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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Motion passed, defiant Anwar to face music

By Fazy Sahir - Free Malaysia Today

UPDATED KUALA LUMPUR: The motion to refer Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to the Rights and Privileges Committee over his "1Malaysia-One Israel" jibe has been passed.

Earlier, opposition MPs raised various technical arguments and Standing Orders to stop it.

Anwar, who is facing the possibility of being suspended from Parliament, is however unperturbed.

Speaking at a ceramah in Hulu Selangor last night, he said: Tomorrow (today) I will face the parlimentary committee.

“They may suspend me... I won’t be surprised. They have already hung me, caught me and stripped me, all these to disgrace me so that I will give in to them,” he said.

He added that the BN's extreme actions were aimed at stopping him from revealing the government’s relationship with the Jews and Zionists.

Eight MPs, four from Barisan Nasional and four from Pakatan Rakyat, have debated the motion in Parliament.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Aziz had tabled the motion to refer Anwar to the Rights and Privileges Committee for saying that there is similarity in the concept of 1Malaysia and One Israel and for suggesting the possibility that PR firm Apco Worldwide may be responsible for these ideas.

Nazri's motion, under Standing Order 36 (12), was supported by Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin.

Shahrizat takes 'sex' bull by the horns

By Marc Jitab - Free Malaysia Today

KUALA KUBU BARU: In a rare act of defiance, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said her ministry will continue to push for sex education in schools despite pressure from religious groups and senior leaders.

Speaking to FMT here yesterday, Shahrizat said it was ludicrous to continue ignoring the issue and sweeping reality under the carpet.

“I am standing my ground .. I will push this through because things are not the same as before,” she stressed.

Shahrizat said the statistics of abandoned babies and unplanned teen pregnancies were real and needed urgent attention.

The minister was responding to the comments by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir had chided Shahrizat’s move to introduce sex education as a subject in school, saying that Islamic Studies and Moral Education have already covered these bases.

He said the issue of sex centred around urges which needed to be controlled through self-discipline, adding that perhaps Islamic Studies and Moral Education subjects could focus more on this issue.

The opposition Islamic-based PAS, which rarely sees eye-to-eye with Mahathir, had backed the former premier's views on this matter.

'We need to be frank with them'

However, Shahrizat has a different take.

“Things are different today than when we were young... it’s about relating to the young who have easy access to information and truth.

“We need to be frank with them. We need to tell them the issues involved,” she said.

The minister cited the National Registration Department (NRD) statistics which noted that 257,411 newborns, between 2000 and 2008, did not have their fathers' names. On a daily count, it means an average of 78 babies have been born out of wedlock.

And according to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, no less worrisome is the statistics on abandoned babies.

Between 2005 and 2010, 407 babies were literally dumped.

Last month, the National Union of Teaching Professional (NUTP) had called on the Health Ministry and NGOs to help carry out sex education programmes in school.

The call came after it was found that majority of NUTP members were uncomfortable about handling the subject in school.

Belgium considers ban on Islamic face coverings

Belgium could become the first country in Europe to ban face coverings

(CNN) -- The latest round in the battle of the burqa kicks off Thursday in Belgium, which could become the first country in Europe to ban face coverings worn by observant Muslim women.

Lawmakers are considering a ban in all public places on niqabs, veils that cover the face, as well as burqas, which cover the face and everything else from head to toe.

They're motivated both by security and morality, they say.

"We think all people in public places must show their face," says Denis Ducarme. And, he says, "We must defend our values in the question of the freedom and the dignity of the woman."

Ducarme denies that Islam requires women to wear burqas or niqabs.

"The majority of Muslims in Belgium and Europe don't accept the burqa, don't accept the niqab. It's only 10 percent who are radical," he says, blaming trends from Pakistan and Afghanistan for encouraging facial covering.

And he rejects the suggestion that the proposed ban smacks of intolerance, saying it is the burqa -- and the Islamist movement -- that are truly intolerant and dangerous.

He estimates that 300 to 400 women in the country wear the niqab or the burqa.

Belgium is home to about 281,000 Muslims, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life estimates. That would make the country about 3 percent Muslim.

Abdullah Bastin, a Muslim political leader in Belgium, warns that the legislation could have an effect exactly opposite from what it intends. Today only a few women wear the burqa, he says, but if the law is enacted, thousands will wear it as an angry reaction.

He dismisses the idea that the law is designed to protect women's rights. This isn't protecting their dignity, it's colonialism, he argues.

One town in Belgium banned the burqa six years ago.

Jan Creemers, the mayor of the tiny picture-postcard city of Maaseik, says it was no problem to enforce the ban: "I had always the support of the Moroccan community here in Maaseik."

Some fines were handed out, he says. None were paid, but no one wears a veil in Maaseik today, he says.

The bill before the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday would impose a fine of 15-25 euros ($20-33) or imprisonment of one to seven days.

Amnesty International warned Wednesday that the bill would break international law.

"A general ban on the wearing of full face veils would violate the rights to freedom of expression and religion of those women who choose to express their identity or beliefs in this way," said Claudio Cordone, Amnesty International's interim secretary general.

"Women must not be compelled to wear a headscarf or veil, either by the state or by individuals; and it is wrong for them to be prohibited by law from wearing it," Cordone said in a written statement.

If the Chamber of Deputies approves the law, it will go to the upper house of the legislature for a vote.

Belgium is not the only country considering banning the burqa. France said Tuesday that it would shortly be putting a similar draft law before Parliament.

"Face-covering veils must be totally forbidden in the whole public space because women's dignity is not divisible," said Luc Chatel, a spokesman for the French government. "The second principle, of course, everything must be done so that no one feels stigmatized because of one's faith and religion. The president of the republic and the prime minister have asked the members of government to work hard on this point."

He said the government will seek to avoid a partisan approach to the legislation, and will consult with all political groups "and of course, moral and religious authorities."

A panel of French lawmakers recommended a ban in January.

France denied citizenship to a man a week later because he made his wife wear a veil, and denied a woman citizenship in 2008 because she wore a burqa. The country's constitution fiercely guards the secularity of the state.

Switzerland passed a ban on building minarets, the tall towers next to mosques, in a nationwide referendum in November.

At the moment, Belgium has only "moderate" government restrictions on religion, a major Pew Forum study found last year. But Europe as a region is more restrictive than the Americas or sub-Saharan Africa, according to the study.

Hindraf Struggle - Lock-up cum Gallery

HINDRAF & HRP: The end result of no BC & IC.

Indian beggars are residue, the ned result of UMNOs’ 53 years of social engineering, by excluding the Indians from the  national mainstream development of Malaysia. How come we do not see Malay, Chinese, Orang Asli, Kadazan or Iban beggars on Malaysia’s streets?
When the poor man’s day comes, someday will be found dead by some five foot way. He will be taken away in the police land rover, his body would lie at some hospital mortuary, only some Tamil daily would publish his roadside death. His relatives may recognize him but suppress their emotions and sorrows and turn a blind eye to the death of their beloved one as they cannot even afford the cost of the lowest RM 800 or so funeral cost, and finally “disposed off” as an orphaned dead,  by some caring and charitable Indian.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the hundreds of such Indian poor beggars, vagrants, destitudes, homeless, old folks orphans, etc., the product and end result of UMNO’s racism, religious extremism and supremacy, by keeping the Indians out of the national mainstream development of Malaysia. Pain, suffering and misery till Death compassionately evacuates them from this horrorland!
Information Chief

Sex News: India sex scandal guru arrested

BBC, Apr 21 2010
At the protest against the Swami
Pictures of the holy man were burned at the protest
Police in India say a controversial Hindu holy man facing charges of obscenity has been arrested.
Nithyananda Swami was detained in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh where police said he had been hiding.

The guru stepped down last month as head of a religious organisation based in the southern city of Bangalore.
His announcement came after a video apparently showing him engaging in sexual acts with two women. He says he is innocent and the video is a fake.
Nithyananda Swami has a huge following in southern India and his mission has branches in several countries, including the US and Europe.
'Spiritual seclusion'
"Nithyananda Swami was arrested at Solan [in Himachal Pradesh] along with his associate Gopal Seelam Reddy and they would be brought to Bangalore soon," the city's director general of police, DV Guruprasaad, said.
On Tuesday, the authorities raided the swami's sprawling centre near Bangalore.
Nithyananda Swami, 32, stepped down as leader of the global Dhyanapeetam (Knowledge Centre) organisation soon after the police inquiry was launched.
"I have decided to live a life of spiritual seclusion for some indefinite time," the guru said in a statement.
"If required, I will return and talk about all that had happened as an independent witness to my conduct with a clean heart and pure soul and in a less prejudiced atmosphere."
The video shocked his devotees and angered locals - his ashram near Bangalore was vandalised after TV channels broadcast the video.
The guru's followers allege the video was created and distributed by a jealous inmate of the ashram in a bid to defame him.


ஹிமாச்சலில் நித்யானந்தா சாமியார் கைது
ஷிம்லா, ஏப்.21,2010
ஹிமாச்சல் பிரதேசத்தில் தங்கியிருந்த நித்யானந்தா சாமியாரை காவல்துறையினர் இன்று கைது செய்தனர்.
ஹிமாச்சல் பிரதேச காவல்துறையினரின் உதவியுடன் நான்கு பேர் கொண்ட கர்நாடக காவல்துறை சிறப்புப் படையினர் நித்யானந்தாவை கைது செய்துள்ளனர்.
அம்மாநிலத்தின் ஆர்க்கி என்ற இடத்தில் ஒரு மாத காலமாக நித்யானந்தா பதுங்கியிருந்ததாகவும், இதுதொடர்பான தகவலறிந்து தேடுதல் வேட்டை நடத்தப்பட்டதில் அவர் பிடிபட்டதாகவும் தகவல்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.
நித்யானந்தாவை உடனடியாக பெங்களூரு கொண்டு வந்து விசாரிப்பது என கர்நாடக காவல்துறையினர் முடிவு செய்துள்ளதாகவும் தெரிகிறது.
பிடதியில் நித்யானந்த தியான பீடம் என்ற பெயரில் ஆஸ்ரமம் நடத்தி வரும் நித்யானந்தா, நடிகையுடன் தனது ஆஸ்ரம அறையில் நெருக்கமாக இருப்பது போன்ற விடியோ காட்சிகள் கடந்த மார்ச் 3-ம் தேதி தனியார் தொலைக்காட்சி சேனல் ஒன்றில் ஒளிபரப்பானது. இதை அடுத்து அவர் மீது பல்வேறு பிரிவுகளின் கீழ் வழக்குப் பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டன.
இந்த வழக்குகளை விசாரித்து வரும் கர்நாடக சிஐடி போலீஸார், ஆஸ்ரம நடவடிக்கைகள் குறித்தும் விசாரித்து வருகின்றனர். அண்மையில்,  ஆஸ்ரமத்தைப் பார்வையிட்ட அவர்கள், சில ஆவணங்களை பறிமுதல் செய்தனர்.
சில வாரங்களுக்கு முன்பும் நித்யானந்தா ஆஸ்ரமத்தில் அதிரடி சோதனை நடத்தப்பட்டது. அதில், பல முக்கிய ஆவணங்களைக் கைப்பற்றப்பட்டது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

ஜெயில் கதவு திறந்தாச்சு ; காற்றாக வருகிறார் நித்தியானந்தர்; ரூ. 3 லட்சம் பணத்துடன் கைது
ஏப்ரல் 21,2010,14:35  IST
Top world news stories and headlines detail

சிம்லா ; நடிகையுடன் உல்லாசமாக இருந்த நித்தியானந்தர் இமாச்சல பிரதேசத்தில் உள்ள சோலன் மலைப்பகுதியில் கைது செய்யப்பட்டார். ரூ. 3 லட்சம் ரொக்கப்பணமும், வெளிநாட்டுக்கு கொண்டு செல்லும் அமெரிக்க டாலருக்கான  டிராவல்லர் செக்கும் இவரிடம் இருந்து பறிமுதல் செய்யப்பட்டது. இவர் இதன் மூலம் வெளிநாடு தப்பித்து செல்ல திட்டமிட்டிருந்தார் என போலீஸ் தரப்பில் கூறப்படுகிறது. கைது செய்யப்பட்ட  அவர் இமாச்சல பிரதேச கோர்ட்டில் ஆஜர்படுத்தப்பட்டு அவசர, அவசரமாக கர்நாடகா கொண்டு வருகின்றனர் போலீசார் .
தமிழக நடிகை ரஞ்சிதாவுடன் படுக்கையறையில் உல்லாசமாக இருந்த நித்தியானந்தரின் வீடியோ காட்சி ஒளிபரப்பானதும் இவர்களது பக்தர்கள் அதிர்ச்சி அடைந்தனர். இதனையடுத்து நாடு முழுவதும் உள்ள அவரது ஆசிரமங்கள் அடித்து நொறுக்கப்பட்டன. நான் சட்ட ரீதியாக எவ்வித தவறும் செய்யவில்லை. நடந்தது என்ன என்பது குறித்து நான் விரைவில் மக்களுக்கு தெரிவிப்பேன் என்றார் ஆனால் அவர் எங்கும் ,யாருக்கும் காட்சி தரவில்லை. வாரணாசியில் நடக்கும் கும்பமேளாவில் பங்கேற்க சென்றிருக்கிறேன் நான் வருவேன் என்றார்.இது வரை வரவில்லை. தலைமறைவு வாழ்க்கை நடத்தி ஒசாமா பின்லாடன் பாணியில் வீடியோ பேட்டி மட்டும் இணையதளத்தில் வெளியிடப்பட்டு வந்தது. தியான பீட தலைமை பொறுப்பில் இருந்து விலகுவதாக அறிவித்தார்.
ஆனாலும் போலீசார் இவரை விட்டபாடில்லை. குறி வைத்துகொண்டே இருந்தனர். இந்நிலையில் நடிகையுடன் உல்லாசமாக இருந்தது மற்றும் ஆசிரமத்தில் நடந்த சட்ட விரோத செயல்கள் குறித்து தமிழக போலீசாரால் வழக்குப்பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டு கர்நாடக போலீசுக்கு அனுப்பி வைக்கப்பட்டது. 
ஜாமீ்ன் மறுப்பு : தொடர்ந்து கர்நாடக போலீசார் வழக்கு பதிவு செய்து விசாரணை நடத்தி வந்தனர். ஆசிரமத்தில் துருவி, துருவி, ஆதாரங்களை சேர்த்தனர். இந்நிலையில் தாம் கைது செய்யப்பட்டு விடுவோமோ என்ற அச்சத்தில் கோர்ட்டில் ஜாமீன் கேட்டு மனுத்தாக்கல் செய்தார். இங்கும் அவருக்கு ஆதரவு கதவு திறக்கவில்லை. இந்நிலையில் நித்தியானந்தா எங்கு இருக்கிறார் என கர்நாடக போலீசார் முகர்ந்து கொண்டிருந்தனர். இன்று இமாச்சல பிரதேசத்தில் பதுங்கி இருந்த நித்தியானந்தரை போலீசார் கைது செய்தனர்.
கைது செய்யப்பட்ட நித்தியானந்தர் சிம்லா மத்திய சிறையில் அடைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளார். இவருடன் கைது செய்யப்பட்ட பக்தானந்தாவும் சிறையில் அடைக்கப்பட்டார்.    நீதிமன்ற உத்தரவு கிடைத்ததும் இவர் பெங்களூரு கொண்டு வரப்படுவார் என தகவல்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.
நடிகை ரஞ்சிதா கைது எப்போது ? : நடிகையுடன் உல்லாசமாக இருந்ததே நித்தியானந்தரின் வழக்கில் முக்கிய குற்றமாக கருதப்டுகிறது. வழக்கு பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டு 45 நாட்கள் கழித்து ஒருவாறாக நித்தியானந்தரை போலீசார் கைது செய்தனர். இந்நிலையில் நடிகை ரஞ்சிதாவும் கைது செய்யப்படுவார் என எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகிறது. ஏற்கனவே ரஞ்சிதா மீது உரிய நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும் என சென்னை கோர்ட்டில் வழக்கு பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது. இவர் இப்போது எங்கே இருக்கிறார் என்பது தற்போதைய கேள்வி.
வீடியோ மூலம் நித்தியானந்தா சொன்னது என்ன ? : வீடியோவில் பேசியதாவது: நான் எந்த ஒரு தவறும் செய்யவில்லை.நானோ எனது தியான பீடமோ எவ்வித தவறான செயல்களிலும் ஈடுபடவில்லை. எனது சோதனையான இந்த காலக்கட்டத்தில் எனது சிஷ்யர்கள், எனது நல விரும்பிகள் எனக்கு உலகம் முழுவதும் பக்கப்பலமாக இருந்து வருகின்றனர். இந்த சோதனையான காலத்தில் வெளிநாடுகளில் இருந்து எனக்கு இ மெயில் மூலம் ஆதரவு தெரிவித்துள்ளனர். இவர்களுக்கு நான் நன்றியை தெரிவித்து கொள்கிறேன்.
நான் கடந்த பல ஆண்டுகளாக உலகம் முழுவதும் நல் வித்துக்களை பரப்பியுள்ளேன். இதன் காரணமாக எனக்கு இந்த ஆதரவு இருக்கிறது. ஆணித்தரமாக சொல்லிக்கொள்ள கடமைப்பட்டுள்ளேன். நான் சட்ட ரீதியான எவ்வித தவறும் செய்யவில்லை. எனது மீதான குற்றச்சாட்டுகள், வதந்திகள் ஆகிய எல்லாவற்றுக்கும் எனது ஆதாரங்கள் திரட்டி வருகிறேன். திரட்டிய பின்னர் நான் உங்கள் முன்பு திறந்து வைக்கிறேன் இவ்வாறு கூறியுள்ளார். இந்த வீடியோ சி.டி.,க்கள் தியான பீடத்தின் மூலமாக பல செய்தி நிறுவனங்களுக்கு அனுப்பி வைக்கப்பட்டது.
இவர் மீது எந்த எந்த பிரிவுகளில் வழக்கு: நித்தியானந்தர் மீது பிடாதி போலீஸ் ஸ்டேஷனில் வழக்கு பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. இது தொடர்பாக மாவட்ட எஸ். பி., பிசனாகலி கூறியதாவது: சேலம் ஆத்தூரை சேர்ந்த லெனின் என்பவர் மூலம் தமிழக போலீசார் அனுப்பிய தகவல் படி நித்தியானந்தர் மீது வழக்கு பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. செக்ஷன் 420 ( மோசடி ) , 376 ( கற்பழித்தல் ) , 377 ( முறையற்ற உடலுறவு ) , 506 ( பி ) (மிரட்டல்) , 120 ( பி) ( குற்ற செயல்களுக்கு உடந்தையாக இருத்தல் ) , 295 ( ஏ) , உள்ளிட்ட பிரிவின் கீழ் நித்தியானந்தர் மீது வழக்கு பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Pakatan accuses BN of exploiting ‘brute majority’

Lim questioned the severity of the reaction towards Anwar’s claims. — file pic
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani - The Malaysian Insider
KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — Lim Kit Siang attacked Barisan Nasional (BN) today for using what he called its “brute majority” to turn Parliament into the Roman Coliseum in order to persecute Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Together with his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) colleagues, he urged BN lawmakers to look into their conscience when deciding whether to refer the opposition leader to powerful Parliament’s Rights and Privileges Committee.
The DAP parliamentary leader also asked Parliament why Anwar’s claim that 1 Malaysia was linked to One Israel, was so “heinous.”
“This is dark day in Parliament. I am very saddened. What is so heinous about the accusation that 1 Malaysia is a carbon copy of One Israel? What is so big [about it]?
“If I say 1 Malaysia is [a] carbon copy of Malaysian Malaysia, then will I be referred to the committee? This is politically motivated through their brute majority” he said.
He was speaking during today’s special debate on whether Anwar should face disciplinary action under Standing Orders 18 (2) over his claim that the prime minister’s 1 Malaysia concept was linked to former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak’s One Israel campaign.
Lim claimed that the House was no longer a court of justice but gladiatorial arena.
“Parliament is like [the] Roman Coliseum and not a court of justice. They do not want to hear what is right but only the brute majority will decide. There has been an utter [and] complete interference in the separation of power because the Cabinet made their decision and everyone just follows.
“That is why we cannot allow brute majority [to decide]. Barisan Nasional must not be allowed brute majority. They are a rude majority, blind majority, stupid majority,” his attacks continued.
Lim then said that BN was being hypocritical, citing the case of Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who was not reprimanded by the House when he accused the DAP of allegedly selling state secrets to Hong Kong and Singapore.
He asked if the House was willing to take action against Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, who had back-tracked from an earlier statement that APCO Worldwide had arranged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s meeting with US President Barack Obama.

Police, soldiers began postal voting

HULU SELANGOR: The two-day postal voting began today in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, being conducted at three places designated by the Election Commission (EC).
Selangor EC director Dzulkifli Ab Rahman said military personnel were casting their ballots at the Kuala Kubu Baharu army camp and police personnel, at the Kuala Kubu Baharu district police headquarters and the Kuala Kubu Baharu police training college.

Altogether, there are 799 postal votes, with 170 of them to be cast by military personnel and the rest by the police, he told Bernama, adding that the police had asked for the voting to be held over two days.

"The postal voting will take place from 8am to 5pm," he said.

Dzulkifli said that after the voting, the bags with the postal ballots would be taken to the office of the returning officer under police escort.

"All the postal ballots will be kept by the returning officer, and will be brought to the tallying centre on April 25 (polling day)," he said.

The Hulu Selangor constituency has 64,500 voters, including the 799 postal voters.

The 63,701 ordinary voters will vote on Sunday, between 8am and 5pm at 48 polling centres, many of them schools.

The by-election is a straight fight between P. Kamalanathan of the Barisan Nasional and Zaid Ibrahim of PKR.

It was necessitated by the death of the member of Parliament, Zainal Abidin Ahmad, 71, of PKR, on March 25. - Bernama

Stakes are high for both sides

By Anil Netto - Free Malaysia Today

COMMENT Pakatan Rakyat faces an uphill task in the remaining days of the [Hulu Selangor by-election] campaign, I am told by a grassroots campaigner from Pas, who spent a couple of days in the outlying areas of Hulu Selangor.
A DAP campaigner, on the other hand, was a bit more sanguine: “I think we can do it. But margin not big.”
At this point, the Pas campaigner thinks Barisan has the edge among the kampung voters and, if things remain as they are, he thinks the BN could clinch victory.

Contrary to perception, he says Pas has the most human resources and machinery on the ground. He estimated that of the total Pakatan machinery in Hulu Selangor, Pas alone accounted for 80 per cent. “We are mostly in the outlying and rural areas and the kampungs, whereas the other parties tend to focus in the more accessible areas.”
He said the kampung folk relied a lot on mainstream media propaganda. “They have been bombarded with such stuff and it’s difficult to sway them.” Some of them have also been taken up by Najib Tun Razak’s talk of revamping the economy. He thinks that the personal attacks on PRK candidate Zaid Ibrahim “may” sway some voters.
At the moment, he thinks both sides have about 30 per cent each of hardcore voters in the kampungs in the bag. Much will depend on how they influence the fence-sitters.
Plenty at stake
Much is at stake. “If PKR loses this time, it means several things,” observes a political analyst. “Among them that there can be no change unless the structural contradictions of the BN system are allowed to unravel by themselves.” Meaning, Pakatan will have to hope that the BN or Umno implodes.
If Najib is overtaken by [Umno deputy president] Muhyiddin [Yassin], then the decline may come faster as the BN can only move further to the right as a result, he adds.
A defeat for Zaid would mean PKR would have run its course and the party may find it difficult to pick up the pieces especially in the aftermath of all those defections.
On the other hand, a BN defeat would spell trouble for the BN system of power-sharing. It would suggest that support for the component parties (apart from Umno) and the seat-sharing formula has collapsed and MCA and MIC candidates would in future be hard-pressed to win in other seats.
Worse for the two parties, Umno may even lay claim on some of their traditional seats. It would also be a psychological blow ahead of the Sibu [parliamentary] by-election [in May].
Even though specific issues do not appear to have been fore-fronted in this campaign, this by-election has implications that extend well beyond Hulu Selangor.

More police outposts and tipping scales favour BN

By B Nantha Kumar - Free Malaysia Today

HULU SELANGOR: Sixteen police outposts (pondoks) have sprung up overnight in all 16 Orang Asli settlements in Hulu Selangor in view of the parliamentary constituency by-election on April 25.
Selangor PKR information chief Tan Yee Kew, in questioning the necessity of these, accused the police of  threatening the harmony of the villages.

“It’s intimidation… by putting up the police pondoks, they (BN) are instilling fear among the Orang Asli, who by nature don’t like any form of confrontation.

“It a threat to the harmony in the village,” she said.

She said her side would be meeting with the police soon to clarify the necessity of the structures.

Earlier this week Orang Asli representative Yusri Ahon alleged that their village chieftain Alam Supah had been threatened by officers from the Election Commission and the Orang Asli Affairs department against allowing Pakatan Rakyat volunteers into their villages.

“They have warned him not to allow Pakatan election volunteers into the Orang Asli villages to talk about land and rights,” Yusri had said.

Cash for votes
Meanwhile street sources yesterday said they were being promised RM200 – RM300 for a vote.

“They are telling us that they will deliver RM200 to our house after we cast our votes,” said a voter, whom FMT caught just as he walked out of the voter-checking station in Kuala Kubu Baru.

In this race to wrest the Hulu Selangor seat which fell vacant following the death of incumbent PKR’s Zainal Abidin Ahmad on March 25 every vote is worthy of attention, especially since BN’s four-term candidate G Palanivel lost Zainal by a flimsy 198-vote majority .

As of yesterday BN was trailing PKR at 40:60, according to Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department T Murugiah.

But the scales, he said, were beginning to tip in favour of BN candidate P Kamalanathan, who is seen as more forthcoming and accessible to the people as compared to his rival Zaid Ibrahim from PKR.

“Firstly you have to look at the candidates and their personalities… This is not Kuala Lumpur or Damansara. This is Hulu Selangor.

“Here the issues are less about policies but more situational, poor local council service, unemployment, money aid, issues.

“The voters come to you with a problem, you solve it, you have their vote,” said the Murugiah who heads the Public Complaints Depart in the PM’s office.

PR skills to charm voters

Coincidentally yesterday evening candidate Kamalanathan had a rude shock when an angry housewife spewed her frustration over the district official’s disregard of her request for welfare aid.

““Why would we vote for BN?” lashed Monan Mat Noor, 51, adding “We have been living here for 16 years and we still have nothing."

Using his best public relations skill, Kamalanathan pacified her before pledging to resolve her request for an additional RM300 welfare aid for her rubber tapper husband and their 10 children.

A calmer Monan from Ladang Kerling Batu Dua later told FMT: “My children keep telling me that there is no use for us to vote for any political party. I almost agreed to that but this time around we will vote for BN," she said.

Zaid meanwhile in his rounds in the constituency has been explaining about his main focus for the area – solving the land problems of the Felda settlers, creating jobs for the youths so that the constituency can be economically developed and addressing the woes of the estates.

The PKR-led state government also announced yesterday that from May 1, owners of unoccupied shophouses and business premises in Hulu Selangor could apply to the local authority to not pay quit rent until their properties generated income for them.

Senarai tokoh Umno yang memiliki saham syarikat judi

Suara Keadilan: Berikut adalah senarai pembabitan pemimpin Umno dulu dan sekarang yang didakwa mempunyai kepentingan dalam syarikat judi di negara ini:

Saham dalam Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd:

Bekas Exco Pemuda Umno, Datuk Mohamed Al-Amin Al-Haj memiliki 1,900,000.

Bekas Menteri Pelajaran dan bekas Pengarah Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Khir Johari memiliki saham sebanyak 40,843 dan 6,666 saham dalam Magnum 4D.

Bekas Peguam Negara dan Pengerusi Suhakam, Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman memiliki 1,666,666 saham.

Anak perempuan Tan Sri Abu Talib, Nor Anita Abu Talib memiliki 680,334 saham.

Saham dalam Genting Berhad

Bekas Spekaer Dewan Rakyat, bekas Pengerusi Genting Bhd serta datuk kepada Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, Tan Sri Noah Omar memiliki 602,318,000 saham dalam Resort World Berhad.

Yayasan Noah memegang saham sebanyak 3,334,600 dalam Genting Berhad. Yayasan Noah kini diwarisi oleh Najib dan Hishammuddin.
Bekas Ketua Polis Negara, Tun Hanif Omar, bekas Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Amin Othman dan bekas Pegawai Bank, Dato’ Paduka Nik Hashim Yusof menjadi Pengarah Genting Berhad.

Bekas Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Tan Sri Wan Sidek Wan Abdul Rahman dan bekas Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Tan Sri Alwi Jantan merupakan Pengarah Resort World.

Saham dalam Sports Toto

Sports Toto yang diasaskan pada tahun 1969 dimiliki Tan Sri Vincent Tan, kroni Tun Dr Mahathir MohamadPengerusi Perhubungan Umno Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dan Setiausaha Kerja Umno Malaysia, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor memegang 3.5 juta saham dalam Sports Toto melalui syarikat nominee iaitu Simsec Nominees.

Dua orang bekas pegawai kanan polis, Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul dan Mohamad Salleh Gomu, adalah Pengarah Sport TotoDatuk Anuar Zaini dan Datuk Sulaiman Mohd Noor adalah Pengarah Berjaya Land Berhad yang memiliki saham sebanyak 292,336,584 dalam Sports Toto.
Dua lagi pengarah Melayu yang beragama Islam dalam Berjaya Land Berhad yang memiliki 284,644,046 ialah Datuk Adnan Shuib dan Arsam Damis.

Dipetik daripada buku ‘Malaysia, Darul Kasino’ oleh Datuk Husam Musa, Exco Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan.

Pakatan Rakyat Youth lodged police report against LTL and OKC

Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat membuat laporan polis terhadap Liow Tiong Lai dan Ong Ka Chuan.

Timbalan Presiden MCA Liow Tiong Lai telah membuat satu kenyataan yg berunsur ugutan terhadap pengundi Hulu Selangor. Beliau memperingati pengundi supaya mengundi dengan berhati-hati kerana mungkin menyebabkan rusuhan kaum.

Kenyataan dibuat semasa dia berucap di sat majlis kempen PRK Hulu Selangor.

Selain itu, pimpinan pusat MCA Ong Ka Chuan juga membuat kenyataan yang mirip iaitu pilihan pengundi di Hulu Selangor akan dikenalpasti oleh kerajaan. Undi tersebut tidak lagi rahsia kerana ia boleh dikenalpasti.

Kedua-dua kenyataan adalah sangat tidak bertanggungjawab serta menimbulkan ketidaktenteraman di kalangan pengundi.

BN selalu mengguna taktik kotor untuk menakut-nakutkan pengundi. Sebagai sebuah Negara yang demokrasi, rakyat sepatutnya dapat mengundi dalam keadaan yang aman dan tenteram. Sebagai ahli politik yang bertanggungjawab, pemimpin MCA tidak patut menakutkan pengundi.

Kenyataan pemimpin MCA jelas menunjukkan bahawa mereka telah hilang sokongan dan kepercayaan daripada rakyat.

Mereka terpaksa mengguna cara murahan tersebut untuk mendapatkan sokongan.

Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat percaya rakyat Hulu Selangor tidak akan terpedaya dengan kenyataan yang tidak matang tersebut.

Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat













Laporan Polis

21hb April 2010

Kami, Lee Khai Loon (No.K/P: 780329-07-5033) dan Lim Swee Kuan (No.840521-01-6297), ingin membuat satu laporan polis terhadap Liow Tiong Lai (Timbalan Presiden MCA) dan Ong Ka Chuan (Ahli Majlis Tertinggi MCA) atas kenyataan mereka yang berunsur ugutan kepada pengundi-pengundi Hulu Selangor.

Kenyataan mereka telah diliputi oleh suratkhabar Sin Chew Daily di Kalumpang menyatakan “sistem undi sekarang boleh dikenalpasti. Jika pengundi mengundi Pakatan Rakyat boleh diketahui” dan juga Oriental Daily di Kuala Kubu Bharu menyatakan “menyeru pengundi untuk sokong Barisan Nasional untuk mengelakkan kejadian rusuhan atau huru-hara seperti di Thailand”.

Kedua-dua kenyataan tersebut juga dilampirkan dalam laporan polis tersebut.

Kami berharap polis boleh mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya ke atas perbuatan yang berunsur ugutan kedua-dua mereka.

Tindakan yang segera perlu diadakan demi mengembalikan ketenteraman serta kesejahteraan di Hulu Selangor.

Tindakan segera diperlukan kerana kenyataan seperti ini boleh mempengaruhi keputusan pilihanraya.

Sekiranya terdapat apa-apa keadaan yang huru hara, kedua-dua orang perlu disiasat dengan segera.

Sekian repot kami.

BN’s “nice guy” offer for Hulu Selangor

BN candidate P Kamalanathan, with his wife Shobana
"CALL him Abang Kamal," says Umno member Abdul Razak Baba, referring to the Barisan Nasional (BN)'s Hulu Selangor candidate P Kamalanathan, when visiting Bukit Sentosa on 19 April 2010. Abdul Razak is not from Hulu Selangor, but he is accompanying Kamalanathan in the Malay Malaysian majority area. He instructs Umno members to call Kamalanathan's wife, Shobana Subramaniam, "Kak Zulaikha", which means "beautiful" in Arabic.
Shobana, wearing a baju kurung, draws appreciative comments for her choice of dress from some Malacca Umno members who have travelled to Hulu Selangor for the by-election. "Nanti lepas menang, boleh pakai tudung," one of them joked.
The BN candidate, however, does not introduce himself to reporters as "Kamal" or any other name. "Don't call me YB, my name is Kamalanathan," he says.
But who is Kamalanathan, and what promise does he bring to Hulu Selangor?
A relative unknown
Umno members' attempts to give Kamalanathan some added character may stem from the fact that he is relatively unknown in the area. The MIC information chief was a compromise candidate after the party's deputy president Datuk G Palanivel was rejected as a candidate. Hence, the BN machinery has been scrambling to introduce their new candidate to the constituency.
In the first few days of campaigning, only a handful of posters with Kamalanathan's image were put up, reflecting, perhaps, the uncertainty surrounding the BN candidate. Even later in the week, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's image was still the most prominent face on BN posters. Speakers at a BN ceramah on 19 April 2010 in Sungai Buaya also hardly mentioned Kamalanathan, preferring instead to attack Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders.
"Kena letak gambar calon," Seri Bakawali Umno division chief Rashidi Ramli tells each Umno division he visits, while handing out posters of Kamalanathan. After several stops, a campaign member belatedly decides to tape Kamalanathan's poster to his car bonnet.

Kamalanathan seems aware of being relatively unknown, telling The Nut Graph that his main priority is to meet as many people in Hulu Selangor as possible and make them his friends. He brushes aside a question on the Internal Security Act, which reportedly was the reason his opponent Datuk Zaid Ibrahim resigned in protest as a minister.
"I don't want to talk about Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, I just want to talk about P Kamalanathan to my friends in Hulu Selangor," he says.
Kamalanathan also declines to elaborate on policy issues such as race-based versus needs-based affirmative action, saying he would look at these matters at the appropriate time. "For me, my number one objective is to win this for BN. To meet as many people as possible, to tell them what BN is all about," he says.
Making friends
If making friends is Kamalanathan's main campaign objective, he certainly seems cut out for the job. The 44-year-old public relations consultant arrives for his early morning breakfast in Bukit Sentosa on 19 Apr 2010 with a bright smile. He warmly shakes everyone's hands, and sportingly agrees to be photographed making roti canai while bantering with reporters: "My wife is laughing so hard, this is the first time I'm doing this."
When asked about Kamalanathan's strengths as a potential Member of Parliament, his MIC colleague also acknowledges his likeable nature. "[Kamalanathan] has a clean image ... He's a very approachable person. Most of the MIC [people] warm up to him as soon as they get to know him. He can mix with anyone — the bigshots, the roadside vegetable seller, anyone," MIC Youth national assistant secretary Premnath Agamutu tells The Nut Graph.
Premnath adds that as MIC information chief, Kamalanathan has spearheaded the MIC's rebranding efforts. He is known in the party for bringing in the use of new technology and engaging with the new media.
Makkal Sakti supporter Sridaran Krishnasamy, who was present at one of the BN booths, also praises Kamalanathan. "He's the best person. He's the best choice, that's why [Datuk Seri] Samy Vellu chose him. His heart is open to everybody. He'll work for people. He's in public relations," Sridaran says, when asked why he's supporting Kamalanathan.
Long-term problems
But while a winning smile and charming personality may go a long way towards gaining votes, more will be needed to address Hulu Selangor's long-term issues. Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Beruntung are full of abandoned projects, shop lots and run-down, half-empty low-cost residences.
Kamalanathan acknowledges this. "I have seen myself, there are so many [abandoned] development [projects]," he says.

Abandoned shoplots in Bukit Sentosa
Although he appears to have a general idea of what the area needs, his proposals are vague for now. "First, I have to understand why these projects have been abandoned, even I don't know," he says. "This place is beautiful. It leads to Fraser's and also to Genting Highlands. We have to find ways to increase the different activities around this area. [For example, providing] accommodation, so if you want to go to Fraser's, perhaps you can stay here a day before going there."
What voters want
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supporter and Hulu Selangor voter Letchumy Raju tells The Nut Graph of the hardships she and her fellow residents in Taman Bunga Raya face.
"Whatever race, we all don't have anything," Letchumy says. "Our children have to travel far to go to school. My three children sometimes don't go to school because we don't have enough bus fare. My husband finds it difficult to get a job around here."
When asked about her impressions of the BN candidate, she responds, "Tak pernah tengok dia." She says she and her husband have tried to ask for help from the MIC, but they did not receive any assistance, hence their support for PKR.
Trusting BN
Which brings us to the question many may be asking about Kamalanathan. Even after he gets around to figuring out concrete solutions to Hulu Selangor's issues, will he be able to push the Umno-dominated BN government to implement them? Especially once the incentive of winning the by-election has been removed?
And as nice and friendly as he may seem, can he be trusted to "champion national unity and foster cultural diversity" as promised, while being part of a race-based party?
Although it's early days yet, the signs at the moment are not entirely promising. When asked by The Nut Graph whether Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's "Malay first" remarks would pose a hindrance to fostering national unity, Kamalanathan replies, "The best thing is you should ask [Muhyiddin], we all have an opinion, I have my opinion. I'm just concentrating on winning this election."
Given his other evasive responses on important issues of policy and his reported defence of Perkasa, Kamalanathan's campaign so far fails to answer the question — if he's elected, what exactly will he stand for and do?

Rakaman Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim Di Kg.Air Panas

Tweet updates from Parliament

By Lim Kit Siang,

In 90 minutes Parlmnt will be scene of brute majority bullying minority – illustration why BN must nvr b allowed 2get back 2/3 parl majority
Thursday, April 22, 2010 8:38 AM
What’s so heinous abt saying 1Malaysia is carbon copy of 1Israel dat parliamentary opp leader shld be referred Cttee Privileges n suspended?
Thursday, April 22, 2010 9:21 AM
BN Ministers/MPs make wildest even harebrained allgtns agnst Opposition R they all 2b hauled b4 Prvlgs Cttee? Then it will have 2meet daily
Thursday, April 22, 2010 9:39 AM
2day Najib Govt n Parliament in dock n not Anwar Case of gross violation of doctrine of separation of powers with Executive dictating 2Parl
Thursday, April 22, 2010 9:43 AM

B4 debate begins I asked 4clarification whether motion presumes offence of Anwar n reference 2Pr Cttee 4sentence or Cttee will deal w both
Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:25 AM
Nazri’s motion not happily worded Speaker Pandikar said reference 2Cttee is 2deal 1) w allgtn n 2) sentence Parl caught on this pt 30mins
Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:30 AM
Debate begins Speaker limits every MP 2 15mins each 4 speakers on each side Azmin opens debate Anwar Nazri last 2 speakers
Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:49 AM
Pulai MP is first BN speaker 15 minutes is too short 2do justice 2an important issue
Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:54 AM
Parliament degenerated like gladiatorial battle in Roman Coliseum when it should b acting like a court 2mete out justice I will speak next
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:07 AM
Ended my speech warning dat d more Umno/BN persecute Anwar n PR d faster is d doomsday 4 Umno/BN Said this is blacklettered day 4Parl n Msia
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:33 AM
Asked what so heinous in saying 1Msia is carbon copy of 1Israel? Will I b dragged 2Cttee Prvlgs 4saying 1Msia is carbon copy of Msian Msia?
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:37 AM
Those who seek equity must come w clean hands BN ministers/MPs do not have clean hands 2 examples why Nazri himself shd b referred Pr Cttee
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:41 AM
2 eg 1)denial APCO invlvd in Najib/Obama meet after saying so in Parl 2)mislead Parl rushing thru Strategic Trade Bill as gift 2WhiteHouse
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:45 AM
KotaBelud MP next Speaker plunging House into 20min chaos when he equated PAS with Israel
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:47 AM
I spoke abt BN/Umno hypocrisy – no minister dare say Msian 1st race 2nd Also abt “alcohol” attack on Zaid when Umno Ministers had also drank
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:52 AM
What shd b done is RCI on whether 1Msia is carbon copy 1Israel Asked if Najib undertake 2appear b4 Pri Cttee 2disclose all official papers
Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:55 AM
Next Pas MP Pokok Sena Mahfuz Kota BeludMP had taken 30 minutes Mahfuz asked Nazri 2withdraw motion 2amend w/o prejudging Anwar’s guilt
Thursday, April 22, 2010 12:00 PM

Police, Soldiers Begin Postal Voting In Hulu Selangor By-Election

HULU SELANGOR, April 22 (Bernama) -- The two-day postal voting began Thursday in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, being conducted at three places designated by the Election Commission (EC).

Selangor EC director Dzulkifli Ab Rahman said military personnel were casting their ballots at the Kuala Kubu Baharu army camp and police personnel, at the Kuala Kubu Baharu district police headquarters and the Kuala Kubu Baharu police training college.

Altogether, there are 799 postal votes, with 170 of them to be cast by military personnel and the rest by the police, he told Bernama, adding that the police had asked for the voting to be held over two days.

"The postal voting will take place from 8am to 5pm," he said.

Dzulkifli said that after the voting, the bags with the postal ballots would be taken to the office of the returning officer under police escort.

"All the postal ballots will be kept by the returning officer, and will be brought to the tallying centre on April 25 (polling day)," he said.

The Hulu Selangor constituency has 64,500 voters, including the 799 postal voters.

The 63,701 ordinary voters will vote on Sunday, between 8am and 5pm at 48 polling centres, many of them schools.

The by-election is a straight fight between P. Kamalanathan of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

It was necessitated by the death of the Member of Parliament, Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad, 71, of the PKR, on March 25.

Kamalanathan puts up his Edith Cowan cert - Anil Neto

P Kamalanathan has put up what appears to be his Edith Cowan University certificate on the Internet.
The certificate states he was awarded a Bachelor of Communications from the University on 23 January 1994 2004.

Check it out here.
Strange that instead of discussing real issues, the campaign has veered towards drinking habits and the authenticity of one’s educational qualifications (though no doubt there are a few people with dubious qualifications around).

Destitute in Bukit Beruntung

Kamalanathan: I will do my best

Zaid: SPR must be fair

A piece of Ethiopia in One Malay-sia. Indian poor couple live on left over restaurant food throw away in UMNO and PKR ruled Selangor

Indian poor couple live on left over restaurant food throw away in UMNO and PKR ruled Selangor
We have heard stories like this happening in poverty stricken India some forty yearsIndian poor couple ago but today this no longer happens in India but still happens in the UMNO regime in Malay-sia and PKR ruled Selangor. Perhaps this R.Kanniappan (60) would have been better off in India had the British not brought his ancestors to Malaysia.
The picture of the frail, skinny, bone and skin of R.Kanniappan (below) speaks a thousand words.
But why does this happen only to the poor Indians in Malaysia? All other poor Malays, Chinese, Orang asli or natives are unheard of suffering and labouring in this level of poverty.
The former rubber tapper Kanniappan is today unemployed.
The cowshed looking hut Kanniappan and his 59 year old wife stays has no water and electricity. He lives in dirty filthy and dark living conditions. The picture paints a scavenger with no personal belongings in his home. They both have been denied birth certificates identity cards and Malaysian citizenship although they are both born in this country. (MN 21/4/2010 front page and page 10).
This is the result of UMNO’s social engineering. Had UMNO given Kanniappan a piece of the ten acre Felda likeland ownership schemes as granted for the poor Malays, Orang asli and natives, Kaniappan would not be in this position today. Unlike the Orang asli, Kadazan, Iban and Chinese poor who have their traditional villages, ancestral villages, and Chinese new villages to fall back on as their social safety net, hundreds of thousands of these poor Indians have no village to go to. So they end up on the streets, live in mysery all their living days waiting for death or simply commit suicide. (Note: The suicide rate in the Indian community is 600% higher than in the Malay community).
All this is only possible in the whole wide world only in Malaysia and under the over two year rule of PKR in Selangor. When we raise these atrocities, even Anwar Ibrahim accuse Hindraf of having a racist agenda.
The truth is Anwar Ibrahim, PKR, DAP and PAS all refuse to or ever intend to address this Indian poor problem, especially so when it has reached the “condemned” critical and bottom most write off state. Also Anwar, UMNO, PKR, DAP and PAS do not get the votes by championing these problems.
Never mind the humanity aspect of it. Multi-racial racial PKR, DAP and PAS?
One Malay-sia?
J. Lalita
Indian poor couple Indian poor couple lives 2

Hulu S’gor: Indians semi-slaves’ half hour water supply per day. Compliments to UMNO and PKR.

Hulu S’gor: Indians semi-slaves’ half hour water supply per day. Compliments to UMNO and PKR.
Slavery has been eliminated in the world about 100 years ago.
But in Malaysia near slavery still exists. In the Changkat Asa Estate in Hulu Selangor 40 Indian families, who have been living there for over 60 years are even denied tap water and allowed only one hour of water supply per day which had earlier been reduced from 3 hours. But at times they get only half an hour of water supply per day!
selangor indian slave Their two room estate houses do not have doors and toilets are clogged up and not repaired. There are no street lights and people live in darkness after dark and they have to wait for hours for the public bus.
They probably also earn RM 13 per day x 26 days = RM 338 per month as plantation workers with no EPF, Socso and medical benefits like their plantation worker brothers in Cameron Highlands.
The UMNO government has acknowledged income of RM 2,000 per month as low income households and extreme poverty as those earning RM 440 and below per month.
(The Star 29/1/10 at page N 41). But UMNOs’ RM 48 million welfare help allocation for 2010 will never reach these Indian poor ( Star and NST headlines 24/10/09). Why?
We have never read or heard of any other Malay, Chinese, orang asli or native communities suffering to this extent, ie., without even piped water when prosperous Malaysia has even the tallest twin towers in the world. Because they all have some political and/or economic clout which the Indians do not have.
Compliments to 50 years of the UMNO regime rule and over two years of the PKR led rule in Selangor! These atrocities to the Indian poor has today refused to be addressed even by PKR, DAP and PAS ruled Selangor.
Water supply is the responsibility of the PKR, DAP and PAS Selangor State government.
But when we raise the issue why this level of near slave living conditions of the Indian poor in Malaysia remaining unresolved and never happening to any other community in Malaysia, even PKR Supremo label this as the Hindraf racist agenda!
P. Uthayakumar

hulu selangor indian slave hulu selangor indian slave 2

Hulu S’gor: PKR Indian Exco cheap politics in close competition with MIC mandore politics

Hulu S’gor: PKR Indian Exco cheap politics in close competition with MIC mandore politics
This Selangor Indian EXCO mandore is in steep competition with his MIC mandore counterparts but both under instructions from their respective tuans Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak.
samy velu n xavier After 53 years of independence and rule by UMNO for 50 years, and now two over years by PKR, DAP and PAS of Selangor, all 98 Tamil schools, all Hindu temples and Indian settlements have been denied land as a permanent solution as what has been done for all masjids and suraus.
Both Anwar and Najib have no intentions of solving this critical and they may feel “messy” Indian poor problem, so they both get their PKR Indian EXCO mandore and the 29 year standing ex MIC minister mandor to do the usual but now heightened wayang kulit illusion of peanut mock cheques of RM2,000 by UMNO’s mandores for the Kalumpang Tamil school and RM25,000 peanuts for the Sangakat Asa Tamil school and a host of empty promises and peanuts of a couple of thousands for a host of Tamil schools and Hindu temples and cemeteries. Land title for any land allocated for these schools, temples and cemeteries was never made public or at least to the press for them to report.
PKR, let us get to the point, why not grant land to all 98 Tamil schools, all Hindu temples and Hindu cemeteries in Selangor, all in one go? Why, you won’t get to play any more of the ala MIC mandore politics? The Indian political sacrificial goose to cheat the Indians would be slaughtered for good? You the Indian Exco mandore will have no more role if this problem is given a permanent solution or you and your tuan Anwar Ibrahim’s political relevance will come to an end?
This is exactly how the UMNOs’ mandore MIC mandores have been keeping themselves politically afloat for 50 long years only to be ably aped by the PKR, DAP and PAS Indian DCM II, EXCO, MP, ADUN and other low level sub-mandores.
And now the only thing both UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS tuans and towkays want is the Indians votes!

sngor PKR Indian EXCO cheap mandore politics Hulu Sngor PKR indian 2

Hulu S’gor: UMNO and PKR denies multi purpose hall for Indians

Hulu S’gor: UMNO and PKR denies multi purpose hall for Indians
chinese hall The Chinese have two multi purpose halls.
"Each time there is a wedding, we have to rent any one of the Chinese or Malay community halls" (MM 12/4/10 at page 5).
"Despite my RM 25 daily pay working at the estate, I am actually considered one of the lucky ones as I have a home with a roof that doesn’t leak, water and electricity supply plus I am able to feed my children".
“There are so many others here who don’t even have a proper roof over their heads.”
UMNO and PKR have both denied even a multi purpose hall for the Indians in Hulu Selangor. But they both have no shame in going back to the very same Indians and asking for their votes telling them that the Indians are the king makers.
But immediately after getting their votes, the Indians are thereafter dumped until the next general elections.
442,000 almost all malay muslims have been awarded the ten acre plantation land ownership schemes, living on their own farm houses (BH 25/2/2010 at page 4). But Arjunan and hundreds of thousands of other Indians have been denied these ten acre land ownership, not because they do not deserve it but simply because they are Indians and happen to live the world’s most racist country ie Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.
UMNO wants Arjunan and his future generations to remain at a RM 25 per day rated plantation as an unskilled and general worker.

hulu sgor 1hulu sgor 2

Penang DCM II & Kedah Exco Indian Exo mandore’s, a la MIC, hamper politics. So as not to hamper their political ascent!

Penang DCM II 2
The charter members of this hamper politics is the MIC under their tuan UMNO’s instructions which has been specially designed and tailor made to create an illusion of their role and relevance when in reality they are meant to be non deliverers.
For example after 53 years of independence if they can’t even get birth certificates for some 150,000 forth, fifth and sixth generation Malaysian born children, they cannot be expected to deliver anything else. In fact it is a non starter.
Now for over two years PKR, DAP and PAS have been in power in Kedah, Penang and Selangor. The very same UMNO political culture is now passed on to PKR, DAP and PAS vis a vis the Indians in these three states.
To start off with, only one Exco Member in each of the four (including Perak earlier) were given for Indians so that whatever their “false and empty promises”, illusions and deceptions “to be brought to the Menteri Besar’s attention and the hopes raised will not leak out with the existence of a second or third Exco Member".
In all these four states, like in the 50 year UMNO regime, the Exco and supposedly DCM II portfolios are labour, plantation workers, health………… (read Indian mandore portfolio).
PKR, DAP and PAS all claim to be multi-racial. So, why can’t the Malays and Chinese Exco who have the real power in PKR, DAP and PAS be in charge the Indians affairs or take the portfolios of labour, health, etc?
To us it is simply no intention on the part of the PKR, DAP and PAS tuans and towkays to seriously address the critical Indian problems for fear of losing the Malay votes. And so these tuans and towkays instruct their Mandors to play mandore hamper politics.
By dishing out hampers at least 100 poor Indians will be drawn to the function. And the Tamil press will report 1,000 people attended, but not show the picture of the crowd (MN 20/4/10 at page 2). Giving out hampers and other peanuts is a trade mark of the MIC, to draw a small crowd but to give the impression of a big crowd and that they have popular support. And this trick is now able aped by the PKR, DAP and PAS Indian mandores, without even a by your leave or without any shame in infringing trademarks and copyrights and intellectual property rights that righty belong to MIC!
Ever wondered why hampers are hardly given out to the Malays or Chinese?
When they can’t give the real substantive and even basic necessities like the ten acre land ownership schemes for the poor Indians in Felda like land schemes, unlike the 110,000, 120,000 and 3.3 acres of land granted to the Malays (RKT) Chinese (New Villages) and each orang asli family within one month of coming to power in Perak, stop the Kg. Buah Pala demolishments in Penang, Ladang Batu Pekaka Hindu cemetery being demolished in Kedah, and the non granting of state land even for the 98 Tamil schools in Selangor, these MIC, PKR, DAP and PAS mandores end up giving out hampers, peanuts and token handouts.
No real and permanent solutions are offered but only temporary and piecemeal solutions.
After all the victims are merely the Indians with no or very little political clout. So why bother.

Penang DCM II 1 Penang DCM II 2

Hulu Selangor: PKR’s makings of, a la MIC, garland politics when they cannot deliver or perform.

Hulu Selangor: PKR’s makings of, a la MIC, garland politics when they cannot deliver or perform.

hulu selangor These similar images we see today of the Selangor PKR Exco Mandore that we saw of the MIC mandores in the past 53 years. What has changed?

Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s single biggest success thus far is the UMNO style creation of Indian mandores. These Indian PKR, DAP and PAS mandores like the MIC mandore counterparts are not meant to be empowered to address the Indian problems. So when they cannot deliver or perform they resort to playing garland politics a la MIC to create the illusion in the Tamil dailies that they indeed are the people in power.

(See photo in MO 19/4/10 at page 8).

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

hulu selangor

Having tasted rebellion after taking part in the November 25, 2007 Hindraf protest, Indians bow not to UMNO or PKR, DAP and PAS

Having tasted rebellion after taking part in the November 25, 2007 Hindraf protest, Indians bow not to UMNO or PKR, DAP and PAS
having tasted It is a major task to identify and persuade them to come back and vote for the Party, especially when most of them are young and some having tasted rebellion after taking part in the Nov 25, 2007 Hindraf protest in Kuala Lumpur.
At the peoples’ level, March 8 brought major changes. It made the people vocal and organised in demanding their rights. It ended submissiveness and removed fear from the political realm.
After March 8, there was no stopping the people demanding accountability and transparency from their political leaders, irrespective of their political coalition. Political parties cannot any longer ignore the new paradigm that March 8 has brought. Politics and governance have taken new dimensions and will never be the same again since the watershed event of March 8,2008.
Writes K. Baradan in The Star 15/4/2010 at page N29 and 9/3/2010 at page N19).
Despite the November 25th 2007 Hindraf Rally both UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS are still playing kosong paper politics especially through the Tamil newspapers, TV 2 Tamil News, Radio 6 and THR Raaga.
When the Hindraf uprising can happen, it can also happen again. Both UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS have to watch and learn.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.

UMNO: Malay food stall allowed to operate for 10 years without license. Non starter for Indian stalls. Thousands demolished by UMNO.

UMNO: Malay food stall allowed to operate for 10 years without license. Non starter for Indian stalls. Thousands demolished by UMNO.
Hassan complains that his stall was never given a license for ten ymalay lady 
selling foodears. But in the mean time he has been given the opportunity to do business for 10 long years now.
But for a poor Indian similarly trying to leak out a living, it is a non starter. Within weeks if not within days, poor Indians stalls would have been demolished by the local authorities or enforcement agencies. There is no history in Malay-sia where poor Indians has been allowed by the UMNO authorities to operate for ten long years. No way can this happen. This example is just the tip of the iceberg of the direct discrimination against the Indians in Malay-sia.
But then again Prime Minister Najib Razak says that this is One Malay-sia, ie., one rule for the Malay muslims and one rule for the poor Indians.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

umno 1 umno 2

Najib: I know all PKR's secrets

By Stephanie Sta Maria and Rahmah Ghazali - Free Malaysia Today

BUKIT SENTOSA: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, in his first day of campaign for Hulu Selangor by-election tonight, unveiled his latest ammunition against PKR: "I know all their secrets.”
Speaking to 2,000 party loyalists at the BN command centre here, he said the secrets were spilled by two former PKR-turned-independent MPs Zulkifli Noordin (Kulim Bandar Baru) and Zahrain Mohamed Hashim (Bayan Baru) during their recent trip to the United States.
"PKR is in chaos because now we know its secrets. Both Zahrain and Zulkifli came to see me in my room every night to divulge the sordid details regarding PKR.
"Now we know its secrets inside out, sampai seluar dalam dia pun kita tahu," said Najib, drawing laughter from the crowd.
According to him, he now knows "how their fitnah (slander) and character assassinations were planned.
"But I do not want to elaborate. It is enough that they, I and God know," he said.
Najib also accused PKR of "twisting" the intention of his bilateral talk with US President Barack Obama during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.
"But PKR manipulated it to make it look like I 'kow-tow' to the US. If we didn't have bilateral talks with Obama, it have said that is because Malaysia is a second class compared to others.
"They (PKR leaders) are experts at spinning stories," said Najib, to the crowd's applause.
'We met as equals'
However, he explained that he and Obama met as "equals" and he did not bow down to the US.
"If we have a good engagement with the other side, we can easily get our point across. We don't have to agree on everything, we can disagree in a nice and respectable way," he said.
Najib also clarified that he was the only leader at the summit who pushed for peace in the crisis-plagued Middle East, adding that if he really “kow tow” to the US, he wouldn't have spoken up.
Without mentioning Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's name throughout his speech, he also noted the former's allegations that his 1Malaysia concept is linked to One Israel through the public relations firm Apco, which conceived both concepts.
"His desperation to win votes has caused him his friends in the US who now realise that he is a two-faced leader," he said.
Referendum on BN
Shifting his focus on the by-election, Najib described it as a referendum on the ruling coalition's "clear sense of direction" to the country's success.
He also explained that this is why he has broken the tradition of a prime minister not being on a by-election campaign trail.
"But this by-election is special because it is taking place in Selangor and besides, I am the BN chairman and Selangor liaison chief," he said to thunderous applause.
On a serious note, he admitted that the main issue in Selangor is public sceptism that the government can deliver on its promises.
"I want to tell the people that BN will keep to its words. Our track record has proven this," said Najib.
He also urged all Malaysian Indians in Hulu Selangor to vote for P Kamalanathan as it would fulfil the 1Malaysia concept.
"We already have two assemblymen from Umno and one from MCA here. An MIC MP would complete this picture," he said, as way of introducing Kamalanathan to the people.
This is the first time Najib has met Kamalanathan since the announcement of his candidacy last Thursday.
BN is set to face a tough fight from PKR's heavyweight Zaid Ibrahim this Sunday.

MIC boss: We've the better man

By RK Anand

KUALA KUBU BARU: The duel has been likened to that between David and Goliath, since the generals saw it fit to thrust a greenhorn onto the battlefied to slump a giant.
Biblical analogies aside, P Kamalanathan might appear taller than his opponent, but Zaid Ibrahim's credentials and experience are towering.

Unlike David who was only armed with a slingshot, the MIC information chief is backed by a well-oiled war machine, but it does not make the task of slaying a renowned former minister and MP any less arduous.

However, when FMT caught up with one of the generals, he expressed unwavering confidence in Kamalanathan's ability to emerge victorious in the battle of Hulu Selangor.

As far as MIC president S Samy Vellu is concerned, Barisan Nasional has the “better” candidate, whose profiency in Bahasa Malaysia provides him an added advantage in the Malay-majority seat.

“He is a young man, a capable man and is very good in Bahasa. Above all, he is a simple man who would go down to the grassroots to work,” he said during the exclusive interview.

The 44-year-old Kamalanathan, whose expertise is public relations, is known for his down-to-earth demeanour and people skills.

Lacking in the art of human relations
Zaid, on the other hand, said Samy Vellu, is not exactly a sociable character.

“I was in Parliament for so many years, he (Zaid) was the MP for Kota Baru. He doesn't speak to anybody easily. He is very reserved.

“When a man is so reserved, how can he get nearer to the people? Politics is about being near to the people and to be kind and caring towards them,” said the former MP and works minister.

Samy Vellu confessed that he never had a conversation or any other form of communication with Zaid before, apart from one episode where they acknowledged each other with a wave of the hand.

“I have never spoken to him even once,” he said.

The MIC president explained that he was not ridiculing Zaid, but merely stating the fact that the art of human relations is a prerequisite in politics.

Asked if this meant that Zaid's “high profile” would not have an impact on the voters, Samy Vellu said he does not believe so, while former MIC vice-president S Sothinathan, who was also present, quipped: “High profile, but cannot reach down to the low-profile people.”

It will be a close fight
Meanwhile, Samy Vellu chose to reserve his comments regarding the character assassination of Zaid in the on-going campaign, where his rivals have branded the PKR candidate as an alcoholic and gambler.
“It is better that I don't say anything about this. It is better that I don't know... I wouldn't want to comment on this,” he said.

However, the MIC president predicted a close fight between the two candidates, with the odds favouring Kamalanathan.

“The chances are good because the Umno machinery is very strong. The BN and MIC machineries are also working very hard to ensure a win,” he said.

After pausing for a moment, Samy Vellu added: “MCA is also doing something. But they are very silent, we don't know.”

I am a man of peace
The veteran politician also dismissed talk of potential protest votes or sabotage by disgruntled MIC factions with regard to the candidate.

Kamalanathan was the eleventh-hour choice after the BN leadership rejected MIC deputy president G Palanivel, a four-term MP for Hulu Selangor prior to his defeat in the 2008 general election.

His supporters are said to be seething in anger, and plotting revenge.

Another faction seeing red, is the one aligned to Hulu Selangor MIC Youth chief V Mugilan, who was Umno's preferred choice, but shot down by Samy Vellu.

According to Samy Vellu, Palanivel is on the campaign trail in support of Kamalanathan while peace has also been made with Mugilan.

“I have already spoken to Mugilan, and we have drawn up a plan. All his boys will be called to come to the Kerling estate, where we will be having our 1,000 youths dinner.

“Being president, I have to be fair to everybody. When you quarrel with people, you end up worrying for a long time. When you settle the issue, you become a man of peace, I am a man of peace,” he said.

Samy Vellu also rubbished claims that certain forces in Umno want to see MIC defeated so that Umno can take over the seat in the next general election.

He said a victory in Hulu Selangor is also crucial for Umno, whose president is bent on recapturing the Selangor state from Pakatan Rakyat in the next general election.

Plight of the poor Indians
On another issue, Samy Vellu expressed sadness over the living conditions of Indian Malaysians in the estates in Hulu Selangor.

“One of the things I have noticed since I have been working here (on the ground) is that some of the estate owners don't care about their workers. There are no proper roads or water supply.

“After coming here, I really felt I am not in Malaysia, I thought I was in some country under colonial rule,” he said, adding that the situation in the estates was better during the British rule.

Samy Vellu said while the estate communities had voted against the BN in 2008, they however have come to the realisation that “temporary emotions cannot safeguard their future”.

He added that now the federal government is serious about looking after their welfare in terms of healthcare, unemployment and the issuance of identity cards.

In view of this, the MIC president said those in the estates are more receptive of BN.

Like husband and wife
Taking a swipe at Pakatan Rakyat, Samy Vellu said the opposition coalition is very kind towards Indian voters during elections.

“This period of kindness will be for a few days, where they will visit houses and give bus fare and  tuition fees for the schoolchildren under the pretext of the Selangor government.

“If the Selangor government is so kind, it should give such aid to all the citizens in the state and not only in the by-election area. These are attractive sweeteners.

“What does BN do? It upgrades the living standards of these people. Where there is no water, it brings water, where there are no roads, it builds roads,” he said.

Samy Vellu said the living conditions of poor Indians have not changed under the Pakatan rule.

“They may be happy during by-elections, but after that, the promises are forgotten,” he said, citing the Kampung Buah Pala incident in the Pakatan-governed state of Penang.

“When (Opposition Leader) Anwar Ibrahim went there to speak (during the 2008 election campaign), he said, 'Kalau kita memerintah negeri ini, dua minggu sahaja, masalah ini sudah selesai. Tanah ini awak punya'.

“But they didn't do anything,” he said in referrence to the demolition of  the antiquated Indian settlement to pave the way for commercial development.

Conceding that it is not easy for the state government to do certain things, Samy Vellu however said it should refrain from “dramatising” issues.

When pointed out that the federal government does not cooperate with the opposition-controlled state governments, the MIC president replied: “This is like a husband and wife relationship: the husband always blames the wife, the wife always blames the husband.”

In another development, Samy Vellu refused to comment on the news report that a consortium is planning to purchase the investments of shareholders in MIC's debt-ridden financial arm, Maika Holdings.
The MIC leader said he has been instructed not to say anything further on this matter for now.
Some have dismissed the issue as an election gimmick since there are 1,500 Maika shareholders in Hulu Selangor.

Xavier: Indian votes swinging to Pakatan

By Rahmah Ghazali - Free Malaysia Today

KERLING: Pakatan Rakyat is now confident that Indian votes in the Hulu Selangor by-election will swing to its candidate Zaid Ibrahim by polling day, which is this Sunday.
Selangor executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar said this would be the fruit of two years of a good working relationship between the Pakatan-led state government and the local people.
Indians make up 26.7 percent of voters in the parliamentary constituency. Malays account for 53.9 percent, Chinese 19 per cent and others 0.4 per cent.
Indian votes were split in the 2008 general election. This was due to the rise of the now outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), Xavier said in an interview with FMT.
He said Pakatan would do even better among the Indians this time around because they now knew how much better the current state administration was than the previous BN-run government.
"They have tasted it first hand and seen how able the state government is in carrying out its programmes ... to bring about equity and prosperity among the people,” he said.
"It is good in the long run and I am positive that Indian votes will swing towards Pakatan come polling day.”
Xavier holds the Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government portfolio in the state cabinet.
Asked to estimate the percentage of the expected vote swing, he said: "I am not sure about it percentage wise, but a large majority of Indians will be voting Pakatan."
This Sunday’s contest is between PKR's Zaid and MIC’s P Kamalanathan.
So far, so good
Xavier did a walkabout of Ladang Kerling Batu Dua today and bumped into Kamalanathan, who has been on a walkabout marathon around Hulu Selangor to woo the voters. They shook hands, smiled and went their separate ways.
Kamalanathan, a public relations professional, seems to have the upper hand so far, but Xavier, who is the PKR state assemblyman for Sri Andalas , insisted that there was good reason for his optimism. He said Pakatan had been receiving positive feedback from the ground.
"And we have to translate the support into votes and win with a bigger margin,” he said. “It looks good to us but we won't take it easy and will continue the work on the ground.”

Come again, Kamal bin Nathan

When contacted, the 44-year-old Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election explained that he had entered a twining programme with Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur, and was subsequently awarded a degree from Edith Cowan University. “I never said I went overseas,” he told The Malaysian Insider, adding that a scanned copy of his degree from the university would be up on his website,, within 24 hours.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
First of all, the so-called website does not exist

Now let us look at the courses available in Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur (No Bachelor of Mass Communications offered)

Finally, see the Edith Cowan University off-campus courses offered (No Bachelor of Mass Communications offered)
Bachelors Degrees (32)
o Bachelor of Arts
o Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Addiction Studies)
o Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Counselling)
o Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
o Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Criminology and Justice)
o Bachelor of Business
o Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
o Bachelor of Computer and Network Security
o Bachelor of Computer Science
o Bachelor of Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence
o Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
o Bachelor of Health Science
o Bachelor of Health Science
o Bachelor of Information Technology
o Bachelor of Laws
o Bachelor of Laws
o Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Arts
o Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Business
o Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Psychological Science
o Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
o Bachelor of Psychological Science
o Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
o Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
o Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
o Bachelor of Science (Security and Justice Studies)
o Bachelor of Science (Security Management)
o Bachelor of Science (Security Management)
o Bachelor of Science (Security)
o Bachelor of Science (Security)
o Bachelor of Science (Web Technology)
o Bachelor of Social Science
o Bachelor of Social Work