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Sunday, May 9, 2010

K'tan: Sultan's sisters say consort a 'control queen' - Malaysiakini

Two of the Kelantan Sultan's sisters came out today accusing the ruler's consort, Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid, of having kept the sultan under lock-and-key.

"(It is) the consort (who) is controlling who visits the sultan, and police, doctors and hospital staff have been harassed by her aides,” Tengku Salwani Yahya Petra told reporters at Rumah Kelantan in Kuala Lumpur.

kelantan sultan succession dispute 090510 right tengku salwani 
almarhum left tengku rozan
"I understand that one of the hospital staff has filed a police report on this matter," added Tengku Salwani (right in photo), who is the Sultan's elder sister.

Kelantan Sultan Tuanku Ismail Petra is currently warded at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

He was admitted there on Tuesday, May 4, after a dramatic police operation involving members of the Special Operations Unit (UTK) that saw the third son of the Sultan, Tengku Muhd Fakhry, and several of his bodyguards detained soon after their convoy left the royal palace in Kota Bharu en route to the airport.

In what is believed to be a tussle for the throne between Tengku Fakhry and his eldest brother, the regent and acting ruler Tengku Muhd Faris Petra, the Sultan's consort claimed to have been treated less than royally by the police.

NONETengku Anis (right) also alleged that she had not been allowed to be with her husband the Sultan despite pleas that she feared for his safety.
According to Tengku Rozan, however, it was not long ago that the consort herslef allegedly barred them from visiting their own brother the Sultan when he was previously being treated in Singapore.
Until March this year, Tuanku Ismail had for nine months been in the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for heart treatment.
kelantan sultan succession dispute 090510 tengku rozan"We were barred for the whole nine months that we were there (Singapore). Other visitors, including medical specialists and religious experts from Malaysia, were also barred," said Tengku Rozan (left).
The claim, aired previously, has been denied by those claiming to be close to Tengku Anis.
Tengku Rozan, however, went further by claiming that of those visitors allowed in by the consort, some were adding to the stress suffered by the sultan by "trying to convince him" to think badly of the regent, Tengku Faris.
There is even reason to believe that the consort had resorted to the services of bomohs (witchdoctors) to 'treat' the Sultan, said Tengku Rozan, citing the discovery of amulets and other "questionable items" near the Sultan during his treatment in Singapore.
Both sisters urged all members of the royal family to give their support to the regent, whom they said has been very level-headed in trying to solve the family debacle without airing their dirty laundry in public.

The regent has thus far kept a low profile on the issue.
Tengku Rozan added that contrary to reports, Tengku Abdul Aziz Hamzah, who recently claimed he was barred by police from visiting the sultan, is not their uncle but that of Tengku Anis.

In what appeared to be a message to the consort, Tengku Salwani said: "Let's return to the true path which would be pleasing to Allah. We are over 60 years of age and God-willing, we too will (soon) return to Him. He knows what we do and the rakyat will judge our doings."

Tengku Rozan added: "We all belong to God and are under His powers, so we cannot always live in fantasy and always want to be praised."

Meanwhile the comptroller of the Kelantanese royal household, Abdul Halim Hamad, said that the Ministry of Health has appointed an 11-member panel of specialists to examine the sultan and advise on the treatment required.

He could not, however, say when the panel will produce their report.

Defence's focus on medical reports, Saiful's credibility

By S Rutra - Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's credibility will come under scrutiny when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial resumes tomorrow.
Among others, counsel Karpal Singh told FMT that Mohd Saiful must explain his allegation of not defecating for two days after being allegedly sodomised by Anwar.

"He really needs to answer his allegation that he did not pass motion for two days,” he said.

Karpal said Mohd Saiful will also be grilled on who were the people he came into contact with before lodging his police report.

Apart from this, the former aide to Anwar will also be questioned on the three medical reports, from Tawakal, Pusrawi and Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

"There will be no further delay in this trial, since everyone is eager to hear more from him (Mohd Saiful) who has made all kind allegations against Anwar," Karpal said, adding that the focus will be on the witness' credibility.

Karpal said the defence team might use the entire five-day trial period to zero in on Mohd Saiful because there are many issues to be covered.

Medical experts

On the three experts hired by the defence team, Karpal said they will be present in court when the prosecution calls their expert witness on the DNA issue.

The three are DNA expert Dr Brian Leslie McDonald from Sydney, Australia, and two forensic experts Prof Dr C Damodaran from Chennai, India and Assoc Prof David Lawrence Noel Wells from Melbourne, Australia.

Anwar, 63, is charged with sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful, 25, at Unit 11-5-1 Desa Damansara Condominium, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

He is charged under Section 377B of the Penal Code and faces up to 20 years' in jail and whipping upon conviction.

In his opening statement, Solicitor-General II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abidin, who is heading the prosecution team, had told the court that the prosecution would adduce evidence to show that the semen specimen taken from Mohd Saiful's anus was confirmed by the Chemistry Department to be Anwar's.

Anwar is represented by Karpal, Param Cumaraswamy, CV Prabakharan, Ram Karpal Singh Deo, SN Nair, Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin and Marisa Regina Fernando.

Meanwhile, Mohd Yusof is assisted by seven deputy public prosecutors, Nordin Hassan, Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, Wong Chiang Kiat, Noorin Badaruddin, Farah Azlina Latiff, Mira Mirna Musa and Naidatul Athirah Azmad.
Anwar, who was jailed for a similar offence in 1999, has claimed, like before, that the current charge against him is part of a political conspiracy.

Umno will never fight for Indians, says DCM Rama

File pix from the 2007 Hindraf rally
File pix from the 2007 Hindraf rally
By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: Rights, interests and benefits of the minority Indian community in this country can only be safeguarded if there is a political change in the country, said Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy today.
Ramasamy, a senior DAP leader, suggested that until a change was made to remove the Barisan Nasional government at Putrajaya, the Indians here will continue to face hardships in protecting their religious and cultural identity and lifestyle.

“The Indians here cannot expect protection under the current Umno rule. They must go for a political change to safeguard their rights, interests and benefits in the country,” he told some 100 Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) members who attended their Penang council’s 30th annual general meeting here today.

Batu Kawan parliamentarian Ramasamy pointed out that forced and unwitting religious conversions and parental custody fight over children due to conversion by a spouse were among the main predicaments faced by the community today in the country.

Other pressing issues, he said, were frequent temple demolitions in BN-controlled states and piecemeal federal allocations for Tamil schools

He blamed the racist policies of the Umno-dominated federal government over the years as the main cause for the community's quandary in the country.

He said without the desired political change, the Indian community would not succeed in their quest to attain equal religious rights “no matter how hard they tried”.

Ramasamy said in a real democracy, the majority would always protect the rights and interests of minorities.

“However, in Malaysia, the Umno’s governance is to the contrary,” he said.

Temples' duty for the community

Earlier, MHS national president Mohan Shanmugam called on Hindu temples to double up their functions as public service centres by conducting religious, meditation, yoga, cultural dance and art classes for Hindus in their respective areas.

“Instead of spending thousands to re-develop and decorate temples frequently, the managements should spend money on these activities,” he said.

He also warned that MHS state and local councils to buck up in their activities or face the wrath of the national leadership.

He said the national leadership would intervene and initiate changes in state and local councils if they were caught “sleeping on their job.”
He said state and local councils shall constantly carry out programmes throughout a year to stimulate growth of Hindu religion and Tamil language across the country.

“Those who cannot deliver should step down and let more capable people to take over. Otherwise the national leadership will interfere, if needed, to invoke the changes,” warned Mohan.

Drop Mukhriz, bring in KJ says Umno blogger

COMMENT Break with the tainted Mahathirian past and form your own team, a prominent Umno blogger has urged prime minister Najib Tun Razak. Bring in Khairy Jamaluddin to the Cabinet, together with other second-generation leaders, he said in a set of controversial recommendations made on his blog.
Putting the case for Khairy, blogger Sakmongkol AK47 pointed to Khairy's intellect and charismatic leadership qualities in galvanising the young, and said an appointment to the Cabinet would end the anomaly of KJ (as he is known) being the only Umno Youth leader not to hold government office.

Datuk Ariff Sabri blogs as Sakmongkol I think there is a place for both Mukhriz and KJ in PM Najib's team. KJ can collect water, Mukhriz can go find firewood. You need all kinds.

Anyway, Umno people salivate at the idea that after this, another son of a former PM takes over and after that, another takes over. That's Umno for you.

Sakmongkol AK47
in a later posting

Sakmongkol tartly described Mukhriz Mahathir, son of the former prime minister and KJ's deputy in Umno Youth, as having the personality of a wooden lamp post, and said Mukhriz and four others should be dropped.
These four, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Anifah Aman, Ahmad Maslan and Puad Zakarshi, were ineffective, he said. A new set of second-generation leaders should be brought in, able to provide new thinking to lead Malaysia in tackling entrenched problems.
In another recommendation bound to raise hackles, he also said Najib should offer only one deputy ministership for the MIC, pointing to the fact that the opposition party PKR had more Indians as MPs than all the other component Barisan Nasional parties.
Sakmongkol is the pen-name of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz, a former state assemblyman of Pahang.
He wrote that Najib had proven he could be his own man, and urged him to cut the links to the past represented by Mahathir.
Mahathir has had a resurgence of political activity recently, prominently aligning himself with Malay rights activists in the Perkasa movement, in contrast and apparent opposition to Najib's inclusive political philosophy under the slogan of 1Malaysia.
Sakmongkol also advised the prime minister to keep his distance from former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor, who was made a senator last week, and raised questions about the quality of Ezam's character in defecting to Umno after years of being a staunch loyalist of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
Here are edited extracts from Sakmongkol's recent postings:
Najib should break with Mahathir
What did the [BN by-election] victory in Hulu Selangor [last month] show? It showed that the coup de grace for that victory was the personal appearance of the PM. It shows that the PM is sufficiently strong to be unassailable. He is no Pak Lah. He can stand on his own and by extension can make independent decisions. It's time for this PM to sever the umbilical cord to Dr Mahathir. PM Najib has no reason to be all things to all people.
Najib should cut the umbilical cord to Dr Mahathir says 
PM Najib needs a new team. He is now the undisputed number one. It is not about kicking out or bringing in new faces. It's also about placing the right people at the right places. Loyalty shouldn't be the topmost criteria. What is needed is leadership capabilities, skills dedication and smarts to do a job. More importantly, people who can operate on their own with the shared vision and ideals of the PM. Not necessarily always agreeable but loyal to a cause.
Deadwood ministers and deputy ministers must be encouraged to go. Ask them to join Perkas.
Second-generation leadership
What are we? We are second generation voters and leaders. The issues confronting us are different: poverty, urban now more pronounced; corruption, a scourge; inefficient and ineffective government and administration, aggravates the cost of running the country; ignorance and intolerance, ineptitude — these are the second generation issues.
How do you tackle them? By placing second generation thinking leaders in responsible positions. Hence the future of this country depends on the quality of people Najib selects to be on his team.
He needs to create an environment and a system in which succeeding generations can build and improve upon what we already have. Install a strong leadership, with a shared vision, drive and commitment.
Each generation gets rid of the past and together with that past, people who ruled and ordered our society.

The character of leaders
Two things make up leadership: mental capabilities and this thing called character.
Recently the PM appointed some new senators. One of them used to be a very intimate aide to Anwar Ibrahim. That would make anyone think that he knows many secrets about Anwar, just as Anwar does about him too. You can't claim that only you know the other's secrets — the other guy also knows you inside out. In the end, you end up throwing your dirty laundry in the streets. I think Umno should cease to be a political Alam Flora.
After going through some difficult times defending Anwar and standing by that leader, he finally quit the party and abandoned the struggles of the political party or movements whose ideals he once swore upon. What kind of character does he have? To me he has a fluid and ephemeral character, taken as a whole, which should be a cause of concern for the prime minister.
If he can do that to a longtime comrade, what's stopping him from doing the same next time around? A compromisable character is a political liability.
(Ezam Mohd Nor former head of PKR Youth, is a senator and founding chairman of Gerak, or Gerakan Rakyat Anti Korupsi Msia.)
Sakmongkol believes KJ is smart and tough enough for CabinetKhairy Jamaluddin for Cabinet
KJ won his post as Ketua Pemuda (Umno Youth leader) one year ago. He won it fair and square. Fair and square in Umno terms that is. Since then we have had 10 by-elections. At every one of these the Ketua Pemuda has played a very prominent role galvanising the votes of the younger generation.
In all the recent by-elections, Pemuda Umno has been in the forefront. Its Pentas Pemuda has become a permanent feature and a decisive opinion shaper too. Its members work the ground, house to house, making strenuous efforts to win voters. The person responsible for energising the Pemuda election machinery and eliciting renewed acceptance of Pemuda Umno is [the] Ketua Pemuda, Khairy Jamaluddin.
He has the smarts and personality to draw the younger generation. The Umno president must be mindful of the fact that the deciding elements in future elections are the younger voters. He might as well leverage on an asset that can galvanise and win them over.He has two choices: to elevate and honour the position of Ketua Pemuda or place other bland characters as the voice of the young.
No one wants to listen to Ahmad Maslan, for example, who likes to regale audience about the circumstances in which the PM identified him and developed him into what he is today. (Ahmad Maslan is MP for Pontian and a deputy minister in the PM's Department.)
Let's face it, KJ has a charismatic personality, articulate and is very smart vs the other fellow — yes the fellow who lost but was made a deputy minister [and] who has a personality matching that of a wooden lamp-post.
It's a great anomaly to see the Ketua Pemuda of Umno outside the cabinet or without any government appointment. The head of Puteri Umno has a post, the ketua wanita MCA, the ketua pemuda MCA have positions. All previous KP of Umno were given positions.
Like Dato Zahid Hamidi, I urged the PM to induct the Umno ketua Pemuda into his cabinet. Think of the future.
(Khairy Jamaluddin, leader of Umno Youth, is MP for Rembau.)
Who Najib should drop
Hishammuddin Hussein, his cousin, has not performed well [as] home minister. He appears to be impotent and couldn't rein in the IGP. In any other country, no chief constable of the country has assumed an overt political stance, always the province of the minister in charge.
Hishammuddin hasn't been up to the mark. He is no King Ghaz (the late Ghazali Shafie) when the latter was Home Minister to Tun Razak. He should be reassigned to another post. One that doesn't require the projection of a toughie.
(Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, son of a former prime minister, is MP for Sembrong and minister of home affairs.)
Our invisible foreign minister. For the first time in history, Malaysia has an exceedingly shy foreign minister. Hobnobbing and rubbing shoulders with other foreign ministers and diplomats at cocktail parties should have been a cinch for a person like Anifah Aman, no stranger to handling himself at glorified watering holes.
Since becoming the Foreign Minister, we hardly hear of him. Perhaps he is not up to the job. I hear that one of the reasons he doesn't want to be Foreign Minister is his extreme frustration in being asked questions regarding the Altantuya [Shaariibuu] murder each and every time he meets the foreign press. He can't handle the pressure.
So it's time for PM Najib to let him go. Put someone else with the silver tongue and hide thick enough. Rais Yatim will be a good candidate, provided he is in the right mode, always.
Puad Zarkashi, who seems to share a close affinity with the ideals of Perkasa, should be let off. Maybe he can be Umno's fifth columnist inside Perkasa. (Puad Zarkashi is MP for Batu Pahat. He is a deputy minister of education.)
Mukhriz Mahathir who seems not to serve any useful purpose other than as a shield against the tirades of the old man, should also be put to pasture. (Mukhriz Mahathir, deputy leader of Umno Youth, is MP for Jerlun and deputy minister of international trade and industry.)
The MIC with only three members of Parliament should be adequately represented by just one member in the Cabinet — and that, too, at deputy level.
The PPP which offers nothing to BN, shouldn't be tolerated in any way at all.
Heck, PKR has more Indian MPs than PPP and MIC put together.

Sabah DAP wants full details on govt expenditure

By Queville To - Free Malaysia Today

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah state government has been asked to provide a comprehensive report of the projects that have been completed in the state. The state DAP, in making the request, said the current summary report provided by the government was insufficient.
Its vice-chairman Edward Mujie said a detailed breakdown of project costs was necessary in order to ascertain if all the government projects had actually been implemented.

Mujie, who is also DAP’s local government and housing bureau chief, was commenting on the state government’s summary report of money spent on the various infrastructure projects in Sabah. The report was presented during the state legislative assembly sitting last month.

At the sitting Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Infrastructure Development Joseph Pairin Kitingan's disclosed that as at the end of last year, Sabah had spent RM1.05 billion of allocation under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Pairin said that some RM4.3 billion of the approved 9MP allocation had been spent on infrastructure projects and those under the Sabah Development Corridor Economic Package as well as the RM1 billion special allocation for 521 projects worth a total of RM1.68 billion.

Sabah, he said, also received RM1.99 billion for 186 road projects and RM2 billion for water supply projects under the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) programme which must be implemented from 2010 to 2012.

Mujie said that merely disclosing the amount spent and the number of projects was too vague to ascertain if projects had actually been completed and at what cost.

He urged the state government to furnish the full details of all the projects and its respective the costs.

For example, he said, road projects should be identified as either a main road or a feeder road, the location, the actual cost, and whether it has been completed or still under construction.

He also asked what types of projects were involved in the 251 projects that were worth a total of RM1.68 billion under the Sabah Development Corridor.

The same details he said was also needed for all the 186 road projects with a total worth of RM1.99 billion and the 513 water supply projects worth RM2 billion under the NKRAs.

No wonder Malaysia is still in a State of Emergency...

Dear Malaysians. Despite laborious efforts by UMNO to pretend to “protect the honor of the Sultans”, they themselves are now using strong-arm tactics, and turning their guns on the very same Royalty, which they pretend to protect !!! Not only is this bad news for the Royalty, this is even worse news for the general population !! No wonder the 400,000 have fled the country just last year alone.
Written by John Doe
As Jibby announced today. “...The Federal Government will NOT intervene in the Kelantan palace crisis because it is strictly a state and family matter...” Let us take a slightly closer look at what he considers a “Private Matter”, and this will clearly show all Malaysians, and the world, what a country Malaysia really is.

The Case:
The Royal Palace Guard, Ramli Mohamed, 50, was shot by an unknown man at Kampung Sungai Nyior, Tumpat, early last Saturday. He is now being treated at the intensive care unit of the Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II here. This is an attempted-murder. Is this the “Private Matter” which Jibby is discussing? So, in the eyes of the Law, when are attempted murders anytime a private matter? Could it be that the case of the 14 year old will also be classified as a “Private Matter”, therefore “NFA” as well?

On the other hand, in stark contrast, Suhaizan Kayat, 37, was arrested for name-calling, just last Friday. I believe he only used the words, “barua Umno”, which translates into “Umno henchmen”. Based on what we see, this is now arrestable?

In the Article carried by the The Star:
It details how the Police, “...upon checking, they found a chrome Smith and Wesson pistol, five 5mm bullets and four 9mm bullets in a plastic bag hidden under the driver’s seat...” For anyone who knows how to use a gun, will immediately know that bullets of 2 sizes will never fit into the same  gun, nor will it fire properly. Furthermore, a Smith & Wesson is standard Police issue. Not my favourite gun at all. I much prefer the Glocks. Far sturdier, and reliable. Drop it in a river, and it still shoots. Also to note, that the 5mm is useful for extremely close-range firing only. If memory serves me right, it is useful only less than 20feet. But my bigger issue here, is not the choice of weapons or armoury. The real question here is, how did these guns get into the country? Wasn't there grenades blowing up in Johor only sometime last month? Sure, are we all to believe that such weapons are available from 7-Eleven? And that Altantuya was C4'd with Playdoh bought from Toys-R-uS?
Taken from:

The same Article also proudly boasted,”...that the Police arrested nine female Chinese nationals, aged between 20 and 30, believed to be guest relations officers...” Sure, and so, is Sex a “Private Matter” or not? If it is, then you should let these girls go. If it's not, then one might want to consider arresting the Porn-Star President of MCA. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

On a more pressing note, imbeciles from Perkosa, have been gallantly championing the Sultans. As if the Sultans are incapable of taking care of themselves. Oh, my goodness, I spoke too soon !!
Royal Car Ambushed by Malaysian Police Special Action Force
Armed Malaysian forces force Royal Car from bringing the Sultan to a First World Country Hospital for urgent medical treatment.
In his version of the events that unfolded just as the Sultan was to leave on a commercial flight for Singapore for follow-up treatment, he said the car was stopped some 30m outside of the palace by vehicles carrying armed policemen from the Special Action Force.

Some 30 to 40 Policemen in balaclavas, most of whom were armed with semi-automatic guns, then charged towards His Royal Highness’ car,” he said, adding that after the driver was forced out, the royal couple was then driven by one of the armed men to the hospital in Kubang Kerian.

And what of Articles titled this way?
Kelantan Sultan's Wife hiding from Police? Do Royalty now fear the machine guns of the Malaysian Police now? Those guns are meant to protect them, not antagonize them.
Taken from:

Remember that at the beginning of this piece, Jibby announced that this is a “private matter”. Well, am I have to assume that he refers to the Malaysian Police as his “Personal Family” then? Was Altanutya's death also a “Personal Matter”, or a “Personal Preference”? I did distinctly remember words like “Dia suka main belakang” as well, which translates to “Altantuya is alright with Anal Sex...”.

Well, if Effigies of Zaid were “justifiably” burnt just a couple of days ago, then, perhaps YoRais should have his cremated by Perkosa as well. He just insulted all the Sultans at the same time by issuing a “decree” that all the Royal Household should learn to behave themselves in public
See here. YoRais is strongly suggesting that the Royalty are in fact, misbehaving themselves. Is he "Derhaka-ing" now as well?

Was he refering to the late Sultan of Johor who clubbed a Caddy to death simply for laughing at him? Or was it in reference to the point-blank execution on the North-South Highway, of a Civilian who nonchalantly overtook his unmarked Harley Davidson (with no motorcade) sometime in the 80's? YoRais, watch it.... You are bordering the wrath of Perkosa. So you'd better quickly change your mode again.
taken from here:

YoRais then babbles on about protecting Articles 181, 153 and 152 of the Federal Constitution, completely forgetting that it was really Mahathir who openly de-clawed the Royal Line, with this sentence and this sentence alone. “If the Agong does not sign this in 24hours, then it is assumed that he has given consent..” Why not charge the Mamak for “Derhaka”? Maybe the Agong did not sign it because he did not agree with it? Anyone in UMNO ever considered that? This “New” Amendment in effect completely bypassed the powers of the Agong. Perkosa badly needs to go back to school. Or are they propagating that intellect, (just like the like the internet) is an evil-creation of the West?

Next, a potential entry for the Guiness Book of Records, “World's First Habeas Corpus to free a Sultan”. This should make Malaysia proud !! At least we have ONE listing which I'm sure no one else would want to contest. But this is surely strange. The Sultans are whom Perkosa is screaming “Yang Maha Mulia” (The Most Noble) is being held Hostage by the Malaysian Government Armed Troops. The very same people who are supposed to be His Protectors? Ironic isn't it? How different is this from the journalist and Politicians who were arrested for “their own safety” under the ISA? But it took 30-40 semi-automatic weapons to convince the Sultan not to go to a First World for Medical Treatment, where he had already been for the past 9 months, is surely a concern for even the most feeble minded.
Taken from:

Yesterday, members of the Royal Family have accused the Malaysian Police of Violent Acts against them. The Police of course, deny it, as seen here in today's Star.

OK. Now, we should fully expect Perkosa, and his henchmen to march up and down the country torching pictures of Police Stations, and/ or the IGP for such blatant acts of “Derhaka”. 
After all, one only has to read the Affidavit from the Royal House by Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra which plainly states that, “.. the driver was forcibly dragged out of the vehicle by Malaysian Policemen, who were in balaclavas and armed with semi-automatic weapons...” He said in the affidavit filed in support of the Habeas Corpus application that "...weapons were pointed at Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis Tengku Hamid and passengers in other cars in the entourage leaving for the airport..." at about 7.20pm on Tuesday. “Others” in the car, meant that the Sultan was stopped at gun-point. Or maybe Perkosa does not know how to read English?

Dear Malaysians. Despite laborious efforts by UMNO to pretend to “protect the honor of the Sultans”, they themselves are now using strong-arm tactics, and turning their guns on the very same Royalty, which they pretend to protect !!! Not only is this bad news for the Royalty, this is even worse news for the general population !! No wonder the 400,000 have fled the country just last year alone.

Let me sum all of what I have written in previous Articles, in just ONE paragraph.
Migrants from Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam came to Malaya. They decided to use the identity of a local tribe called “malay”. With that new "Identity", they ostracize the original inhabitants of the Land, and called it their own. More migrants arrived, and were warmly welcomed. In 1957, the British got rid of another one of their Colonies, and a "new" country was formed. Over the years, many Politicians became greedy, as they literally "struck oil". They kept 95% of this money, and left the original inhabitants to fend for themselves. To ensure their uninterrupted wealth, they have bastardized everyone else's basic human rights, and pretended to be Holy people. And now, anything, and anyone, which/who  stands in their way, they will remove, at gunpoint, if necessary; even if it's the Sultan. Today, it's Kelantan. Which Sultan is next? And if they can do this to Royalty, then surely ordinary Malaysian Citizens can easily be dispensed-off like pesky rodents, and useless cockroaches.

taken from:

How many Billions of YOUR Tax Dollars is the Malaysian Government spending to buy Weapons and Armoury? Is there a War going on? Who is the Agressor? Did I not warn you about Malaysia turning into New Burma? Burma has 400,000 troops. Largest in Asia after China. They are only fighting their own people. Malaysia does joint-Military training with Burma. UMNO learns from Burma. Petronas feeds the Burmese Junta. Hence, they have become ideology-buddies.

You want your country back? Fight UMNO. It is UMNO who are the ungrateful ones. Stop thinking short-term. How much peace of mind can you possibly have in a backwater Third World Country which is still under Emergency? Your passivity will be your own undoing. And praying “till their stomachs burst” has not worked at all.

Royal affairs have impact on the public too

In what has become known as the Kelantan palace crisis, more questions than answers emerge by the day. What is actually happening? If indeed the Sultan is not under house arrest as some say, he must also be seen to be not under house arrest.

The Star

THERE is no escaping the import of the news: the Sultan of Kelantan being kept at a hospital’s Royal Ward, neither returning to his palace nor leaving for treatment elsewhere as planned.

Add to this some other unprecedented incidents: allegedly rough treatment of a member of the royal family by the police, with friends, relatives and even the lawyer representing the Sultan being denied any contact with him.

Next, the lawyer appointed by the Sultan files a writ of habeas corpus to free him.

In what has become known as the Kelantan palace crisis, more questions than answers emerge by the day. What is actually happening?

There is no denying that the Sultan is not in the best of health. However, that is not in itself reason for the extraordinary intrigue.

There are certain basic principles that apply here.

First, the growing mystery is fomenting rumour and speculation that range from the crude to the scandalous.

This is not helping any party, but is instead potentially injurious to all.

Second, the Sultan is a public personage of considerable standing, therefore such matters relating to him are of legitimate public interest.

Thus they deserve to be reported fully, fairly and accurately, since evasion and diversion only frustrate and undermine the welfare of the Sultan and the public.

Third, a sultan and members of his family possess a status that commands due respect from others.

Any breach of established protocol need to be explained and rectified, and shown to be done.

And fourth, precisely because the sultan in question needs medical attention, and had planned to obtain it abroad, what can be the purpose of diverting his trip?

Evidently, his intended medical treatment is not what he is receiving in Kubang Kerian.

The condition of his health must be of sufficient urgency to not delay such treatment, without over-interpreting his infirmity to suggest any incapacity.

If indeed the Sultan is not under house arrest as some say, he must also be seen to be not under house arrest.

The sooner this matter is cleared up satisfactorily, the better. Prolonged intrigue will impact negatively not only on Kelantan, but on the country as a whole.

Hishammuddin rails against police-bashing

(TMI) LONDON, May 9 — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein last night urged Malaysians to defend and not demonise the police force, now under increasing public pressure to reform after the two recent shootings of teenagers.

The Home Minister also said that instead of constantly attacking the police, the public must support the force as it was one of the institutional pillars that formed the spine of the country.

“I want to assure everybody, that the morale of the police also has to be safeguarded and balanced. Clear demonisation does not help anybody,” Hishammuddin told some 100 students at the Malaysian Students Department here.

“Malaysia is in transition. In times of change, there is always a tendency to demonise these institutions without basis, without study, discussion and understanding,” he said of institutions such as law enforcement and the judiciary.

The recent death of 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah and yesterday’s shooting of 17-year-old Mohd Azizi Aziz at the hands of the police has led to public anger with the police who are already having to deal with negative perception over crime levels, custodial deaths and corruption.

“It was a tragic shooting incident,” Hishammuddin said of Aminulrasyid’s death and insisted that there would be no cover-up and that the panel established to investigate is credible.

He pointed out that policemen who have been shot did not get public sympathy.

“At the same time, the aide-de-camp of the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan was shot in cold blood in the middle of the road. But he does not get the same treatment from the public who only want to know if it is linked to the current controversy in the Kelantan royal family,” he said, referring to Kelantan palace guard Ramli Mohamad who was shot recently.

“Just because he is a policeman does this mean he does not deserve sympathy? So let’s not get emotional,” said Hishammuddin, who was made home minister in the Najib administration.

Admitting that “the system needs to be sorted out” and that he did not “condone something that works above the law” especially by law enforcers themselves, the minister said that institutions needed to be built and there were no immediate solutions.

“We need people who are given trust to be responsible for it but not be dictated by the politics of the day or the flavour of the month. These institutions are going to be here longer than the politicians,” said Hishammuddin, whose father Tun Hussein Onn was the country’s third prime minister.

He also declared that the police had performed a perfect 10 in areas that “you will never see, you will never hear, you will never know” such as counter-terrorism.

Read more at:

Ikhlas Menuruti Kedaulatan Undang-Undang

Seorang lagi remaja telah ditembak polis. Mangsa dilaporkan cedera di bahagian perut. Namun kita bersyukur kerana Sdr Mohd Azizi tidak mengalami nasib yang sama seperti allahyarham Aminulrasyid. Mangsa kini mendapat rawatan di Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban. Saya dan Azizah serta seluruh pendokong Pakatan Rakyat berdoa moga Sdr Azizi segera sembuh dan diberi kekuatan untuk melupakan episod hitam ini. Pakatan Rakyat juga menggesa agar siasatan dijalankan dengan telus dan bebas. Keadilan buat semua hanya dapat dicapai sekiranya siasatan ini tidak menurut telunjuk sesetengah pihak yang semakin cemas dengan perkembangan ini.

Sementara itu polis berpangkat konstabel yang didakwa menembak Sdr Mohd Azizi dilaporkan telah digantung serta merta. Kita juga menyambut baik kenyataan tegas Ketua Polis Negeri Sembilan yang tidak mahu berkompromi dengan aksi penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh anggotanya. Ini pasti berbeza sekali dengan reaksi Ketua Polis Negara yang terburu-buru mengugut untuk tidak membenarkan anggota polis dari melaksanakan tugasnya menjaga keamanan serta keselamatan.

Pakatan Rakyat senantiasa menghargai sumbangan pihak keselamatan termasuklah PDRM. Kita sedar ramai anggota keselamatan yang tidak lalai dari menunaikan tanggungjawab mereka dengan ikhlas dan menuruti semangat kedaulatan undang-undang. Walaubagaimanapun wujudnya segelintir mereka yang korup menyebabkan keyakinan rakyat semakin terhakis. Ibarat bidalan Melayu, “rosak susu sebelanga kerana nila setitik.


1 Malaysia: Another morning glory?

By Tunku Abdul Aziz

An old English friend of mine, the late Humphrey Ball, the Malacca lawyer, once described Malaysia, his adopted country, as a morning glory — a reference to “a climbing plant with flowers shaped like trumpets that open in the morning and close in late afternoon.”

Having lived among us for so long, he was used to putting up with our little foibles, and if he was irritated by them, he kept his feelings very much to himself. Humphrey was the quintessential English gentleman.

We were having breakfast and it was a lovely morning and the city looked splendid. In between another cup of tea and a round of toast and marmalade, he surveyed the Kuala Lumpur skyline from the veranda of the Selangor Club and declared that from his experience, many of the state of the art concrete and stainless steel structures that were jostling for breathing space in the ever expanding concrete jungle of Malaysian towns and cities would go the way of all the other buildings he had seen in this country — in wreck and ruin within a few years.

“You know, Tunku, Malaysia is not unlike the morning glory,” he intoned.

Humphrey was, of course, right. We are good at building with the help of legions of exploited foreign labour. Maintenance is not part of the equation and we see this not only in the state of our buildings but also our suburban roads.

We neglect to repair a small hole as soon as it appears in the road until it becomes big enough to maim or kill a motorcyclist or damage a car. The Government, both Federal and State, is lucky that suing the authorities for negligence has not become a common feature of Malaysian life.

This is because the overwhelming majority of our people are ignorant of their rights. The time is not too far away when, as in the US and other developed countries, the authorities will be held legally accountable for their actions — in this instance, their lack of action.

Humphrey’s morning glory best describes our general attitude and approach to civic or public duty and responsibility. We undertake a government construction project with a lot of trumpeting and enthusiasm, but we seldom ever complete it successfully.

We see hundreds of such monuments to crony capitalism and entrenched, systemic corruption in every state of the nation. This is what happens when governance is driven by political rather than rational considerations. When meritocracy is on the backburner instead of in the driver’s seat, this is to be expected.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak may mean well in what he says about policy reforms, but will he be allowed the freedom to act effectively? Present indications are that he will be allowed to talk about his vision of a united and prosperous Malaysia ad infinitum.

His rival and other powerful political minders know that there is not much harm done to existing policies that benefit the party as long as they control and curtail his actions. He may not know it, but he has already caught the morning glory disease of beginning with a bang and ending with a deafening whimper.

Najib must wish he had not spent so much public money that is needed more urgently elsewhere to launch his 1 Malaysia, which looks destined for an early demise, like the morning glory of Humphrey’s evocative analogy. 1 Malaysia will forever remain a puerile offering of a confused mind that is best forgotten before the nation is subjected to further ridicule.

Please do not get me wrong. I have, all my life, promoted racial unity and integration, the acceptance instead of tolerance of cultural diversity, long before Najib even thought about these unifying elements.

But my version of 1 Malaysia is one that provides equal opportunity for all, based on the principles of justice and fair play.

My 1 Malaysia is a Malaysian Malaysia where all citizens are treated equally and discrimination in any shape or form is outlawed.

My 1 Malaysia is Middle Malaysia where extremism in economic, social, and political terms is totally expunged, and where the notion of racial supremacy is killed as soon as it rears its ugly head.

My 1 Malaysia will be free of the contradictions such as we see in our existing policies that favour a particular section of the Malaysian community to the detriment of sustainable overall development.

For the life of me I cannot see Najib delivering on my order. Can you, my fellow Malaysians?

Police Seek Next-Of-Kin Of Dead Tattooed Man

TUMPAT, May 9 (Bernama) -- Police are asking the next-of-kin of a man with a tattoo whose body was found washed ashore at the Geting beach on Wednesday, to claim the body at Tumpat Hospital here.

Tumpat CID chief ASP Mohd Azmi Mohd Ali said based on the fingerprint scan, the body was that of Quek Kooi Satt @ Koh Fooi Satt, 57, from Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

"His MyKad number is 530301-01-5147 and his old identity card number is 4440988.

"Based on the National Registration Department's record, his last known address is at Block G, 401 Apartment Harmoni, 55 Jalan PJU 10/4C, Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya," he told Bernama here on Sunday.

He said the next-of-kin can contact Tumpat police headquarters at 09-7257222 or investigating officer Hassan Ismail at 013-6256650.

Beachgoers stumbled upon the body at about 2.25pm, clad only in underwear and had tattoo on his right shoulder.

Cop shoots alleged ‘Mat Rempit’

The Star 
by Sarban Singh

GEMENCHEH: A 17-year-old youth believed to be a Mat Rempit was shot at by police who were chasing his motorcycle.

Night market trader Mohd Azizi Aziz, who is recovering in hospital, was with some 20 friends near the Centre Point shopping complex near here at about 3.30am yesterday when they saw a patrol car approaching and fled in different directions.

Upon seeing this, the two cops gave chase, repeatedly warning Mohd Azizi, who was astride a Honda EX5, to stop.

He apparently ignored their warnings and continued riding towards Jalan Jelebu.

State police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Osman Salleh said the policeman who fired the single shot had since been suspended for violating the Inspector-General of Police’s Standing Orders.

“We consider this an abuse of power and I would like to apologise to the victim’s family for what happened,” he told reporters at the opening of the Felda Securities’ shooting range at Felda Bukit Rokan near here. ACP Osman said Mohd Azizi was allegedly riding in a zig-zag manner, as if taunting the cops to catch him.

“When he failed to stop after repeated warnings, one of the cops fired a shot,” he said.

He said Mohd Azizi stopped his bike upon reaching Kg Ujung Pasir about 1km away and tried to run away but was apprehended. The victim, who did not posses a valid licence, was rushed to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital where he underwent surgery.

ACP Osman said the cop should not have opened fire because there was no imminent danger to their lives.

“It is very unfortunate it happened,” he said, adding that the victim was riding his friend’s motorcycle.

On April 26, 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah was shot dead when he allegedly tried to reverse the car he was driving into policemen who had stopped the vehicle at about 2am in Section 11, Shah Alam, which led to the setting up of a special panel headed by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop.

Abu Seman, who declared the shooting range open, said, “There will be no compromise. If the cop was found to have been negligent, we will let the law take its own course.”

Later when visiting Mohd Azizi at the hospital, he promised a thorough probe would be carried out to ascertain the events that led to during the shooting.

The victim’s father, Aziz Omar, said he had lodged a report over the incident and appointed a lawyer to initiate legal action against both the policeman allegedly responsible and the force.

Snatch thieves detained under Emergency Ordinance

KUALA LUMPUR (May 8, 2010): Two youths are being detained for 60 days under the Emergency Ordinance for suspected involvement in 300 snatch theft cases reported in the Klang Valley.

Deputy Cheras police chief Supt Abdul Rahim Hamzah Osman said the youths, aged 22 and 20, were detained since Thursday pending gathering of evidence to charge them in court.

He said the 22 year-old suspect was also detained for a case involving death.

"The investigation papers on their cases had been submitted to the public prosecutors' office for further action, but due to lack of evidence, they are detained under the Ordinance Act," he told reporters here today.

He said the two suspects were detained at separate locations after more than four-months on the run.

Police were looking for their accomplice, aged 22 and from Batu Caves, he added.

Meanwhile, a corporal from the Jalan Bandar traffic police, who was detained for insulting the modesty of two women, has been released on police bail.

The policeman was detained following reports lodged by two women over incidents at two road blocks four days ago. -- Bernama

UMNO mengkhianati Raja Melayu

Another teen shooting - police say sorry ( Malaysiakini )

Yet another teenager has been shot at by the police but this time in a rare show of humility and compassion Negeri Sembilan's top cop apologised for the action of the officer concerned.
SAC1 Osman Salleh said that he has apologised to the family, and that the shooting should never have happened.
"Preliminary investigations showed that the act was not justifiable and it was an abuse of power," he said at a press conference at Seremban his afternoon.
Osman (left) added that the boy had never posed any danger to the officer.
He also said that the police officer responsible has since been suspended from his duties.

In the 3.30am incident at Seremban today, two policemen spotted about 20 Mat Rempit hanging in front of a shopping mall.

On spotting the patrol car, they scrambled away on their motorcycles, triggering a chase along Jalan Seremban-Jelebu.
It was only at the Kampung Ujong Pasir intersection when the police opened fire, 2km away from the shopping mall.
Victim in stable condition
According to The Star online, some of the youths were taunting the policemen by swerving left and right in front of the pursuing police car.

One of the policemen then opened fire, hitting 17-year-old Mohd Azizi Aziz in the hip.

"The police patrol car warned the motorcyclists to stop, but they did not heed the warning and split in various directions," Osman was reported by Bernama as saying.
"According to the policeman who fired the shot, he had done so as a warning to make Mohd Azizi stop.
"The police were only able to intercept the motorcyclist after chasing him for about two kilometers, and then found out that he was shot in the abdomen," he said.

He added that the boy is now in stable condition at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital.

Boy's father lodges police report
Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop said the ministry viewed seriously the incident and appropriate action would be taken against the policeman involved if he was found to be negligent.
Later, accompanied by Osman and state executive councillors Ismail Lasim and Ismail Taib, Abu Seman visited the victim at the hospital.
Mohd Azizi's father, Aziz Omar, 42, said he was sad with the incident that befell his son, the eldest of six siblings.
He said he was informed about the incident by the hospital staff at about 4.20am.
"I regret that it was the hospital who contacted me to inform about the incident and not the police," he added.
Aziz Omar claimed that his son was punched and assaulted by policemen even after he had fell off his machine from the injuries.
The father has since lodged a report at the Seremban II police headquarters, saying he will be engaging a lawyer soon.
Hit list on the rise

NONEThis is the second shooting of a teenager since the case of Aminulrasyid Amzah (right), 15, in which he was hit also when attempting to evade police arrest two weeks ago in Section 11, Shah Alam.
The police claimed that they discharged their weapons in self-defence when Aminulrasyid had allegedly tried to reverse into them. They also claimed that they found a parang in the boot of the car.

However, witnesses have disputed both claims.

NONEA special panel has since been set up to probe the police investigations into the matter, and to also review the standard operating procedure of the police when discharging firearms while on duty.

But while the issue has attracted the attention of politicians on both sides, inspector-general of police Musa Hassan (left) and Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar have been reported to be angry at the media attention.

No apology for these incidents from the police has yet been recorded.

Flashmobbers strike again in KL

Zaid unfazed despite rebuke from religious council

HINDRAF/HRP: UMNO racism-4 days later Darshini mom passed away.

Darshini now fourteen years old was an orphan. Some ten years ago Darshini was adopted from a government welfare home who had attempted to convert her to Islam. Although both Darshini’s natural parents were born in Malay-sia the UMNO led Malaysian government has denied Darshini her Malaysian citizenship and a Malaysian Identity card with impunity. Her birth certificate has an endorsement that she is not a Malaysian citizen and in direct contravention of Article 14 of the Federal Constitution. (citizenship by operation of Law).
Darshini_(2) IMG_0029
Darshini’s adopted father Mr. Ponnudorai (59) and Mother Madam Kaliaswary since they had adopted Darshini ten years ago has gone to the UMNO National Registration Department (NRD) at least on 15 occasions but the NRD had repetedly denied Darshini her Malaysian citizenship and Identity Card.
Because of her stateless status Darshini was victimised by her school authorities who see her as a soft target. The school denied her entry into the school for the first three months of the year for supposedly “disciplinary” problems.
The family solicited HRP’s help.
Darshini-1 IMG_0034
After P.Uthayakumar had spoken to the UMNO Education Minister’s special officer for Teachers and students En. Shamsuri Jamil, the school was forced to take her back from the early March 2010 onwards. In April Darshini was again suspended for three days for some “disciplinary” reason Darshini denies.
Darshini’s mother became depressed when Darshini attempted to commit suicide and was hospitalised two weeks ago.
Continue read:-

UMNO’s DPM: Malays lagging in education despite hoarding up 100% of the 200,000 places in UITM and 90% public University places!

The UMNO Deputy Prime Minister says this despite hoarding up 100% of the UITM’s 200,000 places (UM 1/1/2009) and 90% of the 163,799 places in the 20 other local universities (The Star 2/12/09 at page N 20) plus 10,248 Phd graduates (The Star 2/12/09 at page N 20) and the 62,000 diploma and 60,000 degree places for 2010 at the 27 Polytechnics in Malaysia. This is not including the RM 1.24 billion scholarships to 1,500 top SPM students to study overseas, 99.9% of whom are non Indians, and the estimated 100,000 Malay muslim students in the 14 matriculation colleges nationwide.
This level of direct discrimination, racism, religious extremism and supremacy does not happen in any other part of the world except in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.
All this is in violation of article 12 of the Federal Constitution which provides that :-
Article 12 of the Federal Constitution provides that “Rights in respect in education: (1) Without prejudice to the generality of Article 8, there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of birth – (a) in the administration of any educational institution maintained by a public authority, and, in particular, the admission of pupils or students or the payment of fees, or (b) in providing out of the funds of a public authority financial aid for the maintenance or education of pupils or students in any educational institution (whether or not maintained by a public authority and whether within or outside the Federation).
Having grabbed all and excluded about 98% of the deserving Indian students opportunities, this UMNO DPM now has the cheek to say that Malays are lagging in education.
P. Uthayakumar


UMNO: Indah water dirty jobs for Indians, but zero maintenance contracts for Indians.

MOTO NAJIB1 Contract workers Kannan and Murugavel end up doing the dirty job in the Indah Water sewerage treatment plants and engineers Kasturi and Malathi run the sewerage plants (Starmetro 17/4/2010 at page M2 and M3).
But Indians would not even be awarded these dirty job maintainance contracts by UMNO. Contracts will be given to some Malay muslim tuan who would sit back at home and get these Indian work horses do the dirty jobs and millions are earned by the Malay muslims.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Indians being denied the fruits of their labour even in these dirty job business. At best the Indians get the sub of the sub, sub-sub contracts which will merely keep them alfloat.
This is UMNO’s One Malay-sia.
P. Uthayakumar
umno indian 1 umno inidan 2

UMNO’s MIC mandore and also PKR, DAP & PAS mandores “permanent temples for Hindus but no land titles to temples.

Despite the above newspaper kosong promises, these Hindu temples will only know that UMNO had used the MIC mandores to cheat them when the bulldozers come to tear down their temples. Because from the very beginning these MIC mandores and now ably aped by the PKR, DAP and PAS Indian mandores, under their tuan and towkay’s instructions, did not issue the land titles in the first place.
(See Starmetro 10/4/2010 at page M10).
19.4.2010 UMNOs MIC 

“Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty

Copy of 24-04-2010 - Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah
 - OLD 1 “Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty
Earlier single parent Nageswary and her two teenage children were poor and have now become hardcore poor, as she can no longer work.
Nageswary is even unable to pay her monthly rentals and water bill which has now accumulated to RM 3,029.45 (USD 780.00), and has already been given notice to quit by DBKL, and will shortly become homeless and would most likely end up on the streets. Had Nageswary been a Malay Muslim, her backdated and future rentals would be paid up by Baitulmalm, Pusat Urus Zakat, etc. But even the DBKL and the Federal UMNO Welfare Department has refused to help Nageswary out.
As a cleaner in a bank, she had injured both her hands as a result of the side effects of the acidic washing liquid. We presume that UMNO’s Socso as usual had refused to pay her the due invalidity pension which would have kept her out of poverty. Added to all this she now can’t even pay the school fees of two children who are now in secondary school.
The much publicized e-Kasih cards have been denied to Nageswary. Why go far, almost all the Indian poor have never heard of these e-Kasih cards (meant for the Malay Muslim) let alone having beneffitted from it.
The RM 200 she receives from the Welfare Department would not even be enough to pay her medical bills, and this family suffer on a day to day basis.
This is just the tip of the Indian hardcore poor iceberg.
In UMNO’s Malaysia it would make a difference if one was a Malay Muslims poor.
But UMNO would never give this family an opportunity out of poverty like giving them the ten acre land ownership schemes in Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama, Mardi, Agropolitan etc. UMNO would refuse to grand this poor Indian family land in the scores of land schemes in cattle and goat farming, poultry or fresh water, sea water or prawn breeding.
But never mind that Malaysia imports 90% of it’s mutton 75% of it’s beef and 95% of it’s milk. Never mind if Malaysia’s foreign exchange flows out of the country but no way and no chance of farming opportunities for the poor Indians. Denying land to the non malay poor, so that they can live on their own land and eke out a living, has been the policy of Umno these last 53 years.
At best UMNO offers them these RM 200 or so per month peanuts as a temporary measure ,and keep them at the end of a rope, but no long term and permanent solutions like that for the Malay poor. And for these peanuts UMNO would expect the Indians to grateful to them.
But again even the supposedly multi-racial PKR, DAP, and PAS would not champion or speak up aginst this level of UMNO’s discrimination, a level does not happen in any other part of the world, as they fear losing Malay votes.
Today under UMNO’s 53 year old rule, Malaysia has emerged as the world‘s most racist and religious extremist country.
P. Uthayakumar.

24-04-2010 - Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah - OLD 1 24-04-2010 - Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah - OLD 2

Kapar MP gives Khalid 72 hours to sack corrupt officials


Manikavasagam(Left) has threatened to go public if his demand is not met. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam today sparked another crisis in Selangor by giving a 72-hour ultimatum to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to sack three officials from the state-owned sand mining company, Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd, for alleged corruption amounting to RM100,000 monthly.

Manikavasagam, who has previously raised the issue of corruption within Khalid’s administration, said he will blow the lid on the issue if his demands are not met — adding pressure to the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition which today began campaigning for the May 16 Sibu parliamentary by-election.

“I don’t want to expose things in detail at the moment... wait first. I am asking the mentri besar to remove at least three senior officers from the state sand-mining company,” Manikavasagam said when contacted by The Malaysian Insider.

He also wrote in his blog that he will make public incriminating documents and also send it to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) if the deadline is not met.

His text messages and blog this evening stated: “Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam is giving 72 hours to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to clean the ‘DIRT’ from within the ranks of the Kumpulan Semesta senior officers who have received too much in bribes.

“If it is true Parti Keadilan Rakyat hates ‘CORRUPTION’ then end this vice immediately. The Selangor Mentri Besar must ‘CLEAN UP’ his own house first.

“Immediate action must be taken by the Selangor Mentri Besar or the Kapar Member of Parliament will ‘EXPOSE’ everything.

“We do not want members of PKR, especially the ‘Central Leadership’ to practise this unhealthy culture. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch,” the message said.

However, Manikavasagam denied he was intentionally causing further complications for PKR, which has so far suffered the loss of four MPs and a state seat following its defeat in Hulu Selangor last month.

Manikavasagam had been rumoured to be on the verge of quitting the party but has personally denied this.

Information gleaned from Kumpulan Semesta’s corporate website states that the company was formed by the PR state government to pioneer the sand-mining and mineral industries.

It launched its first sand production site at Lot 32546, in the Dengkil district of Sepang on Sept 15, 2008. The launch was officiated by Khalid.

The location aims to become a model sand production operation that caters to the construction industry while being sensitive to the needs of the environment and the people.

Earlier in the year, the first-term lawmaker had threatened to quit the party if the top leadership at the state and national levels did not attend to his complaints.
Manikavasagam eventually relinquished his spot as a PKR state vice-chairman but remained as a member of the central leadership council.


By B Nantha Kumar - Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Several Indian leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat are proposing to set up a body within the system to address pressing issues in the community.

PKR's Kapar MP S Manikavasagam said the body will incorporate representatives from the grassroots as well as parliamentarians, assemblymen and local councillors.

“We admit there have been shortcomings on the part of Pakatan in dealing with Indian issues. We realised this in Hulu Selangor,” he told FMT.

He said the body will not be just another thinktank but will instead “focus on understanding their problem and implementing ground-level solutions”.

“We have gone back to the drawing board and are currently drafting out several strategies to win back the Indian community’s support. The main aim is to focus on solutions to the Indian problems at the grassroots,” he said.

In relation to this, Manikavasagam, who is also a PKR supreme council member, will be meeting PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim today.

PKR had failed to secure a full Indian support during the recent Hulu Selangor by-election which saw its candidate Zaid Ibrahim being defeated by BN's P Kamalanathan.

“We’ll have to work hard to win back the Indian community’s support. Of course we’ve make a lot of mistakes. But it doesn't mean we have lost in the battle.

“Hulu Selangor was not a lesson to learn from, it was a wake up call. We lost about seven percent of the community’s support. In 2008 we managed to get about 47 percents of the Indian votes, but this fell down to 41 percent in this by-election,” said Manikavasagam.

He said in the last general election, people supported the Pakatan because “they felt we could make the change”.
“If we don’t help them, they will neglect us. That’s what happened in Hulu Selangor,” he said.

Another boy shot, boss gives cop a dressing-down

By Zefry Dahalan - Free Malaysia Today

SEREMBAN: After the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah two weeks ago, another underage boy was shot by a policeman near here early this morning.
Mohd Azizi Aziz, 17, who was riding a motorcyle, was shot in the stomach while trying to flee at Jalan Seremban-Jelebu, near Ampangan, 5km from here.
Negeri Sembilan police chief SAC 1 Osman Salleh promptly reprimanded the policeman for his “unjustifiable” act, saying it was “an abuse of power”.
Osman said based on preliminary investigation, Azizi was hanging out with about 20 friends near the Centre Point Shopping Complex at Jalan Siamang Gagap.
When they saw a patrol car approaching them at 3.30am, they fled in different directions. Two policemen in their patrol car pursued Azizi and ordered him to stop.
Azizi refused but rode towards Jalan Jelebu, near Ampangan. The patrol car gave chase and the policemen repeatedly warned Azizi to stop.
“During the chase at Jalan Jelebu, Azizi was riding his motorcycle in a zig-zag manner to avoid being caught,” Osman told a press conference.
"When the victim refused to stop after several warnings, one of the policemen fired a warning shot.
"But he didn't realise that the shot had hit Azizi until they cornered him at the Kampung Ujung Pasir junction, about 2km from the shopping complex," he said.
Azizi, who helps out at a night market here, apparently stopped his motorcycle at the junction and tried to flee on foot. But the policemen managed to nab him.
It was then that the policemen realised that Azizi had been hit in the stomach and immediately sent him to the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital.
'Boy not a threat'
Osman didn't mince his word. “The action of the policeman was unjustifiable,” he said.
“The policeman should not have opened fire when the victim was fleeing on his motorcycle. The boy was not a threat to him.”
“Besides, the policeman did not comply with the standard operating procedure on the discharge of firearm.
"For me, this is an abuse of power as the lives of the policemen were not threatened.
“We have suspended the policeman because he has also violated the standard operating procedure on when to open fire," said Osman.
The policeman, from the Rahang police station, near here, has been in the service for the past one and a half years.
Osman expressed regret over the action of the policeman and apologised to Azizi's parents.
Meanwhile, Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop, who visited Azizi at the hospital today, said he viewed matter seriously and has instructed the police to conduct a thorough investigation.
"I'm relieved that the boy is in stable condition and would like to extend my deepest sympathy to his family.
" There will be no compromise. If we found the policeman is negligent in his duty, he has to face the law,” said Abu Seman.
Earlier, when FMT visited the hospital, it was informed by Azizi's family that the boy was still undergoing surgery.

Will Sibu 2010 be 'political death' of SUPP?

By Roselind Jarrow - Free Malaysia Today

SIBU: Two lawyers, Robert Lau Hui Yew and Richard Wong Ho Leng, who have been fighting each other in court since 1991, are now facing off in the Sibu by-election scheduled for May 16.
Lau, 44, of Sarawak United People’s Party and Wong, 51, chairman of Sarawak DAP, are both vying to capture the Sibu parliamentary seat which fell vacant following the death of the Sibu MP and deputy transport minister Robert Lau Hoi Chew on April 9.
Robert Lau Jr, as he popularly known here, is the late MP’s cousin. Both he and Wong have promised a “gentleman’s fight” and agreed there will be no character assassination and no personal attacks.
Lau’s campaign will be based on his five-year service as a Sibu councillor. He is asking Sibu voters to give him a chance to serve them. He hopes to bank on the good works that the late Lau had done for the people.
In terms of election experience, Lau is a greenhorn.
“Berjuang Demi Kecermelangan Sibu” (to fight for the excellence of Sibu) reads his posters written in Chinese, English and Iban.
Soon after he knew he would be a candidate, Lau began exposing himself as an “ordinary and simple” man. He began walking all over the market, talking and shaking hands with vegetable vendors and other traders. He does this almost every day.
Lau is the son of a prominent Sibu businessman, Lau Swee Nguong, the chairman of KTS group of companies, which are involved in timber and timber-related businesses, large oil palm plantations and printing and newspapers businesses.
Being rich can be a disadvantage to him as the majority of the people surrounding him in Sibu are poor.
Wong, the crusader
Wong, on the other hand, has an entirely different background. Coming from a poor family living in the outskirts of Sibu, he is noted for his crusade against poverty, injustice, and unfairness.
“He knows what poverty is like,” said one of his supporters, pointing out that during his school and university days, he had to work hard to support his studies.
An Australian-trained lawyer, Wong is seen by many as a fighter against the rich who allegedly abused the timber resources to enrich themselves and their families and cronies, while the poor were left to their own devices, receiving little support from the BN-SUPP government.
This will be his message to the 54,695 voters of Sibu, the majority of whom are poor.
For them, the choice will be between a veteran politician and a novice.
The third candidate, Narawi Haron, 60, is a retired serviceman.
In the 1995 parliamentary election, Narawi contested against the late Robert Lau and Wong, obtaining only 975 votes. He lost his deposits.
“I have been preparing for the state election, but since there is a by-election, it gives me the chance to contest,” he told reporters.
Soothsayers foretell
Meanwhile, the betting on Wong has started – can he wrest the seat in his fourth attempt?
Those who believe in “feng shui” say that the number four in Chinese is “see”, which means “death”.
Depending on whom you talk to, it simply means “political death”.
If you talk to SUPP supporters, they will say this by-election will signal the political “death” of Wong.
But if you talk to Pakatan-DAP members, it means a double “political death” of SUPP and Lau.
For Lau, this will be his first outing, but for his party it is going to be the fourth time it is defending the seat.
The figure “4” is still there and it can also signal trouble for SUPP in the constituency as well as in the forthcoming state election.
In the 2006 state election, SUPP suffered serious setbacks losing seven seats to DAP, including Bukit Assek and another to Sarawak National Party.
SUPP retained the state seats of Nangka, Bawang Assan and Pelawan which are under the Sibu parliamentary constituency.
Only in the Nangka constituency, where the majority are Malay/Melanau voters, did SUPP win with a big margin.
SUPP almost lost the two seats (Bawang Assan and Pelawan); it was “saved” by postal votes.
Not impossible
Putting all these factors together, DAP believes that Wong has a better chance of wresting back the seat from SUPP.
“Nothing is impossible,” said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, referring to the 1982 parliamentary election during which DAP Ling Sie Ming defeated SUPP president Wong Soon Kai in the Sibu constituency.
In three previous encounters with the late Robert Lau, Wong lost 4,845 votes to him in 1995. In 2004, he took on Lau once again, only to lose 3,345 votes.
And their last meeting was in the 2008 parliamentary election where he lost once again to Robert Lau by 3,549 votes.
Fighting Lau junior is not like fighting the late Lau who was alleged to have links with gangsters in the town.
Lau is a “greenhorn” in politics and appears to be meek and weak compared to Wong who is a very experienced politician.
“This is where Wong has an advantage over Lau in the Sibu by-election,” said an observer.

Muhyiddin confident of a good BN show

SIBU: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is confident of a good show by the Barisan Nasional in the Sibu parliamentary by-election, but he stresses the need for all to work hard to win.

"Based on BN's track record, we are confident of retaining the seat for five terms. It is a BN fortress.

"The spirit among all our members is at an all-time high, and the late Robert Lau Hoi Chew (who was the incumbent) had served the people very well," he told a media conference after returning officer Wong See Meng had announced the candidates for the by-election at the Civic Centre, here.

He said every by-election was important for the BN "in gauging to what extent the people have been comfortable with it and appreciate all it has done".

"We do not consider any by-election as easy to win. The Sibu by-election is no exception with its over 50,000 voters spread out over a huge area.

"We have mobilised every machinery at every level. I have directed the central machinery to move as efficiently as possible. They should not be bogged down by any internal problems," he added.

Muhyiddin said the next one week was going to be critical.

"We know what issues the opposition is going to exploit.

"We will not be defensive but go on the offensive to explain them for the sake of those voters who are not clear about them.

"I have been on the ground too. There are specific areas which we need to look into. We will come up with better planning for the benefit of the people whoever and wherever they are. Sibu can still grow and prosper," he said.

No fear

To a question, he said the BN had no fear facing the Pakatan Rakyat in the state as this was not the first time it was facing it.

"We faced them in the Batang Ai and we won. To me, this shows that the BN concept is still being accepted as it has been working very well for all races," he said.

Muhyiddin also said the backing of all races was essential for BN to win and not just the Bumiputera support alone.

"Voters are kings in all elections. We must know how to manage them irrespective of their race and religion," he said when asked if BN would still need to depend heavily on the Bumiputeras to deliver the votes in Sibu.Meanwhile, when met after the media conference, the BN candidate Robert Lau Hoi Yew, 48, said he was optimistic of winning.

The by-election will pit him against DAP Wong Ho Leng, 50, and an independent Narawi Harun, 60, a former soldier and now a businessman.

- Bernama