sounds good. Will there be anything else?

Jib : Yes, my wife has been pestering me that she wants to emulate Nixon who showed off his chopstick skills at no .18 villa in 1972. I also need to rush back. I am very sure that one wily opposition leader will start insisting that I call a motion of confidence in Parliament like my father did on his return from China. I also need to do damage control over my statement about "she who shall not be named" and 2 star hotels. I warned my foreign minister to keep his mouth shut the entire trip. He created quite a spectacle when he met Hilary Clinton. He now has a phobia of using the word "lucrative". So officially he will declare this trip as a "fruitful" one and that is what our compliant mainstream media will be told to print.

Jad : Farewell my friend. It was nice meeting you. Suddenly I feel my problems are so small in comparison. I think you should use that statement about thanking the people who dug the well, and hope that you fare WELL (snickering)

Jin : Thank you for coming gentlemen. It’s a pity Kim Jong Il, General Than Swee and Robert Mugabe could not join us today.

Note: They say that some truths are made up of fiction and some fictions are made up of truths. The above conversation is definitely fictitious. It only happened in my fertile imagination. But I leave it to you Dear Reader to discern between fact, fiction and probability.

Why Lee Kuan Yew asked to meet Rosmah

SINGAPORE, June 13 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor have been warm and forthcoming beyond Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s expectations. MM Lee said he called on Rosmah because he had been told that she and her husband worked as a team and it was necessary for him to understand both members of the team.

He asked to see her, and PM Najib made arrangements for them to meet.

Lee said he found the Malaysian prime minister and his wife “warm, positive and, more than I had expected to find them, forthcoming”.

“They spoke frankly to me and I spoke frankly in return,” he said.

Lee visited Rosmah at her home in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon. They spoke for an hour over satay and Malay kueh.

They were joined by the three ministers accompanying Lee on his Malaysia trip: Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Education Minister Ng Eng Hen and Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew, as well as Senior Parliamentary Secretary Masagos Zulkifli.

Lee and Rosmah exchanged notes on their families.

She expressed interest in Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme and said she hoped there could be cooperation on that front.

Lee also spoke about bilateral cooperation. He made the same point that he had earlier conveyed to Najib.

“I emphasised to both that cooperation has to be long term, not chop and change, and it has to be across the board, you can’t just pick and choose,” he said. –The Straits Times

If China can be forgiven so can Chin Peng, says Anwar

By Neville Spykerman

Anwar talking to members at the PKR special national congress this morning. - Picture by Choo Choy May

- The Malaysian Insider
KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today lashed out at those who are turning Chin Peng’s wish to return to Malaysia into a racial issue.

He said the former leader of the Communist Party of Malaysia (CPM) was just an old man who wished to end his day in the country.

Anwar said if Malaysia could forgive communist China who supported the insurgency in Malaya at the time, there was no reason not to forgive Chin Peng.

“We are at peace with China and their communist government. Why can’t we forgive Chin Peng?” he asked.

Anwar, who was speaking at PKR’s special national congress, said he was not condoning the past militant actions of the communist but expects his words to be twisted by the local media.

He predicted some of the local press would report that PKR supports the communist but they would be doing a disservice to their readers.

The opposition leader said he opposed the communist activities as a young man and nothing had changed.

Kes Anwar didengar 22 Jun

Dari Malaysiakini

Permohonan penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim meminta pihak pendakwaan menyerahkan semua dokumen berkaitan kes liwatnya ditetapkan perbicaraan pada 22 Jun.

Peguamnya Sankara Nair berkata beliau diberikan notis oleh mahkamah itu mengenai perkara berkenaan yang akan didengar oleh Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi, Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, lapor Bernama.

Rabu lepas, Anwar memfailkan satu notis usul meminta mahkamah memaksa pendakwaan menyediakan kepadanya dokumen-dokumen itu sebelum perbicaraan mengenai kes liwatnya didengar bermula pada 1 hingga 24 Julai.

Dokumen yang dimohon, antaranya, rakaman asal kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) yang diambil di beberapa lokasi di tempat kejadian itu di sebuah kondominium di Bukit Damansara dari 25 hingga 27 Jun 2008, sampel DNA, dan kenyataan daripada saksi termasuk pengadu Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Beliau memohon mahkamah melepas dan membebaskan beliau dengan
segera daripada pertuduhan liwat atau menggantung prosiding mengenai kesnya itu jika pendakwaan tidak mematuhi perintah mahkamah itu untuk membekalkannnya dengan dokumen berkenaan.

Mantan timbalan perdana menteri itu menghadapi pertuduhan meliwat Mohd Saiful, bekas pembantunya, di Unit 11-5-1, Desa Damansara Condominium, Jala Setiakasih, Kuala Lumpur antara 3.01 petang dan 4.30 petang pada 26 Jun, tahun lepas.

Memaknai Semangat Demokrasi KeADILan

Hari ini, lebih 1000 perwakilan KeADILan hadir ke Kongres Khas di Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor. Hari istimewa ini menjadi asas, inshaallah, dalam melakar masa depan yang gemilang, bukan sahaja untuk memperkasa parti, akan tetapi juga memaknai haluan perjuangan bangsa Malaysia.

Para perwakilan pada sebelah petang nanti akan mula membahaskan usul pindaan perlembagaan, yang sekiranya diluluskan, pasti melonjakkan kedudukan parti serta perjuangan kita ke persada amalan demokratik yang tidak tergugat lagi. Anjakan ini mustahak sekali dijayakan kerana ianya menzahirkan iltizam kita untuk mewakili semangat perubahan yang sekian lama didambakan rakyat.

Pentas ini juga menjadi kesempatan terbaik kepada saya untuk mengingatkan anggota parti agar jangan sesekali mengkhianati amanah dan tanggungjawab yang dipikul. Mandat dari rakyat lah menjadi dian ilham untuk merumuskan makna Ketuanan Rakyat dan berjuang dalam kerangka muafakat Pakatan Rakyat.

Sudah tentu kita tidak menghalang perbincangan walau dengan pihak mana sekalipun terutama jikalau ianya isu yang berkait rapat dengan kepentingan nasional. Namun pendirian kita jelas, sebarang perbincangan hanya mampu berhasil sekiranya isu asas menjadi keutamaan; kehakiman mesti bebas dari kongkongan penguasa, suruhanjaya pilihanraya serta suruhanjaya pencegahan rasuah harus dikendalikan secara telus dan krisis Perak hanya mampu diselesaikan melalui pilihanraya.


1BlackMalaysia Kopi-O Thursdays campaign


Hampir 20 orang banduan di penjara Sg buloh dilaporan dibelasah oleh pengawal-pengawal penjara tersebut. Saya mendapati laporan media bahawa hanya enam orang yang dikatakan dibelasah adalah tidah benar sama sekali.

Terbaru : Saya menerima SMS bahawa salah seorang Banduan yang cedera telah di bawa ke hospital sungai buloh oleh pihak penjara.

Pada pagi ini saya telah menemui keluarga mangsa-mangsa yang terlibat di perkarangan penjara sungai buloh serta pengarah Penjara Tuan Narander Singh. Menurut beliau, bahawa beberapa banduan yang khayal dengan dadah bergaduh semasa sendiri sehingga keadaan tidak terkawal.

Pengawal penjara terpaksa menggunakan gas pemedih mata serta memukul banduan-banduan dengan beroti atau “batten”.

Apabila saya menanyakan bagaimana banduan-banduan boleh memperolehi bekalan dadah di dalam Penjara yang sepatutnya antara kawasan paling ketat kawalannya. Beliau memberitahu mereka menggunakan bekalan dadah yang terkeluar melalui kumuhan najis setelah menelan dadah sewaktu bertemu samak saudara diluar kawasan penjara.Benar atau tidak penjelasan beliau saya rasa kemungkinan perkara yang amat jijik berlaku tetapi tidak seratus peratus.

Saya juga mendapati bahawa pihak penjara cuba menelan sebuah tembikai sebulat-bulatnya. Sebelum berlaku insiden ini, saya telah menerima panggilan telefon daripada seorang banduan bahawa pihak penjara menafikan rawatan perubatan walaupun keadaan mereka yang terlibat sangat serius.

Saya juga mendapati bahawa pihak Suhakan akan mengadakan tinjauan pada hari Isnin, tetapi ianya hanya membuka ruangan kepada yang terlibat melenyapkan bukti dan mengugut banduan. Apa salahnya mereka turun serta-merta ?

Dalam pada itu , saya berterima kasih kepada ahli-ahli keluarga banduan-banduan yang terlibat atas kepercayaan kukuh mereka terhadap diri saya. Mereka tidak melayan pihak MIC yang cuba menghulurkan bantuan tetapi menunggu ketibaan saya ke perkarangan penjara sungai buloh.

Ahli-ahli Keluarga juga telah merancang mengadakan PIKET dihadapan penjara Sungai buloh dalam usaha mereka mendapatkan penjelasan serta memastikan pihak berkuasa bertindak mengikut lunas-lunas undang-undang.

Kelantan cops to probe prince's case - Malaysiakini

The police report lodged by Kelantan prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra yesterday will be sent to Kubang Kerian police station.

"The investigations will be transferred to the Kubang Kerian police station in Kelantan as the incident was alleged to have occurred there and comes under the jurisdiction of the police there," Dang Wangi OCPD Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman told AFP.

Zulkarnain was reported as saying that it was too early for the police to determine which laws the case would be investigated.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, the third prince in Kelantan’s royal house, made a police report in Kuala Lumpur late yesterday evening denying that he had raped and tortured his 17-year-old Indonesian wife, Manohara Odelia Pinot.

police report tengku muhammad fakhry petra lawyer mohd haaziq pillay soberi manohara pc 120909 01The prince was accompanied by his lawyer, Haaziq Pillay (right).

However, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry did not appear at a 8pm press conference held at Mandarin Oriental hotel about an hour after the police report was lodged.

In the packed press conference which was attended by 40 journalists - half of whom are from the Indonesian media - Haaziq spoke on behalf of the embattled prince.

He told journalists that Tengku Muhammad Fakhry denied abusing his estranged teen model wife and threatened to launch legal action against her for making false allegations.

"A police report has been lodged... we will be contemplating legal action with regard to the false allegation," said Haaziq.

A sex slave in Kelantan palace

Manohara has claimed that she was treated like a sex slave after her marriage last year to Tengku Fahkry, whose father is the Kelantan sultan.

She escaped the prince's guards at a Singapore hotel and returned to her family in Indonesia with tales of abuse, rape and torture at the hands of the 31-year-old prince.

Manohara - a well-known socialite in Jakarta - said she was cut with a razor and injected with drugs which made her vomit blood while being held under guard in her bedroom at the palace.

manohara odelia pinot body injuries 110609Her lawyer said she had filed a police report on the abuse but Indonesian police say they are unable to investigate as the incidents took place outside their jurisdiction.

An Indonesian forensics expert confirmed on Tuesday that Manohara had been physically abused.

Meanwhile, Manohara’s lawyer Farhat Abbas said Tengku Muhammad Fakhry had panicked in lodging the police report.

"He (Fakhry) is just panicking to guard the good name of his family. We have proof that Manohara was abused. He should be jailed," he said.

Farhat was referring to photographic evidence of the abuse suffered by Manohara. The alleged undated pictures were taken by Manohara with her mobile phone while in captivity.

Farhat is ready to accompany both Manohara and her mother Daisy Fajarina to Malaysia if they are summoned by the Malaysian police.

“But they have to guarantee that both of them can return home to Indonesia. If there is a guarantee that both will be safe, it’s not a problem,” he said.

Manohara in Her Own Words

Initially, I didn’t even know that he was from a royal family. I just thought he was just someone big. I didn’t know what his businesses were. I didn’t know anything about him. I didn’t know he was from a royal family until after.

Armando Siahaan, Jakarta Globe

Sitting in a room in a hotel in South Jakarta is a 17-year-old girl who has travelled the world, married a prince and run away, and whose face is now famous across Indonesia. Her story is so extraordinary that it is hard to believe. Her fairytale-to-nightmare claims of a whirlwind marriage, kidnapping, abuse and escape have gripped the public, overshadowing the Ambalat row with Malaysia, upstaging the presidential election.

Used to the company of older men, a 16-year-old Manohara last August married the 30-year-old Tengku Temenggong Fakhry, a Kelantan prince. Two months later, she flew home complaining of abuse, then went back late last year. This February, she claims, she was abducted in a jet after a pilgrimage to Jeddah. Her mother, left behind, went public with the tale in April, pleading for her return. On May 31 Manohara made her great escape: in Singapore with her husband, she got out of her hotel and fled to Jakarta. In the latest twist, the prince this Thursday filed a police report in Malaysia, calling the stories of abuse “false allegations”. For many, though, the best part of the story is where Manohara goes next: I keep smiling, she says, and showbiz opportunities are opening up ...

But how did this whirlwind get whipped up? Who is or was the girl behind the claims? These edited extracts from our exclusive interview give an insight into how the Manohara saga came into being.

Who is Manohara?

I was born in Jakarta, February 28, 1992, [during] my mother’s second marriage. My biological father is from the US, but I haven’t had any contact with him. I tried making contact with him, which I regret. My father that I consider, Reiner Pinot, he’s a great guy. I didn’t miss out much on a father because of him.

Can you briefly tell us about your life growing up?

I left Jakarta when I was 9 months old, for Hong Kong for around two years. For less than six months, we lived in Romania. And then I went to Austria, Vienna to be exact. We went to Lausanne, Switzerland, and then Windsor, England, and then France for a long time.

Why all the moving around?

Business. My father [Pinot] was always based in London and the US. But we always traveled around a lot anyway. I came back to Jakarta around three years ago, in 2006.

Why did you come back to Jakarta?

The reason why we came in the first place was because my grandfather was very ill. Actually, he passed away, so we stayed here for the 40 days [mourning period]. And then we just ended up staying.

Where did you go to school?

I was home-schooled actually. I was looking at the other schools like JIS [Jakarta International School] and stuff, but I just didn’t see myself fitting in there. Then I heard about home-schooling. So I finished a couple of years ahead. I graduated high school when I was 16, in 2008. I also skipped a couple of grades in middle school.

What about friends? How do you make new friends?

Making new friends, luckily for me, hasn’t been such a big problem here. I also had a lot of family here, so they introduced me to their friends, [who] became my friends. Making friends, it’s not like a huge challenge for my sister and I. Because of the traveling we’re really open people, so we accept different people and different cultures. We don’t stick with one stereotype of people.

When did your modeling career begin?

The start of it wasn’t so much modeling. For example, the director of Registry just happens to be a friend. So, it was like, “Hey, Mano, why don’t you pose for a cover?” I was like, “OK, sure,” so I just did that several times, just as favors for friends.

After a while, I was like, “Ah, this is fun. I could do it.” I started getting more into casting, but before I could go further with any of that, the Malaysia thing happened.

Could you tell me the different shoots that you’ve done?

I did one for Prestige. That was for the “It List” of the year. It named the young future socialites of Indonesia. I was also in Bazaar. I was the youngest one. The 100 most influential women of Indonesia!

How do you like modeling?

It’s fun, every girl likes to dress up and play around. I think it’s really fun, getting made up and dressed up. Because I’m usually not like that, my group of friends are mostly guys. I don’t think I’m a socialite. If you ask all my friends, I’m just more stay at home. But I mean, I’m social, you know. I like making friends, if they invite me to dinner, parties and stuff, then why not?

Was there any modeling agency you were signed to? What about from TV or film?

No, I didn’t sign to any modeling agency. I never signed any contract with anyone.

How did you feel being young and being in Bazaar?

When they called me, I was actually really surprised. I was thankful and grateful for it. It’s a great compliment. If people look at me that way, then great.

They gave me a title of philanthropist because I do a lot of the charity work myself. Not through an organization, just personally. The reason people don’t know that I do that is because I don’t, like, brag about it too much. Or I don’t do it through organizations. So I just do it myself. So, for example, when there’s a flood, I just literally buy bags of rice and pass it out myself. So it’s really just me and my mom and my sister.

A concrete example: the kids in Menteng, in front of Keris Gallery, I used to go there weekly. I haven’t been there in a while now since Malaysia. I actually want to create a foundation similar to the Big Brother, Big Sister [program] in the US. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. Basically a place where kids can just express themselves freely and talk, and maybe get counseling after school if they need it. Kids here, after school, unfortunately there’s a lot of begging, they don’t have a place to stay, or they end up going on the streets. Get involved with the wrong types of people. So I just want them to stay in a safe environment. Where they can express themselves freely and safely.

Did you always date someone older?

It’s not really about dating someone older. I always say age is just a number. It’s just that since I was younger, I’ve always hung out with the old e r crowd. I don’t know why, I just relate better to someone older. Some people say I’m just mature. I don’t know.

I didn’t dat e [Tengku]. The wedding was really, we were just really friends and there was nothing more to it. He just called up and said basically, “I want to introduce you to my parents.” So I was like, “Yeah, great, I’ll come down.”

So we went there, that’s what happened. “You have to get married this week.” I said, “I can’t.” But [the family] said they’d already sent out invitations, the wedding venue’s already there. “Everything’s already been done. If you don’t do this you’ll embarrass the royal family.” And I kept saying, “No, no, no.”

Then they said, “Look, Mano, please do this for us,” and then tomorrow or the next day we’ll go straight back to Jakarta, we’ll go to France, we’ll do everything in order like we weren’t married. Start from zero, start from the beginning.”

But then the next day, they completely forgot about their promises. I don’t know if you can call it a trap, but I felt trapped.

How did you meet Tengku Fakhry and how did things develop?

I met him in 2007, I was 14. I met him at a dinner party, it was the promotion of Visit Malaysia 2007. He introduced himself. It didn’t really develop between me and him. He got my mom’s number.

If he came down to Jakarta, then we’d have dinner. Not just me personally, but all of us with a group of friends. And if I happened to go to Malaysia, then I called him up and [said], “Hey, I’m in town.”

But you never had the impression that he was into you?

I just didn’t see anything. Honestly, I didn’t even consider him a close friend. I just considered him someone I knew. And he was always so quiet and so polite, especially with my mom. “So, aunty, let me carry your bag.” He was just really a goody-two-shoes, a gentlemanly guy.

What happened next?

We went [to Malaysia] on August 17, 2008. [My sister, my mother and I] hung out for a couple days before meeting his parents. When we met the parents, [his] mom was like, “OK, I agree with you the wedding is on the 26th.” I thought she was joking, I started laughing. I was like, “What do you mean?” Apparently they already gave out invitations, they showed them to me, they got my picture from I don’t know where. And Tengku was all smiley. I just got really freaked out and was like, “What did I get myself into?”

It was reported that your dowry was 50,000 ringgit ($14,000). What is your response to the allegation that your mom conspired with the Kelantan Sultanate?

Fifty thousand ringgit is like $15,000. And that, honestly, my mom didn’t get a penny. We had family over, we gave it for their allowance. We didn’t use it that much.

What I don’t understand is that my mom is 43 years old. She met Tengku when she was 40. The other 40 years of her life, how did she manage to support my sister and I? How did she pay for my school? How did she support the rest of the 40 years of her life?

I don’t understand why they’re making these allegations. If they’re talking about the dowry, which is 50,000 ringgit, you can’t get a house, a car and bags through that, you know. It’s not enough. These allegations don’t make sense to me.

Why didn’t you try to escape?

Even if I did try to escape, [as] you saw with my mom, even she could be stopped by his people. Imagine me. So I thought, “Mano, you’re going back to Jakarta the next day, so just get it over and done with.”

Initially, I didn’t even know that he was from a royal family. I just thought he was just someone big. I didn’t know what his businesses were. I didn’t know anything about him. I didn’t know he was from a royal family until after.

What happened after the wedding?

Right after the wedding, in the car going back to his house, he started raising his voice, which was something really new. I was shocked. It wasn’t directed at me, so maybe it was just stress. And then when we went back home, he was like, you have to sleep with me. I said, “Wow, I thought I’m going back to Jakarta tomorrow. What’s going on here?” And then at the time, I was also having my period. I said, “Look, I can’t.” And then he got really rough and started saying, “All Indonesians are prostitutes and can be bought,” and just comments like that. And I was stuck there.

What happened after that?

That night, he kept shouting at me. He told me to sleep on the floor because I wouldn’t serve him as a wife. But in my head, I’m like, “But I’m not actually your wife.” It was extremely frustrating. I was trapped. I was fooled. I was just stupid.

Did you try to contact the outside world?

During the first two months I had Internet, I had my phone. I did [try to contact people outside], and I have done. But you have to realize that they’re extremely powerful in Malaysia.

Were the families repressive?

I wouldn’t say so. Most of the people who helped me get out were members of his family. Most of the time, they’re extremely friendly.

What about the king and the queen?

The sultan was a very nice man. But at the same time, he could’ve done something. It’s just the queen here is just a bit … [pauses] she’s the one that controls the palace.

Between the wedding and Singapore, did you try to escape?

Yes. I kept asking to leave, but then they took my passport. A lot of dramatic events like that. Once I even got my passport and then the driver took me to the airport. They didn’t let him. They told him to take me back to the palace. They planned all these things for me to not go home.

So then, finally, I went to Singapore [in October 2008] for a health checkup. In the morning, I just ran away with my sister. My mom followed the day after.

What happened in October 2008?

I got back to Jakarta. There was one pretty well-known mafia family. They told their son to kidnap me for $250,000, if I’m not mistaken. But fortunately I knew the guy. Thank God, he didn’t.

When you were in Jakarta, was it impossible to divorce your husband?

It was impossible because the marriage was not registered in Indonesia. It was registered there. I couldn’t divorce him there because in Islamic marriage, only the husband could [divorce his wife]. Five months was an extremely short period of time for these kinds of things. So we went to Jeddah.

What happened in Jeddah?

From Mecca, when we were done with the pilgrimage, we drove to Jeddah. And from Jeddah we were supposed to fly to Jakarta. We had tickets and everything. But that’s when he forced me on the plane.

During those times, what discussions did you have with him?

I didn’t have that much discussion with him. Because we weren’t even together most of the time. We probably only met up for dinner.

Why agree to Jeddah?

One of them said, “Look, Manohara, we’re just going to pray. Please, just come and pray, clean our minds with God.” [Tengku said] “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. So we’re going to pray, hopefully I’ll get better so that I can make it up to you.”

So I said, “Fair enough.”

What happened back in Malaysia?

His father fell ill with a heart attack. We went to hospital in Kotabaru, Kelantan, but then the doctor said it was better to take him to Singapore. I really saw it as a chance to do something. Beforehand, I had one chance where I was out in public at a football game, and I saw a camera from an Indonesian TV station. But I thought to myself, “If I scream, if I do anything here, they have most of the power. So, A, I’m going to get hurt when I get home, and B, they’re going to increase the security, it’s going to be harder for me to do anything.

It’s been reported you’re receiving many offers from the entertainment industry. What is your response to allegations that the whole story was a publicity stunt?

In that case, that means [the Kelantan family] would have to be part of the plan too. We can’t go to Kelantan and say, “Hey, can you kidnap me, and then pretend to torture me, and then you let me go?” I don’t see how that makes sense.

I have proof. I have the doctor saying it is true. I have scars everywhere, and needle marks on my back These are already proof but people don’t believe it.

Does this mean you’re planning to get back into the modeling and entertainment industry?

Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of offers. And I figure, “Why not?”

I’m still young. I still have to continue with my life. It’s also a good way to start making a living on my own.

Manohara Odelia Pinot, right, and her mother Daisy Fajarina. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma WIjaya, JG)

Manohara Odelia Pinot, right, and her mother Daisy Fajarina. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma WIjaya, JG)

‘He’s Taken So Much From My Life, I’m Not Going to Let Him Take My Future’

In her interview with the Jakarta Globe, Manohara also went into detail about the abuse that she alleges she suffered at the hands of her husband. Below are edited extracts. Her husband’s lawyer, Haaziq Pillay, declined to comment on the allegations, saying that Tengku Fahkry had filed a defamation complaint with the Malaysian police on the matter:

When did the abuse start?

I don’t remember when. But it was not long before the wedding. I got raped, basically. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t tell my mom. Tengku himself acted like it didn’t happen. I was just in denial. I went numb. I didn’t want to believe it.

We were cruising from Singapore to Lombok, to Bali. In the boat he just grabbed me. At the time I was just in the room, sitting there just to wait for my mom. Basically, it just happened. But after that, I just kind of shut down. I didn’t know what to think about myself. Basically, I was just in denial about the whole thing.

If he raped you before you went to Malaysia, why did you accept his invitation?

Because, A, I just didn’t want to believe, so I just tried to completely block that out, and B, after that he was really nice to me. He was extremely sweet and gentlemanly. I didn’t know what happened, actually.

Things got worse after you married him?

I know that March was the burn. I had an iron burn on my neck. And a cigar burn on my forehead. It was just random, he just came by with a cigar. I was ironing, and then he just took the thing. The iron came first. I took pictures of the scars with my BlackBerry.
Between March and April, the mental and sexual abuse was constantly there. I was held there against my will. They kept injecting me with several different medications to [make me] gain weight, to make me fall asleep and some to paralyze me. It was emotionally and mentally exhausting to endure that.

When the whole razor [abuse] started, when things started to get real rough, that was in April. He took an eyebrow razor and cut me around my chest area.

The hardest thing about that was I was aware of it, I could feel it, but I couldn’t move or scream. I don’t know what he had given me.

I could see, hear him, smell him, feel him. I could feel the cuts on my body. It hurt. With the physical pain, I didn’t mind too much.

Just knowing that you have no control over anything and can’t do anything about it was just …

It happened three times. The first thing he marked on me was just a small X on my chest area. And the worst part about it is that he didn’t even slash it fast or anything. [He] just took his time, slowly. He looked as calm as ever. It’s like if you gave someone a paintbrush and told him to draw a flower. It took a little over 20 minutes.

Did he follow with sexual abuse?

Yes. It usually followed or happened beforehand.

Are you traumatized?

No, not traumatized. He’s taken so much from my life in the past, I’m not going to let him to take away my future. Someone once said, “Forgiving is freeing yourself.”

I believe that.

Statutory Declaration of ASP Mior Fahim Bin Ahmad (G/13237)

In 2007, six (6) police officers and two (2) underworld figures signed Statutory Declarations alleging that senior police officers right up to the IGP have links with the Chinese drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-shark syndicate based in Johor and which was expanding its operation throughout Malaysia. Another police officer made a police report alleging that his family was kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change his statement while the head of the CCD and his lawyer were arrested and charged for alleged criminal offenses as punishment for detaining underworld bosses under the Emergency Ordinance.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


Saya, MIOR FAHIM BIN AHMAD (K/P Polis No: G/13237) yang beralamat di Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen (IPK), Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Johor dengan ini sesungguhnya dan seikhlasnya berikrar dan menyatakan seperti berikut:-

1. Saya bekerja sebagai seorang pegawai polis berpangkat Assisten Superintendan (ASP) di Cawangan D7 di Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen (IPK), JSJ, Johor. Saya membuat Akuan ini demi menjaga keselamatan peribadi dan integriti saya sebagai seorang pegawai polis berhubung tugasan dan siasatan yang saya lakukan dan arahan yang saya terima.

2. Pada 21.08.2006, saya telah terima arahan kenaikan pangkat dari C/Insp ke ASP melalui E-Siar. Kenaikan pangkat saya berkuatkuasa mulai 01.07.2005.

3. Pada September 2006, saya telah berjumpa dengan KBPD IPD Kota Kinabalu – DSP. CHEW THAM SOON dan meminta bantuan beliau untuk menguruskan penempatan saya jawatan SIO Kota Kinabalu seandainya beliau mempunyai kenalan di bahagian perjawatan Bukit Aman, disamping itu saya juga telah memohon bantuan beberapa pegawai kanan lain yang saya kenali.

4. Saya telah berjumpa dengan DSP. CHEW THAN SOON dan saya bertanyakan penempatan saya. Kemudian saya dimaklumkan beliau telah mencadangkan saya ke jawatan D7, IPK Johor. Saya tidak bersetuju dan meminta beliau untuk mengekalkan saya di IPD Kota Kinabalu. DSP CHEW THAM SOON meyakinkan saya untuk pertukaran ke D7 Johor.

5. Pada November 2006, saya mula dikenalkan kepada BK TAN. Saya bersama DSP. WAN HASSAN (Tim. Komandan PULAPOL Kota Kinabalu) di bawa oleh DSP. CHEW THAM SOON ke sebuah pejabat yang terletak di bangunan AM-CORP, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Kami telah berjumpa dengan seorang lelaki Cina yang dikenali sebagai BK TAN. Dalam perjumpaan terebut DSP. CHEW THAM SOON telah mengenalkan saya kepada BK TAN. Kemudian saya telah ditemu bual oleh BK TAN berhubung pengalaman kerja.

6. Semasa perjumpaan tersebut, telah datang seorang lelaki Cina gemuk yang mengenalkan dirinya sebagai AH HON. Dalam temubual tersebut, BK TAN memberitahu bahawa apabila saya bekerja di bahagian D7, IPK Johor, hendaklah bekerja dengan baik. BK TAN juga beritahu saya AH HON merupakan orang yang menjaga ZON SELATAN dan memberitahu sekiranya ada apa-apa hal AH HON akan berhubung dengan saya. Kemudian telah masuk seorang lelaki Melayu di pejabat sebelah, lalu BK TAN telah pergi menyambut lelaki tersebut.

7. DSP CHEW memberitahu saya bahawa lelaki melayu itu adalah salah seorang Ahli Suruhanjaya Pasukan Polis (SPP) iaitu DATO’ OTHMAN TALIB, yang mempunyai hubungan baik dengan BK TAN, dengan tujuan memudahkan urusan untuk kenaikan pangkat di masa hadapan.

8. Dalam waktu yang sama, masuk seorang lelaki Cina pendek ke Pejabat tersebut. AH HON telah mengenalkan bahawa lelaki Cina tersebut adalah PT-D7 JOHOR (DSP. NG FOOK LONG). DSP CHEW juga memberitahu saya bahawa BK TAN mempunyai perhubungan yang amat baik dengan TAN SRI KPN dan akan mendengar setiap cadangan dan nasihat BK TAN. DSP CHEW juga menunjukkan seorang lelaki melayu yang sedang bekerja di pejabat bersebelahan dan memberitahu bahawa orang itu adalah anak lelaki TAN SRI KPN. Sewaktu saya di pejabat BK TAN, saya juga lihat AH HON telah membawa keluar satu arahan pertukaran yang baru keluar dan arahan pertukaran tersebut dibincangkan oleh mereka bersama.

9. Pada Disember 2006, saya telah menyemak E-Siar dan mendapati nama saya terdapat dalam arahan pertukaran tersebut untuk melapor diri sebagai ASP D7, IPK Johor. Pada hari yang sama juga AH HON telah menghubungi saya melalui talipon dan bertanyakan kepada saya bila hendak melaporkan diri dan meminta saya untuk melaporkan diri dengan cepat.

10. Lebih kurang 2-3 hari selepas arahan pertukaran keluar, saya telah menalipon beberapa pegawai kanan yang saya kenali ACP ROSLI MD ISA, DCP DATO’ MOKTHAR BIN HASSAN, ACP AZIZAN ABU TAAT yang pernah bertugas di Johor. Mereka menasihatkan saya supaya berhati-hati dengan sindiket ekor haram dan pelacuran di Negeri Johor.

11. Pada 16.01.2007, saya telah melaporkan diri di IPK Johor. Apabila saya melaporkan diri, AH HON telah menghubungi saya dan memaklumkan rumah telah disediakan. Saya kemudian telah terus pergi ke rumah tersebut di Bistari Impian, Larkin dan berjumpa dengan tuan rumah. Tuan rumah tersebut adalah seorang perempuan Cina. Saya bertanyakan tentang harga sewa sebulan dan beliau mengatakan harga biasa adalah RM1,200/- sebulan tetapi beliau menawarkan untuk saya hanya dengan RM900/- sebulan dan pada masa yang sama juga saya meminta beliau untuk menyediakan surat perjanjian sewa rumah. Beliau mengatakan “Tuan duduk dululah nanti baru kita kira”.

12. Semasa saya melaporkan diri kepada PT-D7 DSP. NG FOOK LONG, beliau telah meyampaikan beberapa arahan penugasan dan memberi arahan semua serbuan boleh dibuat ke atas aktiviti haram kecuali judi empat nombor ekor haram dan hendaklah memaklumkan kepada beliau terlebih dahulu.

13. Pada 28.02.2007, saya telah terima sms dari AH HON dari talian no. 017-2551255 yang berbunyi “Tolong Ambil Tindakan Serta Merta 4A(a) atas Tiga Tempat berikut No. S38, S25A dan S37 Jalan Bukit Batu 11, Kulai Johor. Tugasan dari atas tengah perhatikan. Jangan balik kosong”. Saya kemudian telah memaklumkan kepada PT-D7 DSP. NG FOOK LONG dan beliau pun mengatakan ada menerima sms yang sama. Saya memberitahu DSP NG FOOK LONG, “Kita pegawai polis dan tidak boleh ikut arahan AH HON” yang saya dapati ahli sindiket haram. DSP NG FOOK LONG hanya mendiamkan diri.

14. Pada awal Mac 2007, saya telah keluar dari rumah yang disediakan oleh AH HON dan mencari rumah sewa sendiri di Bandar Baru Uda. Saya telah menguruskan sendiri penyewaan dan perpindahan ke rumah tersebut.

15. Saya juga telah terima sms dari AH HON, dimana AH HON meminta maaf di atas arahan beliau untuk buat serbuan. Selepas dari itu, tiada perhubungan lagi dengan AH HON.

16. Sekita waktu sama pada awal Mac 2007, saya telah terima maklumat dari anggota D7 iaitu SM/D.94894 Manimaran, Sjn/D.104700 Raja Kumar, Sjn/D.88548 Tow Pong Yew, L/Kpl/D.115161 Asmawi Bin Utar dan Sjn. 89379 Yassim Bin Malek – dari IPD Kluang, Johor bahawa sindiket TENGKU (GOH CHENG POH) dibawah seliaan AH HON telah aktif menjalankan kegiatan judi empat nombor ekor haram dengan memonopoli seluruh Negeri Johor, dimana TENGKU mempergunakan Pegawai dan Anggota D7 untuk membuka kes fail ke atas mana-mana ajen/penganjur yang tidak tunduk kepada sindiket tersebut. Mana-mana pegawai dan anggota tidak mengikut telunjuk sindiket ini akan ditukarkan ke PGA.

17. Ada diantara anggota D7 yang tidak dapat menerima perkara ini telah memohon untuk bertukar keluar dari D7, IPK Johor tetapi tidak disokong oleh PT-D7 terdahulu iaitu DSP. MOHD HEDZIR BIN HUSSIN dan SI/D.59920 NG SWEE MIN. Atas sebab tersebut, saya telah mengeluarkan arahan kepada Pegawai D7 dan anggota D7 supaya mendapatkan maklumat ke atas kegiatan sindiket TENGKU untuk penyediaan kes fail.

18. Pada 28.03.2007, sepasukan Pegawai dari D7 Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur yang di ketuai DSP. ZAWAWI telah membuat serbuan/tangkapan ke atas dua (2) pusat pengiraan judi empat nombor ekor loteri awam haram iaiatu di Taman Sri Putri, Kulai Johor dan Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru. Dalam tangkapan tersebut sejumlah 32 buah mesin faks dan tujuhbelas (17) orang telah ditangkap bersama lebih kurang 3,000 helai “ekod of stake”, Rujuk: Kulai Report: 2588/2007 dan Johor Bahru Selatan Report: 7295/2007.

19. Hasil dari risikan yang diperolehi dari tangkapan-tangkapan di atas, saya telah membuka kes fail dibawah Ordinan Darurat (KA & MJ) 5/69 ke atas tiga (3) orang subjek yang terlibat langsung dengan TENGKU. Manakala kes fail terhadap TENGKU tidak dapat dibuka kerana kekurangan “statement”. Tiga (3) orang subjek yang diambil tindakan kes fail adalah bernama:-

(b) LIM CHIN CHAI; dan

20. Ketiga-tiga kes fail ke atas subjek terserbut diatas telah diedarkan ke D7, Bukit Aman, untuk kelulusan tangkapan di bawah Sek. 3(1) Ord. Darurat (KA & MJ) 5/69. Namun, sehingga kini ia masih belum diluluskan.

21. Kemudian dari itu, saya dapati tigabelas (13) orang dari tujuhbelas (17) tangkapan di atas telah membuat laporan Polis dengan mendakwa saya dan anggota-anggota yang terlibat dalam soalsiasat dan merakam percakapan risikan telah memukul mereka semasa dalam tahanan dan rakaman percakapan risikan, dimana kebanyakkan tangkapan adalah wanita tua.

22. Akibat daripada laporan yang di buat oleh tangkapan-tangkapan di atas, satu pasukan TATATERTIB diketuai oleh DSP. Navamaney telah merakamkan percakapan saya dan anggota terlibat. Siasatan Tatatertib menjurus kepada membantu kepada pihak sindiket, sedangkan saya dan anggota tidak menggunakan sebarang kekerasan terlebih lagi terhadap wanita tua. Selang dua hari kemudian, saya dapati DSP. Navamaney telah dinaikkan pangkat P/SUPT.

23. Pada 30.03.2007, saya dan anggota D7 telah menangkap tiga (3) orang subjek di bawah Sek. 3(1) Ordinan Darurat (KA & MJ) 5/69 yang merupakan ahli sindiket TENGKU. Butiran diri mereka adalah seperti berikut:-

(b) CHIN YEW FAH; dan

24. Subjek (i) dan (ii) telah ditahan di lokap Balai Polis Larkin, dimana ketiga-tiga mereka ditahan untuk tempoh 60 hari sementara arahan KKDN. Selepas sembilan (9) hari kemudian, ketiga-tiga subjek di atas dibebaskan tanpa pengetahuan saya, sedangkan saya merupakan IO kes fail. Mereka telah dibebaskan oleh P/DSP. NG FOOK LONG di atas arahan DATO KHALID BIN ABU BAKAR – Tim. Pengarah JSJ 1 – (Operasi/Risikan). Setelah meneliti ketiga-tiga kes fail tersebut, saya dapati mereka dibebaskan dengan alasan, telah insaf, tiada kekerasan dan menjalankan aktiviti secara individu, sedangkan arahan PJSJ No. 2/2005 masih dikuatkuasakan.

25. Pada 29.05.2007, saya telah meneliti E-Siar dan mendapati lima orang pegawai D7, IPK Johor telah ditukarkan keluar dari Bahagian D7, IPK Johor dan salah seorang pegawai saya bernama C/INSP. SUNDAR RAJAN A/L ELLUMALAI (I/12413) telah ditukarkan-ke PGA SIBU. Saya dapati pengawai ini ditukarkan kerana beliau telah terlibat dalam merakamkan percakapan risikan ke atas seorang tangkapan bersabit J.BAHRU REPORT: 7295/2007 yang mendedahkan secara positif penglibatan TENGKU dalam penganjuran aktiviti perjudian empat nombor ekor loteri awam haram. Selain itu, pegawai ini juga aktif dalam menangkap ajen-ajen menulis judi empat nombor ekor loteri awam di bawah sindiket TENGKU.

26. Adalah saya mengatakan bahawa sebagai seorang pegawai polis, saya merasa amat tertekan bahawa tindakan saya dalam menjalankan risikan terhadap kegiatan jenayah judi haram yang membabitkan sindiket dibawah naungan TENGKU dan BK TAN boleh menyebabkan saya dikenakan siasatan oleh Bahagian Tatatertib. Saya menganggap ini satu penganiayaan terhadap diri, kerjaya, keluarga dan nama baik saya.

Dan saya membuat pengakuan ini dengan sesungguhnya mempercayai bahawa yang sama adalah benar dan mengikut peruntukan Akta Akuan Berkanun, 1960.

AHMAD (G/13237) tersebut di atas di Kuala Lumpur )
pada haribulan 2007 )

Di hadapan saya,

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah

(The original copy of the above was signed and personally delivered to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin).

Please, Indians are not goats in a herd - Malaysiakini

G Krishnan | Jun 12, 09 5:10pm
I've never been a fan of the mainstream media and I suspect a vast number of you also cannot stand the pathetic propaganda that gets repeatedly published in these government mouthpieces.

Let me be clear: Like so many of you, I've also given up taking seriously what passes for so-called news and commentary in these publications. Of course, I still enjoy the occasional entertainment I derive from skimming the pedestrian commentaries by some of the conveniently hand-picked columnists.

As a case in point, some days back I came across another pathetic article supposedly lamenting the lack of ‘unity' among Indians in Malaysia. How ironic, given all the hoopla we've had in recent days regarding the subject of ‘unity' involving PAS and Umno.

At any rate, back to the Indians for now. Among other things, the writer made a big fuss about how Indian ‘disunity' seemed manifest by the proliferation of Indian-based political parties.

Now here is a perfect example of how the absurd communalism rot has become second-nature to even the educated and literate among us. If only we could see that it's not the apparent disunity that presumably holds Indians from advancing, it's the racism so pervasive in our social policies.

If only these people could recognise that the presence of multiple Indian-based political parties is not even remotely relevant to the source of the problem of lack of Indian progress in the country.

Don't get me wrong; if I had my way, I'd just as well see all these race-based parties disappear in a heartbeat, as I'm convinced that the main source of our stagnation as a nation is the persistence of these race-based parties, which only affirm the absurd racist system we have become so comfortable with.

In the case of the Indians, it matters little whether Indians are eight or eighty percent of the population or whether they have two or twelve political parties representing them.

First, so long as a segment of Indians (and others) are preoccupied with organising themselves politically along race lines, perhaps we could appreciate the fact that it's not the number of parties that's the core of the problem, it is the pathetic quality of leadership so prevalent in them that is most disturbing.

If we had good leadership, what does it matter if there are two or twelve parties? The key is that the leadership of a party is able to steer the party to represent the people effectively.

Second, why should there not be multiple parties - if there are indeed differing political perspectives, ideologies, and philosophies? It should be self-evident that Indians (or for that matter, any other race group) don't think alike just because they supposedly share a common so-called race.

Forgive me for being so basic. Do all people of French heritage think alike? Do all of German ancestry think alike and have common political beliefs, and therefore should be united under one common political banner? I rest my case.

Exactly why should Indians in this country be pegged under a common political label? Are we all goats, simply to be herded around based on the label branded on us? What utter nonsense. But that's the kind of so-called analysis you'll get in the mainstream media and those who pander to the establishment propaganda.

Of course, that kind of transparently flawed observation helps disguise the real problem, and therefore perpetuates all kinds of race-based parties which become replicas of each other. They don't represent any differing political beliefs (as they are mere vehicles for those with extremely big egos).

To compound the problem, the flawed criticisms of them we get in the mainstream media don't challenge the fundamental racist assumptions embedded in these parties. Such pedestrian propaganda also doesn't challenge us to question the flawed leadership so pervasive in these Indian-based parties. And we all know just how bankrupt the quality of the leadership has been.

Therefore, it should not matter what percentage of the population Indians make up or that there are too many Indian-based parties for such a small population.

So long as we're obsessed with organising along race-based parties, the number of parties out there ought to at least reflect different philosophies. Instead, what we get are personality cults formed around those with the largest egos.

So, far from there being too many Indian-based parties the real problems lies elsewhere; especially in the flawed leadership and the lack of representation of legitimate differences in political perspectives.

And if more of us don't start to think less like the goats in a herd - something the mainstream media is expert at promoting - and engage more in dialogue regarding the people's aspirations for equality and fairness, we will keep being treated like goats and be steered to nowhere.

It's worth remembering that mutton comes from goats.

Bila PAS Tertelan Racun Lipas UMNO

Sheih Kickdefella

bila anda mendengar ada di antara pemimpin-pemimpin PAS berkata, “kita akan terus berunding dengan UMNO dan akan terus bersama Pakatan”, fikirlah masak-masak dan ingatlah kalimah ‘Boneka UMNO’ yang disebut oleh Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang amat-amat kita sayangi itu

Bukankah saya sudah dedahkan di blog ini bahawa PAS akan dibawa menyertai Barisan Nasional pada bulan Jun 2009? Bukankah ramai yang terkejut dan ramai juga yang memaki hamun saya dengan pelbagai bahasa yang indah-indah. Dan bukankah ramai sudah terlupa apa yang saya tuliskan itu.

Saya bukan Nujum Pak Belalang, saya bukan kaki temberang. Tetapi apa yang jelas ialah, pada penghujung April 2009 yang lalu, pemimpin-pemimpin sebuah parti komponen Barisan Nasional (bukan UMNO) telah di dalam beberapa sessi bertemu akar umbi memberitahu bahawa PAS akan dibawa menyertai BN pada bulan Jun 2009.

Khabarnya pada hari ini, 3 dari setiap 4 ahli parti itu mahu parti komponen tersebut segera tinggalkan BN. Parti tersebut lebih rela bersama musuh tradisinya sebagai pembangkang daripada melihat air liur mereka yang diludah ke langit sekian lama jatuh ke muka sendiri.

Bagaimana parti tersebut mendapat tahu bahawa PAS akan menyertai BN pada bulan Jun? Apakah parti itu telah diberi taklimat terlebih dahulu tentang perkara tersebut. Apakah parti-parti komponen BN yang lain juga tahu akan perkara ini?

Selepas UMNO gagal mengundang PAS menubuhkan kerajaan bersama di Selangor dan Perak pada 9 Mac 2008 dan beberapa hari kemudiannya, kedudukan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi begitu tidak stabil. Sebuah badan bernama TASK FORCE 2010 ditubuhkan dengan diketuai oleh Bekas Atache Tentera Malaysia ke Pakistan dan Pegawai Tinggi dalam Kor Risik Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Pegawai tersebut kini dipinjamkan ke Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Beliau anak kelahiran Terengganu dan bernama Wan Abu Bakar.

Tujuannya ialah mempertahankan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Cara untuk mempertahankan Abdullah ialah dengan menggunakan agenda Melayu. Agenda Perpaduan Melayu ini telah menarik Nasharuddin Mat Isa untuk bersama dengan Dato’ Wan Abu Bakar. Hanya Nasharuddin yang dapat memberi penjelasan sejauh mana penglibatannya dan samada penglibatannya itu dibayar dengan wang ringgit.

Bagaimanapun TF2010 ini gagal untuk membuahkan hasil bila Majlis Tertinggi UMNO bangkit memberontak dan menggulingkan Pak Lah akibat tekanan perang saraf 16 September oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

Berkemungkinan besar, 16 September hanyalah satu ilusi dan serangan saraf. Apa yang Anwar Ibrahim mahukan ialah berlaku peralihan kuasa segera di dalam UMNO. Anwar Ibrahim dan beberapa pemimpin yang bersamanya tahu bahawa mereka perlukan satu peralihan kuasa di dalam UMNO untuk memberi ruang kepada yang Di Pertuan Agung melantik Perdana Menteri baru selepas Perdana Menteri yang dilantik sebelumnya meletakkan jawatan.

Diluar ruang lingkup pengetahuan media dan golongan massa, satu usaha membentuk sebuah Kerajaan Perpaduan telah dibincangkan. Ustaz Hadi, Presiden PAS tidak berbohong bila dia berkata idea Kerajaan Perpaduan telah dipersetujui oleh pemimpin-pemimpin dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Tetapi ini tidak bermakna Haji Hadi bercakap benar. Ini kerana Kerajaan Perpaduan yang dirancang pada ketika itu bukanlah Kerajaan Perpaduan yang menggabungkan Kerajaan yang ada pada ketika itu dengan pembangkang. Sebaliknya ia adalah sebuah kerajaan alternatif yang bakal menggantikan Kerajaan sedia ada.

Kerajaan Perpaduan yang cuba diusahakan pada ketika itu ialah di antara PKR, DAP dan PAS dengan beberapa parti politik kecil yang lain beserta beberapa pemimpin yang juga ahli Dewan Rakyat Melayu dari UMNO.

Apabila Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menyerahkan surat perletakkan jawatannya kepada YDP Agong, pembangkang akan mencadangkan pula kepada istana untuk mengambil kira penubuhan Kerajaan Alternatif yang dicadangkan oleh mereka.

Awal April itu, pembangkang sudah begitu hampir untuk menubuhkan sebuah Kerajaan baru. Sukar di buat spekulasi apa yang menggagalkan mereka. Namun kalau ditelitikan, beberapa minggu sebelum perletakkan jawatan Abdullah, Ustaz Hadi telah mengumumkan cadangan sebuah Kerajaan Perpaduan dan Kerajaan Perpaduan itu adalah di antara BN dan pembangkang.

Apakah ini bermakna Haji Hadi tidak menyetujui Kerajaan Perpaduan yang dianjurkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat sendiri lantaran beliau mengambil inisiatif sendiri dan mencadangkan yang sebaliknya?

Ramai yang melihat Kerajaan Perpaduan yang dianjurkan oleh Haji Hadi adalah satu usaha terakhir oleh segelintir pemimpin didalam PAS untuk menyelamatkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Bagaimanapun, sudah tentu pada waktu itu, Wan Abu Bakar sendiri sudah tahu bahawa kedudukan Abdullah mustahil untuk diselematkan lagi.

Oleh yang demikian, cadangan Kerajaan Perpaduan oleh Hadi sebenarnya adalah bukti penentangan Hadi terhadap kerajaan alternatif yang dicadangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat sendiri.

Isu agenda Melayu hanyalah satu perang saraf anjuran TF2010 dan usaha di antara Wan Abu Bakar dan Nasharuddin Mat Isa. Apakah Melayu lebih lemah hari ini berbanding dengan 1988 dan 1999? Apabila UMNO diharamkan, Barisan Nasional telah pada satu ketika dipengerusikan oleh Presiden MCA. Ahli-ahli Dewan Rakyat dari UMNO telah menjadi anggota bebas buat seketika. Pada saat dan ketika itu, kewujudan dan penerimaan semula UMNO (BARU) kedalam BN berada di tangan bukan Melayu.

Pada tahun 1999, pengundi-pengundi Melayu telah secara beramai-ramai mengenepikan UMNO. UMNO dan BN terselamat dan masih berjaya mempertahankan majoriti 2/3 di Dewan Rakyat dengan bersandarkan sokongan padu bukan Melayu. UMNO kehilangan Terengganu iaitu negeri yang paling tinggi penduduk Melayu. Pemimpin-pemimpin besar UMNO ramai yang menang tipis termasuklah Najib Razak sendiri. Sekali lagi penguasaan politik Melayu berada dalam genggaman Bukan Melayu.

Tetapi dalam tahun 2008, majoriti orang Melayu mengundi UMNO dan Barisan Nasional, tetapi kegagalan BN mempertahankan majoriti 2/3 nya dan prestasi buruknya di Semenanjung Malaysia ialah kerana pengundi Bukan Melayu telah menolak BN.

UMNO sebenarnya semakin kukuh kerana peratusan perwakilannya semakin meningkat berbanding dengan rakan kongsi dalam BN.

Kehadiran ahli-ahli Parlimen Melayu dan Islam di Dewan Rakyat juga masih majoriti. Di dalam BN, UMNO semakin besar pengaruhnya kerana parti-parti komponen yang lainnya semakin lemah. Jadi mengapa mahu di laung-laungkan agenda Melayu?

Bukankah usaha sebenar yang patut UMNO lakukan ialah mengembalikan kepercayaan Bukan Melayu kepadanya. Agenda Melayu itu sebenarnya adalah satu perang saraf dan UMNO telah menang di dalam perang saraf tersebut.

PAS adalah biawak hidup yang sudah tentu UMNO tidak mahu memikulnya ke dalam BN. Pemimpin UMNO sedar kemasukan PAS ke dalam BN hanya akan mempercepatkan kehancuran BN dengan menimbulkan kemarahan parti-parti komponennya.

Kemasukkan PAS ke dalam BN juga akan menyebabkan pengundi Bukan Melayu merasa mereka dikhianati oleh PAS, lantaran mereka sudah tentu semakin benci kepada BN.

Agenda Melayu sebenarnya adalah satu racun, sama seperti sejenis racun lipas. Apabila racun itu dimakan lipas, lipas tersebut akan kembali ke sarangnya dan mati. Seluruh tubuh lipas itu menjadi racun. Lipas-lipas lain yang memakan lipas beracun itu akan mati dan seterusnya ini akan memusnahkan koloni lipas tersebut.

PAS sudah termakan racun tersebut. Apakah kelak ini akan menular ke seluruh koloni pembangkang?

Haji Hadi sendiri merangkak di dalam kesamaran yang penuh dengan kontradiksi bila bercakap tentang Kerajaan Perpaduan yang ditajanya. Keadaan semasa semakin bertimpa-timpa kekeliruan yang mencelarukan. PAS mahu terus bersama Pakatan Rakyat tetapi PAS mahu terus berunding dengan UMNO. Bukankah ini sebenarnya adalah agenda UMNO.

Sudah tentu UMNO mahu PAS terus berunding dengannya supaya UMNO boleh dilihat ikhlas mempertahankan penguasaan Melayu dalam arena politik dan menerusi rundingan ini, kredibiliti PAS di kalangan pengundi-pengundinya akan semakin luntur.

Pada waktu yang sama UMNO sudah tentu mahu PAS terus bersama Pakatan Rakyat kerana kemasukan PAS ke dalam BN hanya akan mempercepatkan kehancuran BN dan bukan membantu membaik pulih BN untuk berdepan dengan pilihanraya akan datang. Dengan PAS terus berada di dalam Pakatan juga, UMNO boleh terus menggunakan ketidak tentuan dalam PAS untuk menghancurkan Pakatan.

Oleh yang demikian, bila anda mendengar ada di antara pemimpin-pemimpin PAS berkata, “kita akan terus berunding dengan UMNO dan akan terus bersama Pakatan”, fikirlah masak-masak dan ingatlah kalimah ‘Boneka UMNO’ yang disebut oleh Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang amat-amat kita sayangi itu.

Will OTK clip the wings and tie the hands of Paul Low and his corporate governance committee to prevent them from conducting a full probe into past PK

By Lim Kit Siang,

My three questions (No.40 to No. 42 on the 14th day in the current series) to Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat on the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal today are:

No. 1. Does Ong agree that Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid should disqualify himself and step aside in the PAC inquiry into the PKFZ scandal because of conflict of interest as Azmi was Minister in the Cabinet which decided on the RM4.6 billion PKFZ bailout in July 2007 and that the entire PAC inquiry into the PKFZ scandal should be conducted under the leadership of the PAC Deputy Chairman, Dr. Tan Seng Giaw?

No. 2. I have given notice to the Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin to move an urgent motion of definite public importance when Parliament reconvenes on Monday on the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the PKFZ scandal.

Does Ong agree that Parliament should have a special urgent debate on the PKFZ scandal on Monday?

No. 3. Speaking at the DAP Public Forum “The RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal – Will Heads Roll?” in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday and commenting on the special task force and two committees which Ong had set up as a follow-up to the PwC report on the PKFZ, I had described the PKFZ scandal not just “a can of worms” but “a swamp of crocodiles”. I added:

“What happens when you throw eminent and credible Malaysians in their respective professional fields into a ‘swamp of crocodiles’? Will they be able to discipline the crocodiles or will they end up eaten up by the crocodiles?

“I worry and fear for the reputation of these eminent and credible Malaysians as it will be a great pity if their standing and credibility are soiled and sullied by their inability to straighten out the PKFZ ‘scandal of scandals’!”

My reservations and concerns have been proved right in a matter of 36 hours.

In the Sun today, in the report “Probe on political links – ALL PKA’S DEALINGS REGARDING PKFZ TO COME UNDER SCRUTINY”, the newly-appointed chairman of the Port Klang Authority (PKA) ad hoc corporate governance committee, Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan announced that his committee was committed to probe all the past “misdeeds” resulting in the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal, and ‘the areas to be covered include possible conflict of interest and the authority’s limits”.

Low, who is Transparency International Malaysia president, said his committee would probe “all dealings” of the PKA and PKFZ “to detect political interference that could have allowed questionable decisions to be made”.

But this is what Ong would not allow, making it crystal clear in a Star report under the headline: “Ong: it’s not a probe”.

Ong said yesterday that the task force and committees which were formed in connection with the PKFZ issue are to recommend “cures” for the project and not conduct probes.

He stressed: “We have had enough of investigations and that is why we came up with the PKFZ reports.”

The third question today I want to ask Ong is whether he would bar and ban Low from probing into past misdeeds, misuse of powers, conflict of interests, corrupt practices or all forms of malpractices which landed the country with a RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal though it started off as a RM1.1 billion project in 2002 under Transport Minister, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik before quadrupling more than four times to RM4.6 billion in 2007 under Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy as Transport Minister.

Will Ong clip the wings and tie the hands of Low and the committee on corporate governance to prevent them from conducting a full probe into the past PKFZ misdeeds?

Moneylender Shot And Slashed To Death In Quarrel

RAWANG, June 12 (Bernama) -- A moneylender was shot and slashed to death in a quarrel with three men in front of his mother's house at Kampung Kuala Garing here early Friday.

Selangor deputy CID chief ACP Khaw Kok Chin said Kolandasamy s/o David, 47, was found sprawled in a pool of blood by wife K. Reganagei, 51, at 8.22am.

Reganagei told police her husband earlier had an quarrel with three men aged 30-40 who came in a Ford car.

"During the quarrel, one of them armed with a pistol fired two shots, one hitting her husband in the right rib, puncturing his stomach.

"Then another man armed with a parang slashed slashed him in the neck. Reganagei witnessed the attack when she went to check after hearing a quarrel outside the house."

Khaw said fearing for her life, Reganagei ran into the house while the three assailants fled.

Kolandasamy who had gunshot and slash wounds was rushed to Tawakal Hospital but died on arrival.

Police who arrived at the scene found two .9mm bullet shells and one live bullet. They also seized several documents, Kolandasamy's handphone and books.

"We are still investigating to ascertain whether it was because of a quarrel or over a loan. It may also be linked to drugs.

"We want to know whether he was a licensed moneylender or not," he said.

Kolandasamy was said to visit his mother's house at Taman Garing Jaya often to look after his goats.

His sister-in-law who declined to be named said she rushed from Petaling Jaya when told of the tragedy by Renganagei.

"Meera (Renganagei) told me three men were talking with her husband outside the house during breakfast. She then saw her husband covered in blood with the three men looking on nearby.

"One of them saw Renganagei at the door and fired a shot at her but missed. Scared, she ran into the houses while the men fled the scene," she said.

Kolandasamy, a village headman did not have any enemies but family members knew little about his job.

PKR after reforms

Bernama report

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 June 2009: Parti Keadilan Raykat (PKR) will hold a special congress tomorrow to approve its widescale proposed reforms, which, among others, will propose the direct election of its president and limit the term of the party presidency.

The reforms are likely to be approved by some 2,000 delegates without much problem, and PKR will then be able to project itself as a more democratic and appealing party to grassroot members.

The question that lingers is the future of the party, which was established about 10 years ago following the sacking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as deputy prime minister.

Political analysts are of the opinion that for the party to be viable, PKR will have to come up with long-term strategies, and not just amend the constitution to make the party more democratic.

"In order to be viable, they have to think of the reality of the party with or without Anwar," said Dr Oh Ei Sun.

Wan Azizah
He said PKR had to face the prospect of the party being without Anwar, its adviser, and ensure that changes were made to the current situation where most of the power would be centred on Anwar's wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, being president.

"Even with the existing provisions in the party, with the party president being elected by the delegates, Anwar is still effectively running the party. Therefore, a new round of reforms will only be meaningful if the party walks the talk," he said.

Apart from amending the party constitution to allow more democratic changes, Oh said the party also needed to decide on a clear definition for Anwar's role in the party, either limiting it to the advisory role or allowing him to effectively run the party.

"Do they really practise it? Let say, if the party results are not to the liking of party leaders, how would the results be received and implemented?" Oh cited the recently concluded PAS election as a clear example.

For political analyst James Wong, what is important is for PKR to take more steps to institutionalise the party rather than continue with the current personality-based approach.

"You have to do it, otherwise you won't survive. You must remember that Anwar's sodomy trial is coming up next month. You cannot be depending on one or two personalities to survive," he said.

Wong said now was the right time for PKR to be institutionalised in order for the party to move forward with or without Anwar.

Another analyst, Khoo Kay Peng, however felt that the notion that the party was solely based on Anwar was not accurate.

He said in last year's general election, the party mostly adopted a stand based on issues, not on personality issues involving Anwar.

Anwar and his shadow
However, there was no doubt that the party is not out of Anwar's shadow yet, he said.

"What the party actually needs in future is to groom a group of leaders as the party is growing bigger and cannot be dominated by any particular person. At the same time, [it needs to] be selective in its candidates for the next general election.

"If they don't groom a team, they will find it difficult to find another person to replace him (Anwar). They need to work and strengthen who is in power, instititionalise and build a more permanent committee," he said.

However, for PKR strategic director Tian Chua, the amendments to the party constitution tomorrow already show that the party is moving towards creating being movement-oriented and modern, with progressive and democratic values as well as reform programmes.

"This is the process to build a modern political institution for good governance," he said. — Bernama

Hadi Awang owes DAP, PKR an apology: Karpal

PENANG, 12 June 2009: DAP chairperson Karpal Singh said today PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang owed an apology to both the DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for having proposed unity talks with Umno in what he described as a "clear breach of sincerity".

He said the DAP had criticised PAS leaders whenever they made statements that were extreme in racial and religious content.

"Hadi Awang is fast becoming an embarrassment to the Pakatan Rakyat, and after this he should think before he talks," he said in a statement issued here.

Karpal Singh said PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was quoted as saying in an emotional and angry tone that these PAS leaders were out to destroy the party.

"Even Nik Aziz has publicly criticised his colleagues for pushing their agenda for unity talks with Umno," he said.

Hadi had proposed unity talks with Umno after opening the 55th PAS annual general assembly in Shah Alam recently.

A vaccine for “women’s cancer”?

Photo by a concerned Penangite

A concerned Penangite spotted this banner at a private clinic along Burma Road, openly advertising a vaccine against “women’s cancer”. She called up the clinic and was told the vaccine would be delivered in three doses over a six-month period, RM250 each dose, total RM750. The vaccine is Gardasil (supposed to be a cervical cancer vaccine) and girls as young as nine could receive the vaccine, said the person at the other end of the line.

This Penangite wants to know what the position of the Health Ministry, the Malaysian Medical Council and the Malaysian Medical Association is on such vaccines, especially in the light of concerns and warnings expressed about Gardasil in the United States and Australia.

Check out the folowing reports:

FDA Strengthens Warnings on Gardasil


The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday strengthened warnings on Merck & Co.’s Gardasil vaccine about fainting after receiving reports of “traumatic injuries” among some vaccine recipients. Full Wall Street Journal report here.


1. Seorang tetamu datang berjumpa saya kerana masalah yang dihadapi olehnya. Semasa dia menuju pintu keluar dia berkata, " Saya sedih anak saya yang sedang bersekolah tak tahu langsung sejarah Malaysia."

2. Isterinya yang turut bersama mencelah, "Anak saya tak tahu pun ibukota negeri-negeri. Dulu semasa saya di sekolah saya hafal nama semua ibukota bukan sahaja negeri-negeri di Malaysia, tetapi negara-negara di dunia."

3. Saya baca dalam akhbar bahawa bahasa Inggeris tidak perlu diwajibkan. Jadi apakah yang diwajibkan jika sejarah tak wajib, bahasa Inggeris pun tidak.

4. Saya percaya kita hantar anak ke sekolah supaya dia akan menguasai ilmu. Kita tidak hantar mereka bersekolah untuk dapat sijil tanpa ilmu.

5. Sijil dengan sendirinya tidak akan melayakkan kita untuk apa-apa. Yang melayakkan kita ialah ilmu-ilmu yang sijil berkenaan menyenaraikan telah dikuasai oleh pemegang. Oleh itu jika kita kurangkan ilmu yang diwajibkan supaya kita lulus dengan mudah, catitan dalam sijil tidak punyai makna lagi. Sijil sudah tidak berguna lagi.

6. Mungkin sejarah tak ada kena mengena dengan jenis kerja yang akan dibuat oleh kita. Tetapi tanpa sejarah kita tidak tahu siapa kita, dari mana kita datang dan kenapakah kita berada di sini dan tidak di tempat lain. Apabila kita tidak tahu dari mana kita datang, maka sukar bagi kita menentukan kearah mana kita akan pergi. Mungkin kita percaya kita sedang maju kehadapan tetapi sebaliknya kita sedang undur ke belakang.

7. Semua mata pelajaran susah. Kalau senang apa gunanya kita adakan sekolah, apa perlunya guru yang terlatih. Sebenarnya sekolah mempermudah penguasaan ilmu melalui susunan dan tingkatan, sehingga yang lemah pun boleh belajar, dari satu tingkat ke satu tingkat.

8. Dahulu kita dikehendaki baca dan hafal. Di sesetengah negara Islam masih dilihat kanak-kanak berkumpul di keliling guru (ustaz) di masjid dan membaca Al-Quran dan kitab-kitab dengan suara yang nyaring. Apakah mereka faham atau tidak saya tak tahu. Apakah kelulusan guru dan adakah sijil yang dikeluarkan?

9. Sekarang kita bukan sahaja baca tetapi kita perlu faham apa yang dibaca dan kita tahu relevannya kepada kehidupan masa depan kita.

10. Sesungguhnya cara menyampaikan ilmu telah ditingkatkan sepanjang masa. Demikianlah peningkatan cara menyampaikan ilmu di zaman komputer ini sehingga guru pun akan dapat mempelajari bersama dengan murid.

11. Dalam mempelajari bahasa umpamanya, terdapat software (perisian) yang bersuara dan gambar bergerak yang boleh kita turuti.

12. Jika guru tidak cekap pun, software menerangkan apa yang perlu dibuat untuk mempelajari sesuatu.

13. Tulisan atas skrin akan dibaca oleh pakar dengan sebutan yang baik dan boleh diulangi sehingga sebutan pelajar menjadi cukup baik.

14. Soalan boleh ditanya kepada software dan pelajar boleh banding jawapannya yang ada dalam software. Jika salah jawapan boleh diulangi sehingga pelajar dapat lafazkan jawapan yang baik. Ulangan boleh dibuat berkali-kali.

15. Dinding bilik sekolah boleh diguna sebagai skrin dan ditayang gambar orang yang berkata sesuatu dan perkataan akan tertulis di kaki gambar seperti subtitle yang sering kita lihat.

16. Ia tidak bosan untuk mengulangi berapa kali pun. Pita rakaman boleh dibawa balik untuk mengulangi episod-episod tertentu.

17. Dalam menggunakan software ini guru juga akan mempelajari atau memperbaiki lagi penguasaan bahasa berkenaan.

18. Soal tidak cukup guru tidak timbul. Yang dikehendaki ialah latihan kepada guru bagaimana mengguna software berkenaan. Saya percaya siapa pun boleh belajar cara menggunanya.

19. Sesungguhnya sistem software untuk belajar bahasa amatlah berkesan dan berjaya. Kalau bersungguh-sungguh hanya beberapa hari sahaja yang diperlukan oleh guru atau pelajar untuk menguasai bahasa apa pun.

20. Saya belajar bahasa Perancis secara main-main tetapi saya dapat faham bahasa ini dengan menggunakan hanya piring hitam sebelum ada komputer. Kemudahan di zaman komputer ini jauh lebih baik daripada piring hitam.

21. Seperti bapa dan ibu yang kecewa dengan ilmu yang dipelajari oleh anak mereka, saya juga kecewa dengan desakan supaya dipermudah lagi perolehan sijil sekolah.

22. Jika sijil sudah begitu mudah diperolehi ia tidak akan dihargai lagi, tidak akan berguna untuk dapat kerja dan tak berguna untuk meneruskan pelajaran lebih tinggi juga.

23. Kalau sudah tak berguna, apa perlunya adakan sekolah dan sijil.