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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dead stars and classic art will surround Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Seventy days after his sudden death, Michael Jackson will be interred in what may or may not be his final resting place Thursday evening.

A private funeral for Michael Jackson will be held Thursday in Glendale, California, his family says.

A private funeral for Michael Jackson will be held Thursday in Glendale, California, his family says.

Only his family and closest friends will attend the private burial starting at 7 p.m. PT (10 p.m. ET) inside the ornate Great Mausoleum on the grounds of Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California.

They'll then drive to an Italian restaurant eight miles away in Pasadena, California for "a time of celebration," the nine-page engraved invitation said.

The first page inside the invitation holds a quote from "Dancing the Dream," a book of essays and poems published by Jackson in 1992:

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.

The news media -- which have closely covered every aspect of Jackson's death -- will be kept at a distance, with their cameras no closer than the cemetery's main gate. The family will provide a limited video feed that will only show mourners arriving.

Little is known about the planned ceremony, though CNN has confirmed that singer Gladys Knight -- a longtime friend to Jackson -- will perform. Her song has not been disclosed.

'Man in the Mirror'
An in-depth look at Michael Jackson's life and legacy -- his childhood, music, finances and influence.

The massive mausoleum, which is normally open to tourists, was closed Wednesday as preparations were completed for the funeral. A security guard blocking its entrance said it would reopen to the public on Friday.

Fans of Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and dozens of other celebrities buried on the grounds have flocked to Forest Lawn-Glendale for decades, but Jackson may outdraw them all.

It is unclear how close tourists will be allowed to Jackson's resting place. Security guards -- aided by cameras -- keep a constant vigil over the graves and crypts, which are surrounded by a world-class collection of art and architecture.

The Forest Lawn Web site boasts that the mausoleum, which draws its architectural inspiration from the Campo Santo in Italy, "has been called the "New World's Westminster Abbey" by Time Magazine.

Visitors will see "exact replicas of Michelangelo's greatest works such as David, Moses, and La Pieta" and "Leonardo da Vinci's immortal Last Supper re-created in brilliant stained glass; two of the world's largest paintings," the Web site says.

Jackson's burial has been delayed by division among Jackson family members, though it was matriarch Katherine Jackson who would make the final decision, brother Jermaine Jackson recently told CNN.

He preferred to see his youngest brother laid to rest at his former Neverland Ranch home, north of Los Angeles in Santa Barbara County, California.

That idea was complicated by neighbors who vowed to oppose allowing a grave in the rural area -- and by Jackson family members who said the singer would not want to return to the home where he faced child molestation charges, of which he was ultimately acquitted.

The mystery of where Michael Jackson would be buried became a media obsession in the weeks after his death.

After his body was loaded onto a helicopter at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center hours following his June 25 death, it stayed in the custody of the Los Angeles County coroner for an autopsy.

It was only later disclosed that Jackson's corpse was kept in a refrigerated room at the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn cemetery until his casket was carried by motorcade to downtown Los Angeles for a public memorial service in the Staples Center arena.

Again, speculation about Jackson's whereabouts grew when the media lost track of his casket after his brothers carried it out of sight inside the arena. Though the family has not publicly confirmed where the body was taken, most reports placed it back at the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn while awaiting his family's decision.

Though Thursday's interment may settle one Michael Jackson mystery, a more serious one remains. The coroner announced last week that he had ruled Jackson's death a homicide. A summary of the coroner's report said the anesthetic propofol and the sedative lorazepam were the primary drugs responsible for the singer's death.

Los Angeles police detectives have not concluded their criminal investigation and no one has been charged.

kgbuahpala detainedordeal

Kepala Lembu: Laporan polis terhadap Hishamuddin

High Chaparral: Umno and DAP get a whacking

The Human Rights Party (HRP) today condemned both Umno and DAP of violating the land law in carrying out the demolition of three vacant houses and part of an occupied fourth house in Kampung Buah Pala in George Town today.

Saying that that the proposed developer was an Umno-linked company, HRP secretary general P Uthayakumar (left) accused the BN party of violating Section 116(1) (d) of the National Land Code which states that 'where in any alienated land..... no such building shall be demolished, altered or extended without the prior consent in writing of the appropriate authority.'

Similarly he said the DAP Penang government had also refused to issue an official letter prohibiting the demolition of Kampung Buah Pala by virtue of Section 116(1) (d) of NLC.

"DAP is obviously aiding and abetting Umno in the commission of this crime of demolishing Kampung Buah Pala," he said.

Kampung Buah Pala, also commonly known as Tamil High Chaparral, faces eviction to pave way for a lucrative project - the Oasis - undertaken by Umno-linked Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd.

The Penang DAP government transferred the land ownership from the state to a government civil seevants society - Koperasi Pegawai Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang - on March 27.

At today's demolition exercise, police were seen by many assaulting and detaining villagers and their supporters, who formed a human barricade to stop the destruction of the village.

'Umno and DAP the villains'

Uthayakumar, also the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) legal advisor, alleged that both Umno and DAP have taken full advantage of the vulnerable, poor, marginalised, defenceless, voiceless and politically powerless working class Indians in Malaysia.

He also chided the police for siding the politically powerful Umno at the federal level and DAP at state level.

He pointed out that the arrest of working class Indians in Kampung Buah Pala proved that the police were biased against those detained today who were not real criminals, who violated the law.

"We were told that the police, who were supposed to be neutral, used rough and aggressive tactics, assault and detained the villagers and their supporters, causing a lady to faint," he said in a press statement today.

He also slammed the police for arresting the villagers' lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira, who was merely discharging his duties further to Section 42 of the Legal Professional Act 1976.

He was detained, manhandled and dragged away forcefully while carrying out his official legal duties.

Real culprits off the hook?

"Of course, the attorney general would not bother prosecuting the real criminals but may instead prosecute these arrested poor, defenseless and homeless people.

"HRP condemns these injustices and especially the arrest of lawyer Darshan Singh," he said, taking a swipe at both Umno and DAP governments' popular themes.

The HRP leader asked how could such open violations of law and order take place in the country under the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's One Malaysia concept?

He also asked how could such human rights infringement takes place when Penang is being governed by the DAP, which espouses the Malaysian Malaysia concept.

Moreover, he said the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had always been bragging about his CAT government based on competency, accountability and transparency.

"But all these wrongdoings took place today under the One Malaysia, Malaysian Malaysia and CAT governments.

"Such serious violation of human rights can only happen in Malaysia, nowhere else in the world," said the former ISA detainee.

The Kg Buah Pala blame game - Malaysiakini

'It is not the state government but the courts who have ruled against the villagers and you expect the state government to go above the law?'

Amid arrests, houses demolished in Buah Pala

Makkal: According to recent reports, it seems that developers everywhere are politically linked. Whatever they promise is seldom realised as they are not interested in helping people besides themselves. Eradicate corruption first! Secondly, give the present government the power to review decisions of the previous government. Problem solved.

Rayfire: Sorry to say, the residents of the place are partly to be blamed for this chaos. It is difficult to leave a place you have been in for so long, but life has to go on. This place was given to the developers by the previous administration, so you should question BN and former chief minister Koh Tsu Koon instead.

Chee Hoe Siew: It is not the state government but the courts who have ruled against the villagers and you expect the state government to go above the law? You are not outwitted by supporters of DAP, you are outwitted by facts.

Kb: This is not a racial issue so don't turn it into one. This is a dispute between residents and the developer. The villagers being 100 percent Indians has no relevance. Those of you who try to turn this into a racial issue should be ashamed of yourself. You deserve to live under BN's racial politics for next 50 years and see where you end up.

Chee Hoe Siew: When M Sugumaram abandoned Lim and went to MIC, Hindraf and our deputy prime minister, shouldn't he be expecting them to help? As far as I understand from the input of others, the state government was still able to negotiate a double-storey terrace house worth RM400,000. On top of that, the state government provided RM8,000 per family.

Vii: Lim Guan Eng and Prof P Ramasamy should resign immediately. They are not capable to protect innocent people and carry out their duty as elected reps of the people. This is the first failure of PKR in Penang.

Wira: If I am not mistaken, press reports said that the compensation offer was for 24 core families who qualified. The rest are probably secondary squatters who do not qualify for any compensation. If 24 have accepted the offer, it simply means all house owners who qualify for compensation had accepted.

Greenbug: Where is Koh Tsu Koon? He owes the people of Penang an explanation. Why is he so 'chicken' to accept the offer for a debate with CM Lim Guan Eng?

Psk: Sugumaran should be held responsible for the welfare of the folks of Kampung Buah Pala if they are left with nothing. Instead of negotiating for the best deal, he has disappointed and misled the kampung folks.

If memory served me right, the chief minister has said that they would not object to the developer building the 24 houses. I hope there is still time to resolve this amicably.

Lahore san: Brilliant, first they support BN all these years, and after BN sold them out, they are now DAP's men. After they found out about the Umno/Gerakan double cross, now they are determined to blame DAP for the mess!

Where are your expert advisers who told you to reject the deal brokered by the state government? You have gone to the courts twice and lost, now are you too stupid to know that Umno can't lose in the courts? Why would you want the state government to clash with the courts knowing they can't win?

1 Malaysia: It's too late to blame Lim. Why in the first place, long before march 8, you did not bang on Koh Tsu Koon's table to show disagreement about the land transfer? Stop blaming the Penang government and accept the fact you made a mistake ages ago.

Grassroots swings for Soi Lek, Tee Keat taps business clout

By Leslie Lau - The Malaysian Insider

Consultant Editor

Ong is trying to raise support from influential business leaders for his looming showdown with Chua. — Picture by Jack Ooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 — In the battle for support from party delegates, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has the support of national leaders, but he may still end up losing the votes to his bitter rival Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

In just under a week, supporters of Chua have already surpassed the threshold of signatures — 800 or more than a third of national delegates — needed to requisitioned an EGM to topple Ong as MCA presidency.

And many of the delegates supporting the pro-Chua EGM are from divisions aligned to national leaders who have promised votes for Ong.

The Malaysian Insider understands that among the divisions Ong is depending on include those under the control of Youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong, central committee member Wee Jeck Seng and vice president Tan Kok Hong.

While party presidents usually have the advantage of incumbency, Ong has only been on the job since last year and does not appear to be entrenched enough yet.

His brash and somewhat aloof manner has also not gained him much grassroots support.

Ong is heavily dependent on national leaders aligned to him right now, along with a close circle of advisers.

A number of businessmen friends Ong has gained since he began his meteoric political rise last year, following the decision of Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy to retire, are also turning against him.

The most prominent has been Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, the Barisan Nasional backbenchers chief who controls Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB).

KDSB is the turnkey contractor for the scandal-plagued Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) and has been blamed by Ong’s Transport Ministry for the project’s massive cost overruns.

In retaliation, Tiong has made a number of startling disclosures which have badly damaged Ong’s reputation.

Tiong accused Ong of taking a RM10 million cash donation for MCA, which party records show it did not receive. Ong was also forced to admit he took free rides on KDSB’s luxury jets while the company was being probed.

The Malaysian Insider understands that aides to vice president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai — who supports Ong — recently reached out to a prominent Chinese businessman for help.

The business man, who controls public-listed companies and has interests in various property developments, is said to also control up to 100 party delegates. He hasdalso been a major donor to Ong’s political war chest.

But he turned down the request because of a falling out with the MCA president. Instead, his 100 delegates are now likely in the Chua column.

Nevertheless, Ong is understood to still have the backing of another Chinese business tycoon who is known to be a major player in the local capital markets, and who has significant property and hotel interests.

Chua’s supporters comprise mainly grassroots and former national leaders who have been working the ground in recent weeks to collect enough signatures.

A number of leaders once-aligned to Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik are leading Chua supporters.

So far, Ong has also called for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), using the powers he has a party president, and today is the deadline to submit the agenda.

Chua’s supporters want no part in Ong’s EGM, and plan to still requisition their own meeting to put forward a vote of no-confidence against Ong.

Politicians are rats from gutter. And people?

By Augustine Anthony

I remember watching a movie sometime ago in which two friends were engaged in a conversation of a peculiar topic. The woman comes from an ideal family as opposed to the man who is from a family that has gone through indescribable hardship.

In the conversation the woman poses a question to the man,

The woman: If a wolf enters a house of a farmer and takes the farmer’s child away into the woods and eats up the child, do you think the wolf is bad?

The man: The answer depends on the question asked. Since the question is about the character of the wolf, you need to be a wolf yourself to get the right answer.

Perhaps in law one will call this a subjective test rather than an objective test as absolute certainty in human affairs is an unreliable guide thus a dangerous master.

The perception of many, that an alarming number of politicians from the ruling Barisan Nasional Coalition are corrupt beyond redemption is no longer uncommon. However the aftermath of the March 2008 General Election has added an unfortunate and unexpected twist to this stigma associated with the ruling Coalition. With power now concentrated in the hands of Federal Opposition Coalition in some states, even Pakatan Rakyat politicians are now being called the same devils in different cloaks. Loosely we have often heard the phrase “they are politicians and all politicians are the same”.

When my article Acceptance over Tolerance – The severed head of sacred cow, was published in, below is what at least one reader commented (in verbatim),

#24 by asra on September 1st, 2009 02:16
“Uncle Lim,
I am suprised why are you working closely with PKR. Everyone knows they are former UMNO members who are frustrated because their leader Anwar was sacked. Anwar when he was in UMNO was also corrupted what assuarance do we have that he wont be the same. When anwar was in UMNO he too made statements about championing the malays. Are we assured that we are going to have a real 1 Malaysia if anwar comes into power. You politicians are all the same because of power you guys can do anything. Make me sick.”

But it had taken a long period of reflection and an honest search from within to understand and admit that the fault lies in people as much as the politicians for having participated in the evolution of a system of governance that is veering out of its original axis of doing good for all.

As long as we have people who are unscrupulous opportunists roaming and seizing every advantage to enrich themselves in every unethical way possible, a government no matter how upright, will find it very hard indeed to implement effective policies for the good of all.

For as long as there are people who are prepared to sell their sacred constitutional rights of voting for even the smallest amount of money, we will continue to see the proliferation of these politicians that our society so often despise.

The allegations of vote buying are rampant during elections and just imagine if all Malaysians are prepared to say ‘no’ to every inducements or vote buying tactics of politicians desperate for votes to secure an election victory, I am sure all of us will have the peace and security of knowing that our parliament will be filled with only honest politicians.

I had been in the company of politicians and I really do not envy the term “Yang Berhormat” as it comes with an assortment of crippling demands and expectations, principal amongst them is the expectation of a sizeable group of people, that all politicians are Santa Claus except that Santa Claus is for Christmas season but politicians are for all seasons.

I have watched politicians in market coffee stalls with the intention of meeting people perhaps to resolve their problems and surrounded by a continuous stream of people. These people order food and drinks, enjoy it and in between rant and rave about all the woes in the country and leave the table but leaving behind the bills for the politicians to pick up.

I have heard politicians’ telephone ringing and yes! It’s another wedding and the third in a week and it must be attended together with a wedding gift befitting of a politician. Is it part of the requirement that politicians must attend every wedding in their constituency? Try saying “I can’t” and watch the withering of the politician’s reputation.

I have seen the invitation cards of social clubs, societies and various organizations where the politician is given the honor to cut the ribbon and yes along with the honor comes the expectation of donation that befits the guest of honor.

I have seen how politicians quiver with uneasiness when some charity dinner organizers call them up to sponsor dinner tables and there are charity dinners everywhere nowadays.

In a month the politicians are confronted by unimaginable financial expectations ranging from donation to temples, providing transportation to children going to school, tuition fees , footing the electricity and water bills, paying car loans of defaulters, even providing personal loans and what not, expected out of politicians’ own pockets.

These are the expectations of the ordinary simpletons who are voters but the appetites of those at the higher levels are somewhat much more voracious and sophisticated.

Many politicians who had entered politics with ideals, had experienced the terrible realities of life as politicians, with some having to live with accusations of corruption to survive the end game whilst others had become very bitter with what had become of them.

There are many outstanding people with a great sense of honor and integrity with a decent lifestyle and financial means which is enough only for their family. These people are great assets to the nation but they usually refuse to enter politics as they are conscious of the fact that there are always people out there who will feast on their flesh and suck on their marrow leaving an empty bone for none to pick.

Politics had become a money game. It is a lonely and desolate road for honorable men and principled politicians. The one with plenty to throw is the toast of the town. No wonder there are people who shamelessly admit that their entry into politics is for business opportunities. In order to throw money to the demanding people, one needs to make the money first. Questionable land acquisitions that displace many poor people to the easy money making prospects in the import of luxury vehicles through AP’s are things that we have heard so often. With this mindset flourishing unsuspectingly, service to self rather than service to the nation is prioritized.

Thus the culture of materialism is imbued as the blue print of the nation. Children nurtured by parents with virtues and characters of intrinsic value and appeal consider politics as gutter and politicians as rats that ply the gutter.

Educationists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants, other professionals and many social workers including people who are invaluable assets to the nation and who are fit to step into the shoes of politicians had been trampled in the stampede for material prosperity at the expense of values and virtues and they had now rebranded their service to public as members of non governmental organizations, writers and bloggers.

A small number of politicians who steadfastly hold on to their values, principles and ideals are maliciously scorned by powerful but unethical information channels and brutally spurned by a sizeable misled population and some were even forced to endure incarceration then, and still face the same threats and constant harassments from state sanctioned bodies.

The new breeds of politicians have now succumbed to the evils of their masters. Their evil masters are none other than the people with insatiable demands and needs for all the material comforts here and now, potentially leaving nothing for the future generations.

The politicians, who are unable to satisfy the needs of these unreasonable people either give up their service to the nation or give in to corruption, the very trait that they must avoid at all cost.

A deep sense of sadness engulfs watching people entering politics to serve the nation but slowly caving in to every undesirable qualities known to man just for their very survival as politicians who are now twirled in the whirlpool of demands by the people.

With corruption setting in, there is plenty to throw to the ever craving people but with a devastating chain reaction in which the people in power have the opportunity to take plenty more of what should rightfully be the treasures of the nation for the future generations.

Now the nation is confronted with a deeply disturbing question. Are we prepared to engage in excessive and unwarranted enjoyment now and permit our children and grandchildren to carry the cross for our sins?

The cravings of the people for today’s needs and the cravings of the corrupt politicians to hoard the intended reserves of the future generations are not creating a symbiotic and synergistic environment for the prosperity of the nation but for a sure paralysis of the very fabric of our society.

All is not lost. We can still reverse this destructive process.

We can start by treating politicians as policy makers or lawmakers in its strict sense and stop treating them as Santa Claus.

We should be demanding honesty, integrity and competency. We should not be seen either directly or by subtle means demanding handouts that may place financial burden on these politicians or compromise their position of power and authority.

Nobody is infallible and we all know that and can accept that, however for every mistake made we should demand accountability (which simply means acceptance of the mistake and taking responsibility for it) instead of demanding political patronage that will keep us silent and contented.

Many politicians are now at the crossroad between personal honesty and the preservation of their political positions but we do need the modern day Gurkhas in politics too, politicians who are brave enough to confront the people and tell them that the country had come to what it is now not because of the misdeeds of the politicians alone but of the misconducts of the people too.

Nation building is not only the job of politicians but of the people too. None should shirk their responsibilities. Educating people to have a sense of personal pride right down to paying for their own cup of coffee is the real challenge that confronts the successful future politicians. The measure of success will greatly depend on how pleasing the tone of the message in its transmission is and how widely it is accepted.

Samy Vellu lashing his arch rival Subramaniam

What possessed the protesters?

By Jacqueline Ann Surin

WHAT possessed them? That's the question I'd like to ask the protesters who desecrated a cow head on 28 Aug 2009 after Friday prayers to object the building of a Hindu temple in Section 23, Shah Alam.

We know that it's not Islam that teaches intolerance of and disrespect toward other religious beliefs, nor is it Islam that preaches violence or force if Muslims don't get their way. We also know that it is really not Malaysian or Malay custom at all to be so obnoxious, threatening and crude. For all my life as a Malaysian, I have known Malay customs to be gentle, sophisticated and inclusive. This is most likely because the "Malay" race was actually historically constructed; its customs weaved from a convergence of different continents and cultures.

So, if neither Islam nor Malay custom drove the 50 protesters to publicly despoil a sacred Hindu creature and to threaten bloodshed because of a Hindu temple, what was it?

Possessed by superiority

My hunch is that these protesters were emboldened by a culture of Malay Muslim superiority that has been carefully cultivated and strategically stoked by the Umno-led government, Malay Muslim politicians from Umno, PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), and by the judiciary both civil and syariah.

We only need to consider the following events where non-Muslim, non-Malay Malaysian rights are deferred, even trampled on, by a system that upholds Malay-Muslim rights and sensitivities as ultimate and unquestionable.

(Pic by Bill Davenport /
Despite several police reports that have been lodged by Catholics against Al Islam for an undercover report that desecrated the holy communion, no action has reportedly been taken against either the publisher or the editorial team.

Despite the incendiary reports and headlines in Utusan Malaysia that promote ketuanan Melayu at the expense of the constitutional rights of other citizens, no action has been taken against the Malay-language daily by the Home Ministry. Consider how other media have received warnings and threats, and have even been suspended or shut down before for much vaguer offences.

Additionally, let's not forget that in 2006, it was the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, under the leadership of then Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who banned any discussion of Article 11 and the proposed Interfaith Commission. Abdullah also threatened to use the Sedition Act if Malaysians attempted to discuss their constitutional rights in the light of issues arising from a clash between civil and syariah laws because some Muslim groups charged that these initiatives were attempts to undermine Islam.

According to Selangor PAS, beer must not be sold in Muslim-majority areas regardless of non-Muslims, who may want to consume alcohol and are not prohibited from doing so.

Because this is the holy month of Ramadan, PAS Youth wants the Michael Learns to Rock concert banned. They have described it as a huge insult to Islam especially since Muslims, presumably, should not be having any fun during the fasting month. The Umno-led BN government, surprise, surprise, has also chided the concert organisers for being disrespectful towards Muslims and Ramadan.

But since when was Ramadan meant to be a kill-joy for Muslims and non-Muslims? I don't recall Catholics in Malaysia insisting that non-Catholics should also fast and sacrifice during Lent. Or Hindus suggesting that everyone else should also be a vegetarian on a Hindu holy day.

(Pic by Theodore99 /

Mind you, this attempt to ban a band because of preferences, defined by some Muslims for all others, is no different from when the animated movie Babe, which starred a pig as the lead character, was banned several years ago.

Consider also how "Allah" cannot be used by non-Muslims in their worship in Malaysia, out of deference for perceived Muslim insecurity and the notion that the word "Allah" only belongs to Muslims. Let's remember that it is the government of Malaysia that is upholding the ban on the use of "Allah" even though historically and culturally, the word cannot be copyrighted by Muslims, and was used even before Islam.

Notice also how the proscription of pork in students' school lunch boxes and increasing regulation for pet dog ownership presupposes that Muslim sensitivities are all-important regardless of the way of life of other Malaysians.

And it's not just food and pets, its dress codes, too. Remember how in 2005, several ministers defended the dress code imposed by the International Islamic University on non-Muslim female students? No matter that even among Muslim scholars, there is no consensus about the requirement for Muslim women to wear the tudung.

In the conversion cases involving, among others, Shamala Sathiyaseelan, M Moorthy, R Subashini and more recently, M Indira Gandhi and Mohan Singh, one outcome keeps recurring: not even the civil courts will uphold the rights of non-Muslims.

Police inaction

I'll also wager that the Shah Alam protestors were bold enough to do what they did so publicly, showing no fear of being caught or penalised by the police, because they knew that they would not be arrested. After all, in the past, police have demonstrated an uncanny ability to restrain themselves from taking action whenever a Muslim mob attacked a Malaysian forum that tried to address the issues of political Islam and how they affect our nation.

We shouldn't be surprised at all that the Selangor police stood by and did nothing on 28 Aug while the protesters promised bloodshed and clearly threatened the peace. After all, the police also took minimal action against the mob that disrupted the peaceful Article 11 forum in Penang in 2006, and against another mob, led by PKR's Zulkifli Noordin, that disrupted the August 2008 Bar Council forum on conversion in Malaysia.

Hishammuddin (Pic courtesy of theSun)
And what has the current administration led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak demonstrated to reinforce this culture of inaction in the face of threats and attacks against civil liberties and the legitimate rights of non-Malay and non-Muslim Malaysians? It excuses these threats of violence. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein not only found time to meet the cow-head protesters at his office, he also found ways to justify their actions by making them out to be the ones who were "victimised".

We all know that if any group protested against the building of a mosque by using a severed and bloodied pig head, the group would not have stood a chance with the authorities. And they definitely would not have been so easily welcomed, and then defended, by the home minister in his office. And that's why, even when protests that are designed to insult Islam happens, the perpetrators of such hate antics do so without revealing themselves.

So, what possessed the residents of Section 23, Shah Alam to do what they did so boldly and publicly? I'll be happy to wager that it's because they believed they would get away with it. Even if they eventually don't because of public outrage, including among Muslims, and the embarrassing international headlines, these protesters probably started off by believing that their method of protest would not result in any repercussions on them. Indeed, Hishammuddin's defence of them may just be an indicator of how, even if they are taken to task for instigating violence, they will be let off lightly.

And so, do you blame the protesters for thinking they would get away with threats of violence? I don't. The evidence, after all, that they would likely escape action because they belong to a Malay Muslim majority, is just too overwhelming. Denying that a particular political culture has been put in place in order to favour such bigoted, violent and intolerant behaviour would be to deny that the 28 Aug demonstration ever occurred.

Perak Adun Keshvinder injured during arrest - Anil Netto

Pix 1 Keshwinder Singh

Malim Nawar assembly member Keshvinder Singh reportedly suffered a hairline fracture on his forehead, a CAT scan revealed.

He was among three elected Pakatan reps detained when they tried to attend a sitting of the Perak State Assembly on 2 September.

Malaysiakini reports:

Recalling the incident, Keshvinder said he had walked up to the police to urge them to stop pushing the Pakatan reps because they were in the process of dispersing.

“Suddenly, about five people grabbed me and threw me on the floor. It was like wrestling you see on television. They were so rough,” he said.

“My head bounced off the floor. To make matters worse, someone placed his foot on my head while another kick me on the stomach. Another pulled my tie, choking me,” he added.

Hisham wants stern action against ‘cow head protestors’

by Sira Habibu

PETALING JAYA: Those responsible for bringing the head of a cow during the Aug 28 protest at the Selangor state secretariat building should be charged in court, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He ordered the police to proceed with further investigation and take stern action against those responsible.

“The police have identified the individuals involved," he said in a statement Thursday.

Affected residents had staged a protest last Friday against the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government’s decision to relocate a 150-year-old temple from Section 19 to Section 23 in Shah Alam.

The protest sparked controversy when some of the participants brought along the decapitated head of a cow, then stamped and spat on it. Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal.

One of the protest leaders also threatened bloodshed if the Selangor government went ahead with its plans to relocate the temple.

Although the residents were angry with the state government and had no intention of hurting the feeling of any other race, Hishammuddin said such action could not be tolerated.

“The Home Ministry view seriously all issues that could undermine the harmony, unity, national security and stability of this multiracial country,’’ he said.

The Malaysia Bar Council, in a statement, expressed disappointment at Federal Government leaders who made irresponsible statements including blaming the Selangor government over the temple relocation issue.

“The fact that this is a Muslim-majority area is immaterial and should not, in and of itself, be permitted to serve as adequate basis for rejecting the establishment of a place of worship of any faith,” said Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said that the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers would decide whether the protestors had violated any laws under the Sedition Act.

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had also said police had identified the main culprits involved and the Attorney-General had directed further investigations.

Kapal Selam Scorpene Yang Dipalit Kontroversi

Maka berlabuhlah kapal selam kontroversi jenis scorpene dari negara Peranchis itu di pesisir negara kita. Sekian lama menjadi bahan bicara rakyat, kemunculannya di perairan negara mengungkit kembali kontoversi dan skandal yang tercetus. Saya dan pasti ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia masih diselubungi pelbagai pertanyaan berhubung pembelian kapal selam ini.

Selaku Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat ketika membahaskan Peruntukan Jabatan Perdana Menteri 2009 pada tanggal 5hb November 2008, telah mengungkapkan antaranya pembaziran termasuklah pemberian komisyen besar berjumlah RM 510 juta kepada syarikat Perimekar.

Agak mendukacitakan apabila kapal selam yang dirundung pelbagai skandal ini diberi nama bersempena seorang pejuang kemerdekaan; almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra al Haj. Saya secara peribadi merasakan ini merupakan satu penghinaan kepada Bapa Kemerdekaan tersebut.


The cousins' Raya gift to 1Malaysia...

By Jeff Ooi,

There are no better cops in the entire police force than Musa Hassan.

So, his term as the IGP was extended by another year -- the second extension after his age-inflicted retirement in 2007. His shelf-life has been re-tagged to September 13, 2010.

This Raya angpau was gift-wrapped yesterday. On the advice of the prime minister (Najib Razak) and with endorsement of the Police Force Commission, which is headed by the home minister (Hishammuddin Hussein, Najib's cousin), constitutional monarch the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had given his consent to extend Musa's tenure.

Crime index up by 35.5%

If track record is a criteria to Musa's extension of service, here is one.

It was revealed at a recent parliamentary round-table on the the tenure of the IGP that in the seven years from 1997 to 2004, crime index increased by 29%; but in the four years from 2004 to 2008 -- when Musa was in office as the IGP -- crime index increased by 35.5%!

In 2005, the Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission recommended that the PDRM should target a minimum of 20% decrease in the number of crimes committed for each category "within 12 months of this Report’s acceptance and implementation.”

As a context, the Dzaiddin Commission referenced that there were 156,455 incidents of crime in 2004, which was an increase of 29% from 121,176 cases in 1997.

The slide did not stop after the Dzaiddin Commission was released.

According to official statistics given in Parliament, and cited by Kit Siang in his blog, crime index have galloped to break the 200,000 mark, with the incidence of crime shooting up to 209,582 in 2007 and 211,645 in 2008.

So I repeat: In the seven years from 1997 to 2004 (pre-Musa days), crime index increased by 29%, but in the four years from 2004 to 2008, crime index increased by 35.5%.

That's what we will kongsi raya with all fellow Malaysians.

Kg Buah Pala in Local TV

Amid arrests, houses demolished in Buah Pala

Kg Buah Pala - Derogatory remark claim

Buah Pala update 2008HRS..

Unofficial news :All the 18 innocent villagers and supporters that was detained without any valid offences has been released conditionally except for 1 person who came here to support the villagers to stop discrimination, who is still in the negotiation about his remant. Sorry for not be able to update frequently due to several technical and harassment reasons. The villagers are now in Trauma and some of them will be filing a case against the POlice Department including the writer who was abused just for taking a photo near to developer Gary Ho. or also known among the Penangites as Gay Ho!

Buah Pala Updates..2016HRS

All the supporters and Villagers released on bail conditionally.. and has be summoned to attend a court case on the 17 Sept 09.

Kg.Buah Pala update 2038HRS

The detained innocent villagers and supporters have reached our heritage land Kg.Buah Pala. They were charged on distracting the duty of the police and using abusive language


Kg Buah Pala: UMNO & DAP violates the law

No.6, Jalan Abdullah,
Off Jalan Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2282 5241
Fax : 03-2282 5245

Re: Demolishment of Kampung Buah Pala on 03/09/2009

Media Statement

UMNO violates the law in Section 116(1) (d) of the National Land Code which provides that ‘where any alienated land…..’. ‘That no such building shall be demolished, altered or extended without the prior consent in writing of the appropriate authority

Similarly the DAP led Penang State government has refused to issue an official letter prohibiting the demolition of Kampung Buah Pala by virtue of Section 116(1) (d) of the same. DAP is obviously aiding and abetting UMNO in the commission of this crime of demolishing Kampung Buah Pala.

Both UMNO/B.N and DAP/P.R are taking full advantage of the poor, marginalized, defenseless, voiceless and politically powerless working class Indians in Malaysia.

The police are siding the politically powerful UMNO/B.N and DAP/P.R by arresting at least 19 of the working class Indians of Kampung Buah Pala today and not the real criminals who violated the aforesaid law. From our supporters on the ground we have today been informed that the police who are supposed to be neutral used aggressive tactics and even causing one lady to faint. Even their lawyer Mr. Darshan Singh Khaira who was merely discharging his duties further to Section 42 of the Legal Professional Act 1976 was arrested and dragged away forcefully. The Attorney General would not bother prosecuting the real criminals but may instead prosecute these arrested poor, defenseless and homeless people. We condemn these injustices and especially the arrest of their lawyer Mr. Darshan Singh Khaira. All this can only happen in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malaysia and DAPs’ Malaysian Malaysia and no where else in the world.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

(P. Uthayakumar )

Secretary General (pro tem)

Kampung Buah Pala: Demolition starts; 18 arrested

Himanshu Bhatt and Bernard Cheah, The Sun Daily

Demolition work started on four houses in Kampung Buah Pala today -- three days past the deadline to move out -- amid a violent skirmish between police and village supporters that ended with 18 arrests.

One of the Kampung Buah Pala residents tearing the
DAP flag in anger when contractors move in today to
demolish the houses in the village.

Among those arrested were lawyer Darshan Singh, former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) councillor A Thiruvenggadam, and several MIC youth members.

Only five – three women and two men – were villagers.

It is learnt they had started a hunger strike while at the George Town district police headquarters in Pattani Road here.

All 18 were released on police bail about 8.30pm tonight.

Things came to a head at about 12.30pm today when police made a V-shape formation to penetrate the crowd of mainly Hindraf and MIC members, who were shouting slogans, in order to break one of the houses.

“All those arrested but who were not villagers were there in a spirit of solidarity with the residents, which is alright,” George Town OCPD Azam Abd Hamid said later.

“But what they did in obstructing (the court bailiff and police) was against the law.”

Police arresting the villagers at
Kampung Buah Pala.

Azam said most were arrested for obstructing police in discharging their duty while some would be charged for causing a riot.

He said they would be released on bail after their statements were recorded.

Two policemen were injured in the skirmish. Four police reports were lodged by various individuals, including one by developer Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd on an alleged attack on its director Gary Ho.

Azam said five households had agreed to vacate and let Nusmetro demolish their houses. The remaining families asked for more time, and were given a week.

The day began on an ominous note at about 7.30am when several police trucks, including a Black Maria, were seen parked outside the village.

Residents were supported by a crowd of Hindraf and MIC youth members, lead by the party’s youth chief T Mohan.

The physical confrontation between the police and the supporters came as a surprise as the residents’ committee members were seen having negotiations with Nusmetro’s Ho and executive director Thomas Chan.

It is understood that Nusmetro wanted to demolish three vacant houses.

After lengthy discussions in the mobile police beat base, five members of the demolition team were allowed to enter the village, to break down the first house under the watch of the police, a court bailiff and the residents committee, at about 10am.

There were several tense situations between reporters and supporters who tried to block them, and between MIC members and youngsters in the demolition team.

After breaking three houses, Ho reached a compromise with residents’ association secretary J. Steven to break the store room of his house.

The crisis has its roots in the state government approving the village land for sale to the Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang for a private commercial development project in 2004.

The residents, descendants of indentured labourers brought in during the British colonial period, have argued that the land transaction was fraudulent, and that their forefathers were beneficiaries of a housing trust under the Brown Estate, but have lost repeatedly in the courts.

A distraught association chairman M. Sugumaran: “We have no avenue already. The state government is not with us. The courts are not with us. How are we going to fight?” he said.

How Samy and son made millions from the Indians


Khir Toyo, one time Menteri Besar of Selangor, said that it was Samy Vellu who ordered the destruction of the Hindu temple in Shah Alam. "Barat" Maniam said that Samy Vellu siphoned out Telekom shares worth more than RM100 million that belonged to the MIC. P. Chitrakala Vasu said that Samy Vellu siphoned out millions in cash from various charity funds. On Monday we will reveal documents of some of Samy Vellu’s criminal acts.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu is the longest serving President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component party of Barisan Nasional. He has held this post for 11 consecutive terms since 1979 and is the longest serving minister in Malaysia’s Cabinet until his defeat in the 12th General Election in March 2008.

Samy Vellu is the founder and Chairman of the Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), a non-profit charity organisation that provides educational loans and scholarships to deserving Indian-Malaysian students.

Ms P. Chitrakala Vasu, a former senior officer of MIED, alleges that Samy Vellu had siphoned out RM2 million in government funds that had been allocated to a MIC welfare foundation. She also made two reports in Shah Alam urging the police to probe the whereabouts of the MIED files and also RM2 million in donations collected in 2004 for tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

She claimed Samy Vellu had asked her to place RM2 million in a fixed deposit in the account of YPS, a party foundation controlled by MIC. Chitrakala has further lodged two police reports in Subang Jaya blaming Samy Vellu for a variety of ills faced by the MIC and the Indian community. She claims that the money was intended for the pockets of MIC branch chairmen and supporters of the incumbent leadership.

It is alleged that Samy Vellu has hijacked 9 million Telekom shares from the original 10 million shares allocated to MAIKA. It seems he used three companies -- Clearway Sdn. Bhd., S.B. Management Services, and Advance Personal Computers Bhd. -- linked to himself, his son S. Vell Paari, and brother-in-law. These companies were used as conduits to swindle these shares. When the scandal first broke in mid-1992, the shares were valued at RM120 million.

In 1994, the then Chairman of the MIC Public Claims Committee, V Subramaniam (a.k.a. "Barat" Maniam), alleged that the accounts have been fabricated to make it appear that the profits from the sale of the Telekom shares were channelled to MIED. "Samy Vellu is a thief,” said Maniam. “He has stolen (Telekom) shares from the Indian community."

On Monday, Malaysia Today will reveal certain documents that will show how Samy Vellu and his son siphoned out millions of the party’s money.

Malaysians are a bunch of cry-babies


There are 15 million eligible voters in Malaysia. But only half of them voted. In fact, from the half that did not vote, about 4 million did not even register as voters. This means less than 4 million from 15 million eligible voters voted for the Opposition. 11 million voters either voted for the ruling party or did not vote or did not register to vote.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Boo hoo hoo, we're just a year old

Malaysian Mirror, 1 September 2009

The Pakatan Rakyat alliance has encountered problems because it is only a year old, said PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. He said the grouping of PAS, the DAP and PKR was formed only after the 12th general election in March last year, which is why it is having glitches trying to find a common ground that would be agreeable to all member parties.

“In due time we will find a formula that will strike a balance within the alliance,” he told reporters Tuesday during a visit to an experimental organic padi field at Tunjung here. The Kelantan Mentri Besar said it is also why it would take time for the other two Pakatan partners to understand the Islamic stance taken by PAS.

On a related matter, Nik Aziz said he agreed with PKR strategic director Tian Chua that a party that is open to all races could help to unite the various ethnic groups in Malaysia. He added that PAS is willing to reorganise itself to join such party if it adopts policies based on Islam.

“We can give it a new name. It would not be a problem as long as the policies it adopts are based on Islam,” he said.

Tian Chua reportedly told a Malay tabloid that if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak wants to repair bridges and tear down divisive walls among the races, then Najib should set up a new party that is open to all races.

Tian Chua said that having a multiracial political party would contribute to uniting everyone under one umbrella regardless of their colour, creed, race or religion. He said race-based political parties cause problems because they only champion the cause of the race they represent.

Nik Aziz said if either the Pakatan alliance or the Barisan Nasional coalition is willing to work towards this end, PAS would play its role towards the betterment of all Malaysians.


That was what Malaysian Mirror reported on 1 September 2009. And actually it is very true. Malaysians are just a bunch of cry-babies.

Pakatan Rakyat cries, boo hoo hoo, that it is only one year old. Barisan Nasional ruled Malaysia for 52 years, they cry. Pakatan Rakyat has only been given one year so far. So what do you expect? How can you expect Pakatan Rakyat, who has been the state government for just one year, to perform as well as Barisan Nasional who had 52 years?

Some seem to forget that DAP and PAS are older than Umno, which was formed only in 1988. In fact, Barisan Nasional itself was formed only in 1973. PAS and DAP were formed so much earlier.

So what the hell are they complaining about? The opposition parties have been a government-in-waiting longer than Barisan Nasional or Umno have been the government. Anwar Ibrahim has been in government since the early 1980s and once was even the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia for a few years -- plus a Cabinet member for more than 15 years. Mustapha Ali used to be a Cabinet member as well. So was Zaid Ibrahim. So they are not new to politics. Many are in fact also not new in government.

This ‘boo hoo hoo we are only one year old’ is a load of crap. If you are not able to run the states then get the hell out. Move aside and let those who can take over. Stop crying and offering excuses about how new you are.

The Indians complain that they have been marginalised and are being left behind. They are sad because the British brought them to his country between the mid-1800s to the early 1900s to work in the rubber estates. Then the British went home on 31st August 1957 and ‘abandoned’ the Indians.

Aiyah, another cry-baby. Since 1955, two years before Merdeka, right until 2004, a period of almost 50 years, 90% of the Indians voted for MIC, which is one of the leading partners in Barisan Nasional, as well as the Alliance Party before that.

You were treated as anak tiri (step-children) since the mid-1800s until now. That is a period of more than 150 years (the same age as your Hindu temple in Section 19, Shah Alam). Now, after 150 years, and after 50 years of voting for the ruling party, you start crying about how unfairly the country has treated you.

The Chinese came to this country to work the tin mines even earlier than the Indians. Today, the Chinese practically control the economy as far as private or non-government investments are concerned. One-time Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared that 90% of the personal income tax is paid by the Chinese.

I can believe that. In my housing area (Bukit Rahman Putra), more than 90% of the houses costing above RM500,000 are owned by the Chinese. The Malays and Indians live down the hill in the low cost housing area (Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh) -- as do some Chinese who are not wealthy of course. The houses in my area are invariably valued at RM800,00 and above. Some houses have changed hands for more than RM1 million. Many have renovated their houses for more than the price they bought the houses in the first place. Understandably, the handful of Malays who live in my neighbourhood are CEOs of GLCs and the cars they drive cost more than the low-cost houses down the hill in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh.

So the Malays are jealous of you, the Chinese. So the Malays feel that you, the Chinese pendatang, have taken the wealth of this ‘Malay’ country. So the Malays bully you. They mistreat you. They persecute you. They oppress you. They treat you unfairly.

Well, what do you expect? The Malays control the politics of this country -- plus, of course, all the government agencies without exception. They will certainly use this political power and the government agencies they control to whack you and to try to grab back some of the wealth of this country.

Since the beginning of time, when man first walked the face of this earth, the majority have always persecuted and oppressed the minority. It is human nature. The strong oppress the weak -- every time everywhere. The Chinese do this in countries where they are the majority. The Indians do this in countries where they are the majority. And the Malays do this as well in countries where they are the majority. And they are still doing this until today.

Look at how the Malays of Indonesian stock treat the minorities in their country. When there are more of them they will always whack the shit out of you. Every country since time immemorial has seen the majority treat the minority unfairly.

So stop crying. Stop being cry-babies. This is how mankind behaves when they have the upper hand. But when they are weak or outnumbered then they are better behaved. This is normal for mankind.

The Malays are also cry-babies. When the opposition whacks the MACC the Malays scream that the non-Malays are challenging Malay political power. When the Elections Commission (SPR) is asked why it does not run a fair and free election it replies that its job is not to run a fair and free election but to ensure that the Malays do not lose political power. The Malays want the Internal Security Act to be retained so that they have a weapon to use in defending Malay political power.

If the Indians and Chinese dissent the Malays threaten race riots and ask the Indians and Chinese to get out of Malaysia and go home to India or China. Then the Malays cry, boo hoo hoo, the Chinese have taken the wealth of this country and have left the Malays nothing.

Every one is a cry-baby. Every one cries that they have been unfairly treated. But that is all they do. They cry and blame the other chap for treating them badly. They will never stand up and fight and strive to better their lot. They want the other chap to give them what they want. They do not want to do anything. They want the other chap to do something.

The natives of Sabah and Sarawak are the same. 50% of the oil and gas revenue comes from Sabah and Sarawak. But the two East Malaysian states receive only a fraction of the development expenditure. So the East Malaysians cry like cry-babies. They never joined Malaysia as one of the states like the 11 states of Malaya. They are in fact equal to Malaya, not equal to the 11 states of Malaya. The federal government is not honouring the 20-Point Agreement.

They cry and cry. Boo hoo hoo, the people of Sabah and Sarawak are being badly treated. Then they give both the state governments plus 30 of the 31 parliament seats in Sarawak and 24 of the 25 parliament seats in Sabah to Barisan Nasional. Then they cry: boo hoo hoo we are being badly treated.

Malaysians should stop crying. Whatever predicament they are in is their own doing. Stop complaining about this, that and the other. You are in the predicament you are in because of your own doing.

Umno can’t form the government without the 30 parliament seats from Sarawak, 24 parliaments seats from Sabah, 15 parliament seats from MCA, and 5 parliament seats from MIC and Gerakan. That comes to 74 seats in all out of the 139 that Barisan Nasional controls. Without these 74 seats Umno is a dead duck. It will only have 65 seats in parliament. 65 out of 222 means Umno will be sent into the Opposition aisle. So stop crying like cry-babies. It is your decision to allow Umno to rule. And it is your decision to allow Umno to treat you badly.

Stop crying and stop blaming the Malays. This has nothing to do with the Malays. The Malays are more upset than the Chinese and Indians or the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. The Malays blame the Chinese and Indians and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak for giving Umno the political power that they now have. Without the Chinese and Indians and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, Umno would have been kicked out by now. So stop crying about how badly you are being treated. You deserve what you are getting. You deserve the treatment you are receiving. And I just hope Umno will continue doing what they are doing, plus much worse, to teach you all a bloody lesson.

And the Malays should also stop crying about how economically backward they are. So the Chinese ‘stole’ all the wealth of this country. So what? It just shows that the Chinese are better than the Malays when it comes to business, although the Chinese are stupid when it comes to politics. It also shows that Umno has failed you. Umno conned you. Umno took you for a ride. Don’t blame the Chinese for being clever. Blame yourself for being stupid in trusting Umno.

No one owes the Malays a living. Just because you came into this world through a Malay pussy does not mean you are special people. Stop crying about how poor the Malays are and that the Chinese have taken everything. Go out and build your own wealth just like what the Chinese did. And if you don’t know how to do that, then tough luck. Then remain poor and backward. But stop crying like a cry-baby just because you are too stupid to make it like the Chinese have.

The Chinese keep crying like cry-babies about what the Malays did to them on 13th May 1969. Sure, that was a bad thing. I don’t deny that. But the Chinese are not that innocent either. Maybe on 13th May 1969 the Chinese got whacked. But there were other occasions when the Chinese had the upper hand and when they whacked the Malays.

My own family members, who were then the rulers of a part of Negeri Sembilan, were massacred by the Chinese. My entire family was exterminated as they slept in their beds. Many other Malays died at the hands of the Chinese that night, the entire community in fact.

So, on 13th May 1969, the Chinese got whacked. My family too got whacked by the Chinese. And it was worse than May 13. This was ethnic cleansing. Do I cry, boo hoo hoo the Chinese killed off my entire family in Negeri Sembilan? Do I talk about taking revenge on the Chinese? Instead, I talk about giving the Chinese equality and equal status. I talk about those Chinese who were born in Malaysia should be classified as Bumiputeras.

In the last general election in March 2008, 4,082,411 Malaysians voted for Barisan Nasional. That comes to 50.27%. That means more than half voted for the ruling party. In a democracy, the majority has the final say. And since the majority chose Barisan Nasional why are we so upset? Why cry boo hoo hoo like cry-babies?

There are 15 million eligible voters in Malaysia. But only half of them voted. In fact, from the half that did not vote, about 4 million did not even register as voters. This means less than 4 million from 15 million eligible voters voted for the Opposition. 11 million voters either voted for the ruling party or did not vote or did not register to vote.

This, therefore, makes you a very small minority -- not just a minority but also a very small minority. Less than 4 million of you care. 11 million more do not care. 11 million are very happy with the way things are. So stop crying like cry-babies. You are not even 4 million in number. You are a very small minority. What you want does not count because in a democracy only the voice of the majority counts. That’s how it works.

So stop crying. No more boo hoo hoo. You are what you are because of your own doing. That is the long and short of it all. If the fire is too hot then get out of the kitchen. If you don’t dare fight then hand this country to Umno and Barisan Nasional and shut up. No more boo hoo hoo I have been badly treated. It makes me sick when those who cry boo hoo hoo did not even vote or are not registered voters.

Federal govt considers offering another site for temple

By Neville Spykerman - The Malaysian Insider

SHAH ALAM, Sept 3 – Both the Federal and Selangor governments are separately scrambling to contain the fallout from last Friday’s cow-head protest held by a group who oppose a plan to relocate a 150-year-old Hindu Temple to Section 23 here.

While the state government is hosting a dialogue session with all residents this Saturday, the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is also considering holding an event to bring both Muslims and Hindus together to defuse racial tension.

The plan, which entailed roping in the assistance of Hindu Sangam, was proposed to the Cabinet by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Noh Omar, who is also the Umno state deputy liaison chief.

According to sources, the Cabinet is also considering offering an alternative site to relocate the Hindu temple despite the fact that such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the state government.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Noh was forced to defend himself at the Cabinet meeting yesterday. He told the meeting that he did not instigate the Malay-Muslims of Section 23 to protest against the temple relocation.

He is understood to have also told the Cabinet that he would organise a sit-down with Hindus and Muslims in the neighbourhood.

However Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan Shahmugam today told The Malaysian Insider they have had no official invitation yet to meet the federal government about the issue.

Hindu Sangam also believes the proposed site in Section 23 is the best area to relocate the temple.

Mohan said the temple was not meant to cater only to the Hindus from Section 23 but also from Sections 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Together there are at least 3,000 Hindus in these areas, Mohan said, adding the issue of relocating the temple from its current site in Section 19, had been pending for the last two decades.

The current temple was once part of Sungai Garing Estate, but over the years the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) had developed the areas surrounding the site into a housing estate.

The temple now lies in the middle of a Muslim-majority area and there had been no concrete effort to relocate until recently.

“This is not a new problem and I don’t understand why the small group of residents needed to protest in such a manner,” Mohan said.

Mohan said that carrying the head of a cow which is scared to Hindus was insulting and called on the government to take action against the culprits.

He also denied claims made yesterday by Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein that residents of Section 23 had met Hindu Sangam to resolve the relocation issue.

“I have checked and there was no such meeting.”

However Mohan said he would welcome a meeting with the minister.

Meanwhile Hindu residents of Section 23 today also denied press reports that they also did not want the temple to be relocated to the area.

K. Raju said one third of all residents in Section 23 were Non-Malays and they have carried out a signature campaign to support the state government’s move to relocate the temple.

He also disputed claims in the press that the cow’s head used during the protest was brought to the scene by outsiders.

“The people who carried the head are Umno members, from Section 23, and they seem to be above the law.”

He added the protest was politically motivated.

Anwar cites black-eye beating to argue prosecution's bias

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, September 3 - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's application to disqualify the entire Sodomy II trial prosecution team began today with the opposition leader's lawyers presenting evidence pointing to the possibility of bias conduct by all seven prosecutors.

The government's team, led by senior federal counsel See Mee Chun, in their submission however, cited the application as an abuse of court process by Anwar and argued that the evidence showed by Anwar's lawyers were flimsy in proving their claims.

On Aug 11, the opposition leader filed an application to disqualify the entire prosecution team in his sodomy case, citing "a real danger of bias" as one of the grounds.

He named Solicitor-General I Datuk Idrus Harun, Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abiden, deputy public prosecutors Datuk Nordin Hassan, Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, Wong Chiang Kiat, Shamsul Sulaiman and Noorin Badaruddin, the Public Prosecutor and the Government, as respondents.

A key piece of evidence used by PKR vice-president R Sivarasa, who is Anwar's lead counsel, to back their allegations was a letter of demand to the Solicitor-General made by Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated Anwar's "black-eye" assault in 1998.

The letter of demand, made public recently, accused Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Pattail, who was the lead prosecutor in Anwar's first sodomy trial ten years ago, of fabricating Anwar's medical report.

Mat Zain had concluded that the fabrication allegedly done by Gani was an attempt to "invite the conclusion that the injury sustained by Anwar was self-inflicted."

Anwar, who was just sacked as the deputy prime minister at the time, had been assaulted by then Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor while under police detention.

All the respondents were senior officers in the AG's office at the time and Sivarasa alleged that Mat Zain's letter showed that all of the respondents were well aware of the fabrication of evidence made by Gani at the time but did nothing.

"The behavior of the respondents can reasonably taken to be aiding and abetting the covering-up of of the crime of evidence fabrication of the AG," said Sivarasa in his submission.

One of the respondents have also been accused of willfully suppressing evidence in Anwar's sodomy II trial when he refused to disclose several documentary evidence, including the medical reports made by Dr Osman Abdul Hamid of Pusrawi which indicated that complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24, had not been sodomised.

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecution in possession of evidence favourable to the defence must disclose them as a way to ensure a fair trial. If there is no such evidence, a certificate of declaration must be signed by the prosecution.

Sivarasa, however, alleged the respondents have deliberately breached the law by declaring that there were no such evidence despite possessing the medical reports, evidence clearly favourable to the defence.

He further alleged that they had only managed to obtain the evidence by applying for disclosure through court. All request made by Anwar directly to the prosecution were ignored.

Sivarasa's arguments, however, were dismissed by See, who argued that the leave application is non-justiciable and that Anwar could apply for the disqualification of the prosecution during his trial and not necessarily through a judicial review.

She also argued that the leave application "would create havoc" in Anwar's trial as it has to undergo more postponement to review the suitability of the prosecutors.

After hearing submissions from lawyers representing both sides, Justice Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin fixed Sept 15 for a decision on Anwar's application.

Amid arrests, houses demolished in Buah Pala








The highly controversial eviction of Kampung Buah Pala villagers started today as developer Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd moved in to tear down houses of owners who had agreed to relocate.

The demolition job started with a house whose owner had accepted compensation in the form of an alternate house and a relocation cost. The owner voluntarily handed over his house keys to the developer.

Under the watchful eye of the police and the residents association committee, the demolition team moved in to tear down this house. Some hours later, a second house was also torn down.

Police meanwhile arrested nearly 18 people, including lfour women, when villagers and MIC youth members resisted the team from demolishing other houses.

Those detained include village lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira and former PKR's Petaling Jaya municipal councillor A Thiruvenggadam.

Some protesters sustained injuries in the melee as the light strike force unit and other police personnel assaulted and pushed the human barricade into the village.

MIC youth member S Ragubalan, 28 and K Somasundram, 34, both claimed that they sustained injuries on the hands and bodies.

"A member of the demolition team hit me with a sledgehammer," said Ragubalan. Somasundram claimed he was hit by a policeman.

Social activist R Aravindraj said his camera lens was broken during the commotion.

Tempers also flared when a policeman known only as 'Azman' shouted "anak haram" to the crowd. The policeman quickly fled the scene when the angry crowd attempted to attack him.

However, commotion abruptly stopped after the village association assistant secretary C Tharmaraj (photo below) talked to the residents and other protesters to calm down.

All the arrested persons were lated whisked away in a police truck to nearby police station.

Division among villagers

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association chairperson M Sugumaran said the first house to be demolished belonged to S Saravanan who accepted the compensation offered by the developer.

"Saravanan had never been part of the majority group. His action would not dampen the spirit of the villagers.

"The rest of us will stand united," he told journalists at the site, while the demolition team armed with sledgehammers destroyed the house.

The villagers had earlier refused to allow the demolition to take place, arguing that the court order was only for vacant possession but not for demolition of village homes.

They, however, allowed the demolition to proceed after the developer's director Gary Ho explained that Saravanan had already agreed to the compensation offer and handed over the house keys to the developer.

Although Nusmetro's demolition team wanted to tear down two more houses, the idea was abandoned following intense negotiations among the village leaders, the developer's representatives - Thomas Chan and Ho - and court officials.

Following negotiations, one of the affected houseowners K Shanmugam, 60, said the developer had agreed to his request to demolish his home by himself. The developer also dropped the idea of demolishing another neighbouring house belonging to Muniammah.

But a third house was torn down before a heavy downpour put a temporary stop to the demolition exercise.

The demolition work finally ended at 2pm with three vacant houses and part of a fourth house being torn down.

About 24 houseowners in the village have accepted the double-storey offer made by Nusmetro.

Angry with the state government

Last night, Sugumaran held state government responsible for the imminent destruction of their village.

He said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had in many meetings and media conferences repeatedly stated the state government would not give consent to the developer to demolish the village.

"If the state government had not given the consent to the developer to demolish the village, how can the demolition team now come to tear down our houses?

"Is this just another lie by the state government?" he asked, at a late night press conference at the village yesterday.

Sugumaran blasted Lim for 'washing his hands off the issue', slamming the Malacca-born Chief Minister of being responsible for the villagers' predicament.

Sugumaran said although 24 house owners have signed the offer letters, 20 were united not to let the village to be demolished without the state government undertaking constructive measures to end their predicament.

He said the villagers who signed up were offered RM8,000 ex-gratia compensation by Deputy Chief Minister 2 P Ramasamy to move out from the village.

'We could end up on the streets'

He said the villagers were told to vacate their houses first and only then the state government would hold negotiations to provide them with alternate houses for free.

"Can we rely on such a deal? We should be offered constructive deals before we can move out from our own land. We have seen so many projects in the past that have ended up abandoned.

"We could end up on the streets with nothing," said Sugumaran, adding the villagers would put up stiff resistance to stop the demolition team.

Nusmetro, accompanied by a large police squad, has twice failed to evict and demolish the houses last month.

Sugumaran said Lim had managed to manipulate the media and turned the public against the villagers by telling a different story to newsmen, especially the Chinese newspapers.

Sugumaran said Lim lied to the Penang people about the offers made to the villagers such as RM500,000 and RM350,000 when no such offers were ever tabled to us.

"We have been asking only for village homes and part of the land from beginning. But Lim is portraying us as greedy people making unreasonable demands.

"This is a blatant lie," said Sugumaran, calling on all 82 Pakatan Rakyat parliamentarians to declare their stand on the crisis.

"Where are the Pakatan MPs, especially Anwar Ibrahim who promised to save this village before the election? Before the election, Pakatan leaders knew where was Kampung Buah Pala.

"But now they don't visit us anymore," said Sugumaran