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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perbicaraan liwat Anwar ditangguh 31 Mei

Samy has 'no comments' on 2012 exit

By M Kumaran
KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president S Samy Vellu, who is normally animated during press conferences, has adopted a new, and more subdued, approach.
Instead of firing away with all his guns, the veteran politician has now opted for the famous “no comments” response, leading observers to wonder if there is more to this.
However, Samy Vellu said: “This is my new style.”

The president was speaking to reporters after chairing MIC's all-powerful central working committee meeting at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Quizzed on the takeover of MIC's debt-ridden investment arm Maika Holdings, Samy Vellu replied: “No comments. This is a company's decision.”

Maika Holdings is set to be rescued by port tycoon G Gnanalingam through a special purpose vehicle called G Team Resources & Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Yesterday, G Team Resources served a takeover notice to the Maika Holdings board of directors to acquire all its 125 million voting shares at 80 sen per share in cash.

Samy Vellu had also responded with a “no comments” when asked about the sacking of Petaling Jaya Selatan MIC division chief Subramaniam V, better known as Barat Maniam.

Among the reasons given for his sacking was the SMS he had sent to Samy Vellu last week, among others, telling him that MIC did not belong to the president or his family.

Will he quit in 2012?
More importantly, Samy Vellu was also asked if he would step down in 2012 when his presidential term expires, to which, he had also replied, “No comments.”

Observers pointed out that the president's last answer must have caused his deputy G Palanivel's heart to skip a beat.
"Then again," said a MIC source, "it could be a case of much sooner than 2012 given the fact that the president no longer commands the support that he used to even in the CWC."

Over the weeks, rumours have been circulating about how Samy Vellu is facing mounting internal pressure apart from external pressure to step down.

It was also speculated that ties between him and Palanivel had soured, especially when the latter told the media that he was ready to take over the reins.

Palanivel had said this in response to Samy Vellu's comments in an exclusive interview with FMT, where the president said that he was willing to step down for his deputy as and when Palanivel asks him to do so.

It is also an open secret that Samy Vellu, who has been helming the party for nearly three decades, is being pushed by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Umno to set a transitional plan.

Prior to the Hulu Selangor by-election on April 25, the MIC boss was reported as saying that he would quit in 2012.
In a related development, Barat Maniam said that he has yet to decide on whether to file an appeal over his sacking.

"I'm not sure, I will think it over. I am not a beggar to go to him (Samy Vellu)," he told Bernama.

Barat Maniam said he came to know about his sacking through a letter which he received yesterday.

He also said that he made history by being sacked for the third time since joining MIC in 1978. He was previously sacked in 1984 and in 1994.

MIC has given him 14 days from the date of receiving the letter to make an appeal.

Anwar: AG, prosecutors lied

Saiful: Anwar did it to me before - Malaysiakini

High Court dismisses the defence's application for a stay of proceedings pending an appeal to his decision yesterday. Trial continues.

8.50am: Solicitor-General (II) Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden arrives at the Jalan Duta Court Complex with his team of prosecutors - Nordin Hassan, CK Wong and Noorin Badaruddin.

8.53am: Defence lawyers Param Cumaraswamy, CV Prabhakaran and Sankara Nair arrive.

Some members of the public have queued up to get into the courtroom since 5am for a front-row seat on Day 4 of the cross-examination of star witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
NONE8.58am: Opposition Leader Anwar ibrahim arrives with his wife, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and daughter, Nurul Hana.
Meanwhile, Anwar apologised to The Sun reporter S Tamarai Chelvi who was verbally abused and threatened by a local councillor and an unidentified man while covering the court proceedings on Monday.

Anwar was quoted by The Sun to have called Tamarai about 1.40pm yesterday during a break in the court hearing to express his regret over the incident which took place after the court stood down during his sodomy trial.

Tthe charge against anwar ibrahim sodomy allegation trial 070808amarai, who was covering the trial, had told the two men who were talking loudly behind her to keep quiet when in court.

One of them, Klang municipal councillor M Suntharajoo had hurled derogatory words at her and the two men had also allegedly threatened her with physical harm. Tamarai lodged a police report on Tuesday.

Selangor exco Ronnie Liu was reported to have said the state government would also launch a probe into the matter and had apologised to the reporter.

However, no apology was forthcoming from the Klang councillor.
9.15am: Lead counsel in the defence team Karpal Singh arrives in court with lawyer Ram Karpal.
9.25am: Court in session
Before continuing the defence's cross-examination of key witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the court will first hear the application for a stay in proceedings pending an appeal against the judge's decision yesterday not allow Anwar Ibrahim access to the police statements made by the complainant of the sodomy allegation.

NONELead defence counsel Karpal Singh applies for a stay of proceedings as soon as the court is called into session.

"The proceedings should be stayed until the appeal is heard by the Court of Appeal," Karpal tells the court.

The defence is seeking to obtain the statements given by Saiful to the police to determine whether there was a contradiction in the key witness's testimony where he said the alleged sodomy was non-consensual despite that the charge (under Penal Code section 377b) against Anwar was for consensual sex.

azlanJudge Mohd Zabidin had yesterday ruled that the attorney-general has wide discretionary power to charge a person under whichever section he deems appropriate.

Under the Penal Code, there are two alternatives for prosecutors to lay sodomy charges covering either consensual or non-consensual acts.

The decision to charge Anwar with consensual sodomy had long raised questions marks among observers, given Saiful's repeated claims that he was forced into having sex with his boss.

9.35am: Defence lawyer Karpal argues that Saiful's police statements and the sodomy charge against Anwar raises questions on the matter of consensual and non-consensual sex against the order of nature.

"This regards to the credibility of this witness,” he said. "If the appeal is allowed, then Saiful's credibility would be affected and the case will crumble.”

azlan9.42am: Karpal adds that Saiful's testimony that the sodomy act was non-consensual will “implode the charge” that Anwar is facing as the opposition leader is charged with consensual sodomy.

"If the evidence of SP 1 (Saiful) is in question, no amount of further evidence will support the case."

Defence lawyer Karpal Singh continues with his submission. He says even if a million of witnesses are called or a ton of evidence is produced, it would go to waste if Saiful's credibility is in question.

In arguing for a stay in proceedings, Karpal says it would be a waste of taxpayers' money if the trial is allowed to continue.

9.50am: Lead counsel for the prosecution team, Solicitor-General (II) Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden argues that the judge's ruling is a procedural ruling and hence, thus not appealable.

In rebutting Karpal, he says merit is not considered as a special circumstance for a stay in proceedings.

"Hence, the application for a stay should be dismissed."
10.10am: High Court judge Mohd Zabidin calls for a break. He will announce his decision on whether he would grant a stay in proceedings when court resumes.
10.38am: Court back in session
Justice Mohamad Zabidin dismisses the defence's application for a stay of proceedings pending an appeal to his decision yesterday. He says the trial should proceed.

According to him, there are no special circumstances in the application to warrant a stay.

Mohamad Zabidin adds that yesterday's decision was a procedural ruling and hence it was not appealable.

"However, even if the defence feel it was appealable, the proceeding cannot be stayed."
10.43pm: Judge Mohd Zabidin allows for a short break.

10.45pm: Court resumes.

tan boon wah sue macc 220709 karpalDefence lawyer Karpal said he will meet up with Court of Appeal president Alauddin Md Sheriff to get an early date for the hearing of his appeal.

Judge Mohd Zabidin asked both parties - the defence and prosecution teams - to meet in chambers.
10.57am: Court resumes.
Star witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan called to the stand. This is the fourth day in a row where he is being cross-examined by top defence lawyer Karpal Singh.
11am: Defence lawyer Karpal shows key witness Saiful the Malaysiakini report dated Aug 15, 2008, titled 'Saya diliwat tanpa rela'.

Solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof protests against the report being used.

NONEHowever, judge Mohd Zabidin allows the defence to proceed. Saiful is asked to read the report in silence.

The report, dated Aug 15, 2008, was based on a press conference held by Saiful after he swore on the Quran at the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan that he was sodomised by Anwar.
11.07am: After Saiful finished reading the lengthy Malaysiakini report, Karpal asks: Is the report correct?

Saiful answers: "There is an error where I said this was the first time I was sodomised. I silap interpret soalan. (I misinterpreted the question)."
According to the Malaysiakini report, which included a transcript of Saiful's interview with journalists:
Wartawan: Ini kali pertama kamu diliwat?

Mohd Saiful:
Ya, pertama kali.
Saiful maintains that he had been sodomised by Anwar before the June 26, 2008 incident.
azlan11.11am: Defence lawyer Karpal continues quizzing Saiful.
Karpal: The rest of the article is correct?

Saiful: Don't threaten me.

Karpal: Yang lain benar? (The rest is correct?) Why are you so frighten?

Saiful: I cannot confirm this is correct. I cannot confirm 100 percent the article is correct.
11.23am: Saiful disagrees that he lied in court in saying that when he met Najib on June 24, 2008, he told the then deputy prime minister that he had been sodomised by Anwar several times.

Karpal: Prior to March 2008, are you a strong supporter of BN and Umno?
However, solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof raises an objection. He questions the relevancy of the question.
11.30am: Judge Mohd Zabidin allows question.
Karpal: You were a strong supporter of BN and Umno but you betray them. You are a pengkhianat (traitor)?

Tak setuju, undi bebas.

He claims that Anwar sodomised him in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.

Saiful: Yes, I was a strong (BN-Umno) supporter, but I voted for PKR Subang parliamentarian R Sivarasa and PKR Bukit Lanjan state representative Elizabeth Wong.
11.42am: Cross-examination of Saiful continues.

Awak mandi pada Jun 26?
Saiful: Saya mandi pagi.

Ada awak mandi serta cuci 'anus' selepas kejadian?
Saiful: Saya bilas (rinse).

Kenapa tak cuci?

Saya mahu simpan bukti.

Kenapa tak buat lapuran polis masa 26 haribulan?


Karpal: 27 haribulan, kenapa tak 'lodge report'?

Saiful: Saya takut ia akan 'affect' masa depan saya.
11.54am: Defence lawyer Karpal applies for proceedings to be done in camera. Judge Mohd Zabidin agrees.

The court breaks for lunch and will resume at 2.15pm.
The High Court judge reminds members of the public and journalists that they are not allowed to attend the proceedings when court resumes after lunch.

'I did not wash my anus to preserve evidence'

By FMT Staff
KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who has accused Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him, told the High Court that he did not wash his anus after the incident in order to preserve the evidence.
He said this in response to a question from Anwar's lead counsel Karpal Singh during cross-examination.

Karpal had asked if Saiful had his bath on June 26, 2008 (the day of the alleged incident), to which the latter replied that he had done so in the morning.
Karpal: Did you wash your anus after the incident?

I rinsed it.

Karpal: Why didn't you wash it?

I wanted to keep the evidence.

The lawyer also asked why Saiful did not file a police report on the day of the incident or the next day, to which the complainant said: “I was afraid it would affect my future.”

Earlier, Saiful was also given a copy of a news report which quoted him as telling a press conference that the June 26 incident was the first time he had been sodomised.

This was contrary to his claim in court that it happened several times before.

Yesterday, Saiful told the court that he had met Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak (who was then deputy premier) two days before June 26 to relate his ordeal.

When asked by Karpal to verify the facts in the news report, Saiful said there was an error pertaining to the part where he had mentioned that it was the first time he had been sodomised.

“I misinterpreted the question,” he added.
Visit to the condo
The sodomy trial has been adjourned to 2.15pm, during which the court would visit the scene of the incident for an in-camera proceeding where Saiful is expected to describe the alleged sodomy.

Anwar, 63, is charged with sodomising Saiful, his former aide, at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, between 3.01pm and

He is charged under Section 377B of the Penal Code and faces up to 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted. He was first charged in August 2008.

This morning, the court rejected Anwar's request for a stay of his sodomy trial pending his appeal against the dismissal of his application to obtain Saiful's witness statements.

Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah ruled that his decision to dismiss the application for the witness statements yesterday was procedural and could not be appealed.

The defence had also failed to show special circumstances for the stay to be granted, he added.

Najib's 'Corruption 101' lesson in Sibu

By FMT staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been accused of displaying the basics of corruption in his attempt to fish for Chinese votes in the upcoming Sibu by-election in Sarawak.

Claiming that by-elections in Malaysia are stranger than fiction, DAP MP Charles Santiago said this time around, Najib has taken the cake for “shameless vote-buying and unadulterated corruption”.

He was responding to Najib's plea to a group of Chinese educationists, where the prime minister reportedly said: "Please, I help you, you help me. That way we have a very fair and happy relationship. It won't cost you anything to give us what we want. We will do what we should to give you what you want. And you know what I want.”

According to Santiago, there is nothing fair about this relationship.
“Certainly the premier did not mince his words... it is simple and pure corruption. Dishing out government allocations worth RM18 million is clearly fashioned to bribe Chinese voters.
“And neither the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission nor the Election Commission have responded to such a blatant act of corruption while in other countries, an investigation would have been initiated,” he said.

'Don't fall into the trap'

Even before this “sorry” episode, Santiago noted that Najib and Umno leaders have cherry-picked elections as a strategic time to give handouts.

“These funds are state funds that are entrusted by the people to the government. It is not meant to bribe the people to hold on to the reins of power.

“Staying in power should come from policies and so
cial and economic progress resulting in a better quality of life for all Malaysians,” he said.

“Najib and his foot soldiers have, thus far, not demonstrated any signs that they are willing to engage the people through an empowering exercise,” he added.

In view of this, the Klang MP said Malaysians should not perceive such largess in a positive manner but send a tough message to the government that they are judged not by handouts but by efforts throughout the mandate period.

In this instance, Santiago said Najib is clearly embarking on a reputation-cleansing exercise by trying to bond with the Chinese educationists after Barisan Nasional's failure to clinch Chinese votes in Hulu Selangor.

“But the Chinese community must not fall into Najib and Umno’s trap.
“They must instead vote with a conscience for the future of Sibu and the nation as Najib and the ruling government have acted with almost no fear of accountability,” he added.

The Chinese form 67 percent of the electorate in Sibu, the second largest city in Sarawak.
On Sunday, BN's Robert Lau will take on DAP's Wong Ho Leng and independent Narawi Haron in the by-election.

Time for Chua to leave the past

By Stanley Koh - Free Malaysia Today

COMMENT With speculation of an imminent Cabinet reshuffle gathering momentum, it is reasonable to assume that MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek has spent some time thinking about whether he should rejoin the Cabinet.
He knows that his decision will affect not only his own future but also his party’s. It is not an easy decision, and he may or may not find comfort in recalling British statesman John Morley’s observation that in politics the choice is constantly between two evils.

Much have happened since Chua declared that he was not interested in a minister’s post. He said this last year, soon after the prime minister made him Barisan Nasional chief coordinator for Pakatan-ruled states.

“I have no other agenda,” he said. “I’ve said I am not interested in becoming a minister. So please don’t speculate. There is no need to be suspicious of me.”

He had expressed a similar sentiment earlier, just before the 2008 party election.

“I have never thought of contesting the presidency,” he said when asked to confirm a rumour.

Yet time—or perhaps it was fate—has proven him wrong, and his detractors have another opportunity to accuse him of going back on his words.

Having crossed one hurdle after another, Chua is not likely to stop dead in his tracks by not rejoining Cabinet.

One may perhaps take as a pointer his reaction to the incident in which MCA Alor Gajah Youth divisional secretary Chai Ming Swee held a placard calling for his resignation as party president. Chua said then that he was democratically elected.

Some see that reaction as a clear signal that he considers MCA’s future more important than his personal past.

On that count, Chua has said that the old style of leadership in MCA must change. He has indicated that he would use the 2008 political tsunami as a guide in assessing the party’s weaknesses and strengths and throwing out bad policies.

Chua has also promised to cut a new deal for the party with its political master, Umno, and to work towards opening up democratic space for Malaysians.

Very probable
Will he decide to rejoin the Cabinet pending the PM’s approval? The answer is “very probable,” judging from pointers from the recent past.

In 2008, just before the MCA election, he lamented that his campaign for the deputy presidency had to be low key because he was not in government.

He said: “If you don’t have a government posting while campaigning (for a party post), you have to adopt a low profile approach. Otherwise, your supporters would be voted out.

“Leaders with government posts can offer many things—from projects to title awards or political appointments. You must not forget these things happen.”

The resistance against him and the debate over his suitability as president of MCA will continue for as long as there is no outstanding achievement to overshadow the exposed skeleton in his cupboard.

If Chua adopts the self-punishing attitude of Ong Ka Ting—who decided not to join the Cabinet after the 2008 debacle—he will, like Ong, be a lame duck president.

If this happens, the implications for the party will be serious. The debate will not be just about his tainted past but also the standing of the party leadership within the BN coalition.

It will be more difficult for MCA to meet the expectation of its political master, Umno, to win back Chinese support for BN.

MCA has twice before made the mistake of not having its president in the Cabinet. Before Ong Ka Ting, there was Tan Koon Swan, who in 1985 decided to stay out of the Cabinet after he defeated Neo Yee Pan for the presidency following a protracted leadership crisis.

If his personal past is tormenting him and interfering with his decision-making, he may perhaps find comfort in what Barry Goldwater once said:

“If everybody in town connected with politics had to leave town because of chasing women and drinking, you’ll have no government.”

Stanley Koh is a former head of research in MCA. He is a Free Malaysia Today contributor.

Dr M should encourage rally for reconciliation

By Lim Teck Ghee - Free Malaysia Today

COMMENT We are heartened that the controversial ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally in Terengganu planned for today to commemorate May 13 has been postponed indefinitely.
It would be even more reassuring to hear that any future events to remember this fateful date in our history will take a more constructive note.

May 13 should be a collective reaffirmation by all of Malaysia’s peoples that such an incident must never again happen.

In any country in the world which has experienced a tragic outburst of national racial violence, its anniversary is normally one of sombre reflection, collective shame and reconciliation.

The rally organizer is however, Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat – its acronym ‘Gertak’ translated into English means ‘to intimidate’ – and thus an organization whose name has an ominous ring to it.

Gertak has endeavoured to rouse a single race at a time when groups and individuals should come together to condemn the shedding of innocent blood and vow to walk the path of peace. 

It is simply beyond belief that Dr Mahathir Mohamed has allowed his name to be associated with a gathering that might be misconstrued as reminding Malaysia that the senseless and brutal events of May 13, 1969 could possibly reoccur.

How can Mahathir justify his participation if inadvertently, he becomes the possible catalyst for another spasm of ‘uprising’ as the jingoistic name of the movement ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ implies?

We urge Mahathir to give sober thought to how he wants to go down in history. The right of freedom of assembly was severely curtailed during his administration.

Now that he is in retirement, it appears he has made an opportunistic about-turn to support the democratic value allowing citizens to peacefully gather.

Sinister motives
As a former prime minister of the country, Mahathir should instead have advised the rally organizers that they must not only seek to ‘motivate’ the Malay community – an approach that could be misinterpreted as pitting the dominant race against the minorities.

Rather than a mono-racial mammoth rally to stir up the Malays as the theme ‘Bangkit Melayu’ suggests, the anniversary of 13 May ought to be a day of national reconciliation.

It is for all the communities to remind ourselves of the senseless deaths and the folly of seeking revenge or aggravating old hurts and wounds.

The timing and the purpose of this ‘Bangkit Melayu’ rally implies reopening a dark chapter with sinister motives.

A silver lining behind this episode is that cooler heads have prevailed and many across the political spectrum have come out to condemn the proposed rally.
The ball is now in Mahathir’s court to persuade the rally organizers not merely to postpone but to cancel it altogether unless they can undertake to promise a coming together that engenders goodwill in the spirit of the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia.

Whistleblower gets show-cause letter

(File pic by Steven Depolo @ Flickr)
PETALING JAYA, 13 May 2010: A doctor who went public with serious allegations of mismanagement and cronyism in an Orang Asli hospital in Gombak has continued to be targeted for her outspokenness.
Dr Selva Vathany Kanapathi Pillai told The Nut Graph she received a show-cause letter from the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) last month.
"The JHEOA asked me to explain why I took part in a Bar Council press conference without my department head Dr Saaiah Abdullah's permission," Dr Selva said in a phone interview.
"The letter said that if I did not reply with an adequate explanation, action would be taken against me."
The Bar Council press conference was held on 11 Feb 2010 to highlight Dr Selva's complaints about the Gombak hospital. It raised issues such as the high rate of malnutrition among Orang Asli children, and the use of hospital facilities by non-Orang Asli patients. This was despite the fact that the hospital was specifically set up to improve Orang Asli health.
The Bar Council had also called on the hospital to be placed under the purview of the Health Ministry instead of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, which is currently the case.
Dr Selva was also present when Orang Asli representatives handed in a memorandum to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) on 16 March, complaining about poor services at the hospital.
JHEOA pressure
Dr Selva had earlier told The Nut Graph how she was sidelined by the hospital's management due to her raising of mismanagement issues.

Dr Selva (Courtesy of Bar Council)
Shortly after she sent a formal complaint letter to the Health Ministry in late 2009, she was told she was to be transferred to Kedah.
"I am not under JHEOA's authority anymore because of my transfer. I am now directly under the Health Ministry," said Dr Selva.
"It doesn't make sense that I am sent a show-cause letter by the very department and people that I have been making complaints about."
Dr Selva was unable to supply The Nut Graph with a copy of the JHEOA letter as it was marked "sulit".
Dr Selva said the show-cause letter had also asked her to give an explanation about why she had participated in a demonstration in front of the Gombak hospital on 24 Feb 2010.
"I wasn't even at the hospital on the day of the demonstration," Dr Selva said. "I was already preparing to leave because of my transfer to Kedah."
The Nut Graph previously tried to reach JHEOA director-general Datuk Mohd Sani Mistam for comment on issues affecting the hospital, but was told he was away till 17 May. Requests for his deputy, Nisra Nisran Asra Ramlan, to respond were also in vain.
No resolution
Dr Selva is vexed that despite the recent attention the Gombak Hospital has been receiving, the authorities are focusing on issuing show-cause letters instead of dealing with the malnutrition issue among Orang Asli children.
"There is already a comprehensive Health Ministry food-basket programme in place. It is not just for the 'hardcore poor', as claimed by JHEOA's director-general, but for all malnourished children," said Dr Selva.
Under the programme, underweight children receive monthly food baskets from the Health Ministry. The children are monitored until they fall within the recommended weight for their age.

Joseph Entulu Belaun (Source:
On 17 April 2010, The Malay Mail reported that Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun had refuted Dr Selva's claims in Parliament.
He stated that a thorough investigation had been carried out, which showed that there was no truth to her statements.
"In short, she is lying," the deputy minister reportedly said.
Dr Selva, however, pointed out that the Rural and Regional Development Ministry was not the appropriate body to investigate her claims. "They are not medical practitioners, nor do they have expertise on medical ethics or medical management," she said.
"I have full faith that the Health Ministry would be able to conduct a fair and transparent investigation through the Malaysian Medical Council."
She added, however, that if concrete steps were not taken to improve the situation, she would not hesitate to raise the matter with international organisations such the World Health Organisation.

Najib’s 3-minute lightning visit to Tua Pek Kong Temple leaving before start of procession a disappointment as advance publicity said the Prime Minister would speak at temple and lead the procession

By Lim Kit Siang,

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s three-minute lightning visit to Sibu Tua Pek Kong Temple last night, leaving even before the start of the historic procession is a disappointment all-round as advance publicity said the Prime Minister would speak at the temple and would lead the procession.
The Tua Pek Kong Temple procession was to start at 6 p.m but was held back till 7.30 p.m for the arrival of the Prime Minister.
Because of the SUPP build-up in the advance publicity for the Prime Minister’s visit to Tua Pek Kong temple to lead the procession, there was excitement and expectancy among the thousands who gathered at the Temple for the start of the procession and the tens of thousands of people lining the roads of the procession.
Together with DAP/PR Candidate for Sibu, Wong Ho Leng and a battery of DAP MPs and State Assemblymen from throughout the country, including parliamentarians Chong Jien Ren (Kuching Bandar) Anthony Loke (Rasah), Liew Chin Tong (Bukit Bendera), we had waited for an hour at the head of the queue in front of the Tua Bek Kong Temple entrance to welcome the Prime Minister’s visit.
However, we never get to greet the Prime Minister, as his entourage came like a storm, with his escorts pushing and shoving away the crowd of pressmen as well as the public (reckless of safety of children and womenfolk in the crowd).

Before the public could recover from the storm of pushing and shoving by the Prime Minister’s entourage entering the temple, there was immediately another storm of pushing and shoving by the Prime Minister’s entourage leaving the temple – as Najib came and went in less than three minutes!
During the patient hour-long wait by thousands for the arrival of the Prime Minister, the waiting public were repeatedly reminded to show that Sibu is a cultured and civilized place which appreciate the visit of the Prime Minister and to clap vigorously when the Prime Minister deliver his speech.
But the Prime Minister did not give any speech. Neither did he lead the Tua Pek Kong Temple procession. In fact, Najib’s visit was so “lightning-short” and all over in three minutes – that the organizers did not even have the time to present the Prime Minister with the souvenir they had prepared!
The SUPP leadership owes the people of Sibu, Sarawak and Malaysia an explanation they created the publicity build-up in the last few days saying that the Prime Minister would speak at the Temple and would lead the procession.
Public disappointment that the Prime Minister had neither given a speech nor lead the procession as publicized earlier was palpable all round, as reflected by my tweets at the Tua Pek Kong Temple procession last night, viz:
  • At #Sibu TuaPekKong Procession gathering w candidate HoLeng MPs JianRen Loke CTong n several SAs from Sarawak Penang Perak Selangor
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 6:46 PM
  • Air of excitement 4great #Sibu religious event 2begin Estimated 7k all over country n overseas taking part in procession 50k ppl waiting
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:04 PM
  • Historic n unprecedented #Sibu TuaPekKong Procession formed by 119 groups w 7k particpants waiting 4arrival of PM @730pm 2begin
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:13 PM
  • #Sibu RM1.5 million 120yr 7-storey TuaPekKong Pagoda major historic/tourist attraction of New Fuchou Whole area brightly lit-up Memorable Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:25 PM
  • Najib arrives Surrounded by escorts Although DAP MPs SAs nationwide stands on front row Najib did not c us PM has left! Not even 3 mins!
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:32 PM
  • After 3 mins he left RT @Reading_Monk: @limkitsiang YAB not taking part in procession??
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:51 PM
  • Walking streets of #Sibu in procession Frankly all Ppl disappointed Najib could only spare 3 mins News rpts say PM wld lead procession #P212
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 8:08 PM
  • #P212 Najib comes like Emperor of yore rather an elected PM of a democratic Msia This is why #Sibu 4Change needed 2launch new politics/ Msia
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 8:45 PM
  • #P212 If in vital #Sibu byelection Najib can only spare 3mins 4 120yr TuaPekKong Temple after so much publicity what does it imply?
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:04 PM
  • #P212 #Sibu TPKTemple procession ended Unforgettable nite Entered into lore/history Sibu Will b talk 4next century incl PM’s 3min scandal
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:15 PM
  • Star rprted Najib “witnessed start of #Sibu TPK festival street procession”. Untrue. He came n went even b4 start of procession. All 3 mins!
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:34 PM
  • #P212 Advance publicity Najib would lead TPKTemple prcsn, wld give speech n all told 2clap 2make Najib happy but he never stepped in2 temple
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:45 PM

Live - Karpal grills Saiful - Anil Netto

Another day in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim as Karpal continues cross-examining Saiful.

Vedanta Resources' head abandons talk after Survival announces protest


Survival has been demonstrating against Vedanta
Resources for several years. © Survival
FTSE 100 mining company Vedanta Resources’ billionaire owner Anil Agarwal has pulled out of a London conference, where he was due to speak, after Survival International announced plans to demonstrate outside.

According to London police, Agarwal pulled out of the conference two days after Survival announced plans to picket the event. He was supposed to be talking at the London Business School about ‘inclusive growth’.

Survival’s protest was to highlight Vedanta’s plan to mine the land of India’s Dongria Kondh tribe, who have become known as ‘the real Avatar’ because of their iconic struggle to save their sacred mountain.

A recent report commissioned by the Indian government agreed that Vedanta’s mine could mean the ‘destruction of the Dongria Kondh’ as a distinct people. The Church of England, the Norwegian government and others have sold their shares in the company because of its ‘serious violation of fundamental human rights.’

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2010, Mr Agarwal is the UK’s tenth richest man, after his wealth increased more than 500% in the last year to over $6 billion.

Stephen Corry, Survival’s director said, ‘Anil Agarwal needs to know that the destruction he wreaks in India will not pass unnoticed in the rest of the world. As long as he and his company are abusing the Dongria Kondh’s basic human rights, Mr Agarwal will have to face an angry public. His injustices will not be forgotten, and they must be stopped.’

To read this story online:

Child may be lone survivor in Libya plane crash

(CNN) -- A Dutch child is believed to be the only survivor of a passenger plane crash in Libya Wednesday that may have killed more than 100 people, the Dutch Foreign Ministry said.
The plane was carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew members when it crashed while trying to land at the Tripoli International Airport

The boy was undergoing surgery at a hospital in the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the Afriqiyah Airways plane that left Johannesburg crashed as it neared the end of its flight.
The Dutch ministry said it had a representative at the hospital waiting to identify the boy, believed to be age 10. He apparently suffered bone injuries.

Nicky Knapp, a representative of the Airports Company South Africa, provided the breakdown in the destinations of the passengers aboard: seven to London, 32 to Brussels, 42 to Dusseldorf, one to Paris, and 11 to Libya. She was speaking on behalf of Afriqiyah Airways.

The plane, an Airbus A330-200, was at the tail end of its nearly nine-hour-long flight when it crashed.
"We express our sincere regret and sadness on behalf of the airline. As well, we would like to express our condolences to the relatives and friends of those who had passengers on Flight 8U771 destined for Tripoli late last night, due to arrive around 6 o'clock this morning," she said.
Calling the incident a tragedy, Jerzy Buzek, the president of the European Parliament said "some 100 people have died no doubt from many countries around the world."

He said the child's survival "given this tragic event, is truly a miracle."
The Dutch Royal Touring Club said 61 of 62 Dutch passengers on the plane died.
A Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman said the government was trying to get more information about those aboard.

The British Foreign Office said it was looking into whether British nationals were on board the flight.
At the crash site, workers with surgical masks combed through the smoldering wreckage that spilled over a large area. A wheel lay atop a pile of bags. Two green airline seats sat upright and intact amid burned parts of the aircraft.

Officials recovered the plane's flight data recorder, which investigators use to piece together a flight's last minutes.

The Tripoli-based Afriqiyah (Arabic for "African") operates flights to four continents. The planes in the fleet carry the logo 9.9.99 -- the date when the African Union was formed.
The Airbus that crashed is one of three Airbus 330-200s that the airline owns.

Pendedahan Saiful sahkan konspirasi

PKR's MP Gobala denied entry to S'wak again

IGP dodges family demand for apology

'Testimony proves Najib-Rosmah-IGP conspiracy' - Malaysiakini

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim argued that today's testimony by star witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan proved a high-level conspiracy against him.

Anwar, 63, when met at the end of the third day of Saiful's cross-examination, told reporters that he had always maintained that the sodomy charge - his second in 10 years - is the result of a political conspiracy aimed at killing his political career.

NONE"Now we have evidence that this is not just a mere coincidence. This entire team is associated with Rosmah (Mansor), Najib (Abdul Razak) and the inspector-general of police (Musa Hassan)," he said.

"This show is much better than a Tamil movie," he quipped, before leaving the courtroom.

Throughout today's cross-examination of Saiful by senior lawyer Karpal Singh, the key witness was asked about his meeting with then deputy prime minister Najib at his private residence in Taman Duta in June 2008.

It was during the cross-examination where Saiful revealed that he not only met Najib, who is now prime minister, two days before the alleged sodomy, but also with SAC I Rodwan Mohd Yusof, who is now Malacca police chief.

NONEIn addition, Saiful met with a host of other individuals, among them former PKR Youth chief Mohd Ezam Mohd Noor, who is now a senator, and Najib's then special officer Khairil Anas.

Saiful, 25, also told the court that he had made a telephone call to police chief Musa a day before the alleged sodomy.

Throughout the trial today, Saiful appeared a little uneasy with some of the questions posed by Karpal, in particular his meeting with senior police officer Rodwan.

At times, the star witness, who is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and black jacket, seemed hard pressed, but offered a smile at other times after answering questions from Karpal.

Sodomy I
- deja vu

Rodwan, 52, is not a stranger to the sodomy trial.

He was the investigating officer in the alleged sodomy case involving Anwar and his adopted brother, Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja, in 1998.

Rodwan was then an assistant superintendent. He now holds the rank senior assistant commissioner I, and is the most senior cop in Malacca.

NONEMeanwhile, Musa was the investigating officer in Anwar's sodomy case involving his wife's former driver Azizan Abu Bakar, as well as the head of the investigating team in the whole sodomy affair.

He moved up the ranks over the years and became the country's police chief in 2006. His contract will end in September this year.

Anwar has consistently alleged that Musa was involved in a conspiracy against him in his first sodomy trial.

Saiful had also testified that he met Khairil sometime between December 2007 and January 2008 for a letter of support to obtain a study loan to be a pilot at a Kota Bharu training school.

mumtaz jaafar 120510Both Khairil and former top athlete Mumtaz Jaafar (left) - said to be a close confidante of Rosmah - were called into the courtroom this afternoon to be identified by Saiful.

Mumtaz is the executive chairperson of the National Athlete Welfare Foundation, an organisation which Rosmah is the patron.

Saiful told the court that he informed Mumtaz about the alleged sodomy incident, a day after it took place on June 26, 2008.

Mumtaz was the second person to know about the alleged incident after Saiful's uncle, Tuah Mohamed.

Anwar files appeal

Karpal also told the court that the defence team had filed a notice of motion to appeal High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah's decision to dismiss his application to have access to Saiful's statements which he had given to the police.

azlanIn his affidavit, Anwar said there was merit in the application as justice Zabidin's decision was a final order, which is appealeable at the Court of Appeal.

"There are novel issues which had never been raised before and hence we also apply for a stay of proceedings with the cross-examinaton to allow the appeal to be heard (first)," Anwar states in his affidavit.

Zabidin has fixed tomorrow morning to hear an application by Karpal for a stay of the proceedings pending the appeal.

Earlier today, Karpal came close to being cited for contempt of court after he implied that the prosecution knew the outcome of today's decision.

The senior defence lawyer had observed that the prosecution appeared to be well-prepared with case laws to object to the defence's application.

Deserving Indian students denied places in Matriculation Courses

Deserving Indian students denied places in Matriculation Courses
malay graduate 2 Parit Buntar district students Mathanraj s/o Ravinthira – 9As’, Langgeswaran s/o Jayaraman – 8As’ and Devathas s/o Vijayan who scored 11As’ in their SPM examination feel disappointed and upset when they have been denied places in matriculation programmes even though they scored well, whereas their Malay Muslim classmates who only scored 2As’ and 3As’ being offered places in such programmes. The students’ parent also asking why their children are being denied places in matriculation courses despite of their excellent results. This is classic racial discrimination which has been going on for the last 40 years!
There are 40,000 places in the nine matriculation colleges nationwide (UM 2/11/08 at page 4) plus the MARA Kulim and Kuala Nerang schools which also provides matriculation courses and the three technical matriculation colleges. 70% of these matriculation students undergo a mere one year foundation courses in critical fields like Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy etc to get into the Institutions of Higher Learning (UM Headlines 6/4/2010). Whereas the non malays have to undergo the two year STPM exams.
One Malay-sia?
P. Uthayakumar

More arms training for police (NST headlines 12/5/2010). What to shoot to kill more Indians?

 taiping brother More arms training for police (NST headlines 12/5/2010). What to shoot to kill more Indians?

More arms
1 3 taiping shot dead kugan kugan 

Hindraf : Ops Padam Hindraf police SB plant and IGP wayang kulit – buffoons in sheep’s clothing

vasantha kumar Hindraf : Ops Padam Hindraf police SB plant and IGP wayang kulit – buffoons in sheep’s clothing
This police plant E3M Special Branch ASP’s latest theatrics (wayang kulit) to show that he is also fighting the police by highlighting a police stray bullet hitting an Indian youth. We believe IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan and the Director of Special Branch has assigned this ASP to take up this ‘sideshow” police shooting case but not involving a death but a pure accident.
On a similar note this ASP does, a la MIC, a wayang kulit as is required by UMNO by highlighting individual Tamil school cases and never once voiced out that all 523 Tamil schools to be granted land and full financial aid status. This permanent solution for all 523 Tamil schools is not in his master UMNO’s agenda.
This ASP having build up an illusion that he is anti government will then at the appropriate time again turn his guns against Hindraf and HRP which he has taken a break from temporarily, after we had repeatedly exposed this wolf in sheep’s clothes. His job scope is under the operational warfare to create an illusion of a split in Hindraf leadership by himself self claiming to be a Hindraf leader after the IGP on 13/12/2007 declared him a Hindraf leader, and by arresting him under the ISA together with the other Hindraf lawyers. We do not know this ASP. He joined us only 3 months before the ISA arrest on 13/12/07 and did photostating for us.
A google search on this ASP before 25/11/10 reveals zero writings. There is no history of an activist or anybody having been detained under the ISA with a track record of only 3 moths involvement in an organization.
On Nov 25th 2007 there were never Hindraf leaders except P.Waythamoorthy as the Hindraf chairman. But then in a matter of days on 13/12/10 suddenly this police plant emerges as a “Hindraf leader", then in three weeks time creates problems of an illusion of a rift between the top Hindraf lawyers, allegations of Hindraf funds being misused and thereafter focusing on creating confusion through the Tamil newspapers and focusing on attacking P.Waytha Moorthy and P.Uthayakumar.
There is no rift; Waythamoorthy, and his lawyers Uthayakumar, Manoharan and Gengadaran are still working together in various ways.
Come on Tan Sri Musa you could do better! You appear such an incompetant buffoon.The Indians are no more fools. You seem to have created the confusion using UMNO’s print and electronic media and swallowed your own propaganda, but we can see through you and your Special Branch agent. This ASP is a failure! “Kegagalan operasi!” Maybe you should plant a new ASP! Even our friends in the Army intelligence unit (who is a mutual friend to Raja Petra) confirmed that this ASP is a police SB plant and still under orders even though his cover has been blown. Such a thick skinned dimwit!
Beware of this ASP who is heading Ops Padam Hindraf.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

asp 1 asp 2 asp 3
asp 4

Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR led Opposition Indian mandores forum, successor of UMNO created MIC mandorism

anwar Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR led Opposition Indian mandores forum, successor of UMNO created MIC mandorism
Anwar Ibrahim, the ex 18 year UMNO No. 2, is now trying to create a forum of Indian mandores through his Chief mandore MP for Kapar to further create illusions and to perform wayang kulit kosong politics, a la MIC, of land here and land there, hamper and (kosong or piecemeal) mock cheque presentation wayang kulit, one or two computers per Tamil school, chairs and tables, food item packets, etc., with the view to permanently keep the Indian poor out of the national mainstream development of Malaysia especially in the states of Kedah, Penang and Selangor. (See the Star 8/5/2010 at page N59).
This Anwar Ibrahim propelled Opposition Indian mandore’s forum is nothing more than a ploy to purely harness for “free" the Indian votes. Anwar is merely trying to use and take advantage of the Indians through his Indian mandores knowing that the Indians are terribly disillusioned with the UMNO led One Malay-sian racist, religious extremist and supremacist government.
Anwar Ibrahim only wants to be a taker and is never a giver vis a vis the Indians community.
A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. Therefore to prove sincerity we ask Anwar Ibrahim to kick start his journey to Putrajaya which we support by also being a giver, beginning from the state of Selangor as follows:-
1) Where is the Yayasan Selangor scholarships to the hundreds of deserving Indian students?
2) Where is the MRSM (Tamil) by the Selangor state government for all the 817 Tamil school pupils who had scored 7As’ in UPSR?
3) Where is the 10 acre Felda like land ownership schemes for the Indian poor in Selangor?
4) Where is the estate workers housing scheme for the thousands of the displaced Indian poor in Selangor?
5) Why are licences to hundreds of Indian scrap metal dealers and car wash operators in Selangor still being denied?
6) Why are the deserving Indian poor being denied state government loans to do petty trading and also denied the opportunities to run businesses in the low rental Selangor State government and their 73 subsisiaries (state GLC) (NST 15/5/10 at page 24) owned food stalls and other business premises.
7) Why have freehold land titles to all 98 Tamil schools, all Hindu temples all Hindu cemetaries and all Indian settlements are being refused to be issued?
Settle this and the road to Putrajaya would be clearer.
Anwar Ibrahim’s Kapar P.K.R. MP mandore does MIC style kosong politics food packets for 160 poor Indians.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

Anwar Ibrahim

UMNO: End of last green lung in Brickfields town centre, 17 Indian hawkers booted out.

 flower shop UMNO: End of last green lung in Brickfields town centre, 17 Indian hawkers booted out.
With the relocation of the hawkers to the nearby Jalan Ah Tong football field there goes the last football field in Brickfields town centre. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of the football fields used by Indian youths being wiped out. And then no sports and recreational facilities are build in Indian areas. If any it is almost all only in Malay areas, excluding the Indians from sports. But then UMNO says this is One Malay-sia.
And then UMNO says Indian youths get involved in crime, gangsterism, etc, as they got no outlet, escapism or simply rest and recreation. Even the ghettoes in the US have already been provided with sports and recreational complexes in every neighborhood. But pray tell us of one sports complex or recreational complex in one Indian area.
Why should the 17 long standing Indian hawkers be booted out of Brickfields?To be replaced by yet again by Malay hawkers in the developed Little India? (See The Sun 7/5/10 at page 14).
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

umno end

Police “force” victim to withdraw complaint against police gang robbery?

police Police “force” victim to withdraw complaint against police gang robbery?
Policeman let off the hook for gang robbery. Why didn’t Attorney object or appeal? (NST 11/5/2010 at page 22).
But the Attorney general and UMNO will not secure a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for the 200 over 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally peaceful assemblers who stood up for equal rights and for a place under the Malaysian Sun for all Malaysians.
Perhaps they would have been better of gang robbing someone and then arm twisting the victim to withdraw his complaint, and with the Judiciary and the Attorney General’s office let off the hook like this criminal policeman.
Are police privileges an extension of Article 153 Of the Federal Constitution?
S. Jayathas


RM 1 billion for Sibu by elections. But zero billion for Indian poor. (See The Sun 11/5/10 at page 3).

sibu elections RM 1 billion for Sibu by elections. But zero billion for Indian poor. (See The Sun 11/5/10 at page 3).
This again affirms our Project 15/38, ie, the creation of 15 Indian majority Parliamentary and 38 state assembly seats.
This way we get the attention and as it stands in ethnocentric UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS, this appears to be the surest way to secure the billions for the poor Indians as the billion for the Sibu people.
At the end of the day the political clout in terms of parliamentary and state seats rules justice, equity and just about everything else.
P. Uthayakumar

RM 1

Poor Indians desperate for rice, sugar and basic cooking packets worth RM 80 ( See SH 11/5/10 at page S 11)

 url poor indians Poor Indians desperate for rice, sugar and basic cooking packets worth RM 80 ( See SH 11/5/10 at page S 11)

poor indians