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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DPM: RPK's threat indicates waning confidence in PKR

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the threat by self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin to pull out from backing Pakatan Rakyat showed how the opposition pact's leadership ability, especially that of PKR, was being perceived.

He said it also indicated waning confidence of party members and supporters in PKR's leadership.

"I've also read the reports in the blogs (on Raja Petra's statement)... questioning the party's leadership and criticising it for not practising what it preaches and for failing to deliver the promises made," he said after launching the National Language Month 2010 programme in Ipoh today.

NONEMuhyiddin, who is also BN deputy chairperson, said this was not a new development as a numher of PKR founders and top leaders had even quit the party.

He said more and more PKR members at the higher as well as the grassroot level had realised the wrong choice they made and left the party.

"They had lost confidence... we hope the people will learn from this and think carefully," he said.

According to The Malaysian Insider news portal, Raja Petra (right), also known as RPK, said Pakatan had yet to fulfil its election manifesto despite being in power in several states for more than two-and-a-half years.

He expressed his unhappiness over this at a dialogue session with Malaysians in London last Saturday, with his long-time ally and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim also present.

RPK also threatened to pull out support for Pakatan in the upcoming Galas state seat by-election for its failure to deliver the promises made during the March 2008 general election.

Gerakan needs to be more aggressive

Asked on the DAP leadership crisis in Perak, Muhyiddin said he left it to the people's wisdom to judge from what was happening.

On Gerakan advisor Dr Lim Keng Yaik's decision to quit the post yesterday out of frustration over current party president Koh Tsu Koon's leadership style and failure to resolve several issues, Muhyiddin said the party leadership needed to be more aggressive in dealing with various arising issues.

azlan"The initiative to resolve the issues should come from Gerakan itself and there is no need for outside interference," he said when asked whether the BN leadership would try to be the go-between to help solve the problems in Gerakan.

"If there is outside interference, some people may think Gerakan is weak. We should respect their (Gerakan leaders) decision."

He said BN also respected Dr Lim's decision as he was a long-time and experienced leader.

On MIC president S Samy Vellu's refusal to accept an advisory post after he steps down in January, Muhyiddin said his decision should also be respected as Samy Vellu might have confidence in the new leadership.

Asked on the reminder by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, for all quarters not to question the position of the rulers, and Malay special rights and privileges as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, Muhyiddin said all should take note.

He said the reminder by the Johor Sultan and several other sultans before this mirrored the rulers' feelings on the issues.

- Bernama

Tsu Koon calls Keng Yaik’s outburst a ‘misunderstanding’

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon moved into damage control mode today, claiming that his party adviser Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik’s sudden resignation could have been due to a mere “misunderstanding”.

The embattled president defended his handling of the ongoing crisis in Gerakan’s stronghold of Penang, pointing out that Dr Lim himself had given him the impression that he would have a free hand in the matter.

This, he claimed, was the very reason why he had not sought the veteran leader’s advice.

“Although Tun Dr Lim and I had talked about the Penang situation before, he indicated he would leave it to me and the present leadership to seek solutions.

“Hence, I had not contacted him directly after the EGM (extraordinary general meeting) move came into the open on September 15. This might have led to some misunderstanding,” said Koh in a statement today.

Dr Lim dropped a bombshell on the party yesterday with his sudden announcement during a press conference after the Wawasan Open University convocation ceremony here that he would quit his post as adviser.

In explaining his shocking decision, the Cabinet veteran expressed disappointment in the leadership method of his protege and accused Koh of refusing to get involved in conflicts for fear of offending others.

In a direct reference to the ongoing crisis in Penang Gerakan, Dr Lim had likened Koh to an ostrich, noting that his attitude of speaking no evil and burying his head in the sand had led to many problems in the party.

A group of members in Penang Gerakan, who call themselves the “voice of the grassroots”, recently embarked on a signature campaign to call for the EGM where they plan to move a no-confidence motion against their state chief Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan.

After collecting more than 60 signatures, the group successfully summoned the EGM, which is to be held this Sunday at 10.30am.

Koh however has been seen as being too nonchalant about the crisis affecting the party’s stronghold of Penang, where he was once chief minister, and was further criticised by Dr Lim when he announced that he would not attend the EGM but would instead attend the MCA’s annual general meeting, slotted for the same day.

Koh however defended his apparent lack of response on the crisis today, claiming that he had been actively monitoring and exploring possible solutions to the EGM, either directly with certain key leaders, or indirectly through other leaders at various levels.

“Of course, such a process has taken time,” he said.

He also pointed out that he had, all this times, emphasised that differences should be settled within the party channels, and that the EGM should be avoided as far as possible.

“However, if those who had signed the EGM petition insist on their democratic rights, then the democratic process has to go on smoothly.

“But all must accept the outcome and close ranks, as I have even openly pleaded at the party’s Penang state delegates conference on September 26,” said Koh.

He added that his main concern was in trying to preserve the party’s solidarity, especially in its Penang base, as well as the dignity of its many important leaders.

“It was my fervent hope that with or without the EGM, party leaders in Penang will come together quickly and focus on serving the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Koh acknowledged that the party had received Dr Lim’s resignation after 4pm yesterday and was now in the process of consulting the rest of Gerakan’s central leadership.

“Tun Dr Lim was regarded as the adviser to the whole party and not just to me personally,” he said.

The Malaysian Insider understands that an emergency central working committee meeting has been summoned at 8pm today at Gerakan’s headquarters here to discuss the latest developments.

Zaid Ibrahim says will not boycott Umno papers

Zaid: Even if I knew who they belong to, we still need to respect the duty of the reporter.
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — PKR deputy presidential hopeful Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has chosen to ignore his party’s de facto leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s warning to bypass Umno-owned media.

The Federal Territory PKR chief reportedly said today that he would not “boycott” any media seen to be attacking the party or its coalition Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) leadership.

“It does not matter who owns Karangkraf or Utusan,” said Zaid in an interview with Sinar Harian today.

“No other newspaper has attacked me more than Utusan, but when I was invited by Utusan, I did not say boycott them,” he added.

Zaid has been interviewed by both Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and the New Straits Times daily in recent weeks, complaining that powerful forces in the party were against his tilt for the party’s No 2 post vacated by incumbent Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali.

Several party leaders had lashed out at the former de facto law minister for claiming in a Mingguan Malaysia interview his candidacy was being blocked. In the weekend edition of the Utusan Malaysia Zaid insinuated supporters of Anwar and Azmin Ali, his main competition, are complicit in the hurdles he is facing.

The interview was awkward for PKR especially with Anwar asking party election candidates not to leverage Umno media to attack its own ranks.

Today, Zaid stressed that it did not matter who owned the media.

“I do not ask who owns The Star or the NST (News Straits Times),” said Zaid.

“Even if I knew who they belong to, we still need to respect the duty of the reporter,” he said, adding that he would answer any question he was posed with.

The PKR supreme council member said that Anwar’s prohibition about using Umno-controlled media could have stemmed from the paper’s relentless attacks against him.

“I think that this could be because he (Anwar) has been slammed a lot by Utusan. So, he thinks that the Umno-owned paper is the real enemy that cannot speak the truth,” said Zaid.

“I am not sure. You will have to ask him yourself,” he added.

This is the second time Anwar has chastised Zaid’s campaign indirectly after refuting Zaid’s claim that an “Umno culture” was emerging in the party and warning PKR members of possible “Trojan horses” within the party.

Today, the lawyer by training pointed out that the attacks against him did not matter as the responsibility of the media was to their readers and not to him.

“If Sinar Harian wants to lash out at me tomorrow but praises me next week, I do not care because in the media world, your responsibility is not to me but to all the readers of Sinar Harian,” said Zaid.

“They need to know the truth,” he added.

The hotly contested fight for deputy presidency which has also seen current vice president Mustaffa Kamil Ayub throwing his hat into the ring, has revealed deep divisions within PKR and thrown the party’s commitment to direct elections into sharp focus.

Azmin, who is also Selangor chief, is believed to be Anwar’s preferred choice, while Zaid is said to be popular with East Malaysian and non-Malay members in the country’s largest multi-racial political party. Zaid joined the party last year after Umno kicked him out for being seen with opposition leaders.

PKR amended its constitution last year to give one member one vote in direct elections.

Last month, some 400,000 PKR members began voting for divisional leaders and the 25 members of the central leadership council, including president, deputy president and four vice presidents.

The party’s 218 divisions will hold two separate meetings, one for the annual general meeting and election of divisional leaders, and a second to vote for national leaders.

The divisions will vote for national leaders on weekends, from October 29 to November 21.

Stop creating tension, PKR tells Perkasa

By Teoh El Sen - Free Malaysia Today,

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president contender Mustaffa Kamil Ayub today warned Perkasa against creating tension between the deputy presidency candidates.

Yesterday, Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah urged all PKR members to reject Azmin Ali's candidacy as deputy president, and channel their support and votes to Mustaffa Kamil.

Arman Azha claimed that 35% of Perkasa's members are from PKR. Mustaffa Kamil said this was unlikely as PKR strongly rejected the antics of Perkasa.

"I, representing the party leadership, urge all grassroots members to reject the extreme racial politics fanned by Perkasa," Mustaffa Kamil said at a press conference here today.

Calling Perkasa a "chauvanistic" and "extreme" organisation, he said it was possible that Perkasa was just trying to create animosity between the candidates.

"This has also created some interest in my candidacy and I have to explain my stand. What is the motive of Perkasa in issuing the statement that supported me and rejected the other two contenders?" asked Mustaffa Kamil.

He questioned why the organisation could make such a statement when it was not a PKR entity either now or in the future.

He said he believed that behind Perkasa, led by Ibrahim Ali, there were several other leaders including Dr Mahathr Mohamad and (deputy Umno president) Muhyiddin Yassin who are working to destroy the unity of the rakyat that PKR has worked hard to foster.

"We should not compromise on condemning the racial fires being stoked by Perkasa and Umno. We also should not fall for the malicious statement of Perkasa," he said, adding that PKR was a party that fought for all races.

He said he received numerous calls questioning why Perkasa openly supported him.

"I don't want to be misunderstood. I don't want to be seen as being okay with Perkasa."

Room for improvement

Mustaffa Kamil said if Arman Azha was angered that Azmin had criticised Mahathir's administration, he should realise that the whole PKR leadership, including himself, was also angered by the accusation Mahathir made against Anwar Ibrahim 12 years ago (in the first sodomy case).

On the various reported inconsistencies in the party election, he said that direct elections was a good system but PKR has room for improvement.

"No other party has done such a thing in the name of democracy. As this is something new for a new party, we must accept that some problems will crop up. But overall, it's a good system."

On the impending Galas by-election, Mustaffa Kamil said PKR would support any candidate chosen by PAS.

He added that the opposition has a good chance of winning.

"The people will vote for Pakatan Rakyat because BN had not fulfilled its promises in Manik Urai and also they will vent their anger on the federal government over the the oil royalty issue," he said, adding that the political bureau of PKR will meet tomorrow.

Apdal: Galas best handled by Ku Li

By Patrick Lee - Free Malaysia Today,

KUALA LUMPUR: Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the right man to handle the Galas by-election, Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal said today.

Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat had said that asking Razaleigh to contest in the Galas by-election was undermining the latter's credibility.

"PAS is in a state of confusion," said Shafie, who is also Rural and Regional Development Minister.

"Razaleigh is not only a respected leader in Gua Musang, but also in the whole country," he said at the Hari Raya celebrations at Mara headquarters here.

Fondly known as Ku Li, Razaleigh has been the country's longest-running MP, having lead Gua Musang since 1969.

Apdal said that since Razaleigh had proven himself to be capable in both domestic and international affairs, it had made him the right man for the job.
He also confirmed that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had already contacted Razaleigh, who is in Northern Ireland, regarding his appointment as election director.

"It is an honour (for Muhyiddin) to give (Razaleigh) that sort of responsibility," Apdal said, adding that Galas also fell under Razaleigh's jurisdiction.

However, Apdal did not mention if Razaleigh had accepted the post to lead BN's election machinery in Galas.

"Razaleigh is an Umno member and he's been struggling for the party as well," he said, adding that it was up to Razaleigh to make the decision.

"Don't leave it to Nik Aziz to make the decision for him," he said.

Teo's surau visit: 'Police probe a comedy'

By Teoh El Sen - Free Malaysia Today,

PETALING JAYA: The police investigation into Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching's controversial surau visit has been called a "complete comedy" that flew in the face of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia concept.

Teo's DAP colleague and lawyer Gobind Singh Deo told FMT today the authorities were sending a signal that anyone who went to a place of worship risked being prosecuted.

"That just goes against what 1Malaysia is supposed to stand for. What she (Teo) did was obviously geared towards fostering greater relationship and understanding of religions," said Gobind, who is Puchong MP.

But what vexed Gobind more was that the police could not even tell Teo and himself what sort of offences Teo were being investigated for.

"When I asked them, they simply said a police report was lodged against Teo. But they could not answer me why they were asking for Teo's statement. If a complaint or police report doesn't form the basis of any criminal charge, the police shouldn't look to her for answers. That's 'fishing' for a case, which isn't allowed," said Gobind.

He added that the police should not even be investigating this (report).

"Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code says that a person need not answer questions which incriminate them, but in this case, how do you know what incriminates if you don't know what your offence is?" asked Gobind.

He said police would ordinarily call witnesses after they have weighed a police report and gauged if it fell under any criminal offence, not the other way around.

"If there were no offences, they shouldn't be calling people just to 'understand what happened'," said Gobind.

Politically motivated exercise
Teo herself was puzzled by the police action, calling it a politically motivated exercise.

"I am unhappy because day in and day out, people from my constituency tell me that police have not taken action on their reports, even when they could identify the suspects who sometimes even stay in the same area," said Teo.

"But now they've called me here when they do not even have a case against me," she added.

"Is this a criminal offence? This is ridiculous. Most likely they had received instructions from their 'superiors' from Umno," she said.

Teo said she had even asked the police: "If I had made a police report against Najib for visiting a museum, would you call him up?"

"Of course not. As far as I know, visiting some place is not a crime," she said.

On Saturday, she was grilled for more than an hour by Kajang district police. They asked her whether she had permission to visit the surau and what she wore and what she said in a speech.

Issue over-hyped
Teo was also asked if she knew that her behaviour has caused disharmony in society and whether she was aware that she had provoked a community.

"As a citizen, I have done my part in giving the police full support. It's up to them to charge me,” she said, adding that the whole issue has been over-hyped.

"Is it because I am Chinese? But I'm definitely sure that it's because I am from DAP, because they (police) were trying so hard to claim that we are anti-Islam," she said.

Teo hoped that the whole issue could yield something fruitful for Malaysia.

"There is a debate going on in the Muslim community about this. In the US, Najib said there is Islamophobia and we cannot deny that it's also here in Malaysia.

“The conclusion and reaction from the Muslim community would affect the non-Muslims. We should take an inclusive rather than an exclusive approach. I hope that we can achieve more unity at the end of the day."

Teo said that from a Christian point of view, a place of worship should welcome anyone of any faith as it was a chance for anyone to know more about a particular religion.

Teo’s visit to Surau Al-Huda in Kajang on Aug 22 to present Ramadan aid came under fire when it was reported in Utusan Malaysia. The paper published a photograph of her delivering a speech in the prayer hall without covering her hair, causing uproar from groups such as Umno and Perkasa.

It was also alleged that Teo committed another offence by delivering a tazkirah (sermon) during her visit, which Teo had denied.

However, Pakatan Rakyat leaders including PAS spiritual adviser Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat have come out in Teo’s defence, saying there was nothing wrong in Islam for a non-Muslim to enter a surau or a mosque. They said even the National Fatwa Council allowed non-Muslims to be present inside the mosque.

Teo had been warned by MAIS (Selangor Islamic Religious Council) not to repeat her action and she has since apologised to the Sultan of Selangor.

Brief chronology:

Aug 22: Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching entered the prayer area of the Surau Al-Huda, Kajang, to present a RM1,000 contribution and also gave a speech with her head uncovered.

Aug 27: A picture of Teo standing in front of the praying room without a headscarf was published in Utusan Malaysia, sparking outcry from Muslims from various groups. MAIS chairman Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa reportedly said Teo’s action had angered the Sultan of Selangor, who ordered immediate action against the management of the surau. MAIS took over the  management of the surau with immediate effect.

Aug 28: Teo said she was disappointed that the matter had been blown out of proportion.

Aug 28: Teo openly apologised to the Sultan of Selangor, who was reportedly angered by her actions. "I welcome all reminders and advice from all quarters and will do my utmost to carry out my duties more carefully so as not to create any discomfort, conflict or misunderstanding among Muslims in the future," she said.

Aug 29: PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat defended Teo, saying that what the MP did was the best way to get to know Muslims better. ''There is nothing wrong for a non-Muslim woman to speak in a surau as long as she is decently dressed," he reportedly said.

Aug 29: Wira Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah failed to send a letter and a RM1,000 contribution to the committee members of the surau so that the surau can return Teo's contribution.

Sept 21: Harakah reported that Teo had to put up with twitter posts from individuals linked to MCA, that smacked of sexual harassment as well as being spiced with Islamophobic messages. One post from a self-admitted MCA cybertrooper "MCAJB" said: “Date me, for i wont ask u to wear a tudung, or rape u without it .”

Sept 1: Teo received a letter from the MAIS barring her from entering any prayer hall in surau or mosques without permission.The letter stated that the Sultan of Selangor has directed that non-Muslims were not allowed to enter the prayer hall without approval from MAIS. “The letter said that after an investigation was conducted, MAIS found that I had indeed entered the surau,” Teo said. She was told not to repeat such action.

Sept 5: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said Teo violated the National Fatwa Council’s decree when she entered the prayer hall of Surau Al-Huda. The fatwa, issued last March, stated that non-Muslims must get permission from the mosque and be appropriately attired before entering the mosque.

Oct 2: Police took Teoh's statement over the surau incident at the Kajang district police headquarters. She was accompanied by Selangor DAP chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah and Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo. Teo, who maintained that she had not committed any offence, said police informed her they were not out to prosecute her but to know what actually happened.

Samy's exit will herald a 'cabinet' crisis

By JK Jayan - Free Malaysia Today

If everything goes as planned, MIC president S Samy Vellu will hand over the reins to his deputy G Palanivel in January. But there could be one issue which might trigger a crisis – who should be the sole cabinet minister to represent the party?
Currently, that honour is with vice-president Dr S Subramaniam.

However, if MIC is to be rebuilt and repositioned to face the next general election, then it is clear that the incoming president should also be made a cabinet minister to establish himself as a credible and powerful leader respected by the party and the Indian community.

In recent months there was intense talk among MIC’s rank and file that Samy Vellu may call for an early presidential election to oust Palanivel and that Subramaniam will be the candidate to replace Palanivel.

Adding fuel to the speculation, Subramaniam began a nationwide tour under the guise of “meet the people sessions” organising large-scale gatherings to help Indians under the government task force.

Through these gatherings organised at the MIC divisional level, Subramaniam also met MIC branch chairmen, who are the voters in a presidential election.

MIC sources said Palanivel’s faction is worried that if Subramaniam continues as cabinet minister after January, he will be able to build a strong power base to mount a challenge for the presidency. The presidential election must be called by February 2012.

One observed noted: “It was okay for Subramaniam to be cabinet minister with Samy Vellu as president. Subramaniam was obedient to Samy Vellu and reported everything to Samy Vellu.”

“But Palanivel will only be an acting president and needs to strengthen himself. With their relationship already strained, it is not safe for Palanivel to let Subramaniam continue as minister,” he added.

One solution, said the observer, was for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to heed the long-time call to have two Indian representatives in the cabinet and appoint Palanivel as well.

“If that is not possible, then Palanivel should move in to become the sole cabinet minister to strengthen himself within the party and community. That will also put a check on Subramaniam.

“If he is not the cabinet minister anymore, then he can forget about challenging Palanivel. He doesn’t have that much ground support in MIC. His only strength is being a minister,” he added.

Will there be an acting deputy president?

There is also another debate brewing in the party which may create further rifts between Palanivel and Subramaniam. Will the latter be appointed as acting deputy president?

In an interview with TV3 a few months ago, Samy Vellu said he will hand over the leadership to Palanivel and Subramaniam will be appointed as the acting deputy president.

However, MIC sources said Samy Vellu had jumped the gun since this was something which Palanivel must decide as acting president and not Samy Vellu, the outgoing president.

There is also a legal poser. When Samy Vellu resigns as president, Palanivel only becomes an acting president but still continues as deputy president as he is elected for a period of three years until the party elections are held in 2012.

Therefore the question of a vacancy in the position of deputy president does not arise. The relevant clause 53 in the MIC constitution reads as follows: “In the event of the post of deputy president falling vacant, the president may in consultation with the central working committee appoint an acting deputy president from among the vice-presidents for the rest of the term.”

Despite the legal uncertainty, there is also another plausible reason why Palanivel may not appoint Subramaniam as the acting deputy president. Such an appointment will automatically make Subramaniam the de facto No 2 in the party, giving him additional political strength to mount a challenge against Palanivel in 2012.

One Palanivel supporter said Palanivel is likely to keep the post of acting deputy president vacant and let the MIC delegates decide for themselves during the 2012 party elections as to who should be the rightful number two.

If Palanivel picks this option, it will create further animosity between him and Subramaniam's camp. Palanivel will be seen as by-passing Subramaniam despite a pointer by his mentor Samy Vellu.

History repeats itself

However, Palanivel will not be first MIC president to make such a decision.

In 1976, when MIC deputy president Athi Nahappan died, there was tremendous pressure on president S Manickavasagam to appoint Samy Vellu as the acting deputy president as he was then serving as the first vice-president having won with the highest votes in the 1975 party elections.

Manickavasagam refused to appoint an acting deputy president and this plunged the party into a leadership tussle. Eventually that led to a contest for the coveted deputy president’s post in 1977 between Samy Vellu and (former deputy president) S Subramaniam. Samy Vellu won the contest with a 26-vote majority.

When Manickavasagam died in 1979, there was pressure on Samy Vellu to appoint Subramaniam as the acting deputy president as he was then the first vice-president. In the 1979 party election, Subramaniam won the vice- president’s post with the highest number of votes among the vice- presidential candidates.

However, Samy Vellu refused to make such an appointment citing Manickavasagam who had set the precedent in 1976 by not making such an appointment. That led to a political fight between Samy Vellu and Subramaniam and in May 1981 both entered into a truce and Subramaniam, in the party elections held in the same year, was elected unanimously as the deputy president.

Now history repeats itself!

JK Jayan is an observer on Malaysian politics and a freelance writer.

Kitingan: Controversial campaign 'a step towards political maturity'

By Luke Rintod - Free Malaysia Today,

KOTA KINABALU: PKR vice-president Jeffrey Kitingan has praised the intense campaigning in the party's polls here as well as in peninsular as 'a step towards political maturity.
'"Stiff competition for elected positions is good for PKR. This indicates the rising popularity of PKR.

"We in PKR do not condone nor promote any kind of violence and it is not our culture to do so, but when you have a popular party like PKR, everyone wants to be part of it," he said defending the freewheeling PKR polls.

The chaotic party elections in Sabah grabbed attention here and became topic of discussion among locals with one local newspaper carrying critical views of the affair.

On Sunday a local veteran politician, Fred Edwin Lojingki, 69, blamed PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim for what he called "bad political cultures being promoted in the party", while at the same time taking to task Sabah politicians who were silent on the politicking.

Responding to Lojingki, Kitingan admitted that campaigning could lead to intense scrutiny by supporters of candidates which could at times get out of hand.

He said this was especially so as this is the first time PKR held its direct voting where all members are eligible to vote.

In Malaysia, PKR is the first political party to have successfully amended its constitution to allow the landmark 'one-member, one-vote' system, replacing the old way of a representative or a delegate system of electing party leaders.

Lawyer wins in Penampang

"We in PKR will learn a lot from this experience and are confident of improving the process as we move into the future.

"The public should look at recent happening as a positive development, and as a new opening for a political culture of empowering the members to directly elect their own leaders.

"As long as they don't break the law we should keep an open mind. In time, this new political culture of empowering members will reach political maturity for both leaders and members," Kitingan said.

Meanwhile in the tussle for the top post for Penampang division yesterday, lawyer Darrel Iking won by a 90 vote majority. He polled 325 votes beating three other contenders namely Brett Chua (235 votes), Roland Chia (199) and Innocent Makajil (19).

Innocent however had earlier withdrawn from the poll amidst allegation of irregularities and had lodged a police report.

Raja Petra threatens to withdraw support for Pakatan

(The Star) Self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin has threatened to pull out from backing Pakatan Rakyat in the upcoming Galas by-election as he claimed the Opposition had failed to deliver on promises made during the March 2008 general election.

Raja Petra, a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, made the statement in front of his long-time ally and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a dialogue session with Malaysians in London on Saturday.

He was reported by an online news portal to have expressed his unhappiness that Pakatan had yet to perform despite being in power in several states for more than two-and-a-half years.

“We have given Pakatan two-and-a-half years but not a single reform has been implemented. Some can be done immediately, some two years, some in 20 years.

“At least let us see some, then we will be quite happy and we will continue to support Pakatan in every by-election and general election,” he said.

Anwar responded by insisting that the Opposition’s hands were tied as much of the power to implement reforms was centralised in the Federal Government.

Yes, we want him to get well and come home, but not to serve the country. To serve time.

“When Mahathir is unwell and is admitted to hospital, all Malaysians are praying for his speedy recovery and his return home to serve the country in his capacity as a former prime minister” – Muhyiddin, sucking up to Kutty, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Will Muhyiddin return to Treasury his salaries and allowances as Federal Minister for past 15 years so as not to be associated with forbidden money?

By Lim Lit Siang,

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Umno Ministers should decide at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow whether they will return their salaries and allowances to Treasury as they do not want to be associated with gambling money.

Ten days ago on September 25, Bernama carried the following report:

MUAR, Saturday 25 September 2010 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has called on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to answer allegations made by Umno Youth on the state government’s financial source to fund its poverty eradication programmes.

Muhyiddin said Muslims would not want to be associated should gambling money were used for the programmes.

“We want an answer from Lim. If the money is from a forbidden source, Muslims will have no part in it,” he told reporters after launching a Pagoh education excellence programme at the Dewan Sri Pekembar, here.

Muhyiddin was asked on a news report today quoting Umno Youth as claiming that funds from gambling activities were used to finance poverty eradication programmes in Penang.

In line with Muhyiddin’s declaration that Muslims do not want to be associated with money from “a forbidden source”, the Deputy Prime Minister should set an example and declare that he will not only return his salary and allowances to Treasury, but will return all his salaries and allowances as Federal Minister for the past 15 years since 1995.

Muhyiddin’s past Cabinet portfolios were Minister of Youth and Sports (1995–1999), Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (1999–2004), Minister of Agriculture (2004–2008) and Minister of International Trade and Industry (2008–2009) before becoming deputy prime minister and education minister in April 2009.
Can Muhyiddin compute and declare how much salaries and allowances he would have to return to the Treasury as Federal Minister in the past 15 years because they come from the Federal Government Consolidated Fund which includes gambling tax.

In the recent June meeting of Parliament, DAP MP for Rasah Anthony Loke had asked the Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak whether revenue from gambling was separated from the Consolidated Fund; the mechanism to manage the gambling revenue; its uses and what percentage was channelled to deal with social woes resulting from gambling activities.

This was Najib’s reply:

“At this time, revenue from gambling activities are categorized as government revenue. Based on Article 97 of the Federal Constitution and Financial Procedure Act 1957 (revised in 1972) all taxation or revenue received by the federal government will be credited into the Consolidated Fund.

“The Consolidated Fund comprises three main accounts, the Consolidated Account, the Consolidated Trust Account and the Consolidated Loans Account.

“All revenue from payment of taxes are put into the Consolidated Account like all other government revenue and is used for purposes of management spending and national development.”

In reply to another question from Loke, the Deputy Finance Minister Senator Awang Adek disclosed that the gambling tax collected by the Barisan Nasional federal government last year amounted to RM2.3 billion, and that the figure included taxes from the casino in Genting Highlands and from revenue of numbers forecasting such as Magnum and Sports Toto.

As Muhyiddin said that Muslims do not want to be associated with money from “a forbidden source”, and part of the expenditure for national management and development including paying the salaries and allowances of Cabinet Ministers is sourced from gambling revenue, the Deputy Prime Minister must be consistent and return all his salaries and allowances as Cabinet Minister going back to 15 years to the Treasury.

It is most unfortunate that instead of advising Penang Umno not to resort to irresponsible politicking, as falsely accusing the Penang government of using gambling money to pay RM100 annually to senior citizens in the state aged above 60 years, Muhyiddin acted in a most irresponsible manner in aiding and abetting Penang UMNO’s “political desperado” tactics.

Nazri moves to distance BTN from rep’s remarks

The Malaysian Insider 
by Shazwan Mustafa Kamal

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defended the National Civics Bureau (BTN) today from charges of promoting racism, after a representative from the bureau was recently reported as having uttered racial slurs against the country’s Chinese and Indian communities.

Nazri said that the “racist” remarks reportedly made by BTN assistant director Hamim Husain did not reflect the courses conducted by the government agency.

“There are no modules in BTN which promotes racism. We have to look at what’s the issue here. In this case, it’s not the module which is an issue, it’s the personnel,” said Nazri in response to whether the courses run by BTN should be revamped.

The minister in the Prime Minister’s department stressed that action should be targeted against any individuals found making “irresponsible” remarks.

“These were remarks made by an irresponsible individual, therefore action should be taken against him,” Nazri told reporters today.

The Padang Rengas MP maintained that the Najib administration does not endorse any racist remarks, even if they were made by civil servants.

“The Cabinet, in its meeting last week, had already issued stern reminders to civil servants that no racist remarks will be tolerated.

“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself said during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly that the moderates must come forward... this was not only meant on an international level, but also in the context of our country,” added Nazri.

Hamim has since lodged a police report against The Malaysian Insider, claiming that his words had been “misinterpreted” and that his reported remarks were made in the confines of a private function.

On this, Nazri said it was Hamim’s prerogative to lodge a police report.

“Anyone can make a police report. Maybe he feels injustice has been done towards him... maybe he wants to defend himself. Whatever it is, action will be taken once investigations are completed,” said the minister.

Last week, Hamim, during a closed-door Puteri Umno function, referred to the Chinese and Indian communities as “Si Mata Sepet” and “Si Botol” respectively when asking Puteri Umno members to approach the non-Malays for votes.

“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” Hamim told the closed-door gathering, as reported in The Malaysian Insider.

The Cabinet, disappointed with Hamim’s remarks, has instructed the Chief Secretary to investigate the BTN official.

The BTN, a state agency tasked with running courses on patriotism for civil servants and undergraduates, had come under fire last year for ostensibly promoting racism.

The Najib administration had then promised a revamp of BTN’s courses following a widespread public outcry.

'Treat sensitive cases cautiously'

The New Straits Times 
by Syed Umar Ariff

JOHOR BARU: The sultan of Johor yesterday reminded the judiciary and courts to exercise caution when handling cases that are deemed to be sensitive, especially those related to the power of rulers.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar said sensitive cases should be rejected in order to safeguard racial harmony.

"This is because even if the cases are heard and judgments are passed, there are bound to be parties that are not satisfied (with the judgments).
"Therefore, it is better that such cases are not entertained, especially the ones involving the power of rulers," he said in his speech when opening the state-level seminar on the Federal Constitution here.

The sultan said all forms of debate concerning sensitive issues should be avoided as they would only widen the racial and religious gap between the people of the country.

He also reminded the people to learn from the May 13 incident in 1969, when peace was disrupted by a group of extremists.

"Any confusion (pertaining to sensitive matters) should be explained in detail, so that the people will live together harmoniously and peacefully, in ensuring the well-being of all," said the sultan.

At the same time, the sultan warned against those misinterpreting and amending the Constitution for personal gains, lest the document was reduced into a meaningless paper.

He also said people should refrain from questioning the power of rulers as such matters were not for debate as stipulated in the Constitution or state enactment.

Sultan Ibrahim said there were those who had forgotten the importance of the royal institution and had attempted to eradicate its authority.

However, he said, the same people would turn to the rulers for assistance and protection when facing certain problems.

"You throw away your umbrella during a fine weather, but come running to look for it during heavy rain," said the sultan.

Sultan Ibrahim also said that Malaysia had become a model country for being able to unify people of various races, religions and cultures.

He, however, added that some quarters of late had been championing the rights of their race and questioning the special rights of the Malays, which had long been enshrined in the Constitution.

"We must remember that the special privileges provided to the Malays have never denied the rights of other races, since they are also accorded rights under the Constitution.

"All of this is the culmination of the hard work put forth by our past leaders. What is important now for the country is that we must work together to develop our country."

Higher density for Penang projects?

Alarm bells have started ringing over premature talk of higher densities for property development on Penang Island.
Present-day coat of arms of the Municipal Coun...
Image via Wikipedia
Penang property developers must be grinning like Cheshire cats after reading a news report which said that the Penang Municipal Council has revised the plot ratio guidelines for high-rise properties in commercial and tourism areas on the island. This would allow the developers to build 122,000 sq ft per acre (i.e. up to 87 units) compared with 42,000 sq ft previously. See The Star report here. Notice also the low, low quota for medium-cost units. (Why isn’t anyone talking about  low-income housing?)
But hold your horses.
Earlier this year, the state exco apparently agreed to the higher density to make apartments more affordable for yuppies. But, from what I hear, this higher density was for transit-oriented development (TOD), and this is what is to be provided for in the draft local plan.
But for TOD to work, the proper supporting infrastructure must be in place; otherwise, the higher density will only add to the congestion along transit/transport arteries.
These TOD areas apparently can only be publicised with the release of the local plan. Presumably, applications for development will have to conform with the local plan.
Crucially, it is the full council of the MPPP (and not the state exco) that has to approve the higher density as only the MPPP has jurisdiction over this.
Now that the issue of higher density has been reported in the press, the MPPP must clarify whether such higher-density TOD areas have already been implemented and if so, who was responsibly for the approval.

Orang Asli claim harassment, bullying

Keng Yaik quits as Gerakan advisor, calls Koh an 'ostrich'

(Malaysiakini) Dr Lim Keng Yaik has resigned as Gerakan advisor citing unhappiness over the party leadership's handling of the Penang party crisis.
koh tsu koon gerakan pc 100409 03 lim keng yaikLim (right) made the announcement on his own accord to a group of reporters at the sidelines of a graduation ceremony at the Wawasan Open University, Kuala Lumpur.

He said that he was "in pain" over the leadership crisis in Penang, in which a extraordinary general meeting (EGM) will be convened on Oct 10 to oust its state chief Teng Hock Nam.

"My heart is bleeding," said Lim with his usual candour.

Lim also expressed disappointment with his chosen successor Koh Tsu Koon's handling of the Penang fallout.

penang gerakan agm 260910 koh tsu koonHe said that he had discussed the issue with Koh (left) but the latter is afraid to offend people, and chose to stay out of the matter.

Lim also chided Koh for choosing to attend the MCA annual general meeting in Kuala Lumpur, that falls on the same day as the Penang EGM.
'Koh buries his head in the sand'
He said that this behaviour was unbecoming of a leader and irresponsible.
"The last straw which broke the camel's back was, when I read in the newspapers that he would attend the MCA AGM on Oct 10, instead of solving the Penang Gerakan EGM issue.

"Where is the priority? When I was party president, I had even delegated my deputy to attend a BN component party AGM before...why can't he do the same?," asked Lim, according to Bernama.

Lim relinguished his position as Gerakan president in April 2007 and Koh was made acting president.

Since then, Koh failed to take proactive steps in resolving many issues affecting the party despite being advised to do so, lamented Lim.

"Where is the party going? Maybe, my resignation will shake him up. His attitude of 'speak evil, no speak evil' has brought this problem in Gerakan. His attitude is akin to an ostrich burying its head in the ground.

"A (party) president has to take responsibilities to solve problems. What isthe point of giving advice if the person does not want to listen," he said.
EGM movers denies links
Lim will be submitting his official resignation letter tomorrow.
At the time of writing, almost all top Gerakan leaders cannot be contacted. It is believed that they are currently at the Gerakan headquarters in Cheras for an emergency meeting.
It is learnt that Koh has also cancelled his public appearance at Lim Kok Wing University tomorrow. He was initially slated to make an "important announcement", according to the press notice issued earlier today.
Meanwhile, the group which pushed for the EGM, which dubs itself Gerakanla Gerakan, has denied any links with Lim.

“No, no, no! Lim doesn't even know me,” said Yeap Ban Choon, who is the main coordinator gor Gerakanla Gerakan.

While admitting that the public will draw links between the timing of Lim's announcement with the movement to oust Teng, Yeap said that his group did not involve the senior leader.

“In fact, there is no involvement between top party leaders and the EGM,” he said when contacted.

Myth about Indian Gangsterism

The gangsterism among the Indian are long rooted from many factor ,but UMNO is using their Indian Mandore to hide the real root cause of the problem, try to hide that they are the one responsible to create it and try to get away from their responsibility , now they are doing extensive media propaganda to project as if the Indian gangsterism is due to Tamil movies especially in private TV channel, the BN Indian Mandores who should suggest solution to the government to solve the problem but they in turn give statement that Indian gangsterism is due to Tamil movie and parents negligence, they try to justified that the police need to use more harsher action to stifle Indian gangsterism by using emergency ordinance to arrest suspect as they wish and lock them up in Simpang Renggam,but that is mere UMNO usual fake propaganda to hide the real root cause.

mhindrafThe real root cause and under laying problem is racism for 53 years that led to poverty and lack of opportunity to earn a living in legal way, Indian youth are denied skill training , university education, even Tamil school education are poor because of lack of government support , business opportunity,land ownership program Felda and Felcra, job in civil and private, other than that the Indian displacement from estate to urban without proper planning and assistance from government are greatly contributed to the current bad state.

When estate are taken over by UMNO own companies Sime Darby and Gutherie, the Indian are displace without proper compensation, they have been cheated by given peanut Rm3500 or RM3000 and ask to leave their home in estate , their home later demolished to allow palm oil plantation and foreign labour are imported to do the work once for all denying job for estate Indians , thus this unfortunate state let them ended up as urban poor and downtrodden , living in the area not so conducive, poverty and raising cost of living made them to suffer , most of these families members work in town and cities in low wage jobs , family financial problem has made their children to quit school prematurely and they tend to expose to other social ill at urban.The Indian youth that has such a disadvantage compare to other community are easy expose to crime ,because poverty has made them desperate they are most vulnerable,member of the underworld easily picked them up to do their illegal job.

To undo long negligence towards this portion of society, what should the government do , instead put all blame on Tamil movie ,they should implement a plan for the Indian youth , Indian youth are country resource that so long been wasted and flow to the wrong way, give them all skill training, Tekun business loan, allow them into Asrama Penuh skill training school in hundred of institution available to the Malays and completely close for Indian enrolment for now.Don’t push this responsibility to MIC that cannot do anything without the support and resources from the government.Include them in all main stream development because they too born in this soil and they too sun of this soil according to the federal constitution stated in article 8 equality.


Human Rights Party

Kula will never resign DAP post under mandorist arrangements with towkay Lim Kit Siang.

url kula
Way back in 2000 when PKR snatched the Lunas seat from the DAP Indians. (Lunas being a traditional DAP Indian seat) this very same M. Kulasegaran played this very same wayang kulit and resigned as the then national deputy Secretary General to appease the disgruntled Indians and under a wayang kulit arrangement be appointed National Vice Chairman within a few months when the heat died down. And now a rehearsal of the very same wayang kulit.

Kula is the most senior member of Parliament in DAP by virtue of he winning in the Teluk Intan by-elections way back in 1998.

But neither Kula nor any of the total of 11 Indian mandore MPs are empowered if not prohibited by their towkays and tuans to raise even the most elementary and pressing Indian problems. For example 150,000 Indian children being denied even their innate right to a birth certificate (B.C), when even when you buy a RM 10.00 radio you get a certificate of purchase.

Why hasn’t there been an emergency motion in Parliament? But this very same Kula and the other Indian MPs mandores spoke voraciously on the closing of the Chinese dominated Cheras residential area Highway by Grand Saga.

At worst they have to pay toll. But Kula and the other 10 Indian mandores supported ferociously Teo Nie Chee in their tirade against UMNO.

But neither Kula not his towkays Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or his tuan Anwar Ibrahim or tuan haji Hadi Awang have or would ever raise even this BC problem.
When they don’t even do this they are not going to do for the rest of the scores of pressing Indian problems.

These towkays, tuan and tuan haji in DAP, PKR and PAS only want to use Kula and the other DAP, PKR and PAS Indian mandores for merely the Indian votes. Never the Indian problems!

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

‘Chettiar Land’ Scam

 sosilawati murder 

The Traveler, Monday,

Jeeva, son of a famous movie producer R B Choudry, acted in a Tamil movie ‘Pori’ which means ‘trap’.

The movie depicts how idle properties are hijacked and sold to innocent people.

In the movie, veteran actor Nages buys a small property for his son’s book shop using his retirement fund.

But, it turns out that the one who sold the property was not the real owner, the real owner was in overseas, but by a property scam syndicate.

The syndicate comprised of corrupt government officers, Politian and businessmen carrying out the hijack from the rightful owners and selling them to unsuspecting people with forged documents.

The movie is the typical reflection of what’s actually happening in Tamil Nadu.

In real life, in-laws of actor Srikanth were involved in several land and housing scams that were widely reported in Tamil media, some years ago.

The comedian Vadiveloo, also, a victim of land scams lost millions to his very own buddy often performing side-kick roles with him.

Now, coming back to Malaysia on the Banting murders, Nalliannan Sinnasamy family members land scam is very much similar.

Central to the quadruple murder seems to be the piece of land in Penang as speculated by Malaysian media.

Traveler sources have traced the details of the contentious land located at Lot 407, 332, 460 of Bandar Batu Feringgi, Daerah Timor Laut, Penang.

The 32.734 acres freehold land, worth of RM 65 psf (with squatters) and RM 95 psf (without squatters), is equally owned by three Chettiars: Nallaperumal Chidambaram Chettiar, Palamalai Chidambaram and Solachi Narayanan.

Apparently, the land owners have given the Power of Attorney to a Penang lawyer, Ramanathan Nachiappan.

 sosilawati murderOn May 21st. 2009, Ramanathan lodged a police report and the gist of it;

a) A company known as Southern Symphony Sdn Bhd has entered into a sales and purchase agreement dated 17th. October 2008 to sell the properties to apple quality sdn bhd for RM 29 million.

b) A lawyer by the name of Dato Dr. S N Pathmanaban from Pathma & Nall & partners had filed an originating motion to remove inter alia caveat lodged by me (Ramanathan).

According to the report, Ramanathan has verified with the three owners of the said land: all of them denied selling any of their shares to Southern Symphony Sdn Bhd, unaware of the move to remove the caveat and never appointed the legal firm Pathma Nalli & Partners to sell their respective shares in the property concerned.

Ramanathan further contended, “someone has fraudulently represented themselves as the registered owners power of attorneys to self and to transfer the above properties without the knowledge and consent of their rightful registered owners”.

Interestingly, Traveler sources search in the Companies Commission of Malaysia found that Southern Symphony is RM 2.00 Company where the murdered millionaire Sosilawati Lawiya is one of the directors.

Apple Quality, the company that supposed to purchase the land for RM 29 million, has a paid-up capital of RM 3 million, with four partners having equal shares of RM 750,000.

The prime murder suspect, Pathmanababhan Nalliannen, is a director as well as one prominent Politian, Abd. Rahman bin Palil, former Selangor State Assemblyman, Sementa and EXCO member under Mohamad Khir Toyo tenure.

Abd Rahman bin Palil has been embroiled in a 24 hour land transfer scandal in Kapar.

The constituency Parliament member, Manikavasagam, reported the matter to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Abd Rahman bin Palil has been, also, implicated in Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia.

Traveler sources unable unearth two other directors’ details, at the moment.

As in the movie ‘Pori’, the system is corrupt to the core.

One who could not challenge the system takes the easy way out blaming Tamil movies and Tamil Schools.

Nazri moves to distance BTN from rep’s remarks

Nazri said Hamim’s remark was not representative of the BTN and its courses. — file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defended the National Civics Bureau (BTN) today from charges of promoting racism, after a representative from the bureau was recently reported as having uttered racial slurs against the country’s Chinese and Indian communities.

Nazri said that the “racist” remarks reportedly made by BTN assistant director Hamim Husain did not reflect the courses conducted by the government agency.

“There are no modules in BTN which promotes racism. We have to look at what’s the issue here. In this case, it’s not the module which is an issue, it’s the personnel,” said Nazri in response to whether the courses run by BTN should be revamped.

The minister in the Prime Minister’s department stressed that action should be targeted against any individuals found making “irresponsible” remarks.

“These were remarks made by an irresponsible individual, therefore action should be taken against him,” Nazri told reporters today.

The Padang Rengas MP maintained that the Najib administration does not endorse any racist remarks, even if they were made by civil servants.

“The Cabinet, in its meeting last week, had already issued stern reminders to civil servants that no racist remarks will be tolerated.

“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself said during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly that the moderates must come forward... this was not only meant on an international level, but also in the context of our country,” added Nazri.

Hamim has since lodged a police report against The Malaysian Insider, claiming that his words had been “misinterpreted” and that his reported remarks were made in the confines of a private function.

On this, Nazri said it was Hamim’s prerogative to lodge a police report.

“Anyone can make a police report. Maybe he feels injustice has been done towards him... maybe he wants to defend himself. Whatever it is, action will be taken once investigations are completed,” said the minister.

Last week, Hamim, during a closed-door Puteri Umno function, referred to the Chinese and Indian communities as “Si Mata Sepet” and “Si Botol” respectively when asking Puteri Umno members to approach the non-Malays for votes.

“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” Hamim told the closed-door gathering, as reported in The Malaysian Insider.

The Cabinet, disappointed with Hamim’s remarks, has instructed the Chief Secretary to investigate the BTN official.

The BTN, a state agency tasked with running courses on patriotism for civil servants and undergraduates, had come under fire last year for ostensibly promoting racism.

The Najib administration had then promised a revamp of BTN’s courses following a widespread public outcry.

Ex-DAP rep Keshvinder to shack up with PPP

Keshvinder quit DAP on June 15. — file pic
IPOH, Oct 4 — Malim Nawar assemblyman Keshvinder Singh who quit DAP in June to become an independent representative, today announced that he would be joining the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

He said he decided to join PPP, a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party, after being invited to do so by its vice-president Datuk Nik Sapeia Nik Yusoff.

Keshvinder will be submitting his application form to PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas when the latter returns from overseas soon.

On June 15, Keshvinder announced that he quit DAP.

“After considering that PPP is a multi-racial party, a concept which is close to my heart, I accepted the invitation,” he told reporters at the Aidilfitri open house of Yayasan Bina Upaya and Institut Darul Ridzuan, here, today.

“Several matters needed to be taken into consideration before I decided to join PPP. I am waiting for the PPP president to return from abroad to discuss the matter with him.”

He said PPP, as a multi-racial party, was in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

“It has Indian, Malay and Chinese members. It is suitable for me,” he added.

Perak Mentri Besar and state BN chairman Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, when met at the function, described Keshvinder’s decision as wise.

He urged other opposition elected representatives who want a “change of air”, especially from the DAP which is now facing a crisis in Perak, to follow the Malim Nawar assemblyman’s move.

“We welcome anyone to join BN provided the person is willing to accept BN’s struggle,” he said. — Bernama

Ku Li perfect for Galas, says Nazri

Calls from within Umno for Ku Li to contest in Galas have continued to grow louder. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz today joined the chorus of Umno leaders calling for Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to contest the Galas by-election.

Nazri said that the Gua Musang MP would be the ideal choice to run for the Galas state seat, which became vacant last week with the death of PAS lawmaker Che Hashim Sulaima, triggering the country’s 12th by-election since Election 2008.

“When we enter a by-election, the main aim is to win. Who wants to enter a by-election to lose? We have to put in our best, put in winners.

“So as a member of Umno’s supreme council, I fully support Ku Li not only as an elections director, but also as the candidate for the Galas seat,” Nazri told reporters today.

Several Umno leader have declared their support for Tengku Razaleigh to contest as a candidate, most notably deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Nazri said that the politician popularly known as Ku Li would be the best candidate because of his track record as an Umno leader, and his having held important government positions in the past.

Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor revealed earlier today that Kelantan prince had agreed to lead BN’s campaign in Galas as elections director, although he has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the matter.

PAS leaders have, however, questioned Umno’s sincerity in saying that Tengku Razaleigh was the best candidate to recapture the Galas state seat within his Gua Musang federal constituency.

They claimed that Muhyiddin was trying to undermine the Kelantan prince’s credibility as Tengku Razaleigh has clashed with the Umno leadership over party policies, including the payment of oil royalty to the state.

Ku Li has been consistent in backing the PAS Kelantan state government in its claims for royalty payments from the federal administration.

Nazri, however, disagreed with PAS and lashed out at them today, calling them “hypocrites.”

“PAS says we are short of good leaders because we want Ku Li for Galas... well, pot calling the kettle black, eh?

“The same can be said for PAS, (Datuk) Nik Aziz (Nik Mat) has been Kelantan mentri besar for so long. He is so old but he is still there,” said Nazri.

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said that there was nothing “insulting” in nominating a person to be an elected representative, even for a decorated leader like Tengu Razaleigh.

The Umno veteran has represented the Gua Musang constituency — which includes the Galas state seat — since 1969 and still remains an influential figure in his state.

The late Che Hashim had been suffering from colon cancer for more than a year and was admitted to Kampung Baru Medical Centre here last week before finally succumbing to his illness.

The one-term assemblyman had been diagnosed with cancer in 2009, when he underwent a medical check-up at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. The PAS lawmaker had been receiving treatment at specialist hospitals in Kota Baru and Guangzhou, China since then.

Che Hashim won Galas with 4,399 votes, defeating incumbent Saufi Deraman. In the 2008 general election, PAS was able to capture 38 of the 45 state seats in Kelantan while BN won six and PKR managed only one.

The Malays make up 65.81 per cent of the more than 10,000 voters in the state constituency, the Chinese 22.03 per cent, Indians 1.81 per cent, while other races are at 10.32 per cent.

Two other state seats in the Gua Musang constituency — Nenggiri and Paloh — were won by BN with majority of 2,090 vote and 2,833 votes respectively.

Umno panics and does a u-turn

It looks like I have caught them with their pants down. They scream, rant and rave that I am too chicken to return to Malaysia. And then, when I call their bluff and say that I shall return, they panic and start raising all sorts of issues, which you can read in the piece below.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

For more than a year various Umno people plus the Umno blogs and websites have been calling me a coward, traitor, etc., for staying in the UK and for not coming home to Malaysia to face trial. In spite of the fact that there are no outstanding charges against me or any warrants of arrest (although the government can, if it wishes, file new charges against me) they insist of calling me a fugitive. Even as recent as today Nazri Aziz tells us that he guarantees me my safety if I were to return to Malaysia.

The most vicious of these many Umno websites is Malaysia Instinct. And in response to their ‘appeals’ for me to return I indicated that I am prepared to do so and also indicated that I shall be at the UCL at 1.00pm on Saturday, 2nd October 2010, to meet the Malaysian High Commissioner to discuss my return to Malaysia.

Well, the High Commissioner never turned up and Malaysia Instinct now raises questions as to why I want to return to Malaysia. I thought it is they who wanted me to return so the reason I am returning to Malaysia is because they want me to do so. And now that I have said I am prepared to return they question me as to why I want to do so and make all sorts of allegations of bad faith on my part.

It looks like I have caught them with their pants down. They scream, rant and rave that I am too chicken to return to Malaysia. And then, when I call their bluff and say that I shall return, they panic and start raising all sorts of issues, which you can read in the piece below.

That’s why. Never challenge someone to a duel. You never know whether they will accept the challenge. And after more than a year of challenging me and calling me all sorts of names they panic and do a u-turn when I accept the challenge to return to Malaysia.

Podah! These Umno people are all talk and no guts. They are brave when it is a big group against a small group and when they have the police giving them protection. But when it is one-to-one, suddenly their balls shrink.

Now you know why I despise these Umno Malays so much. I regard them just like dog shit stuck to the sole of my shoes. I would rather touch a pig than these people. That is how defiled they are.


RPK Hints That He Is Willing to Switch Side For A Good Pay

By Farrah Deebah, Malaysia Instinct

Much has been said about RPK’s warning towards Anwar that he will not be supporting PKR should the party failed to fulfill their promise to the rakyat.

Some say that this is just another Tamil drama by RPK, Anwar and PKR. Some say that RPK is beginning to sway away from PKR with the hope that he will be treated leniently by the Malaysian’s authority and law should he come back home.

Some look at RPK’s statement as an effort to divert the people’s attention from the most embarrassing PKR party election ever. Some say that RPK is really coming to his senses and is seriously thinking about making amendments with the government of Malaysia.

Being in close contact with RPK’s ‘connections’, I tend to look at his statement as a declaration of guilt.

By making the statement, RPK is directly admitting that he has always been a tool of Anwar and PKR and all the enemies of the country. He is also indirectly admitting that all or some of these parties have been paying him well just to tarnish Malaysia and our PM’s image and reputation.

RPK is actually hinting that he is willing to sway back to BN anytime by giving the most predictable reason, that PKR has lost its credibility. With this, RPK hopes to portray a clean and devout image of himself being the real truth seeker.

Well, the government is not going to fall for that, though RPK’s followers - the dumb liberal Malays, most probably will.

Every time we talk about RPK or talk to RPK, we must not forget that he is mentally not very stable. He constantly wants to be the center of attention and when he managed to achieve that, he would be carried away with his fantasies, sinking in his own stories, scripts and imagination.

He is proud for his lies and excited to see the after affect on people’s lives or the country. He is proud for having brought so much trouble to everybody.

I am not very sure why RPK suddenly wants to come home though I did hear that it’s because he is repenting. But I don’t see RPK as a man capable of repent. He is way too insane to be capable of such humane emotion and act. I don’t think that his son’s cries for him to come home managed to touch his heart either.

RPK is an egoist, which made him not very smart. Egoist often makes a fool of himself, that’s for sure. RPK is not the type who says sorry, forgive me, my fault and all those.

If RPK is really coming home and turning away from Anwar and PKR, it must be because he is having some sort of problem with his ‘organizer’ or ‘master’ and has no place to go for ‘real money’.

Or perhaps, RPK is trying to get his ass into UMNO and the government as a double agent. He wants to try writing or lying for both sides, get information for both sides and being paid by both sides.

What else do we expect from a man with no real job? How would he support his ugly wife and their luxurious lifestyle if he stopped writing lies? This guy won’t stop lying, never! That’s for sure. So, whatever he does, he does it with a cruel intention just to get paid well enough for him to continue living the way he does.

If RPK ever came back to Malaysia, nobody should risk giving him a second chance. He’s a gone case, a broken man, a lost soul. If he didn’t come back and we cannot take him to court, that’s fine with us. Just let him rot in London. Who cares!

Gwo Burne on the Kelana Jaya division elections : How to defend the party?

Yesterday afternoon, at a community hall at a block of flats in Desa Mentari2, PJ, a press conference was held by candidates who had lost at the recently concluded PKR Kelana Jaya division elections.
L-R : Razak and Vignes
Malaysiakini reports that “Abdul Razak Mohamed Jalil and Vigneswaran T Subramanian who contested the division chief and deputy posts, claim that they have evidence that Syed Shahir and his faction had abused their position as incumbents to push the election heavily in their favour”.

YB Loh Gwo Burne, who was present at the press conference, and who confirmed that he was at the Kelana Jaya divisional meeting and election until the end of balloting, shared his thoughts, both on the election that was the subject of the press conference, as well as the conduct of the elections generally that have taken place over the last three weekends. - by Haris Ibrahim

Jenapala : Azmin must apologise to the Indians

When former PKR deputy Sec-Gen Jenapala Perumal Subaan announced on 17th September that he was offering himself as a candidate for the post of deputy president, he had, in his press statement, alluded to an incident where “a well-known senior PKR leader openly called an Indian leader “pariah”. I had written about this HERE.
At a press conference today in PJ, Jenapala disclosed that the Indian leader was YB Gobalakrishnan.
He also named the ‘well-known senior PKR leader’ he had alluded to in his press statement.

Posted by Haris Ibrahim

Ramlan Bukan Reformis, Sebaliknya Ejen Perosak

Kenyataan akhbar Kumpulan Angkatan Peduli Insan (API)

Kami, Kumpulan Angkatan Peduli Insan (API) adalah sebuah kumpulan yang mewakili lebih 1000 orang aktivis-aktivis reformasi di seluruh Malaysia.


1. Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa individu bernama Ramlan Abu Bakar bukanlah seorang aktivis reformasi kerana beliau tidak pernah terlibat dalam apa jua kegiatan reformasi sejak 1998.

2.Beliau tidak dikenali dikalangan aktivis reformasi.

3.Kerana itu Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) yang
beliau mengaku sebagai presiden bukanlah sebuah kumpulan yang
mewakili aktivis reformasi.

4.Kami menafikan sekeras-kerasnya tuduhan Ramlan dalam media bahawa Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali menawarkan ruang perniagaan di Uptown Gombak sebagai habuan kepada ahli-ahli kami untuk menjatuhkan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

5. Sebagai penjelasan, kami mengakui ahli-ahli kami mendapat
lesen perniagaan di Uptown Gombak, tetapi ia dipohon oleh ahli-ahli kami yang mempunyai pengalaman dalam perniagaan seumpama itu khususnya di Jalan Masjid India, KL dan bukanlah sebagai imbuhan untuk menjatuhkan menjatuhkan Menteri Besar selangor’ seperti yang didakwa Ramlan.

6. Proses pemberian lesen itu dijalankan secara telus dan mengikut merit.

7. Oleh itu kenyataan Ramlan bukanlah dari seorang reformis, sebaliknya sebagai ejen perosak. Kenyataan beliau juga bersifat fitnah dan berniat jahat.

8. Kami yakin kenyataan beliau didalangi oleh pihak-pihak luar dan musuh-musuh PKR serta Pakatan Rakyat yang ingin melagakan Azmin dan Khalid.


1. Kami aktivis reformasi menyokong penuh kerajaan negeri
Selangor di bawah pimpinan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

2. Kami juga menyokong penuh kempimpinan PKR di setiap peringkat.

3. Kami akan menentang setiap anasir-anasir jahat yang cuba
melagakan kepimpinan PKR dengan kerajaan Selangor.

Dikeluarkan oleh:

Ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Penaja API
Presiden: Badrul Hisham Hanafiah
Timbalan: Mohd Hamdi Said
Setiusaha: Norzairi Jantan
Bendahari: Abdul Rahman Hackeem

3 September 2010

New IGP must seriously grapple with the new Malaysian phenomenon where crime index falls but Malaysians feel even more unsafe!

By Lim Kit Siang ,

DAP Member of Parliament for Rasah and Negri Sembilan State Assemblyman for Lobak Anthony Loke, who is also DAPSY National chief, was the latest victim of crime when he was rudely awakened early this morning by five parang-wielding robbers who broke into his Seremban home and tied him up, along with his elderly parents.

The 4am incident took place after the robbers cut through the front door lock, and woke the occupants in the double-storey terrace house in Taman Yoon Chan, Seremban – hitherto quite crime-free but no more safe.

Recently, both the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had made great play about the successful NKRA on crime reduction, claiming that there have been a drastic drop in the crime rate with improvement of the crime index since January this year.

However, up and down the country, ordinary Malaysians do not feel this dividend of fall of crime index in their daily lives as they do not feel comparatively safer in the streets, public places or privacy of their homes as compared to previous years as highlighted by the terrible ordeal which Loke and his parents went through early this morning.

I call on the new Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar to seriously grapple with this new phenomenon in Malaysia where crime index falls but Malaysians feel even more unsafe in many areas.

I had invited public responses to the question: “Crime index down but do you feel safer?” on my twitter, facebook and blog, and the following are some of the responses:



Robbery on going in my housing area for the past few weeks. If we are safe, there won’t be any gated community.

KL, never felt more unsafe

Safe? Even Police are not pro-active when suspicious activity is being reported to them.

i dun feel safe. scary to see so many crimes still unsolved

definitely still not safe. My security committee had 2publicise tat dey caught a robber 2get funds4 guards

penang – 10 police doing roadblocks, hide behind trees, lanes in the dark – how2 be safe? when they ought to do more rounds

YB Uncle, nobody is safe if we don’t do anything. Our security are depending on Nepal guard. Is that the way make us safer?

No, sir, I definitely don’t feel safe walking/driving on our streets!

We are worse off. Can someone suggest that those security fee to guard our house be exempted from income tax?

sir, I’m sure u know the stats were manipulated. My cousin had accident, made police report but got scolded by police instead.

thanks and NO I do not feel safe walking in Brickfields as even at day time there are snatch thefts and at night there are parang gangs walking around. Have experienced both. Like in UK the Govt must put in place safer measures to fight crime, not only increase police n patrols( which has been done but no success ) but also “talking cameras” where victims can be warned off, the observers must respond if crime is to be reduced


All of us will have to hire security guards from Indonesia. Give them more jobs! When police cannot protect you, you need to protect yourself, with guns.

Crime index has not come down. William Cheng commented in today’s Oriental Daily News that in order to create a false picture that crime index has come down, police refused to entertain victims who came forward to lodge reports. These poor victims were being “pushed” to go from one police station to another until they got tired and gave up lodging the report.

When the people complained about the high crime rate in the country not so long ago, the Govt. said it was a matter of perception. Now we are being told that the crime index has come down. Can we say that it is also a matter of perception? With more and more neighbourhood hiring security personnel to look after the safety of the residents, how can we say that the security situation has improved? Worse, we have also to contend with hordes of foreign criminals.


of cos not! a auntie was just killed in a plotted robbery in front of her house early in the morning going to work recently at my kampung!

I feel cheaper… life is getting cheaper every time..just waiting for the day the robbers make their way into my life..sigh…

the highest crime ratio in SEA is really Malaysia. Robberies, rapes,murders almost happen every second..

Where we have big robbers like Umnoputras robbing the country’s coffers, the small one also follow their big brothers’ footsteps..

Last Thursday, the new IGP unveiled his vision, the “4P” plan, for the police to deliver more efficient services to the public – proactive, protective, performance-oriented and people-oriented.

As a first step, he should prove this “4P” plan is meaningful to Malaysians, visitors, tourists and investors in ensuring a safer country to work, live and play where official announcements of falling crime index is greeted with public acclaim rather than public cynicism because there is no match between the fall in crime index as announced and the public feeling more safe from crime than before, whether for person or property.

Press Release: Stop police harassment of Orang Asli

Image The Malaysian Bar notes with concern the incidents of harassment and intimidation of Orang Asli in Negeri Sembilan, by the police and Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA), over the past week.

Two days prior to a “customary meeting” (perjumpaan adat) for various villages that was scheduled to be held in Kampung Sebir, Seremban on 30 September 2010, a police officer from Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Seremban 2 questioned the Tok Batin of Kampung Sebir regarding the purpose of the meeting, and the number and identity of the attendees.  The officer stated that the Tok Batin was required to provide written notification of the meeting to the police.  On 30 September itself, JHEOA officials who went to the village on another matter also raised questions regarding the meeting.  Two police officers subsequently arrived during the meeting and stated that advance notification of such meetings must be made to the police in order to obtain approval. 

The Malaysian Bar is troubled that the authorities see fit to interfere with the basic rights of this Orang Asli community to assemble and discuss issues of concern to them.  This constitutes bullying and intimidation of these Orang Asli, and must stop.

We also note that the Government proposes to expedite the passage of amendments to the Aboriginal Peoples Act 1954 through Parliament.  However, despite several requests, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development has not disclosed the contents of the proposed amendments, and the Orang Asli are therefore in the dark as to their precise nature.

The public disclosure thus far indicates that the proposed amendments will be substantial, and will have serious repercussions upon the culture and life of the Orang Asli, and their rights to their ancestral lands.  As such, the Government must ensure that the proposed reform is thoroughly discussed and seriously considered beforehand, taking into account the views of the Orang Asli who will be affected.

The Malaysian Bar calls on the Government to immediately make public the proposed amendments and to allow for a comprehensive and frank discussion with all the relevant stakeholders before the proposals are tabled in Parliament.  We also urge the authorities to uphold the rights of all persons, including the Orang Asli, to meet to discuss matters of interest and concern.

We further call on the Government to fulfil its obligation to accord full respect to the rights of the Orang Asli, and not to act in any manner inconsistent with those rights.

Ragunath Kesavan
Malaysian Bar