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Thursday, December 3, 2009

PKR Selangor’s racist Government Tender.

PKR Selangor’s racist Government Tender.

(ref tender No MPSJ/HSL/100-18/2)

This tender is specifically stated for Bumiputeras only. But PKR claims to be multi-racial as does DAP and PAS!


Information Chief



Tamil literature protest. MIC is impotent. UMNO rules. No point shooting the MIC mandore messenger?

Tamil literature protest. MIC is impotent. UMNO rules. No point shooting the MIC mandore messenger?

The Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has stated that beginning next year SPM students would only be allowed to take a maximum of ten subjects.

This was today again reaffirmed by the Director General (DG) of the Education Ministry Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom. This is the latest of the UMNO racist and religious extremist policies in hampering the studies of Tamil and Tamil literature.

The DG even had the cheek to say “where such vernacular subjects were taught, (schools) could take the initiative to issue special certificates to students who took school examinations in vernacular subjects, for Form Five school leavers”. (Refer NST 2/12/2009 at page 9). We all know from experience that the UMNO controlled schools would not do so.

Alimuddin told the New Straits Times that these certificates could be produced by students when they wished to apply for jobs requiring proficiency in a vernacular subject.

Even if UMNO reverts to allowing the 12 subjects as earlier, they think they well score political points on a free ride just by taking away the existing Indian students rights, causing anxiety and dissatisfaction and then finally making a grand gesture that the Indian students are allowed to take the said 12 subjects including Tamil and Tamil literature. This is how UMNIO has been cheating the Indians for over the last 52 years.

The sole MIC Minister in the Cabinet can only, like his predecessor Samy Vellu say or do one of the following things (like he has done for the previous 30 years ):-

1. He will raise it at the Cabinet Meeting.

2. He will bring it up with Prime Minister.

3. He will raise it in Parliament.

It is plain and obvious that the MIC has no power to solve even an elementary problem like this though they are supposed to be a senior component party in the UMNO led government.Yhey are totally impotent. Time and again events only confirm this.

In any case they are just mandores. What good does it do to the Indian marginalization cause to shoot the MIC mandore messenger? They are irrelevant.

The protesting Indian NGOs’ should intsead train their aim on the true culprit and get straight to the point and go after UMNO, the DPM and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and not beat around the bush by bruning Subramaniam’s effigy. It only gets them space in the papers but does little else. Get to the point. Go for the decision makers and policy makers. Go for the Tuan!

P. Uthayakumar.


HRP at Kg. Kerinchi Malay PKNS flats eviction.

This morning we received an SOS phone call from a supporter that the DBKL may demolish the malay muslim Kg. Kerinchi PKNS flats in Kg Kerinchi to make the way for redevelopment and with there being no proper compensation and terms and conditions in writing by the authorities.

Our Mr. P.Uthayakumar within one hour’s notice rushed to the scence, met the PKNS flat owners, then went through their Sales and Purchase Agreement, Deed of Assignment and the proposed MOU proposed to some of the residents by the developer (see photos below).We could not establish any reason for their forced eviction as the owners of these PKNS flats seem to have valid Sales and Purchase Agreement and equitable titles thereto as they are still waiting for their Strata Titles. These owners cannot be evicted for redevelopement even if one owner objects to the same, subject however to a Court Order. This was accordingly conveyed to the said residents by Mr. P. Utahayakumar. Also present was Y.B. Nurul Izzah, the Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai who also addressed the auxious PKNS owners. Y.B. Nurul announced that she would be following up with the relevant authorities on Friday. A draft letter was discussed at the our HRP office this afternoon wherein we also advised an urgent search to be conducted on the said property titles.

But our wonder is why is the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the UMNO authorities are appearing to be in collusion with the Developer and hurriedly forcing the owners out of their flats. There was a notable heavy DBKL enforcement and police presence this morning. This is especially so when the Federal Territories Minister Y.B. Raja Nong Chik had made a recent statement in Sinar Harian that the K.L. City Hall would not interfere but would only facilitate the granting of temporary flats until their property has been redeveloped within three years time.

S. Jayathas

HRP Information Chief.











‘Refrain from converting under-21s’

‘Refrain from converting under-21s’

The yet-to-be-registered Human Rights Party (HRP) has written to the premier, asking him to prevent the “forced and unwitting conversion” of children to Islam.

NONEPro-tem secretary-general P Uthayakumar said Najib Abdul Razak should issue an immediate circular to schools, educational institutions, welfare homes and related bodies, directing them not to convert those below 21.

He also said Najib should direct the Islamic authorities to enable those who have claimed to have been either forced or unwittingly converted to Islam, to revert to their original religion or to one of their choice.

In the letter dated Nov 28, Uthayakumar said ‘Islamised’ Malaysians should be granted their constitutional rights, including freedom of religion.

“Mr Prime Minister, these events of conversions are completely unnecessary. We should instead optimally utilise our time and energy to focus on nation-building in the true 1Malaysia spirit championed by your goodself,” he wrote.

Referring to the case of S Banggarma, 27, Uthayakumar said the Penang Islamic Religious Department and Islamic Religious Affairs Council should be made to reverse her conversion to Islam.

Now a mother of two, she claimed that she was unwittingly converted by two state religious authorities when she was seven and staying in the Taman Bakti children’s home in Kepala Batas.

NONEBanggarma, whose Muslim name is Siti Hasnah Vangarama Abdullah, said she only discovered her religious status when she went back to the welfare home to collect her identity documents in 2000. She is now seeking to revert to Hinduism.

Uthayakumar described her predicition as a case of “poverty-linked conversion”, in that she ended up in a welfare home because she was from a poor family. He said the welfare department took advantage of this to convert her to Islam.

Don’t use force’

In claiming that this is not an isolated case, he said forced conversions are rampant in orphanages, welfare homes, fully-residential government schools and other educational institutions.

He cited a 2007 case in which a 17-year-old Hindu youth, who was studying at a residential vocational school, was “pressured and brainwashed” to convert to Islam.

“This youth was then told not to inform his parents or anyone else,” he said in the letter to Najib.

However, the boy’s friend informed the father, who removed his son from the school.

“That was the end of his vocational skills training and his future career,” said Uthayakumar.

NONEAlthough a letter was sent to then premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the forced conversion has yet to be reversed.

Uthayakumar pointed out that even PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has said that no one should be forced to convert to Islam.

It is the responsibility of Muslims, who make up the majority, to safeguard the interests and rights of the minority, he said.

Although Article 11 of the federal constitution guarantees freedom of religion, Umno-trained Islamic officers have been known to take the law into their own hands.

“How can Malaysians interact, foster genuine national unity and national integration, and co-exist as fellow Malaysians or as human beings in the first place?” he posed in the letter.

Selangor Lantik 45 Ketua Komuniti India

(SelangorKini) - Kerajaan negeri Selangor di bawah pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat melantik ketua komuniti yang mewakili masyarakat India sebagai sebahagian dari struktur pentadbiran di negeri Selangor.

Exco Kesihatan, Pekerja Ladang, Kemiskinan dan Kerajaan Prihatin, Dr Xavier Jayakumar berkata, sesi temuduga yang dijalankan selama dua hari telah berjaya melantik 45 orang sebagai ketua komuniti kaum India bagi 45 kampung dan kawasan perumahan.

Sesi temuduga yang dijalankan semalam dan kelmarin dihadiri oleh 90 orang calon dan ditemuduga oleh panel pemilihan yang diketuai exco kerajaan negeri Yaakub Sapari dan Dr Xavier serta pembantu exco yang juga ADUN Sri Muda, Suhaimi Shafie.

Jelas Xavier, antara lain matlamat perlantikan ini adalah untuk membolehkan kerajaan negeri menyampaikan maklumat kepada masyarakat India akar umbi melalui ketua-ketua komuniti yang akan dilantik nanti.

“Kita telah pun habis temuduga 45 jawatan untuk ketua komuniti India pada dua-dua hari Isnin dan hari Selasa dan kita telah dapatkan banyak permintaan dari itu kita telah pilih 45 wakil kerajaan negeri akan ditempatkan di 45 kawasan di seluruh negeri selangor.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita pada sidang media selepas Mesyuarat Mingguan Exco di bangunan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK), hari ini.

Kata Xavier lagi, pelantikan ketua komuniti India ini sebagai cara untuk membantu pentadbiran dalam sesebuah kampung dan kawasan perumahan terutama kawasan yang mempunyai kapasiti kaum India yang ramai.

“Mereka ini akan masuk sebagai ahli jawatankuasa JKK didalam kawasan bekerjasama dengan ketua-ketua kampung,penghulu dan pejabat DO untuk bawa aduan-aduan dan masalah-masalah tempatan didalam kawasan-kawasan tertentu.Ini semua untuk masyarakat India di negeri Selangor,pertama kali kita adakan program ini”.

GST will oppress the poor, says MP

by Suganya Lingan

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (picture) says the impending Goods and Services Tax (GST) is regressive when it is imposed across the board and will make the poor suffer.

Since everyone would be paying the same rates, the tax would actually penalise the lower-income groups in both urban and rural areas, he told FMT.

To make matters worse, he added, the tax would bring inflation with it.

“When the GST is imposed soon, the inflationary pressure will surely affect the poorer sections of society even if it is only temporary,” he said.

“The GST may perhaps be more appropriate when we are able to increase the income of the lower income groups and move our economy to a higher income economy.”

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca ) has suggested that the GST be phased in at a lower rate than the four percent that the Najib administration has proposed. Fomca Secretary-General Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah told recently that a gradual implementation beginning at one or two percent would help cushion inflationary effects while educating traders and consumers on the benefits of the tax.

The government proposes to introduce the tax some time next year and expects to collect RM1 billion in the first year.

Dzulkefly said the figure was too conservative, noting that the government was already earning RM11 billion from current sales and services taxes.

“I believe the GST will bring in much more; otherwise, what’s the point in converting to GST?” Zulkefly said.

He described the proposed GST rate of four percent as “unreasonable and excessive.”

“A selective imposition of a tax on luxury items, which is of tertiary need, may be fairer to the poorer section of society,” he said.

He said the government would do better plugging leaks in its delivery systems and stamping out corruption. Quoting from the 2008 Auditor-General’s Report, he said these efforts would add RM28 billion to the government coffers.

And by avoiding “flip flop decisions,” especially with regard to mega projects, the government would save tens of millions of tax payers’ money, making it unnecessary to introduce “regressive measures” like the GST, he added.

Najib’s Indian party in disarray as rebels demand leader to quit

By G Manimaran
Bahasa Malaysia Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — Launched just two months ago by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the Makkal Sakti party, one of a host of disparate political parties formed from what remained of the Hindraf movement, is now in turmoil with a majority of its leaders calling for its president R S Thanenthiran to quit with immediate effect.

The group of dissidents, led by deputy president A Vathemurthy (pic) is claiming the backing of more than 15 out of the 27 central committee members.

“We want Thanenthiran to relinquish the presidency. A motion to remove him was supposed to have been discussed today but the central committee meeting was cancelled at the last minute,” said Vathemurthy at a press conference here.

The central committee was supposed to meet tonight, but party secretary-general R Kannan issued a notice to cancel the meeting today.

The newly formed Makkal Sakti Party, which Prime Minister Najib is hoping will help him win over the Tamil working class, appears now to be in a major split over what some senior party leaders say is “the Samy Vellu-style, dictatorial” tendencies of president Thanenthiran.

The rebels have accused Thanenthiran of high-handedness and failing to share decision making with other senior leaders.

The senior leaders had requested an emergency general meeting for today.

The party, which was formed in May this year, launched by Najib on Oct 10 and largely considered as an alternative political party to the Indian community. MIC had expressed its objection, saying that the formation of Makkal Sakti would split the Indian community further.

Vathemurthy said that majority of CC members and ordinary members have absolutely no confidence in the leadership of Thanenthiran “ ... and think that his continued presence as president is a severe threat to the stability, progress and future of our newly-formed Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party and the larger interest of Malaysian Indians.”

About 12 members of CC that he claimed were supporting him on this issue attended the press conference today.

He added that they were extremely unhappy to note that, without any prior notice and their approval, the Secretary General has yesterday unilaterally decided to postpone the said meeting of the CC fixed for this evening.

“We have taken legal advice and believe that this conduct of the Secretary General is illegal and very unfair to us,” he said.

He claimed that Thanenthiran had been “absolutely derelict and careless” and had shown no signs of effective leadership, thereby causing the party to be split into two factions.

“He runs the party as a one-man show, with the association of his family members and relatives as CC members,” he said.

Thanenthiran’s brother is also one of the party’s vice presidents.

The deputy president also claimed that Thanenthiran was not transparent and accountable in his financial dealings.

“We asked him how much money was collected and the source, but he ignored us and said that we should not ask him such questions. So where is the element of democracy in the party that we fighting for?” he said.

He also asked the Prime Minister and all parties to disengage from any dealings with Thanenthiran.

“As the matter deserves serious attention, we will explore all avenues to save our party.

“In this interim, we make a sincere plea to our Prime Minister and all parties to disengage from any dealings with Thanenthiran as it will not be in the interest of our party,” said Vathemurthy, who stressed that his group will remain in the party.

Asked about his next move, Vathemurthy said that he would ask for another CC meting soon.

“We will give them another chance to discuss the agenda. Then we will move from there,” he said and added that they would appoint someone either from inside the party or even an outsider as the new president.

However, he declined to reveal any more.

More cash laundering allegation, VVIP and minister’s wife implicated

By Syed Jaymal Zahiidn - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 – PKR leader Tian Chua (pic) claimed today he has evidence that a former minister and a spouse of a current Cabinet member had made illegal overseas cash transactions.

The first case had allegedly occurred between June and August 2008, when a “Tan Sri” who is a former minister transferred 3.5 million pounds sterling (RM22.2 million) to the United Kingdom.

The second was in March 2008, involving a wife of a senior minister, he claimed today in Parliament.

She had allegedly transferred funds amounting to RM600,000 to Dubai, claimed Chua, who is MP for Batu and also his party’s strategic director.

Chua, however, did not disclose their names or provide evidence to support his claims but said that he would do so should Bank Negara fail to investigate his allegations.

This is the second such allegation made by Chua in just under a month.

Recently, the Batu MP revealed that Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan was under Bank Negara probe for transferring RM10 million to London via a money changer.

Chua also said his sources in Bank Negara revealed that there had been 114 cases of illegal fund transfers that took place between 2006 and this year.

And Chua said of all these cases, only one was followed up with action taken by Bank Negara while the rest remained “unsolved.”

This will create negative perception towards the integrity of the country’s financial system, said Chua, who is demanding that Bank Negara be transparent in dealing with the discrepancies.

The Batu MP said he had written numerous times to the central bank seeking details on the cases but had not received any reply.

It is unclear whether the central bank is obliged to provide information on its investigation upon request.

Pakatan sets up ‘anti-GST’ task force

Pua (seated left), Dzuklefly (seated centre) and Saifuddin (seated right) speaking on the task force. Behind them are several Pakatan MPs. — Picture by Choo Choy May

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is reinforcing its populist stance against the government’s move to introduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the setting up of an anti-GST task force today.

PKR elections director Saifuddin Nasution, PAS research director Dr Dzuklefly Ahmad and DAP head economist Tony Pua will head the task force.

The government plans to table the GST Bill in Parliament this month and the debate is expected to begin in the March sitting next year. The GST will be implemented 18 months later.

Speaking at a press conference held to introduce the task force at Parliament lobby, Pua reiterated that the GST implementation must coincide with income increase.

Currently, only 1.8 million workers, or a mere 6.8 per cent of the population, pay income tax. He again repeated his argument that the GST is another way for the government to refill its drained coffers.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah did say that the new GST will raise approximately RM1 billion in revenue for the government per annum.

Despite this, PR lawmakers believe that the imposition of the GST will hit the poor the hardest as they will have to spend more for basic goods and services.

Robbers shoot dead construction firm MD and his manager

The Star,


NUSAJAYA: Robbers waylaid a managing director of a construction company and his manager in their car and shot them dead before fleeing with a few hundred thousands in payroll cash.

The two, identified only as Saravanan, 39 and Viswa, 43, were killed at 3.30pm Wednesday.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abdul Aziz Ahmad believed that the victims were on the way to pay their workers when another car overtook their four-wheel drive and forced them to stop by the side of the road.

"We believe that at least two suspects were involved with one grabbing Saravanan out of the vehicle and shooting him while the other shot the manager, who was driving, in the head, he said.

Supt Abdul Aziz said that they recovered a total of five spent casings at the scene.

"Both victims were shot at close range," he said.

"We believe that they could have escaped with two bags," he said.

The robbers abandoned their vehicle in Lima Kedai in Gelang Patah after torching it. The are believed to have escaped in another car.

Supt Abdul Aziz added that police believe that a total of four suspects were involved in the case.

The case is being investigated under section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Supt Abdul Aziz also urged anyone with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999.

Madras High Court stops release of Tamil film

The Hindu, Dec 02 2009

Soundarya Rajinikanth CHENNAI: The Madras High Court on Tuesday granted an injunction restraining Ocher Studios and Gemini Colour Lab from releasing the Tamil film Goa till December 11.

Justice G. Rajasuria ordered notice to respondents returnable by that date.

In its plaint in a civil suit, filed by counsel Abudukumar Rajaratnam, NAPC Properties, Nandanam, represented by its managing director, Varun Manian, said the managing director of the production company, Soundarya Rajinikanth, daughter of actor Rajinikanth, had approached it seeking funds to produce the film. She had promised returns at the rate of 24 per cent per annum along with the principal investment.

The construction company said it had paid a total of Rs.1.10 crore on different dates in 2007 and 2008, which was acknowledged by the defendant by means of promissory notes. But Ocher Studios did not pay the returns as promised. After repeated requests, Rs. 20 lakh was paid on June 10, 2009. The plaintiff sent a statement of accounts pertaining to the liabilities of the studios and it had accepted the liabilities by means of a letter dated August 26. The producer had not made any payment thereafter.

The plaintiff said that as on date the returns calculated along with the principal came to Rs.1,36,37,589. The construction company would be put to grave prejudice and irreparable loss if the movie was released without the defendant’s liability towards the plaintiff being discharged. The company prayed the court to direct the producer to pay Rs.1,36,37,589, failing which a decree should be passed for that sum with interest at 24 per cent.

In his plaint in another civil suit, Mr.Manian said Ms. Soundarya Rajinikanth had approached him seeking funds to produce the film, promising a return at the rate of 24 per cent per annum along with the principal. He paid Rs.50 lakh in December 2007. After receiving the sum, she was not accessible; she was stated to be busy in Goa and travelling to shoot the movie. Sometimes it was made known to him that she was abroad shooting. He was made to wait for documentation. The documents had still not reached the plaintiff. As on date, the returns calculated along with the principal came to Rs.73,14,521.

Mr. Manian said he was shocked to find that meanwhile the shooting was over and post-production work was on. Without securing the money given by him, the producer could not be permitted to release the film, he said.

BTN’s racist, anti-national and seditious indoctrination courses should not be glossed over or minimized as it makes a total mockery of 1Malaysia slog

By Lim Kit Siang

The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, who is directly responsible for Biro Tata Negara (BTN), is trying to gloss over and minimize the condemnation of the BTN courses as racist, anti-national and seditious indoctrination programmes detrimental to Malaysian nation-building and national unity.

Adding insult to injury, Ahmad claimed that BTN courses were based on facts, asking:

“If we say that two-thirds of the population consist of bumiputeras and one-third non-bumiputeras, is that considered racist?

“If we say 66 percent is bumiputera and 24 percent consists other races, is that racist? That is just stating the facts.”

Ahmad, who is also Umno information chief, cannot be so obtuse as not to know that nobody objects to such factual information.

What is legitimate and most proper cause for objection is the communal poison oozing from the BTN course, inciting racial hatred and prejudices which are a great injustice and disservice to 52 years of nation-building, dividing instead of uniting Malaysians of diverse races and religions.

Ahmad’s claim that “We have thousands of ceramah and maybe one minute of the ceramah, the speaker makes some kind of mistake” reflects badly on his incorrigible denial complex.

If the Umno information chief and Deputy Minister specificially responsible for BTN is responsible, he would have known about the barrage of complaints about the divisive, racist and seditious BTN programmes and would not have feigned ignorance.

For instance, there were three letters on this subject in the Star in one week in May this year.

In a letter ‘BTN course teaches disunity” (Star May 22, 2009), “Disappointed” wrote:

AS parents we are glad that our grown up children attend the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) course, which is compulsory for government servants. They are all mature professionals.

But what angers me is that, instead of talking integrity, unity and harmony among the various races, participants are taught about disunity and racial hatred. Is this what our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib wants for 1MALAYSIA?

Throughout the five days of the course, participants are repeatedly told not to question Malay rights and so on. The course coordinators keep talking about social contracts and telling non-Malays not to question Malay rights and so on.

Many participants, including my Malay friends, are upset.

Are we still living in a primitive age? If the BTN course is to be conducted in this manner, it is better to abolish it or let it concentrate on only one ethnic group.

The course is not bringing unity but only arousing anger and hatred.

As it is handled by the Prime Minister’s office, please do not say that they do not know what is going on.

Four days later, in the letter “BTN course turning into a farce” (Star May 26, 2009), “GOVERNMENT DOCTOR, Kuching” wrote:

REFERRING to the letter “BTN course teaches disunity” (The Star, May 22), I agreed with the writer. I’ve talked to almost everybody who had attended the course and the common reaction was how much more they dislike the Government after the course.

I believe BTN should be dropped. The course is not achieving its objectives.

On the contrary, it is sowing hatred against the Government and encouraging disunity.

All BTN course participants are grown-ups and know what is right and wrong.

By trying to enforce a belief, the Government is instead causing a backlash.

If the organisers of a five-day course think they can convert an opposition-minded government officer to change his mind, they are being naive.

The course is compulsory for all new government servants and those who entered the service from 2002 to 2004.

If one does not pass BTN, one will not get a promotion or salary increase even though one gets “Aras 4”, the highest mark for the PTK (Penilaian Takap Kecekapan) exam.

On May 28, 2009, in the letter “BTN course is having the opposite effect”, “Disappointed Parent” from Shah Alam wrote:

I REFER to the letters “BTN course teaches disunity” (The Star, May 22) and “BTN course turning into a farce” (The Star, May 26).

My son attended the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) course in May 2008 and came out of it very angry and utterly dejected.

Throughout the five-day course, he and other Indian participants were constantly hounded and attacked on the actions of the now out-lawed Hindraf movement.

He and his friends are not supporters nor sympathisers of the group, and yet they felt disgusted and disappointed at the way the instructors kept harping on the issue at every turn and opportunity.

I am not too sure if my son and his friends have become anti-establishment as a result, but I am quite certain that they have neither forgotten nor forgiven BTN and the Government for their unprofessional and crude indoctrination methodologies.

I pray that the Government will scrap the BTN course as it is certainly not in line with the “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” policy espoused by our Prime MInister.

This is just one example of the widespread disgust, anger and alienation caused by the divisive, racist and seditious BTN course after Datuk Seri Najib Razak became Prime Minister with his 1Malaysia slogan and concept.

Is Ahmad seriously suggesting that he is completely in the dark and knew nothing about these these serious allegations against the BTN course?

If so, he is not fit to continue as Deputy Minister although this might be the most fitting qualification for him to be Umno Information chief.

I call on the Barisan Nasional Ministers and Deputy Ministers to own up and do not try to gross over or minimize BTN’s racist, anti-national and seditious indoctrination courses as it makes a total mockery of 1Malaysia slogan and concept.

Illegal fund transfers: 114 more cases

From Malaysia Kini

By Rahmah Ghazali

Bank Negara’s disclosure that it is investigating the transfer of RM10 million to London by Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar (MB) Mohamad Hasan in 2008 is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to Batu parliamentarian Tian Chua, the central bank has confirmed that 114 cases involving illegal funds transfer were detected from 2006 to 2009,.

“The details have never been revealed,” Tian Chua told reporters at the Parliament lobby today, also disclosing that he is personally aware of two prominent cases.

One, he said, involves a wife of a current senior minister, while the other is said to be a former minister. In both cases, funds were allegedly transferred in violation of banking laws.

“In March 2008, a wife of a senior minister transferred funds amounting to RM600,000 to Dubai,” alleged Chua, who is also PKR director of strategy.

“And between June and August 2008, a ‘Tan Sri’ transferred 3.5 million pounds sterling (RM22.2 million) to the United Kingdom.”

He refused to divulge names or to provide evidence to back his claims, saying he wants “to allow Bank Negara to probe these two cases first”.

“If there is no investigation and nothing is forthcoming after a certain point, I will reveal the details,” he said.

“I have repeatedly written letters to Bank Negara for details of the cases. What they provided does not show the amount involved in each case.

“Although I have asked numerous times, they have refused to disclose the nature of the crime. I want them to be transparent so as not to create a negative (perception) of our financial market.”

Last week, Bank Negara confirmed that it is investigating Mohamad’s alleged transfer of RM10 million to London.

Chua had claimed that this could have violated banking laws, but Mohamad has refused to comment on the matter.

Cerita di sebalik tabir BTN - Malaysiakini

'Kami ditunjukkan gambar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersama seorang rakyat Amerika. Jurulatih memberitahu kami yang beliau seorang pengkhianat kepada negara kerana beliau mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan orang Amerika'.

Itulah antara isu-isu yang dibangkitkan sewaktu program pembinaan negara dijalankan oleh Biro Tatanegara (BTN), yang pernah diikuti seorang pelajar tahun empat jurusan ekonomi, Fakhrul Zaki Fazial.

Fakhrul yang belajar di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) berkata, fokus kursus tersebut adalah mengenai bangsa Melayu.

"Mereka (jurulatih) juga mengkritik pembangkang dan menganggap kritikan mereka sebagai patriotik," tambahnya.

Ketua pelajar Universiti Malaya, Mohd Ridzuan Mohammad, yang pernah menghadiri program BTN pada 2004 berkata, malah terdapat ceramah yang mendakwa bahawa kaum lain menjadi ancaman kepada orang Melayu.

Menurutnya, BTN tidak seharusnya membangkitkan sentiman perkauman yang akan mencetuskan perpecahan kaum.

Katanya, ini kerana program tersebut boleh mempengaruhi sesetengah pelajar yang hadir berhubung ideologi perkauman tersebut.

Chin Shin Liang, seorang bekas pelajar Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) yang pernah menghadiri program BTN pada Disember 2008, turut berkongsi pengalamannya.

"Kami ditunjukkan klip video perhimpunan Bersih dan kemudian gambar negara Palestin yang dilanda perang dengan keterangannya: Apakah ini yang kita mahukan?... Kita juga ditunjukkan seorang pemprotes (tidak dikenalpasti) membaling batu," katanya.

Sambil menyifatkannya sebagai "amat berat sebelah", Chin berkata: "Ia tidak menyatakan siapa pembaling batu itu, (dia) mungkin seorang Mat Rempit yang mahu berseronok atau polis yang melakukan provokasi terhadap pemprotes dengan menggunakan meriam air."

Katanya, jurulatih juga mengajar bahawa kerajaan BN dipilih oleh rakyat dan oleh itu ia merupakan kerajaan yang sah, tetapi tidak berusaha untuk membezakan parti politik dan kerajaan.

"Ini jelas mengelirukan kerana ia menjadi peraturan bahawa agensi-agensi kerajaan harus bersikap berkecuali dan berkhidmat sepenuhnya kepada negara (bukan hanya parti/gabungan tertentu)," katanya.

Ianya seolah-olah menyatakan bahawa kerajaan BN 'mewakili' negara ini dan harus ditaati tanpa dipersoalkan, katanya.

Sementara itu, Fakhrul menyuarakan keraguannya mengenai pemilihan jurulatih BTN.

"Saya fikir sesetengah jurulatih tidak layak kerana mereka begitu beremosi dan tidak intelektual dalam ceramah mereka.

"Jika pelajar tidak bersetuju dengan pandangan jurulatih, mereka akan memarahinya di depan semua orang," katanya.

Sementara itu, sesetengah pihak merasakan bahawa kursus BTN telah dikecam secara tidak adil.

Semalam, satu kumpulan yang menamakan diri mereka sebagai 'bekas peserta kursus BTN' mengadakan sidang akhbar di Kuala Lumpur untuk menyatakan pandangan mereka.

Ketuanya, Ahmad Shafei berkata mereka berasakan ia menjadi tanggungjawab sosial mereka untuk memperbetulkan pandangan berat sebelah terhadap kursus BTN.

Beliau menafikan bahawa modul BTN menyemai kebencian terhadap kaum lain, tetapi menurutnya, BTN mengajar peserta saling menghormati hak kaum lain seperti yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan.

Oleh itu, katanya, adalah tidak adil untuk menyatakan bahawa BTN cuba mewujudkan perpecahan, sedangkan ia hanya mengajar mengenai sejarah rasmi negara ini. - petikan dari