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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

USM’s 12-year Tamil language saga (Malaysiakini)


Senthil Nathan | Nov 16, 09 3:30pm
It was indeed very surprising that there are suggestions to make Japanese a third language whereas learning Mandarin will be much more useful and economical as well as universal. Mandarin-speakers are the largest in the world with over one billion of them.This also makes us wonder if importance is being given to our own citizens and their cultures. Having ‘little Napoleons’ in various places only makes such simple things seems so difficult to be exercised.

On my personal experience in USM, for more than 30 years there, were many, many languages in the Pusat Bahasa. This included Arabic, French, Thai and many more foreign languages. For some reason, there were no Tamil language and when we enquired , the dean said there was a lack of support from students etc.

So to prove a point, student volunteers became part-time teachers to teach other students the language as a trial programme. Mind it, it was on personal basis as no club or even the Indian Cultural Society not willing to undertake this cause.

After one year, the classes had many students but the dean said, ‘We need to see statistics, please show us statistics’. So the second year was full of paperwork while the students-cum teachers ran their classes on Fridays from 12- 3pm for an entire year.

When presented with the statistics on attendance, the dean, simply said, ‘You did not have exams for the students, so there is proof the teaching was done properly’.

Third and fourth year volunteer teachers kept on with their Tamil-language private classes without fail and even streamlined four different levels and had exams for the students. All this was happening while they themselves had their own coursework and degrees to think about.

After applying for recognition from the university authorities for the fifth time, they realised that the authorities were simply delaying the approval hoping that the matter would eventually be forgotten after those who started it left the university upon graduation.

Nevertheless, the torch was passed from seniors to juniors who kept the work going and even recruited Chinese students who were at the mercy of the whims and fancy of the Pusat Bahasa management.

I was among those who came in the sixth year and stayed on until the ninth year. Seeing the dedication of the student/teachers and the unsupportive university authorities, we pushed the matter to the vice-chancellor who again told us to meet the dean.

Some students who graduated even continued with their masters just to ensure the success of this project but to no avail. No arguments were valid for the university authorities; they gave us all kind of excuses including the economic value of the Thai and Japanese languages compared to Tamil and unsupportive students once the language is offered (this is ironic, because they never tried offering it in the first place).

They even had the cheek to say students who took Tamil for SPM might score high results for the university Tamil paper examination.

After 12 years of non-stop effort, The Pusat Bahasa in USM finally accepted Tamil language as a paper and classes are now officially run. Thanks to the dynamic students who wanted to make a difference while sacrificing their quality time in university.

This has been entirely their effort from the start and it only proves that we have to struggle for what should have been given to us in the first place.


Suicide victim in serious condition. Police shot dead 5 Indian youths in Klang case.

Suicide victim in serious condition. Police shot dead 5 Indian youths in Klang case.

Police shooting. This morning at about 7.00 a.m we received a phone call from the family of Seetha that she is in critical condition and that all relative and friends can visit her (for the last time)


Posted on 18/11/2002 at 9.50 a.m

Karpal says willing to prosecute Lingam

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 — The DAP's Karpal Singh, who is also one of the country’s best-known lawyers, said today he was willing to volunteer his services to prosecute Datuk V.K. Lingam if the Attorney-General gave him the authority to act.

Karpal was responding today to remarks yesterday by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz that the Bukit Gelugor MP could represent the A-G and prosecute Lingam.

“If Karpal is willing to represent the A-G, I will persuade the A-G to engage Karpal to prosecute on behalf of the government,” Nazri had told reporters in Parliament yesterday.

Lingam, a senior lawyer, was implicated in a scandal involving senior judges and found by a royal commission to be the person recorded “fixing” the appointment of judges.

The royal commission found strong evidence against Lingam and in its report suggested that action be taken against him and others implicated in the infamous “correct, correct, correct” recording.

Other figures implicated include Tun Eusoff Chin, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan, a close friend of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Photos had also emerged of Eusoff and Lingam together on a holiday in New Zealand in the late 1990s.

Last Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin confirmed that the government would leave it up to Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to decide if Lingam’s alleged role in fixing judicial appointments should be re-investigated.

Ex-Hindraf leader set to join Anwar’s PKR

By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 — Former Hindraf leader and ISA detainee Vasantha Kumar is expected to join the PKR on Nov 25, the 2nd anniversary of the protest by thousands of working-class Indians.

Vasantha, the least known of the five Hindraf leaders, has been touring the country since his release from Internal Security Act (ISA) detention in March and whipping up support for the NGO that he heads but without much success.

He was also courted by the DAP but is understood to have decided to instead to join PKR.

The Malaysian Insider understands his decision was made after he and other senior PKR leaders met Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Anwar recently.

Anwar is expected to be the VVIP at Vasantha’s Hindraf 2nd anniversary celebration in Klang on Nov 25 where about 5,000 people from across the country are expected to attend.

In return Vasantha is expected to be fielded by the PKR in a seat in Kedah in the next general election.

When contacted today, Vasantha confirmed a “VVIP” will attend the Klang celebration but declined to confirm or deny whether he has joined the PKR.

“All in good time,” he told The Malaysian Insider. He said the Klang event is significant and would reconnect Pakatan Rakyat (PR) with the Hindraf movement.

Vasantha was the leader closest to lawyer and Hindraf founder P. Waythamoorthy, now in exile, and his brother P. Uthayakumar. He handled the movement's finances.

But the brothers had a massive falling out with Vasantha, who also lodged police reports against them, over numerous issues including money matters.

The brothers later accused Vasantha of being a “Special Branch agent”.

After his release Vasantha went into business.

He also tried to help in PR's campaign in the recent Bagan Pinang by-election.

But nearly 70 per cent of Indian voters who had voted for PR in 2008 chose Barisan Nasional (BN) instead.

Senior PKR sources said Anwar’s readiness to accept Vasantha has to do with the party’s need to re-connect with the Tamil masses which had supported PR in 2008.

BN has been giving the community greater attention by resolving numerous issues they faced and winning their hearts and minds.

Anwar’s attendance at the Klang event will be significant step in PR's attempt to win back the Indians.

“He will recognise Hindraf and pay tribute to the sacrifices of the Hindraf leaders,” said a senior PKR source.

“He will urge it to continue to speak up for the Indian community and support the Pakatan Rakyat.”

Uthayakumar, the leading light behind Hindraf, has formed his own Human Rights Party while Waythamoorthy remains as nominal head of Hindraf, a movement banned by the government as an extremist organisation.

Other Hindraf leaders have either joined the DAP or gone apolitical.

The Constitution: Your rights are all there

The Constitution must be higher than the executive and administrative laws,” he said, urging all Malaysians to respect the social contract that had been agreed to and to compromise where it helps and where it hurts.

By Honeymah Dylyani, Malaysian Mirror

FEATURE LAWYER Sulaiman Abdullah, a native of Penang, recalled that there were, at one time, polls to elect the city mayor other councilors in the state.

It was his early glimpse of what democracy and the Constitution is all about – justice for the people and not to be suppressed by those in power.

“People must play and live by the rules. In the Constitution, the King is the symbol of the country’s sovereignty and we pledge our loyalty to him.

sulaiman-abdullah.jpg“The King is the protector of the land; not the lord of the land like his foreign medieval counterparts, Sulaiman said at a forum to mark the launch of the Bar Council’s MyConstitution campaign on Nov 13. It was launched by Deputy Minister in the Prime minister's Department Liew Vui Keong.

The two-year campaign sets to get all Malaysians – especially the younger citizens aged 15 to 35 – to understand their rights, as enshrined in the country’s Constitution, and to use this charter as their guide in nation-building.

Sulaiman (
pic, left), the co-chairman of the Pro Bono and Access to Justice Committee of the International Bar Association, was among the law activists and academicians who shared their views on the future direction of the country’s supreme law; the Federal Constitution.

The others were Dr Azmi Sharom, an associate professor at Universiti Malaya’s Law Faculty, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, president of the National Human Rights Society (Hakam), Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, a political commentator and constitutional lawyer Emeritus Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi.

Chairing the forum was the Bar Council’s past president, Ambiga Sreenevasan, who is also a executive committee member of the feminmy-constitution-logo.jpgist Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO).

What is the Constitution?

“The Constitution is the basic document that guarantees the rights of the people,” said Sulaiman, pledging he would defend it.

His reference to local elections is pertinent and consistent with calls by various quarters to revive such elections, which were suspended after the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation in 1964.

The suspension was never lifted and the matter instead was made permanent under the Local Government Act 1976, which stipulates that local government members be appointed by the respective state governments.

In the March 2008 general elections, the DAP and the PKR included in their manifesto that local elections would be revived if they were to chosen to lead the country.

The two parties, together with PAS, managed to topple the Barisan Nasional in several states but they are still not able to carry out the plan to hold local council elections due to the Federal Constitution which prohibited the implementation. There are clauses in the Constitution that allows it to be amended.

Political observers feel it is unlikely that such elections would be brought back because "policymakers know from experience worldwide that the Opposition tends to dominate such councils as part of the electorate's desire for checks-and-balances."

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, however, has its own reason for not wanting to hold more elections: “It is expensive.”


Parliament rejects motion on Klang shoot-out

Kulasegaran (left) and Lim argued for the motion. — File pic

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 — Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar today rejected an emergency motion on the Klang shoot-out where five Indian men were killed as the matter was still under police investigation.

Ipoh Barat DAP MP M. Kulasegaran had moved a motion for the government to conduct a public inquiry on the five shot dead by the police on Nov 8 for being suspected gang members.

The shoot-out caused an outcry in the Indian community as opposition leaders and NGOs accused the police of being trigger happy. A sister of one of the dead men tried to commit suicide which the family said was linked to the shoot-out.

Kulasegaran argued that the police should have captured the suspects and brought them to court instead of shooting them.

“The police action has caused public peace to be in jeopardy. The incident that happened on Nov 8 has clearly shown that the police have abused their powers without considering public interest and peace,” he said.

He said the police should tell the truth.

“The police should not deny the allegations made against them,” Kulasegaran added.

Wan Junaidi explained that the motion was not allowed because the subject matter was not urgent although he did admit that it was a specific matter and was of public interest.

Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang objected and argued that the subject matter was urgent because it was of public interest.

“We cannot use that it was still under investigation as an excuse. This is an urgent debate because it involves the interest of many. It also involves the belief of the public in the institution of Parliament.

“The case is still investigated by police so there must be a separation of power between the legislative and the executive. This goes against the doctrine of separation of powers,” he said.

Last Thursday, R. Seetha poured weedkiller for herself and her four children in Klang and told them to “drink it so you can see uncle” after she was overcome with grief for her younger brother who was among those shot dead by police.

R. Surendren, 24, was among the five “high on the police wanted list” gunned down by the police.

Police quizzed PI Bala in Bangkok about SDs

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 — Missing private investigator P. Balasubramaniam has claimed police interviewed him about the contradicting statutory declarations (SD) in Bangkok and one officer had praised his bravery for sticking to his first statement.

In the third part of an interview carried by the Malaysia-Today news portal, Bala related the events that occurred after he landed in Bangkok on July 4, 2008 where he stayed at the Shangri-La and later at the Hilton Hotel.

The former policeman said he called his friend, suspended police officer ASP Suresh as he was asked to so by Deepak, a businessman whom Malaysia-Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin has linked to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

He claimed he had help from one of Deepak’s brothers, Rajesh, to get Indian visas.

On July 7, Bala said he received a call from a Malaysian Special Branch officer who called form the lobby of his hotel and wanted to meet up. They met up and he recognised him as a former colleague who was now the liaison officer from the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok.

“He asked me whether I would give permission for the Malaysian Police to record a statement from me and if I was agreeable, he would inform KL about this. I asked him to wait while I called ASP Suresh to inform him about this development,” Bala said in the interview.

He related that he called ASP Suresh who instructed him on what to say to the police interviewers but asked him to avoid mentioning the involvement of Deepak, his brother Dinesh and the suspended police officer.

”In short, he basically told me to tell the police that after I had made public my 1st Statutory declaration, I felt remorse and wanted to retract it so I decided to call a lawyer called Arunampalam, who I was supposed to have met through my PI work, and arranged to meet him at the Lotus restaurant next to the Nikko Hotel on Jalan Binjai.

“When I met up with him at this restaurant he advised me to retract the 1st statutory declaration and that he would draft a second one for me to that effect. I was supposed to say that I went to his office with him where he prepared the 2nd statutory declaration which I signed and that I went to the Prince Hotel the next day with him to release this statutory declaration to the press.

“This is what I was told to say to the police when they recorded my statement, according to ASP Suresh,” Bala said.

He then informed the Special Branch officer he was agreeable to having his statement recorded the next day and later went for a meal with the officer the same evening

Bala explained the officer came the next morning to his hotel and drove him to the Malaysian Embassy where three police officers later arrived, apparently flying in from Kuala Lumpur the previous evening after getting confirmation that he was prepared to give a statement.

Asked if he recognised the police officers, the private detective said, “Yes, there was ASP Muniandy from the Commercial Crimes division of Bukit Aman, another Indian officer and a Malay officer, whose names escape me at the moment.”

He noted that the officers were pleasant to him when they recorded his statement.

ACP Muniandy asked me which of the two statutory declarations was true and I said the 1st one. He then shook my hand and told me I was a very brave man,” Bala said, adding he was questioned for some six hours..

“They did not seem to be interested in my 2nd statutory declaration and concentrated their questions in relation to my 1st statutory declaration. They wanted to know who was involved in it and how I was led into making it.

“I explained everything to them from the time I met my lawyer Americk Sidhu in a pub one night with ASP Suresh, M Puravalen and Sivarasah Rasiah in April or May 2008 up to the time of my first press release,” he added, explaining that ACP Muniandy had asked all the questions while another colleague recorded the statement.

He also said he also repeated what ASP Suresh had told him to say about the circumstances which prompted him to affirm the 2nd statutory declaration which the police officers recorded.

The news portal said there are more parts of the interview that will be published soon.

Heads must roll starting with the resignation of the MACC Chief Commissioner Ahmad Said for Malaysia’s worst single-year plunge in TI CPI ranking and

Heads must roll – starting with the resignation of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan – for Malaysia’s worst single-year plunge in Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranking and score since the introduction of TI’s annual CPI in the past 15 years.

Malaysia’s TI CPI ranking and score from 1995 to 2009, which ranges between 10 (highly clean) and 0 (highly corrupt), are as follows:

Year CPI Rank CPI score
1995 23 5.28
1996 26 5.32
1997 32 5.01
1998 29 5.3
1999 32 5.1
2000 36 4.8
2001 36 5.0
2002 33 4.9
2003 37 5.2
2004 39 5.0
2005 39 5.1
2006 44 5.0
2007 43 5.1
2008 47 5.1
2009 56 4.5

In the nine years from 1995 to 2003, Tun Dr. Mahathir as Prime Minister saw Malaysia’s TI CPI score stuck in the narrow groove between 4.8 in 2000 to 5.32 in 1996 while the CPI ranking fell 14 places from No. 23 in 1995 to No. 37 in 2003.

In the five-year premiership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s TI CPI ranking fell 10 places from 37 in 2003 to 47 placing in 2008, while CPI score stuck between 5.0 to 5.1.

In his seven months as Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak presided over the worst single-year plunge in TI CPI ranking and score, i.e. a nine-placing fall from No. 47 last year to No. 56, with the score plunging to the lowest ever of 4.5, when in the past 15 years, Malaysia had only twice fell below the score of 5, viz: 4.8 in 2000 and 4.9 in 2002.

The National Integrity Plan, launched in 2004 with the five-year target to improve Malaysia’s TI CPI from 37th place in 2003 to at least 30th position in 2008 and the 5.2 CPI score for Malaysia in 2003 to at least 6.5 by 2008 is an utter failure, and nobody in government now dares to even mention this five-year National Integrity Plan 2004-2008.

I have given notice to the Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin to move a motion of urgent definite public importance tomorrow on Malaysia’s worst ranking and score in the TI CPI 2009 for the past 15 years.

My motion states:

“Malaysia plunged nine places from last year’s 47th CPI ranking to 56th position while Malaysia CPI index score plunged to the lowest in 15 years to 4.5 when Malaysia’s previous worst scores below 5 were 4.8 in 2000 and 4.9 in 2002.

“This is the worse drop both in CPI ranking and score for Malaysia for any single year since the introduction of annual CPI by TI in 1995, when Malaysia was ranked No. 23 out of 41 countries, with a score of 5.28.

“This is a national shame, an indictment of the newly-formed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and a major blow for the new premiership of YAB MP for Pekan who had declared that the fight against corruption was one of the six KPI priorities of his administration.

“The mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on July 16 at MACC headquarters and the failure of MACC to prosecute and convict offenders in the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone and the Lingam Videotape scandals are major factors for Malaysia’s worst-ever TI CPI ranking and score.

“This is confirmed by the TI statement accompanying its CPI 2009 report on the perception of ‘little progress combating corruption and a lack of political will to implement effective anti-corruption measures’ as well as the MACC’s ‘focus on ‘small fish’ and opposition politicians.

“Parliament must urgently debate the TI CPI 2009 ranking and score for Malaysia to take urgent and remedial measures to check the country going down the road of a failed state in continuing to lose out in international competitiveness because of failure of institutional reforms particularly in the war against corruption and abuses of power.”

No obstacles to caning Kartika

By Shanon Shah

PETALING JAYA, 18 Nov 2009: Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno should already have been caned by now according to the law, the Kuantan syariah court and a syariah lawyer said.

"Initially there was this issue of syubahah (doubt) in the implementation of the sentence. But the prisons department has already assured us that it has syariah-compliant caners, even for women," Kuantan Syariah Court Registrar Muhammad Azhari Abd Rahman said.

He also confirmed over the phone with The Nut Graph that there were no legal impediments towards caning Kartika.

On 13 Nov 2009, Pahang religious affairs committee chairperson Datuk Mohamad Sahfri Ab Aziz said the caning sentence on Kartika had not been carried out yet because Malaysia was short of a female caner.

Syariah lawyer Saadiah Din also said that each state's Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment provides for caning, while the Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment allows for caning of both men and women.

"The question is whether the provisions are applied or not," Saadiah said in a phone interview.

The issue of whether or not the state can cane a woman has been hotly debated in Kartika's case. According to Section 289 of the Criminal Procedure Code, women are exempted from the whipping sentence.

"But if you look at the Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment, there is nothing exempting women from being caned under syariah law," Saadiah said. In fact, Section 125 of the Enactment clearly stipulates how men and women should be caned.

"It is my opinion that if the law exists, it is there for the courts to use. So, if anyone wants to challenge or oppose the decision on Kartika, they would need to challenge the law itself," Saadiah said.

Victimised by system

Saadiah said, however, she felt that Kartika had been victimised by the system.

"Why are they taking so long to cane her? The delay is actually compounding her punishment in a way. Why the delay? She actually saved the court's time by pleading guilty in the first place," Saadiah said.

"I am also very disappointed that the court has expressed no remorse over [the delay], whether via the registrar or any of the religious department officials," she said.

In another case, Azhari confirmed with The Nut Graph that the Penor prison has already caned Indonesian national Nasarudin Kamaruddin, 46, on 12 Nov for drinking alcohol.

In September 2009, Nasarudin was sentenced by the Kuantan Syariah High Court to one year in jail and six strokes of the cane for drinking samsu on 27 Aug. He is now serving the remainder of his jail term at Penor prison.

(Pic by engindeniz /
Apart from Nasarudin and Kartika, four other Muslims have been sentenced by the Kuantan Syariah High Court for the offence of drinking alcohol.

In 2005, the brothers Mohd Nizam Ibrahim and Mohd Nasha were sentenced to a RM5,000 fine and six cane lashes for drinking stout in public. Earlier in 2009, Mohamad Nasir Mohamad and another woman, Noorazah Baharuddin, were also sentenced to six lashes and a fine.

However, unlike Kartika and Nasarudin, the four have appealed their sentences and are waiting for their appeals to be heard.

Nasarudin's case

When asked why Nasarudin was sentenced to caning and a jail term, while the rest were sentenced to caning and a fine, Azahari said it could be because Nasarudin, as an Indonesian national, was a flight risk.

Azahari also confirmed that Nasarudin did not have legal representation during his trial, but pleaded guilty.

Saadiah said this did not make sense. "There cannot be different decisions [regarding punishment] for the same crime in the syariah court. And after spending more than 30 years in Malaysia, where is this man going to escape to?" she said.

Saadiah also questioned why Nasarudin did not have any legal representation.

"It is an issue of access to justice. No matter who you are, you should have a lawyer in court, and if you can't appoint a lawyer, the court should help appoint one for you," she said.

"This is crucial especially in efforts to mitigate the sentence. The Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Center has seen that sentences are indeed reduced when mitigation is done," she noted.

She added that one year in jail was harsh for a first-time offender.

On another issue, Saadiah said the sentences in Pahang did not set a binding precedent for other similar cases.

"In the syariah court, there is no maxim of binding precedent, unlike in the civil courts, where the lower courts have to follow decisions given by higher courts in similar cases. In the syariah system [in Malaysia], judges have their own ijtihad and inherent jurisdiction, so long as it does not go against hukum syarak," she said.

Press Release: Deaths of migrants in prisons, rehabilitation and detention centres

Image The Malaysian Bar is disturbed about the high number of migrants who have died while in custody.

In July 2009, the Dewan Rakyat was told that some 2,029 persons died in prisons, rehabilitation centres and immigration detention centres between 2002 and 1 June 2009. More recently SUHAKAM Commissioner Datuk Siva Subramaniam was quoted as saying that 1,300 foreigners died in detention within the past six years. The Dewan Rakyat figure would mean that an average of one migrant dies in custody almost every day!

The authorities should conduct a thorough investigation to identify the underlying causes for this large number of deaths. Brushing off these deaths as being due to illness, asthma or suicide is unacceptable. When individuals are placed in custody and denied their freedom of movement, the detaining authority is responsible for their well-being and care. The detaining authority has a duty of care towards all such individuals, which is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously.

In the event of a death, the questions that should be asked include whether the death could have been avoided, and whether the authorities were negligent in fulfilling their duty of care.

In order to address the worrying situation of deaths of migrants in custody, we call on the authorities to:

Take greater care to regularly monitor the health of all those in custody, especially those held in immigration detention centres. This will involve conducting regular medical check-ups and allowing the detainees easier access to medical personnel and facilities;

Give serious attention to health-related complaints made by the detainees;

Conduct an inquest each and every time there is a death in custody;

Reprimand and take disciplinary action against all staff members who, through neglect or indifference, fail to prevent a death from occurring;

Give lawyers and family members greater access to detainees and detention centres; and

Monitor those in custody more carefully, including the use of closed-circuit surveillance and more regular patrols.

In addition, one concrete step to reduce instances of neglect and abuse and to improve conditions in detention centres is to set up a Board of Visitors in each and every detention centre. The establishment of such Boards, which would have the power to conduct unannounced visits, will demand greater accountability from the system. It will compel the detaining authorities to upgrade their facilities, become more transparent in their operations and be more vigilant regarding what is happening within the detention centres.

The reports of deaths of migrants in custody are not new. Migrants, especially those in custody, are extremely vulnerable. They are more cut off from their families and community than Malaysians held in custody, hence there is an urgent need to take immediate measures to ensure that their welfare is protected and nothing untoward happens to them.

The Malaysian Bar also reiterates its call for open inquests to be held promptly and expeditiously to determine the cause of death of any person in custody.

The litmus test of how civilised we are as a nation is measured by the treatment we accord those who are most defenseless and vulnerable among us.

Dato’ M. Ramachelvam
Law Reform and Special Areas Committee
Bar Council

Polis Jangan Bertindak Sembarangan

Saya merakamkan ucapan takziah kepada keluarga allahyarham Mohamad Tawfiq Noorzan. Kepada ayah dan ibunya saya berdoa agar mereka tetap bersabar menghadapi tragedi ini.

Kejadian yang berlaku awal pagi 15hb November baru-baru ini menimbulkan pelbagai sangkaan dan pertanyaan. Tidak sedikit yang mempertikaikan fakta dan kenyataan pihak polis berhubung kejadian tersebut. Saya menggesa satu penyiasatan yang telus dan bebas dibuat seberapa segera agar kewibawaan pihak polis tidak terus dipertikaikan.

Rakyat sebenarnya semakin resah dengan meningkatnya kadar jenayah di negara ini. Namun ini tidak beerti memberi restu kepada pihak keselamatan terutamanya polis berbuat sesuka hati. Pastinya kita tidak mahu tragedi Kugan dan Teoh Beng Hock berulang. Kecurigaan rakyat semakin menebal apabila jenayah meningkat manakala pimpinan polis kelihatan nya ditunjuki kehendak dan kepentingan politik pemerintah.


Dr Asri Charged With Giving Lecture With Out Certificiation

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 (Bernama) -- Former Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin pleaded not guilty in the Gombak Timur Syariah Court Wednesday to a charge of conducting religious lecture without a certification of authority.

Mohd Asri, 38, is charged with committing the offence at a house at No 2 Lorong 2 C, Taman Sri Ukay, Ampang, between 8.10pm and 9.45pm on Nov 1.

The charge, under Section 119(1) of the Selangor Islamic Religious Administration Enactment 2003, carries a jail sentence of up to two years or a fine of up to RM3,000 or both upon conviction.

The prosecution is carried out by Selangor Syarie Chief Prosecutor Abdul Shukor Abdul Hamid who applied that the case be transferred to the Syariah High Court on grounds that the facts of the case necessitated a more accurate application and interpretation of the law apart from the wide media coverage it received and the fact that the accused is an influential person.

"We have filed an affidavit on Nov 12 to have the case transferred and to have it heard by other judge," he said.

Lawyer Kamar Ainiah Kamaruszaman, representing Mohd Asri, objected to the charge saying that it was vague because although it mentioned conducting a lecture without a certification of authority, it did not state in details the actual scope of the certification.

"I ask that the prosecution narrow down the scope of the charge as it will give rise to various interpretations.

"The affidavit on Nov 12 to transfer the case to the High Court is in fact beyond the scope of the charge and is not in accordance with the format under which this issue should be dealt with," she said.

Kamar Ainiah contended that the prosecution's application appeared to be in contempt of court for suggesting that the court and the judge were not qualified to handle the case.

"If this is allowed, out client would be deprived of his rights to appeal to the Syariah High Court and Syariah Appeal Court. The prosecution's statement that the accused is an influential person is not relevant to the case," she said.

Syarie Judge Wan Mahyuddin Wan Muhammad rejected the application on grounds that it could only be allowed if the prosecution could justify the reason.

He also said that the court felt that the case should be expedited.

"If the application is allowed, it will cause postponements and this will cause prejudice to the accused and subjudice to the court as the matter would have been reported in the media.

"There have been many similar cases handled by the lower Syariah Court without any problem; the court therefore feels that it has the power to hear the case," he said.

He later ordered Mohd Asri to be freed on a bail bond of RM3,000 with two sureties and fixed Jan 5 for the trial.

Mohd Md Sadik and Mohd Ismail Mirasa posted the bond.


United Malays National Organisation berkhayal bahawa gerombolan mereka sahaja yang mewakili Orang Melayu. Ini sebenarnya satu dongeng. Kesah dongeng ini sengaja disebarkan untuk membodohkan fikrah orang Melayu.

Projek pembodohan Melayu ini adalah sebahagian dari strateji politik United Malays National Organisation. Selama lebih dari 50 tahun proses pembodohkan ini telah dilakukan. United Malays National Organisation amat amat sedar tanpa projek pembodohan ini mereka akan hilang kuasa untuk memerintah.

Kalau di zaman fedual dahulu – orang-orang Melayu dibodohkan dengan pelbagai dongeng tentang daulat raja, tentang hikmat raja, tentang kehebatan raja, tentang ilmu raja atau tentang raja yang mewakili tuhan di bumi ini. Ini semuanya dongeng. Semua ini adalah sebahagian dari projek membodohkan Melayu.

United Malays National Organisation tidak mahu orang Melayu memiliki fikrah dan berkeupayaan untuk berfikir secara bebas. Susuk yang memiliki fikrah dan berkeupayaan berfikir secara bebas pasti akan menjauhkan diri dari gerombolan ini. Manusia yang berfikir akan berkeupayaan untuk melihat tipu belit yang sedang dijalankan oleh gerombolan ini.

Projek pembodohan ini ada yang dijalankan dengan licik sehingga tidak dapat dilihat. Ada pula projek ini yang amat jelas dapat dilihat. Projek pembodohkan yang licik dan yang terang berjalan serentak untuk membonsaikan akal fikrah manusia Melayu.

Cara Pertama:

Menakut-nakutkan Melayu tentang bahaya orang asing. Orang asing yang dimaksudkan oleh gerombolan ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan ialah orang China. Orang-orang China akan dijadikan ‘hantu’ untuk terus menakut-nakutkan orang Melayu.

Akan ditimbulkan pelbagai cerita untuk membuktikan bahawa ekonomi negara ini dimiliki oleh orang China. Racun bencikan China ini telah memandulkan fikrah orang Melayu untuk melihat dengan jelas bahawa wujud persekongkolan yang maha intim antara kroni gerombolan United Malays National Organisation dengan para cukong China.

Para cukong China yang membuat harta kekayaan sebenarnya bekerjasama dengan gerombolan United Malays National Organisation. Kerjasama mereka seperti Abang dengan Adik.

Cuba kita kembali kepada kes Bank Bumiputera yang lingkup pada tahun 80’an dahulu. Nama seperti Hashim Shamsuddin dan Lorraine Osman akan muncul. Ini akan diikuti dengan nama George Tan. Siapakah Loraine Osman ini? Maloan ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan ialah bendahari gerombolan sendiri.

Ini hanyalah satu contoh dari bejuta juta contoh yang lain. Ini belum lagi diambil kira kes PKFZ, Bakun , Pewaja, Formula 1, Moonson Cup, KLCC – dimana wujud kerjasama antara gerombolan dengan ‘orang asing’ untuk menjarah negara.

Cara ke dua:

Menyebar berita dongeng bahawa sesiapa yang menentang United Malays National Organisation bererti menentang raja dan monarki. Ini bukan sahaja dongeng tetapi cerita lawak.

Orang-orang Melayu sengaja dibodohkan dan tidak diarifkan untuk memahami bahawa melawan/menentang/mengkrtitik sistem monarki ini bukan sesuatu yang pelik atau menghairankan.

Dalam sejarah negara Arab banyak raja-raja dalam telah dichampakkan ke dalam tong sampah sejarah. Raja Feisal dari Iraq, Raja Farouk dari Mesir, Raja Idris dari Libya, Raja dari Segala Raja Ahmad Reza Pahlevi dari Iran – semuanya dihumbankan. Justeru – menentang monarki bukan sesuatu yang asing dalam sejarah tamadun manusia. Malah menentang monarki adalah tindakan progresif dan maju.

Tetapi orang Melayu sengaja dibodohkan agar terus terperangkap untuk tunduk melutut tanpa berfikir. Orang Melayu tidak diberi kefahaman yang jelas bahawa : menjunjung ke bawah duli itu ertinya menjunjung tapak kaki. Orang Melayu tidak diberitahu bahawa : pacal itu ertinya anak anjing.

Patek pacal yang hina menyembah duli tuanku bermakna : saya ini anak anjing yang hina menjunjung tapak kaki kamu. Bukan kah ini kerja bodoh dan memperbodohkan diri sendiri. Kenapa orang Melayu dibodohkan sebagini. Kenapa orang Mealyu mahu menjadi bodoh dan terus dibodohkan.

Cara ketiga:

Sesiapa yang menentang United Malays National Organistion di katakan menentang Islam. Ini juga adalah projek membodohkan orang Melayu. Bagaimana menentang gerombolan ini disangkut pautkan dengan agama tidak pula dilakar dengan jelas.

Islam ialah agama kepercayaan. Manakala United Malays National Organistion adalah satu gerombolan politik. Islam telah wujud 1500 tahun dahulu. Gerombolan yang beroperasi hari ini hanya wujud semenjak tahun 1988 dahulu. Manusia Melayu telah menganut Islam 500 tahun dahulu dan tidak ada sangkut paut dengan United Malauys National Organisation.

Manusia Melayu menganut Islam bukan kerana United Malays National Organisation. Mereka menganut Islam kerana satu kepercayaan agama.

Tetapi orang Melayu di Malaysia ini terus ditakut-takutkan seolah-olah gerombolan ini adalah wakil tuhan di atas bumi ini. Ini karut. Tidak ada sesiapa yang mewakili tuhan diatas bumi ini. Menentang United Malays National Organisation bukan menentang agama, bukan menentang Islam dan bukan menentang Tuhan.

Yang Maha Esa tidak pernah melantik United Malays National Organistion untuk menjadi wakil. Malah Yang Maha Esa tidak juga melantik Pope, Sami, Dalai, Ayahtollah, Padri, Rabbai – untuk menjadi wakil.

Apa yang terjadi ialah para agamawan ini adalah orang-orang yang beramal dan beribadat. Mereka mengikut selurus dan setepat mungkin ajaran-ajaran dari kitab-kitab suci. Semua mereka adalah manusia yang sama seperti Mak Cik dan Pak Cik di Felda Sungai Rokan – bezanya mereka boleh befikir dan berilmu.


Projek pembodohan Melayu ini telah dibudayakan. Ini bererti ianya telah menjadi sebahagian dari proses budaya pemikiran Melayu. Lembaga-lembaga daulah yang wujud telah diarahkan untuk terus menjalankan projek pembodohan ini.

Kaedah pembelajaran dan media adalah dua lembaga yang digunakan untuk projek membodohkan Melayu. Media Melayu jika dibandingkan dengan media yang bukan Melayu amat ketara bezanya. Tahap laporan berita, tahap tulisan rencana, tahap soal jawab agama dalam media Melayu – semuanya memiliki nilai bodoh yang amat tinggi.

Bagitu kaedah permbelajaran dan keilmuan. Anak-anak muda Melayu terus diperbodohkan dalam sistem pembelajaran yang sedia wujud. Justeru kerana itu ibu bapa dalam masyarakat China tidak mahu anak anak mereka masuk ke sekolah aliran Melayu. Mereka tidak mahu anak anak mereka jadi bodoh. Dalam masa yang sama , makin ramai ibu bapa Melayu telah mula menghantar anak-anak mereka ke sekolah aliran China. Di sekolah aliran bukan Melayu masih ada peluang untuk anak-anak sekolah ini diajar untuk berfikir bukan diajar untuk menjadi bodoh.

Kemelut politik hari ini adalah hasil dari projek pembodohan orang Melayu. Masih ramai lagi orang Melayu yang bodoh sehingga mereka gagal untuk membezakan apa yang betul dan apa yang salah. Apa yang hak dan apa yang batil. Projek bodoh ini telah juga memesongkan nilai budaya orang Melayu.

Orang Melayu yang telah dibodohkan gagal melihat bahaya rasuah malah mereka dengan bangga akan mengangkat pemimpin pengamal rasuah. Orang Melayu yang telah berjaya dibodohkan gagal melihat bagaimana sistem kehakiman dan keadilan dalam negara ini boleh dijual beli. Mereka ini terus ingin menjadi bodoh.

Orang Melayu yang ingin terus menjadi bodoh ini gagal melihat pembunuh, pencolek, pengambil rasuah – bukan satu pekerjaan salah. Budaya songsang lagi bodoh ini melihat kejahatan itu baik dan suci kerana ianya dilakukan oleh manusia Melayu beragama Islam yang memiliki kad gerombolan United Malays National Organisation

We Muslims have for centuries selfish

Finally fair to non-Muslims.
A study of some years.

I urge the editors of the Volkskrant this article to include.
Herewith I seek two goals. One is the selfishness of my ancient people at the welfare of non-Muslims, in terms of violent actions, never been observed.

Very few Muslims approve something serious about off. The other is usually wrongly think other Muslims on purpose to make bad light.
These are thought through and certainly not to insult Muslims or stigmatizing.

Remember the adage: save the world, start with yourself.

If you succeed on such topics to talk with Muslims, it defends itself by pointing to the atrocities of Christianity or Christian culture. This means that we know what mistakes we make. Why do we correct our mistakes or not?

The media is occasionally said that Muslim hatred ie Islamophobia exists.

Whether that dislike of Muslims. How is it that we very different world "comment" than others in various forms for centuries exploited, humiliated and killed and. We dare to think, dare we look to our own history and to admit our mistakes.

Indeed, we expect or require non-Muslims to respect our beliefs, our cultural interests and meet our financial support. What we have given others unsolicited, below. A cause of our ignorance.

Let's start with the daily life in the Netherlands. In our public life is generally disrespectful behavior Fri, commit senseless violence, low social decency rules or respect, do strongly to medical consumption, find others to take account of us, complain a lot, so. Some specific forms of negative behavior are followed.

In a busy street was a number of indigenous women. A number of Turkish and Moroccan boys around 15 years came from the opposite direction and rubbing against one of those ladies. The indigenous woman could hardly speak, or one of the boys said: "Cancer woman ... ..". The daughter of this woman told me that as people get to hate Muslims.

Even on the very busy market run mothers with prams it somewhere else, eg on the middle path, let alone. Others are annoyed them or fall over it. If a number is display, the width of the path, walking, without taking account of others.

In secondary schools with many Muslim participants in a school is the heavyweight for the non-Muslim teachers. Most of these participants behave rude, cheeky, depend on the economy of the Netherlands, but his anti-European and compared with participants from other cultural groups the worst. So many guys would rather not taught by female teachers or sometimes non-Muslim teachers anyway. The anti-Western attitude is still with.

Some Islamic neighborhood helpers hide behind the idea that ethnic groups do not have problems. In other words, it is on the natives.

There are many indications that other immigrant groups (many) problems of Muslims.

So much more I can show actual examples. Politicians can say that people who complain about such behavior and thus support Geert Wilders find a scapegoat or discriminate. What wrong here?

Politicians do not live or work with this part of the population. The people who daily face the street, market, shops, schools, public transportation, etc. feel it and know what they are talking about. It is obviously vital to combat discrimination, but there will always be discrimination? Do people not consider facts that one call. This means that Muslims should work on opinion and behavior with regard to public life and to respect people of other faiths, religions or other beliefs.

In general, natives trouble accepting people from non-European descent. We get worse by the perception that we are helping, but we took from the faith, like Muhammad, Hassan, Hussein, Ali, etc.

Except that we abuse these sacred names through unacceptable behavior (murder, manslaughter, hit men, theft, no respect for norms and values of other cultures) we cause a negative image about us.

On the other hand, the prophet and his followers waged by self-murder and manslaughter. One aim was to non-Muslims bekeren.Zijn these names or holy.

We Muslims can all learn much from our own history. So do others do little or nothing to maintain. But what we see, know or discover? Do we dare?

I support myself by thinking of my parents took time and courage yielded a deep look into the Islamic history. You will, in very general terms, now take note of the following activities of our people in the past.

Beginning with the biography of the Prophet Moammed, especially the Sirat-un-Nabi.
This is stated or may be inferred that Muhammad went on the warpath to non-Muslims to convert.

Note that from centuries before Christ, the areas Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Turkey, parts of Greece and Russia all had one. The names of these countries are secondary. It was a large area, which found tangible evidence of Buddhism and Brahmanism (a bulk (spiritual) knowledge of the Brahmins in the form of edicts, temples, etc. Buddhism and Brahmanism are not believers, but on scientific knowledge in various subjects , including spiritual knowledge.

Also on the other side of Asia, there was a large area with other boundaries and names, later to China, Thailand, etc. has become. Also in this large area was adopted centuries before the year zero, the ancient Indian Sanskrit scientific knowledge spread by ancient Indian scholars, including high followers of Buddha.

That knowledge had practical applications produced. So is it that we honor today Regimes much of Sanskrit culture in the European and Islamic culture in our encounter. You can see it immediately, among others, in the language / grammar, science, philosophy, mathematics / mathematics, medicine, body care, numerology, the famous gambling, music knowledge, etc.

Former Indian scholars in those centuries were in Baghdad and Athens teaching. Pythagoras had studied in ancient India and was called Guru Pitar. The name Pythagoras is the fork shall sing of Pitar Guru. So the Greeks had zero before the year-old Indian knowledge acquired through them and came to know that the Romans correctly. Top 800, after the year zero, attacked Arabs in western India, have raged and the Sanskrit knowledge translated into Arabic included.

During their conquests in Europe, the Arabs the Sanskrit knowledge in Toledo, Andalusia, Seville, Granada, Valencia filed. In these places were translators from various countries of Europe to the Sanskrit knowledge from Arabic into their own languages and to translate along.

For example, in France, the Marseille, the Hereford in England, in Italy was the Cluny. That knowledge was through these routes spread throughout Europe. The Franciscans took that knowledge and Jews in Spain. The University of Leiden has this book. Some titles are "The Legacy of Islam", "India in Hispano-Arabic literature", .... The Peacock Throne of the Shah of Iran in India because it was taken around the Middle of a raid.

The Islam that we are proud, must immediately have taken concepts from the Bible (Christians) and the Torah (Jews). Several new studies show that basic concepts of these holy books easily traceable in humanities from the Sanskrit or Pali (the language of Buddhism).

Think also about 2000 years old Bamiyan Buddhist temple in the mountains of Afghanistan some years ago by the Taleban is inflated.

In the area of Galilee, around and around Egypt were Buddhist scholars and spiritual contributed their knowledge. A principle of their development, the inner god or science. These scholars are called Gnostics European language.

If we dare to be honest, have Jews, Christians and Moslems this inner development is not exclusive to make. Otherwise, these three were in no "war" was. This lack is the reason why the Christian world today is a great demand for Buddhist and Sanskrit knowledge. Just think of yoga, vegetarianism, Ayurveda (thick holistic, medical, books with knowledge of diseases, drugs, medications: surgery, plastic surgery, acupuncture, massage, foot reflex massage, baby massage, pressure point massage, aromatherapy, music, numerology, energy therapy and vibration, hypnosis, etc. Even the current operation knives have the same shape).

Here is another part of the Islamic ignorance displayed.
These are actions we deny that our scholars and concealed.

The area of the Kaaba and the countries listed above, were inhabited by people who practiced an ideology of images in it. This was part of Brahmanism. Islam began to find that you have an image of God had to make.

This was a major reason to be found anywhere where images were plundering, short and small to save the people by force if necessary, murder and manslaughter to repent. Historians of our time writing here with pride, because they saw it as a successful exploit.

The current Kaaba, according to one source, is the replacement of a major temple with images in the Kaaba and it is now something of it. Only the inside of the Kaaba is not accessible to most people. Around this main temple were small temples with statues in it. The temples of the images in it were replaced with mosques and the mosques were often built with the material of the temples.

So these ancient mosques are still the skeleton and the "muscle" of the temples in themselves. So repent our ancestors not only people, but literally their spiritual homes. As the spiritual "houses" were wiped out, so naturally people were murdered, if they did not want to convert. We found themselves / are in the delusion that with the conversion of the walls, pillars, roof and facade and quality improved conquered the hearts / win. This was / is a pig in a poke.

This trend of heroism is still seen. In the Netherlands we buy eg churches and change it into a mosque. Some natives say: "We have no culture, anywhere you see more mosques." What we do not realize is that by replacing temples or churches with a mosque saying that Islam literally rooted in their spiritual theory and that Islam is subordinate to the temple or church.

Unlike our ancestors had that not-holy, "stupid", no matter mosque. So, unconsciously, they confirmed what they physically spiritual theory of others had taken.

Another trend is to exploit the beheadings of non-Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan have done in the name of Allah. We watch silently, but do go to the streets (in England, etc.) with a little picture in a newspaper while ministers and threatened with death.

There are then non-Muslim embassies down and some died in that period to exploit our passion. While in our culture, Hede honor today, elements of non-Islamic holy cultures are ridiculed. We find this normal, as in previous centuries. As the people of this non-Islamic cultures do not protest, makes clear that they are wiser than we.

What have we ever understood images? Images are only different forms, but form is form, because the Kaaba and the pillar el Mina during the hajj which 7 are also a stones throw form and be honored as such! If Islam is not unlike other known images, fit throwing stones is missing! The metal hand of Fatima, which we distribute and as a symbol that would protect anger is still a picture. A high level of stupidity?

Assuming that Allah hears his name people were / are beheaded or shot dead data. Where is the proof that Allah likes this act / thought? And where there is an indication that the suicide bombers as martyrs to reach Allah?

Indeed, even non-Muslims are Allah's children. How can Allah then allow one group "kids" the other humiliated, plague, or murdered.
It must surely be possible for us within Islam a little calm
Weather blind faith?

Another trend of our heroic urge repentance, because we find it amazing that Islam is growing. Here you see blind faith, because it is not considered by the quality of Islam. You can always believe everything, but blind faith without any indication of evidence still shows strong ignorance.

A recent, Islamic, heroism is a few years ago, in France, our Islamic brothers and sisters, even with baby carriages, massive protests against the abolition of the headscarf. However, we do not go to the streets for non-Muslims around the world in the name of "Allah ho Akbar" (Allah is Great) and are chased and killed. For a headscarf, the street and the media are to be found.

In India many times in the year - much more so than in the West - trains, buses, temples and other buildings by Muslims in the name of Allah inflated. Even the Hindu holidays respect we disagree, because in earlier centuries respected our parents are not. Therefore it is better to Islamic sources or books that deep in the archives have stopped reading. Because the acts therein mentioned, we still commit.

So read the Sirat-un-Nabi, Hadiqah i-Shuhada, Hindustan Mein Islami, Sultan Mahmud of Ghasmin (written in 1924 by Professor Muhammad Habib), Sahih Muslim, Fatawa-i Alamgiri, Muraqqah-i Khusrawi, Fasanah-i Ibrat, Tabqat-i-Nasiri, Tarikh-i-Tabari, Hedaya, etc.). If you've read these books, you, if you dare to be honest, we see what others have done centuries ago.

Islamic invasion began in India around 700 years after the zero. Muslims were India occupied until sometime in the 19th century. In those centuries, "we" India kept busy with a lot of violence and looting temples (gold, etc.). The spiritual leaders and scholars here were killed and their blood sprinkled on the statues.

Images of places toilets were built. So many temples are often the material of the temple turned into mosques. Following were the rage these people in their own country to made second class citizens. Christians, Jews and Hindus were no good jobs, pay taxes and religion had had to use ration (food).

Along with the European culture, India is much guilty, because our cultures are rooted in ancient Indian knowledge. When the knighthood of Salman Rushdie in England, we went to last June 22 in London, Pakistan and India on the street. Dan says the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. But the murder or blasphemy or humiliate non-Muslims committed in several countries we look the other way.

For example, in Malaysia are still images in Hindu temples destroyed by Muslims, in Kazakhstan are a group of non-Muslims by a group of Muslims driven from their homes, their houses burned and people literally left in the freezing cold, in Bangladesh, non - Muslims killed or expelled and their land literally usurped which politics is watching silently, in Kashmir around the same strategy applied in Iran non-Muslims should not follow university studies, in Afghanistan are non-Muslims spit, cursed and chased by Tale conveyor like Muslims.

Part of Muslims in Kashmir have the independence of India gift. The other part of Kashmir is the Indian legal deel.Waarom we go against these actions against our people and the beheadings in Iraq and Pakistan (of Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl) not on the street.

Our whole culture we have a gift from others. We who live outside the Islamic countries, making good use of economic and democratic benefits there and get a good feeling when our non-Muslims in the media keep the hand above the head. For example if a native professor on TV saying that not all Muslims are violent.

But we are not massive for non-Muslims who are still terrible things to our people suffer in the name of Islam. Even our political representatives to give the TV debt to politics and the media. We believe that Iraq is kept busy. Here stabbing hand in our own house.

Because, much of the Islamic countries are / have occupied for centuries by the immediate followers of our prophet. Because most people in countries who have converted to Islam, it feels like not being busy. Just think of Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc. We were about ten centuries filled with negative while our operations there. Turkey formerly belonged to Greece, so the current Turkish descendants of the Greeks. If we dare to think we discover that Iraq really is not kept busy. Because, there is an Iraqi government and its allies would prefer go away.

But, they do not, because the various denominations, especially the Sunnis and Shia's, with each other "war" are. One is located superior to the other, literally, or take no revenge on the quality of faith to watch. The same we did earlier with non-Muslims. Ourselves as we come to? What you sow, you reap.

In the Netherlands we find that we respect them and qualify for all rights. We give respect to others? Because, otherwise Geert Wilders had not risen. We act as if he is brought by the stork. Dare we admit that the previously decennnia things happen in the Netherlands who have a negative image of us have created, which rose Geert Wilders.

We wonder why such an anti-Chinese party? We employ also the great convenience of blaming politics and the media. Not long ago, the head of the Dutch Center for Foreigners to a journalist that the pavement on the general community of Muslims in politics kwam.Waarom shift our responsibility to the political or media.

Politicians can not always be personal. One of its tasks is to create conditions for better development of society. This is in the form of many institutions or bodies or institutes. The NCB is such institute receives money and seems to do nothing or very effective. For others we provide imaging of negative ingredients.

Even then somewhere in June Moroccan football fans things short and small beat, because Morocco had lost some of our leaders called that their behavior exacerbate the negative image of Muslims. How is it that we only reject such kind of behavior? Why have not we started 30 years ago with? Moreover, we think even in this case to our own skin. The emotional and financial damage to the countries in which we live, we do not respect.

Because we apparently can not or should think through, others of us may not. What of all the money for security by thinkers like Salman Rushdie, Hirshi Ali, Ellian Afsin, Ehsan Yami and other defendants as Geert Wilders. What is not spent on global fight against Islamic terrorism, even terrorism surcharge to tickets should be paid. The emotional damage we are unable to pay.

Not to mention the financial loss.

Our lack of thinking and acting is worse, because we do not admit that we in the non-Islamic countries have the better. Most of us do not want to return all the comforts, freedom and the terror of the dictatorship in many Muslim countries.

If non-Muslims in Islamic countries such negative things would strike, they would be punished severely in the street already. Otherwise they would certainly not end up in a prison as it were a hotel. In prison and after they were certainly no education and additional counseling. I think that if Netherlands had been an Islamic country, non-Muslims are no allowance or other allowances would get.

Outside everything to us missing and has failed, some of us just go through with the extension of the fantasy world. For, if we wish to convert the entire world. Is not this mindless desire when we look at everything we have extracted the world and have value? Others have much more of us should pick!

What we are always selfish and ignorant in many ways been based on the idea of a superior faith and denial of their own history.
It is time to acknowledge our shortcomings and to have respect for other faiths or religions or anderszijnden.

There is nothing suggesting that Islamic culture is the best culture. You miss it too obvious love for animals and nature. Another indication is that we have each other faiths murder. Think of the Wahabi's, Shia and the Sunnis.

Another indication that the suicide bombers believe that they execute, because they think that Muslims around the world are treated badly. If we learn that our faith is best, that non-Muslims are inferior, it is logical that we think everything we do and others may not consider our own actions.

Moreover, most agree that the Islamic nation against itself comes from what others have done for centuries. So payback. It's like we are the Trojan horse in the non-Islamic countries. This follows from the fact that we live and thrive and while committing attacks and we condemn or look down on non-Islamic culture.

We hear the non-Islamic countries to respect where we live. For, these countries offer us the air we breathe, the water, income, all institutions, including education, health, understand our weaknesses, etc.

Also we must break free from spiritual leaders who through their sermons encourage negative behavior. There are mosques that preach hatred or murder. Especially people like Samir Azzouz, Mohammed B, the Hofstad group would have a little bit by thinking and discover their own history. They also have a choice. If it is in the non-Muslim countries have not, they can go live in a Muslim country.

It is certain that attacks, kidnappings, beheadings not or should not occur if we like the headscarf would merge the streets en masse and social pressure on the Islamic terrorists would exercise. An example is that the French journalist for the preservation of the headscarf was taken hostage after an interview with French Muslim leaders had been released. And those who are moderates, are seemingly moderate, since most have a double tongue and terrorism tacitly approve. I know from experience that only a handful of sincere Muslims.

I was once in a mosque where the imam preached that Jews should be slain. The AIVD does rightly note. Some people, even natives say that the AIVD eea exaggerating. I think underestimates the AIVD even the general Islamic thinking on non-Muslims. The internal security services in several countries had even decades ago can predict.

My parents, who are literate and never go to the mosque, it had predicted. I know more people outside the Netherlands, who are not Islam-called dissidents who really have stepped out of Islam. Some even eat pork, drink alcohol and smoke. I know Iranian Muslims who have abandoned Islam and fall back on what Iran before Islam in practice. It was the theory of Zarathustra is rooted in the ancient Indian spiritual theory. A Iraniёr told me that at the time of the forced conversions to Islam, Zoroaster followers convert the managers had bribed to be left alone.

We can still, though late, sincerely and honestly learn to think and act and not only is our own pain to feel. In other words, is at last waking up and accept the fact that other Muslims, particularly those fatal fatwa on their heads and allow the Islamic dissidents, already awake. It must surely be possible for us within Islam a little calm, even after 1400 years.

It is sad that our prophet failed to peace within their own faith. Say why many of us, even on television: "Peace be upon him". I always asked myself why, just within Islam, the Prophet "peace be upon him 'said. This means that the prophet can use this support and that he had no peace. A belief can be no peace without human abilities.

This is confirmed in our history, in the fatwa, or threats to the Muslim dissidents, because their thinking by the masses can not follow. That most hardly think, clear from the fact that they do not realize that any form of terrorism against their money.

In short, we would our selfishness, our mistakes, superiority, hypocrisy and ignorance must heal. Otherwise, we better go back to our Muslim countries, so that non-Muslims are rested and we are relieved of the Muslim self-hatred that we maintain. Geert Wilders is then go away and we demonstrate such non-Muslims a little love.

Samira al-Onal is a fictitious name for a Dutch high educated Muslim. Exceptionally agrees editors sometimes with placement of a pseudonymous article, the author because of the fear of reprisals.

This is a long, non-edited version of this article. There you can comment.