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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Police report by Seetha's father against Malaysian Police harassment

15/11/2009, Pondok Polis Hospital T.A.R. Klang.

No.Rpt- KLG:49989/09. 0373/09

Rampathy a/l Ramasamy. IC.N0: 490828-08-5097

Saya ayah kepada membuat laporan ini kerana saya syaki polis cuba memutarbelitkan keadaan anak saya R.Seetha yang minum paraquat.

Pada 8/11/09 lima orang remaja dibunuh/tembak mati secara kejam termasuk anak saya Surendran 24. Kenapa mereka yang bunuh anak saya tidak ditangkap tapi suami Seetha, Manimaran ditahan.

Pada 11/11/09, polis juga menganggu, geladah dan tahan keluarga kami di Balai Polis Kapar untuk soal-siasat.

Saya dapat tahu bahwa pihak polis dan pihak hospital memaksa Seetha menanda tangan satu surat yang memgatakan Seetha minum racun paraquat bukan kerana adiknya yang ditembak mati oleh polis dan polis tidak kena-mengena dengan cubaan membunuh diri oleh anak saya.

Saya tuntut agar pihak polis tidak menganggu ahli keluarga yang kini dalam keadaan sedih kerana kehilangan Surendran anak saya yang ditembak mati oleh polis dan Seetha anak saya dan 4 cucu saya dalam keadaan tenat.

Sebab utama Seetha minum racun paraquat adalah kerana dia tidak boleh terima yang polis tembak mati/bunuh adiknya Surendran secara kejam. Seetha terlalu sayang kepada Surendran. Dia selalu nangis dihadapan gambar Surendran yang meninggal.

Saya mohon agar polis jangan putar-belit dan cuba mempersalahkan suami Seetha, Manimaran. Manimaran amat sayang kepada anak saya Seetha. Semua ini berlaku kerana polis tembak mati anak saya Surendran dan saya tuntut agar tindakan diambil terhadap pembunuh anak saya dan pecat IGP Musa Hassan dan CID Director Bakri Zenin juga dipecat.

Sekian Laporan saya

Latest Breaking News. Klang Police shot dead suicide bid victim’s husband Manimaran been arrested

Klang Police shot dead suicide bid victim’s husband, Manimaran been arrested in 1 hour. Police trying to divert attention by saying he has affair or ill-treated his family.

Police and Klang Hospital staff force Seetha to sign a letter that his brother shooting dead by Police has nothing to do with her suicide bid.

The police also earlier harrast , ransacked and detain many family members at the Kapar Police Station on 11/11/2009.

The father doesn’t want the police harast them. The Klang hospital authourities in coalition with the police did not allow HRP and HINDRAF supporters to meet and speak to the suicide victims.


HRP Information Chief


Malaysians 30 years later


Malaysians 30 years later

What about the rest of the estimated RM 150, 000 children who have been denied their birth certificates by UMNO just because they did not register their birth within the 42 days stipulated by the law. As the victims are “merely Indians” even the PKR, DAP and PAS leaders and their 82 Members of Parliament do not bother. PKR, DAP and PAS not racial parties? All what they want is the Indian votes like in the 8th March 2008 general elections. Not the Indian problems!


High-performance status for 100 schools. But Tamil schools still like cowsheds. Have to buy their own chairs, tables, book, roof collapsing etc


High-performance status for 100 schools. But Tamil schools still like cowsheds. Have to buy their own chairs, tables, book, roof collapsing etc





Anwar to Umno: I’m ready for battle

IN his first public remarks since being appointed as economic adviser to Selangor, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he would do battle “to the end” against Umno-Barisan Nasional forces bidding to destabilize and wrest power from the state’s Pakatan Rakyat government.

“I have officially now entered the ring,” Anwar said in reference to his new job. “If you try (to seize power), we will go all out and fight to the end,” Anwar said in Shah Alam when opening the

state-level National Justice Party convention.

On Friday, Anwar, a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, was appointed Selangor’s economic advisor, a job for which he will be paid a norminal salary of RM1 a month.

The appointment is to help the state government formulate new economic initiatives as well as improve the implementation of existing policies that directly and holistically benefit people.

Anwar used the convention to galvanise party members into ensuring the state remained in opposition control despite simmering diffirences within Pakatan ranks which, according to insiders, the coalition has been able to contain so far.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, who recently took over as Selangor Umno chief, has made public his party’s intention to retake Malaysia’s most developed state by the next general elections.

The Selangor state government has since become a punching bag in the mainstream media on several issues, ranging from the relocation of a Hindu temple to the sale of beer in 7-Eleven outlets.

Anwar admitted that despite some success, the opposition has been unable to deliver all of its promises to the people.

He attributed the problem to elements within Pakatan who still practise what he called the “Barisan Nasional politics” of corruption and racial based politics.

“This culture and way of thinking is outdated and must be rejected at all costs,” he said. “We will also not tolerate corruption within our ranks. Those caught will be sacked, make no mistake about this.”

At a press conference after his speech, Anwar said he had received positive response from investors abroad, especially in the Middle East, on his appointment as Selangor’s economic adviser.

He said a group of Arab investors had asked to meet him after the Hari Raya Aidil-Adha on November 27.

PI Bala- The last thorn in the flesh? (BALA membawa bala..)

By Rights2write,

1. Within a matter of days since RPK latest revelation that hints the possibility the PI Bala may resurface, a damaging YouTube declaration “A video SD” appears. In the YouTube video, several key facts were revealed. Among others the name of Mr. Deepak, RM 5 million and Putrajaya was mentioned and most importantly PI Bala has stand by his first SD. The latest revelation also further reinforced the need for RPK to continue lives in hiding and appears in the shadows of the Malaysian politicians.

2. If my memory serves me right, within days after PI Bala makes his SD public in the presence of several prominent lawyers and politician, he reappeared looking so stressed, distraught and came out with a new SD and claims that the first one is not correct. Subsequently, he vanished suddenly and rumors has been circulating since then that he was pressured in withdrawing his SD and was paid a handsome amount of money to stay away from Malaysia. My own friends in the Military Intelligence circle at that time said that he was living in Bangkok.

3. Bala SD is crucial because it linked Najib with Althantuya. RPK in his writing about the Scorpene submarine deal linked Najib, Razak Baginda with Althantuya murder. RPK also linked Althantuya murder with Rosmah, her ADC, Lt. Kol Norhayati and his husband. At this stage, can we believe the word of this man who changed his SD twice, received RM750K from Deepak the carpet salesman?

4. Personally, I believe RPK theory on the murder is something that cannot be discounted. In fact it is quite plausible. I cannot blame PI Bala for changing his statement. I believe he did it because he has some concern on the safety of his family more than the need to accept the money that was offered to him. At the same time RPK continue with his style of releasing information on piecemeal basis and continue to put people nerves on the edge. This whole episode is detrimental to the nation and it is putting everyone on edge.

5. I read from another blog where it was mentioned that the police knew where bala was hiding. Apparently, during the early days after his disappearance, they interviewed him and wanted some answers from him on which is the true SD. Questions are being raised now on how is it that the police and the Military Intelligence people knew about his location and manage to interview him? Why didn’t the police catch him despite having an extradition treaty between Malaysia and Thailand? Could it be that these the so called authorities that is looking for him is the one that hide him? Could it be that that some police top brass was involved?

6. It seems that when someone really goes into hiding, the police can never find him. They can find the people that they themselves hide? This was further supported by the fact that police are not able to locate RPK till today, a person who chose to go into hiding because he fears unfair prosecution. The latest YouTube SD revelation shows that Bala is in contact with RPK. Is there a possibility that Bala knows where RPK is hiding?

7. With Razak Baginda issue has been settled and the two policemen (what are their names again!) sentenced, Althantuya murder case has been addressed officially. The general masses do not know how the duo looks like and speculation is rife that the infamous duo will also be let loose behind the scene.

8. It is quite obvious that Najib did not kill Althantuya. He did not order the hit either. My gut feelings tell me he knows her. He has met her. On the depth of his relationship with her, I leave it to everyone imagination. The only reason that this particular information cannot be made official because it has serious and far reaching political consequences.

9. Razak Baginda was the convenient vehicle for the submarine deal. In a country like Malaysia where something that cost RM1 is purchased at RM3 by the government, everyone can speculate with significant accuracy where the RM2 went. Certainly a friendly legal entity is involved. It is reasonably accurate. The murder of Althantuya certainly has something to do with the complex submarine deal.

10. Althantuya was managed by someone behind the apex of power. Names like Musa Safri, Lt Kol Norhayati and his husband seems to be closely associated with the people at the apex. I suspect, RPK has all the evidence but is not releasing at one go. Typical to his style, he wants to ensure that there is a continuous suspense, thrill and maybe extend it to GE13. I wait for the successful prosecution of the guilty party.

MCA top 2 call fresh EGM resolutions ‘unconstitutional’

By Neville Spykerman - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 — MCA’s top two leaders, president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, today agreed that the resolutions of an upcoming extraordinary general meeting (EGM) were unconstitutional.

Dr Chua said they acknowledged the rights of members to hold the EGM but any resolutions which are against the party constitution cannot be implemented.

The rare agreement from the erstwhile rivals came after they both briefed divisional leaders on the party’s Greater Unity Plan.

They added that all the grassroots’ members gathered today have agreed not to attend the EGM scheduled for Nov 28.

However, noticeably missing from today’s briefing were vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and those aligned to him.

When asked if disciplinary action would be taken against members who attended the EGM, Dr Chua said they would cross that bridge when they got to it.

The deputy president — who got back his suspended membership and post after the Oct 10 EGM — ironically said the new EGM would be meaningless.

Some 620 delegates from 155 out of the party’s 191 divisions attended the closed-door meeting and dialogue.

Besides the EGM, today’s meeting also touched on the distribution of allocations to divisions, giving more opportunity to the grassroots to select central committee leaders and making preparations to face the next general elections.

From the dialogue, Dr Chua said the grassroots want a new mechanism to select leaders, adding that MCA may adopt Umno’s methods in selecting their central leadership.

However, he said such a move requires an amendment to MCA’s constitution and for this to take place, the party needs stability.

A task force will look into the details and raise them at the Central Committee (CC) level, he said.

Dr Chua added fresh party polls may be called within six months or a year after the successful implementation of the GUP.

However, he stressed there was no deadline and the party elections could be called sooner or even later.

With the GUP in place, Dr Chua said MCA was now more stable and plans should be made to face the next general elections.

When asked why Liow and his faction were not at today’s meeting, Dr Chua said leaders are mature enough to know whether to come for meetings or not.

In a united front, both Ong and Dr Chua also denied a report in the New Straits Times which stated they were out to fix Liow.

Dr Chua said the allegations were unfair.

“He is (a) minister and I am a nobody, it is more likely that he is trying to fix me,” said Dr Chua.

“We don’t have time to fix up anybody, all we want is put the party in order. That overrides everything,” Ong chipped in.

Ong said he was still in touch with Liow and that the latter was still an MCA vice-president.

“When we talk about unity, we mean to be inclusive and we will never close the door to anyone,” said Ong, adding he was proud of the support shown by the grassroots who attended today’s meeting.

Samy Vellu and MIC claim credit as Indians start backing BN again

By Baradan Kuppusamy - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 – Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu and the MIC are laying claim to the return of Indian support for the Barisan Nasional (BN), and this appears to have given the embattled leader a new lease on life.

“The return of Indian voters is our victory in Bagan Pinang and we know now how to win back the Indian votes,” MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu told Malaysian Insider on the sidelines of A Sense of Urgency forum at a hotel today.

The MIC is quickly exploiting the gains achieved in the recent Bagan Pinang by-election where nearly 70 per cent of Indian voters who had voted for PAS in 2008 returned to BN in a dramatic reversal.

The party feels the reversal was an MIC achievement and is taking swift steps to exploit and ride on the momentum of the Bagan Pinang victory.

Today's party forum is for state and division leaders and is conducted by outside corporate experts to explain in detail why the MIC lost support, why Hindraf gained popularity and how to recover lost support.

“Nearly 50 per cent of Indian voters dumped us in 2008 and we now know why and how to win back their loyalties,” said Samy Vellu.

Samy Vellu said that after Indian voters fled the MIC they were not happy outside the MIC.

He said they instead felt isolated and exploited by people and political parties.

“They feel lonely and unappreciated,” Samy Vellu said. “They are lost and they want to come back.”

“They need leadership and appreciation and we are beginning to give it to them,” he said adding the party was reforming itself, hiring experts and opening up for new blood including the educated class.

Earlier when opening the forum, Samy Vellu, speaking in a mixture of Tamil, Malay and English, urged delegates to drop the defeatist mindset that has gripped the party and rise to fight again.

“If we fail to rise and fight back we are already defeated…we are buried for good and forever,” he said likening the MIC to an old, battered lady, limping in life and waiting for death.

“To attract the loyalties of Indians we have to become attractive again,” Samy Vellu said adding the party is transforming into a young and lovely woman with a sexy get-up. “People will die for a lovely woman.”

Samy Vellu said the party will soon form 700 new 1 Malaysia branches and most will be led by new faces including fresh university graduates.

He also said complacency was ruining the MIC and the forum was a way to reenergize the party and make it attractive to attract new blood.

He said that while rivals were speaking up but in a disorganised way, the MIC is a party and well organized at all levels and speaks with one voice.

While a new upbeat mood is visible in the MIC, the task of winning back the Indian voters is a formidable task but divisions in Pakatan Rakyat and its failure to deliver on election promises is helping MIC reinvent itself.

DAP blames BN for cops playing cowboys with Indians

By Clara Chooi - The Malaysian Insider

IPOH, Nov 15 – A DAP politician has accused the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of waging a war of revenge against the Indian community by ordering the police to kill suspected criminals.

Ipoh Barat DAP secretary P. Sugumaran (pic) lambasted the action, saying that the police had no right to pass judgement without first asking them to surrender.

“Their actions are clearly the BN’s political agenda to take revenge on the Indian community in the country.

“But how different are they from the suspected criminals they murder when their actions are tantamount to a criminal act in itself?” Sugumaran said in a statement here yesterday.

He cited the Nov 8 incident in Klang when the police had shot dead five robbers during a high-speed car chase and the recent shooting of the Deva Gang leader in Penang.

The incident involving the five had raised public outcry over similar killings in the past, particularly of Indian suspected criminals, especially after the sister of one deceased attempted suicide along with her four children.

Since then, questions have been raised over the methods used by the police to curb crime by sending suspected criminals to their deaths instead of giving them their right to justice.

The police have however come out in their own defence, with Federal Criminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin claiming in a statement that in all shootouts, the police were fired at first.

He also claimed they did not respond in kind to kill the suspects but rather to “stop the deadly threat from causing hurt to innocent bystanders”.

Sugumaran rubbished these claims and said that the trigger-happy cops were just proving their incompetence in carrying out their duties.

“And each time a suspect is shot dead by the police, heaps of stories would be created to defame the name of the dead individual and justify the police’s action.

“Why is it that the police seem to enjoy killing these suspected Indian criminals without first ascertaining if they are alone or in a group?” he said.

He urged the government to respond to the outcry over the police’s “uncivilised” method.

"Why is it that the identities of the police involved have never once been exposed?

"What actions are the government willing to take to stop this from recurring?" he questioned.

Prime Minister Najib requires superhuman effort to achieve high income status for the people of Malaysia

Media Statement by Dr Chen Man Hin, DAP Life Advisor in Seremban on 14th November 2009

To achieve high income status for the people of malaysia requeires a revolutionary policy and full support from the people.

PM Najib stated that his intention was to raise the present per capita income of US$7,000 to US$17,000 by the year 2020, assuming that the GDP increases on an average of 9% a year.

Later he revised his targets after realising that the targets were unrealistic. His new estimates were a 6% GDP growth annually and achieve per capita income US$13,000 in 2020.

What are the prospects of achieving a pci of US$13,000 by 2020? Dim.

Historically, it would be near impossible. In 1957 at independence, Malaysia enjoyed a pci of about US$500, the second highest in Asia after Japan. In 2008, Malaysia pci was US$7,000. It took 51 years to reach US$7,000. Year 2020 is 11 short years away to reach US$13,000, when it took 51 years to reach US$7,000.

If PM Najib has a revolutionary policy and inspire the entire nation to rally and work exceedingly hard, the objectives might be achievable.

I do not see the government wholly committed to full liberalisation of the economy which would attract foreign and local investors to bring in more FDIs into the country. Investors are not convinced that the lukewarm reforms by the Prime Minister are liberal enough for them to bring in their cash for investment. Statistics show that FDIs for the first half of this year are very much lower than the FDIs in the first half of last year.

Although the reforms to revoke the NEP were announced, in practice there is still a 121/2 per cent bumiputra allocation. Moreover the NEP attitude. The NEP machinery and regulations and NEP dependence are still evident and practised.

PM needs reminding that NEP was the major factor that cause Malaysia’s economy to fall behind South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Note the pci of US$18,000 for S.Korea, US$17,000 for Taiwan, US$34,000 for Hong Kong and US$34,000 for Singapore. Malaysia with a pci of US$7,000 is way behind. The reluctance of PM Najib to do away with the NEP will the doom for all his so called reforms.

Corruption is another factor which will hamper PM Najib to grow the economy faster. Many investors feel that corruption adds to the cost of investments, and would make their investments risky.

PM Najib has a herculean task ahead of him. His reforms have to be more fundamental and drastic. Putting up a show of reforms will not make Malaysia a high income country.

Dr Chen Man Hin
DAP Life adviser

Tok Mat reveals UMNO's conspiracy

Image My SinChew

I suppose after all he had gone through as a top UMNO politician and at 71, Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat couldn't be bothered if brickbats are thrown at him for his "expose" or "allegations" (as some might want to call it) in his book which hit book stores recently.

In the book entitled Akhir Sebuah Iimpian, or The End of A Dream published by news portal The Malaysian Insider, Tok Mat as he is fondly known, wrote briefly his early years in UMNO and jottings of his involvement in the Mahathir era at length. And of course we are told of power struggle and crisis.

But the ones which to me, would raise many an eye brow would be his "revelations." For example this. Tok Mat admitted that as Information minister in the Hussein Onn government he had instructed civil servants to help the BN topple the PAS led government in Kelantan in 1977.

In his book Tok Mat revealed that PM Hussein wanted to "bring down the PAS government in Kelantan." "To ensure the success of the campaign I deployed 300 officers and staff of the Information ministry's special unit. Their duty was to live among the kampong folks in Kelantan and obtain vital information as well as convince the Kelantanese that the time was right to hand over power to UMNO and BN."

Nothing surprisingly as many have always "known this all along." Still here we have a former minister admitting to it openly. Tok Mat wrote again on the same tactic, this time used in Sabah against the PBS in the 1994 election. Tok Mat was then Information minister in Dr. Mahathir's cabinet.

He also revealed that Harun Idris wanted to be PM and quoted the late MB of Selangor as saying " I've been MB for ages its time for me to move to Federal," indicating that would be the first step of realising his premiership dream. The PM then was Hussein Onn who, said Tok Mat, despite his officer and a gentleman spirit was also a believer of kill-or-be-killed principle.

According to Tok Mat the PM went into action by demanding for Harun's resignation citing the Selangor's MB corruption case as reason. (Harun's loyalists on the other hand believed the corruption charges in the first place were due to Harun's ambition to be PM. But this "allegation" was not mentioned by Tok Mat). Said Tok Mat, Harun was relunctant to relinquish the post and gave trivial excuses.

Tok Mat wrote also on attempt to push Hussein out of office by embarrassing him. "A little known UMNO man, Sulaiman Palestin challenged Hussein for the UMNO presidency and although Hussein won, the president was embarrassed and hurt."

Hussein quit and handed the UMNO presidency and PM post to his deputy Dr Mahathir. Tok Mat claimed later he asked Sulaiman who had asked him to contest against Hussein. Sulaiman, said Tok Mat, just smiled.

"After Hussein resigned and handed power to Dr Mahathir, Sulaiman was appointed UMNO Information chief," wrote Tok Mat.

The former UMNO Sec Gen also denied he was an Anwar Ibrahim supporter and had a hand in ending the political career of Tun Ghafar Baba who was then the DPM.

Writing about Anwar's famous media conference to announce his candidacy for the deputy president contest, Tok Mat said he not know that Anwar would be making the announcement when he allowed him to use the UMNO head quarters premises.

Almost all supreme council members were with Anwar that day giving the impression he had their backing to replace Ghaffar. Tok Mat pointed accusing fingers at the then UMNO executive secretary for the entire episode.

Tok Mat admitted he served Dr Mahathir because I liked his style. So he gave his all. He never had regrets in supporting Dr Mahathir. But Tok Mat did not minced words to say that he is still angry and sad at the way Dr Mahathir dumped' him after all he had done for him.

"I took all the blows for Dr. Mahathir when the rakyat was angry and hated him," wrote Tok Mat. He summed up Dr Mahathir as a man who chucked people after milking them dry.

Tok Mat had nice words for current PM Najib Razak. As for Muhyiddin Yassin the present DPM, Tok Mat only mentioned his name twice. The first was a caption for a photograph of him, Anwar and Muhyiddin who he described as "Anwar's strongman at that time."

The second mention was when he wrote about land acquisition in Johor. "In Johor at that time, Muhyiddin Yassin was the MB who created many controversies in land acquisition matters." He did not elaborate.

Whatever one's take is, on the book and whether one is to rebutt the things he said, it won't matter. Like I said earlier I think Tok Mat doesn't give a damn. (By MOHSIN ABDULLAH/MySinchew)

Referendum not equal to Democracy

Image Malaysian Mirror

The single and multiple stream controversy has spread to the Parliament and it is expected to continue being a discussion issue in the future.

When being asked about whether the Government was prepared to hold a referendum to find out what the majority of Malaysians want regarding the current education system by Pasir Mas independent Member of Parliament Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that the Government has no plan to hold a referendum on the proposal to change the country’s education system to single stream school. Instead, the current multiple stream system will be maintained. He stressed that before implementing any policy, the Government must first look at the problem from different perspectives and take into account the wishes of all races.

The reply is basically in line with the Chinese community's wishes and the principle of democracy.

In fact, even having a referendum would be a direct manifestation of democracy, it does not mean a real democracy. It is because the spirit and principle of democracy do not limited to the principle of the Minority Subordinate to the Majority, but the majority must also respect the minority. A referendum may easily resulted in the suppression of the minority by the majority.

"It looks like democracy but in fact, is lack of the spirit of democracy."

Having a referendum to deal with the issue of basic educational rights involving different racial group is in fact a “majority hegemony” in which the so-called democracy is actually a suppression of the fixed “minority” by the fixed “majority”. It looks like democracy but in fact, is lack of the spirit of democracy.

As for the single and multiple stream controversy, if there are people who do not agree that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are having their own sovereign rights in making the final decision for the education system; do not agree that multiple races, multiple cultures and multiple stream education system are a strength, rather than a burden, for Malaysia; or, do not agree that the multiple education system will not affect the national unity, the issue of implementing a single stream system will continue being speculated or even being used as a political capital.

If we agree that it is already an unchangeable fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial country, then we must keep faith in the negotiation, toleration and pluralism system. We must work hard to promote mutual respect, mutual learning, mutual exchange and mutual integration among all racial groups. We must as well offer all races equal opportunities to freely develop in economy, politics, culture and education.

We must be clear that the ideal of the so-called racial unity and racial integration must be built on the basis of mutual love and respect, instead of allowing only the development of one or certain racial group and high-handedly force other racial groups to abandon their own cultures, beliefs, languages and educations.

Many politicians are attempting to present himself as a racial fighter or claiming himself the democracy fighter under the veil of “referendum”. But once a high-handed man forgets about rationality, respect and toleration, and pushes those who are “not in the same racial group” with him to the opposition site, then he will no longer qualified to be called a racial fighter or a democracy fighter. Instead, he is just a typical racist with a strong exclusionary thought! (By LIM MUN FAH/Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/Sin Chew Daily)

Anwar Open to Zaid’s Ideal Pakatan Chief

From The Malaysian Insider
By Clara Chooi

IPOH, Nov 15 – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has kept an open mind over Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s suggestion for PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat to lead Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia but reminded the former Umno leader that for now, it was just his personal expression.

The PKR de facto leader took pains to stress in a press conference yesterday that if and when the PR gets registered as a formal coalition, the pro tem committee which Zaid chairs, would have to be surrendered to the leadership council.

Only then would the due process of determining the coalition’s leaders ensue, he added.

“If the (Zaid’s) suggestion is a serious one and follows the due party processes, then of course we will deliberate on it and listen to reasons and arguments.

“But for now however, it is a personal expression,” he said after attending the Perak PKR convention here yesterday evening.

The Opposition leader added that others in the PR leadership council, namely DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang, had told him that the matter had not cropped up or been discussed to date.

Anwar also reiterated that all parties in the PR had made the decision to stay silent on the issue of the PR’s registration as a formal coalition.

“We decided that an announcement would only be made once the registration is formalised. The task of the pro tem committee is solely to register the coalition and surrender it over to the leadership council.

“That is why we decided that no announcement should be made, knowing the structure of the Registrar of Societies, under the Umno administration,” he said.

Meanwhile in a ceramah late last night, Anwar came to the defense of the frail but fiery Nik Aziz over allegations of corruption on the latter’s trips to Mecca to perform the haj.

He called on the allegations to stop, saying that there was no man who lived as simply and as humbly as the Kelantan Mentri Besar did.

“Look at him, how he dresses, so simply and humbly.

“Even I could not live like him, in a simple house, with a simple car. Look at my clothes, I still insist on style,” he told a large crowd outside the Perak PKR’s new headquarters in Medan Istana here.

As he spoke, Anwar gestured to his silky blue shirt, causing laughter in the crowd.

“He (Nik Aziz) even decided to cancel his trip to Mecca because of this. I think, this is enough la,” he said.

Nik Aziz had earlier admitted certain individuals had sponsored his haj trips to Mecca, one of which cost some RM65,000.

The elderly PAS leader has since maintained that this was not a form of corruption but decided to cancel his coming trip on Nov 18 anyway.

Anwar lambasted the individuals that chose to pick on such an issue and said that this was an example of the Barisan Nasional’s typical strategy to demonise the Opposition.

On his appointment as the Selangor government’s economic adviser with a token monthly salary of RM1, Anwar said that he was well aware it would be material for more criticism from the BN.

“Bring it on,” he challenged.

He said that on the very day he was appointed, Arab investors had called him up and pledged to look into ways and means to invest in the state.

“Insyallah, this will come true soon,” he said, adding that he had insisted to the Selangor government to only give him the barest necessities for his work as adviser.

“I just need a simple table and chair to do my work. But of course, I would need a better chair for my bad back,” he joked.

He added that his work as the adviser was to help the Selangor government and Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to expedite the state’s development process and focus on investments.

“We want to ensure that the trickle down effect of the state economy will benefit everyone, including small businesses,” he said.

Pro-Umno bloggers fairer? - Rocky's Bru

Investigative Blogging. The thing about pro-Umno bloggers like A Voice and Big Dog is they don't just go after PAS, PKR or DAP; eg [Nik Aziz Hipokrit, Nov 15] and [Is Khalid Ibrahim in another favor-for-cash with Lim Kin Hong? Nov 6] but half the time they blog against BN and Umno.

Their seemingly concerted effort re Nor Mohamed Yakcop, the Minister in the PM's Department, has raised eyebrows.

NEXT CHANGE: Revelation on Nor Mohd Yakcop's folly on Pantai by Another Brick on the Wall, Nov 13
PM Najib should cut NMY's pay by Zakhir Mohd, Nov 12

Something's bru-ing, I tell you.

p.s. And the "original" SIL is back in the news, vs Azmin Ali re RM9 million shares the PKR man allegedly bought.

General November 14, 2009 21:50 PM
Khairy Wants Explanation From Azmin Over RM8 Million Shares Purchase

SEREMBAN, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said on Saturday Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Azmin Ali should explain an allegation over the purchase of RM8-million worth of shares raised by Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation chairman S.A. Vigneswaran.

"It is not wrong to buy shares, but an explanation is necessary as to how the purchase was financed. He must have an answer and an explanation, and we are waiting for the explanation," he said.

Khairy spoke to reporters after he had launched a consumer campaign to cultivate one's own vegetables to save cost, organised by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca), at the Taman Tuanku Ja'afar community hall in Sungai Gadut near here.

He was asked to comment on the allegation by Vigneswaran on the purchase of shares worth RM8 million involving three individuals, including Azmin, in the early 1990s as reported in several newspapers on Saturday.

Khairy, who is the Member of Parliament for Rembau, said he hoped that Azmin would not remain silent as the matter was associated with his credibility.

"The Barisan Nasional (BN) government has been accused of many things. As such, it is not wrong if we ask for the same form of accountability to be applied by the opposition leaders," he said.

On Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim appointing PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the economic advisor to the state, Khairy said this showed the inability of the Selangor government to manage its own economy and having to appoint someone from outside.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Azmin denied that he bought the shares saying that the statement by Vigneswaran was planned to tarnish his name.

"It is baseless. I believe that the document claimed by Vigneswaran has been manipulated by certain quarters to link me and my wife.

"The statement is slanderous, done with bad intention and politically motivated to destroy my reputation as Gombak Member of Parliament and PKR vice president," he said in an email to Bernama.

Azmin said he had instructed his lawyer to take appropriate action against the statement.


The Bernama report made no mention of how Khairy's own purchase of ECM-Libra shares turned scandalous just a couple of years back. I found what I was looking for - A Voice's posting Khairy. Khairy on the Contrary [July 30, 2007] when bloggers were called monkeys - and a verse from his twisted and thwarted nursery rhyme:
Khairy, Khairy, quite contrary,
How does your politics grow?
With Nori belle and ECM Libra debacle
And monkey callings all in a row.
Many have not forgotten the ECM-LIbra shares purchase and the merger with Avenue a little later. Nor Mohamed Yakcob was the Minister of Finance 2 then. A Voice and Big Dog have stacks in their blog's archives about Khairy's shares in ECM-Libra. I give you two links Khairy Must first give penerangan on ECM-Avenue merger, Part 1 and Part 2. Yang lain tu, Google sendirilah.

1 Malaysia - We follow principal of Najib

Police murder Indian in Penang

A 37-year-old man was shot dead in a car by the police in Weld Quay, George Town this afternoon.

Penang police chief Deputy. Comm Ayub Yaakob said the suspect was believed to be the leader of the ‘Deva Gang’, categorised as a ‘notorious robbery gang’ by the police.

He said a raiding party from Bukit Aman had been trailing the suspect, who was travelling in a black Perodua Myvi, from Bukit Jambul in Bayan Baru for about 20 minutes along the Jelutong Expressway.

Upon reaching the junction of Nordin Street Ghaut, he said the police car swiftly blocked the suspect’s car.

“A gunfight ensued when the suspect fired twice from his car the policemen.

“The suspect was however killed when the police returned fire,” summed up Ayub, adding that the incident happened about 3.50pm.

He also said a pistol HK 9mm and a Singapore identity card were recovered from the suspect’s car, which has a Kuala Lumpur registration number plate.

He said initial investigation revealed that the suspect had came from the federal capital to kidnap a person in Penang.

“He was foiled by the police,” Ayub alleged.

Today’s killing has happened just four days after police came under fire for killing five persons – aged 17 and 24 – during a shootout in Taman Klang Utama.

In the Monday’s killings, the police justified their act claiming that the deceases were part of a robbery gang ‘PCO Boy’.

Previously Bukit Aman police have claimed that ‘Deva Gang’ was a “brotherhood” formed at the Simpang Renggam detention centre 10 years ago.

The gang alleged gang leader Deva, who was at the time detained for alleged involvement in violent crimes and robberies, had allegedly formed the gang with two others he met at the centre.

The police had claimed that after roping in fresh blood after their release, the Deva Gang started its notorious crime spree and were allegedly behind at least 14 cases of armed robbery, luxury-car hijacking and murder in Penang, Perak, Selangor and Klang Valley.

Police have also linked the gang with the recent RM8.24 million cash-in-transit robbery outside a shopping centre in Cheras on May 18.

However, the shootout has not gone down well with the Human Rights Party leader P Uthayakumar.

He wants the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry immediate to probe into all the killings carried out by the police under the current Inspector General Musa Hassan reign.

He also called on Pakatan Rakyat MPs to table and support an emergency motion at the on-going parliamentary sitting to protest and stop the cold blooded killing spree carried out by the police in the name of crime-busting.

“The parliamentarians are duty bound to safeguard the people interests.

“Pakatan MPs should condemn these cold blooded murders by the police with total disregard to rule of law and natural process of the justice system,” he told Malaysiakini.

Uthayakumar also slammed the attorney general chambers for regularly failing to prosecute the police for such cold blooded murders.

He cited A Kugan’s case as an example where the AG Gani Patail only charge one policeman for the deceased’s death in custody although internal probe had revealed that at least 21 people were involved.

Tamil daily warned over shooting reports - Malaysiakini

The Home Ministry has issued a warning letter to vernacular daily Tamil Nesan over its reporting on the killing of five suspected armed robbers by the police last week.

The ministry has accused the MIC-linked daily of playing up racial sentiments in its coverage of the police shooting in which all five suspects - all Malaysian Indians - had died on the spot.

NONETamil Nesan' managing director S Vell Paari told Malaysiakini that the warning letter was sent to his office late yesterday.

"The letter was issued to Tamil Nesan in regards to our coverage on the gunning down of five young Indian men in Klang by police," he said.

He said that the ministry had felt that Tamil Nesan's reports on the matter could provoke others and may affect the harmony in the country.

He added that the letter also noted that a MIC Youth statement published in the daily on the shooting was provocative.

"The letter warned is that our publishing licence can be revoked if we continued publishing such articles," he added.

Doing our duty as a community paper

Vell Paari however defended his daily, which was established in 1924, in their coverage of the issue.

"We only carried out what transpired over an event and a press statement from MIC's Youth wing, which is part and parcel of newspaper role in this country.

"I'm also baffled on how news published by us can provoke the Indians when almost all the other mainstream media carried the same news, giving similar importance and using similar vocabulary.

"It is also being hotly debated in various blog sand online networking sites like the Facebook," he said.

Vell Paari also said that as a daily newspaper catering for the Indian community, Tamil Nesan has the right to publish news on matters affecting the community, just like how other dailies do for their own communities.

"As far as Tamil Nesan is concerned we have maintained a status of fair comment and have only published what had happened that day. Nothing more and nothing less," he stressed.

Police under fire

NONEIn the shooting incident on Monday (Nov 9), the police killed suspected criminals aged between 17 and 24 - and allegedly from the 'PCO Boy' gang - in Taman Klang Utama on Monday.

The police claimed that the five were responsible for a spate of robberies and defended the shooting.

"When police officers shoot, they do not shoot to kill, but rather they shoot to stop the deadly force threat," said CID director Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin in a statement the following day.

However the police action came under a spotlight with many quarters accusing the police of being trigger-happy. Many had also questioned as to why such police shootings always included people from the Indian community.

Arising out of the latest police killing, a sister of one of the victims had attempted suicide by drinking paraquat on Thursday. She had also forced her four children to consume the poison.

Indian subscribers not important for Astro? (Malaysiakini)


I notice that Astro has now opened the said home viewers’ contest to all Malaysians regardless of age - a welcome move. Thank goodness for the media which gives Malaysians a platform to air their legitimate concerns.

Even more significant is that opinions and views expressed are taken note of by those concerned. On behalf of all Malaysians, ‘keep up the good work!’

The complaints made by the writer about Astro’s Indian programmes are true.

It is however disheartening to note that Astro is continuing its below par service to Indian subscribers. Customer satisfaction does not seem to matter to Astro It’s mantra is ‘profits, first, customer last, Indian subscibers of no consideration’.

Therefore, not surprisingly, the worst treated are the Indian subscribers. Most of the their complaints have not been remedied.

Information on programmes to be shown continues to be not always available. The chanel guide on screen, too, is also not available. The strange thing is that at times the ‘on screen channel guide’ is available for English, Chinese and Malay programmes but not for Indian programmes. Can Astro please explain why it is discriminating against its Indian subscribers?

Even during Deepavalli , proper information was not available for Channel 211. Can you be more unkind than this?

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Astro, please remember that a proportion of the Indian population in Malaysia. is Christian. Please screen some quality and new shows and not repeats as you have been wont to do.

No re-screening of films such as ‘Kulanthai Yesu, ‘Annai Velangkanni’, and ‘Punitha Anthoniyar’, please. They have been screened over and over again.

The printed channel guide which is paid for by the subscribers tends to be late. Subscribers have to ring up Astro quite a few times before we receive it. My October issue arrived on the 21st of the month. To make matters worse, it was not very accurate.

The Information Ministry should immediately take up these issues with Astro. Astro stop your discriminatory policies against Indians!

IS ANWAR making a secret pact with NAJIB?

By Wong Mun Chee

The latest warning by RPK on the possible fall of the Pakatan government in Selangor in January 2010 is not a matter to be taken lightly by the rakyat, let alone those politicians. UMNO only needs 16 ADUN seats to take control and currently only 15 with that traitor Badrul Hisham having sworn his allegiance to UMNO. Looking at the 15 ADUN seats of PKR, 8 ADUN of PAS, the BN government does not need much to cut a deal.

Now look at my conspiracy theory.

Jeffrey Kitingan & Zaid Ibrahim seems to be at a tangent elsewhere stressing importance on real differences and actual reforms rather than the rhetoric according to their party leader’s sentiment from the three opposition coalition partners to maintain their status quo. I am not a judge of the opposition’s sincerity but do applaud Jeffrey & Zaid Ibrahim that they are considering and are able to engage any segment that foresees a better future for the nation.

It appears they are able to identify and seek what is actually lacking by way of performance and indentifying what is for the goodwill of the public rather than being naturally played down in their importance for what the coalition partners need to serve themselves.

Look at the opposition in power in their respective states - many grouses and yet there is no actual real change and reformation for the community as a whole.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, without any doubt having been an UMNO man, has suffered his share of glorious days and later his inglorious days over the last decade. He seems to be the charismatic leader that we the public aspire for to lead us.

Here again, I wonder. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been very silent for the last four months except for his court dates that are constantly postponed due to the various applications by his lawyers and the usual rhetoric. Fair enough, you need to exhaust all available remedies to seek what is just and fair, as nothing has been transparent in Malaysia whether it is BN or opposition.

Without doubt, the judicial system is incorrigible. Yet what we have here is a clear cut sodomy trial on Anwar, similar to history repeating itself. Naturally it is unjust for the defendant not being provided with evidence that could cause the defendant’s case to be ambushed.

Section 24 of the newly passed DNA bill is fallible as something should not be conclusive proof when other overriding factors need to be considered (human errors i.e. passing of the evidence from the hospital, the environment and the gate keepers). If it is conclusive then where is the basis of innocence until proven guilty? If such is the case then why do we need a judiciary system?

I do agree that we live in a climate of UMNO distortion and manipulation but what baffles me is why Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been assuaging the importance of Jeffrey Kitingan & Zaid Ibrahim against the tide of the public’s need or support.

I don’t know whether a deal has been sealed, but definitely something is amisse here. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, along with the other coalition leaders, should come outright and deal with public conscience mavericks such as Jeffrey & Zaid and for that matter HINDRAF if the purpose serves the public rather than treating them as a hindrance to their own needs.

Is Anwar making a pact with Najib? Only Anwar can answer this question.

Something is missing in the jigsaw puzzle of the opposition’s moves. Let’s get it straight and move ahead for the community.

The world of politics is enigmatic. Today you are the angel and tomorrow you can be the devil. So Anwar, come out straight and tell us, are you making a secret pact with Najib in the Bolehland of Malaysia for your own survival?

This is not a story you or I want to hear

By Naragan

Seetha could not take the grief of her little brother Surendran’s death. Surendran was shot dead by the police on the 8th of November. In her grief, she decided to take her life and those of her 4 children yesterday morning.

At about 8.30am she gave everyone Paraquat to drink, telling her children that they will be able to meet their Uncle if they all drank the medicine. All of them drank it. Their lives are now in limbo as I write this article. They are all in the ICU.

Can you imagine Seetha’s state of mind that she should make such a decision. Not only her life but all her little ones as well. Can you imagine?

It pains me to even think about the state of her mind as she was giving them all the poison. Can I ever imagine doing this myself – what would ever make me do such a thing. You kill the people you love and take your own life when you feel it is totally the end of the road, that there is no more hope or purpose to living. Is this what Seetha had in her mind at that fateful moment?

I do not know enough to write about the exact circumstances. But some facts are undeniable. The attempted suicide here happened due to circumstances of poverty. Seetha’s husband is a lorry driver. Her father is a Security Guard. She was a housewife. This is so typical of the Indian poor. Security Guards and Lorry Drivers are all they can aspire to. Surendran was 24 years old like so many others of his age group who fall victim to crime.

How did Surendran get involved in crime – what took him there. For young Indian men who do not see much upward mobility in a life as a lorry driver or as a security guard (that is all that is available to them for their academic accomplishments in the Apartheid Malaysian system), crime seems to be an answer. Young as they are, they are oblivious or just plain unthinking about the incumbent risks and this is where they end up.

I cannot but conclude that this is really a crime committed against this family and against so many others like them. This story is not about Surendran’s crime or about Seetha’s attempted suicide but about the racist UMNO regime’s crime of causing the literal obliteration of Seetha’s family. You may accuse me of being mad, of being totally foolish to say this, to assign blame willy nilly. Audacious as my blaming may be, give me an alternative explanation for this repeating pattern in these problems.

It is so blatantly clear to me that it is UMNO’s policy of continuing the total neglect of the Indian poor that leads the Indian poor to this end. They pay no attention to this problem. They are in total denial. They just do not care. They sentence these Indians to a life of deprivation and abandonment.

Why does the UMNO regime not acknowledge this line of reasoning and open up opportunities for young Indians in this high risk group? There are thousands of development programs that the UMNO regime administers in the country – why do they not open them up and allow these young men into that

My answer is plain and simple. It serves UMNO no purpose to do that. In fact, the opposite effect serves them a better purpose. As more Indian young men go crime’s way, they are all condemned one way or another to the dregs of Malaysian society to be finally disposed off like this. End of story for UMNO, no more problem. UMNO has divided up this country for that; the result being such tragedies.

Why does Seetha for her part see this as the end of the road? What is her background? How does she see this world? What is her state of knowledge? What is she looking at being a mother of 4 at the age of 31 and a wife to a lorry driver? Lorry driving is back breaking - long hours, away from home for long stretches, a low social status. What is the implication of all this to her? What does her brother mean to her? Is she not entitled to a luxury of some love for a little brother, no matter that he may be all wrapped up in crime now? I do not have answers to all these questions but having been through life myself I can venture some guesses. It comes back to the same answer. Seetha has been denied an even shot at life.

I hope Seetha and her little ones come through over the next few days. What this means to the rest of us is that we have to wake up from our slumber and start asking some real hard questions. It is time that the likes of Seetha get what is their due.

Young, better educated face obstacles joining Umno, says Dr M

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 14 — Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is not true that the young generation is no longer supporting Umno, it is just that they are facing obstacles to join the party.

He said that because many of them were highly qualified, they were not accepted as branch members because some of the existing branch leaders feared that their position might be in jeopardy.

“Now many Malays have (university) derees and this is a challenge to the branch heads. They fear that they may be toppled and replaced by those with better education.

“Once they have gained the post of branch heads, they refuse to let go. That’s why if there are people with slightly better qualifications or are graduates, they won’t be allowed into the branch,” he said at a gathering organised by the three Umno wings in Sabah, namely the Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings.

Dr Mahathir said if they were to look at the opposition party, PAS, they were previously represented only by the ulama, but today they had engineers, doctors and others with high qualifications.

He said the dilemma faced by Umno now was that participation in the party was no longer seen as a struggle for the people and country like the past leaders who had fought for the country’s independence, the struggle today was to secure position and gain power for themselves.

He said this had led to money politics coming into play every time there was a party election whether at the divisional or Supreme Council level. — Bernama

Deva Gang leader killed, police confirm identity

PENANG, Nov 14 — The man who was gunned down by the police at Gat Lebuh Nordin here yesterday, was the leader of the notorious Deva Gang which was linked to a spate of multi-million ringgit armed robberies in the Klang Valley.

Thomas Victor, 37, also known as Selladurai or ‘VT’, was killed while enroute to planning a kidnapping in the state.

Penang police chief Datuk Ayub Yaakob said the gangland chief succumbed to gunshot wounds on the chest in the 3.50pm incident.

He said the police mounted a manhunt for Victor’s three accomplices who had gone into hiding after he shot dead.

“Based on the post-mortem report, it was confirmed that the dead man was the leader of the Deva Gang, who was wanted by the police for committing crimes while using firearms,” he said.

Ayub was speaking to reporters after officiating the Island Glades community police beat in Jalan Tembaga here today.

Apart from being involved in various criminal activities, the police chief said Victor was also detained at the Simpang Renggam detention centre under the Emergency Ordinance.

Ayub said that initial police investigations revealed that the Deva Gang had planned to execute a kidnapping at an undisclosed location.

“However, the plan went awry when Victor was killed in a shootout with the police, forcing the accomplices to go into hiding,” he added.

Three years ago, police investigations revealed that the Deva Gang was involved in multi-million ringgit armed robberies in the Klang Valley.

In April last year, the gang robbed a money-changer outlet at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and escaped with RM3.45 million.

Five months later, it robbed a security van in Kajang and got away with RM1.8 million. — Bernama


The MCA is expected to brief its 191 divisional leaders of the Greater Unity Plan (GUP) initiated by MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek tomorrow at MCA Headquarters.

Each division is represented by 5 leaders, namely Divisional Chairman, Deputy-Chairman, Secretary, Wanita Chief and Youth Chief.

The briefing will show whether the divisions are acceptable to the plan.

It will also be an indication whether the second EGM planned by Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai on 28 November 2009 will need to proceed, which has expressed the calling of fresh polls to resolve the present leadership crisis.

But whatever happens, the MCA need to realise that they are a laughing stock among Malaysians and if this crisis prolongs it would very detrimental to the MCA and Chinese community in Malaysia. MCA is the second largest political party within the Barisan Nasional, which is the ruling party of the Federal government.

“Give a person a fish…

By Anil Netto,

… and you feed him for a day;

Teach a person to fish…

… and you feed her for a lifetime.”

Teach them to cook…

… and they could turn out to be chefs!

Check out this meaningful project with a difference.

I think projects like this are more empowering than cash handouts (though of course such handouts do have a place in times of emergency or disaster or in alleviating immediate hardship), don’t you think?

Speaking of which, the Gabrielites have been doing some wonderful work as well in the Monfort Centres in Shah Alam, Sabah and Malacca. From what I hear, employers often grab their graduating students, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Perhaps politicians could learn a thing or two from these centres about projects that really empower people instead of overly relying on cash handouts to alleviate poverty. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more such projects and centres around the country?

Do you know of any other initiatives that empower people?

Bar Council launches it's MyConstitution campaign

ImageMalay Mail

WITH the recent launch of MyConstitution Campaign, Malaysian Bar Council wants you to participate!

Officiated today at the Bar Council by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Liew Vui Keong, Constitutional Law Committee chairperson of Bar Council, Edmund Bon Tai Soon stressed that the "MyConstituition campaign is a campaign for the rakyat, by the rakyat."

"The MyConstitution campaign, or Kempen Perlembagaanku is about, and for you - the rakyat. If people question what this campaign is all about and what we're trying to achieve out of this, the answer would be the campaign aims to bring the Federal Constitution to every Malaysian.

"The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land and it is above any other law in this country. In fact, it is the Federal Constitution that determines how all other laws are made and we would like to launch this campaign with the existence of a MyConstitution guidebook to bring distributed to Malaysians. We would like you to join us, we want your participation," he said.

In his speech, Bon also shared with the Press that the Federal Constitution doesn't spell out each and everything that can or cannot be done, but provides a general direction or blueprint for how things should be done, as well as what is allowed in general and what is not allowed in general.

"The Federal Constitution is a complex legal document, and very few Malaysians understand it. Thus, this campaign is going to simplify it for you. So that you can learn about the Federal Constitution - regardless of whom you are in society," he said.

Meanwhile, Datuk Liew commended and expressed that the great benefit of a written constitution is it's much easier for all to discover - especially for the first time.

"Its existence is not for mere expediency. As long as you know how to read, you can pick up a copy of our Constitution, and read it for yourself. You do not need anyone to tell you what it says or spells out. A good constitution does not split hairs or dabble in semantics - it's either black or white, this or that. No in-betweens or ambiguity," he said.

Liew also added: "You will also find in our constitution basic concepts that we take for granted about our country, these are all written down to avoid any misinterpretations."

Last Wednesday, Malay Mail reported that two-year nationwide MyConstitution Campaign has been planned and is ready to be launched by the Constitutional Law Committee (ConstiLC) to help the man-on-the-street better understand the Federal Constitution.

In the report, it was reported that the main aim is to educate Malaysians on the role, functions and content of the Federal Constitution, citing that "at the moment, the awareness among the public is low and this is what needs to be changed."

Young Generation Support Umno - Dr Mahathir

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is not true that the young generation is no longer supporting Umno, it is just that they are facing obstacles to join the party.

He said that because many of them were highly qualified, they were not accepted as branch members because some of the existing branch leaders feared that their position might be in jeopardy.

"Now many Malays have (university) derees and this is a challenge to the branch heads. They fear that they may be toppled and replaced by those with better education.

"Once they have gained the post of branch heads, they refuse to let go. That's why if there are people with slightly better qualifications or are graduates, they won't be allowed into the branch," he said at a gathering organised by the three Umno wings in Sabah, namely the Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings.

Dr Mahathir said if they were to look at the opposition party, PAS, they were previously represented only by the ulama, but today they had engineers, doctors and others with high qualifications.

He said the dilemma faced by Umno now was that participation in the party was no longer seen as a struggle for the people and country like the past leaders who had fought for the country's independence, the struggle today was to secure position and gain power for themselves.

He said this had led to money politics coming into play every time there was a party election whether at the divisional or Supreme Council level

Pas Members Must Abide By Party System And Practice, Says Nasaruddin

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- PAS Youth chief Nasaruddin Hassan Tantawi on Saturday advised party members to respect and abide by the party system and practices to maintain the good name of the party.

"A system has been made, so members have to follow whatever conditions set by the party," he told a news conference at the party headquarters here.

Nasaruddin was commenting on a statement by PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali yesterday that the party did not practice the bai'ah that involved divorcing the wife 'talak tiga' (on three counts) for breaching the loyalty pledge as revealed by Khalid Samad.

Nasaruddin opined that the bai'ah issue was raised by certain people who wanted to discredit PAS as a party which champion Islam and also to portray PAS as a party which discriminated women.

"There are claims saying PAS does not treat women fairly, but we have proven to them that there are women leaders in PAS. There are also those who have been appointed as senators," he added.

Rais Describes Anwar's Appointment As An Economic Gimmick

KUALA KLAWANG, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has described the appointment of PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the Selangor state economic advisor as a mere economic gimmick.

Rais, who is also the Member of Parliament for Jelebu, said the economic gimmick "could sometimes be sold, but most of the time it is not saleable".

He said the question was what could Anwar offer to the Selangor government because he had not achieved anything when he was in charge of the federal coffers.

Rais said this to reporters after closing the Sekolah Kebangsaan Putra (SKP) open day and the education awareness campaign for the Orang Asli in the Jelebu District at SKP, Simpang Durian, near here on Saturday.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim yesterday appointed Anwar as the Selangor state economic advisor.

Rais said Selangor had a strong economy and Anwar's appointment was certainly a political gimmick to show that the PKR could survive in a new field with a new image.