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Monday, March 29, 2010

PKR considers five names for Hulu Selangor race

By G. Manimaran - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 — PKR is considering five names for its candidate in the up-coming Hulu Selangor by-election following the death of its MP Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad last week.

The Election Commission (EC) will decide this Friday on the nomination and election dates for the semi-rural parliamentary constituency.

“We have received three to five names. The leadership will consider them,” PKR election director Fuziah Salleh told The Malaysian Insider.

She expressed confidence that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will retain the seat in the by-election, adding a decision will be made after the PKR supreme council meeting this Sunday.

The other members in PR are PAS and DAP.

“The supreme council meeting will be held on April 4 but there is a possibility we won’t decide by then. The final decision will be made after that meeting,” she disclosed.

Fuziah said PKR can retain the seat as Selangor is under PR rule and the people can assess the benefits they have received since the coalition captured the state in Election 2008.

She said that they clearly have a desire to elect an opposition lawmaker to Parliament despite having voted the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the three state seats of the constituency.

Selangor PKR chief and Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim yesterday he did not discount the possibility of someone from Hulu Selangor itself representing the party. He said it was one of the strategies to keep the seat in PKR’s hands.

Selangor PKR election chief Abdullah Sani said they have begun preparations for the by-election despite the lack of dates.

“The election machinery has already started with the cooperation of PAS and DAP... our early strategies have been arranged,” he added, saying they will leave the choice of candidate to the national leadership.

”A lot of names have been offered. We have also proposed one name, so has the state and the division... we leave it to the leadership to decide,” Abdullah said.

In Election 2008, Zainal defeated BN candidate Datuk G. Palanivel with a wafer-thin majority of 198 votes. The former Selangor deputy MB won 23,177 votes while Palanivel, who is MIC deputy president, took 22,979 votes.

Soi Lek win to trigger Cabinet changes

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani and G. Manimaran - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 – The Najib administration will see its first reshuffle soon after two ministers lost their positions in the MCA elections in which Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek (picture) made a political comeback by winning the party presidency.

The new MCA president will oversee the choice of candidates for Datuk Seri Najib Razak to consider if he decides to replace Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Kong Chong Ha, both lost in yesterday’s race.

It is understood that the changes could be delayed until after the Hulu Selangor by-election where MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel could run and be in line for a Cabinet appointment if he wins the seat for the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

“At this stage, to focus on party rather than government position. I think April would be good to do the reshuffle either mid or end of that month... Najib can evaluate his Cabinet after first year appointed as the prime minister,” said Universiti Sains Malaysia political analyst Associate Professor Sivamurugan Pandian.

He said Dr Chua and deputy Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai have a very challenging task ahead to bring together all factions. They will have to come up with a master plan to win back Chinese voters and build "a team" rather than be individualistic in their approach to running the party.

“The president needs a government position besides [being] appointed as BN’s service centre director,” Sivamurugan noted, referring to Dr Chua’s job as the BN co-ordinator in Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states.

Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Nizamuddin Sulaiman from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia also felt that Dr Chua needs a Cabinet position in order to provide effective leadership.

However he assumed that Najib will have his new Cabinet after the Hulu Selangor by-election, the date of which will be decided at the end of this week.

“In terms of Cabinet position, I think that Tee Keat will resign before he being dropped as Minister of Transport... and for time being, I also think that Dr Chua will remain outside the Cabinet,” he said.

As the delegates have chosen a mixed lineup, including Liow as number two, rather than Kong, the health minister will also need to show undivided support and loyalty to Dr Chua as the new president to build back the MCA.

“I have strong a feeling that Dr Chua will get greater support in the MCA as the new president,” he added.

While Dr Chua was able to win with 901 votes, the veteran politician still has to appease the 1,411 delegates who voted for Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting and Tee Keat.

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng said that Dr Chua must carefully thread his way through the different party personalities.

“He has just won the presidency so we have to see his announcement and how he is going to deal with two ministers who just lost in the election. We have to see whether he has learned from his own experience. Even though he must accommodate Liow but we also cannot rule out the five hundred-odd delegates that voted for Tee Keat,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Khoo said the party president must decide whether to strip Tee Keat and Kong of their ministerial positions.

“He has made the announcement that he will not be seeking a ministerial position and what you see is that there are four newly elected vice-presidents. By convention the VPs [are] made ministers. Two of the ministers have lost their position in the party. How is he going to deal with that?” he added.

The four new vice-presidents - Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen (1,528), Datuk Donald Lim (1,469), Datuk Chor Chee Heung (1,202) and Gan Ping Sieu (1,202) — are each linked to one of the three rival presidential candidates.

Ng is a known ally of Dr Chua while Chor is close to Liow and Gan with Tee Keat.

In his bid to re-unify a divided party, Dr Chua must negotiate with his deputy as he appoints eight central committee (CC) members and 10 members to the presidential council.

The new president must also decide whether to include Youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong and Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun in the presidential council. They were removed by Tee Keat after they were seen to be close allies of Liow.

He will also have to appoint his own secretary-general, treasurer-general, and national organising secretary.

But Dr Chua’s biggest challenge is to recover support and to reassert the MCA’s political relevance in the Chinese community.

James Chin believes that Dr Chua’s presidency will have no significant impact as the MCA has already lost its credibility in the community.

“There are no implications because the MCA will still be off track to lose the next general election even with Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as the president. However, I suspect the reason why he won is because the delegates voted for him so that he could put things in order before the next general election.

“I don’t think he will be able to recover the Chinese ground if the election is held this year,” the academician said.

Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian stressed that Dr Chua must resolve the party’s internal crisis before gaining public confidence.

“Dr Chua definitely has a mandate to re-unite the party but given the fact that he has18 months before the next party elections, I don’t think he has the time to do so.

“He definitely could try to regain the support of the Chinese community but he has bigger problems than that, in trying to solve the internal problems in the MCA,” he said.

Nik Aziz stays on as PAS spiritual advisor

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 — Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat will carry on being PAS spiritual advisor, following a decision by the party’s Syura council of Islamic scholars this morning.

The announcement was made by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today, who said that the Kelantan MB had the full-backing of the council to continue carrying out his duties.

“The Syura council was held earlier this morning, and a decision was made moments ago... the council hereby appoints Datuk Nik Aziz as Mursyidul Am, and Datuk Dr. Haron Din as Deputy,” said the PAS president.

The right to marry as a child

Tell it like it is

By Maclean Patrick

COMMENT On a trip deep into Penan territory, my brother and his party were harangued and berated one day by the longhouse chief of the nomadic community. What happened next holds a moral for us all, we of urban life who view their society as primitive.

It happened on one of my brother's many trips into the interior, as an environmental impact assessment consultant for the Natural Resouce and Environment Board. He gets a chance to work among the many different groups in Sarawak; as an avid photographer, bird-watcher and all-round adventurer, he seized upon the opportunity to see and experience at first hand life in this normadic tribe.

The team journeyed to Murum in Central Sarawak to set up base camp at a Penan longhouse where they were duly welcomed by the community there.

The team leader stood up and made the customary speech, thanking the community for their hospitality. It was a short speech and was accorded the usual applause and friendly gestures.

Next rose the longhouse chief. And his first words were “Saya tidak berterima kasih...” (“I do not thank you”), followed up by the chief berating the team for not bringing with them rice, sugar and salt for the villagers.

At this point, he was interrupted by a fellow villager sitting at his side. After a short exchange of words, the chief proceeded to scold the hapless man in Penan dialect.

Curious at this turn of events, my brother asked a fellow team-member to tell him what was going on in front of them.

His team-mate, who speaks Penan, chuckled and told my brother it was a case of miscommunication. Someone had told the chief that my brother’s team was from the Welfare Department and he was incensed when he saw the "Welfare" coming empty-handed.

Now he had just been informed that my brother’s team was, instead, a survey team for a project meant to raise their economic status. This foul-up had obviously embarassed the chief somewhat. He was now scolding the poor villager for the embarassment he had suffered in scolding my brother’s team.

The scolding went on for a short while longer. Upon stopping the chief turned humbly to the survey and apologised, and went on to direct his fellow villagers to bring out their best handicraft to sell to the survey team, and also to prepare their best meat for the team.

My brother noted to me that it was ingrained in Penan culture to say what you mean and mean what you say. The Penan do not mince their words, and an argument can go on until all has been said and discussed. Then the matter is closed and they get on with life.

There are no vendettas in Penan society. They are the most docile of all the peoples of Sarawak, choosing to keep to their own business, not picking a fight with the other tribes; to my knowledge no Penan has ever gone to war, with the Ibans or other natives. They hold no grudges in their culture; disagreements are thrashed out in long-drawn-out discussions to the very end (even if it takes all day).

And when done, it’s done. Done and done with.

Living in the midst of the jungle, the Penans cannot spare any energy on petty arguments. All effort is placed on the tribe's survival and on gathering the neccessities of daily living. Two Penans may have had an argument in the morning, but later in the day they may be out in the jungle hunting together, with no trace of any ill-will between them.

The Penan can teach us a thing or more. Tell it as it is, mean what you say, and get on with life.

What a contrast to the antics of our politicians in Parliament and and the petty banter that suffices as debate. Our politicians have become the grandmasters of name calling and label-mongering: the name calling, the under-the-belt jabs, the personal attacks then spill over into the public arena to the point it becomes embarassing.

I put full blame on the leaders of the government and oppostion groups for nominating these dim-wits.

Of late, accusations have been flung around the House in a contest of who can throw the bigger threat. But show us the evidence instead, and let the evidence speak for itself. The public are capable of judging and deciding for themselves.

Yes, it is a given in a democracy that one can speak one's case before a gathering of one's peers and leaders. But speak and say it as it is and then get on with the business of leading this country. It is there that many of our leaders fall short.

Government or opposition, we still need each other in order to survive in the modern day jungle. We still need each other to navigate the current economic uncertainties and an ever changing global society. We need leaders who can pull the people together in spite of their differences. We need leaders who can put aside personal vendettas and get down to the business of governance.

There is a lot we can learn from our Penan brothers, who have in simplicity mastered the art of living. They are not only Bumiputeras but also Pribumi. No one has a clear idea of when the Penan first settled on the island of Borneo. They just seem to have always been here. Yet to the latter-day modern society that deems their society to be primitive, their social ethics are simply divine.

[Photo: Jaynsen Patrick Sibat]

Maclean Patrick is a webmaster and author in Kuching. He is a contributor to Free Malaysia Today.

SHAH ALAM: (Free Malaysia Today)Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said Pakatan Rakyat will decide later this week on the candidate who will contest in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Khalid, who is also the state Parti Keadilan Rakyat chairman, said, however, the final call would be left to the PR central committee.

“The strategy is to discuss the issue with the coalition members. Since the late Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad was from PKR, we will field a candidate.

‘We would also like to know the candidate and study the situation before making an announcement.”

He, however, declined to confirm if the candidate would be a Malay or others.

“We don’t want to discuss that for fear that it will be an opportunity for our rival Barisan Nasional to spin lies. So we will not announce it,” he said.

He also declined to speculate on whether the potential candidate would be from the same constituency.

On whether Kapar MP S Manikavasagam had proposed any individuals as candidate, Khalid said:

“I don’t know. I have not discussed it with him (Manikavasagam). He is also a member of the PKR central committee; he has a right to voice his opinion but not in public but in the central committee meeting,” he said.

“All PKR members are allowed to submit their suggestion, but whether it is is accepted will be discussed at the PKR central committee meeting,” he added.

Zainal Abidin passed away on Thursday from brain tumour. In the March 2008 general election, he wrested the parliamentary constituency from MIC deputy president G Palanivel with a 198-vote majority.

The MIC has already submitted Palanivel’s name to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as candidate for the Hulu Selangor seat.

However, Hulu Selangor Umno is dead set against the idea, preferring to see the return of Umno veteran and former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Taib Muhammad.

It is rumoured that PKR is considering fielding central committee member Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid, who was responsible for engineering PR’s Common Policy Framework, is currently the only key PKR leader not in Parliament or Senate.

According to the Election Commission, the Hulu Selangor constituency had 65,058 voters based on the electoral roll certified in December last year.

Communist Malaysia

By John Doe

It is certainly strange to hear that Abraham ibn Ali making 67% demands on National Wealth. It is even stranger that he makes claim to it without needing to work for it. So why not turn Malaysia into a Communist State, as one MT Commentator suggested yesterday? Enslave all the other Races, and turn them into forced Labour? Much like how the Egyptians did with the Jews in the Bible? Certainly a 33% Working Slave-Population is enough to feed the 67%. Let the 67% sit around idle, masturbate their Ketuanan, and reap the Economic benefits of the 33%. Has Abraham ibn Ali lost his marbles? If he is truly promoting Communism, then he should hail Chin Peng as Bapak Malaysia instead.

On the same note of equality, why does he also not insist that Mahathir surrender all his wealth to an amount equal to the next Rojak Seller and Farmer? After all, equality is equality. Some, however insist on being “more equal than others.”

All UMNO claims start with “Dari Zaman dulu-dulu...” without an inclination of how dulu is dulu. The Timeline Diagram below clearly shows who is more “dulu” than others.


orang asli

This is the Migration of the Orang Asli


Most Negritos who have had their DNA tested turn out to have the same mitochondrial DNA as the people in southern India, New Guinea and Australia: haplogroup M, the first to leave Africa. They left circa 65,000 years ago, following the coast of the Indian Ocean and then spreading inland. This gave rise to:

India: Dravidians

South East Asia: Negritos

Philippines: Aeta

New Guinea: Papuans, Melanesians

Australia: Aboriginals

South America: palaeoindians of 30,000 years ago

Read more here:

Extract from:

“...Seorang sarjana, Prof Lim Swee Tin dari Universiti Putra Malaysia pernah menulis bahawa Melayu harus difahami bukan dalam konteks ras atau kaum. Melayu itu juga bukan lagi satu etnik. Melayu sudah mencakupi satu entiti budaya. Konsep Melayu ialah konsep budaya dan entiti budaya itu. Ia tidak bergantung pada kapasiti ras, etnik atau kaum lagi sebagaimana termaktub dalam Perlembagaan. - Berita Harian”

Transcribing the above, Prof Lim Swee Tin from UPM basicaly states that the “Malays” cannot be defined definitively as a Race, Ethnicity, or a Tribe as stated in the Fedeal Constitution. He however makes a very glaring mistake by stating that they were the “original dwellers” of the Nusantara. For some strange reason, he completely forgot to mention that the Orang Asli has inhabited this land for 60,000 years, while the Austronesians (malay) has only been around for less than 6,000 years. And even then, no one reached the Malayan Peninsular until only 2,500 years ago.


So Historically speaking, the Peninsular has had many names before Tanah Melayu. The most interesting one being Barr Chin, as described by Arabic Maps. Archaeologically speaking, the African Negritos have been on the Peninsular since 60,000 years ago. Racially speaking, the “malay tribe” are really just a sub-group of Austronesian Race; which in itself is a Hybrid Race of Chinese and Indians. A term locals call “Chindians” (independent DNA Research has proven this time and again). For those who are still in denial, take a drive down south to the National Geographic Store in Vivo City in Singapore, and tell them you want your DNA tested. They will trace your entire family tree for you in a matter of days. This is all part of the Genome Project. They can practically trace everyone now.

To address the “Zaman Gemilang Malacca”, we'll need look again at Parameswara. He was an Indonesian Renegade runaway who paid the Chinese Government tribute. This probably happened around the time when 30,000 ships in a single Armada (Zheng Ho) came passing through. Parameswara had apparently pissed off his neighbours so much that he badly needed to uphold his “Ketuanan”. He did this by sending his Bugis Pirates to rob passing ships. Especially those who refused to pay “Protection Money” at Malacca. This sounds like Gangsterism to me. You see, Malacca was really just a small berth. Pasai, Batavia, Palembang, Tioman, Hoi Ann, and so on, were many many times larger, and definitely much more important.

For those still delusioned by the “Zaman Gemilang Malacca”, how many of you know that there was only a single coinage minted during all the Malaccan era? Even that was by the 4th Sultan. Apparently no one wanted/recognized their “tin-money”. And minting was discontinued. China coins, on the other hand, made its way all over the known world.

Most remember the Portuguese. Who among you know that the Portuguese played up Malacca because they wanted an excuse for Military funding? Does anyone know that the Portuguese actually begged the Dutch to take over Malacca from them because Malacca was losing so much money? And towards the end, the Dutch VOC became bankrupt, and had to practically beg the British instead to assume this huge Malaccan liability? Be realistic. Look at the size of the Malaccan River. Compare that to the Singapore River, Kuala Kedah or the Muar River. How can a River smaller than the Klang River, or Perak River have any significance at all? How much traffic can it sustain? How “Gemilang” can it be? If Malacca was so important, the British would have chosen it, instead of making Singapore their Base. Instead, the British used Singapore, KL, and Penang.

Remember Magellen? Well, he completely skipped Malacca. He went from South America to Manila, and then via Sulawesi and Australia, went straight on to The Cape of Good Hope instead. This is also a well known route. In fact, it is so well known that it is never shown in any Malaysian History books.



Those wanting to read more should have a peek at this website:

(Please note that they address the word “Austronesian” correctly. For those recently joining us, “Indonesian” is a Nationality, and NOT a Race. Just like “Malay” is a Tribe, and NOT a Race.)

Also read “Austronesian Migration” here:

On the subject of Race, Mahathir is from Kerala. How many of you know that Matrilineal Systems are still practised in Kerala? And going by the same Jewish “rules” of “If your mother is a Jew, then you are a Jew”, then Mahathir would have been “correct” to think that he is a Malay because his mother is a Malay. He thus correctly “denies” his Indian Origins because of his upbringing. Speak to any Minang to further understand this. They are experts in Matilineal Systems.

Coming full-circle, if Abraham ibn Ali wants his 67%, then all Malaysians must be ready to relinquish their wealth and put it all in to the common pot, by making Malaysia a Communist Country. Otherwise, work for it to put food on the table; just like everyone else. And to quote UMNO, “If you're not happy, then migrate!”

The long and short of it, work. If not, starve. And stop waving your Ketuanan around.

DAP is Racist!

Please find below a description of the problems I face with DAP that seriously needs to change if it hopes to convince us to take it seriously as a genuine representative for Malaysians of ALL RACES and backgrounds.

By Captain Reinu Balakrishnan

I had previously raised numerous issues to DAP, being administrators of my area which included public works deficiencies as well as local illegal construction but they did not resolve any of those issues. Their explanation was that MBPJ does not listen to them.

Their inaction was so frustrating that the point came when I asked them if their apparent failures were just a ruse but that actually it was due to the fact that the complainant was not a Chinese. They did not deny this. I later went on to ask them if they only catered to Chinese-based issues and only if raised by a Chinese. Amazingly, they never replied or denied this. I had till then since GE12, never received a written reply or phone call of any sort from DAP in response to my complaints and follow up queries.

On 06/03/2010, I received an SMS soliciting support and funds for DAP. In short it stated:

‘DAP Paramount will be having a fund raising dinner on 17 April at 7pm in Sg Way Chinese School Hall. Tickets priced at RM50per pax, RM500per normal table n RM 1000 for VIP r on sale now.’

Taking into account my previous issues with DAP and the fact that they don’t reply when it affects the electorate but are fast to communicate when they want something, I took issue with that as well as the following:

a) That the dinner, by being held at the Chinese school Hall, would give credence to allegations that DAP was only Chinese

b) That no provisions were being made for Muslims, Hindus and vegetarians, all of whom form a segment in our society and who have special dietary requirements.

c) That the ticket pricing and recognition was class conscious and as champions of a new Malaysia, we can do away with this classification. I suggested that even if all tickets were priced similarly and the seating ‘classless‘ it would not and should not impede any individual from donating funds of any amount to DAP. DAP not only disagreed with this but the rep decided to go on a personal attack of me which was meant to undermine my race, religion, upbringing and professional status (the text has been retained by me). She even threatened to use force against me. Now this is war.

d) I wrote to and emailed DAP HQ on 06/03/2010 and phoned them repeatedly over the next few days about this latest development but,

a) The phones were not answered until auto cut out.

b) When finally answered, the staff told me that no one knew about my email or fax and then told me that there was no one who reads such emails and faxes and that there was no one to attend to me!!!

c) When I finally insisted that I speak to someone as high as possible in the HQ, they told me to call a Ms. Foo who was supposed to be the assistant to Lim Guan Eng. However, they did not give me the contact number. After a lengthy debate again, I got the number and contacted the alleged Ms. Foo who first spoke to me in Chinese! When I told her I was not Chinese, she went “OH?“ and asked me why I had called her! Was she saying that only the Chinese should call her? That’s what it sounded like to me as she was not interested in the issue. I told her the issue and she stated that she was unaware of the issue, the staff concerned and the problem of getting to her. She however denied the existence of anyone named Evelyn who I had claimed solicited funds for a dinner for DAP!!! She assured me that she was free to talk then but when I told her that her denial meant a police report had to be raised, the phone went dead … never to be answered again.

d) Ms. Foo never got back to me and never answered my calls or sms again.

e) I called DAP HQ again and was reverted to a Mr. Goh apparently from IT who then claimed that he now had found my email but had no idea of any of my previous communication and had been instructed not to say anything to me regarding the fundraising as well as the threatening and abusive behaviour of the DAP representative soliciting the funds. He said he was just a staff member and following orders.

f) I demanded action and a written reply to the contents of my email of 06/03/2010 as it raised numerous issues including the fact that DAP was racist and only catered to the Chinese. I clearly stated to him that DAP should deny and prove me wrong if this was untrue and a failure to reply and/or deny would mean that all that I state becomes true at least in law. I told him that I would publish the issue and my accusations of DAP’s racism on the internet and even send it to Malaysia Today whom I regard as the most trustworthy of news providers that I know and I have travelled the world both in real distance and cyberspace (yah, yah think I’m crazy, tell me of another news provider so brave and at tremendous sacrifice, who so willingly posts absolute falsehood and lies that is propagated by the Government and tells you to read it and decide the truth for yourselves).

g) Mr. Goh told me that he would get back to me immediately, within minutes after conferring with the ‘people he reports to',

h) He did not get back to me again and 2 days later when I called, he told me that I could do as I wish.

i) I then sent DAP a letter dated 23/03/2010 as found below which they have given me permission to state, publish and propogate without objection or denial. In law it is called ‘ estoppel ‘ and I thank them for clarifying their position and informing the electorate.


DAP Headquarters 23 rd March 2010

No.24 , Jalan 20/9 Paramount Gardens

46300 Petaling Jaya

Selangor by email / fax 79575718

Mr.Lim Guan Eng

c/o No.14 Jalan Talipon

10400 Pulau Pinang by email / fax 604-2288514

Dear sirs,


I refer you to my email of 06/ 03/ 2010 and the complaints therein and my specific request for a reply / response. I also refer you to the numerous phone calls made by me in an attempt to get you to reply to my complaints and the conversations between myself and your racist Ms.Foo ( hp 012-3725852 ) and one Mr.Goh allegedly of IT HQ and the conduct of your staff at the DAP HQ in response to communication.

As I have been very clear with my requests and queries and was assured of a prompt reply by your staff above and you have failed to reply and have not denied my statements and since more than sufficient time has lapsed , you have by at least this failure to address the issues therein and refusal to deny them , agreed to my contention.

I would like to thank you for making this declaration to the electorate, to clarify any doubts they might have had and to contradict any previous statements that were made in the alternative from what DAP is stating below. This will certainly assist the electorate in it’s decision making process in preparation of the next General Election

I thank you for Confirming and agreeing that DAP under the full instructions of it’s leadership and working within it’s established policies, are a Political Party that

1) lies , lies repeatedly and are happy to do so.

2) is Racist and class conscious in it’s activities and it’s representatives are free to abuse, insult and humiliate the electorate

3) does not wish to reply to phone calls, letters and emails in relation to queries and complaints, especially if it originates from non-Chinese as I have made many over the years and none have received a response. When I raised this issue of racism, it has never been denied.

4) does not attend to complaints of serious problems of failures , damage and maintenance of public property within it’s administrative boundaries and has additionally provided proof of poor and corrupt public property maintenance in at least my area.

5) unlawfully solicits monies from unsuspecting members of the public for activities that are racist and class conscious. DAP are unwilling to reveal how this solicitation took place and as to how the contact was enabled. When challenged, the DAP representative soliciting the funds ( Evelyn 0162675006 ) threatened to use force tantamount to ‘ criminal intimidation ‘ to silence the complainant .

6) is a Chinese chauvinistic mirror image of the criminal Barisan Nasional.

7) does not deny the issues stated above as raised by me to them in the past.

I am sure that you agree that it is my duty to inform the public of your brave admission and declaration and will also assist in the propagation of you kind declaration to the electorate by posting this on the internet. I also thank you for the kind permission you have given me to do so.

Yours faithfully

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan

Copied to

1) MT
2) www

And fax.nos.

  • 603-7983 7576
  • 603-78738017
  • 604-2613003
  • 605-2417402
  • 603-79837576
  • 603-77260443
  • 603-33243096

Voice For Choice EPIC effort to register 2 million voters takes off this weekend

By Haris Ibrahim,

I’ll say it again.

It is the optimism and the seemingly boundless energy of the beautiful youth of this nation that is going to make the difference.

As the Election Commission drags its feet in making any reaL effort to get to and register the as yet unregistered 5 million unregistered voters most of whom are aged 30 and below, some extraordinary young people intent on impacting the community have committed themselves to go to the ground and register 2 million voters over the next twelve months.

Herculean task?

Not for those who ask in faith, and then match that faith with selfless work.

The Voice For Choice initiative launches on the 3rd & 4th of April, 2010 at the following three venues :

  1. Subang Parade
  2. Amcorp Mall
  3. Cineleisure, Kota Damansara.

The organisers inform me that whilst the launch, like the initiative as a whole, is intended to be fun-filled, the business of the day is still getting people registered so that they can do their civic duty of voiceing their choice of government through the ballot come the next General Election.

Voter registration booths will be open at all three venues abovementioned on both dates, from 10 am – 10 pm.

For more details, click on the badge below.

Reproduced below is an explanatory note of the organisers of this awesome initiative.


First things first, to clear all doubts and suspicion, neither EPIC for UNITY or Voice your Choice are tools of any political party. We are strictly non-partisan and not affiliated with any political parties. We have found out that many people cannot comprehend this but YES, we are SINCERELY doing this because we realize as youths we need to take up our responsibility to make our nation something we can all be proud of. Nation development is rather tricky and even though we youths are anxious to make a difference we dare not say we can do it without the wiser more experienced generation. Therefore, all who have asked if there is an age limit or if you are TOO OLD? The answer is NO there is no age limit to dreams.

Voice you Choice is created by youths for ALL Malaysians

This is what it is all about…
This is not about PR or BN or any political parties
This is not about overthrowing the government
This is where corporate and political rivals can work together to meet a common need
This is where our faiths unite regardless of religion
This is about uniting all Malaysians for Malaysia
This is where we obtain the peace that comes from within and is not driven by our environment or circumstance. Peace is with those who can wake up every morning knowing they have done everything to the best of their abilities in making this country a better place.
This is about conquering ourselves, finding our voice and believing that it counts, only then can we know that this government, nation and world will be cured of the diseases that plague it.
This is about using a new yard stick to measure another fellow human, not by his race, status, and profession or academic achievement, but by the same believe that we want a better future and Equality for all.

The marker of success will be met when we successfully organize ourselves as one people, as organizations, and individuals. When we hit the 2 million mark, only then do we know that we have conquered our past and became one Rakyat.

We learn from our past but are never haunted by it. We are dedicated and committed to using our present to shape our future. Join us!

Giving Orang Asli land

Members of the Orang Asli community in Kampung Chang, Bidor, protesting for their land rights (File pic)

"TANAH kami, maruah kami," said banners at an Orang Asli protest in Putrajaya recently against changes to the policy affecting their land rights.

Just three months ago, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that Orang Asli household heads would be given two to six acres of land to help "take the community out of poverty". An additional 5,000 square feet would be granted to build houses. The policy would reportedly benefit 19,990 Orang Asli households in peninsular Malaysia and involve an approximate total of 120,000 acres of land.

But as the idiom goes, "Beware the Greeks bearing gifts." Or in this case, it may be wise for the Orang Asli to be wary of overtures from a government with a proven track record of taking land away from them, rather than awarding it.

What's the catch?

Orang Asli say if they accept the land under the new policy, it would deprive them of a further 200,000 acres of customary land which they currently occupy.

In addition to that, further conditions seem to be attached to this "gifting" of land:

The land cannot be rented out, leased or pawned without the permission of the state.

Ownership of the land cannot be transferred until the first owner has held it for at least 15 years.

Orang Asli who accept the land grant cannot claim for any other land in that area or any other Orang Asli area. They also cannot make any claims for any "roaming area".

The land would be developed with crops such as oil palm and rubber and these plantations would be managed by developers.

Orang Asli would have to pay for costs incurred on their land such as surveying costs, premiums, registration and "other payments advanced by developers" out of the proceeds from the land.

Existing land gazetted as Orang Asli reserves can be re-gazetted and parcelled out under this new policy.

Yogeswaran Subramaniam, currently pursuing a doctoral thesis on Orang Asli land rights, estimates that the land grants would only yield about RM400 a month for each household. He also says that Orang Asli culture and identity is "inextricably linked" to their land and a top-down policy compelling them to turn their land into plantations could be "devastating and traumatic" to them.

Customary land

Furthermore, the government might actually be "giving" the Orang Asli land and attaching ownership conditions on what already belongs to them under common law.

Not a fair deal for those on the receiving end

For example in the 2002 Sagong bin Tasi v Selangor State Government case, Orang Asli land had been acquired by the state to build a highway to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The Temuan community who had occupied the land for at least 210 years, were given a 14-days notice to evacuate with no compensation for the land. When they failed to evacuate, the police federal reserve unit, in the presence of land office, highway authority and Jabatan Hal-Ehwal Orang Asli officials, evicted them. Their trees, crops, houses, Balai Raya and Balai Adat were then destroyed.

But the landmark Sagong Tasi decision established Orang Asli proprietary rights in their customary and ancestral lands. The previous state practice of merely compensating Orang Asli for their fruit trees, crops and structures when their land was acquired, was declared insufficient. States also had to pay a fair and adequate price to the Orang Asli for the land itself.

This judgment extended protection to Orang Asli land rights, which were frequently ignored, such as in the Sagong Tasi case itself.

Circumventing the courts?

This judgment would certainly have worried state governments and developers. Paying compensation for trees, crops and building structures is very different from having to pay fair value for the land itself. Future land development could also be jeopardised, especially if it were uncertain whether or not any Orang Asli could claim common law land rights. The judgment was upheld in 2005 by the Court of Appeal and the Selangor government has withdrawn its appeal to the Federal Court.

By parcelling out land to the Orang Asli under the new land policy and then barring them statutorily from making further claims in court, the government could end up avoiding compensating the Orang Asli for land used for development. If the Orang Asli statistics are correct, the government could evade recognising and paying compensation for potentially 200,000 acres belonging to Orang Asli under common law which is excluded from this new land scheme.

A different way

How could our government react differently or handle the issue of Orang Asli land ownership better? Is it possible for both developers' interests as well as Orang Asli cultural and land rights to be respected?

The Australian government was in a similar position following the 1992 Mabo v Queensland (No 2) decision, which was heavily relied on in the Sagong Tasi case. The landmark Australian High Court decision recognised native title under common law, prompting protests from sections of the mining and farming industries.

A period of discussion and negotiation followed with proper representation from the Australian aboriginal community. This culminated in the Native Title Act 1993, which affirmed the principles set out in Mabo No 2 and which set up a Native Title Tribunal. The tribunal deals with native title claims and acts as a mediator between the different stakeholders. As a last resort, the courts can still adjudicate on the matter.

While the Australian model is by no means perfect, it at least demonstrates a seriousness on the government's part to recognise native land rights and give effect to the court's decision. Which is more than can be said for the Malaysian government, if the proposed policies are passed into law unamended and without proper consultation with Orang Asli.

Trusting the government


When hearing the Selangor govenrment's appeal on the Sagong Tasi case, then Court of Appeal judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram had this to say about the state's treatment of Orang Asli: "Here you have a case where the very authority — the State — that, enjoined by the law to protect aborigines, turned upon them and permitted them to be treated in a most shoddy, cruel and oppressive manner. It is my earnest hope that an episode such as this will never be repeated."

One can only hope that any land policies eventually tabled by the government will give effect to the Sagong Tasi judgment, instead of eroding whatever little gains Orang Asli have made in having their land rights recognised.

Toyota's Stumble is Not a Metaphor for Japan Inc.

Bowed but unbeaten: CEO of Toyota Motor corp, Akio Toyoda apologies, but Japan's industrial excellence is undminished
(Asia Sentinel)Toyota's management had problems before the brakes

Toyota's dramatic fall from grace has come as a great shock in Japan, especially as many abroad tend to view this as emblematic of the country's decline. Inside Japan, though, the car manufacturer's troubles are seen as more political than technical in origin.

All the explanations underlining Toyota's problem of global overstretch, however, make the prognostication of Japan's demise premature.

Toyota is synonymous with manufacturing excellence and Japan's international success. And manufacturing, especially cars, is a major contributor to the country's export-dependent economy and economic growth. The so-called Toyota way is the stuff of manufacturing legend: a “cult” of unceasing improvement (kaizen) in the quest for manufacturing perfection; a “just-in-time” system to avoid cluttering the factory and raising warehousing costs; and the empowerment of every line worker in the factory to stop the production line if any imperfection in the assembly kit or vehicle is spotted.

Until its recent troubles, the Toyota way seemed to have squared the manufacturing circle: the amazing ability unceasingly to improve quality and production while reducing cost by management and workers pulling in the same direction. But the mass automobile recalls, around eight and a half million, suggest that Toyota has lost its way and skidded off the track. Even though President Akio Toyoda performed acceptably at his US congressional hearing, Toyota will be dogged by legal battles, if not class action suits, in the US for a number of deaths in crashes apparently due to sudden and unintended acceleration coupled with failed brakes.

Toyota's travails are being linked to the country's weakness because they have come at a time when China is poised to overtake Japan as the second largest economy in the world – a title which Japan held for four decades. Moreover, China is now the largest automobile market in the world.

That relative national decline notwithstanding, some Japanese auto experts believe that Toyota's woes stem from the very innovation that accounted for its success: structural transformation of car manufacturing and technology; from simpler mechanical to complex computerized systems (with the greater possibility of electronic glitches). Ohmae Kenichi, the management guru, notes: “In an average Toyota, there are about 24,000 inputs and outputs, with as many as 70 computer chips processing information and sending it on to other chips to operate the engine control units. It is a very complex system.”

Apparently, Toyota has been relying more on computer testing than actual road tests to shorten the production cycle of new models to meet global demand. Conditions like humidity and heat and their impact on complex car parts and their operation cannot always be captured by computer simulation but by traditional, arduous road tests under different and difficult climactic conditions present in different markets.

Toyota itself has acknowledged flaws in its global supply chain, blaming its US sub-contractor for poor quality pedals in the North American market. The implicit argument is that Toyota vehicles for the Japanese domestic market do not have similar pedal problems because domestic sub-contractors produce better quality parts. Analysts have sought political reasons behind Toyota's problems in the US with some Japanese media castigating the US for picking on Toyota. Indeed conspiracy theories abound in Japan. They argue that the US government is now the de facto owner of GM and Chrysler and is putting Toyota down so that its own auto makers can recover and compete for a larger share in the emerging eco-car market. There is also the perception that certain US politicians may exploit the Toyota crisis for political gain ahead of the US midterm election in November 2010.

Another view is that Toyota bashing is, in part, due to US dissatisfaction with the new Hatoyama administration of the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) for suspending the deal of transferring the US marine base in Futenma to Nago in Okinawa as a condition for relocating eight thousand marines to Guam. The decision on Futenma will be made only in May 2010. Moreover, the US is displeased with the Hatoyama administration for advocating an East Asian Community and closer ties with China at the expense of the US-Japan Alliance.

Despite blaming the US, the Japanese are hardly supportive of the company. Sympathy for Toyota has recently eroded, in part, due to the company's ruthless firing of temporary workers when global demand for vehicles dipped sharply during the global financial crisis triggered by the US sub-prime problem. In a country where the norms of lifetime employment and egalitarianism remain strong, the layoff of thousands of workers by Toyota is frowned upon by many. Toyota has also gained notoriety for squeezing the sub-contractors in its supply chain.

While some of Toyota's sins are those of a global company seeking to maximize profit by cutting cost through supply chain, the critics, both in Japan and abroad, fault management for not only poor crisis management and a tepid response to consumer complaints, but also a lack of sound global strategy. Japanese business magazines write that Toyota's management has failed to capitalize on the newly emerging auto markets of China and India. Indeed, Suzuki (with its affordable little cars) has impressively captured at least a 50 percent share of India's market, and Nissan is ahead of Toyota in China.

By focusing on the US market (which has yet to recover from the sub-prime triggered financial crisis) and maintaining its dominance in the Japanese market (with two decades of economic stagnation and a shrinking and ageing population), Toyota had a strategic problem even before the global recall crisis. Toyota's crisis may be viewed by some as symbolic of Japan's national decline, but is in actuality a boon to Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Suzuki to increase market share domestically and internationally. The Suzuki-Volkswagen alliance may well establish itself as number one globally due to complementary geographical presence and better product mix. Toyota's crisis is an opportunity for other Japanese car makers and does not necessarily herald the end of Japanese manufacturing excellence.

Toyota is not defenseless in the US either. It employs almost 200,000 workers, sub-contractors and dealers in that market. The company has factories and offices which provide tax revenues to local governments in Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, West Virginia, Missouri, Texas and Mississippi. Four US governors from states with Toyota factories rushed to the defense of the company. In a sense, Toyota is also an American company. Moreover, Toyota has tried to be a good corporate citizen in the US by contributing financially to culture and philanthropy to gain local goodwill. But it is not inconceivable that Toyota will painfully learn its lesson after being in the hot seat, ride out this storm and remain a global player in the wave of the future – through better hybrid and electric cars and emphasis on emerging markets.

Notwithstanding Chicken Little cackling “Toyota and the End of Japan,” it would be mistaken to equate Toyota with a failing Japan. While Toyota's wheels have been punctured, other Japanese manufacturers are racing ahead in emerging markets. The globalization of Japan Inc., especially Toyota, landed it in trouble; but the solution still lies in globalization, done more intelligently.

Dr. Lam Peng Er is Professor of Political Science at National University in Singapore and a Senior Research Fellow at the East Asian Institute.

Reprinted with permission from YaleGlobal Online, the flagship publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

The Labu and Labi Team of Najib and Muhyiddin

By M. Bakri Musa

[First of Four Parts]

The dynamics between Prime Minister Najib Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is one of rivalry. They compete rather than complement each other. They give every indication to be the least productive and most dysfunctional ‘team,’ if I can stretch that term. Their relationship has awful feng shui and exudes bad karma.

They are politics’ Labu and Labi, the bumbling hired hands in P. Ramlee’s comedy movie of the same name, who spent their time fantasizing about their employer’s daughter while neglecting their chores.

Alas, leading the nation is anything but a comedic act; it is an awesome responsibility. Najib and Muhyiddin however, are treating their position as they would a trophy wife; with Najib consumed with displaying it while Muhyiddin is busy licking at the chops barely concealing his own desires.

Najib has nothing substantive to show after a year in office. It is emblematic of his inept leadership that when the recently-acquired new Scorpene submarine could finally dive, it made the headlines! Incidentally, that sub was bought during Najib’s tenure as Defense Minister.

We have significantly lowered the bar for and expectations of our leaders. Next, we will be excited if Najib were just to show up! Consider that former Prime Minister Mahathir had praised Najib merely for not dozing off at meetings! As for Najib’s much ballyhooed “1Malaysia,” a check on its website today showed that it is still inviting readers to register to join him for tea on March 13th, a good two weeks ago! Well at least that is better than the fate of his deputy’s blog.

On the major issues, from the teaching of science and mathematics in English to the controversy over the “Allah” terminology, the two are not even on the same page. They are complete opposites. Often that is the catalyst for a dynamic and creative relationship. That however, is true only with highly-accomplished and self-confident personalities. Najib and Muhyiddin are far from being that!

I will compare the current duo of Najib and Muhyiddin to their predecessors, and then suggest a course of action Najib should take to salvage his tattering leadership. I will focus on three preceding pairs: the best and ideal team of Tun Razak and Dr. Ismail; the longest and most enduring partnership of Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak; and the destructive and dysfunctional combination of Mahathir and Anwar. These three examples (two positive and one negative) provide many relevant lessons for Najib.

Unaltered the present course will lead to a breakup of the two, with destructive consequences to them, their party, and their country. The scale would be many times worse than the Mahathir-Anwar explosion of 1998. The latter crippled the party and deeply divided the country, but only temporarily. In that ruinous split there was a definite victor, the mercurial Mahathir, which made the conflict mercifully not protracted.

If Najib and Muhyiddin were to split, it would come at a time when their party is at its weakest and most vulnerable; likewise the nation. As neither Najib nor Muhyiddin is strong enough or commands sufficient respect and support within the party and country, their split could consume both of them, as well as fatally cripple UMNO.

As for Malaysia, it has come a long way since the traumatic events of 1998 and could thus take the Najib-Muhyiddin breakup in stride. Indeed I would argue that the split would be good for the nation.

Nothing however, is preordained; prophecies need not be self fulfilling. Even bad karma and ill feng shui can be ameliorated. Najib’s future is in his own hands and in the fateful decisions he makes, not with the alignment of the stars or the tea-leaf reading of some village soothsayers.

Earlier Teams

The first and longest pair was that of Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak. It spanned over 15 years and was the most successful the country has ever seen, or likely to see again. Even when the duo broke up following the 1969 race riots, it was done discretely and with minimal public repercussions. The pair remained unique in that they maintained their respect for each other long after one exited the stage. They never uttered an unkind word for the other, at least not publicly. It was a class act right to the end.

Compare that to the nasty things the Tunku and Hussein Onn heaped upon Mahathir when he was Prime Minister, or the scorn and contempt Mahathir poured on his chosen successor, Abdullah.

At the other extreme, we had the initially very promising and dynamic but later proved to be highly destructive and dysfunctional pairing of Mahathir and Anwar. The nation is still playing the price for that ugly split. The pair was like an unstable radioisotope; when it split it continued spewing its toxic radiation, defying all attempts at containment.

The team of Tun Razak and Dr. Ismail that succeeded the Rahman-Razak duo was easily the best and ideal. Perhaps the brevity of their tenure spared them from the inevitable tensions and rivalries. Malaysians today look forlornly to that team, especially considering what is being served to us today.

The Razak-Ismail team was not the briefest; that distinction (if it can be called that) belongs to the immediately succeeding team of Razak and Hussein Onn. That was also the most forgettable pairing. The Razak and Huseein duo demonstrates that it would take both sides to make a great or at least workable team. It is not enough to have only one member shine; a laggard partner would bring the pair down. This observation would be validated many times later, as with the Mahathir-Musa Hitam and Mahathir-Ghaffar Baba pairings.

When both members are lightweights, then we would have a laughing stock of a team, a political Labu and Labi team. At worse it would be a disaster, for them as well as the country. We had that with the Abdullah and Najib; we are now we re-living it with Najib and Muhyiddin.

Malaysia, India In Third Round Of CECA Negotiations

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 (Bernama) -- Malaysia and India are on track towards formalising a bilateral trade liberalisation pact under the Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).

The third round of the CECA negotiations will be held from March 29-31 in Kuala Lumpur.

The CECA is expected to further boost trade and investment between the two countries. India, was Malaysia's 12th largest trading partner, last year.

Trade between the two countries peaked in 2008 at US$10.52 billion but fell to US$7.06 billion last year on the back of the global economic downturn.

"I have no doubt that we will see trade between both countries return to, and then rapidly exceed the 2008 figure," said International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed in a statement here Monday.

Mustapa said the ministry was encouraged by the level of interest within the corporate sectors in India and Malaysia, and looked forward to greater investment flows from India.

"I would like to see existing and new Indian companies expand their operations in Malaysia, particularly small and medium enterprises," he added.

Determined to ensure that negotiations are successful, Mustapa met with his Indian counterpart, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma, in India recently to review progress on the CECA.

"Sharma and I have now agreed on a process which should ensure we meet this challenging deadline. The breadth of the agreement, covering services and investments, reflects the level of our ambition which I have characterised as 'Asean Plus'," Mustapa explained.

Malaysia through its engagement in Asean, signed the Asean-India Trade in Goods Agreement last October. The agreement was effective, Jan 1 this year.

Malaysia has already ratified the India-Asean Free Trade Agreement, which will gradually remove tariffs on 70 per cent of traded items.

The CECA seeks to secure a higher level of commitment to trade relations between Malaysia and India.

Mahathir officiates launch of Perkasa

Hindraf to debate Article 153 - in British Parliament

The debate over Article 153 of the Federal Constitution pertaining to the definition of 'bumiputera' may shift overseas from Malaysia's Dewan Rakyat to the British Parliament, if efforts by Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy come to fruition.

hindraf in london 110310 waythamoorthyAccording to Waythamoorthy (right), a gathering of the Queen's Counsels (QC) will debate Article 153 in light of declassified documents on the talks held between Tunku Abdul Rahman and officials of the British government pertaining to Merdeka.

While other details of the conference have not been finalised - it has yet to be determined whether the event will be in the House of Commons or the House of Lords - discussions are ongoing with QCs from Doughty Street Chamber, said Waythamoorthy.

The agenda for the conference, he added, will include debates on

- the issue of special Malay privileges and whether or not it is a “myth” created by Umno

- the aspirations of non-Malay communities who are not included in Article 153's classification of 'bumiputera' (Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak

- the powers of the King in relation to Article 153

- whether Article 153 should be scrapped

“We will invite Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and his mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad to participate in the conference,” Waythamoorthy when contacted by Malaysiakini.

“We would definitely want the Attorney-General of Malaysia (Abdul Gani Patail) to be there as well to state the Malaysian government's position before the international community,” he added.

The issue of Article 153 was raised recently when Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz told Parliament that 'bumiputera' in the constitution referred to the Malays, the natives of East Malaysia and the Orang Asli of Peninsula Malaysia.

jahai orang asli kelantan tualang story 200409 01Some have opined that as Article 153 refer only to two categories of communities, the Malays and the Orang Asal of Sabah and Sarawak, the Orang Asli are not included in the definition and, therefore, not considered to be in the category of those accorded 'special privileges'.

Given Waythamoorthy's call for Article 153 as a whole to be scrapped, however, Nazri said this reason alone compromises the former's right to return to Malaysia.

Waythamoorthy, in self-imposed exile in London, has been granted asylum by the British government.

hindraf london demo 060208 waythamoorthyWaythamoorthy said he does not rule out the participation in the conference of groups such as the Common Interest Group Malaysia headed by Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan as well as some Orang Asli associations.

Asked what he hoped to accomplish with holding a conference so far away from Malaysian shores, Waythamoorthy said such a discussion would never be allowed back home.

There is also the complication of his passport being revoked, he added, preventing him from traveling to Malaysia.

“What we are going to prove through the conference is that Umno has been misleading everybody on Article 153 and taking them for a ride,” said Waythamoorthy.

“We will easily establish this during the conference. We are backed by the Federal Constitution, including Article 153 and the declassified papers on the Merdeka talks,” he added.

'Show me the money'

In place of the current Article 153 should be a new provision addressing the 'underclass' of all Malaysians, said Waythamoorthy.

Until that is done, he asserted, the current law “denies us our rightful place in the sun.”

It also means non-Malay Muslims can seek its 'privileges' through the “backdoor” and claim to be Malays and natives”.

bagan pinang 081009 indian voters“There is no basis in law for a non-native to claim that he's now a native by the backdoor method of professing Islam and claiming to be a constitutional Malay,” stressed Waythamoorthy.

On the other hand, there remain 'genuine' Malays throughout the country and natives in Sabah and Sarawak who are claiming to have been overlooked and ignored by the government and the New Economic Policy (NEP), he said further.

“It's time that the Malays and Sabahan and Sarawakian natives stand up and ask their leaders what has happened to the money (allocated by the NEP). Why isn't it in their pockets?” he asked.


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  • usericon

    by DC - an hour ago

    What is the stand of PKR & PAS on this, please ask the leaders not the mandores? it would be interesting how they see this if HINDRAF embarks in its journey to clarify the true meaning and intention of the Article 153 as oppose to what UMNO keeps parroting to fill its own coffer rather than public interest. My guess, they will keep quiet, as usual worried about the vote bank not the public.

  • usericon

    by Sivadas bBalakrishnan - 4 hours ago

    Dear Mr Waytha sir, Brilliant job. You are doing what no one else would dare to even think of. Way to go sir. Your move will put many things in their right perspective. It may be a long journey but a fantastic move. You have added spice to your move by inviting Ibrahim, Mahathir and the AG to face the international community. I wonder, how they are going to face the situation if they come at all but like I said earlier, it will open up a whole new horizon. KUDOS to you sir, we are all with you.... observer.....?????

  • usericon

    by Really !!!!! - 4 hours ago

    Root cause of all the ills is definitely UMNOputra dictated by one man. The component parties are non existent periphery idiots who did not even raise a voice not to mention bark. May their souls be sick to the core. May the sick and suppressed rise from the ashes.

  • usericon

    by Leong SK - 5 hours ago

    Waytha Thambi, pls play fair, you know Ibrahim does not have the english to debate at an international forum so why call him just to belittle him. Actually article 153 can be very good if it is not abused. Actually Malaysia is very well endowed by God.Rubber, tin, oil palm, petroleum semua ada. No natural disaster. Yet why NEP has failed to eradicate hard core poverty among malays, the answer lies in mahathir's 22 yrs of missrule.NEP was abused to enrich cronies and in some instances there was overzealous implementation like the johore civil service which is nearly 100% malay. In brunei they don't have income tax nor hard core poverty, we should be richer than brunei. Ask Che det lah who lost money at maminco and when mohamad nor was bank negara chairman how much money we lost at forex, not to mention money lost through AP. M'Sia started losing money to a bottomless pit through crony contracts and OSA. This is the real enemy of the people.

  • usericon

    by DontPlayGod - 5 hours ago

    UMNO has hijacked, and pirated almost everything that can be hijacked and pirated. The judiciary, Petronas money(our money), the NEP(Tun Razak meant it to be an upliftment of all the disadvantaged and poor, irrespective of race), and not only of article 153. When independence was proclaimed, if I know my history well, all communities will guaranteed their rights, and that their culture, language, and way of life is guaranteed. But UMNO has hijacked all this, and has chosen to interpret what was not in the spirit of independence. They keep on harping on "special rights"(only God knows what this means), the "social contract"(if it ever existed in the first place. Can anyone prove that there was a social contract?). It is hard to believe that the constitutiion, drawn up by the British, and other Commonwealth countries, will draw up a racist, discriminatory, and apartheid constitution. Please UMNO, MCA, MIC and the Bar council, elaborate further on this.

  • usericon

    by Maddy - 6 hours ago

    “We will invite Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and his mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad to participate in the conference,” Waythamoorthy when contacted by Malaysiakini. i like it

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    by temenggong - 6 hours ago

    The way I understand it, there can never be reconciliation between Pakatan and Hindraf unless they agree to scrapping Article 153. So it's gonna take a while. Meaning, it is up to Pakatan to articulate their position unambiguously! Meanwhile, let us not waste time with Hulu Selangor - rapproachment is not going to take place. IOW, the seat is BN's.

  • usericon

    by suhaimi - 6 hours ago

    Dey thambi, nice job. When you use your brain or brains,you are up to the mark and definitely I am with you. But when you use your ass or testicles as your alternative brains, then Im afraid your are alone. Anyhow well done for the initiatives. Hope to see you more often at the national archives.

  • usericon

    by sedar - 6 hours ago

    Mr. Waytha, UMNO is the one use BUMIPUTRA to get money without do any hard work just get 30% free share from all the company as a director , not only 1 company as so many company , all is their relations not poor malays , example mamak mahathir why he need to be a adviser to Petronas until now even though he already millionair not giving to other people bcz money , if he give up his post also sure to his relation only. Not to poor malays. Like AP who having all AP for cars MAHATHIR son , MALAYS please open your eyes , why still weed BUMIPUTRA status . I working as security guard only , I never get any project or money , I still servive with my security guard sallary but UMNO malays i see very rich without no work. How ???? use BUMIPUTRA status get projek , get Director in company no need work goyang kaki sign dapat bulan bulan GAJI Director . Melayu biasa masih macam itu juga , Kelantan majoriti MALAYS tapi tak nak bagi royalti sebab bukan orang UMNO so apa guna "BUMIPUTRA" status

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    by Mydin Kutty - 7 hours ago

    This is a bold challenge to Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa. Only Hindraf leaders would have such boldness. Unfortunately PR supremo deals with rejects and moles.

  • usericon

    by ragindran - 7 hours ago

    Hats off to u Wetha. U r 1 in a million man. D persistent, d courage,d guts, d brilliance in u is adorable man. Go ahead with yr genius idea in exposing d demonic UMNO's sinister wrongdoings all these years. I just pray & hope tat u Hindraf guys will sit & discuss things out with PR leaders for d sake of fellow indians in Malaysia. U guys r d real political tsunamis of Malaysian politics. Bravo Bro.

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    by 2genMalaysian - 8 hours ago

    Keep going Sir.I wish I had 1/100 the guts you have.I am an Indian but I wish that HINDRAF will fight for ALL malaysians.Otherwise,HINDRAF is no different from the racist devils we already have.The truth is,poverty exists in ALL communities & therefore the struggle should reflect that.Pakatan has been in power in 4 states for only 2 years & we cannot demand changes ovenight.Remember,the $$$ for all projects comes from the federal government & we all know what they are capable of..just ask the kelantan people.It sickens me that the UMNO/BN people are allowed to rob the country blind..hence their super rich kids,including the blood sucking royalty.The only way,Waytha,is to form a strong bond with Pakatan,understand their limitations & work as team to unseat the thieving,murdering scum we have now for a government

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    by Democrat - 9 hours ago

    Way to go Waytha!. It's time someone bring home the truth that UMNO pirates have been using article 153 to loot the country all for themselves. Pribumi means = Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban and other natives. The rest of Malaysians are immigrants from Indon, China and India. Article 153 has used as back door entrance for mamaks and the likes to become 'native' and access to the juice!

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    by Gandhi - 9 hours ago

    The plot thickens and it's now getting more interesting to know the facts.

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    by magnus - 11 hours ago

    1. "“It's time that the Malays and Sabahan and Sarawakian natives to stand up and ask their leaders what has happened to the money. Why isn't it in their pockets?” he asked." BINGO! Let's invite all to this debate to understand how those "good Muslims" in UMNO have fooled the entire Rakyat since 1969 through an impotent muzzled Press and a cowed emasculated Judiciary. So hat's off to Mr Waythamoorthy, for this and that smart plan to sue the British Government for failing in their duty to ensure that all in their former colony were protected as equal citizens under the Constitution they wrote for a democratic Malaysia. 2.""Given Waythamoorthy's call for Article 153 as a whole to be scrapped..Nazri said this reason alone compromises the former's right to return to Malaysia." Mr Nazri, you know Mr Waythamoorthy is a bona fide jus soli citizen with protected rights under the Malaysian Constitution to his citizenship and to his speech so you're out of order making that cheap threat mate.

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    by kelantanese - 11 hours ago

    Majority malay state of Kelantan has been denied their rights to the Petronas oil royalty. UMNO is the culprit of denying the money coz of their dirty political agenda.

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    by Putra - 11 hours ago

    Mr. Waytha, you are the only man who voiced for the poor and marginalized people to save them from DEVIL UMNO. well done go ahead.

  • usericon

    by gibran - 11 hours ago

    Moorthy is a brilliant guy. He will actually be an asset to PR . Some how someone should help hindraf and PR reconcile their differences. The torn in the whole misunderstanding started with Kampong Buah Pala. LGE why don't you release all the documents pertaining to it, so that everyone understands the problems better.

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    by Putra - 12 hours ago

    mr.waytha, you are the only man out of malaysia who talk for the poor n marginalize people to save from devil UMNO. well done go ahead.

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    by My1ASS - 12 hours ago

    Wow that is just fantastic. Way to go WM !

HRP puts off decision, keeps 'em guessing - Malaysiakini

Yet-to-be-registered Human Rights Party have not decided on whether to join the fray in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Pro-tem secretary-general P Uthayakumar (below) said the party's central committee was supposed to make a decision today, but the meeting has been postponed to a later date.

hindraf btn 151209 uthayakumar"We have deferred the meeting to a later date to do further research and get more information on Hulu Selangor," he said when contacted this afternoon.

Uthayakumar also said that the decision would be made public within a week.

The interest in HRP's foray into the by-election has been further fuelled by Kota Alam Shah state assemblyperson M Manoharan, who yesterday urged PKR to field Uthayakumar as Pakatan Rakyat's candidate.

PKR's Indian leaders, however, have given mixed reactions to the prospects of Uthayakumar riding on PKR's back in the by-election.

MIC has since confirmed that their number 2 man, G Palanivel, would be BN's candidate for the contest.

Hulu Selangor parliament seat fell vacant following the death of its representative, Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad three days ago.

Ganabatirau and Vasanthakumar

The constituency in the northern region of Selangor has 63,593 voters, of which 19 percent are Indians. Malays make up the majority with 53.9 percent, and Chinese, 26.7 percent.

NONEMeanwhile, today's edition of Tamil daily Malaysia Nanban said that the appearance of former Internal Security Act detainees V Ganabatirau and K Vasanthakumar - both former comrades of Uthayakumar - in the Kuala Kubu Bharu campaign rally with PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim has increased speculation that one of them may be fielded as the PKR candidate.

Ganabatirau is a DAP member whereas Vasanthakumar submitted his membership form to join PKR during the Bukit Selambau by-election.

Soi Lek is new MCA president, Liow deputy

Malay chair in Victoria University New Zealand.Indian chair in University Malaya closed down.

New  Scan-20100427162723-00001

One of the proposals to the Reid Commission in 1956 by then Malayan Indians in the prelude to the independence of Malaysia was the setting up of an Indian chair which when incorporated was the Indian Studies Department in University of Malaya. But in their process of “ethnic cleansing” of the Indians in Malaysia, UMNO has closed down this Indian Studies Department also as part of UMNOs’ racist , religious , extremist and supremacist agenda.

But just see how civilized and humane the Western world is and how small Malaysia is when a Malay Chair is actually set up at the Victoria University in New Zealand which has almost zero Malays or Malay culture.

This is UMNO Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak ‘s One Malaysia !


New Scan-20100427164108-00002