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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kampung Buah Pala

Victory wasn't for the residents.

15 films for 15Malaysia

Show us your money, Tiong dares Tee Keat

By Lee Wei Lian - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 – Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is standing firm in the face of an impending lawsuit from Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

And, he has raised the ante in the quarrel by challenging the transport minister to reveal his bank assets to the public, on top of other allegations about donations and free jet rides.

The feisty Tiong’s company Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) is under investigation by Ong’s ministry for its involvement in the scandal hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ).

Yesterday, he questioned the amount of money that the minister and his wife have deposited in their bank accounts and said that “I urge the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate” but stopped short of saying he would lodge a report with the MACC.

“Everybody is talking about integrity and transparency. You can calculate how much you can make as a minister and as a member of parliament, and see if the amounts match,” he told The Malaysian Insider when contacted yesterday.

The federal lawmaker from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party also claimed a hidden agenda in the ongoing probe into the PKFZ project and alleged that Ong was out to end his political career.

“I called the person who got the order (to kill Tiong’s political career) from Ong and I confirmed it,” he said and added he was willing to tell the media the person’s name if Ong denied the allegation.

The clash between the two men emerged after a special task force probing PKFZ asserted last week that KDSB, of which Tiong is the CEO and major shareholder, had made at least RM500 million in questionable claims, following which Port Klang Authority chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng lodged a police report against KDSB.

Since then, Tiong has made the stunning claim that he had made a RM10 million donation to Ong last year, ostensibly for MCA party purposes.

Ong, who is also known to possess a combative streak, has denied this and confirmed yesterday that he would be taking legal action to clear his name.

The transport minister, who has cultivated an image of being clean and transparent, and won some praise for pushing for PKFZ to be investigated, has seen his reputation take a hit as a result of Tiong’s allegations, and claims that Tiong’s accusations are an attempt to divert attention from the PKFZ issue.

Tiong however, says that the transport minister can “go ahead and investigate (PKFZ),” but still insists that Ong had received a multi-million ringgit donation from him.

“I can sit down with him and show him where he took the money,” says Tiong.

KDSB has been unhappy about a perceived bias from the special task force and Lee has responded to the allegations by saying that a letter was sent to KDSB during the task force’s investigations but it met with no response.

When asked about this, Tiong says that no letter was received, saying: “I don’t know where they sent the letter to.”

He also questioned Ong and Lee’s understanding of the PKFZ project.

“How can Lee lodge a police report when the board is still going through the findings of the task force report?” asked Tiong, referring to the fact that the police report was filed last week but the PKA board was still reviewing the task force report on Tuesday.

Officials from Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime department began their investigations last Friday and have also taken Lee’s statement.

Can a statutory declaration clear Rohaizat of the “personal misconduct” resulting in his being struck off the lawyers’ rolls for breach of trust and d

By Lim Kit Siang,

Barisan Nasional candidate for Permatang Pasir by-election Rohaizat Othman has said that he would heed Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s advice to make a statutory declaration to protect himself from accusations made by various quarters.

The two questions Rohaizat must answer are:

• Whether he was found guilty of “serious misconduct” including “breach of trust, dishonesty, shown gross disregard” of the client’s (Penang Small Rubber Plantation Holders’ Co-operative Society) interests “tantamount to a conduct unbefitting that of an advocate and solicitor which conduct as such brings the legal profession into disrepute” and struck off the Roll of Advocates and Solicitors by the Chairman of the Advocates and Solictors Disciplinary Board Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad Sulaiman on 7th March 2008, which was upheld by the High Court; and

• Whether a statutory declaration can clear Rohaizat of his “personal conduct” resulting in his being struck off the lawyers’ rolls?

The first question is one of fact, for which Rohaizat cannot deny even though the Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan had called Rohaizat a hero for assuming responsibility for the improprieties of a former partner, Yusri Ishak. Yusri has since surfaced to point out that it was Rohaizat who was personally responsible for the misappropriation of the client’s monies – for which there has been no rebuttal from Rohaizat.

If the answer to the second question is “yes”, it will have far-reaching implications. Does this mean that the Commissioners of Oath in the country will be having a roaring business as there would be long queues of people who would want to make statutory declarations that they were not guilty of offences they had been convicted.

If the answer to the second question is “no”, then what is the worth of such a statutory declaration?

Tengku Razaleigh has summed it up best with his questions:

“Is Umno so short of people that we have to find a lawyer disbarred for financial dishonesty to stand? Has financial misconduct become so common among us that we no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability?”

One Better Malaysia: Tribute to Teoh Beng Hock & Yasmin Ahmad – 21, August 2009

By Haris Ibrahim,

For details, please go HERE.

Penan task force report "not available"

By Zedeck Siew

Very comel young Penan girl holding onto a green chair
Penan child (all pics courtesy of Sofiyah Israa / Flickr)

PETALING JAYA, 21 Aug 2009: Despite Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil's pledge, the Penan task force report is still not available, not even to "interested parties" visiting her ministry.

Attempts by The Nut Graph yesterday — following the minister's promise to make the report available to a limited audience of "interested parties" only — to access and examine the report at the Women's Development Department (JPW) proved unsuccessful.

"It is not available now," JPW director-general Datuk Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur said when met at her office, even though it's been nearly a year since reports surfaced that Penan women and girls were being sexually violated.

"I will pose this request (to access the report) to the minister, and get back to you," Noorul said, when asked why an "interested party" such as a journalist could not access the report.

On 26 May, Shahrizat, in declining to commit to making the report public, said that "interested parties" would be able to approach the ministry to discuss the details of the report.

"A request has to be put in, and we will be happy to oblige," Shahrizat had said.

The Nut Graph did notify the minister's office of its intention to view the report through her media secretary. However, this request went unacknowledged.

The Nut Graph also wrote in to Noorul two days before going to her department but only received an e-mail response to say that she would revert on the request after having a task force meeting next week.

Penans saying grace

When met yesterday, Noorul said she "hoped" to have the report available for viewing after the meeting next week.

Neither Shahrizat nor Noorul have been able to explain why the task force report, which identifies the Penan community's vulnerabilities in the Sarawak interior, cannot be made public or accessed by "interested parties".

The Penan task force was commissioned by former minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen in October 2008. It was dispatched to investigate claims that logging company employees were sexually abusing young Penan girls and women.

The task force also included representatives from women's non-governmental organisations (NGOs), such as the Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) and the Women's Centre for Change (WCC).

While ten months have passed since the task force was dispatched to investigate the situation on the ground, its findings have still not been released.

This remains the case, despite calls by women's and indigenous peoples' advocacy groups for the government to make its findings public so that there can be public accountability.

"Important to forge forward"

When asked whether she thought that not declassifying the report reflected badly on the ministry, Noorul said that "we should not play the blame game".

"What is important now is to forge forward, and think of ways to improve the lives of our indigenous communities," she said.

Penan listening to a sermon at the village church in Long Adang

According to Noorul, who was also part of the Penan task force, despite the lack of public disclosure, various government departments had already begun to act on the task force's findings.

Noorul revealed that on 27 May, the cabinet endorsed a plan of action to address the problems brought to light by the task force's investigations.

"The JPW is working with Sarawak NGOs, such as the Sarawak Women for Women Society, in a three-phase programme to address issues of sexual harassment and mental development," Noorul explained.

This action plan, after familiarisation phases in late June, will be implemented in October.

"This is the JPW strategy," Noorul said, adding that the National Registration Department, as well as the health and education departments, were already undertaking their own strategies.

"What has been proposed must be implemented on the ground," Noorul added. To this end, she revealed that the Penan task force would be reconvened to monitor such actions.

However, it will be hard to ascertain whether the task force's recommendations are firstly, adequate and secondly, implemented if the public remains in the dark about what its recommendations are.

Sarawak police reportedly told NGOs they cannot afford Penan-Malay interpreters to conduct investigations

This lack of public accountability and the 19 Aug revelation that the Sarawak police would not be supporting a joint police-NGO mission to investigate the reports of abuse due to a lack of funding, is worrying. It raises the question of whose interests are really being protected in Sarawak.

But Noorul would not be drawn into such a discussion. Instead, she stressed the need for NGOs and the public sector to work together.

She added that the JPW welcomed interested NGOs who wished to work with the ministry on Penan welfare. "The more the merrier," Noorul said.

Kg Buah Pala residents lose at Federal Court - Anil Netto

1210: Kg Buah Pala residents have failed in their attempt to get the Federal Court to revise its earlier decision. They were unable to get a full trial, says one of the villagers. He adds that there could be another appeal coming up next week (I need to verify this).

Once again, the Kg Buah Pala residents have taken their case to the highest court in the land.

ISA and Police Act to see changes

New Straits Times
by Farrah Naz Karim

Detention period may be cut, public gatherings to be allowed without police permit.

PUTRAJAYA: Amendments to the acts under the purview of the Home Ministry, which will be tabled at the October meeting of Parliament, may see the government allowing public gatherings, including those for political purposes, without a police permit.

It may also see the shortening of the detention period under the Internal Security Act.

This was announced by Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein here yesterday after a committee meeting to review several acts under his purview.

Hishammuddin had several months ago promised to review acts under the purview of his ministry that were deemed "archaic".

He said Section 27 of the Police Act would be reviewed to "recognise the right of the public to gather peacefully". However, such public gatherings are to be held at specific places, which will soon be gazetted.

"We have been hearing a lot of debate on the issuance of permits to gather. Thus far, the police had allowed gatherings that do not pose threats.

"So, we might as well allow for it this away, although it is to be held at suitable areas. At the end of the day, it is all about national security and stability," he said.

The meeting was also attended by Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

The three-hour meeting also mulled over possible changes to the ISA. Currently, under the ISA, anyone can be detained by the police for up to 60 days without trial.

Following that, the home minister can authorise detention for another two years without trial.

Hishammuddin reiterated that the government had no intention of abolishing the act but would incorporate into it an effective system of checks and balances.

He said the government was also aiming to remove the false perception that the ISA had been used as a political tool.

"Today's landscape is about perception. People tend to buy into lies spread by some quarters. The whole idea is to make these acts more relevant to the present time and ensure transparency, so that there is no room for accusations of its abuse.

"But I must stress that when it comes to national interest, there will be no compromise," he said.

Changes to the laws could be expected in December.

Hishammuddin said in the next two weeks, stakeholders to the laws will be engaged in sessions on the pending amendments.

Other acts that are likely to be amended are the Multimedia and Communications Act, the Restrictive Residence Ordinance and Public Security Act.

On efforts to curb lies and sedition in cyberspace, especially on religion, race and the monarchy, Hishammuddin said the meeting deliberated on ways to increase cooperation between the authorities, including the Multimedia Commission and the police.

The government, he reiterated, was not in the business of filtering and censoring the Internet but would go all out to ensure that the security and stability of the country were protected.


1. I gave a talk after I was conferred an honorary degree by the International Medical University. I directed a major part of my talk to the new graduates.

2. I explained that medicine is not just a profession, a qualification for earning a good income. It is a vocation, a calling which involves dedication to the job of healing the sick and caring for them.

3. What their qualification confers upon them is not just a degree but as doctors they have been elevated to a special status and endowed with special powers. They would have in them the capacity to inspire confidence and trust in their patient. The confidence and trust are such that people would literally entrust their lives to them, allowing them to cut open their bodies and do things which could kill if done by others.

4. The skill and the power they acquire owe much to the society in which they were brought up and their access to education up to the highest level. Not all human society can do this. A poor society, an unstable society, an uncaring society would not be able to give them even primary education, much less training to become a doctor. The cost borne by the society is high.Whether they get a scholarship or their parents pay for their education, they all owe a debt to society. It behoves them to repay to society through the service in which they are trained.

5. They should therefore be ready to offer their services to the society in which they lived. It may be by serving the Government or if this is not attractive enough, at least their country. They can earn a good income in Malaysia's private sector.

6. But some easily forget their debt and are easily enticed by higher pay in other countries. These countries paid nothing for their education and training and yet for a little bit more money they get the services of the people we paid a lot to train whether in Government school and universities or in private ones. Quite often the countries which get the service of our doctors are developed and rich.

7. The nation loses a lot when the people we train opts to work in other countries.

8. But the association of doctors make matters worse by refusing entry to foreign doctors to practice. It wants to keep the opportunities for making money in this country to its members only. It does not mind Malaysian doctors going out but foreign doctors may not come in. Only if they work with the Government can they come in.

9. The flow is one-way. Our doctors can leave the country but foreign doctors cannot replace them. We are losing the brains that we develop without the foreign brain coming in.

10. Despite all the Government's efforts we are losing especially the much-needed specialists.

11. There is something wrong here. If the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) wishes to close the country to outsiders then it should also object to Malaysian doctors from leaving the country. As it is the MMA seem to be wanting to have their cake and to eating it as well.

12. I am not suggesting that as we have embraced globalisation and the free flow of capital etc that we should now allow foreign doctors to come and open their hospitals here. But I do think that if local hospitals need to employ foreign doctors then they should be allowed to.

Someone needs public caning in Permatang Pasir

The Son-in-Law said this, according to Malaysian Insider:

“I dare Lim Guan Eng to appoint the PAS candidate as an exco if he wins,” he added followed by a loud roar from the audience.

I say this:

"I dare Najib Razak to appoint the Son-in-Law as a cabinet minister. He has already won the Ketua Pemuda Umno seat, why wait?"

Also look at the number of empty seats when the Son-in-Law spoke in Permatang Pasir, here.

Education support in Kedah

Good Day to all,
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Time : 9am to 3pm
Venue : Dewan Hindu Sabha, Kulim, Kedah

Our Target : Students who completed SPM (failed or average passed)

Our Aim : To provide facilities & second hope to students to further studies without any barriers

Target Numbers: Minimum 400 students from Kedah (Kulim, SP, Alor Setar, Padang Serai & other places)

To All The Readers: I would like to request each one of you to identify minimum one student from your area.
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Kampung Buah Pala Village : ‘High Chaparral of Penang’ - Federal Court Case Appeal, Putrajaya

Ganabatirau is wrong!

Mr.Murugan, was in London with Mr.Waytha Moorthy to solve the problem of Kg.Buah Pala with the World Heritage Trust in Unesco from 27th July 09 until 06th Aug 09, to list Kg.Buah Pala as one of the Heritage Village in Malaysia. Based on the remarks by Mr.Ganabatirau, I went on a personal interview with Mr.Murugan in Kg.Buah Pala to know the truth about the luxury life of Mr.Watha Moorthy in London as claimed by Mr.Ganabatirau. I conclude that Mr.Ganabatirau has a personal agenda is publishing those remarks with the influence by some irresponsible people that trying to pin down Hindraf as the saviour of the Indian Community who is in the center of marginalisation!. This is the statement by Mr.Murugan : Mr.Waytha is living a life which is below the medium life standard in London. He is staying in a small room approx 10"x12"ft in size. TV and a fan is the only accessory in his room. Mr.Murugan was sad after noticing the way a prominent lawyer and an Indian Leader is living in exile in the foreign land with only support from the Good Hearted Indians in the UK. He eats only simple fast food which is not expensive and consider the cheapest option in London. As a writer of this article,I have been to London as a Flight Crew about 20 times throughout my career and i agree that fast food is one of the cheapest option there. Although cars are cheaper compared to Malaysia, Mr.Waytha travels on trains and buses on a daily routine. The only person that is supporting his activities there in London financially, is his wife, family members and well wishers in London.

Ganabatirau is living a far more better life here compared to Mr.Waytha Moorthy and we can see clearly that Mr.Waytha is doing a great job from there by releasing articles and statements boldly compared to this Mr.Ganabatirau who has appeared like a mushroom after the rain and suddenly giving this unreasonable claims and accusations! Cheers to you Mr.Ganabatirau, all your efforts has gone into the drain! We proved that all your accusations are wrong...


Kg.Buah Pala villagers are ready to go to Federal now, they are praying hard so that the court hearing will be on the justice side! About 40 people

Posted by cryingvoices

Kg.Buah Pala villagers are ready to go to Federal now, they are praying hard so that the court hearing will be on the justice side! About 40 people from here is ready to leave the Village and will be boarding the bus anytime now.. wish them luck ! Pray for our success and lets fight Injustices!

Kg.Buah Pala final request...

Dear brothers and sister, I ve been updating news from Kg.Buah Pala for the past last one week.. since 12thAug2009 I ve been updating on each and every progress in the process of upholding Justice!, please understand that this is the truth, no one that we have depended for so long has helped the villagers! Non of them are coming all out for this poor, helpless families. No promises to give the villagers the 2storey houses as stated in all the media, I have uploaded the agreement and documents pertaining to this issue. Trust me friends, they are suffering and not as what you all are thinking, the value of RM200.000, RM500.000 is a story merely and nothing reality here. No one is giving anything concrete to the Villagers! This villages are really pressured, cheated and bullied by everyone around them, including the State Government and the developers! Neither of them came here to help the villagers sincerely. Sorry if some of my articles really put some of you down, it was out of anger that there are no help for this pitiful beings here, money is not everything in life, human values and happiness are the core of a life! Please pray hard for the souls that will attend the Federal Court hearing tommorow (21st Aug) hope the villagers will get what they deserve and justice uphold! MAy God Bless the Village and its beautiful people who were so kind to me throughout my stay here in Kg.Buah Pala, I love Kg.Buah Pala and wish the village that I m loving now will be here for another 100 generation to come. Thank you Buah Pala villagers! Thank you for your unity and for your effort to uphold Justice and Thank You for this clean and beautiful village that preserve its nature since the last 200 years! Love you Buah Pala ! God will save you no matter what! Justice and truthfulness will always wins!

2storey house for Kg.Buah Pala Villagers

Maybe this is the 2storey house that the State Government and Pakatan Rakyat Leader planning to be give to the villagers of Buah Pala, since there is no rights for the villagers to file a case in the court after signing the agreement, the villagers cant do anything even if this is the House they meant. Thats is what written in the invalid agreement given and asked to sign forcefully by the developer Nusmetro and Penang State Government best Leader of the year Lim Guan Eng, Ramasamy and RSN Rayer!

Trust me friends, Nusmetro and the state government is cheating the Villagers!

Heart Attack for Buah Pala Villager!

Mr.Murugan soon after discharged.

This is Mr.Murugan Karuppiah, he is the person that went all the way to the World Heritage Trust in Unesco to fight for the fellow Villagers and had his heart attack last Tuesday! He fight to save his village and villagers until he is affected badly, Look at this man, do you think that he will demand for a unreasonable compensation? He is worried that the villagers will be chased out without any damages paid and will live the village without knowing where to go and how to handle their children and their studies! Up to now, upto now, approximately about 10 people has been admitted in the hospital due to several reasons, mostly on stress reasons.The promises made by all the parties, including State Government is just a Castle made in the Air! No valid promises and agreement has been given to the villagers, the double storey house is just a say and not a reality! The agreement that has been given to them is an invalid document and it is a trap to ask the villagers to withdraw all the pending cases in the court and to prevent the villagers to file anymore cases in the court! Pure Injustice!


Wong at MACC to give statement

Ex-legal partner: BN man lying - Malaysiakini

Yusri Isahak, the former business partner of Rohaizat Othman, today vehemently refuted claims by Umno leaders that the party candidate was innocent from any wrongdoings.

"It's a blatant lie to say that he never knew anything about the cooperative land and money transactions.

"Apart from me, he was also the legitimate signatory of the company accounts.

"To suggest that he was implicated by my wrongdoing is a lie," Yusri (left) told journalists at a press conference at Yayasan Aman, Penanti today.

Yusri's startling revelation has surely put Rohaizat and Umno on the wrong foot again.

Since the issue of Rohaizat's disbarment by the Bar Council surfaced last Friday, the Umno leadership at the federal level has been working hard to deny that the candidate has a tainted legal background.

'Not guilty of any breach of trust'

"He is prepared to even make a statutory declaration if necessary to clear his name," said Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday.

In his press statement, Yusri urged Rohaizat and Umno to stop dragging him into the blame game alleging that he was solely responsible for the misappropriation of the cooperative money totalling RM220,000 in 2002.

"I am willing debate anywhere anytime in an open or close arena on this subject.

"He was also responsible for the misappropriation of the cooperative funds. It is unethical in the legal profession .. . Rohaizat was guilty of it.

He said that parties blaming him for being solely responsible for "swindling the cooperative money are lying."

Yusri said that he had quit as a lawyer in 2003 and went into agriculture.

"I was never charged by the Bar Council or had my licence revoked.

"I did not renew my legal practicing licence because I thought I was not suitable for the profession," Yusri said, explaining his career change.

He is now contemplating lodging police reports and filing civil suits against the parties who have made the "false accusations".

'Ambition to be a politician'

Yusri, 39, who left the law partnership in 2003, said his former partner may have misled the Umno leadership by misrepresenting the facts of his case "merely to fulfil his long time ambition to become an elected representative."

"But that does not mean I should become the black sheep," said Yusri, who was a partner in Rohaizat's legal firm, Saif Ariff and Rohaizat, between 1999 and 2003.

He recalled that in 2002, the Penang Small Rubber Plantation Holders Cooperative Society had appointed the legal firm to manage a land deal.

Yusri, who prepared the land sales and purchase agreement, said the cooperative had successfully applied for a RM320,000 loan and the money was deposited into the firm's Butterworth branch account.

Yusri and Rohaizat were signatories to the account.

Yusri said when the land deal was cancelled after a communication breakdown with the Acheh-based land owner, he had signed and issued a cheque for the sum of RM100,000 to the cooperative.

The remaining RM220,000 had remained in the firm's accounts.

Friend borrowed RM100K

In the meantime, said Yusri, a friend of Rohaizat borrowed RM100,000 of the cooperative money deposited with the law firm to finance a land deal.

When the friend failed to repay the money, Rohaizat then took over ownership of the land and attempted to sell it.

However, he failed to sell it off and subsequently could not reimburse the cooperative from the firm's accounts.

Yusri alleged that part of the remaining RM120,000 in the cooperative account was loaned out to yet another of Rohaizat's friend, who again faced financial constraints.

Part of the co-op' money was also used to manage the firm's new office in Ipoh.

Yusri said he then took charge of the management of the Ipoh office while Rohaizat remained in charge of the Butterworth office.

"After I moved out to Ipoh, I don't know what transpired at the Butterworth office accounts," he said.

He said Rohaizat was lying if he claimed that he never knew about the company's accounts transactions.

He also chided Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan for calling Rohaizat a hero for returning the money to the cooperative.

"He refused and failed to attend the Bar Council disciplinary hearing on his case on Sep 14, 2007.

"He dare not explain himself in such a major allegation.How can Ahmad Maslan call him a hero.Either Ahmad Maslan does not know the truth or is pretending not to know it," he said.

The Bar Council has already disclosed that Rohaizat's practicing licence was revoked because of his personal misconduct.

Later when approached by newsmen, during his a door-to-door campaign in Taman Penanti, Rohaizat declined to comment on Yusri's disclosure today.

"I have to read Yusri statement first before I can comment anything about it," he said.

Pull out now

Rohaizat faces PAS state commissioner Mohd Salleh Man in a straight fight for the Permatang Pasir by-election.

Polling is set for Tuesday Aug 25.

Meanwhile, PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar called on Rohaizat to pull out from the contest immediately to avoid public humiliation.

Otherwise, he warned Rohaizat that PAS would not hesitate to expose more about the Umno man's other wrongdoings and malpractices, including those involving Permatang Pasir voters.

"The best option for Rohaizat is to quit now," he said, pointing out that today is the last day for candidature withdrawal.

Explosive Charges over Malaysia Death

Source: Asia Sentinel
Anonymous letter sets off a wave of accusations about an opposition aide's alleged suicide

Hishamuddin Hashim, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission official, allegedly conspired with Mohammad Khir Toyo, a leading United Malays National Organization politician, to start corruption probes into opposition politicians, according to an explosive unsigned letter sent to officials looking into the death of a young opposition political aide who died under mysterious circumstances on July 16.

There is no way to ascertain if the letter is authentic. However, with authorities conducting a probe into its origin, it seems certain to stir up a considerable outcry among pro and anti-government forces, with UMNO officials charging it was faked by the opposition to stir up fury at the ruling national coalition.

The five-page letter, typed in Malay language on anti-corruption commission stationery, was handed to Gobind Singh Deo, a lawyer holding a watching brief for the family of the dead man, Teoh Beng Hock, outside the courtroom where an inquest is being held into Teoh's death. It was also sent to top members of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition including opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Gobind handed the letter over to the Coroner's Court, which directed police to conduct an investigation into its contents.

Although Corner Azmil Muntapha Abas told lawyers not to reveal any information about the letter's contents, it has since found its way into a wide variety of Internet publications in Kuala Lumpur. Among other features, it alleges widespread, long-time continuing corruption on the part of Hishamuddin, the MACC's deputy director in the Selangor office, partly in covering up illegal activities by Khir Toyo.

Teoh was said to have driven himself into the inquiry, police said, adding that he had volunteered to appear for questioning. He was found dead on the fifth-floor rooftop of a building adjacent to the MACC offices after being questioned on the 14th floor from 5 pm on the 15th until 3:45 am the next morning. It would be bizarre indeed, or an act of stunning stupidity, for anti-corruption officials to throw the subject of an investigation off their own building.

The letter doesn't say how Teoh died or if Hishamuddin was involved in the death. But it does raise several controversial points, including an allegation that Hishamuddin didn't clock out from work when he left the MACC office the night of Teoh's death and that he didn't provide DNA samples, as other MACC officers did. Hishamuddin, the letter-writer said, gave a sample privately at some later time.

Questions have arisen over the DNA of an unnamed individual which was found on Teoh's belt after his death. Hishamuddin, the letter writer said, had a habit of towing suspects around by their belts. When Teoh was found, his belt had been snapped in back, officials said.

Khir Toyo publicly denied the allegations, telling the Malaysia Insider website in a telephone conversation from Mecca in Saudi Arabia that he didn't know the MACC official and offering to sue whoever wrote the letter if he or she can be found.

The death of Teoh, a 28-year-old aide to Selangor State Executive Council Member Ean Yong Hian Wah, has been called a suicide by government-appointed pathologists testifying at the inquest. However, it has caused outrage across Malaysia, particularly in the Chinese community, which largely believes Teoh died in an interrogation gone wrong. The case has thus had a corrosive effect on relations between the dominant ethnic Malay population and the Chinese, who make up about 25 percent of the country's population.

Teoh, who was supposed to get married on the following Saturday to his fiancé, who was two months pregnant, was called in for questioning on July 15, reportedly about RM2,400 worth of flags his boss had bought for a Merdeka (freedom) Day celebration using public funds.

The investigation is one of a spate of probes the MACC has initiated into opposition politicians, according to observers in Kuala Lumpur. Although the agency's defenders argue that UMNO officials are also being investigated, the bulk of the inquiries appear to be directed towards the opposition, while some really big ones involving Barisan officials have gone nowhere. The biggest one to currently catch the public's eye was a decision not to look into the award of a contract to develop Port Klang dock facilities west of Kuala Lumpur although a confidential Price WaterhouseCoopers audit which was later made public alleged massive fraud that appeared to be connected to top officials of the Malaysian Chinese Party, a component of the ruling ethnic coalition.

Khir Toyo, the former Selangor chief minister, lost his post in March 2008 elections after a marathon series of scandals including allegations that the former dentist had amassed enough riches to build himself a resort-like home valued at RM24 million (US$6.7million) in an exclusive neighborhood of Shah Alam, a Kuala Lumpur suburb. He has increasingly emerged as an UMNO powerhouse as opposition leader in the state despite the loss to the Pakatan Rakyat and as an associate of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

The inquest is to continue on Monday pending the investigation into the letter.


Ahli Parlimen Kapar antara yang menerima Surat “Kegiatan Rasuah, Salah Laku dan Penyelewangan Pegawai Atasan SPRM “ akan membuat laporan polis pada :

Tarikh : 21 Ogos 2009

Tempat : IPD Polis Brickfields

Masa : 1100.

Pihak berkuasa mestilah menyiasat perkara ini dengan serta-merta serta secara tulus kerana surat dengan “letter head” SPRM menonjolkan taktik-taktik kotor politik pentadbiran persekutuan.

Para Wartawan dijemput hadir ke perkaranagan Balai Polis Brickfields, untuk menerima salinan laporan serta sesalinan surat SPRM tersebut.

All Muslims are brothers


All Muslims are brothers and sisters. When they meet they greet one another with 'assamualaikum', which means 'peace be upon you'. Shout this far and wide. Muslims are brothers and sisters. Peace be upon you. Hug and kiss each other in the spirit of true Muslim brotherhood.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The shit has hit the fan



Raja Petra Kamarudin

Khir Toyo denies allegations in mystery letter

By Neville Spykerman - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 – Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has denied allegations contained in a mystery letter purportedly written by unnamed MACC officers that implicates him in a conspiracy with a senior anti-graft officer to bring down the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor government.

“The allegations are not true,” the former Selangor mentri besar told The Malaysian Insider from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, when told about the letter. “I do not know this MACC officer.”

He added that he was not aware of the letter but would take legal action against any website for publishing it.

The letter was delivered two days ago to Gobind Singh Deo, the lawyer for Teoh Beng Hock’s family, and was sent by anonymous parties claiming to be “MACC officers” who urged the authorities to probe a senior anti-graft officer for corruption and involvement in the DAP political aide’s death.

The letter, written in Bahasa Malaysia on an MACC letterhead, appears to give lawyers for the family ammunition and a roadmap to investigate Teoh's death.

A senior official of the MACC was named as someone who was personally involved in questioning Teoh in the final hours before he died.

An account of what happened during questioning was also suggested.

The letter accuses the senior official of widespread corruption involving previous investigations.

It also accuses the senior officer of acting on the instruction of Dr Mohd Khir from the time he was the Selangor mentri besar to initiate investigations into possible corruption involving the current government.

In the letter, a number of previous investigations purportedly involving Dr Mohd Khir’s administration are listed, and the senior officer was said to have covered up those cases.

Yesterday, magistrate Azmil Muntapha Abas, who is acting as coroner in the inquest into Teoh’s death, ordered the police investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal, to immediately look into the contents of the letter and check all its claims.

Azmil also told the lawyers involved not to disclose the details of the letter to anyone but did not issue a “gag order” as requested by Tan Hock Chuan, the lawyer heading the Attorney-General's team and assisting him in the inquest.

Tan asked for the “gag” to prevent putting the police follow-up at risk, as several notable people are said to be named in the controversial letter.

But Gobind, who is representing Teoh's family, said a gag would not necessarily prevent the details from leaking out.

Gobind said the letter was handed directly to him late Tuesday afternoon, just as he was leaving the court here.

The envelope it came in was not addressed to him, he said. He refused to say who it was directed to.

Death in police custody case R. Gunasegaran update : 2nd post mortem done

The second post mortem was carried out by Dr Prashant of UH this evening.

The report is expected to be ready in two weeks.

I am informed that the funeral will be this Sunday, 23rd August, 2009, at 11am, at the Sentul crematorium, Bandar Baru Sentul ( next to the Sentul LRT ).

DAP condemns arson attack on MACC vehicle and advises Nazri against making baseless insinuations of DAP involvement

By Lim Kit Siang,

DAP condemns the arson attack on a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) vehicle today.

As reported by Malaysiakini, four Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Klang MACC office at around midnight, destroying a four-wheel drive vehicle belonging to Selangor MACC.

MACC officers only realized the damage to the vehicle, a Nissan X-Trail, when they reported to work this morning.

There must be a full and thorough investigation to bring to book the culprits from whatever quarter responsible for the arson as no rational Malaysian regardless of race, religion or political affiliation wants to see any degeneration of Malaysia into growing lawlessness.

I must advise the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz against making baseless insinuations of DAP involvement, as is evident from the following Malaysiakini report:

Attending a press conference in Putrajaya later, Nazri did not rule out “underworld connection” to the arson attack.

He said that it was well known that the Selangor MACC was investigating claims that some state exco members had links with the underworld, as alleged by Wangsa Maju PKR MP Wee Choo Keong.

“If there was no investigation on the underworld links, this would never have happened. This goes to show what Wee had suggested exists,” said Nazri.

“Such attacks are usually done by cowards…and samseng (gangsters) only,” he added.

I agree with Nazri in condemnation of the arson attacks as the work of “cowards and gangsters” but he should not set the bad example of going overboard to make wild insinuations as to the perpetrators or it would encourage Malaysians to do likewise, bringing back memories of the Reichstag (German Parliament) fire in 1933 which had been blamed on the Gestapo as it was the event which precipitated the Nazi takeover of Germany.

Nazri’s further statement that MACC officers should not hesitate to use their weapons if the need arose cannot but be alarming – in the wake of recent controversies concerning the proper conduct and behaviour of MACC officers resulting in the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC headquarters.

In regarding the Pakatan Rakyat as the “enemy” and the Barisan Nasional as their “ally”, the MACC has fully veered from and betrayed its statutory objectives as

(i) its sole enemy should be corruption, whether Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat; and

(ii) the greater the corruption the bigger the enemy to MACC, and not as publicly stated by the MACC Chief Commissioner, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan, that MACC makes no difference between corruption of tens of ringgit from those of hundreds of millions of ringgit!

MACC should step out of the Barisan Nasional’s masterplan to destroy the Pakatan Rakyat, particularly to topple the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government, as its one and only objective is to declare war against corruption and not to be catspaw of Umno/Barisan Nasional to declare war against Pakatan Rakyat.

Azmi Anshar…syok sendiri

By Hussein Hamid

I am a nice person. I normally mind my own business and it does take quite a lot to rattle me or to get me up tight over anything. I prefer to walk away from any confrontational situation because life is to short to get aggravated over things that do not concern my family or me. Unfortunately this Azmi Anshar, one of those reporter ‘who is almost a writer’ working with NSTP has managed to upset me again. The first time was a couple of weeks ago when I ‘ter’ – that’s Bahasa for accidentally – when I terbaca what he wrote about TBH and MACC. I read only the first paragraph of what he wrote because even that much made me wonder what sort of a pretentious prick would write like that. In the first paragraph I had to reach for the dictionary four times! He has done it again today.

Again I am not going to read more then the first paragraph – that I have done and now I will say my piece. This was his headline:

DAILY DISPATCHES: Pakatan politicians want MACC to operate without element of surprise
Azmi Anshar

A FUNDAMENTAL aspect in law enforcement investigations that leads to the arrest of the bad guys is the element of surprise – a very powerful constituent in the art of war or in the art of self-defence – to take down the enemy or opponent when they least expect it. It is an acceptable form of security marshalling.

As the headline indicates – he is talking about MACC and the ‘element of surprise’ as an acceptable form of security marshalling (impressive word here!) to take down your enemy (a very apt description of Pakatan Rakyat?).

In the first place, The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigates and persecutes corruption in the public and private sectors. You do not catch people who are involved in corruption the same way as PDRM go after robbers and lawbreakers. The most effective way of stopping them from doing what they are doing is to catch them red handed – the element of surprise is important – that is why you need the Police presence everywhere. To deter criminals. That they also collect ‘toll’ from the Rakyat is another story for another time.

But the MACC is tasked with “investigating and prosecuting’ corruption in the public and private sector. What element of surprise do you need? If there is any element of surprise that MACC need it should catching those Mata Mata taking bribes – and it is so prevalent that you do not really need the element of surprise. Can tangkap anytime – if MACC wants to.

What we do not want is to be surprised by MACC with the treatment they are going to give us when we turn up at their office to assist them in any of their investigation. Death for someone when he walks into MACC office when he is not even a suspect is a surprise – a surprise because as you say MACC used the element of surprise to “take down the enemy or opponent when they least expect it”. So please …no more surprises.

And by the way…Pakatan Rakyat is not the “ENEMY”. They are the opposition party and what seats they hold have been won through the election process. And MACC is not at ‘WAR’ and should not be at ‘WAR‘ with Pakatan Rakyat. Also what need is there for MACC to defend itself when they are going after Pakatan Rakyat or the “enemy” as you call them? There was only one Teoh Beng Hock being question. How many were there from MACC?

I think I need to remind myself NOT to go anywhere near NSTP early in the morning while I am having my cup of green tea – more often then not, doing so spoils my breakfast time. Please remember that all I could bring myself to read was the first paragraph of what he wrote. I know that he also has to ‘cari makan’ at NSTP – but please lah don’t play play with us. We can think for ourselves – we expect you to also do that once in a while.

Defamation: Subramaniam Gets Injunction Against Samy Vellu's Son

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 (Bernama) -- Seputeh MIC division chairman Datuk S.Subramaniam obtained an interim ex-parte injunction from the High Court here Thursday to restrain Vell Paari, the son of Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu, and two others from further publishing alleged defamatory articles against him.

Justice Datin Zabariah Mohd Yusuf made the order in chambers after hearing submissions from Subramaniam's counsel, G.Rajasingam and K.Saraswathy.

Rajasingam told Bernama that the inter-parte hearing would be on Sept 10.

Subramaniam, the former MIC deputy president, in his application for the injunction, said the publication of the alleged defamatory words had tarnished his reputation and good name.

On Aug 13, Subramaniam filed a RM100 million defamation suit against Vell Paari, who is the managing director of Tamil Nesan Sdn Bhd, the owner and publisher of the Tamil Nesan daily, and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, K.Pathmanabhan.

In his statement of claim, Subramaniam who is contesting the deputy presidency in the MIC elections on Sept 12, claimed that the defendants had falsely and maliciously written and published defamatory words against him in an article in the newspaper on Aug 4.

Subramaniam said the article, among others, implied that he had acted against the interests of the MIC and Barisan Nasional in the 12th general election last year and that he had betrayed the party and the coalition.

He wants Vell Paari to retract the alleged defamatory words and issue an apology in the Tamil Nesan newspaper.

Subramaniam is also seeking damages for malice, the tort of conspiracy, exemplary and aggravated damages, interest, costs and other reliefs deemed fit by the court.


Accusations mount against Rohaizat Othman

By Deborah Loh

PERMATANG PASIR, 20 Aug 2009: With four days left before polling for the by-election here, Barisan Nasional is still on the defensive and is struggling to fend off fresh revelations about its candidate Rohaizat Othman.

Yusri Isahak

Rohaizat's former legal firm partner, Yusri Isahak, today revealed the direct involvement of his once-close friend and university mate in swindling a client's money.

Yusri said he and Rohaizat made decisions together about the use of funds belonging to their client, the Penang Rubber Tappers Cooperative. This involved using part of the funds as loans to other clients and friends.

Yusri admitted guilt on his part, but said it was not true that Rohaizat was innocent and a "victim of circumstances". Yusri also refuted claims by Umno leaders that he was the only guilty party involved in the aborted transaction with their client.

"Yes, it was unethical to use clients' money for other purposes. Yes, I am taking some of the blame but not all of it. He, too, knows about this breach of trust. It is impossible that he does not know about the flow of money in and out of the firm's accounts when he had to sign the accounts," Yusri said at a press conference today.


Yusri held his press conference at Parti Keadilan Rakyat's headquarters at Yayasan Aman in Penanti, near here, and was provided a coterie of bodyguards by PAS.

However, he said he came forward of his own will and was not given any incentive by Pakatan Rakyat to respond to Rohaizat's claims of innocence.

"I want to clear my name because I have a wife and child who are affected by the allegations that I am the one to blame," said the former Umno member.

"I have been made the scapegoat so that he (Rohaizat) can fulfil his political ambition. But I don't feel betrayed. It is he who has betrayed Umno," Yusri said when asked if he felt angry and betrayed by his friend.

Rohaizat (Courtesy of theSun)
Yusri said in 2002, the cooperative engaged the firm, called Saif Ariff & Rohaizat, to handle a land purchase. The cooperative took a loan of RM320,000 for the purchase and deposited it in the law firm's care. The purchase was later aborted because of problems with the seller.

The cooperative then wanted some of the money back for business purposes, and Yusri said he personally signed a cheque for RM100,000 to the cooperative.

At the same time, a client of Rohaizat's bought a plot of land and asked the firm for a loan to pay for part of it. Yusri said the firm lent RM100,000 of the cooperative's money to the client.

When the client failed to repay the loan, Yusri said Rohaizat decided to take over the land and to sell it off by lots. This, however, failed and the firm was unable to return the cooperative its money.

Yusri said the cheques issued by the firm were for either him or Rohaizat to sign. The remaining funds in the firm's trust were also used to help another friend of Rohaizat's who was in financial trouble, and to open the firm's Ipoh branch.

Yusri said he then managed the new branch in Ipoh while Rohaizat ran the firm in Butterworth. Yusri left the firm in November 2003, saying he no longer felt suited to the legal profession. He is now a contractor.

Yusri also said his legal practice licence had expired in 2004 and he did not renew it because he had decided to leave the legal profession. He said this was why he was never called for disciplinary action by the Bar Council, as he had already given up his licence.

The cooperative's complaint against Rohaizat was also lodged with the Bar after Yusri had left the firm. Rohaizat was disbarred on 7 March 2008. His appeal to the High Court was rejected on 12 Aug 2009, just days before his nomination as the BN candidate was announced on 17 Aug.

Yusri, with bodyguards

No disclosure

The talk in Umno circles here is that Rohaizat failed to disclose his disbarment to the party leadership during the candidate selection process, despite Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's claim that the party had "done its homework".

The information about Rohaizat's disbarment apparently surfaced just before Umno announced him as their candidate but the party leadership decided to stick to their choice.

Muhyiddin, who is also deputy prime minister, has also accused the Bar Council of having an agenda, and likened their fines and disciplinary actions to "parking tickets".

However, Malaysian Bar secretary George Varughese today said Muhyiddin's statement was regrettable. Varughese noted that that the Bar Council was a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA) and that its statement on Rohaizat yesterday was in response to media inquiries on the matter.

Varughese said the decision to strike Rohaizat off the roll of advocates and solicitors was made by the disciplinary board, which was an independent body established under the LPA.

Umno has been taking the stance that Rohaizat's disbarment does not make it illegal for him to contest the by-election, with Umno lawyer Datuk Hafarizam Harun giving explanations on the legal technicalities of eligibility.

PAS, however, is distinguishing the morality of the issue from the legality of Rohaizat's candidacy.

"Umno says he is the best and cleanest candidate they have. If this is the cleanest they have, what about the rest of the party?" Mahfuz said.

Yusri's exposé is starting to cause the BN's by-election campaign strategy, to paint opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a traitor of Malay Malaysians, to backfire.

On the night of 19 Aug, Muhyiddin, at a ceramah in Tanjung Putus, expressed disgust with Anwar and called him a traitor for wanting to abolish the New Economic Policy.

Mahfuz Omar (File pic)
Today, at another press conference immediately after Yusri's, PAS by-elections operations chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar turned the tables on Umno, saying that it was Umno that had a traitor in its camp.

"Rohaizat not only betrayed his friend, he also betrayed his party and the BN. Can someone like that be trusted as an elected representative?" Mahfuz said.

Mahfuz also promised more revelations about Rohaizat's past dealings in his law firm in the coming days before polling, and repeated his call to the candidate to withdraw from the race.

Rohaizat, when met on the campaign trail in Penanti today, told reporters that he wanted to hear the full transcript of Yusri's press conference before responding.

The by-election campaign so far appears to be centred on this sole issue.

Kg Buah Pala: Live coverage from Federal Court

Once again, the Kg Buah Pala residents have taken their case to the highest court in the land.

Dalbinder is providing live coverage from the Federal Court (beginning at 9.00am)

Selangor gov't caves in to developers' pressure? - Anil Netto

The Star today carries a report suggesting that the Selangor government could be caving in to developers’ pressure to allow projects on steep hill-slopes.

Selangor is reported to be drafting new “new development guidelines” for Class 3 (25-35 degrees) and Class 4 (above 35 degrees) slopes.

The state had earlier taken a commendable position to impose an outright ban on steep hill-slope development. Compared to an outright ban, “guidelines” are pretty worthless.

It’s a pity that the Selangor government appears to be caving in to the powerful developers’ lobby. Residents in Tanjung Bunga in Penang had been encouraged by Selangor’s previous principled ban on hill-slope projects. Alas, no longer, it would seem.

This just goes to show how powerful and influential the developer lobby is whether in Selangor or Penang. In the case of Selangor, the developers have reportedly threatened to move their projects from Selangor to Johor.

The Selangor government should have just called their bluff and told the developers to go ahead. Most of the property development in the country is focused on the Klang Valley and Selangor – which is already heavily built up. No sad loss then if the developers shift their attention to Johor and if the concrete and tar is spread around a little bit. It might even improve the quality of life in Selangor by reducing the pressure on precious green lungs and hills.

But no, the Pakatan Selangor government, by indicating it wants to review its hill-slope policy, has revealed how powerful the developers’ lobby is and how eager the state is to be seen as “pro-business” – even at the expense of being pro-people and protecting the environment. Its ban on steep hill-slope projects was one of the few issues that had set the Pakatan government apart from the BN government.

Just ask the folks in Bukit Antarabangsa what they think now.

Press Release: No ulterior motive

Image The Bar Council is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA) “for the proper management of the affairs of the Malaysian Bar and for the proper performance of its functions”. It is responsible for all matters pertaining to the admission and regulation of advocates and solicitors in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Bar Council issued its press release entitled “Clarification regarding Rohaizat Othman” on 18 August 2009 in response to media inquiries on the matter. We regret the statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, implying that the Bar Council had an ulterior motive in raising this issue.

The decision to strike Rohaizat Othman off the Roll of Advocates and Solicitors was made by the Disciplinary Board, an independent body established under Section 93 of the LPA. Members of the Disciplinary Board, which is currently chaired by Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad bin Sulaiman, are appointed by the Chief Judge of Malaya after consultation with the Bar Council.

The Bar Council is authorised to speak on behalf of the Disciplinary Board on matters relating to disciplinary proceedings involving advocates and solicitors.

George Varughese
Malaysian Bar

20 August 2009

Teoh Beng Hock Mystery Letter: Who is Hishamuddin Hashim?

by Nathaniel Tan

pre-script: I have no idea who torched the MACC premises in Klang, but whoever did it was evil and clearly misguided. Violence is never the answer!

Goodness. Pretty explosive stuff.

So, caveats: I don’t know how authentic the letter is, and I generally put less faith in unsigned documents.

So the rest of this post proceeds with a gigantic IF. IF the things said in the letter are true:

Well, it seems to me consistent with a lot of facts. There has long been talk of a a concerted campaign to destabilise Pakatan state governments.

We’ve seen clearly how the ACA/MACC started the trouble in Perak (our two friends who were in such hot soup before now appear to be completely innocent, conveniently), and the type of disproportionate intimidation the Selangor government has faced from the MACC would fit all the facts.

IF the contents of the letter regarding Khir Toyo are true, it’d hardly be surprising. He is after all, a politician with nothing on his hands but free time, a humiliating defeat, and promises that the Selangor government will fall by September.

There’s a lot of spicy stuff in there (khalwat and all), but those aren’t the core issues.

IF the letter and its contents are authentic (and I’ll admit for now it’s a sizeable IF), then there are immensely genuine concerns about:

- the fact that this Hishammudin Hashim guy is running every Selangor probe, but doesn’t want to be tied to any of the cases?

- what’s up with this strange refusal to give a sample of his DNA in public?

- wiping off fingerprints??

- his meteoric rise through the civil service ranks

- his involvement (or ‘lack’ thereof) in investigations into Khir Toyo

- these strange assets he owns that he probably shouldn’t be able to afford

Too many questions, not enough answers.

So, doesn’t look like there’s much info on this fellow Hishammudin. But if anyone has any insight, we’re all ears.

Let’s stay vigilant on this one - could be a really important piece in the puzzle.

Chinese In Permatang Pasir Want More Caring Rep

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 20 (Bernama) -- The Chinese community in the Permatang Pasir state constituency want a assemblyman who is more caring and can resolve their problems which they have faced for the last three terms.

According to them for that period they faced many problems which were not addressed properly by Pas.

Observations at Kampung Cross Street, which has a Chinese-majority make-up, found that many residents complained of infrastructre not being maintained well and causing them problems, like potholes, clogged drains and flooding.

A male resident, Lim Jun, 24, alleged that residents had to solve their problems themselves and they were lucky there were Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders who were willing to help even if they were not representatives there.

"We fill in potholes and clean out drains ourselves to prevent flooding.

"Many of the Chinese here are vegetable farmers and flooding destroys our produce and our livelihood is affected," he said.

Another resident hoped the new assemblyman can channel more allocations for vegetable growers there.

The Aug 25 by-election will see a straight fight between the Permatang Pauh umno division secretary, Rohaizat Othman, 38, and Penang Pas commissioner, Mohd Salleh Man, 52.

The by-election is being held following the death of Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman of Pas on July 31 due to a heart attack.

Someone needs public canning in Permatang Pasir

By Jeff Ooi,

Two interesting lessons that Umno No. 2 may need some education on.

  1. Is Rohaizat Othman, BN's candidate for Permatang Pasir, really a hero who sacrificed his lawyer's status on behalf of his colleague?
  2. Can the Bar Council strike off any practising lawyers without institutionalised due process?

And two interesting things happened today.

ONE: Yusri Isahak -- if Umno's version is to be believable -- is supposedly the former legal firm partner that caused Permatang Pasir's BN candidate Rohaizat Othman to be struck off the Bar Council's list of practising lawyer.

Today, he came out in the open and vehemently refuted claims by Umno leaders that Rohaizat was the 'hero' innocent from any wrongdoings.

TWO: Responding to the statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, implying that the Bar Council had an ulterior motive in raising this issue, council secretary George Varughese said:

  • The Bar Council is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA) “for the proper management of the affairs of the Malaysian Bar and for the proper performance of its functions”. It is responsible for all matters pertaining to the admission and regulation of advocates and solicitors in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • The Disciplinary Board is an independent body established under Section 93 of the LPA. Members of the Disciplinary Board, which is currently chaired by Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad bin Sulaiman, are appointed by the Chief Judge of Malaya after consultation with the Bar Council.
  • The Bar Council is authorised to speak on behalf of the Disciplinary Board on matters relating to disciplinary proceedings involving advocates and solicitors.

As such, the Bar Council's intention in issuing a press release entitled “Clarification regarding Rohaizat Othman” on Auguat stakest 18, 2009 was to respond to media inquiries on the matter related to Rohaizat.

The Bar Council stated that it regretted Muhyiddin's statement implying that the Bar Council had an ulterior motive in raising this issue.

Reading the two pieces as a whole, it's obvious that someone's credibility is seriously at stake.

By stating that a lawyer getting penalised for mishandling of client's fund is regarded as routine as getting a parking ticket is a dangerous position to take.

I look forward to some public canning in Permatang Pasir.

Comments from a foreign writer Bryant on Mahathir's article : Kaki dalam Kasut where he says Chinese is the real master of Malaysia.

This article was written without fear or favour, and it is up to us to digest individually the truth of the matter, especially for all Malaysians (irrespective of race, colour, creed or religion)... thanks to Alan Tan for sharing.

The highly respected Tun,

China is coming up, India is coming up, Vietnam is coming up and now even Russia is on the rise. In this flat world that is all wired up and regardless whether we are Malaysian Malays, Chinese or Indians, and
if Malaysia does not progress, all of us would become history of this country!

Without the Malays, Chinese could not do well in the country and without the Chinese, Malays would not do well. Both have to work together to bring up Malaysia and mitigate the ascute impact that is being brought about by the globalisation.

For me, a true leader is someone who has the foresight that not only focus on one particular group in the country but take care of the future of everyone. A good
leader is someone who know what is the biggest threat the country is facing and direct the people to fight off the threat. A leader is also someone who is impartial that has the ability to promote harmony in the country for a long period of time.

UMNO is a political loser that leads the country to nowhere. They do not understand what is going on the outside world. They have no clue where Malaysia will be in the next 30 years. With the 3 new superpowers, i.e India, China and Russia standing tall and high
together with USA and the Europe Union, they do not know what kind of world it would be and how Malaysia is going to compete and share the ever smaller slice of cake of the world economy.

They only know how to get the Malays to fight with other Non-Malay on tiny issues within Malaysia, while the two races know jolly well that the issues they are
fighting are trivial and is totally self-satisfying. UMNO does not give a damn to how the poor Malay is going to live in the future and they do not care about the real benefits of the poor Malays. They only want the votes from them.

The NEP is a good evidence on how they benefit the cronies, instead of the poor Malays. Despite all their
despicable acts they are still in the power.


The highly respected Tun,

As you are aware, the Malays control the rights to all the lands and all other natural resources in this country. They control all government institutions, GLC and State owned companies.

The Malays dominate the law making process in Malaysia; the Malays control the decision making process in formulating the economy policies. The
Malays own the largest national assets and the Malays are given shares in public listed companies for free.

The Malays have also been given all kinds of priorities when it comes to buying properties, awarding of public contracts, tertiary education opportunities, awarding of scholarships and even getting a job in government
departments and the civil service.

With all these privileges and rights enjoyed by the
Malays, you are saying nothing has been done enough to help the Malays to catch up with other races, mainly the Chinese?

Then what else should Malaysia do to satisfy the Malays? Did the Chinese seize or rob anything away from the Malays or all their wealth was a result of
their hard work? If it is all due to their hard work, why do you say it is unfair? I don't quite get your point here.

May I humbly ask you what do you expect the Chinese to do if your so-called NEP did not achieve the desired result? Would the Malays be happy if the ethnic Chinese in this country do any of the followings:

- surrender their assets and hard earned money to the Malays unconditionally;

- not to engage in any business activities;

- not to score As in all sorts of examinations;

- not to make money that is more than the Malays are earning;

- not to advance to higher education; or

- renounce their citizenships and go back to China or migrate to some other countries?

I am a foreigner but I am surprised that your intention is to divide your own country. I think you are mainly targeting the Chinese.

Frankly, tell us, what do you expect the Chinese to do in order to achieve what is so called "equality" meant by you?


Tun, after all these criticism you have against the present government, I feel that you are starting to loose your rationality on your arguments. You have run out of good reasons to convince us.

I guess it could be due to your accumulating jealousy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, your former counterpart in Singapore. But reality is always hard to accept. No matter how, you have to accept the fact that he is
regarded the Father of Singapore but you are not regarded the Father of Malaysia; you have to accept the fact that Mr Lee is able to influence the government of Singapore until he the day he dies but you have not been able to influence the government from the moment you stepped down as PM.

You must also accept the fact that he is still very popular on the world stage and a leader respected by many but you are not quite. Because of these jealousies, you are starting to accumulate imbalances in yourself that lead you to embark on a series of action to attack your successors. It is very obvious that you are
not happy when your successors are more popular than you.

Is there any good of doing that? What is your intention? Can't you take it easy?

During your time, you criticised most of the developed countries especially the Western Countries out of jealousy and after stepping down as PM you criticise every single soul remaining in the cabinet for not listening to you. When will you ever stop criticising any people?

Can't you respect the decision of others?

Back to your recent blog, is there anything wrong with Chinese in this country?

Did they seize or rob the money away from the Malays? Did they have the ability to come out with any policies to marginalise the Malays?
Did they dominate the law making process of this country?
Did they formulate the economy policies in this country? Did they control the government departments in this country?
Did they control the state owned companies and GLC in this country?
Did they control the country's largest oil companies and banks?

You know the answer right?

Malays are the one who dominate the the lawmaking process of this country; Malays are the one that formulate the economic policies in this country that favour the Malays. Malays are the ones that control
the government departments, state owned companies and GLC.

Malays are the one who control the funds in this country. Malays are also the ones who control the largest oil companies and banking industry in this country. With all these rights enjoyed by the Malays, what else do you want the Chinese to do?

Surrender their houses and savings and their wealth that they earned with their hard work to the Malays, for
no reason or ask all the Chinese to renounce their citizenship and go back to China?

Have you ever thought of after 30 years of implementing the NEP, why it has not achieved the desired result? Don't forget under the NEP there are a series of policies that favors the Malays. The
obvious ones would be the distributions of APs and awarding of contracts
. If with all these policies, it still does not give the Malays what they want, what else do you want the Chinese to do?

Is the Chinese to be blamed because they are too hard working? Or the Malays to be blamed because they do not treasure the opportunities given?

You know very well the NEP has been misused and it only benefits the cronies. So if you have designed NEP to only benefits the cronies, please don't say it is the problem of Chinese that NEP does not achieve its result. It has nothing to do with the Chinese but NEP and the Malay themselves.

This is a globalised world, Chinese and Malays should not be fighting against each other because Malaysia is competing with other countries.

China used to be backward and lagging behind Malaysia but now they have caught up and have even surpassed Malaysia. Can we ask them to slow down their development? If they refuse to listen can we make a complaint to the United Nation that China is developing too fast and this is very unfair to Malaysia, which adapts a more a passive approach?

Who give you the right to prevent others from progressing?
Who do you think you are?

This is a flat world (Obviously Tun did not read the book named "The World is Flat"). Don't be so narrow minded to only focus on the Chinese or Malays in Malaysia. We should now look at the world as a flat world.

If Malaysia does not progress, no matter we are Malays or Chinese, we would be extinct one day!

Have a God-blessed day.