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Monday, August 24, 2009


Over the last 10 days I have personally come under criticisms from Indian DAP leaders who have defamed me by unfounded allegations that I had collected RM700, 000 up to millions of Ringgit to file the civil suit against the UK Government.

The series of allegations beginning from The Penang Deputy Chief Minister, Perak ADUN for Sungkai and finally by ex ISA detainee – all leaders of the Democratic Action Party which is leading the State Government in Penang which is embattled in the Land Scam involving the 200 year old Heritage village of Kg.Buah Pala. HINDRAF is committed to fight for justice and for the poor and defenceless people of Kg.Buah Pala. We acknowledge the previous BN Government under Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon robbed their ancestral land from them. The current Government, which promised the villagers that their Land would be returned to them should they, win the elections held in March 2008 have instead short changed the people of Kg.Buah Pala.

Over the last 2 months HINDRAF have vigorously campaigned to save this last remaining heritage village and in the process have raised various legitimate questions that the DAP led Government could not and dare not answer. In return Lim Guan Eng had instructed his Indian Party Lieutenants to divert attention by attacking and alleging HINDRAF have been compromised by the BN Government. When that allegation did not find its way in the minds of the people, they are now resorting with malicious and vindictive allegations that I have personally collected millions of Ringgit to fund the civil suit in UK and had misappropriated those funds.

After filing the civil suit in the UK in August 31st 2007, I had attended a total of 10 road shows throughout the country and more than 50,000 people have heard me speak and explain on the civil suit. I was prepared for these sort of allegations even then. All those speeches and participants were video recorded. I had in all those gatherings specifically said that I would never collect a single cent from the public to fund the civil suit. At the same time I also emphasised that I will never promise anyone a single ringgit out of the suit. . I had then distributed almost 100,000 leaflets informing the Malaysian Indians that we will never collect any funds and instead they could do their part by attending the mass gathering on November 25th 07. The 50,000 over people who attended the road shows perfectly understood that my struggle was a genuine attempt to highlight their plight, thus the wave of support on November 25th.

Apart from this our Press Statements and websites clearly warned the public not to be fooled should anyone seek funds for purpose of the civil suit.

The unfounded malicious and vindictive allegations by DAP leaders are defamatory and I will instruct my Lawyers within the next weeks to take the appropriate action. The purpose of the action is give all 3 DAP leaders the honour and opportunity to prove their allegations in the Court of Law. It is plainly obvious to me that these DAP leaders and many other cohorts of theirs envy of the achievements of HINDRAF within a short space of time and are doing whatever possible to break the unity of the Indian Community. They failed to realise that we are not competing with them or any other political party. We are an entity only committed to fight for Justice for the Indian community and highlight their plight both locally and at the International forum. We have done what others have failed for so many years and thus their personal attack on us.
I had been very reluctant to counter the allegations against me by these Indian DAP leaders as I did not wish to divert the attention and make the people of Kg Buah Pala scapegoats in their desperate attempt to save their village, however I am now compelled to break the silence. Lim Guan Eng has to act equitably and rule the Penang State with fairness and compassion rather than bully the people who he himself acknowledged had their land robbed by the previous government.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Islamic officials release woman held for caning

(AP) KARAI, Malaysia — Islamic officials Monday abruptly released a Muslim model scheduled to be caned this week for drinking beer, in an unexpected twist for a defendant who was expected to become the first Malaysian woman to face the corporal punishment.

Two female and one male officials came to the house of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno in northern Malaysia on Monday and took her away in a van on what was supposed to be a four-hour road journey to a prison near Kuala Lumpur, the country's main city.

But they returned after about 30 minutes and said they had received "instructions from the higher powers" to release her, said Kartika's father, Shukarno Abdul Muttalib. The officials said that "for now, the sentence cannot be carried out," Shukarno said.

It was not immediately clear whether Kartika would be taken back into custody later. Islamic officials declined to comment.

Shukarno said he and Kartika would head to a district police station to file statements about her abrupt release. He said they were confused about what had happened and were worried that officials might later accuse his daughter of running away from them.

Officials had said earlier that Kartika, a 32-year-old mother of two, would be caned sometime during the week but no specific date was set. Amnesty International had condemned the decision, and many critics had said the caning would harm Malaysia's reputation as a moderate Muslim country.

Kartika was arrested in a raid for drinking beer at a hotel lounge last year for breaching the Muslim-majority country's Shariah law, which forbids Muslims to consume alcohol.

She was sentenced by a Shariah court in July in what was considered a warning to other Muslims to abide by religious laws. Kartika did not appeal and said she was willing to be caned.

Dressed in a full-length cream-and-red satin gown and a head scarf, Kartika emerged from her house and walked past a group of about 50 local Muslims who said prayers for her.

After a last kiss with her 5-year-old daughter, she got into the silver van along with her sister and the Islamic officials.

She did not speak to the horde of media assembled outside the house in the countryside, about 5 miles (7 kilometers) from Karai town in the northern Perak state.

In an interview with The Associated Press last week, Kartika had said she wants to be caned because "I want to respect the law."

The law provides for a three-year prison term and caning for Muslims caught drinking, but most offenders are fined. Drinking is legal for non-Muslims.

Islamic authorities had insisted that the purpose of the caning is to educate rather than punish. They say the rattan cane supposed to be used on Kartika would be smaller and lighter than the one used for men and that she will remain clothed. The prison official who canes her is also supposed to use very little force.

Men convicted of civil crimes such as rape and bribery in Malaysia are caned on their bare buttocks, breaking the skin and leaving permanent scars.

"Raja Petra’s compulsion to perpetually lie" - bigdogdotcom


Hitler’s Nazi Chief of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once said, “If you lie and continue to lie, it will become the ‘truth’.” Most likely, this is something that Raja Petra managed to achieve, with his gullible Malaysia Today conspiracy addicts. - bigdogdotcom


Raja Petra Kamarudin

PAS makes police report against bigdogdotcom
Buletin Online, 22 August 2009

Ekoran tuduhan fitnah keatas Calon PAS Ustaz Salleh Man yang di paparkan dilaman blog bigdogdotcom, satu laporan telah dibuat semalam.

Bekas Ketua Penerangan Pulau Pinang, Zulkifli Mat Lazim telah membuat satu laporan polis di Balai Polis Bukit Mertajam.

”Hari ini beliau datang dengan satu laporan polis, yang dia telah buat di Balai Polis Bukit Mertajam, membuat satu report yang mengatakan satu fitnah, dan meminta pihak polis membuat satu siasatan keatas merka yang membuat laporan (fitnah) berkenaan,” kata Pengarah Pilihanraya Permatang Pasir, Dato’ Mahfudz di Markaz Besar, disini semalam.

Kelmarin Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS Pulau Pinang Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa telah membuat penafian berkenaan perkara tersebut.

Mujahid telah menjawab laporan yang mendakwa beliau dan Zulkifli Mat Lazim mendakwa Ustaz Salleh Man menggelapkan wang parti.

Dakwaan itu dibuat dalam dua laman web iaitu yang pro Umno dan laman web milik editor sebuah akhbar harian berbahasa Inggeris.


Raja Petra’s compulsion to perpetually lie

Raja Petra’s compulsion to lie, is perpetual. In his latest posting, “Open letter to the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim”, he alleged that I called him on 5 September 2008 that the Special Branch would arrest him.

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written by Frankfurtguy, August 22, 2009 22:18:29
He is not big dog
He is not fit even to be a dog
merely a stupid creature used by UMNO and BN
may be....
a mad dog......poisoned by UMNO
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written by onnetline, August 22, 2009 22:27:29
He's just one of the many pariah slave dogs of Barisan Najis !
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written by KARMANNGHIA, August 22, 2009 22:38:50
I saw a dog licking his own behind yesterday!

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written by cheekhiaw, August 22, 2009 22:44:26
If you fellas call him a dog and continue to call him a dog, he will become a dog...
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written by rocky, August 22, 2009 22:51:50
Bigdog has been challenged by PAS, kalau jantan.... Lets see if this big man has the guts to take up the challenge to face PAS and prove that there was RM60k taken by PAS candidate.

Bigdog is a UMNO ball carrier. wonder if he is paid by UMNO or someone from UMNO to blog?

cheekiaw - agree la. why call himself dog? tak haram ke dog?
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written by johanssm, August 22, 2009 22:58:07
Is this fair to Raja Petra?
Raja Petra was spots on and many of Raja Petra's "wild accusations " are proven simply to be the truth. Do we need to name those articles by Raja Petra?
No we dont . We cant change the umno Nazis overnight. We just need to eliminate the umno nazis.
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written by JaguhKampung, August 22, 2009 23:32:15
For someone who gladly called himself an anjing, what else is there for others to say? He's just hungry some doggy biscuits la....
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written by johntyc, August 22, 2009 23:38:50
How can I trust someone who put a 'SAY NO TO IPCMC' jpeg pic on his blog site?

*IPCMC - Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission
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disagree 1
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written by Huador, August 22, 2009 23:40:34
Bigdog, you get ready. this is RPK's starter. Wait till you see the meat and the main dish.. I hope you will have enough space in your stomach to swallow the coming bones from RPK..
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written by Kopi37, August 22, 2009 23:48:01
Another well fed big pariah dog is barking! Very irritating and will somebody please put a muffler to stop it from polluting the air!

He wrote as if he's vvip in the blog-sphere fraternity and so many journalists would have to call him for insider infos as if again, he is one of those undercover informer who hides in the blog house earning payroll from the police!

Cheap blogger!
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written by cheemengwong, August 23, 2009 00:03:01
Between big dog and rpk, i put my money on rpk.
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written by Wakeupmsia, August 23, 2009 00:12:24
I'm more convinced that you are a perpetual liar! In fact, a natural born liar. You are the exact opposite of RPK. Shameless!
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disagree 1
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written by mowadoha, August 23, 2009 00:14:08
You don't need to teach an old dog new tricks... He sure knows how to please his master.

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written by Fuminari, August 23, 2009 00:41:58
anjing kurap.
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written by hellosunshine, August 23, 2009 01:58:52
I don't know who this big dog is until this post and I don't give a fark who he is especially someone who is anti-IPCMC. That can only mean he is as corrupted as the 2 guard dogs of their equally corrupted master, UMNO. smilies/angry.gif
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written by arazak, August 23, 2009 06:13:41
I think this "fat-ass" dog should response to Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa why he lied that Hj Salleh Man abscond RM600,000. He told the world in his blog that he got this information from Dr. Mujahid Yusuf and Zulkifli Mat Lazim, which is a blatant lie! This blubber knew that he won't go to jail despite the police report against him because UMNO is protecting him.

If you want to know how this piece of blubber lied, read in this;

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disagree 1
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written by NSTPravda, August 23, 2009 06:47:41
“If you lie and continue to lie, it will become the ‘truth’.” I say old chap anjing besar. RPK lied under his owm name, why do you hide behind dog's rear end to lie on behalf of your UMNO masters? Rear ends may smell nice to you, but it sure shows you are even an embarrassment to the lowest of dogs.
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written by Jilo, August 23, 2009 07:06:04
He is creating a doubt in RPK supporters mind.I would ignore this type of person simply because RPK now is a threat to the present administrator.Just because they cannot find him and he keep on writing.More so when this article"The shit hit the fan".It has something to do with it.Oh,yeah!Ignore is a good word at this juncture.
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written by alarcarte, August 23, 2009 10:26:25
I rather believe in RPK lies than B.N's "TRUTH", RPK lies do not involve Malaysians hard earn money but B.N. is!
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written by Nick V, August 23, 2009 11:05:50
We all know how fat people face a lot of prejudices when they were just kids in school. He probably was one of those fat kids that faced a lot of teasing from probably a lot of non-Malay kids. I sure all of us remember our school days how kids can be cruel and treat fat people badly. But now he has actually found fame and attention by writing in a blog and better still, people are actually affected enough to respond to him thus giving him that pleasure that he can actually 'get into you'. I could be wrong about his circumstances and perhaps it was some other thing but remember, people with prejudices are the product of how they were mistreated. Unfortunately, he is one of those that did not turn out a better person from his experiences because he succumb to it and has become the product of his circumstances.

So come on people, ... why are you even bothering about him? These people need to be ignored because they are not prepared to help themselves. But you can by focusing on Zaid Ibrahim, Ku Li, Tungku Abdul Aziz, Azly Rahman, RPK and even Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and Anwar that are fighting for a Malaysia for all Malaysian’s. They aren’t perfect but they are the real deal and we need them.

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written by Alice, August 23, 2009 12:44:08
RPK speaks nothing but the TRUTH. If you had live an honest,sincere,truthful life,than you would know that RPK speaks the truth,has a conscience,is a god fearing citizen and he is truly patriotic.Ooops not forgetting, he also practises the correct brand of Islam.
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written by miwaki, August 23, 2009 12:46:26
A dog is always a dog,they commit incest and proud of it !
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disagree 0
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written by BGs, August 23, 2009 12:53:17
BigDog SmallDick, anjings are trained to do as their masters say! Are you given another piece of juicy bone to say this about RPK? Woof!woof!!wolf!..speaking your language now?
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written by HamChak, August 23, 2009 12:56:43
Incidentally, my dog is called Tun Kutty.
Don't la insult Dog, mah.
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written by myke, August 23, 2009 13:22:16
Satu lagi project BN.
Satu lagi anjing BN.
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written by Urangsabah, August 23, 2009 14:14:50
Despite Denial, UMNO Candidate Rohaizat Othman Has Second Wife, Confirmed by the Father of the Woman

Dog is haram sure UMNO ok you name big dog.....or you just like like my dog like to like other dogs C%$K........

UMNO NST/Utusan/TVs 1-10 so spin but there 1 major difference........RPK do not get anything other curse from UMNOs and its Goons.........but UMNO Goons spin to proect their pocket just like you la Big Doggie...or is it cuppppppie
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written by Urangsabah, August 23, 2009 14:32:27
Oh ya I miss, Big piece got plenty of space here.............If its UMNOed papers, aricle critical of UMNO send would be deleted straight away....
report abuse
disagree 0
agree 5
written by Caretaker_y, August 23, 2009 18:27:29
How this pariah derives his dotcom as 'bigdogdotcom' is interesting to know. He should change it to 'PariahDogDotCom' or maybe 'FatPigDotCom' What is he trying to gain or obtain only he himself should know.

YM RPK in MT has produced & exposed again & again what Corruption, Abuse of Power & Covering-up of Criminal acts by those who walks in the corridors of power & yet you bigfatpariah still call him a liar, don't tell me you are also collaborting with them to cover-up corruption, abuse of power & criminal acts, those UMNO/BN goons & crooked cronies, including all those who he*** the machineries which have been abused & used to psersecute & prosecute the innocent Rakyats & the Alternate Government to be.

Fifty over years plus of abuses is enough.
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disagree 0
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written by Sabahfan, August 23, 2009 23:19:35

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disagree 0
agree 2
written by temanmu, August 24, 2009 02:57:56
Of course, Najib is

: "1Liar" :
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disagree 0
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written by freerpk, August 24, 2009 08:51:43
Yes, yes, yes the Rakyat has been lied to for 52 years........that is why we believe wat the gomen says smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
report abuse
disagree 0
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written by Admiral Tojo, August 24, 2009 11:58:35
This big dog fellow, he does not look too healthy. Maybe high blood sugar has effected his brains.

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Kartika spared caning for drinking beer

Kartika carriers her daughter Wann Kaitlynn Sari Dewi, 5, at her father's house in Sungei Siput. — Reuters pic

SUNGAI SIPUT, Aug 24 — The religious authorities today freed a Muslim woman who had been sentenced to be caned for drinking beer, although she refused to leave a van taking her to jail when returned to her home.

And her father said the change of mind would ridicule Islam, which bans Muslims from consuming alcohol.

"The warrant cannot be executed," Sharafuddin Zainal Ariffin, head of enforcement for Pahang's Islamic Affairs Department, told reporters after Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, was returned to her house.

It was not immediately clear whether the sentence, the first time a woman has been sentenced to caning here, had been overturned or merely postponed.

Both the woman, a Malaysian who has two children and who had worked as a nurse in Singapore, and her father had called for the sentence to be carried out quickly and in public.

Kartika was to have been taken to another state to be caned some time this week.

"I will not come out without a black and white document explaining the status of what has happened. I am surprised and speechless," Kartika told reporters.

Her father said the change of mind would bring "ridicule" on Islam. "We had already accepted the punishment," Shukarnor Mutalib, told reporters. — Reuters

When Najib met Anwar

tmi-n.jpgKUALA LUMPUR, Aug 24 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak met Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the prime minister’s home in Putrajaya last month and asked for the opposition to work closely with the government.

It was learned that Najib had wanted to send the message that, as prime minister, he would be willing to work with the opposition.

He told Anwar that it was important for foreign investors to have confidence in Malaysia.

The political temperature has been consistently high with an acrimonious relationship between the Barisan Nasional (BN) administration and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) since the opposition made unprecedented gains in last year’s general elections.

With numerous by-elections, a power grab in Perak and Anwar facing a sodomy charge, the BN administration has been consistently distracted by politics.

But there has been no sign of closer cooperation or a thaw in hostilities since the two men met.

In recent weeks, Umno has taken the lead in raising the political heat with relentless racial attacks against the opposition.

Anwar has been called a traitor while PAS’s Islamic credentials have been questioned by an Umno which has demonised the DAP as anti-Malay.

The Teoh Beng Hock death and current inquest has also led accusations that BN is trying to destabilise the Selangor PR government with an eye towards another power grab.

But during Najib’s meeting with Anwar, the prime minister had pledged not to discriminate against PR-held states.

Government sources told The Malaysian Insider that Najib sought the meeting in recognition of Anwar’s role as leader of the opposition.

He wanted Anwar to convey the message of cooperation to leaders of other PR parties.

Najib was probably hoping that Anwar and the opposition would reduce the political temperature in the country.

PKR sources told The Malaysian Insider that Najib would not be able to govern Malaysia effectively without the support of the opposition.

Since taking office in April, Najib has tried to introduce a number of economic reforms and has pledged to review controversial legislation such as the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The prime minister has said he would slowly free up the economy, suggesting that Malaysia’s NEP-style affirmative action policies would be replaced sooner rather later.

But the hardline race rhetoric being championed by his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in recent weeks have made some Malaysians wonder if Umno would allow the PM to remove the kind of policies which have seen immense largesse given to many party leaders and supporters.

PKR sources also said that during the meeting between the two leaders, Najib sought to defend himself against allegations levelled at him by the opposition while Anwar took the opportunity to rubbish the government’s sodomy case against him.

Since the meeting, Najib appears to have chosen to play the statesmen role, keeping relatively quiet while hawks in his party like Muhyiddin have gone on the offensive against the opposition.

It is unclear now if Najib will, or will be able to, rein in the hawks and their race rhetoric.

Still, news of the clandestine meeting has set tongues wagging, with some observers wondering whether Najib’s decision to meet Anwar is a sign of weakness.

How many anak Bangsa Malaysia must die before you are moved?

by Haris Ibrahim

“The children are the most badly affected by the food shortage”.

Read the rest of this report in the Staronline.

That report, whilst mentioning that Father Sylvester Ding, who is coordinating getting aid to those in need of the same, had said that people could send their donations in kind to the Miri Carmelite Chapel, does not give details as to how contributions could be sent. by Haris Ibrahim


I have asked for bank account details and / or the full postal address to which contributions might be sent and will post those details here the soonest I receive the same.

People, if you hold to the spirit of One People, One Nation, then you must see these starving children in the remote Kapit Division in central Sarawak as your own.

As you read this, you would have probably already had your first meal for the day.

Get your office mates to join you and skip lunch today, pool the money that you would have saved from that missed meal and get ready to send it out to our children in Sarawak.

The little pangs of hunger you will feel will be more than offset by the sense of fullness you will derive from knowing that the meal you missed is on its way to a little one who hasn’t eaten anything of substance in days.

Five reasons why voters of Permatang Pasir must vote for PAS/PR candidate Hassan Man and reject Umno/BN candidate Rohaizat Othman

By Lim Kit Siang,

There are five important reasons why the 20,290 voters of Permatang Pasir, regardless of race or religion, should vote for the Pas/Pakatan Rakyat candidate Mohd Salleh Man and reject the Umno/Barisan Nasional candidate Rohaizat Othman in the by-election polling tomorrow.

They are:

• Firstly, declare what all Malaysians know but no Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC or Barisan Nasional component party Minister or leader dare to say – that Rohaizat is not fit to be candidate for any elective office because of his being struck off the lawyers’ rolls under the Legal Profession Act for breach of trust, dishonesty and unprofessional conduct “unbefitting” a lawyer which “brings the legal profession into disrepute”. The media conference statement by his former law firm partner, Yusri Isahak, in Kuala Lumpur yesterday has done nothing to cleanse his “tainted” reputation or made academic the question: “How can a person not honest enough to be a lawyer be trusted to be a candidate for elective office, let alone to be elected as a State Assemblyman.

• Secondly, demonstrate that public shock and dismay over the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC Headquarters on July 16, 2009 are the response of all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, as it concerns the value of a human life and public confidence in the efficiency, commitment, independence, integrity and professionalism of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to declare war on corruption instead of declaring war on Pakatan Rakyat;

• Thirdly, articulate the concerns of all right-thinking Malaysians across the race, religion and political divide for a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the causes and circumstances of the mysterious death of Teoh at the MACC precincts, which can only be done through a Royal Commission of Inquiry and not a mere inquest – and public concerns about Teoh’s death and the MACC have been further underlined by the appearance of a mysterious letter purportedly written by MACC officers containing serious allegations including collusion between a Barisan Nasional leader and a top ranking Selangor MACC officer;

• Fourthly, expose the hypocrisy of the Barisan Nasional by-election theme of “Anak Emas” for Permatang Pasir when the only “Anak Emas” is none other than Rohaisat Othman and to demand fair, just and progressive national policies by the Barisan Nasional Federal Government for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or territory, to be treated as “Anak Emas” of the country.

• Fifthly, give true meaning to the 1Malaysia slogan of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the 52nd National Day theme on August 31 by deploring in the strongest possible terms the divisive, irresponsible and dangerous politics of double-speak and lies exploiting the race and religious cards to polarize Malaysians by playing a different tune to different voter ethnic groups – as alleging that Parliamentary Opposition Leader and PKR chief, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is “a traitor to the Malay race” and that PAS has sold out Islam to DAP for the Malay audience while accusing DAP of being a stooge of PAS among the Chinese electorate.

Salleh Man’s role in Permatang Pasir

By Deborah Loh

PAS candidate Mohd Salleh Man

THE fate of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in Penang rests on the shoulders of one man, Mohd Salleh Man. If the PAS candidate in the Permatang Pasir by-election loses at the polls tomorrow on 25 Aug 2009, the alliance will have no co-operation to speak of within the state government.

PAS is defending its only seat in the Penang legislative assembly, in which the DAP has 19, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) nine, and the Barisan Nasional (BN) opposition 11.

"We cannot afford to lose this seat or the pact at state-government level comes undone. Winning will prove that the Pakatan Rakyat is alive in Penang," PKR elections director Saifuddin Nasution tells The Nut Graph.

Salleh hopes to take over the reigns from the late assemblyperson Datuk Mohamad Hamdan Abdul Rahman, whose death on 31 July necessitated this by-election. Hamdan held the seat for three terms and was known as a gracious and popular elected representative.

Salleh, 55, is soft spoken and has a heavy local accent that makes it hard for out-of-towners to fully understand him. He comes across as an amiable "pak cik", although many call him "ustaz" because of his career in religious teaching.

The Penang PAS commissioner has been active in local PAS politics ever since graduating from Universiti Malaya with an Islamic studies degree. Interestingly, Salleh has contested six times in previous elections in the Pinang Tunggal, Permatang Berangan and Sungai Dua state seats, and also in the Tasek Gelugor parliamentary seat, but never won.

This time, he believes it will be different.

Seventh time lucky?

Asked to explain why, Salleh says Permatang Pasir has consistently voted for PAS for the last three terms, and he believes that trend will continue.

"I am sure voters here will want to see that PAS retains the seat, because it is the sole seat for the party in the state," he tells The Nut Graph at a campaign stop on 20 Aug.

We are standing in a football field, soggy with freshly cut grass after a spell of rain. Salleh has come to kick ball with the local youth of the Kubang Semang football club. PAS has organised a match for the village youths to play against a team comprising former state players and a few PR Youth leaders.

Salleh, in printed shirt, with youth from the local football club

Salleh isn't terribly articulate, but seems the sort of leader who would obligingly stop for anyone with a question despite being on a hectic schedule.

He says of his six previous failed attempts at contesting a seat: "I am learning all the time, and each election helps me improve for the next. In the end, we only hope that voters will choose us."

He promises to strengthen the Penang PR if he wins, by developing good ties with the Chinese and Indian Malaysian communities.

"I will continue the vision of the late assembly[person] Hamdan to prioritise the people's welfare and ensure all the races work together, because we are all one under Pakatan Rakyat," he says, reading from notes scribbled in a pocket-sized notepad.

A minder from his campaign team steps in to cut the interview short, and Salleh is whisked off to his next stop.

Muddy campaign

Salleh's lack of flair is not likely to be a factor in this by-election, which has been overshadowed by attacks on the credibility of the BN candidate, Rohaizat Othman, a disbarred lawyer.

While Salleh works the ground meeting voters at markets and shops and in their homes, PAS leaders have harped on little else since nomination day on 17 Aug. They have used that to draw a contrast with Salleh, depicting him as a clean and pious man who is respected locally for teaching religious classes.

However, Salleh has not escaped the mudslinging. An Umno-linked blog claimed that he took RM600,000 of PAS's funds meant for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election last August. PAS leaders have challenged Umno to show proof.

Power and position

With little to pick on about Salleh, the BN has turned to dangling the carrot of state power and representation. The BN highlights the fact that PAS, despite being in the PR, is not given a post in the state government's executive council.

"What is the use of voting for PAS when they are not given an exco post? The DAP is insulting PAS. Ask Lim Guan Eng, will he make PAS part of the state exco if they win? If not, what is the point of voting for PAS when they have no power in the state government?" said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin at a ceramah on 20 Aug.

Khairy criticising Penang's DAP government during the ceramah

After the PR seized power in Penang in the March 2008 general election, Chief Minister Lim named DAP and PKR assemblypersons to his executive council.

Local reporters who cover the Penang legislative assembly sittings say the BN opposition often taunted the late Hamdan over the matter. Hamdan, however, never retaliated, nor did he make public demands for an exco position.

Indeed, it has been pointed out that the DAP and PAS are "even" on this score. To the north, in Kedah, where PAS won the most seats in the general election, the lone DAP assemblyperson was not given an exco post, either.

Before his death, however, the Penang government did appoint Hamdan to posts in several state committees.

Saifuddin (File pic)
"There are many other ways to appreciate our partners in Pakatan, not necessarily with exco positions. There are other important posts in state-owned companies and various state councils. Posts do not define the worth of our partnership," argues PKR's Saifuddin.

He also believes that Malay Malaysians in Penang are not "jealous" about this. "They are attracted to Guan Eng's anti-corruption stance. You should not underestimate the Malay [Malaysians]; if they see a leader who shares their values, they can adapt even if the leader is of another race."

PAS by-election operations director Datuk Mahfuz Omar refuses to entertain questions about whether PAS would ask for more recognition in the state government if it retains the Permatang Pasir seat. "This by-election is about the seat, not about government positions," he says.

Then again, perhaps it is "win first" on polling day. And talk later.

Samy Vellu: MIC Must Be About Indians' Future

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 24 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu stressed that the Sept 12 party election is not about individuals but the future of the MIC and the Indian community.

He said 2009 was a very crucial year for the MIC because the party delegates would be electing leaders who had shown results and could move the party ahead and prepare it for the next general election.

"I have put up a team that can work and deliver for the Indian community and maintain the respect and cooperation of Barisan Nasional and the government," he told Bernama in an interview.

He said he was endorsing incumbent deputy president Datuk G.Palanivel to retain the post based on Palanivel's personal character, background and achievements in the party and government.

Palanivel, who wrested the deputy president's post from Datuk S.Subramaniam in the 2006 MIC election, was the deputy minister in the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry before his defeat in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat in the 2008 general election.

Describing Palanivel as an "untainted and clean man", Samy Vellu said he had carried out his duties as a deputy minister and deputy president effectively without seeking publicity.

"Palanivel works as a team player and he has helped in the formulation of many policies and programs for the party," he said, adding that Palanivel was also "a no-nonsense and practical person".

He also said that Palanivel had good working relations with leaders of other Barisan Nasional component parties.

Samy Vellu said he was also endorsing Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk S.K.Devamany and Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M.Saravanan for the three posts of vice-president because they were Members of Parliament and the party's representatives in the government.

"They must be given the mandate by the party to speak to the government on behalf of the Indian community and the MIC. They will be unable to perform effectively if the MIC itself is seen as not supporting them," he added.

Stressing that Dr Subramaniam was the sole Indian representative in the Cabinet, he said that through a stronger mandate from the delegates, his voice in the Cabinet would gain more respect and be honoured.

"Similarly, Devamany and Saravanan have to get the support of the MIC if they are to perform. Dr Subramaniam, Devamany and Saravanan are our only MPs now to implement the party's government work."

On his 27-member team for the 23 posts in the Central Working Committee (CWC), Samy Vellu said his list comprised a mix of all ages and groups within the Indian community, namely Malayali, Telegu and Sikh.

"I want the CWC to represent all the communities within the Indian community to avoid the party being branded as just for one group (Tamils)," he added.

Anwar in Permatang Pasir

Nusmetro Agreement to the Villagers!

Please pass this message around and show the people and bloggers from the Bathroom and Bedroom to understand that the villagers are not demanding more than what they deserve! This is the exact agreement that were given to them! No other agreements!

Will you sign this document if you are one of the villager in Kg.Buah Pala?

1.No time line given when they ll build the house

2.No compensation for their rental till the house is built

3.In any case the project is stopped, changed, modified or halted, this agreement consider invalid

4. No description on the house, materials used, type and model, even if they build the house in the plywood the villagers cant take them to court after signing this agreement.

5. The agreement must come from State Government or koperasi as the Land owner, not Nusmetro as the developer, who has no rights towards the villagers!

6.No guarantee from the State Government on the compensation.

7. The Location of the house decided by the developer, it can be anywhere!

8.All pending cases must be withdrawn, why?

Congratulation Lim Guan Eng! - Cryingvoices









Conscious and Unconscious..


Desperate Buah Pala villagers turn to Umno - Anilnetto

In their last-ditch bid to save their village, Kg Buah Pala villagers have now turned to Umno.

Gelugor Umno division chairman Omar Faudzar has reportedly agreed to hold talks with the developer (Nusmetro) and the landowner (the Koperasi) on Tuesday.

With this, the Buah Pala villagers have now tried almost every avenue available to them – the Pakatan state government, Hindraf, MIC, PSM, Jerit, the Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party, the Federal Court, the DPM and now Umno – as they struggle against all odds to save their village. The only parties they have not approached – as far as I know – are Gerakan (Koh Tsu Koon) and MCA.

In a way, the Kg Buah Pala saga has now come full circle. It was the BN government in Penang that approved the sale of the land (with the final payment made on 14 March 2008, after the Pakatan took over, while the temporary land title was registered on 27 March 2008).

Can the Buah Pala village be saved from demolition? Will Umno and the BN make a dramatic gesture and intervene in an attempt to recover lost Indian Malaysian support for the BN?

Meanwhile, the Koperasi has ceased updating its blog since 11 August.

The village has nine days to go before it is due for demolition.

“Foreign instigators” behind Penan blockades? - Anilnetto

The Borneo Post triumphantly declares:

Foreign hands in blockades

Foreigners caught on camera mingling with and instigating Penans at Long Nen and Long Bangan blockades

MIRI: It’s confirmed! Foreigners are behind many of the blockades set up by Penans in timber camps in the state.

It has long been suspected that many foreign environmentalists and socalled conservationists had been instigating and encouraging the natives to erect blockades and disrupt logging activities, though they had always denied their involvement.

But yesterday four foreigners, including two women, were seen among protesters manning blockades in Ulu Baram.

But wait, Mark Bujang, the executive director of a leading Sarawak NGO, Brimas, points out these were not instigators but AFP journalists carrying out interviews.

I suppose it’s a lot easier for the Borneo Post to point to foreign hands than to report on the root causes of Penan grievances – intrusion by a public-private joint venture timber company into their native customary land. Bujang says the private partner is KTS Holdings, which reportedly owns the Borneo Post. KTS is one of the biggest timber and oil palm plantation firms in Sarawak.

AFP reported that its news team at the blockades was photographed by angry timber company officials, and later intercepted at a roadblock by police armed with machineguns and taken away for questioning.

Foreign journalist labelled as instigators of Penan blockades

MIRI – Four foreign journalists were labelled as instigators by a local newspaper, the Borneo Post, for allegedly encouraging two Penan villages in Tutoh, Baram District, Sarawak for erecting blockades and disrupting the logging activities by logging companies in the area.

The Borneo Resources Institute, Malaysia (BRIMAS) learnt that the journalists were from the Agence France Presse (AFP) based in Kuala Lumpur and they were there doing interviews with the Penans in the Apoh-Tutoh areas of the Baram region.

At the time the two blockades were erected at Long Nen and Long Bangan, these journalists were coincidently there doing the said interviews.

However, the Borneo Post published a front page article headline ‘Foreign hands in blockades’ on 22 August edition and confirmed that foreigners were behind the many blockades set up by the Penans in timber camps throughout the state.

BRIMAS wishes to state the facts that the Penans from Long Nen and Long Bangan are not happy with Pusaka-KTS (PKTS) Forest Plantation Sdn. Bhd. for establishing an acacia and eucalyptus plantation within their native customary rights (NCR) land.

PKTS never obtained the villagers’ free, prior and informed consent when they wanted to establish the plantation and instead ignored the pleas and protests from the Penans which rejected the plantation.

It must be also pointed out that section 65B of the Sarawak Forest Ordinance Cap. 126 requires prior consent of NCR landowners before a Licence for Planted Forest (LPF) could be issued over the land.

As a result of PKTS non-compliance with the Forest Ordinance and disregarding the NCR of the Penans, these two villages decided to take direct action by erecting blockades to stop PKTS from further encroachment into their native customary land. It is through their own initiative that the Penans decided to erect the blockades and not orchestrated by foreigners as allege by the Borneo Post.

There are at least 20 other villages in and around Apoh-Tutoh, Baram region which are also affected by PKTS plantation. According to Friends of the Earth Report in 2008, the total area of PKTS plantation area in Apoh-Tutoh is approximately 90,427 hectares.

BRIMAS would like to urge PKTS and the Sarawak State Government recognise and respect the NCR of the Penans to their lands and forest resources. If PKTS’ LPF are overlapping over the NCR of the Penans and other native communities, then the state government should withdraw the LPF immediately.

BRIMAS also demands that PKTS stop all its clear-cutting activities on forested areas as this will further increase the rate of deforestation in Sarawak and undermining the biodiversity of the state.

The planting of exotic fast growing tree species like acacia and eucalyptus would only degrade the land further as these two species of trees are known to extract a lot of nutrients from the soil rapidly and render the soil infertile. Worst still, these trees are a fire hazard especially during the dry season as their leaves are quite flammable when dried due to the nature of the tree which needs heat to propagate it seeds.

PKTS is a joint venture company between the Sarawak Timber Industrial Development Corporation, also known as Pusaka, a state government agency and KTS Holdings Sdn. Bhd., a timber company based in Sibu, which also owns Borneo Post.

Mark Bujang
Executive Director, BRIMAS

Hey, the Malays are united – united against the ISA


Bersatulah bangsa Melayu! Setiap orang Islam adalah saudara kita. Fikirkanlah. Jangan terlalu taksub dengan fahaman politik masing-masing. Berfikir dan bertindaklah secara waras. - Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO


Raja Petra Kamarudin

See the video on YouTube here:

Bersatulah bangsa Melayu!
Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO

Di saat ini, perbalahan sesama bangsa Melayu berada di tahap kritikal. Punca utama adalah perbezaan fahaman politik. Budaya berpuak-puak semakin berleluasa sama ada di bandar mahupun di kampung. Pergolakan ini dilihat oleh orang lain dan mereka gembira melihat kita bersengketa sesama sendiri.

Perpecahan ini amat bahaya yang akan membinasakan bangsa kita sendiri. Pepatah mengatakan ‘Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh’. Bangsa kita sekarang sedang ditertawakan orang lain kerana kita lemah sebab tidak bersatu. Kita seolah-olah sudah hilang kekuatan kerana ikatan kita amat longgar dan akan roboh bila-bila masa sahaja. Raja-Raja Melayu diperlekehkan oleh bangsa kita sendiri. Orang lain tersenyum gembira melihat kebodohan yang dijelmakan oleh bangsa kita sendiri.

Masa telah sampai. Semboyan telah berbunyi. Gendang telah dipalu. Orang Melayu perlu bertindak untuk menyatukan semula bangsa kita yang kita cintai dan agama Islam yang kita anuti. Kesemua peringkat usia, sama ada golongan terpelajar, golongan ahli agama, pemimpin-pemimpin politik, pelajar, pendidik, golongan petani dan apa-apa sahaja golongan dari kelompok Melayu perlu mulakan gerakan ke akar umbi menyatukan semula puak-puak yang bertelagah ini demi agama dan bangsa.

Janganlah hanya mempunyai sikap membisu dan melihat sahaja tanpa melakukan tindakan demi penyatuan bangsa. Kita kena bertindak. Bukan masanya untuk kita menuding jari menyalahkan puak lain.

Tempat berkumpul bagi menyusun program penyatuan hendaklah kita mulakan di masjid atau pun surau. Kita tinggalkan fahaman politik masing-masing apabila berada di masjid atau surau. Kita hidupkan jemaah dan kita bina semula kekuatan. Peranan masjid atau surau kita kembalikan seperti di zaman Rasulullah s.a.w.

Sejarah para pahlawan Melayu dahulu perlu diceritakan kepada generasi muda. Usaha ini mesti berterusan dan tiada penghujung. Pastinya perjuangan kita akan disanjung oleh generasi akan datang. Kitalah yang bertanggungjawab memastikan agama Allah terpelihara dan bangsa kita bersatu, kuat dan tidak boleh diperlekehkan orang lain. Kita kembalikan kedudukan raja kita yang kita sayangi di tempat yang sepatutnya.

Satu semangat juang yang tinggi perlu ada pada setiap orang Melayu. Kita kumpulkan rakan-rakan berlainan fahaman politik untuk membentuk satu jemaah demi agama dan bangsa Melayu. Ibu bapa juga memainkan peranan sebagai penasihat terbaik kepada anak-anak. Ceritakanlah kepada mereka sejarah zaman dahulu dan pupukkan semangat cintakan agama dan bangsa.

Kepada para pemimpin politik, berdamailah. Semua orang Melayu melihat anda. Adakah cukup sekadar ungkapan atau slogan tanpa diterjemahkan dalam bentuk kenyataan? Ingatlah sejarah di zaman Rasulullah s.a.w. yang mana dua puak bersengketa bersatu, iaitu kaum Ansar dan Muhajirin. Setiap orang Islam adalah saudara kita. Fikirkanlah. Jangan terlalu taksub dengan fahaman politik masing-masing. Berfikir dan bertindaklah secara waras.

Kepada golongan ahli agama, berilah teladan yang baik kepada kami. Bimbinglah, nasihatilah. Kepada YB atau wakil rakyat, tidak kira apa parti anda, dampingilah orang Melayu, bantulah mereka jika mereka perlukan bantuan tanpa mengira parti. Parti hanyalah sebagai wadah perjuangan.

Saya menyeru kepada semua umat Melayu yang beragama Islam yang amat saya sayangi, kita buka lembaran baru yang pastinya akan menjadi satu sejarah yang paling indah. Jadikan isu “bagaimana untuk menyatukan semula orang-orang Melayu” sebagai topik perbualan kita walau di mana kita berada.

ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan kaum itu sendiri mengubah nasibnya. Itu janji Allah. Kita tunaikan tanggungjawab kita. Kita jadikan bangsa kita bangsa yang bermaruah, kuat pegangan agamanya, kuat dari segi fizikal juga mental, bersatu serta mempunyai semangat juang yang tinggi.

Policeman to sue Padang Serai MP

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 23 — The policeman who was manhandled by Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan during the nomination for the Pematang Pasir by-election is considering taking legal action against the parliamentarian.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said it was learnt that the policeman would take the legal action personally.

"Like any other people, he (policeman) has the right to take legal action. So, it's up to him to do so," he told reporters after campaigning house-to-house in Bukit Indera Muda here today.

Gobalakrishnan was arrested to facilitate investigation after he created a commotion on nomination day for the Permatang Pasir by-election at the National Youth Skills Institute here on Monday.

During the incident, a policeman was manhandled when he tried to break the commotion which occurred at about 11am.

Meanwhile, Hishammuddin said the police would also investigate the allegation made by Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh that Gobalakrishnan's action was masterminded by a certain party.

"We will collect all information pertaining to the allegation and carry out a thorough investigation," he said, declining further comment.

When asked whether Umno would invite Mohd Radzhi to join the party following his decision to leave the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today, Hishammuddin said:

"Umno is open not only to the assemblyman, but also to anybody who wants to join it anytime," he added. — Bernama

Sivarasa suspects ‘cash inducement’ in PKR Lunas walk-out

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - The Malaysian Insider

This much money. PKR’s Sivarasa suspects Mohd Radzhi’s resignation may have been due to monetary reasons. — picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — PKR vice-president R Sivarasa today shrugged off claims of a break in party ranks following their Lunas assemblyman turning independent, saying the Kedah executive councillor (exco) might have been “financially induced” to quit to portray internal division.

Mohd Radzhi Salleh today discarded his party membership and declared himself independent, a move which could cost him his state exco position.

His political aide disclosed the dissolution of the party’s Padang Serai division, which Lunas falls under, citing their disappointment with the central leadership as the main reason that prompted the move.

Sivarasa, however, said there is no basis for Radzhi to make such allegations, claiming he has not heard complaints from members against the party’s central leadership.

“There is no basis to what he is claiming. There is no crisis whatsoever. I think it is reasonable to believe that the he might have been offered a substantial amount of money to do so to create the impression that the party is in crisis,” Sivarasa told The Malaysian Insider.

Apart from Radzhi, PKR is represented by two other councillors: Bukit Selambau’s Manikumar Subramaniam and Bakar Arang assemblyman Tan Wei Shu.

Sivarasa, who is Subang member of parliament, said the party would leave the question of Radzhi’s exco position to Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Razak.

“I think it’s just a matter of time before Radzhi would be removed as an exco,” commented Sivarasa.

Prior to Radzhi’s resignation, PKR was in control of five seats in the 36-member Kedah legislative assembly while PAS has 16 and DAP one. Radzhi won the state seat by more than 10,000 votes in the last general election.

His resignation today marks the second time the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat has been hit by internal crisis.

In July, DAP’s sole assemblyman, Lee Guan Aik threatened to withdraw from the state coalition after disagreements with the PAS-led government

Rest in peace, Guna

By Haris Ibrahim,

I was at the Sentul crematorium this morning at about 10.35a.m.

The crematorium is situated in the foreground of this beautiful Athieeswaran temple.

templekuil atheeiswaran2

At about 11.30a.m., a hearse brought Gunasegaran’s remains to the Sentul crematorium.

Without fanfare, the casket was placed on the funeral pyre.


Family members and a small number from civil society were in attendance to witness the religious rites that were to be performed before Gunasegaran’s remains would be cremated.

The lady in the light blue dress is Madam Gowri, sister of the late Gunasegaran

The lady in the light blue dress is Madam Gowri, sister of the late Gunasegaran

From left : YB Tian Chua, Jaya, Syed & Saras ( mother of Francis Udayappan, who died in police custody on 24th May, 2004 )

From left : YB Tian Chua, Jaya, Syed & Saras ( mother of Francis Udayappan, who died in police custody on 24th May, 2004 )

The casket was opened and fire wood placed inside.


Just below the casket were placed a few items that were to form part of the religious ritual that was about to be performed.

A bunch of bananas, a coconut split in two, an urn bearing burning camphor and a stainless steel dish bearing holy ash and camphor

A bunch of bananas, a coconut split in two, an urn bearing burning camphor and a stainless steel dish bearing holy ash and camphor

Visva, the lawyer who represented Madam Gowri in the High Court on the 18th and who was at the mortuary this morning to make sure there were no hiccups when the family went there this morning to remove Gunasegaran’s remains, very kindly shared with me the significance of these items.

The bananas, he told me, represented the continuity of life.

The split coconuts, signified the release of the soul.

The holy ash, which was pointed out to me, is what Hindus would have applied to their foreheads at prayers, is intended as a reminder of the impermanence, transience even, of life on earth.

Then a gentleman from Hindu Sangam informed us that there would be the recital of Hindu hymns as the offering of prayers. Those who could may recite the hymns. Those who could not, may wish to offer prayers on their own.

Prayers for Gunasegaran's soul

Prayers for Gunasegaran's soul

I closed my eyes and made a promise to Gunasegaran that I would try to get as many anak Bangsa Malaysia to do all that they can so that, perchance, he may not have died, as he did, in vain.

After the prayers, Gunasegaran’s nephew


began circumambulating the funeral pyre three times, bearing an earthen ware pot filled with water.

At the beginning of each circumabulation, the pot was struck, making a hole for the water to seep through.

At the end of the last circumambulation, the pot was dropped to the ground, shattering.

Visva explained to me that this signified the severance of ties between the recently departed and the living, making it easier for the former to move on.

The funeral pyre was now lit.


Jaya told us that once the fire was lit, we should walk away.

We did.

Gowri came over and expressed the family’s thanks for all the help they’ve received.