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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parliament: To Najib, “Democracy” = $$$

By Nathaniel Tan,

Isn’t it such a travesty? And one so revealing of our country’s current ‘leadership’.
Everything to Najib seems to be about money – even (especially?) democracy.
Completely unable to grasp the honourable fundamentals of what parliament should represent, all Najib’s $$ eyes can think about is how to throw money towards making it ‘look’ better.
When will these BN politicians understand that democracy is more than fancy buildings? That justice is more than a state of the art Istana Keadilan?
As some have written, while Malaysians starve and the government wants to increase our economic burdens by removing subsidies, now we talk of RM 800 million for a mere building?
I’ve been to our parliament – it’s not the Ritz, but it was actually a lot more fancy and comfortable than I expected.
Malaysians don’t want white elephants that only benefit cronies – especially not for the august house that is meant to be the bastion of our democracy.
What we really want is for our democratic rights to be respected, our vote to count, our voice heard in the halls of parliament, and justice to guide our lawmakers.

MPs clash in Senate Lounge

(Malaysiakini) A motion has been filed under Standing Order 26(1)(P) to investigate the pandemonium that erupted in the Senate Lounge in Parliament today.

At the time, opposition MPs were hosting a roundtable discussion on the lack of government scholarships for non-bumiputera students.

A heated argument broke out between opposition MPs and several BN MPs who entered the lounge, including Kinabatanan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin.

Bung Mokhtar (seated, extreme right) said he had filed the motion.

He alleged that there were outsiders in the lounge and this could have jeopardised "the safety of MPs".

BN's Tangga Batu MP Idris Harun said he entered the lounge because he had heard participants cursing Umno and BN, and wanted to tell them that this was not appropriate.

"They were shouting BN celaka, Umno celaka, so I went over to advise them. I greeted (DAP-Ipoh Barat MP) Kula and (DAP-Ipoh Timor MP Lim) Kit Siang and told them I'd like to stay and listen.

"But some of the participants started shouting, telling me to leave and pushed me," he told reporters after the scuffle.

Idris said that, as he was outnumbered, he retreated quietly.

Protest over animal testing facility

By Patrick Lee

KUALA LUMPUR : A group of animal rights activists gathered outside the Indian High Commission here to protest against a proposed Indian-based animal testing facility in Malacca.

Consisting of members from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor, the group handed over a memorandum to Indian High Commissioner Vijay Gokhale.

Some of the concerns laid out in the memorandum highlighted the alleged mistreatment of animals in research laboratories, as well the lack of scientific validity involving animal testing.

SPCA Selangor suggested alternatives such as studying post-mortem tissues.

Owned by Indian company Vivo Bio Tech Ltd, the RM500 million facility is expected to use Malaysian long-tailed macauques and Beagles for testing purposes upon completion.

'Subject to mutilation'

“If the Indian people knew what was going on in Malaysia, they would be shocked,” said Rochelle Regodon, a spokesperson for PETA.

“The animals would be subject to mutilation, testing without anesthesia and other forms of painful mistreatment. Since these monkeys were not allowed to be exported, they were instead going to be used for experimentation,” she added.

Regodon also told FMT that the planned facility was part of a worrying trend in “weaker” countries such as Malaysia.

According to the PETA spokesperson, corporations that were based in countries with more stringent laws tend to set up their operations in countries where there was no applicable animal rights law.

“Last year, a French company wanted to come to Johor to do the same thing. We then went to meet several EU ministers in the country, and this project was stalled,” she said.

Asked where most of the test animals came from, Regodon said that she did not know.

Also present was DAP Senator S Ramakrishnan, who explained that while Pakatan Rakyat was not aware of animal testing as a whole, he was personally following the issue.

In a statement to the media, Ramakrishnan said that tests on animals did not equate to successful usage on humans.

He also said Malaysian laws should be amended so that it would be legal to test on humans, so long as they wanted to use the products in question.

SPCA Selangor's chair Christine Chin also said it had gathered over 6,000 signatures in an online petition.

It will be submitted to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as soon as it reaches the 10,000-mark.

At the moment, PETA does not have a branch in Malaysia. Its nearest branch is located in the Philippines.

Govt mulling bigger Parliament in Putrajaya

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: The Barisan Nasional-led federal government appears to be preparing for the re-delineation of electoral boundaries which will potentially see an increase in the number of constituencies from the current 222.

Anticipating the need to cater for a larger number of elected representatives, Minister in the Prime Minister Department Nazri Aziz today said the government has agreed to move Parliament from its present location in Kuala Lumpur to the country's administrative capital Putrajaya.

Among the reasons given is the need to prepare for the increased number of parliamentary seats.

"The proposal was recently tabled before the Cabinet for consideration and it has agreed to move it to Putrajaya," said Nazri in a written reply to a DAP MP in Parliament.

"The construction of a new Parliament building at a cost of RM800 million is to meet the future requirements of Parliament, taking into consideration aspects of comfort, needs, facilities and the increased number of seats," he added.

The minister added that the current Parliament building, built in September 1962, will be maintained as a heritage site.

Details of the proposals are still being studied by the Works Ministry.

BN's two-third majority possible

The federal government would need a two-thirds majority to go ahead with the re-demarcation of constituency boundaries as stipulated under the Federal Constitution.

There are six independent MPs including Pasir Mas' Ibrahim Ali. Five of them are former PKR lawmakers.

Provided that all are pro-BN, BN would need just six more seats to form a two-thirds majority.

This is more than likely to happen given the recent series of events where independent Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim and Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin are seen warming up to Prime Minister and BN president Najib Tun Razak.

The two had recently gone as part of Najib's entourage to the US.

Given the series of defections in just less than half a year, political pundits believe BN may just achieve its goal.

The Elections Commission (EC) had also confirmed that it was looking into the re-delineation as the current term for the boundaries will expire in 2011.

The re-drawing of the boundaries may deal a blow to Pakatan Rakyat's electoral chances as the EC, whose independence is questioned, may carve the boundaries to BN's advantage.

EC has denied the allegation.

Councillor: 'Perkasa, Pekida, Umno' thugs whacked me

By Teoh El Sen - Free Malaysia Today

FMT ALERT PETALING JAYA: A Selayang councillor has claimed that he was assaulted by a group of men over a land dispute in Batu Caves this morning.

Contacted later, DAP's Allan Lim told FMT that his assailants were from "Perkasa, Pekida and Umno".

He said the dispute was over a plot of land that a Chinese association as well as parties linked to
Perkasa and Pekida had applied for.

"When I parked my car, five or six of them came over and confronted me, and asked me who I was and I told tham that I am a councillor.

"But then, like gangsters or wrestlers, they started whacking me. There were at least 50 of them by then," he said, adding that he was punched, kicked and assaulted with hard objects.

Lim, who was to attend a ground breaking ceremony, said he sustained injuries to various parts of his body.

Selangor Perkasa chairman Abdullah Mansor told FMT later he had not received news about the incident.

"I have not gotten any report on this, I was in a meeting with the federal territories minister in DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall). I must check first,” he said.

Lim is in the process of filing a police report in Batu Caves.

Wanita PR hands in anti-betting memo


w22 Media Statement 9th June 2010


HINDRAF calls upon Prime Minister Najib to fully implement his 1 Malaysia concept by scrapping the STPM exams and let all students irrespective of race and religion sit for the matriculation examinations.

We want the UMNO led government to put an immediate stop to this racially segregated examination system and scrap the STPM examination altogether. There should only be one standard examination system for all. This will be the first step to eliminating racial segregation in the education system.

Article 12 (1) There shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of birth –

in the administration of any educational institution maintained by a public authority, and, in particular, the admission of pupils or students or the payment of fees;

In line with Article 8 of the Federal constitution we call upon the UMNO led Government to respect the Federal constitution and implement a one-examination system for all students. One Malaysia should mean One examination for all. 1 Malaysia =1 Pre-University Exam.

We demand the government to stop this racial based examination and scrap STPM which is intended solely for the non Malays where the Government would be able to racially profile the non Malay muslim students and "slaughter" them permanently in their hopes of getting into the local universities.

UMNO led government is committing double jeopardy for the nation in this instance as intelligent and capable human capital is depleted by producing below par students through its race based matriculation and stunting those intelligent and highly calibre students through STPM.

HINDRAF questions the need for two Examinations. This is the ingenious way by which racial discrimination can be applied against the minorities of the country. Entrance to Universities is based on the end results of these two exams. There is a significant difference in the scope and depth of syllabi between the two Examinations. The scope and rigour is much less for the Matriculation program than for the two-year sixth form exam. The Matriculation program is thus rendered much easier than the sixth form program leading to the STPM. The net result is that the Matriculation program provides an easier path for the Bumiputera students to the more desirable University programs in the public Universities. This is an institutionalised and ingenious way to deny the minorities equal opportunities to affordable education in courses of their choice.

Affluent and economically able families recognizing this blatant discrimination opt to put their children through ‘A’ levels for under-graduate education abroad or in private universities locally, whereas the brilliant students of the poor, working class and middle class families are left to undergo this racially segregated STPM exam which kills off any dreams of their being significantly contributing professionals in Malaysia. Many of them end up taking up simple courses or become dropouts.

From past statistics, it is acknowledged that excellent students who score 10A’s -13 A’s in their SPM examinations do not fare well in the STPM exam because of the scope and depth of the body of knowledge. These students are particularly targeted in this racially segregated examination with standards deliberately set much higher than the Matriculation semester based exams and most of them are from the disadvantage sections of our society.

Hindraf is an organisation which champions for the poor underclass and voiceless community and we will continue to do so until the UMNO led government practices fairness to all irrespective of race, religion or color in line with the Federal constitution.

Thank you.




PAS chiefs say leadership status quo

Nik Aziz was said to still have the “capability and mandate” to lead PAS. — file pic
KOTA BARU, June 9 — PAS leaders have vehemently denied that the upcoming party annual general meeting would be used to push for a change in the party’s top leadership.

Some members of the Islamist party believed the top party leadership would be retained at least until after the next general election, which may be as early as next year.

“As of right now, there is no succession plan. Tok Guru (Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat) will stay on at least until after the elections,” said Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, Kelantan PAS Deputy Commissioner.

Nik Aziz has been the Kelantan mentri besar since 1990.

Mohd Amar claimed that Nik Aziz, who is the PAS spiritual advisor, still had the “capability and mandate” to lead PAS into the next general election.

“For us, it is better for him to stay on until the next general election. He has the capability and the popularity to gather mass support,” said Mohd Amar.

Speculation has been rife that this year’s annual general meeting would be the platform to push for changes in the top leadership.

The Malaysian Insider understands that some members in the party were dissatisfied with the performance of the current president and deputy president.

But PAS leaders have denied any move to unseat party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and his deputy, Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

“PAS Youth supports the current leadership of the party. There have been no grouses, nor any problems,” said PAS Youth secretary-general Kamaruzzaman Mohamad.

Kamaruzzaman told The Malaysian Insider that any change right now was not necessary, as there was no “big weakness” under Abdul Hadi’s leadership.

“We will only demand a change if something major happens. For now, we will support our leaders to the end,” Kamaruzzaman said.

Anwar pleads lawyer be allowed in at Apco inquiry

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - Free Malaysia Today,

FMT ALERT KUALA LUMPUR: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said today his “trial” before the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee would be a travesty if he is denied the right to counsel.
He also said it was absurd that the committee had proceeded to call a representative from public relations outfit Apco Worldwide in his absence.
"This is an inquiry where I can be punished, face suspension. I have the evidence, the documents. Who will listen or look at this?" Anwar told a press conference in Parliament here.

PAS offers non-Muslims ‘dignity’ and principled commitment

By B Nantha Kumar - Free Malaysia Today,

KUALA LUMPUR: The 2010 PAS convention will go down in political history as the year the Islamic party embraced its non-Muslim brethren as equals.
Starting with its freedom of religion stand on the “Allah” issue, which gripped multi-religious Malaysia in January 2010, to its move to upgrade its non-Muslim supporters' club to equal its Youth wing, and the announcement that Non-Muslims will be fielded in the next general election and serve in the senate, the party is moving the masses with its principled commitment to fairness and justice.
Said the non-Muslim wing’s deputy president N Balasubramaniam: “Yes, it is an Islamic party, but the leaders don’t keep throwing it in your face. They are also concerned about other religions.
“Leaving aside the party’s core religious philosophy, I think it is important that we look at its stand on issues. It has been fair to the non-Muslims. If you visit Kelantan and Terengganu, and talk to the people, you will understand what we are saying.”
According to Balasubramaniam, the members are satisfied with PAS’s top leaders and the manner in which they handle issues.
“PAS is an independent party with its own policies. On issues involving Indians, its stand is clear: aid for everyone who is poor. There is no bureaucracy involved in giving aid.
“Umno never appreciated the Indians' contribution to this country. It doesn't see us as having contributed to the economy.
“Umno has very little respect for us as a community and MIC, as a representative of the community, has failed to build our image as a worthwhile partner in nation building.
“MIC has focused its growth on a few people and ignored the masses. Compared to other communities, we have been the most loyal supporters of Barisan Nasional. But all we have ever received are empty promises and piece-meal assistance. We are not beggars,” he said.
According to Balasubramaniam, the three-day convention in Kelantan will be an “interesting and different” experience for the non-Muslim wing.
“We are mainly observers now. PAS has made many announcements earlier about fielding non- Muslims in the next general election and senatorships.
“Last month, Hadi Awang met us and we discussed a wide range of issues. We are satisfied with PAS stand on religious freedom, economic distribution and community development.
“We’re looking to hear firm commitments in the muktamar, which will encourage us to continue to fight for the party and the country,” he said, adding that the wing now had 50,000 members, majority of whom are Indians.

Subsidy rift: Tsu Koon defends Jala

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - Free Malaysia Today
KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in Charge of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Koh Tsu Koon today defended his colleague Idris Jala over what appears to be a rift between the latter and the Treasury.
The Treasury had openly disputed Idris' government subsidy figures.
Idris, who is the chief executive officer of Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), had said that Malaysia will go bankrupt by 2019 if it maintains its hefty subsidies.
Government spending on petrol, electricity, food and other staples, he said, had cost the country RM74 billion last year while the Finance Ministry claimed that it was only RM18.6 billion.
However, Koh said the discrepancy in the subsidy figures given by the Treasury and Pemandu is due to the differences in the definition and classification of expenditure and their sources.
"The Treasury's figures refer only to direct subsidies, involving only the Treasury, while those of Pemandu's include all indirect subsidies and from public sources," he explained.
Koh is the chairman of Pemandu.
The figures given by the Treasury was quoted in a briefing for Barisan Nasional backbenchers in Parliament yesterday.
"The Treasury's figure did not include the petroleum subsidy of RM12 billion by Petronas as the Treasury considered that it was not borne directly by the government," said Koh.
"Another example of this is that the Treasury figures did not include the subsidy for the total cost of education which is taken into account by the Pemandu figure," added the senator.
Malay opposition to the NEM
Idris and Koh are leading Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's Government Transformation Programme and its shift towards a neo-liberal economic paradigm under the New Economic Model.
This means opening up the economy and abolishing Bumiputera quotas in key sectors to charm foreign investments.
They have made enemies among the conservative Malay business elite, including influential former Malay leaders from the government's economic department who want race based affirmative actions maintained in the new model.
The open contradiction of Pemandu's figure is seen as a spillover from the widespread disapproval of the NEM.

The endangered Chinese of Sarawak

By Abdul Hakim Bujang - Free Malaysia Today

COMMENT In Malaysia, a politician who loses in national or state elections will have to sit it out for about five years before trying again. This is what some top leaders of the Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) are doing right now.

Alfred Yap Chin Loi, Sim Kheng Hui, Lily Yong and Chan Seng Khai are among many who are missing from the corridors of power.

After the last Sarawak state election, they were replaced by DAP members. Unfortunately, despite their impressive victories, the DAP representatives are also outside the decision-making circle.

More insulting still, the Barisan Nasional administration treats them as enemies rather than partners in government. That is just a fact of Malaysian political life.

It looks as though it will not be long before the Chinese community is completely excluded from the state administration. One day there will not be a single Chinese representative in the decision-making circle.

Who then will protect their interest?

Many people are actually happy about this. It is a welcome development to those who accuse Chinese assemblymen of being aloof from their non-Chinese constituents and unconcerned about their needs.

The result of the recent Sibu by-election has deeply disappointed BN supporters. Many are now openly demanding that the Prime Minister reconsider allocating funds for the Chinese community.

A similar call was made some years ago. Sibu has somewhat reignited the issue.

"PM has given them (the Chinese) nearly RM20 million, but BN is facing difficulty building a RM500,000 surau for the Malays of Sibu,” a senior politician was heard grumbling. “Why must we continue wasting our time trying to please people who never say thank you?”

More often than not, BN overlooks its loyal supporters among the natives in its eagerness to win over the Chinese. Many natives are openly asking BN to change this attitude. Despite all the money poured in to develop urban areas, they say, Chinese votes rarely go to BN.

They are demanding that BN divert the larger part of its funds to rural infrastructure development.

Normally, BN decisions are made collectively, involving leaders from the various communities who have been elected to the state assembly. I cannot imagine what platform the Chinese will stand on to fight for their share in development if the worst does happen this coming election.

Continuing slide

I honestly feel that SUPP is heading for oblivion. There is no stopping the slide in support. The Chinese no longer see anything good in the party. They are openly backing DAP and it is just a matter of time before SUPP is wiped out.

DAP’s great advantage is that it is good at finding faults. It demonises SUPP for BN’s shortcomings and rides on the people’s dissatisfaction with the government of the day. It is also blessed with articulate leaders who can turn small problems into giant issues.

I have friends among Chinese grassroots leaders from BN. They tell me how they are often hampered by lack of funds in trying to solve community problems. This is partly because many urban areas are now under the opposition.

In Malaysian politics, you do not expect kindness between political rivals.

I do not think that BN will ever accept DAP as a member of the coalition, considering the kind of attacks it has been making on the Sarawak BN leadership.

Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak pact is a loose coalition. It will need a miracle if it intends to win more than 10 seats in the coming state election.

Love-hate relationship

Let me begin with the love-hate relationship between PKR and DAP.

Former DAP candidates in Repok and Pelawan—Kung Chin Chin and Ting Chek Miing—are now PKR leaders. PKR Sarikei’s former boss, Wong Hua Seh, is now a DAP man. This game of musical chairs is just one indication of the tense relationship between the two.

They will also fight over the right to contest in Padungan, Batu Kawah and Batu Lintang.

Meanwhile, DAP in Batu Lintang is in crisis. Its elected representative, Voon Lee Shan, is currently suspended from the state assembly.

The DAP-PKR partnership is also being severely tested by the legal battle between the Chong family and Dominique Ng.

With such a strained relationship, I doubt that PKR and DAP will be able to work together. Just look at the episode involving Wee Choo Keong and his former DAP bosses in the peninsula.

Even if DAP and PKR manage to settle their problems and agree to work as a coalition in the coming election, they still won’t be able to deny BN its two-thirds majority because there are probably only 11 Chinese majority seats.

Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak may be able to clean sweep Chinese seats but not the bumiputera constituencies. This is because it lacks quality bumiputera leaders. It has been forced to depend on BN rejects.

Pakatan leaders and members rejoiced when Gabriel Adit joined the party, but he left not long afterwards. Sarawak PKR is led by Baru Bian, formerly of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS). His deputy is Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi a former PERMAS and PBB man. Jimmy Donald, a vice-chief, was Baru’s rival in PBDS.

The coming election promises to be just like 1999, when scores of Dayaks joined PKR and contested on the party’s ticket. Instead of preparing for a serious fight against BN, many ambitious Pakatan leaders will be quarrelling with each other over the right to contest.

It is an open secret that Sarawak PKR is divided into two main groups. The jostling for the right to contest in the state election is likely to cause a further break.

Project likely to be govt-funded

(NST) THE government will most likely fund the RM30 billion new three-line mass rapid transit (MRT) system if the proposal gets the green light from the cabinet, said economists and analysts.
Speculation is that local construction companies like Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp Bhd will build the infrastructure, while Syarikat Prasanara Negara Bhd, a firm wholly-owned by the government, will operate the system.

Even though the funds for the project can be raised by Prasanara, which means its debts will not be reflected on the government's balance sheet, analysts remain concerned over the project's viability.

"Project bankability and the form of participation are our main questions.

"The existing Klang Valley LRT and monorail systems, originally awarded under the build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) mode, suffered massive losses and were eventually taken over by the government, via Prasanara.

"Although Prasanara's debts are off the government's balance sheet, it remains to be seen the amount of money it can further raise to fund the new MRT system," said Maybank Investment Bank analyst Wong Chew Hann in a report.

Analysts were mixed on whether the project is viable.

"It can be bankable if the government were to fund the project. That way, the operator will not be burdened with the high finance costs," said OSK Research head of research Chris Eng.

Another analyst from a local research house remained pessimistic.

"Our existing lines are not profitable. It will be very difficult to see how the MRT will be profitable," said the analyst who declined to be named.

While borrowing to fund the MRT project would run against the government's aim to cut its budget deficit, economists believe there are ways to raise the money without putting too much pressure on the balance sheet.

"One of the ways the government can consider is to raise ultra-long-term bonds, something that goes beyond 20 years, like a half-a-century bond. This way, it will put less stress on its balance sheet," said RAM Holdings Bhd group chief economist Dr Yeah Kim Leng.

The good news is that raising RM30 billion or more from bond sales will not be an issue, as the current capital market is flushed with liquidity. Currently, the Malaysian bond market is estimated to be close to RM600 billion and major investors like pension funds and insurance firms are hungry for quality paper.

"There's still a sizable risk appetite among investors in the bond market," Dr Yeah added.

The Great Malaysian Scam

Today it is going to be a very short article. No more cheong hei. Today it is straight to the point. Today is about May 13. No, it is not about the May 13 of 1969. It is about the May 13 of 2010, the day when Vincent Tan took Malaysians for a ride in The Great Malaysian Scam.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
On 12 May 2010, Berjaya Corp, a company owned by Vincent Tan, was alleged to have told Bursa Malaysia that it plans to purchase a controlling stake in Ascot Sports, which has been re-issued a conditional sports betting licence by the Finance Ministry. Well, that is what Vincent Tan alleged. However, if you look at this link, you will see that no such announcement was ever made.
Next, look at the chart below. See how many shares were transacted after Berjaya’s so-called 12 May 2001 ‘announcement’ to Bursa Malaysia. On 13 May 2010, the ‘May 13’ I am talking about, the share price jumped. The turnover also shot up.
How many suckers went in and got burnt? And all because of Vincent Tan’s ‘official announcement’ to Bursa Malaysia that was never made but merely ‘confirmed’ in a press conference.
If what Vincent Tan did is not a scam then I am still a virgin. And we all know I am no longer a virgin.
So there your are! That is my article for today. That is all I want to say. And Bursa Malaysia says Vincent Tan is a clean as a whistle.

Is Najib a bigger story than corruption?

by uppercaise

What they buried in the news reports

  • 61% are not satisfied with the government’s efforts to fight corruption
  • 57% do not believe in the government’s efforts to fight crime
  • 91% are aware of the Aminulrasyid shooting case in Shah Alam
  • 58% are not satisfied with the way the police are handling the case
  • 53% chose corruption above inflation, foreign investment and the environment as the No 1 issue to be tackled
  • 76% believe the best company should get the government contract, regardless of race
  • 72% think bumiputra companies should compete for government contracts
  • 66% think some contracts should be reserved and bumiputra companies to compete among them for the jobs
  • 45% disagree and 46% agree that the government is spending public money prudently

The most important problems in Malaysia are:

  • Social problems in general (11%)
  • Corruption, abuse of power (9%)
  • Too much politicking (8%)
  • Unity and communalism (7%), crime and public safety (7%)
  • Prices and rising cost of living (6%)
  • Racial discrimination (4%), management of national wealth (4%), education (4%)
None of this was reported in the main news stories.

People think media reform is important, too

Government failure in fighting corruption and crime, a thumbs down to the police in the Aminulrasyid shooting, and ending the gravy train for bumiputra contractors — these were among the top issues in Merdeka Center’s opinion survey.
But you wouldn’t know it from the main news sites last night. The NST, The Star, Bernama, Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today all led last night’s front pages with Najib Tun Razak’s humungous slice of mind share.
Insider decided that Idris Jala getting shafted by the Treasury (coincidentally, also under Najib) was a better lead. A valid choice, too. The Najib opinion poll was the second lead item on the Malaysia section front page — but with three pictures of the Supreme Leader, to make up for it. They were really leaning over backwards not to offend. (Fear of offending Najib or fear of his boss the Supreme Ros?)
The Malay papers didn’t bother with the survey on their online editions. Frightened of the negativity among the public? Or that the public’s views don’t match the positive spin that the Malay papers are trying to “sell”?

Think different. Think weirdly

For sheer weirdness, and perhaps a dose of foolish audacity, Free Malaysia Today’s headline and intro must take the prize.
» Najib riding high with jobless M’sians
KUALA LUMPUR: Unemployed Malaysians appear to be smitten with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, according to a recent survey which saw his popularity soar to 72% from 69% in April. The interesting point in the Mederka Centre survey was that nearly half or 47% of the 1,028 M alaysians polled claimed that they were jobless.
Come again? Merdeka Center itself only said that 47% were “not in work force”. Let’s see… Housewives. Students. Pensioners. They are also “not in work force”. As well as the jobless. (Perhaps you might include commission agents and rent-seekers among them.)
And to make it worse, nowhere in the survey report is there any correlation between the 47% not in work force and the 72% who approve of Najib.
Hmmm. So what was the thinking behind the FMT interpretation? A stupefying leap of imagination, perhaps. Or maybe it’s a very subtle point that’s lost on more plebeian readers. Or maybe they just boobed in reading the charts. I didn’t dare ask.
All the main papers buried the really interesting points. NST » PM Najib’s approval rating goes up to 72pc put the public’s views on corruption and crime at the bottom of the story. And no mention of the public’s views of the police handling of the Aminulrasyid shooting.
The Star also put the public’s dissatisfaction on crime and corruption at the end of the story. And nothing about the Aminul response.
Similarly with Malaysiakini, but they pointed out that discontent on corruption and crime had shown a marked rise. In addition, Mkini had a sidebar on the public’s views on the economy and bumiputra contractors.
The Sun put the survey on the third page of its website, and the Mirror led with Angkasa offers to distribute essential goods instead.
A bit more news in InsiderThis morning, the Insider recanted and put up the public anger on Aminulrasyid’s shooting. So far (at 09:20) the only one to do so. And the all-Najib Malaysia section front page was overtaken by other events.
Utusan Online » Merdeka Centre: 72 peratus rakyat sokong Perdana Menteri
followed the same pattern as everyone else. Corruption and crime in one para at the bottom of the story. No Aminul.
Same deal in Berita Harian » Kepemimpinan Najib terus diterima: Kajian. Again, crime and corruption reduced to one para, quoting Ibrahim Sufian of Merdeka Centre. Three paragraphs compared the responses by racial group.
And even if media reform came out bottom of five issues surveyed, a healthy 8% believe it to be important, too. But there was an even spread among: better housing, better security, better public amenities and a better judiciary.
It wouldn’t be surprising to see a higher figure next year, after coverage like that in yesterday’s reports.
© 2010 uppercaise

Anwar plans nationwide rallies if suspended

Anwar faces suspension from Parliament over his linking of 1 Malaysia to One Israel. — file pic
SELAYANG, June 9 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last night raised the prospect of nationwide rallies should he be suspended from Parliament, similar to those held when he was sacked as deputy prime minister 12 years ago.
The opposition leader is facing the powerful Rights and Privileges Committee over his remarks in Parliament early this year linking Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia with the One Israel initiative.
“The meeting started today (yesterday). Maybe I will be suspended but I don’t know for how long,” Anwar told a crowd at a party gathering in Selayang Stadium, here.
“If they suspend me for six months, for six months we will go on a tour across Malaysia,” he said to the more than 1,000 supporters who attended the rally.
When debating the royal address during the last Parliament sitting, Anwar questioned why Najib had engaged APCO Worldwide, which he claimed was previously hired by the Israeli government.
The Permatang Pauh MP also alleged that the 1 Malaysia concept was a carbon copy of Ehud Barak’s One Israel.
APCO has denied its links with One Israel and said that the 1 Malaysia initiative was conceived prior to the company’s appointment.
Najib announced the 1 Malaysia concept when he took office on April 3 last year, pledging to listen to the people and declaring that “the era where the government knows best is over”.
Anwar was referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee after the Dewan Rakyat was not satisfied with the explanation given by the former deputy prime minister.
The committee is chaired by Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia and consists of four Barisan Nasional (BN) members and two Pakatan Rakyat (PR) MPs.
The BN representatives are Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee (Beluran), Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn (Alor Gajah), Datuk Nancy Shukri (Batang Sadong) and Datuk Razali Ibrahim (Muar).
PR is represented by PKR’s Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah and DAP chairman Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor).
The committee’s proceeding began yesterday, just one day after the Parliament passed a motion tabled by Najib to condemn Israel’s attack against a Gaza-bound aid ship.
Anwar said the action against him showed that the government was not serious in fighting for the Palestinian cause.
“When I started attacking APCO, I was called an enemy of Israel. Yes, I am against Israel because of their cruelty against the Palestinians,” he told the largely Malay crowd.
The rally was part of the attempt by PR to overtake BN in championing the Palestinian cause.
It was also attended by two volunteers, Jamaludin Elias and Mustafa Mansur, who were on board the MV Mavi Marmara, which was seized by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) last week for attempting to violate a blockade of the Gaza Strip imposed since 2007 to protect the Jewish state from attacks.


1. The MCA has rejected Ong Tee Keat as President. It is to be expected that he would be dropped from being a Minister in the Cabinet.

2. His successor as Minister must know that Ong Tee Keat was about to expose the culprits in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal. His removal may lead to the investigation and exposure as well as action on the Port Klang scandal being terminated.

3. I hope this does not happen. Tee Keat's successor must carry on his work and expose as well as take action against the people involved in that scandal. I don't think it is the intention of the MCA to put a stop to the needed action by dropping Tee Keat.

*This piece was written soon after the June 1st Cabinet reshuffle*

JHEOA denies conversion activities

PETALING JAYA, 9 June 2010: The Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) has denied allegations that a hospital in Gombak has been involved in the conversion of Orang Asli to Islam.
“The Gombak JHEOA hospital functions as a medical and health centre for the Orang Asli community. Allegations that the hospital was a centre to systematically convert Orang Asli to Islam are entirely untrue,” JHEOA’s public relations unit said in a press statement e-mailed to The Nut Graph.
The department, which falls under the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, stressed that conversion activities by hospital staff were “personal actions”.
“[These actions] cannot be linked with JHEOA involvement,” the 20 May 2010 statement said.
“Furthermore, it also does not contradict Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution, which states that Islam is the official religion of the federation.”
JHEOA also stressed that if Orang Asli were being converted to Islam against their will, this was against Islamic teachings. “As stated in the al-Quran in al-Baqarah 2:256, ‘There is no compulsion in religion.’”
The Gombak Hospital for Orang Asli is run by the JHEOA.
Office hours
When asked to comment, Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) coordinator Dr Colin Nicholas said the Gombak hospital staff’s conversion activities could not be classified as “private”.
“How can such activities be called private if it is held during working hours and requires staff to be present? Surely that goes against any government department’s regulations,” Nicholas said in a phone interview.
Nicholas added that Islam was not the religion of the Orang Asli, and the constitution does not allow anyone the right to impose Islam on them.
Several Orang Asli had earlier claimed that hospital staff converted them to Islam against their will. COAC and other researchers have also documented instances where the JHEOA was involved in supporting conversion activities.
The Orang Asli who spoke to The Nut Graph claimed there were cash incentives for those who converted and those who brought in new converts.
The Nut Graph then approached the JHEOA on 27 Apr 2010 to get its side of the story. However, we were told that director-general Datuk Sani Mistam was uncontactable as he was on a course from 26 April to 17 May 2010 and on holiday thereafter.
The JHEOA finally responded to The Nut Graph after more than three weeks. Even then, their press statement did not reach The Nut Graph until 2 June.
Mais: Conversion procedures
When interviewed on the Orang Asli’s allegations of being converted against their will, Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) assistant secretary Suhaimi Ismail was doubtful.
“It is impossible for converts to be registered without filling up or signing any documents,” said Suhaimi. “In Mais, the convert has to sign or thumb print the registration form in the presence of an official.”
Suhaimi denied the possibility that registration forms could be obtained and signed on someone’s behalf without their knowledge.
“We do not issue these forms loosely,” he said. “It is a restricted form, with a serial number and photocopies will not be accepted.
“If [Orang Asli] are being registered as converts without their knowledge, I do not know what forms are being used. For Mais, we control who is able to have access to these forms.”
Suhaimi said registrations were also conducted at the various district offices. “What occurs outside Mais’s office is outside my scope of knowledge. For Mais, we follow our procedures and all officials are trained to conduct conversion activities according to a prescribed manual.”
When asked about financial incentives for converts, Suhaimi said, “We do provide assistance, but not monetarily. We provide items such as prayer mats and cloth for women to use for praying.”
Suhaimi also said no financial incentives were given by the Selangor religious council to those who brought in new converts.
Mais office in Shah Alam
True converts
Suhaimi said a thorough explanation of Islamic principles and a Muslim’s responsibilities was given to all potential converts before they were led to recite the syahadah. “We also explain the converts’ responsibilities to continue caring for their non-Muslim family to avoid any misconception that when a person converts, it separates them from their family.”
Suhaimi explained that non-Muslims who wished to convert to Islam should understand the basics before they enter the religion. “It would be sad if converts entered Islam without understanding its principles or because they were forced to do so. This we must try to avoid,” he said when met at the Mais office in Shah Alam on 26 May.
Suhaimi stressed the importance of there being no element of compulsion for anyone who wanted to enter Islam. “We wouldn’t want anyone to be forced to convert and then be a bad testament to us,” he said.

Ceramah “Judi Dan Yahudi” Di Stadium Selayang

RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal – More stonewalling

Tweets @limkitsiang:
My Q in Parl – progress in MACC campaign agnst ‘grand corruption’ n Y no big fish in PKFZ scandal nabbed?
Wednesday, June 09, 2010 10:02 AM

But as expected Stonewalling answer saying MACC investigating although I reminded House of AG saying last Dec that more arrests 2come RT @beyondrock Now that is a good Question
Wednesday, June 09, 201010:29 AM

Asked why no action on PAC proposal agnst exTransp Minister ChanKongChoy 4CBT 4issue illegal LettersOfSupport DepMin LiewVuiKeong was silent
Wednesday, June 09, 2010 10:40 AM

AGGani said Dec re PKFZ:”This is just tip of d iceberg..just 1st phase of investigations..certainly not end of matter but just beginning..Other individuals will b charged in stages” Now nothing after >6mths
Wednesday, June 09, 2010 10:50 AM

Killings, repression hit world workers - union report

People display placards during a Labour Day parade in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos May 1, 2010. Murders of labour activists rose sharply in 2009 as the global economic crisis brought violence against workers demanding their rights, a report from the International Confederation of Trade Unionss said. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye/Files
By Robert Evans

GENEVA, June 9 (Reuters) - Murders of labour activists rose sharply in 2009 as the global economic crisis brought violence against workers demanding their rights, a report from the International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC) said on Wednesday.

The report, issued to coincide with the annual conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, said governments in developed and developing countries were clamping down on unions and employers were stepping up intimidation and other forms of persecution, including union busting.

"Trade union rights continue to be infringed, in many cases with total impunity, and the repression of trade unionists goes on while governments fail to meet their responsibility to ensure that these rights are respected," it said.

The Brussels-based organisation said 101 labour activists were killed in 11 countries last year -- mainly in Latin America but also in Asia and Africa -- against 76 in 2008.

Colombia was the deadliest country for workers, it said, with a total of 48 killings including 22 senior trade union leaders, 5 of them women. Next most dangerous were Guatemala, with 16 dead, and Honduras with 12.

Six were killed in both Bangladesh and Mexico and 4 in Brazil, the report said. Other countries where murders of union activists were reported were the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, India, Iraq and Nigeria.

The report said many countries which had signed up to the ILO's conventions on core labour standards, including the right to strike and the right to form unions, ignored them and failed to protect their own workers.

Many governments and companies had used the economic crisis as a pretext to weaken and undermine trade union rights amid losses of tens of millions of jobs and a continuing threat of unemployment among those still in work.

Apart from the killings, there had been attempted murders and death threats, while thousands of labour activists were in jail in countries ranging from Iran and Pakistan to South Korea, Turkey and Zimbabwe, the report said.

The Middle East was a region where union rights were least protected with major obstacles placed by governments to setting up unions. Migrant workers there were especially vulnerable, often working in appalling conditions.

In Asia, according to the ITUC, organising was generally difficult for workers and in countries like the Philippines, Pakistan and India employers used a wide range of tactics from harassment to dismissal of leaders to break up unions.

In China, it said, growing strikes had caused authorities to take a less hostile stance towards unions, but striking workers still faced harassment and police repression.

Developed countries, including the United States, Germany and Switzerland -- also had a far from clean record, according to the report.
© REUTERS 2010

MP: Who's lying - MoF or Berjaya?

Contradictory statements by the Finance Ministry and Berjaya Corporation Bhd over the controversial sports betting licence have raised questions as to who is telling the truth.

In a notice to Bursa Malaysia on May 12, the company stated: 'The Finance Ministry had given its approval for the re-issuance to Ascot of the licence to carry out sports betting operations.'

dap 2010 budget rocket cafe 071009 tony pua 01Copies of the notice were distributed this morning to journalists by Petaling Jaya MP Tony Pua (right), at the Parliament lobby.

Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak, in a written parliamentary reply yesterday had said the government has yet to issue the licence because public feedback is still being sought and additional terms and conditions are still being drafted.
Pua argued that should it be proven that Najib, who is also prime minister, lied to the Dewan Rakyat, he should be referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee.
"Had the PM lied? No reasons why he should not be subjected to the committee," he said.
On the other hand, if Bursa Malaysia finds that Berjaya had provided false information, the company can face up to RM3 million fine or a jail term not exceeding 10 years or both.
"This is a clear and direct contradiction to the Finance Ministry announcement yesterday. If public feedback was still required, Berjaya should not have made that announcement," he told reporters.

No denial of licence approval from govt

Rasah MP Anthony Loke questioned why no government official came out to deny that the licence was given to Berjaya and that they had stood silently allowing Vincent Tan to make statements on the implementation of sports betting by his company.

"Why did not a single official from the Finance Ministry come out to deny that no licence was given? The impression given to the whole world is that the licence has been given and this is confusing to the public especially the investors," he asked.

“We want Najib to clarify,” Loke said, adding that it is high time for the prime minister to speak up.


Mr. Githu MUIGAI
United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism,
racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance
OHCHR – Palais Wilson
United Nations Office at Geneva
CH-1211 Geneva10
Switzerland                                                                                                                    7th June 2010


We refer to the above matter.

HINDRAF (HINDU RIGHTS ACTION FORCE) is a non governmental civil movement in Malaysia that have been pursuing an objective to end discrimination against the Malaysian Indians who have been unfairly, unjustly and systematically marginalized and discriminated by the Malaysian government institutions and its agents in their agenda to deprive this community its fair and equal share of the socio –economic development of the nation.

Although being a member of the United Nation and a recently re-elected Council member with the United Nations Human Rights Council, and in violation of its own Constitution, its practice in general on human rights issues and human rights abuses against Malaysian Indian descendants in specific, continues to be in stark contrast to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

We write this letter to you in relation to the latest episode where numerous deserving Malaysian Indian High School Graduates throughout the country who have achieved excellent results in the Qualifying Exam have been totally denied any form of Government sponsorship for furtherance of their education. Provision of such assistance is part of the intellectual development program of the country. But this is specifically denied to these Malaysian Indian students. The provisions include Government scholarships, admission to the preferred Pre-University Matriculation Programs and University places in courses of their choice. This denial is directly due to the fact they are of Indian origin. Further detailed information on this can be obtained at and on line Journal videos could be viewed at, and

The Convention against Discrimination for Education was initiated and adopted by the General Conference at the 11th session in Paris Dec 14, 1960. Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts the principle of non- discrimination and proclaims that every person has the right to education. Recognizing that, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, while respecting the diversity of national educational systems, has the duty not only to proscribe any form of discrimination in education but also to promote equality of opportunity and treatment for all in education.

The present government in Malaysia and its agency through public authorities in contrast promulgate and institute such marginalizing and discriminating policies in particularly towards Malaysian who are of Indian descent even if they are more than capable of contributing to the future of Malaysia and for the betterment and enhancement of the human race.

The practice of the Malaysian government and its agencies in abrogating the constitution and various UN human rights charters and chapters is against all universal law and human rights issue for any rational society.

The international community who are members of the United Nation and its related agencies need to understand that they cannot sit quietly and continue to observe such flagrant basic human rights abuses of Malaysian Indians who continues to be oppressed and suppressed in every aspect in Malaysia.

We most humbly urge you to formally appeal to the Malaysian Government to immediately cease this discriminatory policy and treat all students irrespective of race EQUALLY and all be accorded their due right to equal education.

Thank you.

P. Waytha Moorthy

Privileges committee denies Anwar legal counsel

No entry to Anwar's hearing, MPs livid

ISA amendments to be tabled in July

GAS to release VCD on why Samy Vellu must go

UK plans to deport Afghan children

There are around 4,200 unaccompanied child asylum seekers in Britain, many from Afghanistan
(Al Jazeera) Human rights and refugee agencies have criticised British proposals to deport unaccompanied Afghan children to their homeland, saying such a move could put lives at risk.
According to a tender published in March, the UK Border Agency plans to set up a $5.8m "reintegration" centre in Kabul, the Afghan capital, to allow child asylum seekers arriving without parents or a guardian to be sent home.
Under the terms of the proposal, the centre would provide reintegration assistance in Afghanistan for around 12 boys aged 16 and 17, and 120 adults, per month.
A number of other European countries, including Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, are planning to return children to care centres in Afghanistan while Norway says it will build a similar facility in Kabul.
The moves are supported by an EU policy that says child asylum seekers can only be deported if reception centres are created to care for minors when the family cannot be found.
'Serious questions'
But Donna Covey, chief executive of the Refugee Council, said the plans did not say how children would be kept safe once back in Afghanistan.
"It really begs the question: if they have no family to whom they can be returned safely, should they be returned at all?"
"EU member states are willing to override safety concerns and children's interests in order to rid themselves of responsibilities generated by migrant children"
Simone Troller
Human Rights Watch

"There are serious questions to be raised about the quality of decision-making on the cases of unaccompanied children.
"The money would be better spent improving the way that children's claims are assessed, so that we can be sure we never put them in danger," she said.
Caroline Slocock, chief executive of Refugee and Migrant Justice, said that children had often endured long and dangerous journeys to Britain, and sending them back to Kabul would only put "their safety and welfare further at risk".
Human Rights Watch has challenged the decision, writing to the Norwegian government earlier this year about what procedural guarantees it will provide to ensure a child's return is in his or her best interests.
"Returning migrant children to their country of origin just won't work for every child, Simone Troller, a researcher at the agency, said.
"Recent government statements confirm our fears that EU member states are willing to override safety concerns and children's interests in order to rid themselves of responsibilities generated by migrant children in Europe," she said.
Many Afghan asylum seekers arrive in Britain via smuggling channels and overland journeys on trucks, Peter Kessler from UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, told Al Jazeera.
According to Britain's home office there are approximately 4,200 unaccompanied child asylum seekers in the country, with those from Afghanistan making up the largest group.
Damian Green, the UK's immigration minister, said the proposed centre was part of a policy to discourage Afghans from making "dangerous journeys across the world".
"We are looking to work with other European countries, such as Norway, and valued international partners, such as Unicef, as well as the Afghan government to find ways to help these young men in their home countries and to return those who are in the UK safely to their home nations with appropriate support once they arrive," he said.
The decision could mark a change in British policy, with the number of deportations previously limited due to child protection issues and care arrangements for minors.

Anti-animal lab protest at Indian mission tomorrow

(Malaysiakini) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will launch a series of protests against the proposed animal testing facility in Malacca, starting tomorrow at the Indian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

PETA Asia said the 1pm protest is only the start of their campaign against the facility, after failing to get any response to their letters from Malaysian and Indian authorities.

PETA Asia spokesperson Jason Baker was critical of Indian company Vivo Bio Tech Ltd, which entered a joint-venture with state-owned Melaka Biotech and Vanguard Creative Technologies Sdn Bhd to set up and run the RM500 million multi-laboratory facility.

“Vivo Bio Tech seems to think it can export the cruelty that it forces animals to endure,” he said in a statement.

“Hiring anonymous people in another country to conduct your dirty work does not make your business any less dirty.”

No regulations for minimum care 

PETA Asia stressed that while India has minimum standards of care for animals in laboratories which include shelter, food and veterinary care, Malaysia has no such regulations.

But even with welfare standards in place, the organisation pointed out that the animals are forced to live isolated in small cages and are subject to poisoning, burning, painful surgeries and periods without food and water.

Their counterparts in PETA India have also written to Vivo Bio Tech chief executive officer Dr A Sankaranarayanan, asking that they halt their plans to build the facility.

batu talam nominations 170107 ali rustamThe proposed animal testing facility received an international backlash since the plans were made public in April, particularly after Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam (right) said it was man's “god-given right” to use animals for testing.

The facility, once completed, would use Beagles in their canine laboratory, white mice in their small animals lab and if they get the permits, they will source for primates locally for testing.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav) and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) held the first protest against the facility in late April.

The three NGOs, which formed a coalition to protest against the facility, also put up an online petition, which they will submit to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Mohd Ali once they get 10,000 signatures.

HINDRAF & Human Rights Party (HRP) urges all concerned citizens to protest the injustices of the UMNO/BN led Malay-sian government denying top and high achieving Indian students UP TO 13A’s JPA scholarships, Matriculation and Public University seats

 hrp flag 2 blue Print
HINDRAF & Human Rights Party (HRP) urges all concerned citizens to protest the injustices of the UMNO/BN led Malay-sian government denying top and high achieving Indian students UP TO 13A’s JPA scholarships, Matriculation and Public University seats locally and overseas. We call upon all concerned citizens to support our “HINDRAF & HRP 10,000 signature campaign Petition to PM.Najib Razak on Indian students being denied JPA scholarships, Matriculation & Public University places especially in critical courses and also for a Royal Commission of Enquiry to stop such UMNO’s racial discrimination”.
Please avoid waiting until the last moment to sign and we urge you all to access our website & to sign our online petition or download our petition get it sign and return the same to us.
You could also come to our HRP HQ at No.6, Jalan Abdullah, off Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (near to Klinik Pergigian Jalan Bangsar) and collect the signature campaign petition and return it immediately or by 14/6/10 to us by fax at 03 22825245 & Tel: 03 22825241 or email to
Please help this campaign in putting to a stop these 40 years of injustices against the top and high achieving Indian students.
Please join us on 15/6/10 at 11.00am at the Parliament House in submitting our Memorandum to Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully
HINDRAF & Human Rights Party (HRP)
Information Chief
012 6362287

Letter to DG of Veterniary Services Department. Masy India: Tanah ternakan di Semenyih ditolak, kandang mahu diroboh DBKL. Tetapi 75% daging lembu, 95% susu dan 90% daging kambing diimpot RM 1.4 Billion impot daging lembu. RM 6 Billion bajet 2010 untuk pengeluaran makanan.

Date                                        :    8th June 2010
Dato Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Jamaluddin
Ketua Pengarah
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Malaysia
Wisma Tani, Blok Podium,
Lot 4G1 Presint 4,                                                                                          By Fax : 03-88903094
Pusat pentadbiran Kebajikan Persekutuan
62630 Putrajaya
Per :     Masy India: Tanah ternakan di Semenyih ditolak, kandang mahu diroboh DBKL. Tetapi 75% daging lembu, 95% susu dan 90% daging kambing diimpot RM 1.4 Billion impot daging lembu. RM 6 Billion bajet 2010 untuk pengeluaran makanan.
Kami merujuk kepada perkara yang tersebut diatas kepada surat kami kepada Perdana Menteri
Malaysia danMenteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani bertarikh 11/1/10 dan kepada jawapan
dari Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Malaysia yang bertarikh 11/1/2010 dan kepada
surat kami yang bertarikh 19/1/2010 yang telah enggan dijawab oleh pihak tuan (sesalinan
dilampirkan bersama disini).
Sehubungan dengan ini kami memohon satu temujanji pada kadar segera dengan pihak tuan.
Kerjasama dan budibicara pihak tuan dalam perkara ini disanjung tinggi.
Sekian, terima kasih,
Yang benar,
P. Uthayakumar
Setiausaha Agong
(pro tem)
Salinan kepada :
1) YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak
Perdana Menteri Malaysia,
Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,                           Fax : 03-88883444
62502 Putrajaya.                                              E-mail :
2) Y.B Dato Haji Noh Bin Omar
Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asa Tani
Pejabat Menteri Pelajaran,
Aras 10, Block E8,
Complex Kerajaan Parcal E,                                               Fax : 03-88895846
62604 Putrajaya                                                        E-mail :

3) Y. B. Senator Dato Raja Nong Chik bin
Dato Raja Zainal Abidin
Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan,
Aras 4, Blok B2,
Menara PJH, Presint 2,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,                                    Fax : 0388891411
62100 Putrajaya                                                        E-mail :
4) Y. Bhg. Dato Ahmad Faud bin Ismail
Dato Bandar Kuala Lumpur
Tingkat 27, Menara DBKL
Jalan Raja Laut                                                                             Fax : 03-26919664
50350 Kuala Lumpur                                   
Serahan Tangan
5) En. Minhad Bin Ahmad
Penguasa (Operasi)
Jabatan Keselamatan dan Penguatkuasaan
Dewan Bandarraya Kuala Lumpur                                     Fax : 03-40218260
b.p Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur                              Serahan Tangan

Indian Poor Students: Simple WHY…? Prime Minister Sir

For the past several weeks we are seeing helpless, but brilliant and innocent students Who achieved outstanding results in their 2009 SPM examinations. Unfortunately they were not running to us with cheers and joy on their faces reflecting the victory of their challenging 11 years of non stop educational war. But they came with tears in eyes and disappointment on their faces, totally demoralized as their dreams and ambitions shattered into millions of pieces. These young achievers who have yet to step into their adulthood looked into our eyes and asked “why….?”

These students have answered thousands of tough and tricky questions before they achieved 7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13 As in their SPM examinations at the age of 17 . And now they are asking a simple question “why….?” ,we could not find any logical answers available within our capability and capacity. The only person can answer for this simple “why…?” is non other than the mighty Prime Minister Of Malaysia !

Therefore we are posting their questions to you Mr. Prime Minister sir !

The Malaysian government has made it mandatory for parents to send their children to standard one at the age of 7. From there onwards a child will go through 11 years of free education in public schools funded by the government (does all these schools are equally funded is another big topic, so I will reserve it for another day). The intention of the government to do this must be for a noble cause which one can never have a second opinion. Needles to say such an educational policy beside cultivating educated society is also to identify the future generation who would lead this country in various sectors such as administration , health , finance , education , science , technology , research and so on.

Now ,Prime Minister sir the questions are ,

1.what is the purpose of your administration spending millions of dollars in free education if the best of the best students with extraordinary results have got no way to continue their higher education?

2. You have the structures and facilities such as Scholarships , Matriculation courses and Public Universities. You too have the qualified students ! why then you are denying their rights to pursue their studies in the field they wish to ? Why on earth a democratic government which propagates equal rights for every citizen without any biasness would deny the future generation’s higher educational rights?

You may say sir , “no …they can proceed to form six , sit for STPM examinations and still win a chance to local universities” .

But you see sir the point is , the poor kids are asking ;

3.“ why is that my fellow friend who was sitting beside me only scored 2 As and Ds for rest of subjects was given a choice to make between a PSD scholarship , Matriculation courses and a place in Public University , whereas me, with a better results was not given any of those three choices ?” A person who believes in fair and justice must be able to answer this question. Would you Prime Minister Sir?

In any country the best will be given the opportunity, be it education or anything else. But here the best students are denied .The students and parents just wish to know how else to get qualified that your administration will give them the opportunity to make their dreams come true. One of the student with flying colors and represented the state in sports , has this question;

4.“they ( Your administrators Prime Minister sir ) said academic qualifications alone will not secure my future , I must also be active in co curricular activities . Accepting the challenge I was managed to balance my time and affords in both academic and extra curricular activities. I scored 10As and I am a state hockey player , HOW ELSE I’M SUPPOSED TO QUALIFY MYSELF ?? You answer her Prime Minister Sir!

There was another group of straight A students who just returned from their “Kem Latihan khidmat Negara” looked puzzled and confused.

“We were made to scream and chant “1 Malaysia” in every single activity. We were made to believe it is indeed a “1 Malaysia“ in front of us. But when we came to know all our applications to UPU , Matriculation and JPA scholarships were turned down we are totally lost. This was not the “1 Malaysia “ we were taught !!

They were also suggesting Prime Minister sir , to stop wasting the money spend on “Kem Latihan Khidmat Negara” and channel the funds to provide them scholarships. They belief “1 Malaysia” cannot be forced into anyone rather it must bloom within .

We have a long list of questions but knowing your busy schedule we are stopping here for now.

Prime Minister Sir , these children are from poor and lower middle class families. The parents sacrificed a lot and worked hard day and night just to secure a bright future for their children. The students too never had any short cuts to achieve these beautiful results. These teenagers are slowly regenerating themselves as the future pillars of their beloved country Malaysia. They are willing to take Malaysia to the highest level possible.

Do not betray them just because they are Indians as it was not their choice to be one !!!



National Coordinator