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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Detained 'Indian national' in Sabah says he's Malaysian

A Muslim specialty restauranter Mohd Kani Majid, 43, who has been held since April 20 at the Rumah Merah (Red House), the detention centre in Menggatal for illegal immigrants, is emerging as a test case of sorts for "Malaysians" stripped of their "citizenship" and earmarked for deportation to their "determined countries of origin".

sabah orang utan 060709 07Menggatal is in the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu but within the city limits.

Majid, who holds a "valid" MyKad and has voted thrice so far in the general elections, has lodged an application with the High Court in Kota Kinabalu for a revision of his Detention Order.

He listed himself in the application as a tax payer, contributor to the EPF (Employers Provident Fund) and is listed in the latest (2009) revised electoral rolls.

He first registered as a voter in 1999, according to the application.

His counsel, P. J. Perira and Ram Singh, have filed for a Certificate of Urgency for the case to be expedited given their client's continued detention.

Majid was arrested at his 24-hour restaurant, Kedai Kopi Jamiyah in Inanam, in the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, by Malaysian Immigration authorities.

Apparently, the arresting officers determined that he was in fact an Indian national and not a Malaysian as claimed.

It is not known whether he was held during a campaign by the Immigration Department, a routine inspection or whether they were acting on a tip-off.

The restaurant has been in operation since 1999 with a valid licence issued by City Hall.

Briefly, in filing for the revision, Majid wants the High Court to determine the "correctness, legality or propriety of the Immigration Department remand or continuing remand".

He claims that he's entitled to the MyKad that he's currently holding.

Further, he argues that if the authorities believe his MyKad was obtained fraudulently, or through misrepresentation, then they should refer the matter to the Home Affairs Ministry under Article 27 of the Federal Constitution for a Notice of Enquiry to be held.

The National Registration Department (NRD), he points out, did not charge him under Section 25 (1)(e) of the National Registration Regulations 1990 for an alleged offence i.e. having a fake MyKad, or if it was a genuine MyKad, being in its possession when he was not entitled to have one.

No charges preferred

The Immigration Department, which arrested him, did not charge with any offence either, continues Majid in his pleadings.

Instead, he alleged, the Immigration Department "forced" him to apply for an Indian passport after seizing his Malaysian International Passport which is still valid.

mamak restaurant 271206 foodThe authorities, he complains, had also failed to comply with Article 5(3) and (4) of the Federal Constitution and inform him or his family members officially of the grounds of his arrest.

The Revision has also been served on the Immigration Sabah Director, Immigration Department Deputy Public Prosecutor, senior Federal Counsel, and the Home Affairs Ministry's Legal Advisor in Putra Jaya, the Federal Administrative Centre.

Records kept by Perira and Singh show that they wrote to the Home Affairs Ministry on July 27 on the detention of Majid.

Copies of the letter were extended to the NRD Director General, Immigration Director General, MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) Chairman and the Suhakam (Malaysian Human Rights Commission) Chairman.

Only the NRD Director General replied, on July 29, saying that the matter would be referred to the NRD Sabah in Kota Kinabalu.

The lawyers wrote on Aug 7 to the Prime Minister to bring Majid's continued detention to his attention.

Copes of the letter were extended to the NRD Director General, the Immigration Director General, the MACC Chairman and the Attorney General.

Only the AG's Chambers responded on Aug 12 saying that they had forwarded the letter to the Home Affairs Legal Department.

Earlier, on Aug 6, the lawyers wrote to the Immigration Sabah Director requesting for documents in regard to Majid's continued detention.

Copies of the letter were extended to the Immigration Director General, the NRD Director General and the AG's Chambers. There was no reply.

On Aug 12, they wrote again to the Immigration Sabah Director with copies to the same parties.

Again, there was no reply.

Arrived 10 years ago

According to the facts of the case according to the lawyers, Majid arrived in Sabah from India in 1983 and worked as a restaurant helper in Papar along the west coast, an hour's drive south of Kota Kinabalu.

Ten years later, in 1993, he applied for a Malaysian identity card (IC) through the district NRD office under the IC Projek Pedalaman (Interior Division IC Project).

It was not immediately clear what personal documents he used to apply for the Malaysian IC.

He claimed that some 100 other Indians and Pakistanis applied for the same document (IC) together with him.

Majid claims that he obtained the IC through the NRD Papar sabah orang utan 060709 02sometime in 1993/94 and issued by the NRD in Kota Kinabalu.

It is not known whether the other 100 Indian and Pakistani applicants with him received Malaysian Identity Cards as well. Upon receipt of his Malaysian IC, Majid claims that he surrendered his Indian passport to the authorities. It is not known to which authority.

Majid claims that to satisfy himself that his Malaysian IC was genuine, he wrote to the NRD Sabah for verification of his document.

He claims receiving a letter from the NRD dated Nov 4, 1994, informing him that his Malaysian IC was genuine.

He also claims to be in possession of a letter from the NRD Sabah bearing the signature of the then Deputy Director, Mohd Nasir Sungip. It is also not known what made Majid doubt the authenticity of his Malaysian IC although he claimed to have collected it from the NRD Papar.

Less than a year later, Majid applied for and was issued a Malaysian International Passport on June 20, 1995.

Majid married an Indian citizen in 1997.

She arrived on an Indian passport and has been staying in Sabah on a Visa under Section 11(10) of the Immigration Regulations 1963.

The couple have three children. The eldest, 11, was born in India and holds a Dependant Pass. The other two children, aged 10 and 7, were born in Sabah.

Anti illegal immigration activists in Sabah are watching the Majid case closely.

They recall that Indian restaurants in the state and their association had been in the news not so long ago for harbouring illegals and those with dubious Malaysian documents.

Video shows style of extra-judicial killings in Sri Lanka

A video clip received from Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS) evidences the way extra-judicial killings are executed in the island. The video captured in January show the behaviour of Sri Lanka’s soldiers during the war that is claimed ‘humanitarian operation’ to rescue the Tamils, JDS reported Tuesday. The conversations of the killers are in Sinhala. “From the casual nature of the conversations and from the fact that it is taking place in an open area in broad daylight – it can be surmised that these are not ordinary acts by rogue elements carried out without the permission from the top leadership. The soldiers egging each other on, the insulting jokes and the laughter show that there is a consensus that these cold blooded killings should take place,” JDS further reported.

Killings by SLA
Killings by SLA
As there is no reason to believe there is a change in the behaviour of the armed forces, the treatment of the 280,000 people in the internment camps kept for ‘screening’ and another more than 10,000 alleged to be LTTE cadres, kept in undisclosed locations, is widely feared.

The way the men are treated even in execution, shown in the video clip, is a repeatedly demonstrated feature of the chauvinism in the island. One can imagine the treatment of women, was the observation of Tamil circles.

BBC Sinhala Service Monday reported the trauma of the internment camp inmates about 'Dolphin vans' whisking away people, who then disappear.

While some governments are sitting on indicting Colombo’s war crimes and while some other governments don’t want to recognise the genocidal perspectives or the need to call for the closure of internment camps, Colombo enjoys absolute impunity, Tamil circles said.

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS) was founded on 18th of July in Berlin, with the participation of Tamil and Sinhala journalists coming from six european countries, who were forced into exile. JDS aims to raise the concerns about the deteriorating conditions of democratic rights in Sri Lanka, with a special emphasis on issues related to media freedom.

Sultan wants explanation over arrest powers for mosque officials

Sultan Sharafuddin signs the ‘The Mysterious And Magic World Of Fireflies Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor’ book yesterday. On the left is Khalid. The palace is said to be displeased with Hasan’s latest move. — Bernama pic

By Neville Spykerman

SHAH ALAM, Aug 27 — Datuk Dr Hasan Ali may have exceeded his powers by unilaterally empowering mosque officials to arrest Muslims caught drinking alcohol, without first consulting the Selangor Sultan.

As the head of Islam in Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah should have been consulted before the move was announced to the public, and state officials yesterday confirmed that “the Sultan is seeking an explanation”.

The Selangor PAS commissioner announced the controversial decision on Monday.

Those being empowered to make arrests without a warrant under the Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995 include imans and bilals.

The message from the palace is believe to have been conveyed through Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who met the Sultan yesterday.

State executive council members will be seeking an audience with the Sultan soon.

Earlier this month, Hassan courted controversy when he backed an illegal move by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to seize beer from a 7-Eleven outlet and called for beer to be banned in Muslim-majority areas.

The matter was laid to rest when Khalid successfully called on retail outlets to practise self regulation.

This latest controversial decision by Hassan, who is in charge of Islamic affairs, has also raised the ire of his executive council colleagues who were caught by surprise by the announcement.

The weekly exco meeting yesterday was described as “heated” as the matter was discussed.

According to Section 18 of the enactment, Muslims can be fined up to RM3,000, jailed up to two years or sentenced to both, for drinking in public.

Muslims also can be fined up to RM5,000, jailed for three years or both for selling, offering to sell and displaying beer and alcohol.

However during a press conference after the exco meeting yesterday, Hassan said mosque officials would only be allowed to arrest Muslims caught drinking openly.

Khalid, who was also at the press conference, said Pakatan Rakyat would take into account concerns of Muslims and non-Muslims before implementing any regulations.

He added that Muslims working in the food and beverage industry which serves alcohol should not be worried about being arrested.

MIC Elections 2009: Bala abhors caste politics in MIC contest

By Suganthi Suparmaniam

KUALA LUMPUR: He may be known as the "RM2 million man", "road king" or "contractor Bala", but Datuk S. Balakrishnan does not want to be known as the man who brought caste politics into the MIC.

The Johor MIC treasurer, who is going for one of the three vice-presidential slots, said he had never advocated divisions among members along social, economic or caste lines.

He said he had not initiated the "Nammavar" slogan for the Sept 12 party polls where members of certain castes were pulling together to win positions in the party.

"There are many friends and supporters whom I had helped before who are behind me now. I have helped and supported many people in my life and they are supporting me now.
Datuk S. Balakrishnan says the people need leaders who can contribute and work.
Datuk S. Balakrishnan says the people need leaders who can contribute and work.

"I cannot say no when they come and say that they are supporting me. These are friends," he said when commenting on allegations that he was involved in caste politics.

He also denied that his support base was solely due to his financial strength.

Balakrishnan said people liked him because of what he had done for them and "not about money".

"I don't know from where the RM2 million dollar tag for me came (coined to allege that he used money to get things done in the party)."

He said it could have come from talk that three millionaires would be contesting in the vice-presidential race.

"I am not buying votes and never have. I have always only used my money to build temples and schools."

Balakrishnan is being pitted against three "official" candidates and three "outsiders".

The official candidates are Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is party secretary-general and Human Resources Minister, Deputy Federal Territories Minister and party information chief Datuk M. Saravanan and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and Cameron Highlands member of parliament Datuk S.K Devamany.

The outsiders are former Selangor MIC youth chief P. Subramaniam, Federal Territory MIC strongman Datuk V.K.K. Teagarajan and Negri Sembilan leader, P. Mariayee.

Balakrishnan is confident of winning and not worried about going up against a minister and two deputy ministers.

"I don't see them as threats. I'm just concentrating on my strength, my sakti (power). I will also not talk anything bad about the other contestants, I don't know their style. But, I've worked hard all my life and I am in the people's heart."

He said delegates were looking for a kind, compassionate and approachable leader "and I believe I have these traits".

"We need leaders who can contribute and work.

"I may not have the paper qualifications but I have experiences in life that will help. I have about 500 people working for me on a monthly payroll of more than RM1 million."

On the AIMST University road contract awarded to him, Balakrishnan clarified that it was not for RM90 million but RM27 million.

"I got it after going through the proper channels where I had to make a bid. It was given to me based on my track record and experience."

MIC Elections 2009: ‘Suppressed’ group out to beat Samy Vellu’s line-up, By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — As caste issues rise to dominate the Sept 12 MIC elections, the Nammavar group of “suppressed and oppressed” people of lower caste origins is moving out of the shadows and openly mobilising members and delegates to defeat the “official line-up” fielded by long-time MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Vyran makes his case at a gathering of Nammavar supporters in Klang recently.

His rival for three decades, Datuk S. Subramaniam, who is vying for the deputy president’s post in a three-cornered contest, has his own line-up of candidates that is strongly supported by the Nammavar or Our People movement.

Nammavar founder and key strategist Datuk Vyran T. Raj, 49, in an interview with The Malaysian Insider, gave details of the movement, statistics on caste origins of the 1,500 delegates who will decide the outcome and explained why and how it was time for the Nammavar to rise and oust Samy Vellu and his line-up.

“The contest is really between us the Nammavar and them, the Avargal,” he said, referring to Samy Vellu and the better-off people gathered around him who dominate MIC politics and enjoy the largesse allocated to the Indian community.

“We have a good chance of unseating the official line-up,” said Vyran, a big-sized, stocky man who wears thick glasses and speaks fluent English.

Vyran is a self-made millionaire whose parents worked as unskilled labourers for Kuala Lumpur City Hall. “My origins are extreme poverty, severe caste discrimination and total marginalisation," he said.

“This is our experience for many years but now we want to change it... to turn the tables,” Vyran said, adding “Our People” was not starting caste politics but was rebelling against caste politics that was rampant in the MIC.

“We are rousing ‘Our People’ and using our numbers to ensure victory for Subramaniam. We are hoping for a new deal in the party and Indian community through his victory," he said.

Vyran and his Nammavar movement are spreading out across the country by holding meetings in small groups where Vyran explains — with graphs and an overhead projector — to members why and how they continue to be marginalised.

“We are sparking a reawakening on all fronts, social, economic and political,” Vyran said, adding there is genuine enthusiasm and support among MIC members, interest that would spark reform long after the MIC elections.

“We are now able to enter certain areas and certain MIC divisions that nobody was able to penetrate before,” he said, adding that while grassroots MIC members are aroused, victory or defeat was in the hands of the 1,500 delegates who have long supported Samy Vellu.

Vyran (centre) makes a point at the same gathering.

His support bank is experiencing a mindset change after the March 8, 2008 political tsunami but would it be enough to spark major changes?

“Matram or change is our rallying cry and we are confident we have the support of about 800 delegates behind us,” he said. “This is enough to ensure victory unless underhanded and undemocratic means are used to defeat us,” said Vyran, who is not a MIC member but is close to numerous MIC leaders.

At a meeting in Klang recently, Vyran explained to some 80 Nammavar supporters that the MIC and the Indian community were at a crossroads.

“We have to choose carefully whether we want to vote and keep the old order alive or return leaders who can offer a new agenda for the Indian community,” Vyran said.

Other leaders in Nammavar, who declined to be named, said the MIC grassroots were not accepting Samy Vellu’s “official line-up” as they had in previous elections.

“They are asking questions and want to elect candidates based on their performance and merits and not on the authority of the party president,” a business tycoon involved in Nammavar said.

“Why must he (Samy Vellu) select and then we elect… he should not get involved at all,” he said, adding a “free and fair” election is what the MIC urgently needs to send the "overstayed" packing and bring in a new team.

One lash... and there'll be no turning back

by Tay Tian Yan/translated by Dominic Loh

A little oversight, and Malaysia's image will nosedive to the same levels of Sudan, or Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran.

Not too long ago, Sudanese woman Lubna al-Hussein was sentenced by the court to 40 lashes for wearing pants, much to the shock and ridicule of the entire world.

All of a sudden, Sudan was treated free propaganda on global media, and the country was seen on the same ground as autocracy, backwardness, inhumanity and anti-feminism.

Who would want to visit or invest in a country like this?

Malaysian woman Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was sentenced to six strokes of rotan by the syariah court in Pahang for beer drinking.

ImageThanks to publication taboo, the incident has not been given enough weight by local media; but the news has been carried far and wide by international players such as CNN, BBC, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, as well as their counterparts in Asia.

Indeed, drinking is haram, unlike wearing pants, but to international media, they are all thrown into the same category.

And we all know they don't view the case favourably.

Year after year, Tourism Malaysia has been spending enormous amounts of money to promote "Malaysia, Truly Asia." However, it takes a lot of effort to really put the country on global media.

A verdict by the syariah court in Pahang has surpassed 10 years of effort by Tourism Malaysia in getting the country exposed in international media.

Malaysia has over and again emphasised that it is practising moderate Islam, and under the auspices of "moderation," a person infringing upon religious taboos should be served with exhortation or light penalties such as small-amount fines.

Even moderate and open-minded Muslims feel the so-called taboos are a relationship between the believer and God. If punishment must be served, it should be God who passes down the verdict, not anyone else.

If Kartika is eventually caned, the country's image will invariably come under the invisible punishment of the international community.

The country will be seen as one that flogs a woman on religious grounds.

If this were to take place, the government will have problem getting international recognition no matter how hard it sells its "open and moderate" image.

Some in the government are indeed aware of the seriousness of this issue, hence the last-minute halt to the caning and Najib's advice that Kartika should appeal.

That said, conservative religious clerics and outfits keep exerting pressure, and will not call it a day until and unless a stroke has landed on Kartika's body.

But that stroke will send the Islamisation a big stride ahead.

If a precedent is set, any punishment in the name of religion in future will be justified, including punishments handed down on women.

Certain enough, with that one lash, there'll be no turning back for Malaysia. (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

Chua Soi Lek sexpelled; is party image damaged by sexploits, or decades of being an Umno lapdog?

by Nathaniel Tan

I don’t follow MCA politics closely. Not so much because it’s generally boring (oh, and it is), but because I find it largely irrelevant.

Seeing that I’m up at this hour though, it’s a good a subject as any to blog about. One of my favourite parts of Chua Soi Lek’s sacking:

At a press conference at 12.15am at the party headquarters, MCA president Ong Tee Keat announced that the presidential council had endorsed the recommendation of the party’s disciplinary committee to sack Chua over the matter.

“We did so with a heavy heart after giving much consideration to the damage inflicted upon the party image, brought about by the sex scandal featured in the DVD.

“This decision has been made in the best interest of the party,” said Ong, reading from a prepared text after a marathon five-hour meeting.

O_o yeah? Well I’m no big fan of Chua Soi Lek, but it looks like the decision was made more in the best interest of Ong Tee Keat.

The sex scandal featured in the DVD inflicted heavy damage on the party image?


MCA’s party image has been damaged by decades of irrelevance, not a sex scandal. It is damaged by being Umno lapdogs for all this time, and by being ethnocentric in an age where no one else in the world would so blatantly organise politics along racial lines.

Our friend Ong seems to be embattled on quite a few fronts here I see. And what next for Chua Soi Lek? Who knows. But I wouldn’t appeal the decision if I were him.

I will agree with him on this point though - the presidential council certainly seems to be ignoring the democratic wishes of their own party members. If the majority truly believed Chua had done such intense damage to the party, there’s no chance in hell he would’ve won the Deputy Presidency.

On that note, you reckon if an election were held in Pandan today, Ong Tee Keat would retain his seat? I’m not so very sure.

Ah well. I’m not ignorant to our own problems. Check out Zul Nordin :P Sigh, if still want to talk about Malay unity (which I fully support, in tandem with Malaysian unity - against corruption and racism), you knowla which party you should leave PKR to join.

I was once told that one good thing about keeping the Zul Nordin thing under wraps is that forcing the issue may bring all sorts of extremists out of the woodwork.

Well, I concur that there is no reason to have religious et al debates that create division unnecessarily; that said, I agree with Haris that Zul is now clearly showing no regard for the party leadership, and espousing political (and not by any stretch of the imagination, religious) principles that go against the core of what PKR stands for.

Tiong Lodges Police Report Against Ong

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 (Bernama) -- Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing on Wednesday lodged a police report to counter accusations levelled against him by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Tiong lodged the report at the Dang Wangi police station around 11 am, accompanied by a lawyer. But the report was then forwarded to the Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed receiving the report when contacted by Bernama.

"Initially he made the report at Dang Wangi station...and then came over to PJ station because he (Tiong) explained that the incident happened around this area," Arjunaidi said.

Tiong, Bintulu Member of Parliament and National Backbenchers Club chairman, is also believed to have surrendered several documents to the police, which are deemed to be crucial proof of his handing over RM10 million to Ong for MCA's use.

The money is said to have been given in installments at the PJ Hilton Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

On Monday, Ong had filed a RM500 million suit against Tiong for defaming him. Ong, who is also MCA president, filed the suit at the High Court registry in Jalan Duta through the law firm of Messrs Tan, Goh & Associates.

He claimed that Tiong, the executive director of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), had issued a defamatory statement about giving him RM10 million, which was published in the Malaysiakini website on Aug 12.

PR grand final speech at Permatang Pasir

Who said High Chaparral residents are squatters?

Many of them are actually descendants of workers brought in by the Brown family, who allowed them to live on the land.

High Chaparral: What happened to the trust document?

The Kampung Buah Pala land in Gelugor was once owned by David Brown, a wealthy spice plantation owner during the early British colonial era in Penang who died in 1825.

Title to the land eventually reached one of his descendants, Helen Margaret Brown. For more information on David Brown and his descendants, go here and here.

Check out this copy of the Straits Settlement “Grant of Land” bestowing title to Helen Margaret Brown in 1938:

A lot has been said about the High Chaparral residents being “squatters” (setinggan). Many of them are actually descendants of workers brought in by the Brown family, who allowed them to live on the land.

On the reverse side of the Grant of Land, we can see the “sub-divided Lot 691 acquired by Crown for housing Trust – vested in Crown on 12.4.(1954?)”.

So where is the actual Housing Trust document? Isn’t the Penang Land Office supposed to have a copy? Why hasn’t the actual trust document been made public?

When the housing trust was dissolved in 1976, the land should have gone to the Federal Government.

So how did the previous Penang government alienate the land to the Penang State Government Officers Cooperative? How did they satisfy themselves that they had title to the land? State government leaders then have a lot to answer for.

Why didn’t the present administration, knowing the controversial circumstances surrounding the land following the promises made in the general election campaign, keep a sharp look-out on this land deal and double-check the actual land status before the transfer to the government officers cooperative was effected in March 2008? Was it merely an administrative matter that the present state government could do nothing about?

United We Stand Divided We Fall

One Mind - One Goal - One Vision - One Voice

Stand Up For Justice - Fight Till the End



Without prejudice to any party I am giving my opinion for a solution to the residents who had been occupying the land for than a hundred years. It is a known fact of this occupancy.

The said land had been a "No Man's land" after the repeal of the Trusts foundation created by the Brown Family. The State issued a 99 years leasehold title on such land on application by some one.... may be the Senior Governments Co-operatives who had the "expertise and knowledge" of such use of the questionable land.

The said leasehold title was signed and issued by the Registrar of Titles on 27 .03.2008 with express conditions of "NO BUSINESS" purposes.

Any arrangement or Joint venture aggreements done prior to the said issuance of the title is therefore stands to be "null and void".

A High Court remedy namely:

a declaration to interpret purposes of the issuance of the said title;

an injunction restraining the developer's presence on the said land since they loose the Locus standi principle on account of the illegality, breaches of the terms of the lease land.

Facts of the case:

A company search on the Developer's business dealings and a certain caveat lodged by them at the Land's Registry could be a clear exibit for the court's verification.

The residents occupancy on the land is evidenced by documents such as Birth certificates, school certiificates, local authority house essessments and Temporary occuppying licenses for purposes of Locus standi principle.

The principles of "easements and rights of way or use" over a land is still a norm in the land administrative procedures. The residents therefore owns an equitable right since they had occupied the land 100's of years.

Premium of RM3.2 million paid by Co-operatives may be refunded or forfeited on account of breach of terms of the leasehold title which had been meant for members and not for any Business or profit purposes.

Looking at the issue I am of the opinion that a 99 years leasehold title thus has no market value of 100's of million of Ringgit and hence a "compensation" by the State for the breaches of the Co-oeratives society do not hold any water for a prudent rakyat.

Residents, please consult a good land's expert lawyer for immediate solution.

Serve Hindraf's 18 point demands


No.311-A1, 1st Floor,Jalan Sg. Ujong, Taman A.S.T, 70200, Seremban.

Tel : 06-7672 995 Fax : 06-7672 997

YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak

Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62502 Putrajaya.

Tel : 03-8888 8000 Fax : 03-8888 3444

E-Mail :


RE : Appointment to serve Hindrafs? 18 point demands on your goodself.

We refer to the above matter

Please be informed that on the occasion of your goodselves 100 days in office we would like to meet your goodself at your aforesaid office to once again present Hindraf?s 18 point demands dated 12/8/2007 on 27/8/2009 (Thursday) at 2.00p.m.

Kindly facilitate this arrangement.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,


HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi

National Coordinator - (Information)

Okay, MACC, is this official enough for you?


The MACC says it will not investigate 'poison pen' letters. It will 'tak layan' anything that is sent on an anonymous basis. Well, the following is not anonymous. It is not a 'poison pen' letter. It is a police report about what the MACC did to a lawyer. The only thing is this lawyer is fortunate enough to have not ended up dead on the ground floor like Teoh Beng Hock. Is this official enough for you, MACC?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Aiyoh! Which one correct lah?


Muhyiddin bercakap benar - Tun Mahathir (Utusan Malaysia/Bernama)


Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water and I don't know about the sale of land to Singapore (Dr Mahathir Mohamad)


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Muhyiddin bercakap benar - Tun Mahathir

Utusan Malaysia - 26/08/2009 11:40pm

KUALA LUMPUR 26 Ogos — Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad mengakui bahawa beliau telah meminta Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin untuk membekalkan air kepada Singapura semasa Muhyiddin menjadi Menteri Besar Johor.

“Tan Sri Muhyiddin bercakap benar mengenai desakan saya kepadanya untuk membekal air kepada Singapura, tetapi Lee Kuan Yew tidak mengancam untuk berperang sekiranya kita tidak membekalkan air. Sekiranya beliau (Lee) melakukan itu, saya fikir saya akan menghentikan sebarang bekalan air seterusnya,” kata Dr. Mahathir dalam laman blognya hari ini.

Beliau mengulas mengenai kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri pada 19 Ogos lalu, bahawa beliau telah meminta Muhyiddin menghadiri mesyuarat dengan Perdana Menteri Singapura ketika itu, Lee Kuan Yew yang sedang membuat lawatan, berhubung isu saluran paip gas dan bekalan air, di Kuala Lumpur.

Menurut Muhyiddin, semasa perbicangan antara Dr. Mahathir, Menteri Kewangan ketika itu, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Lee dan beliau, Lee mahukan bekalan air yang mencukupi disalurkan kepada republik itu dari Johor.

Lee berkata Singapura bersedia untuk berperang sekiranya Malaysia tidak mahu membekal air yang mencukupi dan melahirkan rasa kesal berhubung projek bekalan air dari Sungai Lingu yang tertangguh.

“Saya berkata kami tidak mempunyai wang dan Lee berkata Singapura sanggup menanggung kos dan apabila siap, harta tersebut akan dimiliki oleh Malaysia, jadi Singapura hanya membayar bil,” kata Muhyiddin. - Bernama


Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water and I don't know about the sale of land to Singapore

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. Tan Sri Muhyiddin spoke the truth about my persuading him to supply water to Singapore (read here). But Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water. If he had done that, I think I would have stopped any further supply.

2. We were at that time trying to be friendly with Singapore in order to solve several problems. Although raw water would be supplied at 3 cent per 1000 gallons, the understanding was that in future only treated water would be supplied when our treatment plants would be ready. We would also not buy any more treated water from Singapore at 50 cent per thousand gallons when our new treatment plant in Johore is ready.
3. When we no longer needed to buy treated water from Singapore we could raise the price of raw water to Singapore without Singapore being able to raise the price of treated water to us.

4. However when we concluded the water supply agreement Singapore raised a lot of issues regarding our railway land, the CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) at Tanjong Pagar, training flights by Singapore warplanes over Malaysia and the Central Provident Funds.

5. At that stage I realised that being friendly with Singapore did not pay.

6. I don't know about the sale of land to Singapore but as it was agreed that a treatment plant be built by Singapore in Johore, land would have to be made available.

Soi Lek expelled - Malaysiakini

MCA deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek has been formally sacked from the party for damaging the party's reputation due to his sex scandal.

At a press conference at 12.15am at the party headquarters, MCA
president Ong Tee Keat announced that the presidential council had
endorsed the recommendation of the party's disciplinary committee to sack Chua over the matter.

"We did so with a heavy heart after giving much consideration to the damage inflicted upon the party image, brought about by the sex scandal featured in the DVD.

"This decision has been made in the best interest of the party," said Ong, reading from a prepared text after a marathon five-hour meeting.

Ong said Chua ha 14 days to appeal the decision, but added that the party constitution does not allow the decision to be challenged in court.

He said that he would personally convey the party's decision to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and refused take any questions from floor.

Earlier, Chua, upon arrival at the party's headquarters in Jalan Ampang was asked to predict how the presidential council meeting would go, he replied by grabbing his throat with his hand and said, "Gantung mati" (hanged to death) thrice in succession.

Chua was not allowed to participate in the meeting as he was an interested party.

He said he had received a report from the disciplinary committee which recommended the presidential council to sack him.

He added that he will adhere to whatever decision made by the party on the matter.

He noted that the presidential council usually endorsed decisions made by the disciplinary committee.

He also said that he hoped party president and his rival Ong Tee Keat will "sleep well tonight after I'm expelled".

He said that Ong had been seeing him as an enemy and the biggest threat since party elections last October.

"Members must take necessary action to stop the party from being destroyed by one person," he said.

Incompetent president

When asked if by this he meant an extraordinary general meeting to be called to remove the president, Chua said he had to consult his supporters first before making such a decision.

Furthermore, he added, he had never suggested the EGM proposal. It was a media speculation, he said.

"Party has many senior leaders, they will give various suggestions," he said, but added that he would support any attempt to hold an EGM.

He also lashed out at Ong for keeping the party without any directions since taking over the presidency.

"The party has no clear direction, members are fighting against each other and MCA could not win back the Chinese voters," he said.

When asked if he will be appealing against any decision taken today, he said he will consider when the decision is officially handed down.

He also replied with a flat "No" when asked if he was joining the opposition after he was sacked.

Ong's important political agenda

Meanwhile in his blog entry, Chua said that the decision against him was not a surprise "because there has been a sustained attempt by the MCA president to subvert the wishes of the rank and file and end my political career".

"But as a loyal party man, I have to abide by the decision of the disciplinary board and the presidential council. I am confident that MCA comrades will understand fully the events leading to the suspension and why the MCA leadership needs to keep me on the sidelines.

"It is an open secret that those who are not on the same page with the MCA president are regarded as his enemies or a threat," he wrote.

He added that Ong had outlined three main agenda for the party: economic, politics and inter-racial harmony, but in reality "it appeared that his most important political agenda was to remove Chua Soi Lek".

Soi Lek urges MCA members to rise up

By Lee Wei Lian - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 – Just moments after learning that the disciplinary committee had called for his expulsion tonight, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek stopped short of calling for party members to remove Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat as MCA president but he did call for an uprising.

“I have confidence that MCA members will not let one man destroy the party. It will be a sad day for MCA that if we do not rise to the challenge of saving the party.

“Comrades who love the party will come to realise that it’s time to stand up and unite to save the party. Otherwise, we will soon fade into oblivion,” he said.

With the move by Ong to have Dr Chua thrown out, plans by the party No 2’s supporters to call for an extraordinary general meeting are expected to be quickly put into motion.

Yesterday, six party divisions in Perak had openly called for Ong to be suspended over allegations made by Barisan Nasional (BN) backbenchers chief Tiong King Sing that he had personally donated RM10 million to MCA through Ong.

The allegations have been denied by Ong, but his reputation has been severely damaged while many in MCA see the party being dragged into the president’s personal tiff with Tiong.

Dr Chua said the effort to remove him came as no surprise because he claimed there had been a sustained attempt by the party president to subvert the wishes of the rank and file by “ending my political career.”

The MCA No 2 faced dismissal today for tarnishing the party’s image after the party disciplinary committee dredged up the issue of him being secretly filmed in bed with his mistress in late 2007. He had in 2008 resigned as minister and from party posts to take responsibility for the scandal.

But last October, he overcame the odds and won re-election as MCA deputy president. Ong has seen him as a major political threat since then.

Despite his denials, Ong is seen as the man behind the disciplinary panel’s decision to go ahead with its hearing against Dr Chua even though the complainant had withdrawn his complaint.

Dr Chua said tonight that, for party members, doing nothing was not an option now, in what will be seen as a call to his supporters to challenge Ong.

“The MCA President has outlined three main agenda for the party: Economic, Politics and Inter-racial Harmony. But in reality, it appears that his most important political agenda is to remove Chua Soi Lek.

“Now, I hope he can sleep well,” Chua said. “But not all of us have that luxury. For those of us who love the MCA, our work has just begun.”

Dr Chua said that it was an open secret that those who were not on the same page as the party president are regarded as his enemies or a threat.

He said that dissenters were labeled as “anti-MCA, gangsters, and cooperating with businessmen by taking money to topple him.”

“Today, it is not about Chua Soi Lek, nor is it about Ong Tee Keat. It is about MCA, as the second largest component party of BN, still drifting without direction and purpose. It has been more than 16 months since the March 8 general election but there has been little evidence of change.”

He said there had been no closing of ranks while morale remained low and suspicion, the order of the day.

The results of the Permatang Pasir by-election won by PAS with strong Chinese backing, he said, was evidence of how far the party had slipped.

Beza PAS dan Umno? - Zaid Ibrahim

OGOS 26 - Rasa gembira dan puas hati selepas berkempen di Permatang Pasir bertukar menjadi gelisah dan penuh kebimbangan. Dalam keadaan negara yang tak menentu di mana rasuah, penyelewengan, salah guna kuasa, api perkauman dimainkan oleh Umno dan media miliknya serta kes yang melibatkan kematian petugas Pakatan Rakyat, tiba-tiba YB Hassan Ali, Exco Selangor, mengeluarkan kenyataan pada hari membuang undi di Permatang Pasir bahawa orang-orang Islam yang didapati minum beer atau arak akan ditangkap oleh pegawai-pegawai Majlis dan Jabatan Agama yang akan diberi kuasa. Apa niat sebenar beliau? Nampak nya begitu yakin sekali ketua PAS ini dengan kekuatan mereka sekarang hinggakan sanggup mengambil risiko ini.

Saya kata risiko kerana tidak cukup dengan itu, Hassan Ali juga akan menangkap orang Islam yang berkerja di tempat minumam itu dijual atau ada kaitan secara langsung dengan penjualan itu. Mengikut laporan berita beliau menyatakan bahawa orang Islam yang membuat, menjual, menawarkan untuk jualan, menyimpan atau membeli arak pula, jika sabit kesalahan boleh didenda sehingga RM5,000 atau penjara maksimum tiga tahun atau kedua-dua sekali.

Nampaknya ini akan melibatkan pekerja Melayu dalam hotel, bar, pub dan mana-mana tempat yang menjual beer atau arak seperti kedai runcit, kedai 7-Eleven dan banyak lagi. Drebar lori yang kerjanya mengangkat minuman haram itu juga mungkin dikenakan tindakan. Mungkin juga pegawai kastam yang menilai cukai barangan itu juga dikenakan tindakan.

Kalau kita ikut lojik YB itu, semua pegawai Perbendaharan dan Kementerian Keawangan juga bersalah kerana membenarkan beer dan minuman yang dianggap haram dijual di Malaysia, kerana ia membolehkan orang Islam membelinya. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana penguatkuasaan arahan seperti itu akan dilaksanakan tanpa kerumitan yang besar.

Saya juga hairan mengapa Hassan Ali ghairah mahu menangkap orang dan tidak pula mencadangkan perkara yang lebih mudah dilaksanakan. Sepatutnya semua beer dan minumam keras diharamkan sahaja di seluruh Selangor, barulah ada keadilan sejagat. Bukan ikan bilis saja jadi sasaran, malah orang elit pun tidak boleh atau selindung di sebalik undang-undang. Nanti bila PAS mengambil alih Putrajaya, boleh lah pula diharamkan beer dan minuman keras di seluruh negara. Ini samalah seperti cara kerajaan mengharamkan dadah di negara ini. Inilah saja cara kita boleh memastikan orang Islam tidak dimalukan di khalayak ramai apabila didapati bersalah seperti keadaannya sekarang ini. Cara-cara yang lain hanya akan menyusahkan orang yang tak ada kena-mengena dengan perbuatan itu iaitu minum minuman keras.

Ketua Pemuda PAS pun tak kurang hebatnya kerana mendesak kerajaan supaya membatalkan konsert kumpulan pop Michael Learns To Rock yang akan diadakan di Genting tidak lama lagi. Saya tak faham apa tujuan bantahan itu dibuat. Saya juga tak pasti sama ada puluhan ribu umat Islam akan ke Genting, tempat perjudian antarabangsa yang diluluskan oleh kerajaan, untuk menonton konsert itu. Lagipun, kalau konsert itu tidak dibenarkan sekali pun, orang Islam yang berminat masih boleh menonton DVD kumpulan itu setiap hari. Kalau pun tak ada DVD pun, masih boleh download dari internet atau mendengar lagu-lagu kumpulan itu di radio dan TV. Jadi apa hasil dari perbuatan mengharamkan konsert itu?

Jangan lah ikut pemimpin BN/Umno yang membenarkan konsert tapi keranan penaja konsert itu syarikat minuman keras maka orang Islam tidak dibenarkan menonton. Kita sudah menjadi Negara “apartheid” sekarang ini. Beza nya kita guna agama untok memisahkan rakyat dan regim apartheid Afrika Selatan gunakan ras atau warna kulit . Jangan lah mengambil pendekatan mudah sapewrti BN dan Umno. PAS mestilah menunjokan keupayaan membuat keputusan mentadbir yang lebih harmonis, lembut dan mengambil kira semua aspek kehidupan. Kalau tidak rakyat yang lebih sederhana pemikiran dan amalan hidup mereka, dan dari golongan muda akan menganggap PAS parti yang eksterem. Ini akan menjejaskkan peluang PAS untuk memerintah Kerajaan Pusat. Mungkinkah PAS sekarang tidak berminat lagi untuk menang pilihan raya atau memerintah Kerajaan Pusat kerana lebih suka berjuang untuk mengharamkan itu dan ini daripada menggunakan hikmah dan kebijaksanaan sebagaimana yang diajar oleh tokoh-tokoh besar Islam?

Malah, dari peringkat tertinggi PAS pula, Timbalan Presidennya Nasharudin Mat Isa mendesak kerajaan supaya mengekalkan hukuman rotan terhadap seorang wanita Islam yang didapati bersalah minum beer. Pemimpin PAS itu merasakan itulah cara terbaik untuk menunjukan amalan Islam kepada dunia.

Orang orang “kafir” di Barat yang mendalam ilmu “jurisprudence” hukum mereka, selalunya tidak mengenakan hukuman berat kepada orang yang melalukan kesalahan buat kali pertama, kecuali bila menerima hukuman mandatori. Mereka mengambil kira fakta lain dalam pertimbangan mereka bagi pesalah kali pertama, terutama bagi yang orang yang telah mengaku secara sukarela bahawa mereka bersalah. Dalam kes wanita Islam itu, dia telah pun mengaku salah dan menyesali perbuatannya. Setahu saya cerdik-pandai agama Islam juga banyak bercerita tentang firman-firman Allah yang menggalakkan kita supaya memaafkan orang yang sedar perbuatan salah mereka.

Dalam hal ini saya menganggap tindakan dan kenyataan Perdana Menteri supaya hukuman rotan ini digunakan sebagai langkah terakhir atau “last resort” adalah wajar dan berpatutan. Ingatlah Islam bukan agama birokrasi; ia penuh hikmah dan kebijaksanaan. Kalau tidak masakan tamadun Islam begitu gemilang dan dihormati dunia pada suatu masa dahulu. Jadi saya harap Mahkamah Syariah di Pahang tak payahlah tunggu pesalah membuat rayuan; mereka ada kuasa untuk menyemak dan mengkaji semula keputusan mereka, sama seperti mahkamah-mahkamah lain di dunia ini.

Saya juga berharap bahawa rakan-rakan PAS saya dalam Pakatan Rakyat supaya memikirkan semula perkara ini. Jika benar kita berjuang untuk menegakkan keadilan, perkara paling utama yang mesti kita perangi habis-habisan adalah rasuah, penyelewengan dan penyalahgunaan kuasa serta perbuatan mengapi-apikan sentimen kaum dan agama. Semua ini boleh menghancurkan masyarakat. Pengalaman menunjukan bahawa ada kerajaan Islam di luar negara hari ini yang ghairah nak tangkap dan sebat orang Islam masih bergelumang dengan najis rasuah dan penyelewengan. Banyak pula anak muda mereka terjebak dengan dadah, dan mengandong tanpa bapa.. Banyak lagi perkara yang Pemuda PAS boleh memberi perhatian yang hasilnya tentu lebih memberi manfaat kapada orang Islam. Imej Islam yang macam mana kita mahu mempamerkan?

Zul Nordin sticks a finger up PKR’s!

by Haris Ibrahim

In relation to the decision by Lunas Adun Mohd Radzhi Salleh to quit PKR, Anwar is reported in Malaysiakini to have said that this froggy was trying to convince his fellow assemblymen to quit PKR, but he would not succeed.

Anwar is also reported to have said that he had received many complaints lately about Radzhi’s disciplinary problems, mismanagement of claims and marital problems.

Anwar’s assertions were supported by Kedah PKR head Ahmad Kasim, reported in Malaysiakini the following day, who detailed the problems that the party had with Radzhi.

“In the past, Mohd Radzhi has been given a stern warning for performing poorly as a leader but he failed to buck up and instead made an announcement to quit the party now,” claimed Ahmad.

Among the misdeeds listed in the Malaysiakini report :

1) making huge expenditure claims

2) facing marital problems that is pending a court hearing for marriage in Thailand

3) failing to serve his constituents

YB Zul Nordin is now reported to have refuted the claims by these PKR leaders.

NSTonline has it that Zul has come out in defence of Radzhi’s decision to quit PKR, saying that :

  • the resignation was based on principles and had nothing to do with disciplinary problems
  • Radzhi is a committed and dedicated state executive councillor
  • Radzhi was concerned with the disunity among the Malays after the last general election
  • Radzhi wanted all Malay leaders from Pas, PKR and Umno to sit together to address disunity among the Muslims
  • Radzhi had planned to turn Langkawi and Kedah into a hub for “syariah-compliant and halal tourism” to attract tourists from the Middle East

NSTonline quotes Zul as saying : “I would like to remind my friends in PKR and Pakatan Rakyat not to make wild accusations, slander or blame Radzhi”.

Seems to me that Zul has just ticked off the PKR leadership, including Anwar, for maligning Radzhi with untruths.


Almost 1 year ago, Zul was ordered by the PKR disciplinary committee to show cause for his role in the disruption of a forum at the Bar Council auditorium on 9th August, last year.

A Malaysiakini report had PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali saying that the disciplinary committee would give Zul the opportunity to explain and then decide on recommendations for any further action, if necessary, and presumably to explain the delay in action against the Kulim MP, further explained that the disciplinary proceedings were deferred because of the by-elections in Permatang Pauh then and, as the same had only then just concluded, the party would now turn its attention to this internal matter.

Well, the Permatang Pasir by-election is also now concluded.

We’ve not heard of what has become of that show cause to Zul.

That’s probably because this is all that the PKR disciplinary committee got in response to their show cause.

piss off bitch

Will Najib order all Umno/BN leaders to stop dragging MACC into political games?

By Lim Kit Siang,

The call by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should not be dragged into political games makes history as one which have unanimous support of ordinary Malaysians – except that the targets in the minds of the overwhelming majority of Malaysians are completely different from those intended by Najib.

I have no doubt that if a opinion poll is conducted among Malaysians, almost 100 per cent would agree with Najib’s call, except that such an opinion poll would show that the overwhelming majority of easily over 90 per cent regard the Umno/BN government as the culprits responsible for dragging MACC into “political games” and undermining public confidence in the independence, professionalism and integrity of MACC while only a very small percentage would think like Najib in targeting the Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib said MACC’s credibility must be intact and it must be allowed to carry out its role in fighting graft so the country could be administered efficiently and effectively.

Again, Najib is right, except that he is raising national eye-brows in refusing to admit that the guilty parties are Umno/Barisan Nasional leaders and is trying to make the Pakatan Rakyat the scapegoat for the MACC’s rapid loss of public confidence.

Najib said: “We should not be quick to accuse or pass judgment against the commission so much so that people start to question its credibility. Leave it out of political games and let the officers do their work.”

It is the Umno/BN and not Pakatan Rakyat who are getting MACC involved in their political games and not allow MACC officers to do their work.

For instance, why is the MACC declaring war on Pakatan Rakyat instead of declaring war against corruption if not to suit the political agenda of Umno/BN?

This was why in the past seven months since its establishment, MACC was more interested in playing to the tune of Barisan Nasional’s “political games” such as the following:

  • Harassing the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid when the MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said announced in February that the MACC had “good and strong evidence” that Khalid had misused his powers over the now infamous “Car and Cows” allegation!

  • Took part in the Umno/BN conspiracy in the unethical, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Perak, resulting in the toppling of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat state government.

  • Playing a key role in the next Umno/BN power grab conspiracy in trying to topple the PR Selangor state governments, targetting PR Exco and State Assemby members allegedly for abuses of power and improprieties in constituency allocations.

As a result, the MACC was only interested in probing allegations of impropriety of RM2,400 constituency allocation, which resulted in the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC premises on July 16, while showing no interest whatsoever to mega-scandals whether the RM24 million “Istana” Khir Toyo or the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandals.

At the Teoh Beng Hock inquest yesterday, a MACC investigating officer Deputy Superintendent Mohd Anuar Ismail admitted that he had personally lodged a report against Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen for graft on the instruction of his superior officer, the MACC Deputy Director in Selangor Hishamuddin Hashim to initiate MACC investigations.

I find this amazing as the MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said had challenged me to lodge a report against the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for corruptly abusing his powers in flying RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno divisional meetings in Sabah completely unrelated to his duties as DPM.

If a MACC investigating officer could be instructed by his MACC superior to lodge a report against Pakatan Rakyat Exco and Assembly members on purported misuse of constituency allocations, why couldn’t the MACC Chief Commissioner instruct the MACC to lodge an official report against Muhyiddin so that MACC could start investigations?

The MACC has made history in forfeiting public confidence in a matter of a few months from its establishment.

Is Najib prepared to stop Umno/BN leaders from stop playing games with MACC and allow it full freedom of operations in accordance with an anti-corruption body with independence, integrity and professionalism to eradicate corruption – including the freedom to lodge a report against the Deputy Prime Minister and interrogate him for abuses of power?

For Yasmin

Yasmin, dressed in white, appears like an angel towards the end of this clip as she sits down to commune in silent reverie with the boy whose house has been demolished…

“The Migrant Workers Rights” Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable Discussion

Contributed by Vilashini Vijayan


The Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Malaysian Bar Council jointly organised a multi-stakeholder Roundtable Consultation in Kuala Lumpur on 5 August 2009. 29 participants attended the Roundtable including representatives from the FLA affiliated brands and suppliers as well as local migrant rights organizations and trade unions.

The Roundtable was organised by the Subcommittee on Migrants, Refugees and Immigration Affairs which is chaired by Dato’ Ramachelvam. The objectives of the Multi-stakeholder Discussion were to:

-Promote dialogue among diverse stakeholders around migrant rights issues and working conditions in the apparel sector and from a factory-level perspective;

-Identify root causes of migrant rights issues in the workplace; and

-Develop a consensus on priority issues and the next steps.

After the welcome address by Dato’ Ramachelvam, Auret van Heerden CEO and President of the FLA, explained the background of FLA. He said that FLA was an association of multinational brands, suppliers, NGOs and universities committed to improving working conditions around the world.

The keynote address was delivered by Dato’ Ramachelvam. In his presentation entitled “The Legal Framework for Migrant Labour”, Dato’ Ramachelvam explained the historical background of migrant workers in Malaysia and identified some of the major issues including the problem of outsourcing agencies, migrant workers being denied the right to join trade unions and the lack of a comprehensive labour policy in relation to migrants.

The keynote address was followed by a prioritizing of risk factors in the various stages of the employment life-cycle of migrant workers.

The Roundtable generated much healthy discussion and concluded with five specific recommendations for the way forward in the areas of: (a) recruitment, (b) employment, (c) employment/recruitment agencies, (d) health care and (e) arbitrary cancellation of work permits.

SOUND BITES (Water for Singapore)

1. Tan Sri Muhyiddin spoke the truth about my persuading him to supply water to Singapore (read here). But Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water. If he had done that, I think I would have stopped any further supply.

2. We were at that time trying to be friendly with Singapore in order to solve several problems. Although raw water would be supplied at 3 cent per 1000 gallons, the understanding was that in future only treated water would be supplied when our treatment plants would be ready. We would also not buy any more treated water from Singapore at 50 cent per thousand gallons when our new treatment plant in Johore is ready.

3. When we no longer needed to buy treated water from Singapore we could raise the price of raw water to Singapore without Singapore being able to raise the price of treated water to us.

4. However when we concluded the water supply agreement Singapore raised a lot of issues regarding our railway land, the CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) at Tanjong Pagar, training flights by Singapore warplanes over Malaysia and the Central Provident Funds.

5. At that stage I realised that being friendly with Singapore did not pay.

6. I don't know about the sale of land to Singapore but as it was agreed that a treatment plant be built by Singapore in Johore, land would have to be made available.

The (wear) 1BlackMerdeka Campaign

by Nathaniel Tan

Merdeka is coming up - a good time to reflect on “independence” -

Muhyiddin Spoke The Truth, Says Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has admitted that he had persuaded Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to supply water to Singapore when the latter was the Johor menteri besar.

"Tan Sri Muhyiddin spoke the truth about my persuading him to supply water to Singapore but Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water. If he had done that, I think I would have stopped any further supply," Dr Mahathir said in an article posted in his blog on Wednesday.

Dr Mahathir was commenting on Muhyiddin's statement on Aug 19 that he (Dr Mahathir) had summoned him to attend a meeting with the visiting Singapore prime minister then, Lee Kuan Yew, over gas pipeline and water supply issues in Kuala Lumpur.

Muhyiddin had said that during the meeting between Dr Mahathir, the then finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, Lee and himself, Lee had pressed for adequate water supply to the republic from Johor.

"Lee said Singapore was ready to go to war if Malaysia did not want to supply enough water and expressed his regret over the stalled water supply project from Sungai Lingu.

"I said we did not have the money and Lee said Singapore was willing to bear the cost and, when completed, the assets will be owned by Malaysia, so Singapore had merely footed the bill," said Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin said this at a ceramah in Tanjung Putus, Bukit Mertajam, during the campaign in the Permatang Pasir state by-election to clarify allegations by the opposition that he (Muhyiddin) had sold a piece of land to Singapore in connection with the water treatment plant in Sungai Lingu, Bandar Tenggara, Johor.

Dr Mahathir said in his article he did not know about the sale of land to Singapore but as it was agreed that a treatment plant be built by Singapore in Johor, land would have to be made available.

"We were at that time trying to be friendly with Singapore in order to solve several problems. Although raw water would be supplied at 3 sen per 1,000 gallons, the understanding was that in future only treated water would be supplied when our treatment plants would be ready.

"We would also not buy any more treated water from Singapore at 50 sen per thousand gallons when our new treatment plant in Johor is ready.

"When we no longer needed to buy treated water from Singapore we could raise the price of raw water to Singapore without Singapore being able to raise the price of treated water to us.

"However, when we concluded the water supply agreement, Singapore raised a lot of issues regarding our railway land, the CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) at Tanjong Pagar, training flights by Singapore warplanes over Malaysia and the Central Provident Fund.

"At that stage, I realised that being friendly with Singapore did not pay," Dr Mahathir added.