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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Libatkan PKR, DAP dalam k'jaan perpaduan - Malaysiakini

Perbincangan mengenai kerajaan perpaduan antara PAS dengan Umno akan melibatkan juga dua lagi rakan kongsinya dalam Pakatan Rakyat, kata setiausaha agung PAS.

Jika Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak tidak bersedia dengan syarat terbaru itu, "kami tidak akan mengadakan perbincangan dengan Umno," kata Datuk Mustafa Ali.

Kenyataan PAS ini dilihat sebagai usaha meredakan bantahan daripada PKR dan DAP yang sebelum ini menyatakan idea tersebut tidak pernah dibangkitkan dalam mesyuarat gabungan pembangkang dan juga menolak saranan Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Bantahan terhadap cadangan kerajaan perpaduan juga muncul dalam PAS, khususnya Mursyidul Amnya Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Mustafa mengumumkan sikap terbaru PAS dalam satu sidang media khas bagi menjawab kenyataan Najib, yang juga perdana menteri, semalam yang menyatakan beliau percaya parti Islam itu ikhlas untuk berbincang.

Karpal's poser an urban legend

By Azmi Anshar (NST)

DATUK Seri Najib Razak's ascension to prime ministership can be earnestly described as the most arduous in the nation's history.

Najib had entered in an epoch of spectacular socio-political and economic turmoil, stuttering from the effects of global financial and security bedlam and stuttering in the local socio-political scene.

If it wasn't the best of times, it was probably the worst (to paraphrase Charles Dickens' iconic opener in A Tale of Two Cities) instance to run this country.

Najib had phased into the most elite of dominions when public confidence in the government was shaky, political infighting and graft problems had escalated into a niggling quagmire, a sputtering economy registered tanking percentages though there have been lately signs of life and, worse, a viciously demonising campaign being stoked to tie him to the murder of a Mongolian femme fatale.

We don't envy you, Mr Prime Minister, but we do know a single uncompromising individual who does so obsessively. Najib inherited, not to put a fine point to it, a fine mess, forced also to tackle brutish assaults on his competence, sincerity and tenuous culpability.

Months before it was apparent that Najib was to take over the premiership, the veritable long knives slid out of their sheaths in striking malevolence. His harshest critics, and that included senior leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, tried to pin him down on any conceivable rap, even if Najib wasn't even a sniff away from the plot. And that was before he became PM.

They doctored an image of him wearing a Hindu priest's garb, they blamed him for a police crackdown on a ceramah crowd in Kedah, and they further blamed him for closing down briefly Suara Keadilan and Harakah.

If Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had collectively slipped on a banana skin and bashed their heads silly, they'd blame that on Najib, too!

Now that he is prime minister, the demonisation agenda with other forms of nastier trickery has been forged. If there are no hard facts to play with, then an urban legend concocted in the months before he became PM will do.

That legend is now throttling in perceptive reality: the idea that Najib had metaphorically wielded a kris at an Oct 18, 1987 Umno Youth rally in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, and claimed that the blood of the Chinese would be soaked in the dagger if they (Chinese educationists, DAP, MCA and Gerakan) did not back out of their demands over non-Mandarin trained principals placed in Chinese primary schools, or else...

There's one nagging problem with that urban legend. It's just not true because I was there covering the rally for the New Straits Times.

What is it about blood, mayhem, murder and violence that consumes the likes of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, DAP and Pas leaders that they chose that as the twisted prism to judge Najib?

The idea of soaking kris in blood, of course, is downright ridiculous, and just as ridiculous as the murder rap the opposition is desperately trying hard to jackhammer on Najib.

The prime minister made no such assertion but somehow that incendiary line had been germinated, nurtured and blasted into a life of its own. There are no respites for a PM in power.

Out of the blue, Najib was confronted with that accusation on Monday in the Dewan Rakyat, thrown on the table by Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) during Question Time.

While Karpal did not reprise the inflammatory words that Najib was accused of uttering at a time when political tension was running amok and Operasi Lalang was just days away, the feisty lawyer did toggle this loaded probability: "You had waved a kris in challenge to the Chinese community. If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?"

"If it was true" being the operative words, outlandish as they are, then even the astute Karpal does not know for a fact if the kris-uttering incident actually occurred. But it doesn't hurt the opposition's standing to tango with this kris mythology to score brownie points that may embarrass the prime minister.

Najib, however, wasn't about to bite the bait in Karpal's unconvincing fishing expedition. "The incident did not take place," Najib retorted, calmly in his trademark baritone.

"I have never said that. The one who should apologise is the YB concerned, not me."

A review of clippings of press reports on the Oct 17 Umno Youth rally, when Najib was a springy acting Umno Youth chief of 34 who had just taken over from the very individual now obsessed with toppling him, showed not a single word of those morbid remarks. And this included reports by the Singapore Straits Times and the now defunct Asiaweek.

I contacted Ismail Kassim, the respected Singapore Straits Times correspondent who covered the rally then, whether he had actually heard Najib uttering the kris verse. Now in his 60s, the ex-journalist conceded that with the passage of 22 years, his memory of the rally was simply a montage of people, faces and words but he emphatically contended that had Najib uttered those "savage" words, "I would have duly reported it." The Singapore Straits Times of Oct 18, 1987 did not and neither did the Asiaweek issue of Oct 30, 1987.

Ismail did remember that many foreign correspondents covered the rain-soaked rally but no one ventured to reproduce the incendiary words or recollected that Najib had even uttered them in the first place.

Readers might be reminded that the rally was staged before Operasi Lalang and, more crucially, before The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan were shut down, when newspapers and the foreign press were gung-ho in their approach to news gathering and reporting.

It strongly meant that words that Najib was implied of emitting would have been pristinely recorded, printed and broadcast with bold impunity. But none surfaced. Because none existed.

Perhaps the urban legend was fuelled unwittingly further by Ismail in his memoirs No Hard Feelings: A Reporter's Memoir, published last year that carried this highly circumstantial sentence ..."From the grapevine, I heard that inspector-general of police Tan Sri (now Tun) Hanif Omar had summoned Najib to his office and advised him to cool down. Najib had not only alluded to the May 1969 racial riots, but also talked of kris being drawn and of spilling blood".

This was Ismail's version of the urban legend, quoting from an unattributed grapevine. A grapevine, according to a dictionary definition, is "person-to-person method of spreading rumours, gossip, information, etc., by informal or unofficial conversation, letter writing, or the like..."

A lot can be alluded, inferred, implied or insinuated from Ismail 's perception of Oct 17, 1987 but nothing, and nothing, can be firmly concluded, least of all the very graphic and very lucid line of a "kris soaked in blood". Unless your ultimate goal in life is to destroy the prime minister, reputation, career and all.

Sure, Najib, in his baritone that turned somewhat hoarsely soprano during the rally, may have had the tendency to trash talk -- the usual bravado stuff attributed to a young politician trying to prove his worth as a leader of a pressure group but the reference to the racial riots tied to the drawn kris and spilled blood is most likely attached to socio-political history, tradition and speaking to the gallery of the faithful.

Like all up-and-coming politicians then and now, talking to the massive mob of supplicants had always retained a measure of bluster and blowhardiness, better still if nationalism, glory of the race and enemies who try to stifle progress are added in the explosive mix. Ask Khairy Jamaluddin.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that nowhere did Najib ever suggest that murder must be committed, especially genocide, if the urban legend is to be literally devoured.

This, however, does not stop the persistence of the urban legend gaining traction through subtle innuendoes and viral marketing, with plenty of gullible listeners and readers of anti-Najib websites and blogs ready to gobble up what is essentially a sadistic prank.

The fact also remains that the conspiracy to slam, distract and unnerve Najib is rooted in fear. Fear that Najib, soon after taking over from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, had begun the healing process of bringing back the shiploads of Umno members and supporters who deserted the mother ship and voted for the opposition, not because they saw the left as an alternative government, but because they despised wholeheartedly the existing leadership and what they represented.

Even the masses who voted for the opposition on March 8, 2008 are regretting their impulsiveness and are ready to return to the fold, partly because Najib has taken over and partly because they are tired of the opposition's dogma -- every day until today is a March 8 moment. It was as if Najib had been complacently static.

But Najib has not been static. The few by-elections seemed to have underscored the reverse trend of Malay voters returning to Umno's comfort zone, inconclusive as they are.

But for the opposition, Najib is now deemed as the turnaround artist. That is why Najib must be demonised, with apparent murder and apparent genocide, for he is the real threat to the opposition's five-state hegemony.

US says Malaysia among worst offenders in human trafficking

WASHINGTON, June 17 — The US State Department expanded a blacklist of governments it believes are not doing enough to stop human trafficking to 17, out of 175 countries it monitors in its annual "Trafficking in Persons" report.

Chad, Malaysia, Niger, Mauritania and Zimbabwe were included among the worst offenders, putting them at risk of losing some US aid.

Cuba, Myanmar and North Korea have received the lowest ranking in each year they have been included in the report started nine years ago.

The lowest ranking means the United States could withhold aid that is not humanitarian or trade-related.

Millions of people around the world are living in bondage and the global financial crisis has made many more vulnerable to labour and sex trafficking, the State Department said yesterday.

In its annual report, which tracks "modern slavery" like forced labour and the sex trade, the State Department said growing poverty around the world has sparked an increase in both supply and demand for human trafficking.

"In a time of economic crisis, victims are more vulnerable, affected communities are more vulnerable," Luis de Baca said as he presented the report.

"Persons who are under economic stress are more likely to fall prey to the wiles of the traffickers who often get their victims through promises of a better life, promises of better earnings," he said.

De Baca said human trafficking can be valued at about US$50 billion (RM175 billion) a year. That includes about US$31 billion profit earned by the traffickers plus about US$20 billion in opportunity cost from lost labour of the people who are put into bondage.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged governments to work to eliminate forms of human trafficking.

"This year, there is a new urgency in this call," she wrote in a letter prefacing the report.

"As the ongoing financial crisis takes an increasing toll on many of the world's migrants — who often risk everything for the slim hope of a better future for their families — too often they are ensnared by traffickers who exploit their desperation."

"We recognise their immense suffering and we commit to aiding their rescue and recovery."

According to the International Labour Organisation, about 12.3 million adults and children are in forced labour and sexual servitude at any time in the world. Nearly 1.4 million of those are victims of sex trafficking, ILO figures show.

"They labour in fields and factories, under brutal employers who threaten them with violence if they try to escape," Clinton said at an event to present the report. "They work in homes for families that keep them virtually imprisoned. they are forced to work as prostitutes or to beg in the streets, fearful of the consequences if they fail to earn their daily quota."

"This is modern slavery," she said. "A crime that spans the globe, providing ruthless employers with an endless supply of people to abuse for financial gain." — Reuters

Sivakumar to wait another month to take on Ganesan in court

By Shannon Teoh - The Malaysian Insider

IPOH, June 17 — The High Court has decided to give Datuk R. Ganesan a month to prepare for the suit filed by his rival V. Sivakumar for the Perak assembly speaker's seat.

Datuk Azhar Mohamed, sent up from Kuala Lumpur to handle the case, met counsel for both parties in his chambers for just 15 minutes before deciding to postpone proceedings to July 17.

Sivakumar, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR)-appointed speaker of the Perak state assembly, filed the suit on May 15 against Ganesan to prevent him from acting as speaker and for damages for injury and embarrassment during the chaotic May 7 sitting where the latter claims he rightfully replaced Sivakumar.

Ganesan today asked for the postponement on three grounds, firstly, the stipulated 14 days to reply to Sivakumar's submission have not lapsed.

Also, in the opinion of his lawyers, the case cannot be heard in the High Court and they will be applying to strike out the case or move it to the Federal Court and lastly, they want a security for costs of RM100,000 to be deposited by the Tronoh assemblyman.

Leong Cheok Keng, one of Sivakumar's lawyers, told The Malaysian Insider that as Ganesan only received the submission by Sivakumar seven days ago, they had no objection to the postponement.

However, he insisted that Sivakumar should not have to put up any surety.

"The surety is usually for a foreigner or someone who is constantly shifting addresses. In this case, he is an assemblyman and the speaker who wants to attend the assembly. The idea of a guarantee that he will not abscond is completely contrary to the motive for filing the suit in the first place," he said.

The case is crucial in resolving the political crisis in the state as it would have to deal with the question of who is the rightful speaker.

Even though Sivakumar's suit refuses to acknowledge that at any material time he was not the speaker, Ganesan will be expected to argue that the manhandling of Sivakumar was done in his capacity as speaker after the Tronoh assemblyman refused to leave his seat.

As such, the court will inevitably have to answer the question of who is the legitimate speaker.

The position of speaker is crucial as he controls assembly proceedings and for Barisan Nasional (BN), it could mean convening an assembly to pass a vote of no confidence in Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, rendering the expected appeal to the Federal Court over who is the legitimate mentri besar academic. But if PR wins, then it would have achieved one of two decisive conclusions. It means the May 7 assembly was never called into session by Sivakumar.

So unless the controversial "tree assembly" of March 3 is recognised, no sitting has been called for over six months, which is prohibited by the state constitution and may render the current assembly unconstitutional, forcing its dissolution and fresh polls which PR has been calling for since the Feb 5 takeover by BN.

If the tree assembly is valid, it would reinstall Nizar as mentri besar and affirm suspensions of his rival Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir and his six exco, giving PR the majority in a future sitting of the assembly.

Deva Gang behind RM8.24m cash-in-transit robbery

By : Fadhal A. Ghani
NST, June 16 2009

Police today confirmed that the recent RM8.24 million cash-in-transit robbery outside a shopping centre in Cheras last month was committed by the notorious Deva Gang members.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Wira Muhammad Sabtu Osman said police have identified at least two of the gang members in the May 18 heist.

One of the gang members was recently released from the Simpang Renggam detention centre for a similar robbery in Shah Alam three years ago.

Another suspect, who also took part in the incident in Shah Alam, had eluded police and had been on the run since.

Muhammad Sabtu said police believe the gang members are hiding out in Thailand and border patrol have been alerted to be on the lookout for them.
In their latest heist in Cheras, police identified the two suspects from the closed-circuit television camera recordings taken from the Cheras Leisure Mall shopping centre.

The two suspect are also wanted for a series of robberies in the Klang Valley and Perak.

Meanwhile, police are seeking the help of two men to assist in the investigations. They are identified as:

* Victor Thomas @ Selladurai @ VT (I/C 730427-14-5159), whose last known address is Lot 674, Kampung Baru Tambahan, Semenyih, Selangor; and

* Ravindran Krishnan (I/C 830717-08-5957), whose last known address is N0.43, Ladang Bedrock, Bidor, Perak.

Divided we stand

By Wong Chin Huat

LET's think about the following key words in Malaysian politics: unity government, Sisters in Islam (SIS), Chin Peng, government or PSD scholarships, Utusan Malaysia, and the language in education policy.

What comes to your mind? Ethnocentrism? Religious fundamentalism? National disunity?

Who hasn't lamented about why our nation cannot be spared such ethno-religious polemics? Why can't we just concentrate on issues that concern everyone such as good governance, the loss of tax payer's money in the Port Klang Free Zone project, and the haze?

You ask: why can't we have national unity? Why can't we be like other countries that speak a single language, go to the same schools, and have a single identity?

For some, the answer is simple: divide and rule. The British divided us so that we could not unite to oppose them. So did the Alliance. So does the Barisan Nasional (BN).

What is the force behind this political control? For left-leaning socialists, the answer is simple: capitalism. The capitalist class controls the government and exploits everyone else. You could, of course, replace socialism with other universal ideologies like environmentalism.

For the less ideological, the answer could be the sheer self-interest of corrupt politicians. In other words, human nature's dark side.

Pursuing national unity therefore makes us feel good in two ways. First, it offers hope that this country can be better. Second, it allows us to feel wise, benevolent and righteous that we can transcend primordial feelings of greed and self-interest.

A brave new world

But hold on, what would our national life be after attaining national unity?

We would call ourselves Malaysians, rather than Malay/Chinese/Indian/Dayak/Kadazan.

We would all probably speak English, some Malay and perhaps a hybrid tongue.

We would all go to the same schools. We would sit together in restaurants and lecture halls. We would play and party together. We would date each other, colour-blind in our attraction. We would have more inter-marriages. We would have more multiethnic companies. No more ethnic segregation.

We would even have multiethnic partners in crime — no more Malay mat rempit, Chinese samseng and Indian gangsters — but simply Malaysian criminals who would go after multiethnic victims and later be pursued by a multiethnic police force. No more ethnic profiling.

Mat rempit (Public domain)

What would we fight for in such a colour-blind society? We would fight for social justice, sustainable development and human development. We would eliminate poverty, crime and pollution.

We would make Malaysia a heaven on earth.

It would be a brave new world because we would no longer be tied down by our parochial communal identity.

Democracy = division

But how do we fight poverty, crime and pollution? Would we tax more or less? Would we have fewer or more laws and regulations?

And how about more divisive questions such as abortion, same-sex union and genetic engineering? Will we all have the same opinion on these issues? If we won't, doesn't that mean we are still divided? Indeed, would we not be debating passionately about these other issues as we are today about language and religion?

Hence, can we be possibly united? The truth is, it is only in a totalitarian state that we can be united on each and every important issue.

Democracy is about division. Political parties, the hallmark of modern democracies, individually represent different parts of society, even though they claim to represent the interests of all.

In any democratic government, there are no ultimate solutions on policy issues. All solutions are in a way temporary compromises that reflect the balance of social preference at a particular point in time.

Hence, diversity — be it ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, sexual, class or geographical — is not a curse to democracy.

Notwithstanding the huge challenges, India with 22 official languages besides English is the world's largest democracy. Compare this with China, where over 90% of the population uses the same written language and yet the country remains the world's largest non-democracy.

Hence, national unity in a democracy is an oxymoron, at least in normal times. Yes, there are national unity governments during wars or major crises, but those circumstances are meant to be an anomaly, an exception to the norm.

I'll be back (© Orion Pictures)
Indeed, unity is only necessary and possible when you have an overarching enemy.

Why is the human race divided by religions, for example? Possibly because God has not allowed another species — from this or other planets — to threaten our survival. If, however, there were other species that threatened us (think Aliens or The Terminator), the human race may not be so divided over religious doctrines.

Opponents, not enemies

Many Malaysians see PAS's proposal to ban SIS as a symptom of political Islam's intolerance, rather than as the failure of managing political diversity and division effectively that is common amongst most Malaysians regardless of faith and ideology.

After half a century of the Alliance/BN rule which stresses unity and stability, including through Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's 1Malaysia project, many can only see the flaws in Umno's hegemony. But Malaysians are generally blind to the flaws in authoritarianism itself.

Authoritarianism inherently suppresses competition and justifies it with the core idea of good politics for everyone. Singapore shows that authoritarianism may even eliminate corruption and bring economic growth more effectively than democracies.

Conversely, however, embracing democracy must go beyond the pursuit of collective goodness.

Healthy competition

Because we are all different and have competing interests, there are bound to be winners and losers in politics, not only among politicians but also among voters.

But that's all right, as long as we are all allowed to compete fairly to persuade more people to embrace our preferences and interests. In other words, we aim to win by being more inclusive, while recognising that we can never represent all interests.

In doing so, we need not assimilate to become like each other. We also don't need to condemn our opponents to hell or banish them from the land in order to compete effectively.

And because our opponents are not enemies, there is no need for unity with them to end any competition. After all, if Manchester United proposed to unite with Liverpool or Arsenal, what do you think Man-U fans would do? Indeed, democracy should be like sports — it's about opponents, not enemies.

Khalid Samad
In this sense, I am less disturbed by the unity government proposal than by the proposed ban of SIS. The undebated resolution on SIS — no matter how Shah Alam PAS chief Khalid Samad explains it — suggests that the blue oceaners in PAS are not ready to embrace pluralism within Islam.

This is problematic because if it's not SIS, then some other dissenting voice in Islam would be seen as enemies, rather than just opponents, who need to be banned and/or rehabilitated.

This, of course, is hardly ideal if one imagines a post-Umno Malaysia.

For unless we opt to have one-party predominance again, how will PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat — both Muslim-based parties — compete with each other? They can and must differentiate themselves as two equally legitimate Muslim parties — perhaps one liberal, the other conservative, or one economically right, the other left.

More importantly, politicians and voters must dissuade themselves of the notion that there can be Muslim or non-Muslim unity.

But the question is, do our political parties really believe in diversity, competition and democracy? Or do they secretly aspire to be another benevolent authoritarianism like Singapore?

Modern slave nations: Zimbabwe, Burma, Sudan, North Korea, Eritrea, and…. Malaysia

by Nathaniel Tan

*That’s* where we stand on the human rights scale. That’s the company we share, the countries we are setaraf (comparable) with.

And on what issue exactly? Nothing less than human trafficking and forced labour - modern slavery.

Having worked a long time ago with an NGO that dealt with these issues, I want to say that this is no American imperialist exaggeration. There are hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants in Sabah *alone*. Imagine what the numbers are nationwide.

I have seen some of the squalor migrants have lived in, I have heard the horror stories of how they came to Malaysia, and the stories of how they are shipped back and forth across the border so that some corrupt officials can make a killing.

Many of us like to blame migrants for social ills and crimes, always talking about what they are doing to us. Notwithstanding that this view is statistically incorrect, do we stop to think about what we do to them?

Maybe if we stopped being slave traders and started treating migrants right, both their and our problems are solved.

All it requires is a basic modicum of respect for the humanity of these, our brothers and sisters. A change of attitude by our government from one of predatory exploitation to symbiotic equality.

And if our government won’t make that change, that we should change our government.

ps- I’d like to celebrate the fact that the work of local activists like Alice Nah, who I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing, was recognised in the report as well. Go Alice!!

pps- Let’s also take this opportunity to reflect and see whether any of our actions or omissions are making life more difficult for and contributing to the exploitation of migrants.

ppps- Slavery ain’t our only huge international embarrassment either, looks like Suhakam is fixing to lose it’s UN status.

I’ll reproduce much of the slavery articles from Malaysiakini.

First article:

The United States today added six African countries to a blacklist of countries trafficking in people, and put US trading partner Malaysia back on the list.

Chad, Eritrea, Niger, Mauritania, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe were added to the list in the annual report, which analysed efforts in 173 countries to fight trafficking in humans for forced labor, prostitution, military service and other reasons.

Staying on the blacklist list are US allies Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but also Cuba, Fiji, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, and Syria, according to the State Department report for 2009.

“This is modern slavery, a crime that spans the globe, providing ruthless employers with an endless supply of people to abuse for financial gain,” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in introducing the report.

Second article:

The United States has put Malaysia back on the blacklist of countries trafficking in people after removing the country from the list last year.

The State Department annual ‘Trafficking in Persons Report 2009′, which examined efforts in more than 173 countries to combat trafficking for forced labour, prostitution, military service and other purposes, has Malaysia sharing the blacklist with 16 other countries.

Among the 17 countries on the blacklist are Zimbabwe, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Malaysia is the one of five Asian nations on the blacklist - the others are Burma, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and North Korea.

“Malaysia is a destination and, to a lesser extent, a source and transit country for women and children trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, and for men, women, and children trafficked for the purpose of forced labour,” said the report, which was released by the US State Department today.

Malaysia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so, despite some progress in enforcing the country’s new anti-trafficking law,” said the 2009 report.

Refugees ‘sold’ by immigration officials

The report referred to another report by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee two months ago which found the involvement of Immigration Department officials in trafficking Burmese refugees.

According to the report, Malaysian immigration officials sold refugees for approximately US$200 (RM700) per person to traffickers operating along Thailand’s southern border.

“In turn, the traffickers demanded ransom – ranging from US$300 (RM1,000) for children to US$575 (RM2,000) for adults – in exchange for their freedom.

“Informed sources estimated 20 percent of the victims were unable to pay the ransom, and were sold for the purpose of labour and commercial sexual exploitation.”

It said that so far little action has been taken since the released of the Senate foreign relations committee report in April.

“The Malaysian police is investigating the allegations with the cooperation of the Immigration Department, as publicly confirmed by the prime minister but no officials were arrested, prosecuted, or convicted for involvement in trafficking during the reporting period,” it lamented.

Migrant workers victimised

The report is also scathing in describing the country’s treatment of migrant labourers.

“Some migrant workers are victimised by their employers, employment agents, or traffickers who supply migrant labourers and victims of sex trafficking.

“Some victims suffer conditions including physical and sexual abuse, forced drug use, debt bondage, non-payment of wages, threats, confinement, and withholding of travel documents to restrict their freedom of movement.”

The report pointed out that the government continue to condone the confiscation of passports by employers, while employers passed the government’s ‘immigration levy’ on to the low-skilled migrant workers, which facilitated debt bondage.

It also said that women from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Mongolia, and China are forced into prostitution after being lured to Malaysia with promises of legitimate employment.

The report concluded that the government had made only “limited efforts” to prevent trafficking in persons over the last year.

“As a regional economic leader approaching developed nation status, Malaysia has the resources and government infrastructure to do more in addressing trafficking in persons,” said the report.

On a bright note, the report named Malaysia’s Alice Nah as one of its nine 2009 ‘heroes’.

Nah, who is from the Migration Working Group, has raised government and public awareness through online articles describing the plight of trafficking victims, refugees, and migrant workers.

“In January 2009, Nah wrote about the trafficking of Burmese refugees along the Malaysia-Thailand border. Her article increased local and international attention to the issue and raised public awareness within Malaysia,” it said.

Ibrahim Libya dibunuh kerana 'percaya' dengan perjuangan PAS

Ibrahim Libya dibunuh kerana percaya dengan PAS bukan komunis. Jelas Kem Komandan setempat berkeras mengenai status beliau sebagai guru agama 'pro PAS' bukan komunis.

Menteri Umno mengarahkan untuk membunuh penyokong PAS yang dituduh Komunis.

Lihat bawah ini wahai hullamak (kerajaan perpaduan) dan kuncu pro kerajaan perpaduan sebelum berfikir mengenai 'bersatu dengan Umno'

Comments about Chin Peng's release

Alahai!!! yang bising tu si Hishamuddin dan Mukhriz bukan tahu apa apa penderitaan bekas tentera macam saya. Jadi jangan lah mereka nak memandai mandai banyak cakap.
Nak halang orang tua Chin Peng tu mati kat Malaysia ni pun takut? Apalah pemimpin UMNO ni, takut dengan bayang bayang mereka sendiri.
Elok lah orang UMNO ni diam sahaja jangan memandai mandai macam dia lah yang berjuang dalam hutan tu. Tanya si Mukhriz dengan Hishammuddin tu apa yang mereka dah buat selama ini selain mengompol harta kekayaan dengan kuasa mereka. So boleh blahhh... ini suara bekas seorang tentera.


Sekarang kita telah 51 tahun merdeka dan nak masuk ke 52 pun tak lama lagi

kita kena peka ke sensitiviti kaum...

memang saya tidak tahu SEJARAH tentang bab bab komunis WALAUPUN saya ni kapten besara ??
tapi saya pernah berjumpa RASHID MAIDIN dan beberapa lagi bekas bekas komunis tu....tapi apakah tujuan asal perjuangan mereka, hingga masa kini adakah lagi agenda mereka...buat pengetahuan, pemantauan dibuat "round the clock" oleh pihak berwajib...

Apa yang perlu,,,jagalah sensitiviti dalam hal hal yang berkaitan...pada semua orang

Kita perlu kajiselidik dan fikir ...secara positif...jangan menpolitikkan isu tersebut sebab ada AGENDA tersembunyi....wallah hualam

Kalau Tun Mahathir boleh membuka langkah dengan tindakan yang positif keatas bekas bekas PKM satu masa dulu dan membuahkan hasil yang memberangsangkan kenapa pula si Mukhriz dan lain lain MP UBN tidak berfikiran sedemikian

Melayu mudah lupa...

Semasa saya menuntut di Jepun dahulu saya telah dijadikan keluarga angkat mereka...apa yang menarik perhatian...Datuk dalam keluarga Jepun tu ada menyimpan kepala tengkorak dari Tanah Melayu katanya..bayangkan lah apa perasaan saya masa tu..tapi kerana apa yang di fikirkan atas yang telah berlalu dan situasi masa tu
membuatkan saya redha dan apatah lagi keluarga tersebut pun mengatakan perkara yang sama...
(bagus juga konsep pandang ke Timur tu...)

Kesimpulannya kita perlu ambil iktibar atas semua ini...tidak ada sikap dendam mendendam dan sebagai nya ...sentiasa berfikiran positif...

Oleh hal demikian ...idea DSAI tu bawa balik atas kontek keperimanusian...kalau nak puaskan hati semua orang bicarakan CP seadil adilnya..dan beri syarat syarat tertentu sebagaimana Tun Mahathir buat...baru betoi...

Jangan sempitkan fikiran kita..
fikirlah yang terbaik....

Politik itu tidak kotor yang mengotori nyer ialah "POLITICIAN"

Bertindaklah ikut FIKIRAN dan bukan PERASAAN....atau PERAsan...

Apa yang kita perlu bimbangkan agenda kita sendiri...masaalah MELAYU juga kearah mana anak bangsa kita..pendidikan adalah harta dlm segala hal...bagi ORANG MELAYU sekarang itu adalah harta pusaka anak cucu kita yang SEBENO nya..


Bela dengan maksud pemantauan jangan melanggar tatasusila adap sopan

Dan untuk renungan satu penjelasan dari seorang rakan:-

"ameno ni memang dasar tidak mau faham. Dah bape kali dijelaskan, pengorbanan chin peng dan kawan2nya tu untuk kemerdekaan malaya dari british. Askar melayu dll pulak nak pertahankan british, agar terus menjajah. Maka terjadilah kekejaman saling berbunuh. Chin peng nak merdeka, kau orang melawan, tak gitu? Fikirlah kesimpulannya. ameno memang tak mau faham, takder modal"

Carilah jalan yang terbaik...

Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui

Wallah Hualam

Anwar thwarted, suspensions remain

Pt 3 | One-on-one with Farish Noor

Teen model claims she was raped during boat trip - Malaysiakini

Indonesian teen model Manohara Odelia Pinot, 17, related the abuse that she alleges she suffered at the hands of her husband, Kelantan prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, including 'being raped' during a boat ride from Singapore to Lombok, an island near Bali, Indonesia.


Her husband's lawyer, Haaziq Pillay, declined to comment on the allegations, saying that Muhammad Fakhry had filed a report with the Malaysian police on the matter.

When did the abuse start?

Manohara: I don't remember when. But it was not long before the wedding. I got raped, basically. I didn't tell anyone.

manohara singapore to lombok cruise tour 160609I didn't tell my mom. Tengku himself acted like it didn't happen. I was just in denial. I went numb. I didn't want to believe it.

We were cruising from Singapore to Lombok, to Bali. In the boat, he just grabbed me. At the time I was just in the room, sitting there to wait for my mom. Basically, it just happened. But after that, I just kind of shut down. I didn't know what to think about myself. Basically, I was just in denial about the whole thing.

If he raped you before you went to Malaysia, why did you accept his invitation?

Because, (a) I just didn't want to believe, so I just tried to completely block that out, and (b) after that he was really nice to me. He was extremely sweet and gentlemanly. I didn't know what happened, actually.

Things got worse after you married him?

I know that March was the burn - I had an iron burn on my neck. And a cigar burn on my forehead. It was just random, he just came by with a cigar. I was ironing, and then he just took the thing. The iron came first. I took pictures of the scars with my BlackBerry. (photos below)

manohara odelia pinot body injuries 110609Between March and April, the mental and sexual abuse was constantly there. I was held there against my will.

They kept injecting me with several different medications to [make me] gain weight, to make me fall asleep and some to paralyse me.

It was emotionally and mentally exhausting to endure that.

When the whole razor [abuse] started, when things started to get real rough, that was in April. He took an eyebrow razor and cut me around my chest area.

The hardest thing about that was I was aware of it, I could feel it, but I couldn't move or scream. I don't know what he had given me.

I could see, hear him, smell him, feel him. I could feel the cuts on my body. It hurt. The physical pain, I didn't mind too much. Just knowing that you have no control over anything and can't do anything about it was just...

It happened three times. The first thing he marked on me was just a small X on my chest area. And the worst part about it is that he didn't even slash it fast or anything. [He] just took his time, slowly. He looked as calm as ever. It's like if you gave someone a paintbrush and told him to draw a flower. It took a little over 20 minutes.

Did he follow with sexual abuse?

Yes. It usually followed or happened beforehand.

Are you traumatised?

No, not traumatised. He's taken so much from my life in the past, I'm not going to let him to take away my future. Someone once said, "Forgiving is freeing yourself."

I believe that.

Published with permission from Jakarta Globe.

MPs to debate conversion amendments - Malaysiakini

Bills to amend three laws in relation to matters of conversion and religion are expected to be tabled in Dewan Rakyat next week, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

The three pieces of legislations are the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Act 1993 and Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984.

"Among the amendments proposed touch on the dissolution of marriage, right to custody of children, maintenance of children and wife and division of matrimonial assets," said Nazri today in response to a question by Ipoh Barat DAP parliamentarian M Kulasegaran.

nazri abdul azizNazri told the House that some changes were being made by Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail before the amendments were ready to be tabled next week.

"The cabinet has agreed that the determinant factor of a child's religion must be in accordance with Article 12(4) of the federal constitution which provides that the religion of children under the age of 18 will be determined by a parent or guardian," said Nazri.

Nazri, who is also the Padang Renggas MP, said the cabinet committee which was formed to handle the controversial conversion matters has been briefed on the amendments needed to be made to three laws.

The minister also dismissed Kulasegaran's claims that the government was not serious about resolving the issue.

The cabinet had earlier issued a directive in April to stop parents from secretly converting children to calm strained race relations in the country.

The cabinet acted after a furore erupted over the case of an ethnic Indian woman who faced losing custody of her three children after her estranged husband converted them to Islam without her consent.

No clear direction from the government

m kulasegaranKulasegaran was unrelenting in putting across his views that the government was not serious in solving the issues relating to conversions, especially when it involved minors.

"The issue has been raised many times but the government does not seem to take it seriously. Although the decision has been made, the implementation is not there," said Kulasegaran.

"Until now, no changes have taken place even after the decision was made (by the cabinet)... criticisms were shot at the government but the government failed to give explanation and clarity on the directive," he said.

The outspoken DAP MP had also questioned the progress of the committee formed by the cabinet to examine the issues of conversion.

The committee includes Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam, Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department Dr Koh Tsu Koon (Unity) and Jamil Khir Baharom (Islamic Affairs) and Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

Nazri responded by saying that the decision by the government to form the cabinet committee proved that the government viewed the matter seriously.

Conversion rows, including 'body-snatching' cases where Islamic authorities have battled with relatives over the remains of the dead whose religion is disputed, are common in Malaysia.

The tussles have led to allegations that the country was being "Islamised" and that the rights of ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities were being eroded.

We are not a secular state

Nazri also dismissed Kulasegaran's statement that Malaysia was a secular country.

He said that the federal constitution clearly stated under Article 3(1) that Islam was the official religion.

"This differs from other secular countries, such as the United States of America, India and Turkey, where their constitution clearly states that they are secular states.

"In the federal constitution, the word secular is not mentioned anywhere," he said.

islamic stateMoreover, Nazri explained that Islam's special rights under the federal constitution were also stated under Article 11(4), which denied the propagation of any doctrines or religious beliefs among the Muslims.

He said the status of Malaysia as an Islamic country had also been explained by former premiers Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2001 and 2007 respectively.

"In his reply in Parliament on Aug 2, 2007, Abdullah said: ‘Malaysia is neither a secular nor a theocratic country. Malaysia is an Islamic country which is administered based on the principles of Islam and at the same time holds strong to the principles of parliamentary democracy guided by the highest law of the land - the federal constitution'," added Nazri.

Manikavasagam : Kematian Ghana Mirip Kes Kugan

Ahli Parlimen Kapar, S.Manikavasagam mendesak polis menjelaskan punca kematian tahanan, A.Ghana Prakasom di lokap kerana kes itu semakin mirip kematian A.Kugan yang dilaporkan mati akibat dipukul ketika dalam tahanan polis.

Manikavasagam adalah antara pemimpin dan aktivis masyarakat yang menghadiri pengkebumian Ghana di Damansara Damai.

Suasana pilu di rumah ini disulami dengan seribu satu persoalan di kalangan hadirin tentang kematian lelaki ini di Balai Polis Sri Damansara Selangor pada Ahad lalu.

Ghana di tahan empat hari sebelum itu. Mendiang telah memberitahu isterinya Jumaat lalu bahawa dia dipukul oleh anggota polis dalam tahanan. Sebelah matanya juga lebam.

“Ada banyak tanda tanya mengenai kes ini,” Manikavasagam memberitahu pemberita. “Kami mahu polis memberikan penjelasan yang telus mengenai apa sebenarnya berlaku,’ tambah beliau.

Manikavasagam berkata pihaknya sudah menyediakan barisan peguam untuk membantu keluarga mendiang mendapatkan pembelaan.

Ghana meninggalkan sorang isteri dan enam orang anak, termasuk seorang yang kurang upaya.

“Ini adalah satu kes yang serupa dengan Kugan, Seorang lagi tahanan mati dalam lokap dan ada tanda-tanda penderaan yang jelas. Jadi kami mahu polis memberi penjelasan bagaimana ini boleh berlaku.”

Kugan mati dalam tahanan polis 20 Januari lalu dan bedah siasat bebas menunjukkan beliau dibelasah teruk sejurus sebelum itu sehingga membangkitkan kemarahan rakyat pelbagai kaum terhadap kekejaman polis.

Ketua Polis Selangor Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar mendakwa ketika itu Kugan mati kerana paru-parunya dimasuki air.

Kali ini, Khalid mendakwa bedah siasat menunjukkan Ghana mati kerana keracunan darah akibat jangkitan bakteria dalam usus.

Manikavasagam mempertikaikan rumusan bingkas yang dibuat oleh Khalid.

“Ini memang kes pukul sebab ada banyak kesan luka pada badan dan kesan lebam di mata. Ada juga kesan dicucuk pada badan sebelum dijahit semula,” kata Manikavasagam. “Sebab itu kita mahu siasatan menyeluruh dijalankan.”

Beliau juga mepertikaikan bagaimana Khalid boleh membuat kenyataan mengenai punca kematian Ghana sebelum laporan rasmi bedah siasat diumumkan.

TV Antara

Three Custodial Death but Where the Inquest? (Inc photos of latest dead)

Viewers Discreation Advised.

or click Picasa Album

Police continue their arrogance despite public outcry on Kugan’s Death. In just 6 month , Malaysian noticed total 3 custodial death but no Internal Inquiry or Inquest as promised by Inspector General of Police sometime back. What preventing them?

Police called public not to speculate on lastest lock up dead but who allowed Selangor Police Chief to do so on possible cause of death of Gnanapragasam Anthony ,53 a robbery suspect.

I called police to immediately release Gnanapragasam dead body photos taken prior commencement of his autospy. Government also must answer, why police denied immediate medical attention and what was the cause of toxicity.

While, police deny any foul play and bruises on late Gnanapragasam photos taken by family member prior funeral clearly shows injuries suffered by deceased. In joining the family of late Gnanaprasagam and others, I called upon Government of Malaysia immediately hold on Inquest on last 3 deaths including on death car theft suspect A. Kugan.

Police or public those cheated the law must be punished, no one above law including the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Statutory Declaration of Chong Tzeng Hang @ Ah Han (830210-01-5407)

In 2007, six (6) police officers and two (2) underworld figures signed Statutory Declarations alleging that senior police officers right up to the IGP have links with the Chinese drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-shark syndicate based in Johor and which was expanding its operation throughout Malaysia. Another police officer made a police report alleging that his family was kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change his statement while the head of the CCD and his lawyer were arrested and charged for alleged criminal offenses as punishment for detaining underworld bosses under the Emergency Ordinance.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


Saya, CHONG TZENG HANG @ AH HAN (No K/P: 830210-01-5407) berumur 24 tahun dan beralamat di No. 38, Taman Bunga Ros, Kangkar Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor dengan ini sesungguhnya dan seikhlasnya berikrar dan menyatakan seperti berikut:-

1. Saya dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Bandar Johor Bahru, Johor. Saya mendapat pendidikan sehingga tingkatan 3 di Sek. Men. Taman Daya, Johor Bahru, Johor. Saya tidak melanjutkan persekolahan selepas itu kerana tidak lagi berminat dalam pelajaran. Selapas berhenti sekolah, saya telah melakukan pelbagai pekerjaan. Saya membantu bapa saya bekerja sebagai penjual kereta di U Want Used Cars, Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru, Johor. Di samping itu, saya juga mempunyai sedikit saham dalam perniagaan pub dan aktiviti placuran di Marcopolo Lounge, Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru, Johor. Dalam sebulan saya boleh berpendapatan anggaran RM5,000.00. Saya mempunyai adik-beradik seramai 4 orang termasuk saya. Saya merupakan anak kedua dalam keluarga saya. Saya sudah berumahtangga dan mempunyai dua orang anak perempuan.

2. Saya tidak pernah melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kongsi gelap ataupun kumpulan thug.

3. Saya tidak pernah melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kongsi gelap ataupun mengedar dadah.

4. Pada bulan Januari tahun 2006, saya mula mengenali seorang lelaki Cina nama Johnny, pemilik sebuah pub Marcopolo, Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru. Selain menjalankan aktiviti pub an lounge, premis ini juga digunakan untuk menganjurkan aktiviti pelacuran. Perniagaan ini terdiri dari dua orang partner iaitu Johnny sendiri dan Chan Boon Chai (Ah Hwa). Johnny kemudian meminta saya untuk bertindak sebagai PR bagi aktivitinya agar saya dapat menjalin hubungan dengan PT D7, DSP Hedzir. Johnny tidak rapat dengan DSP Hedzir dan pada masa yang sama saya sentiasa berhubungan dengan DSP Hedzir sehinggalah kami menjadi rapat.

5. Semasa menjalankan PR bagi Johnny, saya membayar sebanyak RM12,000/- sebulan kepada DSP Hedzir dan kami sering berjumpa di Hotel New York, Johor Bahru, Johor. Pada 25/05/2006, Johnny telah keluar dari perniagaan Maropolo dan menyerahkan kepada saya disamping Ah Hwa kerana dia tidak mampu lagi untuk menanggung semua hutang termasuk hutang saya lebih kurang RM170,000/-. Saya bersetuju dan trus mengambil alih perniagaan itu dan meneruskan perniagaan itu bersama Ah Hwa. Pada bulan Jun 2006, DSP Hedzir sudah mula buka mulut untuk meminta sponsor dan katanya sponsor itu untuk No. 1 (Tan Sri Musa Bin Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara). Dalam bulan Jun 2006 sahaja saya telah beri sebanyak 2 kali sponsor kepada DSP Hedzir iaitu sebanyak RM80,000/- untuk No. 1 dan RM15,000/- untuk dia sendiri. Pada bulan Julai 2006, saya telah beri sponsor sebanyak 2 kali lagi iaitu RM45,000/- untuk DSP Hedzir dan RM60,000/- untuk No. 1. Kemudian dalam bulan Ogos 2006, saya telah beri kepada DSP Hedzir sebanyak RM80,000/- untuk sponsor kepada No.1 dan sekali lagi sebanyak RM60,000/- juga untuk diberi kepada No. 1. Dalam bulan September 2006, saya sekali lagi memberikan wang sebanyak RM80,000/- kepada DSP Hedzir untuk diberikan kepada No. 1. Akhir sekali dalam bulan Oktober 2006, DSP Hedzir meminta saya lagi wang sebanyak RM60,000/- juga untuk diberikan kepada No. 1. Kesemua wang tersebut saya sendiri telah beri terus kepada DSP Hedzir tanpa melalui sesiapa. Selain itu ada beberapa kali lagi saya beri wang sebagai sponsor yang diminta oleh DSP Hedzir tetapi saya tidak ingat berapa jumlah sebenar. Sejak dari mula saya beri wang kepadanya, saya anggarkan hampir mencecah RM1 juga. Segala wang yang diberikan adalah secara tunai.

6. Pada bulan November 2006, DSP Hedzir masih meminta wang lagi dari saya tetapi saya tidak mahu bagi lagi sebab selalu dia cakap nak bagi pada No.1. Saya berasa curiga sebab DSP Hedzir sering menggunakan nama No 1 dan saya minta untuk berjumpa sendiri dengan No. 1. Kemudian DSP Hedzir menghubungi No. 1 untuk bertanya adakan No. 1 bersedia berjumpa dengan saya. Pada tarikh tidak ingat penghujung bulan November 2006, DSP Hedzir memberitahu saya yang saya boleh berjumpa dengan No.1. Pada keesokkan harinya. Saya terus pergi ke 5 buah money changer untuk menukarkan wang kepada S$30,000/- dalam note S$1,000/- (30 keping) dan memasukkan kedalam satu sampul surat. Pada pagi keesokkan harinya saya seorang diri pergi ke Melaka untuk berjumpa DSP Hedzir dan No. 1. Sampai di Melaka saya telah diminta untuk menunggu dalam kereta ditepi jalan dan DSP Hedzir datang memandu sebuah kereta jenis Proton Perdana V6 warna hitam nombor pendaftaran saya tidak ingat DSP Hedzir kemudian bawa kereta pergi mengambil No. 1 dan datang semula terus berhenti di hadapan kereta saya. Saya diminta oleh DSP Hedzir untuk keluar dari kereta saya dan masuk kedalam kereta Perdana V6. Saya duduk dibahagian belakang dan saya nampak DSP Hedzir duduk dibahagian pemandu No. 1 dan No. 1 duduk dibahagian penumpang hadapan sebelah kiri. Saya menelek sedikit untuk mendapatkan kepastian samada dia adalah No. 1 dan saya pasti orang itu adalah No. 1 iaitu Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara. DSP Hedzir menyuruh saya jangan memandang kepada No. 1 dengan memberi isyarat tangan. Saya menurut perintahnya dan kami mula berbincang.

7. Saya terus tanya kepada No. 1 “Dato’, saya dengar saya punya kes fail sudah dibuka, macam mana sekarang Dato’?. Kemudian No. 1 beritahu kepada saya “you jangan dengar orang cakap, saya janji sama you, you punya kes fail takkan jadi”. Kemudian saya tanya lagi “saya punya bisnes macam mana? Boleh jalan lagi tak?”. No. 1 kata “you tunggu saya beri green light sama tuan Hedzir, you boleh buka bisnes cara terbuka”. No. 1 beritahu lagi selepas ni mana-mana orang sindiket ekor yang sudar keluar order, boleh beri maklumat padanya. Saya jawab pada No. 1, “saya minta maaf, saya tidak tahu”. Kemudian akhir sekali saya minta dari No. 1 dengan berkata “Dato’, itu bisnes kita letak tepi dulu, tapi saya minta jangan buka kes fail atas saya”. Lepas saya tanya, No. 1 jawab “itu no problem”. No. 1 kata lagi pada saya “Ah Han, saya pun tak boleh lama, saya nak balik”. Semasa saya hendak turun dari kereta saya terus mengeluar sampul surat berisi S$30,000/- dan beri kepada No.1 sambil berkata “ini hadiah pada dato”. No. 1 menyuruh saya meletakkan sampul surat itu ditempat handbrek berdekatan dengan begnya.

8. Pada 28/12/2006, saya telah diberitahu oleh seorang pegawai D7, IPK Johor yang order 3(1) telah keluar. Lepas saya tahu saya terus telefon DSP Hedzir dan bertanya kepadanya bagaimana dengan janjinya tempoh hari berkaitan kes fail saya, kenapa masih keluar order 3(1). DSP Hedzir beritahu saya supaya sabar dan meminta wang lagi dari saya sebanyak RM20,000/- sebagai sponsor. Saya tidak beri dan sejak dari DSP Hedzir tidak menghubungi saya lagi sehinggalah saya ditangkap 3(1) pada 21/02/2007. Segala pembayaran kepada DSP Hedzir adalah wang dari hasil perniagaan saya di Marcopolo.

9. Saya merasa telah ditipu dan dianiaya kerana wang telah pun dibayar tetapi janji tidak ditunai.

Dan saya membuat pengakuan ini dengan sesungguhnya mempercayai bahawa yang sama adalah benar dan mengikut peruntukan Akta Akuan Berkanun, 1960.

AH HAN (No K/P: 830210-01-5407) tersebut di atas )
di Kuala Lumpur pada haribulan 2007 )

Di hadapan saya,

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah

(The original copy of the above was signed and personally delivered to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin).

Bullshit Muslims in bullshit Malaysia

Not only is it impossible for non-Muslims to get attracted to Islam if Malays are taken as the ‘perfect’ example of what Islam is, it is even difficult for Muslims to remain Muslims when you look at the conduct of Malays.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Cubaan Bunuh Diri Isteri Raja Petra

Akibat tekanan yang di hadapi dalam hidupnya Marina Lee Abdullah isteri Raja Petra Kamarudin hampir membunuh diri minggu lepas, ini di ceritakan sendiri oleh seorang nurse di SJMC Subang Jaya kepada det.

Sudah la si suami ghaib entah kemana dan sekarang ni di buru polis, anak kesayangan pula terlibat dalam berberapa kes samun dan rompakan bersenjata.

Marina Lee Abdullah di masukan ke SJMC minggu lepas kerana pendarahan yang teruk di pergelangan tangan kirinya di percayai dia mengelar pergelangan untuk cuba menamatkan riwayat hidupnya.

Sekarang ini menurut nurse yang memberi maklumat kepada det, marina sudah beransur sembuh dan sudah keluar dari sjmc dan berada di rumah kakaknya di Ampang.

Itulah pengajaran yang di berikan Allah apabila si suami yang tak ada kerja lain asyik suka memfitnah orang dan akhirnya keluarga porak peranda.

Posted by darul ehsan today (det) at 7:47 PM, Monday, June 15, 2009


Parpu Kari said...
June 15, 2009 9:07 PM

Born Of Truth said...
padan muka dia, tipu aja lebih... Bkn keluarga dia aja porak peranda, hbs satu M'sia dibuatnyer . ..
June 15, 2009 9:13 PM

Anonymous said...


June 16, 2009 12:39 AM

Kesedaran said...

1. Dlm mengharungi dunia yg sementara ini, apa yg baik kpd kita utk hidup aman dan tenteram mengikut ISLAM adalah :-

- jauhkan diri kita dari menganiya org lain.Sekiranya kita menganiya org pasti lambat atau cepat balasan akan diterima di dunia juga.Biar kita x ada uang tetapi penganiyan sesama manusian wajib dijauhi x kira apa suku sekali pun.

- jauhkan diri dari sifat sombong dan riak. Apa yg berlaku hanya ALLAH sahaja yg tahu. Utk mendapatkan jawapannya perbanyakan solah istiqarah, dimana silap diri sendiri,inshallah DIA akan tunjuk kan.
June 16, 2009 2:09 AM

Tungaklangit said...
salam bro

nasib baik sjmc selamatkannya kalau tidak sah anwar, karpal singh @ the geng akan tuduh UMNO yang menyebabkan dia buat begitu...

anyway orang jahat memang akan dibalas macam tulah...

dia islam mengapa nak bunuh diri???

tak belajar agama dari RPK ke???
June 16, 2009 2:09 AM

Anonymous said...
Islam liberal tu.
June 16, 2009 4:21 AM

Senjaliza said...
Pintu Taubat masih terbuka. Sesungguhnya Allah SWT itu Maha Pengasih dan Maha Pengampun. Keperluan manusia ialah memaafkan dirinya sendiri terlebih dahulu sebelum bermaafan dengan saudara-saudaranya. Allhuwallam.
June 16, 2009 5:14 AM

Anonymous said...
hahahaa...bagusla posting ko ni...artikel sampah...
June 16, 2009 6:43 AM


That was what an Umno website reported two days ago. For those who don’t understand Malay, basically what the report says is that my wife was admitted into hospital after trying to commit suicide and that she is now recuperating at her sister’s house in Ampang.

Now, what is wrong with that report, which, according to the writer, is information he or she received from a nurse in that hospital?

Okay, first of all, the report is false. But that is not what I want to bring to your attention. What I wish to focus on is how Malays always use the word Allah in everything they say, especially when they are lying.

Have you noticed how Malays always use words like Assalamualaikum, Alhamdulillah, mashaAllah, inshaAllah, and whatnot? This is so that they can give you the impression that they are very religious and whatever they do and say is for the sake of God.

The more they use these ‘key’ words when they talk the more you must be suspicious of them. When they need to hide behind God and use God’s name to ‘support’ what they say the more you can assume they are trying to bullshit you.

Malays will also scream that you should not talk about Islam unless you are ‘qualified’ to do so. And the ‘qualifications’ would be you must first wear a turban and a white robe. They judge a book by its cover and a religious person by his dressing. The fact that many rape cases, in particular those involving incest, are committed by ‘religious’ men wearing white skullcaps appears to have escaped them.

A friend of mine, the son of a once famous Perak Mufti during the reign of a very ‘colourful’ Perak Sultan, told me this story about two years ago. Actually it is more a joke than a story.

Anyway, the story goes as follows.

There was this man who had four sons. One became a lawyer, another a doctor, and the third became an engineer. The fourth son was not as clever as the first three and could not go to university. So he was sent to do religious studies and went on to become a Mufti.

Hey, this joke was related by the son of a famous Perak Mufti. I am just telling you what he told me. Anyway, joke or otherwise, this sort of sums up the ‘level’ of most of these so-called religious people. Of course, there are exceptions like the one-time Perlis Mufti who has gone to the UK to further his studies.

When Malays start spewing the name of God be very careful. This means there is a lot of bullshit about to emit from their mouths. When you see the word Allah attached to anything they write or say, then rest assured you can dismiss what they are writing and saying as a load of hogwash. These people are as religious as Paris Hilton is a virgin.

When I was under ISA detention in September last year, I was subjected to a ‘rehabilitation’ program. The six Malay Special Branch officers assigned to me engaged me in heated arguments about Islam. That night they refused to let me sleep and every hour on the hour someone was sent to my cell to wake me up and engage me in debates on Islam.

It is not so much what they discussed or the fact that they were depriving me of sleep (sleep depravation is a sort of torture and used quite often in countries like Iran and Iraq) that pissed me off. It is the manner they spoke and the tone of voice they used that made me not only hate them but got me turned off Islam as well.

It came to a stage that I banged the table with my fist and shouted at the six Special Branch officers. “To hell with Islam,” I shouted. “If you really insist that I have insulted Islam then punish me. Take me outside and cut off my head.”

The six Special Branch officers just stared at me. “What are you waiting for?” I shouted. “I now officially leave Islam. I am no longer a Muslim. Now take me outside and cut off my head.”

One of the Special Branch officers shouted at me and walked out in disgust.

That night, two other officers I had never met before came to my cell. I shouted at them to get the hell out off my face. “Have you not heard? I am no longer a Muslim,” I shouted. “Now get the hell out of here and leave me alone. I want to sleep and you people are not allowing me to sleep.” I then turned around and left them standing there. I did not respond to whatever they said. After about ten minutes they gave up and went off.

Malays are the worst example of how a Muslim should act. Islam is only on their lips, never in their hearts. Not only is it impossible for non-Muslims to get attracted to Islam if Malays are taken as the ‘perfect’ example of what Islam is, it is even difficult for Muslims to remain Muslims when you look at the conduct of Malays

Attempt to dislodge Ganesan may be held up

By Shannon Teoh - The Malaysian Insider

V. Sivakumar faces an uphill task in his bid to regain the speaker's seat in the Perak legislative assembly.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — V. Sivakumar may face an obstacle in a bid to regain the speaker's seat in the Perak legislative assembly tomorrow.

The Ipoh High Court is to hear the matter in chambers tomorrow but the fact that respondent Datuk R. Ganesan has no named counsel or submitted any affidavit may result in the case being postponed.

Further, it appears that a judge from Kuala Lumpur is to be sent up to take over the case.

Sivakumar, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) appointed speaker of the Perak state assembly, filed the suit at the Ipoh High Court on May 15 against Ganesan to prevent him from acting as speaker and for damages for injury and embarrassment during the chaotic May 7 sitting where the latter claims he rightfully replaced Sivakumar.

Even though Sivakumar's suit refuses to acknowledge that at any material time he was not the speaker, Ganesan will be expected to argue that the manhandling of Sivakumar was done in his capacity as speaker after the Tronoh assemblyman refused to leave his seat.

As such, the court will inevitably have to answer the question of who is the legitimate speaker.

Leong Cheok Keng, part of PR's legal team handling cases pertaining to the Perak crisis, told The Malaysian Insider that as of this afternoon, they have yet to be informed of any response by Ganesan or a representative of his.

"Our lead counsel also received a letter this morning saying that a judge from KL will preside over this case, but I am not sure who it is," he added

The position of speaker is crucial as he controls assembly proceedings and for Barisan Nasional (BN), it could mean convening an assembly to pass a vote of no confidence in Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, rendering the expected appeal to the Federal Court over who is the legitimate mentri besar academic.

But if PR wins, then it would have achieved one of two decisive conclusions. It means the May 7 assembly was never called into session by Sivakumar.

So unless the controversial "tree assembly" of March 3 is recognised, no sitting has been called for over six months, which is prohibited by the state constitution and may render the current assembly unconstitutional, forcing its dissolution and fresh polls which PR has been calling for since the Feb 5 takeover by BN.

If the "tree assembly" is valid, it would reinstall Nizar as mentri besar and affirm suspensions of his rival Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir and his six exco, giving PR the majority in a future sitting of the assembly.

Anwar: Najib desperate for all the support he can get

By Adib Zalkapli - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today slammed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for attempting to entice PAS into joining the ruling party.

The Opposition leader said he had personally spoken to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who reaffirmed the Islamist party's commitment to the oppostion coalition of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“Clearly Najib requires some support because his support base is crumbling,” Anwar told reporters when asked about Najib's remark earlier today that he could sense PAS's sincerity in wanting to form unity government.

Anwar also said that the matter will be discussed at a PR leadership meeting next week but admitted that PAS will still engage with Umno but only on specific issues that are of national importance.

Earlier PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa in response to Najib's remark said the party has no intention of joining Umno or Barisan Nasional (BN) but will continue to engage the Malay nationalist party.

“I have been informed in no uncertain terms by the PAS president, and he will give a full view to the Pakatan meeting next Monday that he is committed to Pakatan and will only discuss with Umno leaders if Umno is committed to some reforms including including free and fair election and the judiciary,” he added.

Anwar was also asked about his remark made last weekend where he urged the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia.

The Permatang Pauh MP has been heavily criticised by former servicemen and their family members for the remark.

“I sympathise with their loss, no way do we compromise our stand on this, but why single out Chin Peng when others were allowed to come back and given financial support on humanitarian and compassionate grounds,” said Anwar adding that he does not condone violence.

Is there a foul play in A. Gnanapragasam’s death or for the matter the post mortem?

Sure we all know there is and will believe this as another cover up but what is more intriguing and interesting is how the police decided to use Dr Prashant S. Ambekar to conduct the post mortem.

Now that is a food for thought, you may actually believe everything is true in the post mortem report as it done by Dr Ambekar. That is one tough question, don't you think so?

The wife saw the husband on Friday, June 12, 2009 with bruised eyes. The deceased complained to the magistrate on the beating and torture by the police, yet the magistrate never summoned the police to conduct a medical test on him.

Then, on June 15, 2009 he is found dead in the toilet in the police station. When the wife and sympathizers visited his body at the mortuary, no cell phone and cameras were allowed.

On June 16, 2009, Bernama reports that Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said Monday night the cause of Gnanapragasam’s death was "toxaemia secondary to spontaneous peritonitis" or blood poisoning due to a bacteria infection in the intestines. He said the autopsy at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMCC) at noon yesterday was done by pathologist Dr Prashant Ambekar. Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohammed said the autopsy did not trace any bruises or injuries on the body.

Relating back to Kugan’s case the same Dr Ambekar had disputed the finding of the Selayang fellow and Health Ministry Director-General Dr Mohd Ismail Merican implied that Dr Prashant S Ambekar relatively lack of experience had contributed to mistakes in his postmortem findings.

Doesn’t this sound all too fishy that the same doctor is now on top of the chart for the police to conduct the post mortem for a murder of a Malaysian Indian in custody. After all Dr Ambekar became infamous for his finding in Kugan’s murder, can anyone question him here on the finding of A. Gnanapragasam? Are we witnessing another conspiracy theory or is it my figmentation of imagination?

My figmentation of imagination is the police using the very same doctor who had captured the confidence of the people in Kugan’s case is now being coerced by the might of the government to state otherwise? Your guess is as good as my guess.

I don’t mean to insinuate anything here but I think you get my jive that the government tacked along with the mighty police force is actually getting smarter in their attempt to hoodwink the public in their so called governance without any impartiality.

For you and me, another episode in Bolehland Malaysia, but for humanity more so for a Malaysian Indian family just another sad tragedy that never will see the light of justice in the pretext of all is fair and equal in a pseudo Malaysia.

R. Shan (Human Being)

Selepas Racun Lipas, Najib Sedia Sapukan Gam Tikus

Sheih Kickdefella

Dua malam lepas, bapa saudara saya yang tinggal di kampung Tikat dekat Penambang meninggal dunia. Sewaktu menziarahinya, kenangan semasa kecil menyentuh hati saya. Di situlah saya belajar turun ke sawah padi dan terjun ke dalam sungai.

Kampung Tikat, tak lebih 10 kilometer dari pusat bandar adalah sebuah daripada kampung yang paling mundur di Kelantan satu ketika dulu iaitu sejak BN merampas semula Kelantan daripada PAS setelah PAS diusir dari BN.

Sepupu-sepupu saya yang tamat persekolahan semuanya gagal mendapat pekerjaan dalam perkhidmatan awam. Mohon untuk menjadi rekrut tentera pun tidak dapat kerana alamat rumah mereka di Kampung Tikat.

Penduduk kampung Tikat di diskriminasikan oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional sama ada dari segi pembangunan, pembahagian baja, biasiswa dan jawatan di dalam perkhidmatan awam. Nasib penduduk di situ sama seperti beberapa kampung lain kerana penduduk di situ secara bulat mengundi PAS di dalam pilihanraya negeri 1977.

PAS tewas teruk dan hanya mampu memenangi 2 kerusi DUN setelah berlaku perpecahan di dalam parti itu yang berpunca dari penyertaannya ke dalam BN pada tahun 1971.

Di dalam pilihanraya pertama setelah 13 Mei 1969, iaitu pada tahun 1974 menyaksikan PAS bertanding di atas label BN dan menentang beberapa pemimpin mereka yang keluar parti dan menamakan diri mereka Bebas Bersatu.

Setelah memenangi Kelantan di atas label BN, PAS hilang kuasa didalam menamakan calon mereka sebagai Menteri Besar sebaliknya keputusan itu dibuat oleh pemimpin UMNO. Akibatknya Mohd Nasir dari PAS di angkat menjadi MB walaupun dia bukan pilihan PAS. Akibatnya berlaku undi tidak percaya kepada Mohd Nasir dan dia ditumbangkan pada tahun 1977.

UMNO kemudiannya mengusir PAS keluar dari BN. PAS yang masih mempunyai majoriti di dalam Dewan Negeri Kelantan memohon perkenan Pemangku Sultan Kelantan supaya dilantik Menteri Besar baru dari nama yang dicadangkan oleh PAS. Istana Kelantan bagaimanapun memilih untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Kelantan dan ini membangkitkan kemarahan rakyat.

Akibat dari rentetan insiden yang berlaku, Ibrahim Ali dan beberapa pemimpin UMNO telah mengapi-apikan keadaan sehingga berlaku rusuhan. Akibatnya, Parlimen mengisytiharkan Kelantan diperintah di bawah akta Dharurat.

Sepupu-sepupu saya ketika dibesarkan oleh ayah mereka menerusi pendapatan dari bergatih beca. Usaha mereka untuk membantu ayah mereka dengan berkerja di dalam perkhidmatan awam atau tentera tidak tercapai kerana diskriminasi politik.

Akhirnya, sepupu perempuan saya yang juga anak yang sulung dikahwinkan dengan seorang pekerja di Restoran Nasi Sumatera Osman Laring. Selepas Osman Laring meninggal, si suami membuka kedai makan sendiri. Adiknya yang gagal mendapatkan perkerjaan ataupun melanjutkan pelajaran walaupun lulus MCE akhirnya menjadi tukang basuh pinggan di restoran abang iparnya.

Bagaimanapun, dua hari lepas di saat ayah kesayangan mereka menghembuskan nafas terakhir, 4 dari sepupu saya tidak dapat berada disini ayah mereka kerana mereka kini memiliki lebih dari 10 buah rangkaian kedai Nasi Ayam Kampung di sekitar Lembah Kelang.

Kalau dahulu mereka dilahirkan di sebuah pondok kayu usang, saat ayahnya meninggalkan mereka, rumah itu sudah berganti banglow batu sederhana. Kalau dahulu ayah mereka hidup tertekan dan mereka mengharapkan derma dan sumbangan, kini mereka adalah antara penderma utama termasuk sumbangan politik kepada PAS.

Saya menggelarkan mereka jutawan Nasi Ayam Kampung. Tetapi mereka tidak pernah berubah. Mereka terus setia kepada resam hidup mereka sewaktu miskin dahulu dan mereka terus setia bersama parti politik yang mengajar mereka ilmu dunia dan akhirat.

Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Timbalan Presiden PAS tidak berasal dari Kelantan. Dia juga tidak berasal dari Kedah. Tetapi hari ini, tentu sekali dia adalah manusia paling gembila mendengar kenyataan Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan Presiden UMNO.

Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, hari ini mengakui keiklhasan PAS di dalam mengesyorkan Kerajaan Perpaduan bersama UMNO. Kenyataan Najib hari ini seharusnya di baca begini,

“Keikhlasan kerjasama Nasharuddin Mat Isa dan Leftenan Jeneral Wan Abu Bakar untuk melupakan usaha mempertahankan kepimpinan Pak Lah dan kini berusaha mengembalikan legasi Tun Abdul Razak di terima Najib”.

Setelah sekian lama bermain secara rali di mana bulu tangkis dipukul ke sana ke mari di kedua-dua belah gelanggang tanpa maklamat yang jelas, akhirnya Najib memberikan bola tanggung.

Nasharuddin yang sudah lama menantikan peluang itu akhirnya menerkam untuk smash. Nasharuddin segera menjawab kepada media, “terima kasih atas kesudian Najib berbincang pelbagai isu yang dihadapi negara tetapi berkata PAS tidak akan jadi boneka kerajaan”.

Pertama kali dilihat seolah-olah Najib dengan Nasha bercakap macam itik dengan ayam. Apakah mereka sebenarnya bermain badminton di gelanggang berlainan?

Berikut adalah laporan The Star,

When asked if he thought PAS was sincere about the talks, Najib said: ”I sense that they are sincere.”

Pressed further whether he was confident that such talks would transpire, he said : “Ini baru titik permulaan. Kita kena risik dulu lah. Macam kita nak kahwin. Risik-risik dulu. Jadi, jadilah, takdir menentukan. Apa bentuk kita tak tahu. (This is just the starting point. We have to make inquiries first. It’s like when we want to get married. We make inquiries first. If happens, it happens, let fate decide. What form (of unity government) we do not know.”

“We have an open mind. We will see what sort of cooperation is suitable and after that we can discuss. There is no problem to it,” he said.

In an immediate response, PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa welcomed Najib’s willingness to talk on issues affecting the country.

However, he stressed that PAS would not be the Government’s puppet.

Memang jelas bahawa PAS tidak akan menjadi boneka UMNO. Yang jelas akan menjadi bahkan sudah lama menjadi boneka UMNO ialah Nasharuddin Mat Isa, begitu juga Mustaffa Ali, Harun Din, Hassan Ali dan kawan-kawan mereka dari Terengganu.

Apabila datang ke Kelantan minggu lepas ternyata Nasha lebih selesa diselimuti hawa dari penghawa dingin di hotel paling hebat di Kota Bharu daripada dibakar bahang melawat kawasan parlimennya di Bachok.

Mengapa tidaknya, di serata persimpangan jalan ke Kota Bharu, bahkan di pintu masuk utama ke Kompleks Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan, terpampang jelas banner-banner yang menyokong Tuan Guru Nik Aziz di dalam usaha menentang gagasan Kerajaan Perpaduan bersama BN.

Kalau dibandingkan diantara sepupu-sepupu saya dan Nasharuddin Mat Isa, saya yakin sepupu-sepupu saya jauh lebih kaya baik dari segi harta maupun wang tunai. Tetapi mereka tidak memilih untuk hidup di dalam ‘Gated Community” di dalam kawasan esklusif yang hanya menempatkan 30 buah banglow sahaja seperti Timbalan Presiden PAS.

Mereka juga tidak pernah mengumpul kekayaan dengan memohon projek dari Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan seperti Nasharuddin Mat Isa. Apalagi mengaut untung atas angin menerusi projek perumahan rakyat?

Mungkin sebab itulah, sepupu-sepupu saya tidak perlu berbaik dengan UMNO dan bercerita pasal agenda Melayu. Kejayaan mereka bukan kerana UMNO dan bukan melaui MARA. Sebagai warganegara Malaysia, sepupu saya menjunjung Rukun Negara yang pertama iaitu Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan.

Sepanjang hidup mereka, mereka berserah kepada Yang Maha Kuasa dan mereka buktikan bahawa untuk orang Melayu berjaya, orang Melayu tidak perlu berserah kepada UMNO.

Nasharuddin Mat Isa sebagai pemimpin kanan gerakan Islam, seharusnya belajar dari penderitaan sepupu saya. Allah lebih berkuasa daripada UMNO Barisan Nasional.

Islamic state

By The Nut Graph team

AH, the Islamic state. What is the Islamic state, actually? Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said Malaysia was one already. PAS disagrees and wants to turn Malaysia into a real Islamic state. The DAP staunchly does not want an Islamic state. And Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) ... well, the PKR jury on the Islamic state is still out on an extended recess.

What are the "Islamic states" in existence now? Saudi Arabia? But a monarchy was never part of the Islamic government envisioned by the prophet Muhammad and his immediate successors, the rightly-guided caliphs.

Iran? But to be precise, Iran is a Shiite state, and as we know in Malaysia, Shiism is a big no-no.

Pakistan? The Islamic Republic of Pakistan seems constantly on the brink of civil war due to Taliban insurgencies.

Sultan Ahmed mosque in Turkey (Public domain)
And contrary to popular belief, several Middle Eastern states do not identify as "Islamic states". On one hand, we have Turkey, the avowedly secular republic which is flexible enough to have an Islamist-led federal government.

And then we have the North African kingdoms and republics, which are notionally secular but incorporate Islamic values and jurisprudence into their penal codes and personal laws.

The most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, does not even regard itself as an "Islamic state". In fact, in 2002, Indonesia's highest legislative body, the People's Consultative Assembly, struck down any attempt to make syariah legislation the highest law of the land.

It bears noting that Islam has a rich history of diverse political philosophies related to governance and legislation. This can be seen from the early Muslim community in post-Hijrah Madinah; to the Umayyad and Abbasid empires; to the breakaway Shia dynasties — the Safavids and the Fatimids; and eventually the Ottoman caliphate. Throughout history, Muslims have tried to govern according to different understandings of Islam.

Perhaps it was the fall of the Ottoman empire after World War I and the formation of the modern, secular Turkish republic that effectively signaled the end of the "Islamic state" as was widely understood. Many Muslims at that time were still colonised by the non-Muslim West. Hence, the struggle for independence was equated with a defence of "Islam".

Contemporary Islamic movements, therefore, have their work cut out for them. Yes, they want an Islamic state, but do they want a transnational, Ottoman-like caliphate? A European Union equivalent of an Islamic state, perhaps? Or do they want many different Islamic states? Then they would have to deal with the kinds of Islamic states that are acceptable — for example, should all Islamic states be republic in form, or can they remain monarchies?

And perhaps the question that most lay citizens will ask in the Islamic state debate is: What about syariah laws? Will adulterers be stoned? Will women who do not cover their hair be punished? Will Muslims who drink alcohol be flogged in public? Will non-Muslims be relegated to second-class status under the guise of "protectionism"? What will happen to the Jews?

World Muslim population map; click for bigger view
(By Mohsin, source: Wiki commons)
And so, taking into account this complicated matrix of issues surrounding the Islamic state, The Nut Graph is pleased to present the most challenging Six Words yet! Tell us your thoughts on the Islamic state — condense it, describe it, define it, challenge it, support it, glorify it, criticise it — in only six words.

To begin, The Nut Graph got cracking and came up with these entries:

Deborah Loh:

Farewell my beloved country, I'm leaving.

Stay back and mount peaceful resistance.

Gan Pei Ling:

Will women be allowed to think?

PAS for all? Just a slogan.

I support Islamic (oops!) secular state.

Jacqueline Ann Surin:

Islamic state by whom for whom?

Only in the prophet Muhammad's time.

Malaysia is already on its way.

Tapi bagaimana kalau ada perbezaan tafsiran?

Susah sebab orang Islam begitu majmuk.

Pakai tudung, moral policing, tangkap khalwat.

Fatwa haramkan rokok, beryoga dan pengkid.

PAS lawan DAP. PAS, Umno bersaing.

Kedudukan PKR masih kabur tak tentu.

Shanon Shah:
Shirin Ebadi (Courtesy of the International
Peace Foundation)

The Scandinavian countries fit the bill.

Adulterers and apostates to the guillotine!

Rhymes with "Cannot drink or fornicate."

Nice concept, no existing role models.

Can Shirin Ebadi be its leader?

Tetapi apa negara contoh masa kini?

Zedeck Siew:

In the spotlight / Losing my religion.