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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Racist UMNO Perkasa attacks Hindraf for saying that it is also the responsibility of DYMM Sultan Johor and DYMM Agong to safeguard legitimate interest of poor Indians. ( 2nd Limb Article 153 (1) )

najib perkasa
UMNO implements to the brim and in fact abuse Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution on the special position of the Malays by implementing racist and supremacist policies.

But the second Limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution which UMNO conveniently chooses to forget ignore and sidestep especially so with regards to the Indian poor is “It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the legitimate interests of the other communities (especially the poor Indians) in accordance with the provision of this Article”

But when Hindraf points out this very seldom spoken about provision, that is the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution vis a vis the Indian poor, the racist UMNO gets their Utusan Malaysia (UM 9/10/10 at page 4) to in turn get their ultra racist and supremacist Perkasa to call Hindraf biadap and publish news with the intent of the malay muslim hating the Indian poor and Hindraf.

This way UMNO is trying to further suppress and silence the poor Indians into oblivion. But Hindraf and HRP says no more though especially so after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.
UMNO must get to the point and implement the legitimate interests of especially the poor Indians as is guaranteed in the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constituion. And there is no compromise on this with UMNO.

UMNO must abide by the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution and take the Indian poor out of their 53 years of UMNO socially engineered misery and poverty arising out of having been excluded from the national mainstream development of Malay-sia also by UMNO.
We no longer will allow UMNO to continue with their malay muslim supremacy to keeping the poor Indians poor make them poorer or to create the future Indian poor.

Rights not Mercy
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MCA Youth: Punish those who want Chinese schools abolished

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — MCA Youth demanded today that those pushing to abolish Chinese vernacular schools be punished under the Sedition Act, pointing out that the institutions were not the cause of racism.

The wing’s chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong charged today that such detractors should be accorded stern punishment for their suggestions clearly infringed provisions in the Federal Constitution.

“The status of the Chinese primary schools is enshrined under the Federal Constitution. As such, any call for the closure of Chinese primary schools is equivalent to challenging the constitution.

“MCA Youth will not compromise on this,” he said in his opening address at the wing’s annual general meeting in Wisma MCA here this morning.

The Deputy Education Minister added the party’s Education Bureau had already lodged a police report on the matter and hoped that the police would take swift action in the matter.

Wee was referring to a recent call by the Malays Consultative Council (MPM), a group made up of Malay rights non-governmental organisations including Perkasa, to abolish vernacular schools.

Despite the firestorm of insults thrown their way, the group insisted on its stand recently, claiming that their suggestion was to promote national integration.

It also pointed out that the concept of vernacular schools did not exist in other more developed nations.

Today however, Wee insisted that the government referred to the case of Sabah MP Mark Koding as a precedent to punish the group.

“In 1978, Sabah MP Mark Koding called for the closure of Chinese primary schools in Parliament. He was found guilty of sedition later.

“Thus, I urge the BN central leadership to accord similar punishment on those who utter such irresponsible statements.

“ We want to see those who destroy the peace of our nation on purpose to be punished adequately,” he said.

Wee pointed out that the government had never stopped parents from sending their children to national primary schools and had also supported the introduction of Chinese language classes in these schools.

“Besides, our country is a democratic one and it is up to the parents to decide which school to send their children to.

“The Chinese primary school is never a stumbling block for achieving national unity, and will not be one in the future,” he insisted.

Wee called on those who had the “foot-in-mouth disease” to stop blaming Chinese schools for racial problems.

“Chinese schools are not for your easy punching bag or scapegoat. I want to remind these people that the curriculum for the Chinese and national primary schools come from the same organisation, with the same guiding principles of education.

“The talents from Chinese primary schools are equally patriotic and peace-loving; and they understand the importance of being caring and helpful Malaysians,” he said.

Wee’s counterpart in Gerakan, Lim Si Pin agreed with the former, and said that Chinese schools should not be used as a “sore thumb” in matters regarding race relations.

“Whenever racial sentiments are raised, Chinese schools are blamed for promoting racism.

“We have already embraced their existence since Merdeka so why keep harping on this now?” he said.

He added that Malaysians should be proud of the existence of Chinese schools, instead of ashamed of it simply because such a thing did not exist in other countries.

“Is it not better when Malaysia has this unique situation where all the people in this country agree to having multiple languages of instruction in schools?

“This is unique... do not keep harping on it. We need to move forward. If you want to help the Prime Minister and 1 Malaysia, you should take what you have and move forward from there,” he said.

Karpal to Perak DAP: Stop the war

By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: The on-going ugly  public spat among top leaders in Perak DAP have got into the nerves of party national chairman Karpal Singh.

He wants all parties involved to immediately stop the public row for the sake of party unity.

He reminded leaders and members that the open politicking in Perak DAP would be damaging to the party's image and credibility.

“I call on all parties to cease fire, lay down their arms and stop the war.

“They should immediately stop cleaning dirty linen in the public.

“Public confidence would surely be eroded by this crisis,” the two-term Bukit Gelugor MP told a press conference in Air Itam here today.

He wants the party to convene an emergency central executive committee (CEC) meeting soon to address and resolve all issues pertaining to the crisis.

Karpal will talk to party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, also the Penang Chief Minister, on this.

"The CEC should address all allegations and counter-allegations raised in a fair and transparent manner," he said.

The crisis boiled over when an angry Perak DAP deputy chairman M Kulasegaran threatened to quit his position following an open fallout with the party local powerbrokers Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

The feud between them was going on for a while now until Kulasegaran decided “enough is enough” and wanted to hold a press conference last week to spill the beans on the rift.

However, Kulasegaran, Ipoh Barat MP, halted his plan at the eleventh hour following intervention of Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang.

Royal tribune

Meanwhile, Karpal plans to table a motion of urgent public importance in next week’s parliamentary sitting against Chief Justice Zaki Azmi for misconduct and ignoring a formal complaint against him.

He said if possible, he would demand the federal government set up a royal tribunal to probe into his graft complaints against Zaki.

Karpal, a lawyer by profession, submitted his letter of complaint, lodged under the Judges’ Code of Ethics 2009, dated Aug 20, to Zaki’s office.

In his complaint, the first ever lodged under the Act, Karpal has sought the judiciary to decide on the merits of his graft allegations against Zaki.

He also demanded Zaki to exclude himself from making the decision since he was the alleged party.
Two weeks ago, Karpal gave a week to Zaki office to response to his complaint. But the chief justice office has been silent on the matter.

“I will demand the government form a tribune to investigate the chief justice on this important issue.
“Indeed, Zaki should have voluntarily resigned by now for claiming that he had bribed court staff to get things done during his time as a lawyer,” said Karpal.

On the legal front, Karpal said he would cite PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s former aide Rahimi Osman for contempt for attempting to jeopardise the on-going Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial.

He said he would file for contempt proceedings to be instituted against Rahimi when the hearing resumes on Oct 14.

The lawyer said Rahimi had the breached the law by lodging a police report that could induce undue influence on the judge presiding over the on-going Anwar’s trial.

In his report lodged on Wednesday, Rahimi has claimed he was forced to make two statutory declarations in June 2008 to implicate Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor in a conspiracy against Anwar.

By Rahmah Ghazali

UPDATED SEPANG: Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today confirmed that he will accept Umno's offer to him to be Barisan Nasional's election director for the Galas by-election, due to be held on Nov 4.

However, he said the decision whether to be a candidate himself will only be made after a meeting with party president and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak next Monday.

Razaleigh, who returned to Malaysia after a long trip to the United Kingdom this morning, also had a short meeting with Kelantan Umno liaison chief Mustapa Mohamed and Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Later at a press conference, Razaleigh said he felt "responsible" to spearhead the election campaign because "I am an Umno member" who has been on the ground since he first joined politics.

"I am also the Gua Musang division head, a Gua Musang MP and I used to be a state assemblyman in Galas, which was previously known as Hulu Kelantan," he said.

The 73-year-old politician also dismissed claims that he was put in a difficult position by Umno when he was offered the role of an election director as well as a candidate amid his well-publicised stand on the oil royalty issue in Kelantan, which echoes the views of PAS ruling the state.

"That (oil royalty) issue does not arise because it is a national issue and cannot be questioned because the matter is in court. It would be sub judice for us to talk about it (during the campaign)," he said.

When asked if he felt “bad” taking up the position, Razaleigh said: "Why should I feel bad? I am an Umno member and I will fight for the people in Galas."

Razaleigh, who was flanked by Mustapa and Ahmad, also discounted allegations that both he and Mustapa are not on the same page since the latter was picked by the party to become the state liaison chief.

'No problem'

Asked whether he could cooperate with Mustapa in the by-election, Razaleigh smiled: "I have no problem working with Tok Pa (as Mustapa is fondly known)... I have no problem working with anybody since the time of the first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman...”

Razaleigh, or popularly known as Ku Li, is Umno's favourite candidate after his own Gua Musang division declared its support for him to contest for the seat that fell vacant following the death of incumbent, PAS' Che Hashim Sulaiman.

Other Umno leaders agreed that Razaleigh, who has been Gua Musang MP since 1969, is the right candidate to boost Barisan Nasional's (BN) chances of wresting the seat back from PAS which captured it by a thin 646-vote majority in 2008.

Just after the seat became vacant about two weeks ago, deputy Umno president and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who traditionally heads the BN election machinery in by-elections, agreed that Razaleigh was the perfect choice to lead the BN charge in Galas.

Muhyiddin also did not think that PAS would stand to gain, given Razaleigh's stand on the oil royalty issue. (Razaleigh had stated that Petronas should give oil royalty to Kelantan, a move rejected by the federal government.)

Razaleigh, whose flight landed at the KLIA early today, was greeted by about 50 of his supporters who shouted "Hidup Ku Li" as he walked into the waiting room. Various leaders from the BN, including Gerakan Wanita chief, Tan Lian Hoe, were also present.

Syed Azidi, who used to be a pro-Kelantan PAS blogger with pseudonym “Kickdafella” before a fallout with the state government, was also spotted in the BN crowd.

Fear rises as Bakun Dam gets ready for flooding

By Joseph Tawie - Free Malaysia Today

MIRI: The water behind the Bakun Dam will be impounded tomorrow, but has the government put in place an emergency rescue plan (ERP)? An environmental conservation group does not think so.

The Sarawak Conservation Alliance for Natural Environment is worried that the riverine communities living upstream and downstream of the dam will be in grave danger once the dam is impounded (closing the diversion tunnel gates to allow water levels to rise).

“The government must make public the ERP for Bakun Dam before impounding the water. If there is no such plan, then the government must not proceed with its flooding trial run until an ERP has been in place and the people have been adequately informed of the procedures laid down by the plan,” said the group national coordinator, Raymond Abin.

He was commenting on the decision of the authorities to impound the dam starting tomorrow.

“The downstream communities include the people of the numerous longhouses along the Rajang River who live directly below the dam, and the residents of Belaga as well as other major towns such as Kapit, Song, Kanowit and Sibu.

“Within the impounding area, there are more than 100 native families living upstream, that is, the Bakun Dam’s reservoir and catchment area.

“To this day, the government and the authorities concerned have yet to announce any plan that would take into account the environmental and catastrophic consequences of Bakun Dam on the downstream communities,” Abin said.

Outdated ERP

Abin added that so far, the authorities have not prepared any plan to address the problems that may arise downstream as a result of impounding the Balui River.

“We are aware of the existence of an ERP which has been drawn up to prepare the people for any eventuality in case the dam ran into trouble,” he said.

“However, this ERP is outdated as it has been designed more than 10 years ago. Therefore, it is premature of the government and the dam developers to impound the water for the dam if a new ERP has not been formulated.

“When a river is impounded, it will create a large man-made lake. This will cause an environmental disorder that may lead to an unstable ecosystem. This in turn may have a disastrous and far-reaching impact on human beings, wildlife and the natural environment,” he said.

Abin said experience had shown that when large dams were built in other parts of the world, many communities living downstream have had to face grave dangers and suffer economic losses.

Residents in the Belaga district as well as those downstream are worried that the dam may suffer a structural failure and thus pose a threat to their lives.

The Bakun Dam, Malaysia's largest hydroelectric dam, is located on the Balui River in the upper Rejang River basin, some 37km upstream from Belaga town. Sarawak Hidro Sdn Bhd – a wholly- owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance Incorporated – is the owner and developer of the dam.

It may take up to eight months to fill the dam, which will submerge an area as big as Singapore.

About 150 ecological experts will be present to oversee the flooding of the dam.

Sabah MP killed in road crash, triggering 13th by-election

(The Star) - Batu Sapi MP Edmund Chong Ket Wah of Parti Bersatu Sabah (BN) died in a road accident in Kota Kinabalu, triggering the country's 13th by-election.

He is believed to have been riding a Kawasaki 750 bike along the Sembulan-Tanjung Aru road when he was involved in a crash with an on-coming Mercedez car at about 11.40am Saturday. He was 54.

His body has been taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

Chong was born on April 9, 1956 in Sandakan. He is married to Linda Tsen Thau Lin and has four children.

A consultant engineer, Chong was the party treasurer-general and its Elopura division chairman.

He first became MP after winning the Batu Sapi seat in the 2004 general election.

In the 2008 general election Chong had won the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat by beating independent candidate Chung Kwong Wing by a majority of 3,708 votes. Chong had garnered 9,479 votes.

Chong's death has triggered the 13th by-election for the country since the March 2008 general election.

Bernama quoted Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman describing Chong’s death as a great loss for the people and state of Sabah.

“He was a dedicated and committed leader in discharging his responsibilities as the Member of Parliament for Batu Sapi,” he told reporters when approached at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Saturday.

Musa, who is the State Barisan Nasional chairman, said he and his family extended condolences to Chong’s family and PBS.

PBS president Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who was also at the hospital, said: “It’s very sad for the state and the country, especially PBS. He was my close friend.”

Friends Of Pakatan Rakyat - 2 Oct 2010: Anwar Ibrahim

Tengku Razaleigh To Meet Najib On Monday Over Galas By-Election

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 9 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Gua Musang Member of Parliament Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah are scheduled to meet on Monday on the upcoming Galas state by-election in Kelantan, BN Secretary-General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said on Saturday.

He said the meeting would discuss the BN candidate as well as the strategy to be used by the BN to recapture the seat, which fell vacant following the death of the PAS assemblyman, Che Hashim Sulaima (rpt) Sulaima, 46, on Sept 27.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at Parliament House. The Dewan Rakyat begins its budget session on Monday.

Tengku Razaleigh, upon his return today from an overseas trip, said he agreed to his appointment as the BN election director for the by-election but added that a proposal to field him as the candidate could only be decided after a meeting with Najib.

"I thank Tengku Razaleigh (for accepting the appointment of election director) and we will arrange a meeting between Tengku Razaleigh and the party president (Najib) for them to discuss (the by-election)," he told reporters after launching the "Juara Rakyat" programme and a reception in conjunction with the National Language month at the Putrajaya level, here.

On another matter, Tengku Adnan said his remarks about Umno Youth and Puteri Umno were more of an advice by a father to his children.

He said it would be unfair to interpret the remarks as a sweeping statement because the Umno management knew what was happening in every wing and division.

"I am the secretary. I am the secretary for the Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings. Mine was a fatherly advice," he said.

Tengku Adnan had reportedly chided the Youth and Puteri wings for being interested only in positions, causing Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Puteri Umno chief Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin to express disappointment over the remarks.

Tengku Adnan said that at the management meetings, he had cautioned wings or divisions.

"I always caution them if they are out of track. I don't mean any malice to anybody," he said.

Mahkamah benar MAIWP urus abu mayat mualaf

Berita Harian 
Oleh Norhashimah Mohd Radzali

Lelaki meninggal disahkan peluk Islam sejak usia 22 tahun

KUALA LUMPUR: Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah di sini, semalam membenarkan permohonan Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP) untuk mendapatkan abu mayat seorang mualaf yang mayatnya dibakar di sebuah gereja, kelmarin, bagi dikebumikan secara Islam dan mengikut hukum syarak.

Hakim Syarie Mohd Amran Mat Zin membenarkan permohonan secara exparte (sebelah pihak) dikemukakan MAIWP selepas meneliti semua dokumen yang dikemukakan dan bidang kuasa mahkamah untuk mendengar permohonan berkenaan.
Mohd Amran berkata, Brian Eustale Steele, 56, berbangsa Serani, adalah seorang mualaf dan memeluk Islam ketika berusia 22 tahun di hadapan Ahmad Shahir Daud menggunakan nama Islamnya, Steele Shah Abdullah, pada 20 Ogos 1975. Ia turut direkodkan MAIWP.

Beliau berkata, mahkamah juga mengambil kira tiada sebarang permohonan daripada Steele Shah sepanjang hayatnya untuk keluar daripada Islam dan tiada pihak lain yang memohon peisytiharan beliau sudah meninggalkan Islam.
“Mahkamah dengan ini meluluskan permohonan MAIWP dan mengesahkan Steele Shah adalah seorang Islam serta perlulah dikebumikan mengikut kehendak Islam dan hukum syarak.

“Oleh itu, mahkamah memerintahkan pihak yang menjaga abu mayat itu, iaitu Bahagian Kawalan Pembersihan Bandar, Jabatan Seni Taman dan Kawalan Pembersihan Bandar, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) menyerahkannya kepada MAIWP untuk diuruskan,” katanya.
Mohd Amran juga memerintahkan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) untuk memberikan kerjasama dalam menjalankan perintah itu dan sebarang kegagalan melakukannya adalah satu penghinaan kepada mahkamah.

Terdahulu, peguam Zulkifli Che Yong, yang mewakili MAIWP berhujah Steele Shah adalah mualaf dan seorang Islam, meninggal dunia di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) pada 6 Oktober lalu.

Zulkifli berkata, jenazah Steele Shah dibakar oleh keluarganya selepas menjalani beberapa upacara keagamaan di sebuah gereja di Petaling Jaya, kelmarin.

“MAIWP memohon untuk menguruskan abu mayat si mati dengan segera mengikut Islam dan hukum syarak, sebelum keluarganya menuntut hak menguruskannya mengikut upacara dan formaliti Kristian.

“Pagi tadi (semalam), abang si mati, Vernon Richard Steele, 58, datang dan meminta sedikit abu mayat untuk membuat upacara mengikut agama mereka. Bagi mengelakkan pergaduhan, polis tidak memberikan abu mayat kepada kedua-dua pihak,” katanya.

MAIWP, selaku pemohon, menamakan DBKL sebagai responden dalam permohonan itu.

Disaster as debris clogs Rajang River

No, this is not the Yangtze River or the clogged Three Gorges Dam. It’s our very own Rajang River near Sibu in Sarawak.

Well done, Taib Mahmud. Well done, corporate boys.

Act of God? I don’t think so. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the cause of this disaster: land clearing, logging and heavy rain especially in the Balleh and Balui river basins. The result: massive flooding, erosion of river banks and landslides that churned out driftwood and logs. Who issued the logging licences and allowed the land to be cleared? Who do you think?

Sawarak environment minister Wong Soon Koh was careful to say that the Bakun Dam was not a cause factor. But the heavy rains have delayed the impoundment of the dam. The water catchment areas of the dam have also been logged or degraded and this could result in siltation at the dam.

And it was only yesterday that a Sarawak environmental network of civil society groups, Scane, had demanded that the impoundment of Bakun Dam be stopped until the government made public its emergency rescue plan.

What has happened at Rajang River is the legacy of the Taib Mahmud administration and the result of corporate greed.

French court approves veil ban

France's highest court has approved a law banning full-facial veils in public - with the exception of mosques - eliminating the last hurdle for the ban.

Those behind the law argue that it will protect women's rights. Its critics, however, say that it stigmatises Muslim women and it is a breach of religious freedom.

The court found the law to be constitutional, bar in the case of places of worship.

"The ban on covering the face in public places cannot constrain the practice of religious freedom in places of worship that are open to the public," the court said in its judgment, a nominal nod to religious freedoms.

The decision in favour of the law by the constitutional council came as a surprise to many. The court had warned that the ban – which includes the niqab and the burqa, but not the hijab – might be unconstitutional.

The path is now clear for the law to be implemented in early 2011, after a six month period of "mediation" and "education".

"It's regrettable that this problem has gone on for a year," M'hammed Henniche, general secretary of the Union of Muslim Associations, told Al Jazeera.

"There are other more important priorities for France."

What the law means

The ban prohibits anyone from covering their face in public, from government buildings to streets, markets and private business and entertainment venues.

The opposition Socialist party had supported a ban in government buildings only, but had chosen not to challenge the legislation proposed by the ruling UMP party.

In six months time, women wearing a facial veil will face arrest and a fine of $195 or "citizenship lessons".

A man who forces a woman to wear a burqa or niqab will be fined $42,000 and serve up to a year in prison.

Secular values or racism?

While the law makes no mention of Islam, many see it as a part of a wider attack on their religious identity.

The government of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has framed the ban as protecting women's rights.

Its opponents say that far from protecting women, the law breaches French and European human rights standards.

As in the case of its deportations of Roma, France is testing the limits of European Commission standards. France is the first European nation to ban the veil, but many have similar legislation pending.

The court's decision came on the same day as news of an alleged official file listing "Non-Settled Ethnic Minorities" broke, fuelling further criticisms that French authorities have discriminated against the Roma.

"Yes symbols are important.. But I don't see this positively. The same day we discover ethnic files held by the police. These really aren't good news," Jean Leonguy, a French reader, wrote in response to an article on Le Monde, a daily French newspaper.

Other Le Monde readers, such as Jean-Yves Chailleux, were more favourable to the ban:

"Being very attached to secular values, I can only celebrate this decision."

'Paternalistic evolution'

With Thursday's stamp of approval from the constitutional council, only the European Court of Human Rights could strike down the law.

Yet many legal experts have expressed scepticism over the legislation's legality.

"In the current state of positive law, the general prohibition of the wearing of the burqa would be extremely fragile," Denys de Bechillon, a jurist specialising in constitutional law, told the daily newspaper Liberation earlier this year.

He said it would raise more problems that it would solve, and "would signal a terrible paternalistic evolution".

Following its approval by the French Senate, or upper house of parliament, members of Sarkozy's own party had themselves immediately sent the law to the constitutional court in September, in a bid to pre-empt any potential legal challenges.

Henniche told Al Jazeera that several organisations are considering to challenge the law before the European Court of Human Rights.

The European court has dismissed previous challenges to bans on the veil in public schools.

Awkward questions

The most humoristic challenge to the law so far has come from a video made by two young French women, published last week on the leftwing website Rue89.

Going by the pseudonym "NiqaBitch", the pair filmed themselves visiting various government departments wearing an unusual combination of burqas and minishorts, revealing their legs while covering their heads.

The anonymous web activists wrote in an editorial that accompanied the video that they wanted to challenge the authorities by "turning away the classic representation that we have of the niqab".

"Putting on a simple burqa would have been too easy. So we asked the question: how would the authorities react when faced with women wearing a burqa and minishorts?"

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

Kit Siang wants Parliament to debate 'racist' HMs

(Malaysiakini) Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang has filed a notice for an emergency debate when Parliament resumes on Monday to debate the government's inaction against two principals who allegedly uttered racial slurs against minority students.

In a statement today, Lim said that the debate was necessitated by nearly two months of inaction against the two school principals.

NONELim (left) said that this makes a mockery of the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's recent speech in Brussels condemning extremists, his famous 'zero tolerance against racism' speech and the 1Malaysia policy.

“At a time when the prime minister is trying to implement the 1Malaysia policy, his entire administration appear to be not serious about this policy.

“They are more inclined towards promoting the National Civics Bureau's 'racist culture' which has poisoned our youths and educators with racist messages...,” read the notice.

Lim was referring to the cases of two school principals in Bukit Selambau, Kedah and Kulai, Johor respectively which caused a furore after they allegedly made racial slurs against students of minority communities.

In Bukit Selambau, the principal was alleged to have reprimanded several non-Muslim students for eating within the school premises during the Ramadan period while Muslim students were fasting.

This principal was also alleged to have told the students to “go back to China”.

Several days before this incident, another principal in Kulai was said to have made racial slurs during a school national day programme, stating that ethnic Chinese students should “go back to China” and that Hindu prayer bracelets were akin to dog leashes.

Following a public outcry, the principal in Bukit Selambau was temporarily suspended while the Education Ministry is probing the principal in Kulai.

Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's claim that he was unable to make an executive decision on action to be taken on both individuals has also been slammed.

Cerita Rahimi menurut versi peguam

UMNO Biro Tata Negara course launches daily racist attacks on Hindraf, P. Waytha Moorthy and P. Uthayakumar.

And they even put up pictures of P. Waytha Moorthy’s eight year old daughter and call them all names.

“Musuh utama negara”. This has been repeatedly conveyed to us by the few civil servants who had attended this BTN course.

We won’t bother lodging a police as the UMNO IGP and AG will take zero action especially when this BTN racist course is directly under UMNO’s instructions.

But then UMNO P. M Najib Razak calls this One Malay-sia.

(see The Star 5/10/10 at page N 10)

S. Jayathas


IIUM Survey: Malaysian Indian support for HRP up 14% further to HRPs’ Project 15/38.This will end PKR, DAP and PAS a la MIC Indian mandore system. Raw deal in BN but no deal in P.R for Indians.

The first salvo by P. Uthayakumar immediately after his release on 9/5/09 from 514 days of ISA detention without trial vis a vis the liberation of the poor and politically powerless Malaysian Indians is the announcement of the formation of the Human Rights Party (HRP) on 19/7/09 and HRP’s Project 15/38 targeting 15 Parliamentary and 38 Indian majority state seats in predominantly Indian areas as per his book titled “Malaysian Indian Political Empowerment Strategy, The Way Forward .

Since then P. Uthayakumar’ and the HRP top leadership has been going on a non stop, consistent and persistent series of nationwide roadshows right from Padang Serai, Kedah up to Tebrau, Johor campaigning selling this book distributing leaflets and campaigns via the website and cyberspace.

This our Project 15/38 is the last bastion self help measure and the last resort as both UMNO/BN and also PKR, DAP and PAS/P.R have failed the 2.5 Million Malaysian Indian community. It is plain and obvious that both parties of the political spectrum only want the Indian votes and never even their very pressing problems.

Since 9/5/09, on average we have one programme per week nationwide with the last being last Sunday’s (3/10/10) public forum at Nantha Restaurant in Sungai Petani and followed by visits to the Lembah Bujang Hindu Civilization in Kedah, the Krishna temple annual festival, an informal meeting with the Kedah HRP Committee and a forum at the Mariaman hindu temple in Padang Serai.

In the first phase of our Project 15/38 we are concentrating on seven Parliamentary and seven state seats namely Padang Serai/ Lunas in Kedah, Batu Kawan/ Perai in Penang, Ipoh Barat/ Buntong in Perak, Kota Raja/ Sri Andalas in Selangor, Teluk Kemang/ Port Dickson in N. Sembilan/ Cameron Highlands/ Tanah Rata in Pahang and Tebrau/ Puteri Wangsa in Johor.

The evidence of our first major breakthrough is with the creation of the very first Indian majority seat ie DUN Buntong in Perak which rose from 46.2% as at the 8th march 2008 General Elections to 54% last month (Free Malaysia Today 15/7/2010)

And today we have come to know of the second breakthrough that is the 14% shift of Indian support for HRP.

According to a study by the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

“the support from the Indian community had dropped (by 4%) from 63 per cent to 59 per cent (for BN) because 14 per cent of them chose not to support any party (BN or P.R).

This in effect means a 4% shift from BN and a 10% shift from P.R by the Malaysian Indian voters to HRP. Our assessment is that this 14% shift is as a direct result of our aforesaid roadshows and campaigns.

Despite the Hindraf factor in the outcome of the 2008 general elections and despite Hindraf’s political wing HRP having been in existence for almost one and half years now, PKR, DAP and PAS have refused to even engage in a dialogue with us. Thus the extent of their gratitude. Never mind.

As at the March 2008 general elections even the cruel UMNO/BN regime despite the Indians not having even a single one of the 222 Parliament any and 576 State Assembly seats as Indian majority seats, had granted to the MIC nine (9) Parliament and (20) State Assembly seats to contest. And in return and in exchange UMNO/B.N excepted the Indian voters in the rest of the other 213 Parliamentary and 556 state Assembly constituencies to support the other UMNO/B.N candidates.

But in PKR, DAP and PAS/ P. R it is a non starter because they are not prepared to share even one single Parliament any or any state Assembly seat with HRP. But like in the 2008 general elections all what they want is the 715,099 Indian votes for free of charge.

Thus our conclusion, that if the Indians in UMNO/B.N get a raw deal, in P. R they get no deal.

The explanation by PKR, DAP and PAS top leaders that their parties are all multi-racial parties holds no water especially as per our monitoring and reporting on a day to day basis in our website postings in which proves otherwise.

At best PKR, DAP and PAS top leadership like what UMNO has been and is doing in the last 53 years have created a buffer level Indian mandores who are powerless but are assigned to do a wayang kulit and “deal” with the Indians problems in what they call are “multi-racial” parties. Why aren’t the top leadership of PKR, DAP and PAS in furtherance of their multi-racial parties claim attend to the pressing Indian problems. Why not?

It would have made that difference especially by the P.R ruled Menteri Besars and Chief Minister of Selangor, Kedah and Penang who are 100% empowered to grant land to all hindu temples, cemeteries, Tamil schools and Indian villages and settlements. This alone would solve half of the Indian problems in these three P. R ruled states.

In fact these PKR, DAP and PAS MP’s, DCM II, Exco, ADUN, Councillors and JKKK Indian mandores are performing the very same Indian mandore job functions the MIC has been performing for UMNO/B.N in over the last 53 years.

So where is the change PKR, DAP and PAS promised in the March 8th 2008 General Elections.

As there is no change. HRP is the change.

This 14% shift of Indian voters to HRP only means that the Indians have accepted HRP as the third force and the alternative, which alternative they never had until the emergence of HRP.

S. Jayathas


Nurul Izzah says will not bow to Umno’s ‘politics of fear’

Nurul Izzah: At this present time the politics of fear, which includes threats of a civil war and chaos by Perkasa and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, is being used to defend Umno’s political interests and not the political rights of the Malays. - Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar claimed today that a new political culture was needed to replace the “politics of fear” being used by Umno to maintain power in the country.

Nurul Izzah said that a “political contract” which was based on the Federal Constitution and took into consideration the rights of all races in Malaysia was urgently needed in order to achieve true stability and progress.

“At this present time the politics of fear, which includes threats of a civil war and chaos by Perkasa and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, is being used to defend Umno’s political interests and not the political rights of the Malays.

“The biggest lie in the fight for Malay rights is the assertion Umno is inseparable from the Malays and Malays are inseparable from Umno. What this country needs instead is the politics of hope and liberation to ensure fairness for all,” said Nurul Izzah in a statement today.

The first-term PKR lawmaker’s remarks today come as a response to an editorial by Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia on October 4 titled “Political power is the future of Malays.”

The article warned that Malays would suffer the same fate of Palestinians if they did not unite to strengthen their political power in the country.

According to the article, Malays would lose out their rights in the country to other races if they did not step up to defend what was “rightfully” theirs.

Today Nurul Izzah claimed that the contents of the article was a farce, and that the real concern of Umno was not about Malay rights, but more of political relevance.

“The true future for not only Malays but also the whole of Malaysia lies in a cohesive political contract. This contract is an agreement which involves acll citizens to achieve a common goal based on rules of the Federal Constitution.

“Poltical power without a political contract is akin to a game of football without rules or police enforcement without referring to proper laws,” she said.

Nurul Izzah said that efforts towards establishing a political contract should begin with a restoration of the constitution to its “original” form- with the abolishment of anti-democratic laws like the Internal Security Act (ISA) , the Printing Press and Publications Act (PPPA) as well as the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA).

The PKR MP has consistently spoken out against former prime minister and Perkasa patron Dr Mahathir for perpetuating the politics of racial fear to keep the ruling Malay elite in power, which she said was detrimental to the nation’s stability and progress.

Steep drop in rankings a wake-up call for KL

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — Malaysia’ capital city has dropped eight spots to 48 in a ranking of the world’s most global cities by international management consulting firm AT Kearney, suggesting the Najib administration has to try harder to make Kuala Lumpur a world class city.

New York, London, Tokyo and Paris topped the list of the 2010 Global Cities index which assessed 65 major cities based on the strength of their business, human capital, political, cultural and information assets.

The other Asia Pacific cities that made the top ten were Hong Kong - 5, Singapore - 8, Sydney – 9 The other Asia Pacific and Seoul - 10.

Spurred by the increasing competition between cities which is contributing to a brain drain, government think tank Pemandu, is driving an initiative to make the Greater KL region a world class city.

Its stated goal is to propel KL to the top 20 in the world in both liveability and economic growth by 2020.

The AT Kearney global cities ranking shows however, the amount of catching up that Kuala Lumpur has to do and that other cities have the same idea and are not standing still.

In terms of liveability, KL ranks just 79th out of 130 cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2010 ranking of easiest places to live and was stagnant at 75th in the Mercer study of best places to live from 2006-2009.

The city also failed to make the list of the top 100 most innovative cities with strong cultural and human infrastructure and global links as assessed by Australian innovation consultancy firm 2thinknow.

Among initiatives planned for KL under the Economic Transformation Programme include a new MRT system to enhance public transportation, rehabilitation of the city’s polluted rivers, more green space, a high speed rail link to Singapore, improved pedestrian linkages and a more vibrant and seamless shopping belt. It is hoped that the better conditions will help attract top talent live in the city, whose population is expected to soar to 10 million in 2020 from 6 million currently.

The city’s attractiveness however is hampered by an absence of world class universities, relatively low salaries, lack of major cultural and outdoor attractions, lack of orderliness and poor maintenance, low levels of sophistication, creeping urban sprawl, crime, unhygienic conditions and traffic congestion.

The next few years will be critical for KL's ambitions to be a world class city as the AT Kearney report notes that the gap between the top cities and those who rank at the “tail” end is increasing.

KL’s 48th position puts it behind Bangkok – 36 and Taipei – 39 but slightly ahead of Manila – 51, Jakarta – 53 and Ho Chi Minh city – 61.

AT Kearney noted that global cities are the urban elite and are shaping the future with new deals and ideas.

“Global cities are where you go to do business, yes, but also to see the greatest art, hear the greatest orchestras, learn the latest styles, eat the best food and study in the finest universities,” said the report.

“They have global corporations. But they also have think tanks, jazz bars and broadband. In a word, they have clout.”  - The Malaysian Today

Syariah High Court orders man’s ashes to religious department after Christian rites

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — The Syariah High Court here today allowed the application by the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP) for the ashes of a Muslim convert to be obtained and managed according to Islamic law (hukum syarak).

Syariah judge Mohd Amran Mat Zain made the decision after hearing the application from counsel acting for MAIWP, Zulkifli Che Yong.

MAIWP has named Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) as the respondent in its ex-parte application today.

Brian Eustale Steele @ Steele Shah Abdullah, 56, a production operator, had died on Oct 6. He was cremated and his ashes are now kept at the Urban Cleanliness Control Unit of DBKL’s Landscaping and Urban Cleanliness Control Department.

The deceased, a Eurasian, was confirmed to have septicaemic shock or blood poisoning and died at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. His remains were then cremated at the Jalan Kuari crematorium, here, according to Christian rites.

Mohd Amran in his brief judgment, said the court allowed the application after studying it and the affidavit submitted by MAIWP under Section 91 of the Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Act 1993.

“Through this document, MAIWP managed to prove that the deceased, Brian Eustale Steele @ Steele Shah Abdullah, was a Muslim before and at the time of his death.

“The remains of the deceased should therefore be managed or buried according to Islamic law and Islamic rites. Besides that, the party responsible for keeping his ashes are to surrender it to MAIWP, while the police are hereby ordered to watch over the process.”

Mohd Amran said failure to carry out the court order would tantamount to contempt of court.

In the affidavit, it is also stated that MAIWP had been informed through the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) by the deceased’s cousin, Mohamad Noor Biggs Abdullah, 55, that the funeral and cremation arrangements were made by the former’s brother according to non-Islamic rites.

Mohd Amran said according to the facts of the case submitted to the court, the deceased had converted to Islam on Aug 20, 1975 and had pronounced the ‘syahadah’ at MAIWP office.

Upon his death, the deceased was cremated on Oct 7.

The judge said the court also took into consideration that during his lifetime, the deceased had never stated that he had left the Islamic faith and there was also no order from any court to say that he was no longer a Muslim.

Later, met outside the courtroom, Zulkifli said the deceased’s ashes would be dealt with tomorrow. — Bernama

Last call for Teng to quit

By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Gerakan grassroots movement (VGG) has made one final call to Dr Teng Hock Nan: “Quit your state chairmanship with your dignity intact to avoid the extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

”The Gerakan will hold its first-ever EGM tomorrow.

In an open letter issued today, a VGG coordinator H’ng Khoon Leng called on Teng to step down gracefully while the floor was still applauding his political achievement and contributions to the party.

By doing so, he said Teng could easily avoid being embarrassed by a vote of no confidence at the EGM and “walk out with his head held high”.

Calling on Teng to reconsider his decision to face the EGM, H’ng said he should not misconstrue such action as a weakness.

“It’s a sign of a big sacrifice for the party that you have grown up with. It’s a sign of you returning the favour to the party.

“Every one of us will remember you for the big sacrifice that you have done for the party and Penang in general,” said H’ng, the state Gerakan Youth vice-chairman.

He explained in the letter that VGG had to call for the EGM and a motion of no confidence after it had failed to reach an agreement with Teng despite trying out various methods.

'Not the right man'
H’ng said Gerakan grassroots members were convinced that Teng was not the right man to reform and make the party relevant again in Penang.

After being the ruling party under Barisan Nasional state government since 1969, Gerakan was routed in all four federal and 13 state seats it contested in the 2008 general election.

H'ng said since being elected as state chairman in October 2008, Teng lacked strategy and vision to strengthen the party and combat political opponents, especially the DAP in Penang
He described Teng’s strategy of waiting to pounce on the state government’s mistakes rather than exploiting Gerakan’s own strength to make a political comeback as a “fatal error”.

He said that Teng’s 3-3-3-1 formula -- signifying the number of extra seats BN must win in the next general election to recapture Penang -- was unworkable. Pakatan Rakyat could easily counter it by telling voters that “a vote for Gerakan is a vote for Umno.”

“The party badly needs an innovative and pro-active strategy to recapture the voters’ imagination,’ he said.

H’ng took Teng to task for failing to motivate and take the Youth movement to greater heights.

“The young members were passionate to serve, but in the end they were made to suffer due to negative public feedback.

“Worse still, they drew flaks from Teng’s supporters,” H’ng said.

Political career at an end?

The Gerakan EGM was called following a petition signed by 67 party grassroots members, more than the 50 required under the party rules.

Teng, also the party vice-president, joined Gerakan in 1973.

Formerly Kebun Bunga and Pulau Tikus assemblyman, he was the party's first choice to succeed out-going Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon during the 2008 general election.

Teng served as Penang Island Municipal Council president and later as a state executive councillor under Koh’s state administration.

During his political heydays, Teng was held in high regard.

But come tomorrow, Penang Gerakan’s 393 eligible delegates, representing 63,000 members from 197 branches, are expected to attend the EGM that would end Teng’s political career.

The EGM will start at 10.30am at the state party headquarters conference hall.

At a press conference yesterday, Teng appeared calm and composed.

He reiterated that he would step down only if the motion of no confidence is passed with a two-thirds majority.

“I will leave my fate to the members... I am not worried about any outcome.

“If I win or lose by a simple majority, I will let the party central committee interpret and decide on the outcome,” he said.

Ibrahim Ali vs PAS MP: From Galas to Carlsberg

By Stephanie Sta Maria - Free Malaysia Today,

PETALING JAYA: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali has now decided that PAS MP Khalid Samad's challenge is worth his two cents after all.

The outspoken politician also decided to rope in Danish brewery Carlsberg into the fray.

Khalid had dared Ibrahim to contest in the upcoming Galas state seat by-election to prove that there was no link between Perkasa and Umno.

He said if Ibrahim did not contest the state seat but threw his support behind the Barisan Nasional candidate, it would indicate Umno's political game at work.

But this morning, the Perkasa boss had dismissed the dare as “not important to entertain” in a single line text message to FMT.

In the evening, Ibrahim had a change of heart and decided to send a longer text message on the matter, and also took a swipe at the PAS leader.

On a sarcastic note, the Pasir Mas MP said he saw Khalid's challenge to him as a sign of respect and acknowledgment of the former's capabilities in holding two positions.
'No time for this'
“I am grateful because he recognises my greatness, capabilities and potential. Although I appreciate this, I must also be honest. I don't have the time to be a state rep because I am already a MP.

“I am not greedy like some opposition politicians who become state rep and MP, draw two salaries, but their service to the people is limited to only holding 'ceramah perdana',” he added.
Furthermore, Ibrahim said Galas was BN potential candidate Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's area.

“I don't want Ku Li (Razaleigh) to feel bad, and perhap this is Khalid's intention. So I feel sorry for Khalid, his challenge is 'low class',” he added.

Ibrahim accused the PAS leader of trying to use him to break the Malay votes and hamper Perkasa's struggle to champion Islam and the Malay race, which “PAS had failed to do”.

Adding an alcoholic twist, the Perkasa boss then asked Khalid how the Carlsberg brewery in Shah Alam was doing which the latter had visited.

“The Carlsberg label is green and it matches the PAS' official colour,” he added.

However, Ibrahim did not respond on whether the right-wing Malay movement would campaign in Galas to secure Malay votes for BN.

Khalid: This proves it

Earlier, Khalid had found the Perkasa boss brief response humorous and likened it to an admission of guilt.

"This just goes to prove the point that Perkasa and Umno are in cahoots,” he said, laughing.

“And Perkasa knows that its cause doesn't have the support of the majority of Malays be it in Galas or elsewhere in the country," he added.

Recently, Umno had clarified that it had no links with Perkasa after the party became concerned that the perceived link could drive away non-Malay support.

While Ibrahim maintained that neither Perkasa nor him were racists and they were merely defending the constitution, critics, however, had accused them of bigotry.

Among those who condemned the movement were Umno hotshots like Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, party secretary general Tunku Adnan Mansor and supreme council member Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

This prompted Ibrahim to declare that Perkasa did not need Umno, but former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned that it could prove disastrous for Umno in terms of Malay support.

Mahathir had previously said that entities like Perkasa had emerged because Umno had failed to protect the Malays from “extremist” Chinese groups.

Three-way split

If Ibrahim joined the Galas fray it would spell trouble for both Umno and PAS.

Aside from splitting the Malay votes three ways, the party-hopping Ibrahim could possibly have a stronger pull thanks to his previous affiliations with Semangat 46, Umno and PAS.

In the 2008 general election, Ibrahim won the Pasir Mas seat on a PAS ticket before declaring himself an independent.

The Galas seat fell vacant following the death of PAS incumbent Che Hashim Sulaima on Sept 27. Nomination would be held on Oct 26, while polling had been set for Nov 4.

BN had elected Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as its election director and was also looking at the prospect of fielding him as a candidate.

While the Kelantan prince had accepted the former role, he was only expected to announce his decision on the latter when he returns from abroad tomorrow.

Others expected to be fielded as the BN candidate were Gua Musang Umno secretary Abdul Aziz Yusof and Gua Musang Umno Youth vice-chief Zamzani Harun.

PAS was still contemplating its choice of candidate despite an earlier indication by Kelantan deputy commissioner Husam Musa that the party might consider fielding an Orang Asli.

Che Hashim, a first-term assemblyman, had defeated BN's Saufi Deraman in the 2008 general election with a slim majority of 646 votes. He had polled 4,399 votes against Saufi's 3,753.

Of the 11,553 voters in Galas, 61.63% are Malays, 20.08% Chinese, 1.6% Indians, 0.9% Sarawak bumiputeras and 16.37% Orang Asli.

Umno Youth lazy? Nonsense, says Khairy

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid - Free Malaysia Today,

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today rubbished party secretary- general's allegation that his wing is not performing as expected.

Tengku Adnan Mansor in an interview published in Berita Harian today claimed the Youth wing's performance is below par and blamed Khairy for it.

Khairy, responding to the accusation, said Tengku Adnan's statement is "nonsense" and that the question of Umno Youth lagging in terms of galvanising support for the party does not arise.

"If you look at the reasons for the concerns (raised by Tengku Adnan), the question (of Umno Youth's non-performance) does not arise," he told reporters.

"It is nonsense," said Khairy, who is also Rembau MP and son-in-law of former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

This is not the first time that Tengku Adnan, affectionately known as Ku Nan, has made similar accusations against Khairy.

At the party's retreat in Janda Baik, Pahang, recently, the news had made the round that Tengku Adnan had openly accused Khairy of sluggishness.

The constant attack against Khairy is believed to be the continuation of the rift between Tengku Adnan and Abdullah who had removed the latter from his Cabinet during his time as prime minister.

'Why me?'

Khairy dispelled claims of a fissure between he and Tengku Adnan.

"Why me? What's it got to do with me?" he asked.

He instead said that the party's youth wing has been doing well to garner support towards Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Asked what he thought of Tengku Adnan's latest salvo, the Oxford-educated politician merely described it as a "fatherly advice".

It is, however, not necessary for the wing to accept Tengku Adnan's views nor take it as truth.

"It's like a fatherly advice to a son but that doesn't mean the son agrees with it".

He also said it was best to keep the matter internally rather than bicker openly.
'This is politics'
Speaking to reporters again later, the Rembau MP said he had responded to Tengku Adnan's allegation and given his "two cents worth" to the Umno secretary-general who was also present at the same function.

"What do you expect? Dia terduduk (he was taken aback)," said Khairy when asked how Tengku Adnan had responded.

The Umno Youth chief said he will not raise the issue in the party's coming supreme council meeting.

"This is politics...You don't expect me to wash dirty linens in public," he added.

Tengku Adnan has also been critical of Umno Puteri whose chief, Rosnah Abdul Rashid Sherlin, is accused of being lax in her performance.

She has denied the accusation, telling reporters that Tengku Adnan should keep his views within the party and not air them in the media.

Gerakan EGM: No vote-buying

By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: No misconduct was committed by any quarters to woo support pertaining to the motion of no confidence to be tabled at this Sunday's extraordinary general meeting against Gerakan's Penang chief Dr Teng Hock Nan.

Party deputy president Chang Ko Youn said his probe found no evidence to prove claims of wrongdoings and vote-buying.

He said it was normal in a democratic process for one party to try to persuade and convince another for support.

He said such campaigns were not wrong so long as it was carried out in a healthy manner with no party rules and political conventions breached.

“So far there is no evidence to prove improper conduct and wrongdoings,” he told a press conference here today.

Also present were Teng, also the party vice-president, speaker of the Gerakan national delegates’ conference Chin Fook Weng, party central working committee member and Kedah party chief Dr Cheah Soon Hai, state party secretary Ong Thean Lye and treasurer Ng Fook On.

Assisted by Cheah, Chang will chair the EGM on 10-10-10 that would decide on Teng, who joined Gerakan in 1973. The EGM would be held at 10.30am at the state party headquarters’ conference hall.

Allegations were raised that a senior leader was involved in vote-buying to support the embattled Teng.

'It was a miscommunication'

At the press conference, Chin admitted he was the senior leader mentioned but denied that he had tried to “buy” support for Teng.

“It was a miscommunication and misunderstanding,” he said.

He claimed that state Gerakan Youth vice-chairman Ng Say Kheng had raised the allegation after having misconstrued a joke by a party office staff named Khoo Teik Lee

He narrated that the alleged incident took place when he instructed Khoo to call Ng to come to the office to help on the EGM arrangement.

Khoo apparently told Ng that the “boss wants to see you.”

When Ng asked why, Khoo has jokingly told him that “maybe he wants to appoint you as the EGM coordinator.”

Chin claimed that Ng had misunderstood that Teng, and not him, was “the boss” and misconstrued Khoo’s joke as vote-buying.

“It all has been cleared now,” Chin clarified.
Chang, also the head of the party legal bureau, explained that Article 46 of the party constitution required the vote of no confidence to be passed with a two-third majority support from delegates.

Constitutionally, Teng need not resign in the event of any other outcome.

According to Chang, Article 73, under which the EGM was called, was only a procedural provision.

He explained that the motion did not come under Article 42.5, which states that “any matter to be voted upon shall be by a simple majority of the members present” unless otherwise provided for by the constitution.

Chang said since the petition by the Gerakan unofficial grassroots movement had expressly stated that a vote of no confidence would be tabled against Teng at the EGM, the motion would come under Article 46.

Chang declined to speculate on whether Teng needed to resign if he wins or loses by a simple majority.

In such a scenario, Teng said he would leave his political fate to the party central committee (CC), the highest decision making body.

Gerakan has 393 eligible delegates representing 63,000 members from 197 branches in Penang. The EGM was called following a petition signed by 67 party grassroots members.

Najib: Malaysia must transform or risk becoming a Failed State

Bernama) - Malaysia must transform or risk becoming a failed state, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Read: The making of a failed state by Raja Petra Kamarudin 

In delivering his inaugural Razak Lecture, Najib said transformation could only happen when three things were in place.

"The active participation and input of all stakeholders, an environment in which key players are ready and able to take on the challenge and the readiness to embrace the culture of always reaching for above and beyond. It is no longer affordable or intelligent for us to be satisfied with the way things are," he said.

Earlier, the prime minister had launched the Razak School of Government (RSOG) at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) here.
Also present was Chief Secretary to the Govern
ment Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who is also the chairman of RSOG's Board of Trustees.
Najib said an institutional and structural change could only happen when leaders not only understand what must be done but have the integrity, humility and determination to bring this great nation to the next horizon. 

He said a world class leadership was not merely there to lead but to inspire others to follow.

"It requires the capability of making the right decision with fully informed reasoning, seamless execution and outcome-driven mentality. To do this, we need to cultivate a knowledge-based public service. Thus, our immediate challenge is how to ensure that talented and knowledgeable Malaysians out there will contribute towards the nation becoming a better country to live in. 
"The establishment of institutions like RSOG, I believe is to pre-empt, react and to respond to these questions. The School was founded on two main thrusts -- leadership and knowledge," he said. 

The prime minister said transformational leadership coupled with knowledge, capacity and capability was the golden formula for creating an environment that was conducive to effective problem-solving and innovation.

Najib said it was vital that our institutional and structural transformation was guided by a clear, comprehensive and commonly accepted vision of the fundamental principles that should shape the new public service.

He said the idea of new public leadership was what had to be kept in mind because change was no longer feasible only through management but must be accompanied by leadership.

"By working in partnership across government agencies, the public service creates a networked governance environment whose aim is the delivery of public value. The creation of a people-centred and people-driven public service is a must if we want to see the structural change happen," he said.

Meanwhile, when launching the RSOG, Najib said personnally, the setting up of RSOG  was a great honour to him and his family because it was named after his father, the late Tun Abdul Razak, who was Malaysia's second prime minister.

"As the head of government, the setting up of the RSOG is very timely," he said.
The RSOG is envisioned to be a catalyst for intellectual and professional grooming of the nation's future leaders across all service sectors.

RSOG's vision is to be a global institution engaging in cutting edge research, teaching and training in public leadership, public policy and public service in Malaysia as well as internationally.
It has a mission to train high-potential public leaders in coming up with innovative solutions to the most pressing public problems in Malaysia and the region.

Kedudukan Dr Lee Chong Beng

Parti Keadilan Rakyat mengambil perhatian serius pengumuman Dr Lee Chong Bee baru keluar dari MCA.

Ertinya beliau mohon dan diterima sebagai anggota KEADILAN semasa beliau masih menjadi ahli MCA, tanpa memaklum hal ini. Ini satu kesilapan.

Lebih serius, Dr Lee telah dipilih tanpa bertanding sebagai Ketua Cabang Bukit Bintang.

Biro Politik KEADILAN telah membincang kes Dr Lee ini. Kami akan membuat keputusan tentangnya setelah mendapat perakuan dari Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Parti (JPP) dan Sekretariat.

Dr Syed Husin Ali
Timbalan Presiden
8 Oktober 2010

Notice for urgent parliamentary debate on racial slurs by school headmasters

By Lim Kit Siang,

I have given notice to Parliament Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin for an emergency debate in Parliament on Monday on the 57-day government inaction on racial slurs by two headmasters against students in school which make a mockery of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s international calls for moderates against extremists and his “zero tolerance for racism” and 1Malaysia policy.
The motion I have sent to the Speaker under Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders 18(2) reads:
“Bahawa Dewan mengizinkan YB Lim Kit Siang, Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Timor untuk menangguhkan Dewan mengikut Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(1) untuk merundingkan perkara tertentu berkenaan kepentingan orang ramai yang berkehendaki disegerakan, iaitu dua orang guru besar dari Kulai, Johor dan Bukit Selambau, Kedah yang melafazkan kata-kata racis dan menghina terhadap pelajar-pelajar mereka di sekolah dalam bulan Ogos tahun ini, sehingga kini tidak dikutuk atau diambil tindakan displin sekeras-kerasnya oleh pihak yang berkenaan selaras dengan semangat 1Malaysia.

“Dua bulan selepas guru-guru besar dari Kulai dan Bukit Selambau berkenaan – yang antara lain, melabelkan pelajar-pelajar bukan Melayu di sekolah mereka sebagai ‘pendatang’, menggesa pejalar-pelajar kaum Cina supaya ‘balik Cina’, serta membandingkan benang sembahyang yang dipakai oleh pelajar beragama Hindu sebagai pengikat anjing – menunjukkan sikap racis tidak sejajar dengan jawatan mereka sebagai pendidik yang berkredibel, Timbalan Perdana Menteri serta Menteri Pelajaran masih berkeras bahawa beliau tidak berdaya mengambil tindakan untuk memperbetulkan keadaan, sebaliknya mengizinkan kedua-dua guru besar yang berkenaan meneruskan tugas mereka seperti sediakala. Di samping itu, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pendidikan yang mengeluarkan pekeliling kepada semua guru-guru besar dan guru-guru dalam bulan Ogos untuk memberikan amaran bahawa ‘tindakan akan dikenakan ke atas mereka yang mengeluarkan kata-kata racis di sekolah’, tidak pula mengenakan tindakan displin ke atas kedua-dua guru besar yang berkenaan sehingga kini, menunjukkan tidak ujud iltizam politik atau falsafah pentadbiran yang betul dalam negara ini untuk membanteras ketaasuban perkauman.
“Semua ini merupakan sindiran langsung terhadap tema hari kebangsaan tahun ini iaitu ’1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi’ serta membelakangkan perisytiharan ‘toleransi sifar terhadap rasisma’ Perdana Menteri sendiri.
“Pada masa apabila Perdana Menteri cuba mengamalkan dasar ’1Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Didahulukan’, seluruh pasukan pentadbiran beliau nampaknya tidak serius langsung terhadap dasar berkenaan, malah lebih cenderung untuk mendahulukan budaya rasis Biro Tata Negara – atau lebih tepat sekali, Biro Tentang Negara – yang meracuni generasi muda dan para pendidik kita selama ini dengan mesej rasis yang songsang dan lebih merupakan ‘Trojan Horse’ dalam usaha kita mencapai perpaduan negara.
“Perdana Menteri yang baru pulang dari Mesyuarat Asia-Eropak Ke-lapan di Brussels telah membangkitkan sekali lagi gesaan beliau di Perhimpunan Agong Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu baru-baru ini supaya diujudkan pergerakan sederhana global semua agama yang memainkan peranan penting di dunia yang kini menghadapi ancaman melampau. Gesaan ini sesuai sekali diulangi di negara kita sendiri yang kini semakin terancam oleh anasir-anasir ketaasuban rasis dan pelampau agama yang mengancam ketenteraman negara serta menggoncang semangat majmuk yang merupakan batu asas Malaysia.”

Zaid : Jangan jadi seperti akuan bersumpah Bala

Zaid Ibrahim semalam dalam satu kenyataanya yang di siar dalam media internet telah mengingatkan kita Balasubramaniam, seorang yang mengaitkan Najib dan Rosmah dengan pembunuhan Altantuya yang juga telah menarik surat akuan bersumpahnya sehari selepas menggemparkan negara. klik sini
Kenyataan bersumpah Bala yang pertama dan kedua tidak disiasat secara serius dan sehingga kini menjadi misteri.

Dua hari lepas pula seorang bernama Rahimi muncul pula menarik akuan bersumpah yang turut mengaitkan Rosmah dan Najib dengan kes Fitnah Saiful dalam kes Fitnah 2. Kenyataan bersumpah Rahimi membolehkan Rosmah dan Najib diseret ke mahkamah untuk disoal.

Namun adakah dakwaan Rahimi ini juga akan ditinggalkan tidak ada siasatan serius dan terus menjadi misteri ? atau ia hanya dilakukan setelah mereta 'dibeli' untuk menyelamatkan Rosmah dan Najib dari hadir ke mahkamah ?

Dalam perkembangan lain pula cheGuBard dimaklumkan bahawa ketika Rahimi membuat kenyataan media duduk disebelah kiri beliau ialah teman lelaki kepada pegawai Khas seorang ahli parlimen KEADILAN yang telah melompat keluar parti. Adakah itu satu kebetulan atau menggambarkan siapa perancang disebalik penarikan akuan bersumpah yang kaitkan Rosmah, Najib dan Saiful ?

A humble & respectful response to Uncle Zorro

Sigh. I feel like these are defining times for me.

I feel called to respond to Uncle Zorro’s blog post that was written in response to my article.

As you can imagine, in this line of work, I get a lot of criticism. It doesn’t bother me too much, and I don’t often feel the need to respond much – I strongly believe everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Uncle Zorro is someone I care for and deeply respect however, and more importantly he has struck me as one of the kindest men I know. His opinion can be considered one of the few that matter.

At some point in the post Uncle Zorro asks “So Nat, does John SCWen fit the bill as Grima?”

As I think you can see from my previous post, the answer is clearly a yes. Had circumstances been slightly different, I might not have bothered with codenames at all. TMI is TMI, my blog is my blog.

My long absence from full time work with PKR was mentioned, and truly, 2 years is indeed how long I’ve been away. I think though I have kept in touch with friends across various spectrums more than many people.

As for the rest of Uncle Zorro’s post, I confess I’m really not sure what the comments are supposed to mean, or what I’m supposed to take away from reading them.

Nonetheless, I take all teguran with an open heart.


At this juncture, allow me to write a little bit about a phenomenon I observe.

A good many activists and writers have completely lost faith and patience in Anwar.

I think most people do not see how much I can sympathise and empathise with this position.

I have seen him too many times in purely Malay audiences – big public and small private ones – to believe that he is the closet racist some say he is and like I wrote, I will always be grateful for the way he came to the police station when I was in the lock up.

That said, I also wrote in my article that many people (both inside and outside the party) are understandably frustrated and impatient (think tearing hair out) at the way the party has been run these last few years in terms of management, structural cohesion, allowing questionable elements in and so on.

That said, I think we must be wary of jumping on the first semi-credible anti-Anwar bandwagon we see.

Tangentially, those in the party who were anti-Azmin were keen to back his challengers – right until the point they saw the appalling campaign Zaid and his team were trying to run.

Some call it speaking truth to power, and that is their right. I have read the statements Zaid has released – both in and between the lines, and I fear that it sounds like a man who has been fed too much poison, too much vanity, by a Wormtongue.

I have singled out Soh in part because of his keen ability to find out what your interests are and manipulate them.

To some, I imagine instead of money he sold a tale of how Zaid was the one who could really put PKR back on the right path – and how if you could just get on board, we could really bring the change we finally want to see in Malaysia.

I’d just as soon buy in to the idea of Najib’s 1Malaysia.

It comes down to the trustworthiness and sincerity of the man. We judge a tree by its fruits, and Soh’s fruits bear nothing but poison. Tun Ling, Mr. Tiah, Anwar himself – how much longer a list of badly hurt victims do we need?

I think Zaid is a man who has in the past demonstrated great character. At this point of time, I cannot say that I see in him either wisdom or humility. But that is merely my opinion. I could be wrong.

The party and/or the movement does need fixing. Trust me, I’m with you on that one. I’m not here to tell you that Azmin is the one to do it. But I do know I’m not going to support anyone who is consorting with Soh. All of us deserve better than that.


In any case Uncle Zorro, I continue to respect and look up to you. Please don’t put me in your fart chamber :)

I leave the rest of you with what I listened to last night before I slept. Perhaps these are defining times for us all.