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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poser over ‘multi-millionaire’ Thanendran

A former Hindraf national coordinator RS Thanendran has allegedly amassed wealth much to the shock of his ex-comrade KVasantha Kumar.
KUALA LUMPUR: How did former Hindraf national coordinator RS Thanendran, who was once an odd-job worker, become a “multi-millionaire” within a short period of time?

It’s a question which is bothering his former colleague K Vasantha Kumar.

Both have since moved out of Hindraf. Thanendran double-crossed Hindraf when Vasantah Kumar and four other Hindraf leaders were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

He aligned himself with the Barisan Nasional (BN) and went on to quickly establish Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party (MMSP), which was launched by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

According to Vasantha Kumar, Thanendran, who was recently awarded a datukship by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, was planted by Umno to confuse the Indian community.

“He is an Umno plant to confuse the Indians. He succeeded in confusing the community. But my question is, how did he become a multi-millionaire in a short time?

“It is not possible to become a multi-millionaire overnight, especially if you know his background… I want to challenge him to an open debate. Let him clear his name,” said Vasantha Kumar who is with Kedah PKR.

According to him, Thanendran, a son of a plantation worker who at one time was doing odd-jobs to survive before he eventually ended up in the restaurant business, was now rolling in millions.

Millions revealed
Vasantha Kumar said that thousands of leaflets with details of Thanendran’s alleged wealth had surfaced in Sungai Petani during the Thaipusam festival.

According to the leaflet, Thanendran allegedly renovated his house which was worth RM800,000. He is also said to allegedly own a RM1.4 million house in Penang and a Mercedes Benz car worth RM800,000.

The leaflet also disclosed that Thanendran allegedly owned 80 hectares of an oil palm estate in Kedah, a 25-hectare land in Hulu Selangor and another 10 hectares in Bagan Pinang.

It was learnt that the federal government had awarded RM25 millions worth of contracts to Thanendran under his brother Ramesh’s name. Ramesh is also the vice-president of MMSP.
The revelation has shocked Hindraf and members of Thanendran’s own MMSP party which incidentally is mired in internal conflict.

Said Vasantha Kumar: “Thanendran must explain his wealth to the public, especially the Indians.
“He is not from a wealthy background… his family is poor. But today there are allegations that Thanendran is a multi-millionaire.

“I challenge him to a debate. Let him explain to the public and Indians about his wealth.
“I am giving him one week to reply to my challenge. If he fails to reply, I will expose his malpractice one by one,” he said.

At least 2 people dead after police move on protesters in Bahrain

Two killed as police move in to clear Bahrain protesters
Breaking News

Manama, Bahrain (CNN) -- At least two people were killed early Thursday morning when Bahraini police swarmed into the capital, Manama, to roust protesters from the Pearl Roundabout, emergency hospital services said.

Witnesses said police came in with dozens of vehicles, surrounded the roundabout and began firing "pellet bullets," rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators.

The area had become a magnet for pro-democracy activists, angered by the killing of two demonstrators by security forces earlier this week.

For two days, protesters were largely left alone by authorities. But around 3:30 a.m. Thursday (7:30 p.m. Wednesday ET), police changed tactics. Hundreds of white-helmeted police swarmed the roundabout. There are reports that at least 100 people have been injured.

Most of the casualties have being sent to Salamaniya hospital, according to an operator at Manama's other main hospital, Bahrain International.

CNN's Nic Robertson was there at the hospital. He reported that a large group of "very angry" people had gathered, along with distraught family members looking for loved ones. Robertson said demonstrators he'd spoken to were outraged by the way they'd been treated by security forces.

Inside the hospital's emergency treatment room, the scene was one of "complete, uncontrolled chaos," according to Robertson. He described injured people struggling to survive and medical personnel working frantically to save them. He saw serious head traumas, bloody wounds in the head and chest, and people hooked up to breathing apparatuses. Robertson told CNN that all the indications pointed to a very bloody confrontation on the part of police.

During the crackdown in Pearl Roundabout, an ABC reporter was attacked while he was on the phone, describing the scene for the network. In the midst of his report, Miguel Marquez could suddenly be heard shouting on the audiotape, "Journalist! Journalist! No! No!" Heavy thuds and the sounds of police yelling could also be heard.

After several minutes, Marquez insisted repeatedly "I'm going! I'm going!" and called out for co-workers. Finally, he returned to the audio line and told what had just happened. His voice broke as he said, "These people are not screwing around."

One of the protesters, who asked that he be identified only as "Hussein," said the police came in with no warning.

"We were sleeping," he said. "There were guys, kids, schoolchildren, women, and suddenly they just attacked us with tear gas, stun bombs."

Hussein said many people were wounded in the attack, and he helped take people to hospitals. Police were outside the hospitals as well, he said.

"No one was doing anything," he said. "Kids were sleeping. Women were sleeping. They just attacked us suddenly."

Ebrahim Sharif, secretary-general of the opposition National Democratic Action Society, said he saw ambulances taking people to hospitals but that police were blocking people from going in that direction.

"The whole area here has been surrounded," he told CNN by telephone. "There are probably 500 to 1,000 policemen."

Dozens of large police vehicles lined a highway overlooking the roundabout and helicopters buzzed the area. Police were also taking up positions to create a perimeter as much as a mile around the roundabout, preventing people from returning.

An hour after police moved in, the square, where thousands of people had been, was largely empty except for police. It was not immediately clear where the protesters had gone, but police activity indicated they were still involved in moving the demonstrators further from the roundabout.

On Wednesday, Bahrain's Interior Ministry had said those involved in two deaths during previous protests had been placed in custody.

"We express our regret over those who died or were injured in the latest incidents and extend our sincere condolences to their families and to the people of Bahrain," according to a statement on the ministry's website.

Earlier Wednesday, thousands of people gathered for a peaceful funeral procession for a Bahraini man killed when clashes erupted during another protester's funeral procession, the president of a human rights group said.

Demonstrators picked up the body of Fadhel Matrook, 31, from a morgue Wednesday and marched to a cemetery with no police presence on the streets, said Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Rajab, who marched in the funeral procession, said at the time that protests in Bahrain were "peaceful" since "there is not interference from the police."

Human rights groups say Matrook was shot by security forces using pellet guns during the Tuesday procession for Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, who was killed Monday. Rajab said Mushaima was protesting for human rights near Manama.

King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa had vowed Tuesday that his government would investigate the killings of the two protesters by security forces.

"We will ask the legislative authority to look at this phenomena and to suggest the necessary legislation which will solve this in a way that will benefit the homeland and its citizens," he said.

The Interior Ministry said in its statement that "... our constitution and laws guarantee the freedom of expression through peaceful means" and that "citizens can ask for rights and reforms through available legitimate channels."

Bahrain is among the latest Arab states to face a surge of dissent following the revolts that toppled longtime autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt.

By Wednesday morning, thousands of activists were camping out at the foot of the Pearl Roundabout, a Bahraini landmark. At the time, police were nowhere in sight as about 3,000 people laid out blankets and pitched tents.

"It's a very relaxed atmosphere," Mansoor Al-Jamri, editor of the newspaper Al Wasat, had told CNN. "You'd assume it was a picnic area if you didn't know it was the aftermath of people who died."

Activists have decried the use of pellet guns at short range by Bahrain's security forces. Amnesty International called the deaths "tragic" and "a very worrying development." In a recent report, the group said Bahraini authorities detained 23 opposition political activists in August and September, and held them without contact for two weeks, "during which some allege they were tortured."

Bahrain's Interior Ministry said on its website that an investigation has been ordered to find out the reason behind the incident. The kingdom's main opposition party, al Wifaq, has suspended its participation in parliament because of the security forces' action.

Bahrain is an American ally and houses the headquarters of the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet. In Washington, the State Department said Tuesday it was "very concerned" by the violence and said it welcomed the promise of an investigation.

Bahrain is ruled by a Sunni Muslim royal family, but two-thirds of the population are Shiites. In recent years, younger Shiites have staged violent protests to complain about discrimination, unemployment and corruption, and many Shiites say the country's constitution has done little to improve their condition.

The protest movement in Bahrain has been organized using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, in the same manner as the protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

CNN's Nic Robertson, Jenifer Fenton and Mitra Mobasherat contributed to this report


If racism can never be eliminated from schools, then it’s our responsibility to convey UMNO’s 54 years of racism, its racist policies and designs to schools.

We need to target school children. They need to comprehend the meaning of racism and learn to understand these gross Human rights violations at a tender age. We are a minority community in this country. We need to be alert and we need to protect ourselves and furnish our generation of children with a sense of morality concerning these things, otherwise they will succumb to UMNO’s subtle planting of the racism seed in schools.

By introducing such racist materials in schools, UMNO intends to plant the Malay supremacy agenda in schools. The Malay students would be nurtured to be the “tuans” (Masters) and we the “hambas” (slaves) of Malaysia.

Let us alert our children on the provisions of the constitution of Malaysia, which guarantees Equality for all. Lets educate our children on the original spirits and intentions of Article 153. The original NEP was meant to eradicate poverty irrespective of race. But today the father of racism in Malaysia Mahathir openly declares NEP was meant to enrich the Malay elite and Malay poor thus confirming that the NEP is really a blueprint for racism. We have to expose our children to the original understanding our forefathers had in agreeing to Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Our forefathers were made to belief that if they gave in to the provisions in Article 153, they would be entitled to equality. They would be treated as loyal and equal citizens. However today when we question our basic rights and the unfairness and legality and true meaning of Article 153, we are branded extremists.

There was indeed a great personality and Human rights defender we Malaysians have forgotten – the late Lau Pak Khuan of Perak who I believe founded the Chinese assembly hall. He was a true Democratic leader who warned the British in no uncertain terms on the dangers of Article 153 with no safeguards measures for the non-Malays. Let our younger children learn the values and principles this great personality fought for.

Let us educate our children on the Universal principles and values of Human Rights. Let us educate our children on all the provisions of Human Rights Covenants and simplify these to cater for younger children. Universal Human Rights values abhor racism and discrimination and expansion of racist policies.

Let us teach and provide evidence to our children that the Indians were backbones of economic development and growth of modern Malaysia. Our forefathers lost lives and shed blood in building and maintaining this country’s infrastructure at a very formative stage of the nation - roads, railway, buildings, power installations, bridges, plantations providing for the wealth of the country.

The Auditor-General’s Report in 1956 clearly shows that the income from rubber contributed 2/3 of Malaya’s income and tin 1/3. It was we the Non- Malays who were responsible for the building of this nation.

The British in their self-interest, used the wealth created by the Indians and Chinese to educate an elite group mostly royals and the upper class Malays to take over the country.

Let these facts flow to our students. Let them learn the truth about Malaysia’s history. Let them learn how UMNO extended the divide and rule policy of the British and continued ruling this country as Masters (Tuans) and enslaved us. Let them learn how the country’s economic pie is denied to us in toto now. Let them know how the democratic system and Constitution is manipulated to institutionalise racism.

Let us bring change to the country together. Let us set the platform for the future generation to bring about the CHANGE in event we fail in this lifetime.

I have 15 committed volunteers who are willing to work round the cloak to prepare the syllabus of this text. Any of you who wish to contribute your part are most welcomed. With my previous NGO experience working for the advancement of students, I belief the students population could be easily reached and I am willing to train committed volunteers.

Let us all work to ending racism. Let us all end UMNO’s 54 years of lie, deceit, corruption, plunder and institutionalised racism. Let us bring this message to our students in schools.
Let me quote Wael Ghonim, the 30 year old Egyptian Google executive and Democracy Activist who was instrumental in moving the people of Egypt during the recent uprising of the people in Egypt just a few days ago :
“The only barrier to people rising up is the psychological barrier of fear. All these regimes rely on fear. They want everyone to be scared. If you manage to break the psychological barrier you are going to definitely going to win.”
The Neo –Democratisation Revolution

P.Waytha Moorthy

No let-up in Interlok protests

HRP will continue to pile the pressure on the BN government until the controversial book is withdrawn from the education system.

IPOH: The Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP) is not letting up the political pressure on the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to remove the controversial Form Five Malay literature book “Interlok” from the education system.

It has drawn up programmes to continue with its people’s power protests to demonstrate to the government that the Indian community is dead set against the book.

Certain portions of the book were deemed to have offended the sentiments of the Indian community with their alleged racist attack.

Although Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had responded to the vocal protest of the community by removing the offending sections, he stopped short of removing the book from the education system.

Even though MIC seems to support Muhyiddin’s move, the Indian community, NGOs and HRP were not prepared to compromise.

On Feb 13, HRP ignited the first spark of protest by organising a nationwide march – in the form of car convoys – against the novel.

The convoys started in various states, with each convoy ending in another destination in the respective states.

The peaceful protest ended with the arrest of some 75 activists in the various states, some of whom were later released.

The next anti-Interlok move is fixed for Feb 19 when HRP pro-tem secretary-general P Uthayakumar and its pro-tem chief W Sambulingam are set to address the Indian residents of Buntong, Perak, which has the highest number of Indian voters in the country.

This “Haramkan Interlok” function is to be held at Dewan Arioli Manram at 7pm and a huge Indian crowd is expected to turn up.

Biggest rally

The final and biggest rally called “People’s march for solidarity against Umno/BN racism” is slated to take place at the KLCC on Feb 27.

This event is expected to attract a mammoth gathering similar to the Nov 27, 2007 Hindraf protest which changed the political landscape of the country.

Ironically, Interlok, written by national laureate Abdullah Hussain in 1971, was to promote better racial understanding.

But it backfired as the Indian community took offence to the word “pariah” used to describe them and other alleged factual errors about their way of life.

According to HRP Perak chief P Ramesh, there are three different types of Form Five Malay literature books, of which one will be chosen by each of the three zones – northern, central and southern.

The northern zone, comprising the states in the north, is using the “Kembara Amira” Malay literature book. The central zone, comprising Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor and Negri Sembilan, is using Interlok.

Ramesh, however, cannot remember the title of the Malay literature book used in Form Five for the southern region.

He contended that since Interlok was not used nationwide but only in a limited area, it would be easy to remove it completely from the education system.

“Why can’t the schools in the central zone use one of the other two titles for Malay literature instead of this controversial book?” he asked.

He said it was not practical to remove the offending portions of the book as this would disrupt the the smooth flow of the story. Thus, the best alternative is to withdraw it.

Meanwhile, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said in a press statement the BN government should not press any charges against the HRP and Hindraf protesters who took part in the convoy protest.

‘Gazette land for Tamil school’

Merlimau Indians are hoping that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's historic visit will pay dividends.

MERLIMAU: A new building for a Tamil school will be coming up here thanks to the upcoming Merlimau by-election.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has already officiated at a ground-breaking ceremony for the school which has been squatting on someone else’s land for more than 20 years.

But an amused PKR leader from the Alor Gajah division, G Rajandran, said the school, which was over 40 years old, had never seen a deputy prime minister visit the area.

“If not for the by-election, we won’t get such a powerful visitor. This is the first time in the school’s history that a deputy prime minister has visited them…. I hope he doesn’t make empty promises,” said Rajandran.

He said the Tamil school, with 175 students, had been squatting on a small piece of leased land within the compound of another secondary school for more than two decades.

According to Rajendran, in 2004, the state government had approved a five-acre plot for the construction of the new school.

But nothing had happened since the announcement.

Speaking to FMT today, Rajendran said: “A groundbreaking ceremony does not mean that the school will be constructed…

“We do not want empty promises from the ruling party. If the BN government is genuinely concerned, then it should give the school its land title and gazette the land immediately under the school.”

Very lucky

Rajendran was referreing to Muhyiddin’s visit to Merlimau to officiate at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the school.

During the ceremony, Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, had said the government will continue to strive and improve the quality of education for all races.

“Merlimau Tamil school is very lucky because of the by-election. If not for the by-election, the school will have to wait another 40 years for the new building.

“I am from Malacca and am associated with the school. In the past, we have had many promises from the ruling party but everything turned out to be empty,” he said, citing the promise made to the school 25 years ago.

According to Rajendran, the authorities at the time had identified a temple land for the school and had promised to locate the school there once the temple was demolished.

“But that did not happen… they demolished the temple and gave the land to Tenaga Nasional Bhd to build its office,” he said, adding that the school had twice tried to shift to other premises but the attempt never materialised.

The Warlords And The De Facto IGP

On assuming the post of IGP that was orchestrated by members of the underworld/secret societies, Ismail Omar has to fulfil his obligations to the underground to replace the then existing D7 officers with fresh faces whom the underground is comfortable to work with. Behind this wicked and heinous scheme is the ‘1 Malaysia syndicate’ led by Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan, who is buddy to former IGP Norian Mai, to bring the Police Force under their control, hence the underworld.

By Innocent Victim

To a certain group of senior officers of the Royal Malaysia Police, 11 January 2011 will be remembered as the darkest and most bitter moment in their police career.

That was when, without warning or any wrongdoings on their part, all of them from the anti-vice unit, commonly known as D7 in all the sixteen States of West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, were immediately removed and transferred to posts of which they had no experience.

Suddenly they were turned into sacrificial lambs to appease the greed of the Belial. Such transfer and en bloc removal of D7 officers in the police force is unprecedented. Some of the new postings these officers had to move to include the General Operations Force, the Police Mounted Unit, Federal Reserved Unit and the Marine Operations Force which are considered the ‘3 Ds’ of police work - ‘disgusting, dejected and disowned’. For no apparent reason too, some were transferred to the far corners of Sabah and Sarawak long considered as the dumping grounds for errant officers.

The transfer of these officers who were under the direct command of the CID Director, Bakri Zinin, were discretely and carefully planned without prior consultations with the latter, contrary to traditional practice and norm of any intended transfer of police officers. This is the typical imperious and dictatorial aspersion of the current leadership in the police force.

Earlier the CID Assistant Director of Anti Vice Division SAC Hasnan and his deputy ACP Sanusi were systematically removed from their respective posts and transferred to other departments in the Police Force. They were respectively replaced by SAC Abd. Jalil, the former OCPD of Ampang and ACP Zaki the former Dy. OCCI of Negeri Sembilan, both cronies of IGP Ismail Omar.

Following this all the staff officers in D7 Bukit Aman were similarly transferred out log stock and barrel. In effect the whole exercise virtually puts in place a complete list of new personalities in charge of anti vice at Bukit Aman level right down to the States and districts.

The anti-vice division of the Royal Malaysia Police is known to be responsible for investigating cases involving prostitution, illegal gambling, gangsterism and human trafficking where in most cases the emergency laws, i.e. the Emergency Ordinance and Restricted Residence Act are used to detain syndicate and gang members without trial. In response to a question by a reporter on this unusual transfer of D7 officers across the board, IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar retorted that ‘this is a normal transfer’. Ismail Omar’s response is ironical and feigns of his own hypocrisy behind the real reasons for the en bloc transfers of these displaced but experienced CID officers. His own action belied his words. It has been said that a hypocrite is a gilded pill, composed of two natural ingredients; natural dishonesty, and artificial dissimulation.

The replacement of D7 officers with new faces comes as no surprise as this move has long been expected and well calculated when Ismail Omar took over as IGP.

On assuming the post of IGP that was orchestrated by members of the underworld/secret societies, Ismail Omar has to fulfil his obligations to the underground to replace the then existing D7 officers with fresh faces whom the underground is comfortable to work with to facilitate the operations of their illegal activities namely bookies, illegal lotteries, gaming machines, prostitution, drug trafficking, secret societies, smuggling and ahlongs.

Behind this wicked and heinous scheme is the ‘1 Malaysia syndicate’ led by Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan who is buddy to former IGP Norian Mai to bring the Police Force under their control, hence the underworld.

Coincidentally, Norian Mai and his wife Rokiah currently sit as directors in Ta Kan Yin’s companies. The Ta Kin Yan and Norian Mai relationship started as far back as the late seventies when Norian Mai was then the OCPD of Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Ta Kin Yan then was a brothel operator in the red light district of Brickfields. At that point of time Ta Kin Yan saw the ‘mesin kuda’ gambling trade was flourishing and soon after abandoned his brothel business to cash in on the gambling trade and became rich in no time. Ta Kin Yan then secured the exclusive rights to import the microchips and motherboard for these gambling machines and became the sole monopoly in the said industry.

However accumulation of his ill gotten wealth through these illegal activities did not seem to satisfy his self actualisation as his greed for dominant power and control over other people in positions of authority in the country was still out of his reach. So in order to be in the inner circle of those in power and authority, Ta Kin Yan enlisted himself in MCA and used his ill gotten assets to catapult him to the political fore.

Realising that Chua Soi Lek would emerge the victor as President of MCA in the last MCA Emergency General Meeting, he made substantial financial contributions to Chua Soi Lek for the latter to bribe delegates to assure him of votes to win in the three corner fight for the MCA Presidential post. This is how Ta Kin Yan earned his reputation as a good philanthropist by using his dirty money to buy power and positions including his ‘Tan Sri’ title. It is common knowledge that the last MCA presidential election was rigged with money politics and some of these contributions came from Ta Kin Yan.

Having confidently secured a political ally in MCA, one of the component parties in BN, Ta Kin Yan wrangled himself to be close to Hishamuddin Tun Hussin, the Home Minister; one of the most powerful cabinet posts in the government. Admittedly as stated by his supporter in the blog, Minister Hishamuddin ‘has found Ta Kin Yan to be helpful in assisting the police with intelligence on criminal activities’.

Ta Kin Yan's next move was to ensure that his underground activities and the underworld would be well protected and the only way was to have control of the Police Force especially the D7 department. The claim that Ta Kin Yan is ‘helping Hishamuddin with intelligence on criminal activities’ is testimony that Ta Kin Yan himself is involved hand in glove with the underground and using his ‘linkages’ with Hishamuddin and the police to threaten other kingpins who dare oppose him.

It was reported earlier that Ta Kin Yan had consolidated his power and authority by unifying all the underground syndicates under his command and hence has become the ‘warlord’. Those who dissented are threatened with arrest and detention without trial under the emergency laws (EO) whose powers to detain or release are solely vested with the Home Minister Hishamuddin. (Besides the EO, the Home Minister is also vested with the power to detain or release a person under the Internal Security Act -ISA).

Being vested with all these legal powers, the Home Minister (Hishamuddin) is considered a powerful man in his own right and so are those who are close to him. Right is might, and might is right. Ta Kin Yan’s sublime and pretentious display of his close connection with the police top brass was shown when he hosted a ‘buka puasa’ do some time in August 2010, admittedly at the Hyatt Saujana, Shah Alam to celebrate the appointment and promotion of Ismail Omar as the new IGP. Besides Ta Kin Yan who was personally in attendance, amongst those present at the ‘buka puasa’ do were Norian Mai, DIG Hussin Ismail, SAC Wan Najmuddin, the special assistant to Hishamuddin Tun Hussin, Minister of Home Affairs, and the then CPO of Terengganu, Shukri Dahlan.

In the eyes of the men in the streets, one would be wondering why the new IGP and his Deputy along with other serving senior police officers and retired IGP would be sitting together over a ‘dinner’ with the underworld. It was obvious and as had earlier been speculated, they were discussing strategies to identify police officers whom they could trust and manipulate to protect their illegal activities. Some of the key posts in the Police that they identified as critical for their leverage are the Director of CID, State Police Chiefs, OCCIs, and D7 officers up to Bukit Aman level. This meeting was subsequently followed by another meeting in Cameron Highlands to further strategise on the placements of police officers in the various key critical posts throughout the country.

The second meeting was significantly attended by SAC Mohammad Ibrahim, who was then the Assistant Director of Establishment of the Police Management Department responsible for transfer and promotion in the police force.

This whole episode is strange, but true; for truth is always strange, as true enough both SAC Mohammad Ibrahim and Shukri Dahlan were soon compensated for being lackeys of Ta Kin Yan and promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police to become the CPOs of Kedah and Perak respectively. This ‘initiation ceremony’ has climaxed with the recent purge of D7 officers across the board and replaced with those who are seemingly alliance with Ta Kin Yan’s “1Malaysia” syndicate with Wan Najmuddin acting as prompter to remove officers seen as ‘hostile’ to them and replaced these officers with those who can play-ball with the syndicate.

This is reflected from the list of personalities that replaced the D7 officers. These officers were those who were either closed to Wan Najmuddin or who had once before worked in D7 when Wan Najmuddin was Superintendant D7 at Bukit Aman ten to fifteen years ago. Those who intended to appeal against the transfer were blatantly threatened with investigations for alleged corruption by the MACC for allegedly having been involved in corrupt practices. This threat reflects the apathy, mean and cruel attitude of the current leadership of the police force in caring for the welfare and needs of the officers without due regard to the problem faced by the family members who are sick, maimed or incapacitated and children who are sitting for important examinations at the end of the year. Therefore all the sacrifices made by officers have not been given due acknowledgement or recognition. To these officers it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

It is amusing to learn on the claim that Shukri Dahlan is known to be an independent minded officer who did not quite get along with Musa Hassan. On the contrary this is far from the truth. As a matter of fact Shukri Dahlan had opened up his own can of worms that exposed his illicit affair with his own female subordinate officer when he was the CPO of Terengganu. When a petition was sent to the IGP over his secret affairs with his own subordinate officer, Shukri Dahlan literally took refuge under his wife’s skirt and sent his wife to meet Musa Hassan to plead for his innocence. Of course who would one use to vouch for one’s innocence other than one’s own wife who is supposedly one's most intimate and knows what the husband has been up to. Now, one would wonder how such a low moral police officer could be promoted to take charge of an establishment where the subordinate woman officers will always be at the peril of this sex predator.

Some development on the transfer of officers within the police force since Ismail Omar took over as IGP six months ago tends to show that Ismail Omar is out on a vengeance against any police officers who are seen or suspected to be Musa Hassan’s men; and he would do anything to spite Musa Hassan by removing and replacing officers who had earlier been emplaced in critical police posts.

His witch hunt had even sparked cynical remarks amongst fellow police officers with the saying: “Your friend is my friend, your enemies are my enemies and your friends’ enemies are my enemies”. By adopting such an antagonistic attitude Ismail Omar is only sowing the seed of distrust, suspicions and hostility amongst his own brother officers.

It would seem that Ismail Omar’s dignity has been overtaken by egotism. But he must remember that conceit may puff a man up, but never prop him up. Ismail Omar should not forget the proverb - cast no dirt into the well that gives you water. Perhaps one day by God’s Grace, he has to lick the very same water that he had sinned on people. Revenge, they say, is a kind of wild justice especially to the innocent victims but at the same time it is a confession of pain manifested by Ismail Omar himself.

This bitter resentment of Ismail Omar against Musa Hassan stemmed from the former’s earlier misplaced notions that Musa Hassan did not recommend him to take over as IGP. Ismail Omar even sought a meeting with the secretary general of Home Affairs complaining about him being sidelined to take over as IGP so much so that he wept and cried in front of the KSU. This incident has earned him to be dubbed the ‘crying IGP’. One cannot imagine how a faint hearted person like Ismail Omar who is entrusted with taking charge of the country’s security can ever withstand any pressure in and during a national crisis-perhaps just weep and cry hoping the situation will sympathize with him.

Ismail Omar even went further to lobby Hishamuddin for the IGP post and on one occasion planned a visit to Australia to play golf with His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong hoping that His Majesty would recommend him for the post. It would appear Ismail Omar’s promotion was kindled by his crocodile tears rather than his competency and capabilities as IGP. He is likened to a child who would cry and throw a tantrum if he does not gets what he wants.

Even when Ismail Omar was the Deputy IGP, he was seen as a weakling, timid, incompetent and fragile. Being such an impotent leader and having his balls squeezed by Hishamuddin and Wan Najmuddin with Ta Kin Yan as the central fiddler, Ismail Omar had no choice but to ‘kow tow’ to what Wan Najmuddin proposed to him regarding transfer of officers. The transfer of officers were all schemed and prepared by Wan Najmuddin in full consultations with Ta Kin Yan and Norian Mai and merely endorsed by Hishamudin who had given free rein to Wan Najmuddin to do so as long as the Home Minister’s agenda are met.

Hishamuddin’s calculated move to control the police force had been well planned to ensure that his grand design to keep the police force under his thumb would be realized without much resistance. He knows very well that when he controls the police force, he would control all the information he wants as all the core police work on criminal investigations and the special branch would be within his grasp.

Having appointed Ismail Omar as the IGP, Hishammuddin also realized that the Deputy IGP must be someone who would be a ‘yes man’. At the same time he wanted to return a favour to the family who had saved him from falling from grace. As the Home Minister, he used his prerogatives to promote Hussin Ismail as the Deputy IGP instead of Bakeri Zinin who is more deserving and very much senior in rank to the latter. This is because Bakeri Zinin hails from Sabah and considered unfit for the Deputy IGP post. But come UMNO General Elections, Hishammuddin needs all the delegate votes from Sabah to retain his Vice Presidency and more importantly if he were to challenge Muhyiddin for the UMNO Deputy President post.

If the Sabahans realize the dirty politics of Hishamudin then they will have second opinions on Hishamuddin’s sincerity as an UMNO leader. The reason behind his choice of Hussin Ismail is well understood as Hishamuddin is obligated to Hussin Ismail’s mother who had helped to mediate and resolve Hishamuddin’s personal problem over the latter’s illicit affair with a lady from Muar, Johor. Hussin Ismail’s mother is an active wanita UMNO member in Muar Johor. If not for Hussin Ismail's mother’s assistance, Hishammuddin would have plunged into a sex scandal and so too his political career. This is what Johor politicians, alongside Chuah Soi Lek, are good for: sexual exploits. But Hishammuddin seems not to learn from his past misdeeds as only recently his wife came to know of his infidelity when she discovered that he had bought a ring for his girlfriend.

The Home Minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussin saw Ismail Omar’s weaknesses as a strength and opportunity for him to harness. By having a submissive and timid IGP, Hishamuddin would be able to manipulate and control the police force according to his wicked agenda both for political purpose as well as financial gain. Other than SAC Wan Najmuddin, Hishammuddin has employed not less than thirty five other so called ‘special assistants’ to assist him in his grand design to realize his political ambitions of going up the UMNO leadership and eventually the Prime Minister’s post.

Only Hishammuddin is known to have the biggest number of ‘special assistants’ and the public knows that as a Cabinet Minister he cannot afford nor is entitled to that many assistants at the expense of tax payers money. It is obvious that these ‘assistants’ are on the payroll of Ta Kin Yan and the underworld. Some of these ‘special assistants’ are permanently ‘parked’ in the IGP’s office at Bukit Aman to monitor and ensure that the Home Minister’s hidden agenda with the underworld are being carried out without question. This includes providing protection and immunity to the syndicate members who are operating the illegal activities like gambling and extortions.

Why had they deliberately replaced D7 officers of their choice now needs no further explanations. The motives are crystal clear. The syndicates which are aligned with Ta Kin Yan are given assurance and guarantee that they will not be ‘disturbed’ by the police. At the onset of Ismail Omar becoming IGP, Ta Kan Yin had already by then sent out his tentacles to the underground to offer an outright buy over of the existing operations of ‘mesin kuda’ from their owners at a low price throughout the country and he has since succeeded to achieve this by arm twisting tactics. Those who declined were threatened with police harassment. As it is the gambling machines are starting to surface in most states like Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang. This contention is supported by the The Star news entitled “Illegal online gambling rife in Johor”.

The NKRA program which has been claimed to reduce crime is merely an eye wash to distract the public from the illegal activities of these syndicates. Though Hishammuddin as the Home Minister has bragged so much on the purported success of the NKRA, he seems to miss the real issue faced by the public who are going through feelings of insecurity and a sense of lack of safety. The public’s fear is not totally unfounded as this is not only evidenced from the increase of civilians engaging private guards to protect their properties and premises but also the daily reported instances of gruesome crimes being committed by secret societies where the victims’ arms were severely slashed merely over a simple robbery or extortion.

New Straits Times report dated 7 Feb 2011 entitled ‘Robbers nearly cut off man’s arms’ and earlier newspaper reports of similar incidents in Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are gruesome reminders of the real crime situation in the country. However, Hishammuddin and the police had always dismissed these incidents as isolated cases. But they know for a fact that crimes of this nature that are related to extortion and robbery are perpetrated by the secret societies and the ahlongs.

As a proactive measure to protect the public, in the past the police had arrested and detained many of these secret society members under the emergency laws for detention in Simpang Renggam, Johor or restrictions to other States, but only to be unconditionally released later by the Home Minister Hishamuddin who has the prerogatives under the law to do so. It is said that there is always a price to pay for freedom and the underground, as a syndicate, is willing to pay any price.

By having many so called ‘special assistants, some of them like Wan Najmuddin, act as mediators on behalf of the Home Minister to negotiate and secure the price of freedom for the detainees and the restricted residents, it is no wonder why so many secret society members, including the ahlongs who were previously detained by the police under the emergency laws had been released since Hishammuddin took over as Home Minister.

This is analogous to the police digging the well for Hishammuddin to drink water. These hardcore criminals are now backed on the streets to prey on members of the public and worst still are hunting down witnesses who had betrayed them for providing information to the police on their criminal activities. So you cannot blame members of the public for not cooperating with the police. This explains the rampant incidents of serious crimes being committed daily. (New Straits Times report on page 11, dtd 8/2/11-‘Snatch thief victim in coma dies’, ‘Fighting for her life after rape, assault’.)

Hishammuddin does not only control the illegal activities carried out by the underground, but since becoming Home Minister he also wants to take over control of the legitimate businesses relating to work tenders under the purview of his Ministry. Fair and equitable bids for quotations for contract work under the Home Ministry is no longer the order of the day. All contract works are seized by Hishamuddin and awarded outright to his cronies and some to his ‘special assistants’ regardless whether they are qualified or competent to undertake the contract work. A case in point is the contract in maintaining the upkeep of the Senior Officers Police College, Cheras, that was awarded to a lady who had no previous experience or record work in such area. Ever since after having awarded the contract, the said lady had yet been able to commence work. But on the other hand, only Hishammuddin can affirm that she has personally fulfilled some of the implied terms of the contract due to him - his lust.

AG bid to change Teoh verdict May 23

Gani has been accused of seeking to have Teoh’s death ruled a suicide. — file pic
SHAH ALAM, Feb 17 — The Attorney-General’s application to revise the “open verdict” in the Teoh Beng Hock death inquest is set to be heard on May 23 at the High Court here.

After 17-months of hearings, Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had ruled out both suicide and homicide in his open verdict at the inquest into the death of the DAP aide.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh, who is a lawyer for the Teoh family, said he believed Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail was seeking to revise the open verdict to a suicide finding.

“I don’t think the A-G is asking for homicide here,” Karpal told reporters later outside the courtroom today.

The veteran lawyer also dismissed the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) investigating Teoh’s fatal plunge, which is to complete its probe and submit a report to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong by April 25.

“As far as we’re concerned... we’re not participating in that one. It doesn’t matter to us anymore,” said Karpal.

Teoh’s family withdrew from the RCI yesterday after the panel decided to continue the inquiry despite a proposed judicial review over the appointment of deputy public prosecutors (DPPs) as conducting officers.

Yesterday, Karpal called the Attorney-General’s Chambers “inconsistent” for seeking such a revision while insisting that its officers involved in the RCI were independent.

He added that the RCI was effectively an “inferior tribunal” in light of the ongoing revision proceedings at the High Court here.

“We would have thought this (revision application) is withdrawn or the (inquiry) deferred until this is heard. That’s why we’re not participating,” said Karpal today.

The RCI, which is led by Federal Court judge Tan Sri James Foong Cheng Yuen, has been off to a rocky start since hearings began on Monday.

The commission had excluded Thai forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand from its witness list, despite her having brought attention to the injuries Teoh had suffered on his neck before he fell to his death on July 16, 2009.

Dr Pornthip was the only one out of five forensic experts at the inquest who supported the Teoh family’s claims of foul play, although she declined to repeat her previous assertion that Teoh’s death was “80 per cent” homicide.

Azmil had confirmed the existence of the injuries.

The coroner also raised doubts that Teoh could have exited unaided from the window on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam here, the then Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters, before his fatal plunge.

The former political secretary to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam after overnight interrogation by MACC officers.

Azmil, however, had said he could not find enough evidence to confirm that Teoh’s pre-fall injuries had contributed to the 30-year-old’s death.

Two NS trainees die of illnesses, another still in coma

By The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Two National Service trainees died in the past four days of different causes and at separate hospitals.

Mohamad Zulhaili Noraihan, 17, died of meningoencephalitis (bacterial infection of the brain) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Tuesday. The Kuala Lumpur boy had reported for training at the Wawasan Papar camp in Sabah on Jan 2.

A medical form prior to his entry to the camp had stated that he was being treated for nephrotic syndrome and that he suffered from gastric and kidney problems and had previously suffered from head injuries.

“He was treated initially at a clinic at the camp on Jan 24 for a pain in the ear and also on Feb 10 for fever and headache,” said NS Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil last night.

He said the boy was then referred to Papar district hospital when his headache did not ease off, adding that he was subsequently sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Apparently, he had developed fever after swimming with friends in a pond at the camp.

In another case, Fatini Aqilah Fadhil died of neutropenic sepsis (leukaemia) at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh last Sunday.

Fatini, 17, was based at the Chenderiang camp in Tapah starting Jan 2.

“She was given a Chinese New Year break like other trainees from Feb 2 to Feb 6,” Abdul Hadi said.

However, the girl was admitted to the intensive care unit at Taiping Hospital on Feb 7.

At the PDS Resort camp in Port Dickson, where NS trainee A. Tamilarasi fell into a coma due to high fever, spokesman Mej Mohd Rafee Zain said the authorities did not refer her to the hospital as her condition had not been serious.

“She was still able to attend all the programmes. Our medical staff examined her thoroughly to ensure she was able to undergo training,” he said, adding that the camp authorities were not negligent in not referring her to a government clinic or hospital.

“We always have medical officers who examine trainees showing signs of being ill. When she was here, her condition was not serious enough to warrant her being sent for treatment outside the camp,” he said.

Tamilarasi is fighting for her life at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital intensive care unit where she has been warded since Feb 8.

Mej Mohd Rafee said that when Tamilarasi did not return to the camp after the five-day break on Feb 7, the camp authorities called her father who said a private clinic had given her seven days’ medical leave. She slipped into a coma the next day.

Yesterday, Tamilarasi’s father K. Anandan, 39, said doctors had told him that the girl might require dialysis and minor surgeries.

“They (doctors) are almost certain that she must have contracted an illness during training,” he said.

SNAP and MCLM form an alliance

Fitnah II: Bungkusan Sampel Bahan Bukti Diubah

Dari Keadilan Daily

Perbicaraan kes Fitnah II bersambung hari ini apabila Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur mendengar keterangan pakar DNA, Ketua Unit Jenayah Berat Jabatan Kimia, Dr Seah Lay Hoong.

Dalam perbicaraan yang bermula pukul 8.54 pagi, mahkamah didedahkan bahawa laporan kimia yang diberi kepada pasukan peguam Anwar berbeza dengan laporan yang dikemuka di mahkamah.

Ia berkaitan pembetulan label sampel bahan bukti yang diambil dari pengadu, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Dalam borang yang dikemukakan, bungkusan sampel diterima ditanda B12 tetapi hari ini Dr Seah menunjukkan borang dengan sampel yang ditanda sebagai B11.

Seah berkata pembetulan dilakukan di hadapannya tetapi Ram Karpal bertanya kenapa pendakwa tidak ada salinan yang sama dengan pakar kimia.

Ram Karpal berkata, mahkamah tidak boleh meneruskan perbicaraan itu kerana tidak termasuk ke rangkaian bukti. Pendakwa Raya Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden bagaimanapun berkata perkara itu tidak penting tetapi yang penting adalah kenyataan lisan dalam mahkamah.

Hakim, Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah memutuskan borang tersebut tidak boleh diterima mahkamah.

Prosiding perbicaraan yang kini sedang berjalan dijangka mendengar lebih banyak keterangan mengejutkan dari saksi pendakwaan.

Semalam, mahkamah dikejutkan dengan laporan proforma yang ditulis doktor Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) yang menyatakan hanya ‘cubaan liwat’ dan ‘cubaan seks oral’ pada ketika Saiful berjumpa doktor.

Perkara itu didedahkan oleh Pakar Jagaan kecemasan HKL, Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan. Mahkamah juga dikejutkan dengan keterangan Pakar Forensik HKL, Dr Siew Sheue Feng yang tidak mengisi borang proforma berkaitan pemeriksaan di dubur Saiful, rektum dan sejarah perubatan pengadu.

Mahkamah semalam turut dikejutkan dengan kenyataan peguam Sankara Nair bahawa botol berisi sampel bahan bukti yang diambil dari tubuh Saiful mempunyai tanda-tanda telah diusik.

'Hindraf has no permit for Feb 27 rally'

The New Straits Times

PUTRAJAYA: The banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), which is planning a massive rally on Feb 27, will have to do it "at its own risk", said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein here yesterday.

He said the organisation did not apply for a permit to hold the rally.

Hishammuddin was commenting on a statement by Hindraf legal adviser and Human Rights Party Malaysia pro-tem secretary-general P. Uthayakumar, who said the organisation would go ahead with the rally to call for a ban on Interlok despite the arrest of 58 of its members last week.

The rally is to be held at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre at 9am.

When asked if a permit would be issued, Hishammuddin said he would leave it to the relevant authorities to decide on the matter.

He was speaking to reporters after chairing the post-cabinet meeting.

Present were Deputy Home Minister Datuk Abu Seman Yusop and director-general Datuk Alias Ahmad.

On another matter, Hishammuddin shot down the possibility of providing Selangor with auxiliary policemen, calling the request by the state government insincere and against the constitution.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had sent a second request for auxiliary policemen earlier this month. The first was made in July last year.

"I am a little aggrieved by the request as prior to this, the state government had never offered to help the police bring down the crime rate in the state.

"When the crime rate fell, they used it as an excuse to ask for auxiliary policemen, which seems to negate our efforts," he said, adding the state government just wanted to sensationalise matters.

When asked if Selangor had enough policemen, he said the fact was that the crime rate in the state had dropped.

What Cabinet Reshuffle?

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 (Bernama) -- Political pundits working overtime on their guesswork and wild speculation sent the media on a wild goose chase today when they tweeted and blogged on an impending Cabinet reshuffle today.

Bernama was bombarded with enquiries after the rumours circulated on some tweets and SMSes.

One news portal even went so far as saying that two deputy ministers would be elevated to ministers while the head of a political party would be made a minister as well. It even said that a statement was expected to be issued.

One tv news crew even went to the Prime Minister's Department in Putrajaya to stake out the impending announcement.

An aide to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, when contacted at about 6pm today, said his boss did not indicate anything about a Cabinet reshuffle after an interview with a Turkish news organisation late this afternoon.

And an MCA Cabinet minister, when contacted, said the matter was also not mentioned at today's Cabinet meeting.

Bahrain protesters hold ground

Anti-government protesters are continuing to occupy a roundabout in Manama, Bahrain's capital, after two days of violent clashes left at least two demonstrators dead.
The protesters, pressing for a host of demands including political reforms and better human rights in the kingdom, are refusing to disperse, despite a rare apology from the king over the deaths in police firing.
An Al Jazeera correspondent in Bahrain, who cannot be named for his own safety, said that thousands of protesters were occupying a major landmark on Wednesday.
The funeral procession of the man killed on Tuesday attracted thousands of protesters [Redha Haji]
"They are well organised and say that they will make Manama's Pearl Roundabout Bahrain's version of Egypt's Tahrir Square."
He said that protesters also held a funeral procession for the man who was killed during Tuesday's protest.
"The funeral procession left from the hospital and there were no police in sight."
He said that the police allowed the march to continue without interfering.
On Tuesday, Bahrain's ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa made a rare television appearance in which he expressed his condolences for "the deaths of two of our dear sons" and said a committee would investigate the killings.

"We will ask legislators to look into this issue and suggest needed laws to resolve it," he said, adding that peaceful protests were legal.
'Speech too late'
But Nabeel Rajab, the president of the Bahrain Centre for Human rights, told Al Jazeera that the king's speech "was too late".
"People were expecting him to come out and meet the demands of the people - but he did not talk about how he will address the demands of the people.
Country profile: Bahrain
"People don't want only an investigation about the two killings - they want change," he said.
Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the tiny kingdom since Monday, inspired by the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.
While one protester was killed on Monday, another died the next day when police opened fire at his funeral procession.
The second victim was identified as Fadhel Ali Almatrook and our correspondent said he seemed to have been shot at from very close range.
Our correspondent said that police took a very heavy-handed approach towards the protesters.

"Police fired on the protesters this [Tuesday] morning, but they showed very strong resistance," he said.
The US said it was "very concerned" by recent violence in protests in Bahrain, a close ally of Washington, and urged all sides to exercise restraint.
"The United States is very concerned by recent violence surrounding protests in Bahrain," PJ Crowley, the US state department spokesman, said in a statement. "We also call on all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence."
Angry opposition
Angered by the two deaths, al-Wefaq, Bahrain's main Shia Muslim opposition group, announced it was suspending its participation in parliament. 
"This is the first step. We want to see dialogue," Ibrahim Mattar, an al-Wefaq parliamentarian, said. "In the coming days, we are either going to resign from the council or continue." 
A blogger said people from all backgrounds and religions were behind the protests [Mahmood Nasser Al-Yousif]
Al-Wefaq has a strong presence inside the parliament and within the Shia community.
The protesters say their main demand is the resignation of Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa, the prime minister, who has governed Bahrain since its independence in 1971.

An uncle of the king, he is seen as a symbol of the wealth of the ruling family.

The protesters say they are also demanding the release of political prisoners, which the government has promised, and the creation of a new constitution.
Shias, thought to be in the majority in Bahrain, are ruled by a Sunni royal family.
Poverty, high unemployment and alleged attempts by the state to grant citizenship to Sunni foreigners to change the demographic balance have intensified discontent among the Shias.

Around half of the kingdom's 1.3 million people are Bahraini, with the rest being foreign workers. 
Al Jazeera and agencies

Mubarak has given up, wants to die in Sharm: Saudi official

A child holds a mask of Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak during a rally in Trafalgar Square, in central London February 12, 2011. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

(Reuters) - Egypt's ousted president has given up and wants to die in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh where he has been living since a popular uprising ended his rule, a Saudi official said on Wednesday.

Hosni Mubarak, 82, has suffered from health problems in recent years and traveled to Germany for gall bladder surgery in March last year. Reports of a further decline have increased since he stepped down on Friday after three decades in power.

An official in Saudi Arabia said the kingdom had offered to host Mubarak but he was determined to see out his days in Egypt. Official confirmation could not immediately be obtained from the Saudi government.

"He is not dead but is not doing well at all and refuses to leave. Basically, he has given up and wants to die in Sharm," said the Saudi official, who asked not to be named.

Mubarak vowed to die in Egypt when he addressed the country's 80 million people last week while still clinging to power.

A source with links to the Mubarak family said on Tuesday that the former president was "fine," and had been taking telephone calls.

Mubarak spent more and more time at his residence in Sharm el-Sheikh near the end of his time as leader, retreating to the clean air and sea breeze to recover from ailments.

Across the sea, visitors can see the shores of Saudi Arabia, where Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled after he was toppled last month. The Tunisian experience inspired the Egyptian protest movement that forced Mubarak's resignation.

Mubarak also received world leaders in the city at the tip of the Sinai peninsula and it became a stage for international summits and years of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Many of those disillusioned with Mubarak's heavy-handed rule point to his fondness for Sharm el-Sheikh as a sign of his estrangement from the everyday problems that plague ordinary Egyptians.

Teoh's family boycotts RCI

Interlok & anti UMNO racism Car Convoy detainee tortured in police special branch 7 feet x 10 feet dark room.

hrp chief sivakumar
Name: Sivakumar s/o Santhosam
I.C. No : 690201-05-5245
Address: 4.8 Blok M Rumah Pangsa
Jalan Lobak 12
Lobak 70200 Seremban
Date of Birth: 1.2.1969
Occupation: Contractor
I Sivakumar s/o Santhosam I.C. No 690201-05-5245 lodge this report against the following persons
1) ASP Alias Investigation officer Seremban Police station
2) OCPD of the Seremban District Police Station
3) Inspector General of Police
On the 13th February 2011 at about 2.30 pm I was arrested unlawfully by the Police at Rahang Seremban when I was driving a car registration No BEP 4939. The grounds of the arrest was not explained to me. At the time of arrest my 2 children were travelling in another car driven by a friend.
I was driving together with 25 other Hindraf Makkal Sakthi volunteers in our campaign to raise awareness and campaign for the peaceful March against UMNO’s Racism scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur on the 27th February 2011.
I was separated from my children and immediately taken to the Seremban Police station separately. Throughout this period the grounds of arrest was not explained to me despite me asking for it.
About 30 minutes after arrival at the Seremban Police station, I was placed in a DARK ROOM measuring about 7 feet by 10 feet. I am a big built person weighing 98 Kilograms and this small DARK ROOM which I belief was used as a cell by the Police caused severe mental torture and stress to me. I felt claustrophobic.
In total I was detained for more than 27 ½ hours in contravention of Article 5 (4) of the Federal Constitution. I was placed in the DARK ROOM for more than 19 hours incommunicado. I was not allowed to contact my family members, I did not know the whereabouts of my children who were in another car behind me , was not allowed to contact and obtain the services of a lawyer.
The DARK ROOM was filthy and unhygienic without proper toilet facilities and I had to use the toilet in total darkness. The 19-hour ordeal caused severe anxiety, fear, sweating, nauseating, suffocation and my heart started beating rapidly for no apparent reason.
I was just a week ago discharged from the Seremban Hospital for infection on my leg. During this period my legs swelled and cracking and despite me and my wife’s police report No. 755/11 at about midnight on 13/2/11 also urging me to be taken to the hospital urgently, the Police refused to take me to hospital.
I belief the Police deliberately placed me in the small DARK ROOM to punish, cause mental torture and stress, and intimidate me for my involvement in the Human Rights movement Hindraf Makkal Sakthi which advocates the rights of the ethnic Malaysian Indian community.
I now make this report against the above named persons for causing torture and inhumane treatment to me during my detention at the Seremban police station. I belief they deliberately did this to spite me for my involvement in Hindraf Makkal sakthi and prevent me from further getting involved in Hindraf Makkal Sakthi’s activities. They were particularly angry with me for organising a successful campaign in Negeri Sembilan in the March against UMNO’s Racism, which is due to take place in Kuala Lumpur on the 27th February 2011.
I had organised various meetings with youths throughout Negeri sembilan, distributed flyers and canvassed for various groups to organise themselves in large numbers to turn up at the peaceful March against UMNO’s Racism on 27th February.
I do not have confidence in Police investigating their own crimes especially since it is against their own kind and they are protecting their masters UMNO. However I lodge this report to put on record the atrocities of the Police in using unlawful methods, illegal and unknown arbitrary Police procedures and torturing me. I suffer severe mental agony as a result.
I also make this report on behalf of myself and 25 others including 4 children (released after more than 10 hours and given food only at about 11.00p.m and that too after my wife scolding them) detained at the same place and time.
We were arrested without any valid grounds in a road- block mounted by Police simply for the “unknown offence in law” of driving in a campaign to raise awareness against UMNO’s racism. Our cars were diverted to the Seremban Police station forcibly and the 26 were arrested and held in detention for almost 27 ½ hours.
During the initial detention, all of us were told to remove our Orange Hindraf T-Shirts, as the Police were unhappy with our Orange T-Shirts. (which they had already taken photographs of). The 22 Hindraf Makkal Sakthi volunteers were instructed to contact their family members to request them to bring a change of clothing (of the Orange Hindraf Makkal Sakthi T-Shirts) but they refused. ASP Alias then threatened all of them with detention overnight and/or 7 days more should they refuse to do so and the 22 stood their ground. For this they were detained overnight and told to change into lock-up clothing and placed in cells overnight.
The next day at about 12pm we were told that we were being released on Police bail. However we were again threatened that if we do not leave the Police station, we would not be released. We stood our ground and insisted that we were forcibly and unlawfully arrested for wearing Orange Hindraf T-Shirts and that we will walk out with the same scared Orange T-Shirts as this is a free country and we are proud to belong to Hindraf Makkal sakthi and wear the Orange T-Shirts.
This annoyed the Police further. I personally heard one Policeman saying “kita ajar mereka” (we should teach them a lesson).
About half an hour later ASP Alias told us that we have no choice and that they are now “detaining the T-shirts as exhibits” . ( kita sekarang tahan T-shirt sebagai barang bukti). I insisted that we were arrested for the so-called unlawful assembly offence and it does not make sense that the T-Shirts should be made exhibits.
In any event all of us agreed to walk out of Police station with prison uniform, as we have no choice over the matter but even to this ASP Alias was not agreeable. He then threatened us with another criminal charge of stealing Government property (prison uniforms) and said we are arrested for a further 2 days period for this offence and that we would only be taken to court to be charged on 16th February as 15th was a public holiday.
We told him we were willing to face the extra 2 days behind bars for the “charge of stealing Government property” (Prison uniforms) and would tell the magistrate how stupid the Police were to charge us for this offence.
I belief the arrest and detention on such trivial charges are ill intended, deliberate, degrading, demoralising and humiliating and to spite us for our participation in Hindraf Makkal Sakthi activities.
However when we stood our grounds and were willing to face another 2 days in lock-up and the charge of theft, the Police relented and decided to allow us to leave the Police station with our Orange T-Shirts.
On behalf of the 25 I categorically state that we do not have confidence in Police investigating their own crimes especially since it is against their own kind and they are protecting their masters UMNO. However I lodge this report to put on record the atrocities of the Police in using unlawful methods, illegal and arbitrary unknown Police procedures and torturing us. We suffer severe mental agony as a result.
Name: Sivakumar s/o Santhosam
I.C. No : 690201-05-5245
Address: 4.8 Blok M Rumah Pangsa
Jalan Lobak 12
Lobak 70200 Seremban

COMPLAINT TO SUHAKAM ON ARREST and TORTURE of Mr Sivakumar & twenty six (26) other HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi members on February 13 & 14, 2011 at Seremban Police Station.


11th Floor, Menara TH Perdana,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2612 5600
Fax: 03 2612 5620
Dear Sir/ Madam
RE: COMPLAINT ON ARREST and TORTURE of Mr Sivakumar & twenty  six (26) other HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi members on February 13 & 14, 2011 at Seremban Police Station.
We refer to the above matter.
We are requesting for an urgent meeting with your goodself at 2.15pm today in regards to the recent arrest and torture encountered by our members at the Seremban police station on the 13th February 2011.
As the sole organization established by the government under the Human Rights Commission Act 1999, we request your urgent attention to meet with our representative on flagrant disregard of human rights that had been administered by the police force against our members.
Our representative will accompany the complainants in handing over a memorandum with the view that you carry out an urgent inquiry on the gross violation of Human Rights by members of the Royal Police Force including the crime of torture, inhumane and degrading treatment.
Further, we would also appreciate as a special request, that a Malaysian Non-Indian Commissioner to be appointed to attend during our meeting.
Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully
P.Waytha Moorthy

Chairman Human Rights Party Malaysia (Pro tem)
National Co-ordinator HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI
N0 6 Jalan Abdullah off Jalan Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur

11th Floor, Menara TH Perdana,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2612 5600
Fax: 03 2612 5620
16th Feb 2011
Dear Sir/ Madam
We refer to the above matter.
We write in anticipation that you would exercise your powers under section 12 (1) of the Suhakam Act to hold an inquiry into the following complaints that I hereby make on behalf of 59 HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI leaders and well wishers arrested nationwide on the 13th February 2011.
Brief details of arrest;
HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI is organising a Solidarity March Against UMNO’s Racism on the 27th February 2011. In conjunction to this we have been organising various activities and campaigns to raise awareness of the march. One of such campaign was a drive campaign where we drive our vehicles with posters of the Peaceful March attached to our vehicles in a group without hindering any flow of traffic or causing obstructions to other traffic. This event was organised simultaneously in the states of Kedah, Perak,Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Negeri Sembilan and Johor on the 13th February.
However the Police mounted various roadblocks nationwide and with the assistance of the Federal Reserve Force stopped these vehicles arrested the drivers and passengers of such vehicles, seized the vehicles, manhandled the said drivers, and finally in the state of Negeri Sembilan detained 22 persons overnight.
We now list our complaints of the various Human Rights violations committed by the Royal Malaysian Police Force
a) Stopping the flow of traffic of vehicles belonging to HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI members.
b) Arresting these drivers upon them obeying the orders to stop for the unknown, mysterious and non-existence crime in Law of driving in a group.
c) Arresting the passengers of these vehicles including children for an offence unknown, mysterious and non-existence in Law for accompanying such drivers.
d) Insisting that 22 HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI members remove their Orange T-Shirts, failure of which they were punished with detentions overnight.
e) Insisting that the 22 HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI members do not wear the Orange T-Shirts upon release of bail.
f) Seizing/threatening to seize the Orange T-Shirts on grounds that they were “exhibits” in an investigation by the Police for unlawful assembly.
g) Placing our Negeri Sembilan HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI Chairman S.Sivakumar in a mysterious DARK ROOM of 6 feet x 10 feet, which was not an official cell within the meaning of lock-ups in the Malaysian, or any other International Law/conventions.
h) Subject Negeri Sembilan HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI Chairman S.Sivakumar to torture by detaining him in a mysterious DARK ROOM for a period of 19 hours.
The above information warrants an urgent inquiry within the Powers of Inquiry of the Commission under section 12 (1) which provides;’


Commission may inquire on own motion or on complaint
The Commission may, on its own motion or on a complaint made to it by an aggrieved person or group of persons or a person acting on behalf of an aggrieved person or a group of persons, inquire into allegation of the infringement of the human rights of such person or group of persons
I no doubt am aware of Section 12 (2) which provides circumstances where the commission may not hold the inquiry and I quote ;
The Commission shall not inquire into any complaint relating to any allegation of the infringement of human rights which-
  1. is the subject matter of any proceedings pending in any court, including any appeals; or
2. has been finally determined by any court.
If the Commission inquires into an allegation under subsection 12(1) and during the pendency of such inquiry the allegation becomes the subject matter of any proceedings in any court, the Commission shall immediately cease to do the inquiry.
I wish to reiterate that this Inquiry is crucial to establish and answer certain pertinent issues ie could :
a) the Police arrest an individual for the crime of driving in a group which is not a defined/known crime in Malaysia.
b) the Police arrest innocent passengers in a vehicle.
c) the Police arrest individuals for wearing Orange T-Shirts
d) the Police arrest individuals with theft of Government property- in this case Prison clothing as the detainees’ clothing have been seized
e) the Police place an arrested person in a mysterious “DARK ROOM” which is not defined as a cell within the meaning of the Lock-ups in Malaysia.
f) In the interest of the larger group and civil rights advocates – Do the Police use secret “DARK ROOMS” to torture detainees. We have heard of these rooms but no official complain and inquiry held on this subject matter.
g) Did the Royal Police Force fulfil Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners passed by United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders?
We have in our possession various video, photographic, audio evidences, including those taken in Police stations, which we are willing to submit to this Commission on the official inquiry. We reiterate that more than 160 witnesses are willing to testify in order to establish the above questions.
We believe our request for inquiry would not be frustrated by virtue of Section 12 (2).
We believe this inquiry would serve as an eye opener and promote the cause of Human Rights which we in HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI have always cherished.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully

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Police sentry harass Malaysiakini videojournalist

A police sentry ran from the Travers police station, demanding that a videojournalist stop his video interview of HRP Seremban chief who had gone to the station to submit a report against the arrest of HRP participants of an anti-racism convoy recently.

When the journalist and HRP members wanted to know the reason for his instructions, he pushed the camera away.

The interview was about 30 metres from the front gate of the police station.

Teoh’s family boycotts RCI

The RCI ruled that Foong need not recuse himself. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Teoh Beng Hock’s death suffered a major blow to its credibility today after the family of the dead political aide withdrew from the inquiry.

The family decided to pull out of proceedings after the royal panel decided to continue the inquiry despite a proposed judicial review over the appointment of deputy public prosecutors (DPPs) as conducting officers.

It also decided that chairman Tan Sri James Foong Cheng Yuen need not recuse himself despite being a sitting Federal Court judge.

DAP chief Karpal Singh, who is counsel for the Teohs, said that the family would withdraw so as not to lend legitimacy to the commission.

“The proceedings are being rushed for reasons best known to the commission,” Karpal told reporters outside the courtroom later.

The family believe that the Attorney-General is seeking to revise the coroner’s ‘open verdict’ to one of suicide and claim that this would lead to bias by the DPPs.

The coroner’s inquest had ruled out both suicide and homicide in Teoh’s fatal July 16, 2009 plunge, after being questioned overnight by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) the day before.

Karpal said it was “inconsistent” for the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to seek such a revision while insisting that its officers involved in the RCI were independent.

He added that the RCI was effectively an “inferior tribunal” in light of the ongoing revision proceedings at Shah Alam High Court.

He said the family would likely not proceed with the judicial review, although The Malaysian Insider understands that a final decision has yet to be made.

Processing had stalled earlier after Karpal objected to the commission’s decision to continue proceedings as it was “unfair” to the Teoh family and all involved to do so when a judicial review had been mooted.

Co-counsel Gobind Singh Deo pointed out that the commission ran the risk of “contamination of evidence”, as the evidence presented at the inquest would be compromised should the High Court rule in favour of a judicial review.

MACC lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah agreed that the application by Teoh’s family was an urgent matter but pointed out that it would greatly delay the RCI.

He explained that, regardless of the decision, there would likely be an appeal by the losing side that would push back commission proceedings by at least three months. The RCI intends to conclude proceedings by April 25.

The Teoh family, however, will continue to participate in the AGC’s revision of the inquest decision, which will come up for mention tomorrow.

“We will, of course, attend the revision proceedings because there the Attorney-General, it appears, wants a verdict of suicide, which I think is indefensible,” he said.

“We want a verdict of homicide because that is what the evidence discloses.”

The royal panel will visit Plaza Masalam, the site of Teoh’s death, tomorrow morning at 9.45am before resuming proceedings at 2.30pm here at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak formed the RCI last month following public uproar over Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas’s verdict at the end of a 17-month inquest, which ruled out both homicide and suicide.

Azmil had said he could not find enough evidence to confirm that Teoh’s pre-fall injuries had contributed to the 30-year-old’s death outside the MACC’s then Selangor headquarters in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam, on July 16, 2009.
The coroner, however, had raised doubt over whether Teoh could have exited unaided from the window on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam before his fatal plunge following overnight interrogation by MACC officers.