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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gauntlet thrown at DPM over Interlok issue

(Malaysiakini) Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin has been taken to task for allegedly misleading the public where the current status of the Interlok novel as a compulsory textbook for form five students is concerned.

The charge was levelled by the chair of the National Interlok Action Team (NIAT), Thasleem Mohammed Ibrahim, at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He pointed out that Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, had said on Jan 28 that the student edition of the novel would only be used after the amendments had been done (as reported in Sinar).

But on March 23 he had told parliament that the cabinet had sanctioned the continued use of the book in schools as reported in the Hansard.

Muhyiddin challenged

"Muhyiddin Yassin was not telling the truth. We want the truth. NIAT challenges him to repeat outside what he had said in parliament, so that we will be able to take the necessary action to find out the truth, including taking him to court," Thasleem (right) said.

It is interesting to note that only Muhyiddin had been touching on the subject, and no other minister or party leaders had said anything about it so far, he pointed out.

"What about the MIC, Gerakan, MCA, PPP or PKR, DAP? We have heard nothing from them. But we do hear a lot from the people, not only from the Indians but the Chinese and others as well, who clearly say 'NO' to Interlok," he claimed.

Thasleem took pains to explain the steps that his organisation had taken since January to communicate with the government, all to no avail.

"We had, in a professional manner, raised the matter in our letters to the ministers, heads of departments and all the others who in one way or other had a role to play in this issue.

"It is shocking to realise that those very people who talk about a 'caring and responsive' government and government service had not bothered to respond to our case as stated in our letters backed with well-researched information.

"Even the Muftis of Selangor, Negri Sembilan and the Federal Territory have been conspicuously silent on this matter," said Thasleem.

'Shocking things to talk about'

NIAT had met Pakatan MPs and the youth wing of PAS to brief them on the real issue in this controversy. But BN backbenchers had been giving excuses, as did the MIC.

"It was MIC president G Palanivel who on Jan 23 asked the government to withdraw the novel. Then, they talked about the 'P' word and amendments. Now, they are silent.

"NIAT asked the prime minister for just 15 minutes to place its case before him. NIAT was informed that he had no free time till June. But it is plain for all to see that he had been having plenty of time for social gatherings.

A Rajaretnam, a NIAT council member, interjected: "The PM had three hours on end for Bollywood-style entertainment at the Mines.

"We have again written to the PM for an appointment," Thasleem added.

He made one point clear that as long as there is no reply from the DPM and others to their letters, "I will steadfastly hold that I am right in stating that the Interlok novel is contrary to the teachings of Islam."

He also issued a warning: "If no proper answer is forthcoming, we have shocking things to talk about in the next few weeks."

Muhyiddin gets one-week deadline

Thasleem took Muhyiddin to task for saying that the issue had become a threat to national security.

"What we have been engaged in is the democratic process of telling the government that what it had done was wrong. How could that become a threat to national security? he asked.

"If, as claimed by Muhyiddin, it had become a threat to national security, who is the cause of it; it is Muhyiddin Yassin himself."

He also that Muhyiddin "has one week from today' to accept his challenge to him to repeat outside parliament what he had said there.

Sarbaini’s kin not satisfied, wants police to reveal the truth

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — The family of dead Customs official Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed are dissatisfied with police investigations and claim his death is being covered up.

They also want to know the “real story” behind his death plunge at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office here on April 6 — the second such case in an anti-graft office.

“We know that the late Ahmad Sarbaini fell from a high place but what caused him to fall? What caused his death?” asked a family member who declined to be named.

“Because from what I understand is that if someone falls from the third floor then the person will only suffer from broken bones but will not die from it,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Police said yesterday that the Selangor Customs assistant director died from head injuries due to the fall at the MACC building in Cheras.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah told reporters that it was now up to the Attorney-General to decide on the next course of action.

But the family said the police details were sketchy.

“The family questions why the investigation was not thorough. It is like they are trying to hide something.

“We are wondering if this story will just end like this. We are not satisfied with the results of the investigation and still want to know what happened. We want the real story,” the family source told The Malaysian Insider.

The source added that the family wants to know if Ahmad Sarbaini did fall or whether he was pushed from the third floor.

“That is why we want to know what happened. Why did he fall? Is true that he fell from the third floor or was he pushed?” he said.

MACC investigations director Datuk Mustafar Ali had said that Ahmad Sarbaini returned to the MACC building at 8.26am that day without an appointment and had requested to meet the investigation officer without stating why.

Ahmad Sarbaini had already given his statement to MACC and was released from custody at 12.30pm on April 2.

He had been remanded on March 29 following an MACC-led swoop on a Customs syndicate that it said was worth at least RM3 billion in unpaid taxes, resulting in the arrest of 62 officers.

Mustafar said an officer then accompanied Ahmad Sarbaini to a room in the office before leaving to collect the case file, but found him missing when he returned.

Ahmad Sarbaini’s body was later found on the badminton court on the first floor, but his friends have said it was impossible that he had committed suicide over the MACC investigations.

His family has said that it may sue the MACC if police investigations into his death do not favour the family.

The incident was a major blow to the anti-graft body’s credibility as it is already in the middle of a royal commission of inquiry into the mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock outside a MACC office in 2009.

Teoh, 30, had plunged from the then-Selangor MACC headquarters on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 16, 2009 after he was questioned overnight by anti-graft officers.

Sivarasa: Siapa dalang disebalik ‘Siapa Anwar’?

Beliau menggesa Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Ismail Omar memaklumkan kepada orang ramai siapakah yang dikenalpasti polis pada 1999 sebagai pihak dibelakang video seks 1999.

PETALING JAYA: Ahli Biro Politik PKR Sivarasa Rasiah menggesa pihak polis menyiasat siapa dalang di sebalik video seks bertajuk ‘Siapa Anwar’ yang kononnya melibatkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan diedarkan beberapa hari sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) November 1999.

Dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini, beliau menggesa Ketua Polis Negara (KPN), Tan Sri Ismail Omar memaklumkan kepada orang ramai siapakah yang dikenalpasti polis pada 1999 sebagai pihak dibelakang video seks 1999.

“PKR menggesa KPN untuk memaklumkan kepada orang ramai apakah tindakan yang diambil terhadap pihak yang dikenalpasti dibelakang video seks 1999 itu,” katanya.

Semalam, FMT memetik isi kandungan surat bertarikh 18 April daripada bekas pegawai polis Dato’ Mat Zain Ibrahim kepada KPN meminta disiasat siapakah dalang di sebalik pembikinan dan penyebaran video seks yang diistilahkan sebagai Video Seks Pertama

Mat Zain mengakui bahawa selain dari Video Seks Kedua 2011 yang kononnya turut melibatkan Anwar terdapat Video Seks Pertama 1999 tetapi tidak dapat dikenalpasti siapakah yang mengedarkan kepada orang ramai menjelang PRU 1999.

Beliau turut mengaitkan bekas ketua menteri Melaka, Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik dengan video yang muncul pada 1999, bermotifkan balas dendam terhadap Anwar.

“Ini memandangkan Anwar telah membuat laporan polis pada 20 Ogos 1999 daripada penjara Sg Buluh terhadap Rahim yang menuduh tindakan jenayah dan rasuah oleh Rahim, hanya tiga bulan sebelum kemunculan video 1999 tersebut,” ujar Sivarasa yang juga Ahli Parlimen Subang.

Cheng continues to draw flak over holiday proposal

The proposal to cancel Deepavali and Wesak Day holidays is still hitting a raw nerve with politicians despite a reported denial by William Cheng.

GEORGE TOWN: Two Barisan Nasional local leaders have demanded a public apology from a Chinese business leader for stirring racial sentiments by suggesting the cancellation of public holidays for Deepavali and Wesak Day celebrations.

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman William Cheng drew flak from Penang MIC youth wing chief J Dhinagaran and Penang Gerakan’s legal and human rights bureau head Baljit Singh over his alleged statement.

Dhinagaran slammed Cheng for insulting the minority groups in the country as if “they are insignificant and irrelevant for nation building.”

“The public holidays reflect the government’s multi racial policy.

“Cheng is obviously undermining it and showing a total disrespect for the contributions made by minorities to the country’s growth thus far.

“He owes minorities an immediate public apology,” insisted Dhinagaran, who’s also the MIC national youth treasurer.

This was concurred by Baljit, who added that Cheng was definitely not representing the general view of majority Malaysian Chinese.

He slammed Cheng for allegedly disgracing his own community as if suggesting that the “Chinese were money faced people.”

“Cheng should have been tactful because it involved religious sentiments of Malaysians.

“He seems to suggest a public holiday should only be given if the event was economically vibrant,” he said.

Why Deepavali and Wesak Day?

He said he could not understand why Cheng was singling out only Deepavali and Wesak Day celebrations when there were many other unnecessary public holidays.

Baljit, who is a Sikh, reminded Cheng even though Hindus and Buddhists were minorities, they too play a pivotal role in shaping the political and socio-economic landscapes in the country.

In another statement, DAP’s national vice-chairman M Kula Sagaran also lashed out at Cheng over his proposal.

“While it is fair and right for businessmen and employers to put productivity as their first priority, they must not think of robbing the Hindus and Buddhists of the two public holidays,” he said.

He added that Cheng should have instead complained of the last-minute declaration of public holidays by the government.

Parroting Umno’s views

In an interview with a vernacular newspaper last week, Cheng has purportedly called on the government to consider cancelling public holidays for Deepavali and Wesak Day because the festivals were not celebrated by majority Malaysians.

He complained that the country had too many holidays and that these were affecting the economy.

His suggestions drew criticism from various quarters, including MIC publicity and communication chief S Vell Paari, former president of Malaysia Hindu Sangam A Vaithilingam and commentators in portal mails, blogs and social network Facebook.

Some blasted Cheng for being racist and intolerant, while others chided him of being a greedy businessman with a motto of “money, money and make more money.”

Several commentators alleged that Cheng could well be parroting racist views of certain elements in ruling party, Umno.

Cheng, as quoted in a Tamil daily yesterday, denied making such a call.

Bukan dibunuh

Polis sahkan kes kematian pegawai kanan kastam di bangunan SPRM tiada unsur jenayah

(Berita Harian) -- Misteri kematian Penolong Pengarah Kastam Diraja Malaysia (KDRM) Selangor, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, 56, di Pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM), Jalan Cochrane, pada 6 April lalu terjawab selepas polis mengesahkan kes itu tiada unsur jenayah.

Berikutan itu, polis mengklasifikasikan kes itu sebagai kematian mengejut berdasarkan siasatan dan hasil ujian makmal yang dilakukan polis, Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM) dan Jabatan Kimia.
Keputusan itu diperoleh selepas Pasukan Khas diketuai Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Ku Chin Wah yang ditubuhkan sejurus kejadian berlaku, melengkapkan kertas siasatan untuk dihantar ke Pejabat Peguam Negara minggu depan.

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah, berkata hasil siasatan membuktikan tiada sebarang unsur jenayah dalam kematian Ahmad Sarbani dan keputusan itu dijangka mampu membantu Pejabat Peguam Negara membuat keputusan atau menubuhkan suruhanjaya khas jika keadaan memerlukan.

Zulkifli berkata, hasil laporan makmal menunjukkan Sarbani maut kerana kecederaan serius pada kepala selepas terjatuh dari tempat tinggi.

“Selepas menjalankan siasatan secara mendalam, kami membuat kesimpulan mengklasifikasikan kes ini sebagai kematian mengejut. Saya berpuas hati dengan kertas siasatan yang dilakukan itu dan tidak perlulah saya mengulas lanjut kerana yakin semua pihak akan faham berhubung kes ini,” katanya ketika ditemui selepas merasmikan Majlis Kor Kadet Polis ke-41 di Astaka, Titiwangsa, di sini semalam.

Ahmad Sarbani ditemui mati di gelanggang badminton di tingkat satu bangunan pejabat SPRM itu selepas dilaporkan pergi ke pejabat itu untuk bertemu pegawai penyiasat SPRM berhubung siasatan kes rasuah yang membabitkan 62 pegawai kastam.

Zulkifli berkata, pasukan penyiasat khas itu juga sudah mengenal pasti punca serta bagaimana kejadian itu berlaku bagi menghentikan pelbagai spekulasi yang timbul berhubung kematian pegawai kanan cawangan import eksport itu.

Mengulas tindakan lakonan semula kejadian itu, Zulkifli berkata, ia dilakukan bagi membantu polis mencari jawapan bagaimana mangsa terjatuh dari tingkat 3, bilik pantry bangunan SPRM itu.

Sepanjang siasatan dijalankan juga, pasukan khas (PDRM) juga sudah memanggil 48 individu termasuk pegawai SPRM dan keluarga mangsa untuk dirakam percakapan.

Terdahulu pada majlis yang turut dihadiri Pengarah Jabatan Pelajaran Kuala Lumpur Mohd Adenan Deraman, Zulkifli berkata, kor kadet polis menjadi pemangkin kepada remaja untuk tidak membabitkan diri dalam salah laku pelajar, masalah disiplin dan jenayah ketika meningkat dewasa.

“Kalau hendak kekalkan disiplin remaja, pembabitan diri dalam kor kadet polis dan unit beruniform lain dapat membantu mereka membentuk sahsiah diri yang baik. Jadi ketika dewasa mereka tidak terjebak kepada masalah sosial," katanya.

Beliau berkata, statistik jenayah indeks turun 10 peratus bagi tahun ini berbanding tahun lalu dan jenayah jalanan pula turun 21 peratus bagi tempoh yang sama.

Sementara itu, Mohd Adenan berkata, cabaran bagi pelajar di kawasan bandaraya sangat tinggi dari segi pembentukan sahsiah diri dan disiplin. Pembabitan dalam aktiviti kokurikulum dapat mendidik mereka menjadi pelajar berdisiplin.

On suggestion of possible DAP-SNAP merger (2)

By Lim Kit Siang,

Three days ago, I had said:

“In the 13th national general elections, we should avoid any multi-cornered contests which can only benefit the Barisan Nasional and for this reason, I would even suggest that DAP and SNAP should seriously consider a merger of the two political parties to accelerate Iban/Dayak political awakening following the 416 Sarawak general elections.”

There have been different responses, both pro and con, to the suggestion that DAP and SNAP seriously consider a merger of the two parties, which are beneficial references and guides to political workers in Sarawak and Malaysia.

Veteran journalist Terence Netto described the idea of a merger between DAP and Snap as “one of the more stimulating propositions to emerge in recent times”.

There are also critics who oppose the idea painting its prospects in the most pessimistic terms.

There have also been reactions from the political players.

SNAP leaders for instance have been reported by the media as pouring cold water on the idea while the Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has asked for clarification

Firstly, the idea of a proposed merger between DAP and SNAP would not take off if the SNAP leadership are opposed to it.

Secondly, my suggestion of a possible merger of DAP and SNAP to accelerate Iban/Dayak political awakening following the 416 Sarawak general elections and to avoid multi-cornered contests in the 13th general elections is just that, a suggestion.

I have not yet taken it up with the Sarawak state leadership and the DAP central executive committee.

I welcome reactions to the idea of a merger between DAP and SNAP as one response to the new Sarawak political scenario after the 416 Sarawak state elections.

Baru Bian and Pakatan Rakyat leaders in PKR and PAS can be rest assured that we are on common ground in wanting to ensure that the “stable coherence” of PR in Sarawak must be upheld, protected, promoted and advanced at all times and that it should not be undermined in any form.

I will take the opportunity of my visit to Sibu tomorrow to discuss the idea with Sarawak DAP leaders and I welcome further comments to my suggestion of a possible merger between DAP and SNAP to better prepare for the new political challenges post-416 before deciding whether to pursue it further in DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

Ladang Bukit Jalil folks seek 'Political Solution'

Groups blast 'cancel Deepavali, Wesak hols' call

(Malaysiakini) The call by the chairperson of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the public holidays of Deeapavali and Wesak to be cancelled and made into normal working days has raised the ire of groups, who have demanded that the remark be retracted and an apology issued.

NONEWilliam Cheng (left) had reportedly lamented as 'too many' the number of public holidays for being bad for business.

The government should consider cancelling Deepavali and Wesak Day, Cheng was said to have proposed, as only a “minority” group of people celebrate the occasions.

Expressing “shock” at his statement today, DAP said expressed its “strongest objection” against the proposal.

First of all, said the party's national vice-chairperson, Hindus who celebrate Deepavali and Buddhists who celebrate Wesak are not a mere minority.

“These festivals are celebrated by millions in this country,” said M Kulasegaran, who is also DAP's Ipoh Barat member of parliament.

maika holding shareholders meeting 300807 kulasegaranWhile it is fair and right for the business community and employers to put productivity as their first priority, they must not think of “robbing” the Hindus and Buddhists of the two public holidays.

“In fact, no one should rob any race or group of the current public holidays already gazetted,” said Kulasegaran (right), who said businesses should seek other ways to improve productivity instead of merely making a holiday a workday.

“Besides, public holidays encourage economic growth as more people will travel to tourist spots and throng the shopping centres,” he added.

Cheng should realize that the declaration of some festivals as public holidays carries with it the significance of the government's respect for and recognition of the importance of the festivals, said Kulasegaran.

Cheng's statement that Deepavali and Wesak public holidays should be cancelled is thus is not only puzzling but “is in fact insensitive, irresponsible, totally ridiculous and unacceptable.”

“He must withdraw his comments and tender a public apology to the Hindus and Buddhists.”
Sin Chew runs clarification
Echoing his demands was the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, whose president RS Mohan Shan said It was “absolutely irresponsible” of Cheng to dismiss Deepavali and Wesak Day purportedly because the occasions are not celebrated by as many people as other festivities.

“Tan Sri William Cheng should have realised that his statement would hurt the sentiment and feelings of the Hindus and Buddhists in the country.

“As a prominent person in the business community, he should have known that his statement would also have far-reaching consequences,” said Mohan Shan in a statement.

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam urged Cheng to immediately withdraw his statement and offer his apologies to the Hindus and Buddhists in the country for making “this extremely short-sighted and meaningless suggestion,” said Mohan Shan.
Meanwhile, the newspaper which first carried the news has published a clarification today that Cheng did not make the statement on removing Deepavali and Wesak as national public holidays.

Earlier this week, Sin Chew Daily quoted Cheng, who suggested a reduction of national public holidays from 17 days to 15 days, excluding Deepavali and Wesak

Perkasa says will lead ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’ movement

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — Perkasa has announced its spearheading of the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement, warning Malays that the Chinese were seeking ultimate political power.

In backing Utusan Malaysia’s call for a movement to “unite” all Malay parties, Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said that Malay rights group did not have the “luxury of time” to wait for Malay political parties to initiate action.

“Perkasa will take on the responsibility of spearheading the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement, where it is obvious the Chinese, through the DAP are trying to take over the political power of the Malays.

“This movement will be a part of Perkasa’s 3rd “Perhimpunan Melayu” in Kedah this April 30 at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium,” Syed Hassan told The Malaysian Insider.

The Perkasa leader said that the Malay rights group had invited representatives from various Malay NGOs to attend the gathering next weekend.

“I understand that even the Kedah Mentri Besar will be coming,” he said in reference to PAS’s Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak.

Utusan yesterday called on its owners Umno to spearhead a 1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement involving all Malay parties, claiming that the DAP was intent on toppling the country’s Malay leadership.

“What Umno needs to do now, in this pressing time, is to launch a wave of racial unity — 1Melayu, 1Bumi. Launch 1Melayu, 1Bumi immediately with other Malay parties,” assistant chief editor Datuk Zaini Hassan wrote in the Malay daily yesterday.

Zaini said that while the DAP had united the Chinese politically, the Malays had so far done nothing in response.

Syed Hassan echoed Zaini’s remarks, and said today that Malays risked losing their rights and privileges to the Chinese unless they unite.

“The Chinese been monopolising the country’s economy for so they want political control..Malays must unite, we need to preserse our political rights,” Syed Hassan added.

He said that he did not understand why the Chinese community in Sarawak voted for Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“What is the problem of the Chinese in Sarawak? They have it better than those in the Peninsular,” he said.

Although Barisan Nasional (BN) won 55 out of the 71 seats in the recent Sarawak state elections, PR won a 15 seats, 12 of which were urban-majority seats consisting of mainly Chinese voters.

Memory-refreshing exercise for MACC officer

For a short while, the court was plunged into darkness when a commissioner did a 'strange test' on a witness.

KUALA LUMPUR: For a few minutes the court where the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) was conducting its investigation into the death of Teoh Beng Hock went silent and dark when a member of the royal panel did “something strange” on a witness in a bid to refresh the latter’s memory.

Commissioner Dr Mohamed Hatta Shaharom, who is a consultant forensic psychiatrist, asked Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) assistant enforcement officer, Bulkini Paharuddin, to recall an incident outside a toilet where he claimed to have seen Teoh at the then Selangor MACC headquarters at Plaza Masalam.

Earlier, Bulkini, 48, repeated his testimony that he accompanied his witness, Tan Boon Wah, to the toilet door at 2.15am on July 16, 2009, and saw a Chinese man walking in.

Bulkini, who understands Mandarin, said he heard a loud voice “Ni Loh” (Mandarin for “it’s you”) and he believed, from the intonation and the loudness, that it had meant “it’s all because of you”.

Bulkini believed the voice came from Tan but he did not know if the Chinese man was Teoh. However, he later recognised the person, especially Teoh’s white pants, from an image from the TV3 news on television.

Then came the “memory-refreshing exercise”.

Said Hatta: “I’m going to to something strange”. He asked the court helpers to turn off all the projectors and computers as well as the court lights near the witness.

He then asked Bulkini to close his eyes and relax for 60 seconds.

“I want you to imagine you are at your favourite place in the world for 10 seconds. Then immediately bring your mind to the episode at the toilet. This is very important,” Hatta told Bulkini, who nodded.

“Imagine when you were with Tan (Boon Wah) and you saw a man coming in… till the time you heard the exclamation of ‘Ni Loh’,” said Hatta, and indicated that the witness could start the exercise.

Pin-drop silence

A minute of pin-drop silence ensued until Hatta said Bulkini could open his eyes and describe what he saw, especially the appearance and apparel of the unknown person, on a blank piece of paper.

He also asked Bulkini to repeat the “meditation exercise” to visualise the image of Teoh’s body that he had seen on the TV news.

When asking Bulkini to read out what he had written, he warned: “You’ve sworn to tell the truth here. And Allah is your witness and you’re answerable in the afterlife.”

Bulkini nodded and read out: “I saw a person in white pants, he had his head bowed… he opened the toilet door with his right hand. He wore a black top.”

“(For the TV image), I saw a person lying on the floor in a gruesome condition. Black top and white pants.”

Hatta then asked Bulkini to tell the commission how long it took and what he was in his mind when the television image triggered the memories of the white-coloured pants.

“Now in my mind, (the white pants) is all I can see. I waited (about a week to reveal) because I was afraid to tell anyone immediately. I was fearful that it would end up like this… people accusing me (of lying).”

Earlier, Bulkini was rapped by RCI chairman James Foong for not being fully aware of the details of the investigation when he was involved in bringing Tan in for questioning.

Foong: You said (the then deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim) gave a short briefing. But you’re saying you went there but don’t know much about the whole operation?

Bulkini: Later on, my superior told me what it was all about.

Foong: It means that officers go to briefings and still dont’ know the whole scheme of things… you just follow the team, just follow orders?

Bulkini: Yes.

Foong: If I gave a briefing, I would state the purpose of an operation. This is like a young chick blindly following its mother…

Bulkini: No… I…

Foong: Then you (might as well) not go in the briefing. Just stay outside. In my opinion, you are not telling the truth.

Bulkini: Your honour… I tell the truth, we are not fully briefed because MACC does not want information to be leaked.

Foong: Your explanation is unreasonable. If this is true, then the weakness lies with your superiors.

When questioned by Bar Council’s Cheow Wee, Bulkini also admitted that it was possible that the Chinese man he saw at the toilet was not Teoh.

“Is there a possibility you were wrong (about the man being Teoh)?” asked Cheow, to which Bulkini said yes.

He also said that when he heard the shout, he was more worried about continuing eating his meal as his hands were still unwashed.

He denied allegations by Tan that he had tortured him (Tan) by swinging a pouch at Tan and pointing a finger at his face.

Bulkini also denied purposely switching the lights on and off in the room where Tan was interrogated. He said there were no lights at all at all times, but it was bright enough in the room.

‘I know Tan’s tricks’

Bulkini said he had already known Tan’s tricks from the very beginning.

“I already knew his (Tan’s) tactics. He will do all these and blame people. He was rummaging through his things and breaking some things when we first met him at his home. I know he wanted to purposely do this to say that we stole his things. That’s why I asked him to check if he lost anything. He is smart, but I am experienced,” said Bulkini.

Bulkini also described Tan as a “hot-tempered” person as he had scolded his own wife in front of MACC officers.

“I understood some things he and his wife said. His wife had said ‘I already told you not to do this kinds of things,’ and he said ‘you shut up, I know what to do’,” alleged Bulkini.

During questioning by MACC laywer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Bulkini said he interpreted the “ni lo” as an angry expression meaning “ini you punya pasal(this is all your doing)”.

Commissioner T Selventhiranathan then pointed out that “ni lo” could be interpreted in many ways, including a friendlier “oh, it’s you!”

Bulkini said he would have investigated the commotion in the toilet if he knew Teoh was actually an MACC witness.

He disagreed that he had anything to gain by making up the story and agreed that he could have concocted a more elaborate conversation if he had wanted to.

At one point, when Shafee asked Bulkini if the man he saw at the toilet was wearing a black jacket as seen in the photos of Teoh’s body, Selventhiranathan warned Shafee of giving the witness hints.

This prompted Shafee to say: “This is going on unbelievably, consistently. So many have been asking leading questions but I’m the only one being pointed out. The Bar Council, supposedly neutral, asks even more leading questions but I have never objected and the commissioners are especially silent.Why me? Especially you Mr commissioner (Selventhiranathan).”

Small talk

Later, Putrajaya MACC intelligence officer Hafiz Izhar Idris, 27, took to the stand. He was part of the team investigating the Seri Kembangan case in which Teoh was involved and had sat with Teoh briefly during the first hour he was at the MACC office.

Hafiz said he enquired about Teoh’s background, marital status, career and also about “false claims” later. However, he said it was just “small talk” and it wasn’t an “interrogation” ordered by his

“When you asked Teoh whether he was married, did he mention that he was not but will be registered the next day?” asked Shafee, to which Hafiz said no.

Foong then said that the inquiry’s private investigator had found that there is no such thing.

“The investigations showed that there is no such registration. Actually, I don’t know where the impression that he is getting married all came about,” said Foong. Shafee said MACC’s investigations also showed the same result.

It was widely reported that Teoh had planned to register his marriage with fiancée Soh Cher Wei, then 28, the day he died. Soh had married Teoh posthumously on Aug 15, 2009 and gave birth to a son, Teoh Er Jia, in February the next year.

Teoh, a political aide to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on July 16, 2009, on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam.

He was interrogated the night before by MACC officers at their office, located on the 14th floor of the same building. They were investigating alleged misuse of state allocations.

On Jan 5 this year, coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas returned an open verdict after an inquest, ruling out both suicide and homicide.

Subsequently, the government caved in to public pressure and established the commission now in session. It is investigating both the cause of Teoh’s death and if there were any impropriety in MACC’s interrogation of Teoh.

Hearing resumes tomorrow.

Disabled couple in dire straits

Unable to work and too old to apply for housing loans, they're among 41 families of Kampung Muniandy facing eviction.

KUALA LUMPUR: M Veeriah, a 60-year-old disabled man and his partially blind wife Tamilselvi, 59, will be homeless and destitute if the Selangor state government has its way.

Their home of 30 years in Kampung Muniandy PJS1 has been earmarked for demolishment on April 25 to make way for a school project.

In desperation, the couple turned up at the Human Rights Party headquarters in Bangsar to seek help and assistance.

S Jayathas, HRP’s information chief, took up the couple’s cause and this morning handed a memorandum addressed to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to halt the destruction of the couple’s home.

The memorandum was handed over to an official at the Parliament, to be delivered to Khalid later.

Jayathas pointed out that as the couple were unable to work and too old to apply for loans, they had nowhere else to go and the demolition would leave them without shelter.

He said that the Selangor government was “morally obliged” to provide alternative housing for free to settlers above the age of 50.

“The state government should at the very least provide them with rent-free homes throughout their lifetime,” said Jayathas.

Notice to move before April 25

He urged the state government to provide a written guarantee to these “underprivileged, victimised Indian settlers” to ensure that they would be sheltered.

The demolition notice requested that the residents move out before April 25.

Kampung Muniandy currently houses 41 Indian families, all of whom have been served eviction notices.

The project developer of Kampung Muniandy had in fact promised to build low cost houses for the initial group of 276 families seven years ago.

Of these, 235 have been shifted to low-cost housing scheme in Lembah Subang but 41 remained despite having signed Sale and Purchase agreements.

All of them paid deposits of up to RM4,000 for these homes costing between RM35,000 and RM42,000.

“The settlers have been waiting for the past seven years for their S&Ps by the developer to be honoured,” said Jayathas.

Wanita pelajar kolej swasta

(Harian Metro) - Polis sudah mengenal pasti identiti wanita yang berada dalam rakaman video seks dikaitkan dengan seorang pemimpin politik pembangkang dan juga lokasi video itu dirakam.

Menurut sumber, wanita itu adalah seorang pelajar sebuah kolej swasta di ibu kota berusia 26 tahun yang juga seorang warga China.

“Polis sudah merakam percakapan wanita terbabit bagi membantu siasatan berhubung video seks yang mengaitkan ahli politik pembangkang itu,” katanya.

Menurutnya, hasil soal siasat dilakukan, wanita itu turut mendedahkan lokasi rakaman video seks berkenaan dilakukan.

“Rakaman itu dilakukan di sebuah kondominium di pinggir ibu kota. Sebaik mengenalpasti lokasi rakaman itu dilakukan, sepasukan pegawai dan anggota polis ke lokasi berkenaan bagi meneruskan siasatan,” katanya.

Bagi melengkapkan kertas siasatan berkenaan, pasukan penyiasat yang diketuai Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, dikatakan membawa rakaman berkenaan kepada pusat penyiaran terkemuka di luar negara untuk dianalisis, pada 4 April lalu.

Sumber itu berkata, pihak berkuasa percaya berdasarkan kepakaran dan keupayaan teknologi serta pengalaman dimiliki pusat penyiaran berkenaan mampu mengenalpasti pelaku yang berada dalam video seks berkenaan sekali gus menyelesaikan persoalan individu sebenar yang berada dalam video berkenaan.

Polis sudah melengkapkan kertas siasatan itu dan diserahkan kepada pejabat peguam negara pada 9 April lalu.

Anwar Mesti Dihapuskan…?

Oleh Tok Bahaman,

Demi survival politik UMNO Anwar mesti dihapuskan. Walau dengan apa cara sekalipun watak ini mesti dihapuskan dari arus politik Malaysia. Watak inilah yang menggelorakan arena politik Malaysia yang sebelum ini tenang tidak pernah bergoyang sedikitpun. Sama ada orang suka atau benci, Anwar pernah disenarai oleh TIME MAGAZINE 2008 sebagai antara 100 tokoh dunia paling berpengaruh sebaris dengan Obama, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Gandhi John McCain dan lain-lain. Beliau belum pernah gagal dalam sebarang pertandingan. Jenayah paling besar yang pernah dilakukannya ialah mencabar TDM 1998. Sejak itu nasibnya pun berubah. Satu demi satu kawan berpaling tadah.

Tsunami Politik 2008 adalah antara kesan dan pengaruhnya. BN hilang kuasa 2/3 di parlimen. Jika tsunami politik berskala lebih besar melanda PRU13 dan Putrajaya terbungkas maka pada ketika itu rakyat akan tahu bahawa terdapat sebuah terowong bawah tanah menghubungkan Putrajaya dan KLIA. Pada ketika itu lubang-lubang tikus disempadan juga akan menjadi tidak selamat.

Dia adalah penggugat yang mengancam tahta dan singahsana kuasa berupaya menggegarkan tenaga muda progresif membina garis baru politik Malaysia – Negara bangsa yang adil serta hak asasi lebih terjamin.

Politik UMNO adalah warisan politik bangsawan Melayu feudal yang melihat Jebat sebagai orang yang sangat berbahaya. Warisan Pateh Karma Wijaya mencetus fitnah yang menyebabkan Jebat mengamuk dan akhirnya dibunuh. Pun begitu, Jebat tidak pernah mati. Semangat Jebat terus hidup dalam setiap jiwa yang cintakan keadilan.

Dalam konflik kuasa politik orang-orang Melayu sejak dulu fitnah adalah aparat politik yang sangat ampuh untuk menghapuskan musuh. Dalam hal ini Datok Bahaman pernah berpesan kepada pengikutnya agar jangan sekali-kali percaya kepada pembesar-pembesar Melayu. Bahaman adalah panglima raja – bergelar Orang Kaya Semantan menentang dasar cukai tanah yang zalim oleh Inggeris di Pahang akhirnya menjadi orang buruan. Minumannya pernah dibubuh racun dalam satu majlis bersama pembesar-pembesar Melayu di Kota Bharu pada tahun 1896. Ia terselamat dan selepas itu Bahaman kemudian menukar namanya untuk setiap perjalanannya agar jejak beliau tidak dikesan”

Abdullah CD adalah warisan Perang Bahaman pemimpin Regimen 10 yang memakai berbagai nama dihutan akhirnya termakan juga racun yang dimasukkan di dalam makanannya. Dia diracun oleh orang yang diupah pada tahun 1971 yang kemudian telah membuat pengakuan secara pribadi kepadanya. Ketika itu Regimen 10 (Melayu) amat menjadi ancaman terhadap UMNO.

Dalam kes Anwar walaupun dikenali sebagai pemimpin yang begitu toleran namun Anwar adalah pemberontak terhadap ketidakadilan dan kerakusan kuasa kaum bangsawan Melayu yang telah berlanjutan lebih setengah abad. Pidatonya jitu dan mencengkam jiwa pendengar serta mampu mencetuskan gelombang kebangkitan di kalangan orang muda.

Lebih menggugat apabila dia berjaya membawa PAS – DAP duduk semeja sekaligus menghancurkan seluruh usaha UMNO selama ini agar PAS dan DAP terus bercakaran. Anwar juga telah berjaya mengubah persepsi negatif orang-orang Tionghua terhadap PAS. Sokongan orang-orang Tionghua terhadap calon PAS di beberapa kawasan pilihanraya kecil menjadi bukti perkara ini. Sebelum ini PAS adalah ‘kui” atau hantu kepada orang Tionghua yang selalu diusik-usik oleh pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO supaya menjauhi parti ini kecuali jika mereka sanggup disunat….!

Anwar berjaya melunturkan kepercayaan orang-orang Tionghua terhadap MCA dan Gerakan. Di Bandar-bandar di Semenanjung boleh dikatakan hampir tiada lagi orang-orang Tionghua yang percaya pada MCA atau Gerakan. Kalau adapun mungkin yang sangat terpencil. Arus ini tidak mungkin surut lagi malah diramal akan menjadi gelombang lebih besar dalam PRU 13 nanti. Ada baiknya pemimpin-pemimpin MCA dan Gerakan bungkus kain baju mereka dan tinggalkan parti. Parti itu sudah tidak relevan. Orang-orang Tionghua tidak mudah dibeli dengan duit seperti orang Melayu, Malanau, Iban dan Kardazan. Sekolah Cina telah wujud di Malaya sejak tahun 1930 lagi ketika itu sekolah Melayu pun belum ada. Ini bermakna mereka kenal huruf-huruf p-o-l-i-t-i-k itu lebih awal.

Selain daripada fitnah dan isu perkauman apakah alat lain yang boleh diketengahkan untuk menyekat Anwar kecuali good governance dan jangan menindas rakyat. Dan ini tidak mungkin terjadi ! Dalam hal ini pilihan yang ada ialah “ Anwar “ dia mestilah dihapus demi kesinambungan kuasa bangsawan Melayu itu. Sekali lagi kaum bangsawan menuduh Anwar sebagai orang keciwa yang kononnya memberi harapan kepada orang-orang Tionghua untuk memerintah negara ini.

Fitnah bersiri yang dilancarkan UMNO terhadap Anwar bukanlah suatu yang aneh kerana hanya cara ini sahaja watak ini boleh dihapuskan. Selain Anwar siapa lagi yang boleh menyatukan PAS – DAP yang sepanjang sejarah bertikaian tetapi hari ini telah menjadi benteng baru untuk rakyat sandarkan harapan. Sebelum ini pemimpin-pemimpin besar UMNO tidak pernah percaya bahawa akan wujud barisan alternatif seperti BN. Justeru mereka percaya hanya BN sahaja yang boleh mendirikan kerajaan.

Lebih 50 tahun PAS dan DAP dilaga-lagakan agar berkelahi seperti anjing dengan kucing. Bila anjing dan kucing sibuk bercakar maka ada peluang untuk mereka menyelongkar. Anwar telah menukar emosi anjing dan kucing hingga mereka boleh makan bersama. Justeru kebelakangan ini, strategi melaga-lagakan PAS – DAP sudah tidak berguna lagi. Dalam keadaan ini adakah aneh sekiranya “Anwar” dijadikan sasaran supaya semuanya berkecai !. Rekayaksa video lucah dan tayangannya di TV untuk ditonton oleh rakyat adalah hanya untuk memainkan emosi Melayu. Kenapakah isu Sodomi dan video lucah ini langsung tidak mempengaruhi masyarakat Tionghua?

Ternyata isu video lucah ini telah digunakan sepenuhnya oleh UMNO demi menyelamatkan Serawak dalam PRN baru-baru ini. Ia telah ditayangkan tidak henti-henti tanpa ada sedikitpun perasaan bersalah kerana melancarkan fitnah yang besar. Ia belum pasti benar dan dilarang Allah. Kerja terdesak ini hanya sanggup dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin yang sangat jahat dan rendah akhlaknya.

Isu video lucah ini meletup pada hari DUN Serawak dibubarkan. Tayangan video ini terhenti sebaik sahaja pilihanraya selesai. Kenapa tidak diteruskan saja tayangan itu dan CDnya dibekalkan ke setiap sekolah supaya semua anak-anak kita disekolah juga tahu siapa itu Anwar Ibrahim!. Bila mereka keluar sekolah nanti mereka semuanya akan mendaftar menjadi ahli UMNO.

Anwar adalah pemimpin kepada kelas rakyat yang mendambakan pembelaan yang hidup tapi mabuk dalam derita. Kelas ini miskin namun mereka tidak tahu bahawa tidak sepatutnya miskin dalam sebuah negara yang begitu kaya. Mereka tidak sedar walaupun mereka bekerja keras namun hidupnya berselimut hutang demi menyara keperluan keluarga dan pendidikan anak-anak. Mereka tidak peduli dengan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang horaa sana dan horaa sini dengan duit yang mereka rompak dan pau daripada rakyat menerusi berbagai sumber cukai, lesen, permit, denda, toll, saman ekor dan sebagainya. Dengan berbagai-bagai cara mereka tekan dan tindas asal mereka boleh dapat duit dari saku rakyat

Semua fitnah ini perlu dilancarkan demi melencungkan perhatian rakyat terhadap pelbagai penyelewengan. Kritikan terbuka Anwar terhadap keterlibatan Najib dalam kes rasuah pembelian jet Sukhoi dan kapal Selam Scorpene sebanyak RM500 juta oleh Kementerian Pertahanan telah menjadi rekod umum. Begitu juga desakan yang berulang kali dari Anwar terhadap Najib membenarkan penyiasatan bebas bagi membersihkan namanya dan Rosmah atas dakwaan berwibawa pembunuhan yang terkenal – model Mongolia Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Ternyata UMNO bukan saja telah menyalahguna media milik kerajaan malah lembaga-lembaga awam seperti Polis, Pejabat Peguam Negara, Lembaga Kehakiman Suruhan-jaya demi kuasa. Tanpa mempeduli tunjang sebuah negara demokrasi iaitu saparation of power seluruh lembaga ini sejak 1998 telah dikerah untuk menghapuskan seorang yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim kerana ia memimpin kesedaran kelas yang mengancam masa depan BN. Untuk menghapuskan watak ini tidak mustahil juga pada PRU 13 kita akan menyaksikan RPK, Nalakarupan dan Ummi Hafilda akan bergabung membalun Anwar. Dalam politik kawan adalah musuh yang paling berbahaya.

Sudah 13 tahun Anwar dipukul dan dibalun. Dihina supaya ia dibenci namun nampaknya watak ini tidak terjejas sedikitpun. Yang terakhir ialah konspirasi video lucah yang tidak begitu rapi perancangannya telah mendedahkan kejahatan mereka selama ini. Sanggupkah mereka menyembelih ketiga-tiga monyet video lucah itu sebagai langkah bermuka-muka terhadap rakyat dan apakah akan terjadi sekiranya ketiga-tiga monyet ini menyanyi mengikut musik kemudian melompat menggigit lengan tuannya sekiranya ia ingin disembelih seperti si toyol.

Anwar tidak akan mati dek keris pundek UMNO yang sebilah itu. Sudah 13 tahun dia dibalun bertalu-talu. Suaranya terus lantang dan matanya tetap tajam memaku wajah orang yang membuat tuduhan terhadapnya. Tidak henti-henti turun naik mahkamah tinggi dan rendah terutama apabila menjelang pilihanraya kecil. Pada 21 Februari 2011 hari dia dibicarakan Sodomi II dia dikatakan sempat pula melanggan seorang perempuan cina – dikatakan pelacur untuk melampiasi nafsu gilanya. Benarkah dia begitu rendah.?

Explain DAP-SNAP merger invite, PKR tells Kit Siang

By Clara Chooi - TMI

KUCHING, April 21 — Sarawak PKR demanded a clarification today from Lim Kit Siang for inviting SNAP to merge with DAP without prior discussion with his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners.

SNAP, a Sarawak-based opposition party, came at odds with PKR during the just concluded Sarawak polls after seat distribution talks broke down.

Warning that such a merger would affect the existing relationship between PR’s key coalition partners — PKR, DAP and PAS — Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said today that Lim, as a veteran leader in the DAP, should explain his suggestion.

“Sarawak PKR is surprised to learn that Lim Kit Siang wants a ‘merger’ of DAP and SNAP. Since we are PR partners, we would appreciate a clarification of this proposal from Lim and the DAP,” he said in a statement today.

Baru, who was one of three PKR candidates who triumphed in the just-concluded Sarawak polls, reminded Lim that SNAP had attempted to “undermine” PKR by contesting against the party and forcing multi-cornered fights.

“SNAP has also consistently been negatively critical of PKR for reasons best known only to them.

“If anything, PKR Sarawak is deeply disappointed and saddened by SNAP’s approach within PR since we have always regarded SNAP as our partners,” he said.

Prior to the polls, SNAP had also promised not to campaign against DAP and PAS but it did no such thing with PKR and clashed head-on with the party in all 26 of the seats it contested.

Despite this, the party failed to capture a single seat and its candidates even lost their deposits in 24 constituencies after they failed to garner one eighth of the votes cast.

“As proven by its disastrous electoral performance, SNAP has no electoral machinery, little political capital and even less social clout on the ground.

“The total votes garnered by all of SNAP’s candidates combined were less than those garnered by independent candidates. SNAP came in last in almost all multi-cornered fights,” Baru noted.

He added that SNAP’s fight in the Sarawak campaign had only served to confuse the electorate, weaken PR and help Barisan Nasional secure a victory.

BN managed a landslide victory in Saturday’s polls when it recaptured its two-thirds majority and won 55 seats in the 71-seat assembly.

“We are therefore deeply puzzled by Lim’s purpose in suggesting a ‘merger’ between the DAP and a party like SNAP.

“It is Sarawak PKR’s considered opinion that such proposals should be thoroughly discussed behind closed doors.

“This would ensure that all component parties of PR fully understand and endorse the objectives of such a possible merger; which ultimately must strengthen the coalition,” he said.

Without discussion, Baru added, such a merger would confuse PKR and DAP members as both parties had stood shoulder-to-shoulder during the polls to campaign against both BN and SNAP.

He added that such mergers by any partner in PR should be made to enhance diversity and reflect the multi-ethnic politics promoted by the pact instead of deepening any existing cleavages.

As an alternative, Baru suggested that SNAP dissolve and allow members to join other parties.

“In this way, we believe that SNAP cannot ever be made use of as a vehicle to further undermine the stable coherence of PR in the years to come,” he said.

Baru was commenting on a suggestion by Lim on Tuesday calling for a merger between DAP and SNAP to accelerate the Dayak “political awakening” and capitalise on the swing of votes from the local communities in support of the PR.

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider today, SNAP president Edwin Dundang said the party was elated at being “wooed” by political parties from both BN and PR, citing PR’s DAP and BN’s Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Umno as examples.

Kids born to M’sian mothers abroad now entitled to citizenship

The Star

CHILDREN born to Malaysian mothers will now be able to get citizenship status.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong said a mechanism was introduced on June 1 last year to allow Malaysian women living overseas with their foreign spouses to make citizenship applications for their children.

Previously only children born overseas to Malaysian fathers were entitled to Malaysian citizenship.

Lee said 88 citizenship applications were received up to end-March.

“The mechanism is permanent in nature and not an interim admi­nistrative measure.

“It is aimed at helping Malaysian mothers overseas to make the citizenship application while abroad instead of returning home to do it,” he said when replying to a question raised by Senator Chew Lee Giok.

He said applications were made via the respective Malaysian representative offices overseas and processed by the National Registration Department (NRD) before being submit­­ted to the Home Ministry for a de­cision.

On a separate issue, Lee said the ministry was gathering information from the NRD and NGOs on the issue of “marriages of convenience” involving foreign women who marry local men merely to obtain legal status here.

Status Of Country Will Not Guarantee Continued Success - Najib

PUTRAJAYA, April 21 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that a country's status is no guarantee that it will continue to succeed if its financial and economic policies were not managed properly.

"Although a particular nation has been recognised as a developed country, there is no guarantee that the country will not become a 'failed state' in terms of managing its economy and financial policies properly," he said.

Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, said this at the Special Assembly of the Finance Ministry, here Thursday.

He said when a nation is categorised as a failed state, it would then lose its integrity and would have to seek financial aid from international financial institutions.

"This would lead to uncertainties in terms of domestic policies which would in turn result in the people of that country carrying a heavy burden," he said.

Citing Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal as countries facing problems due to their failure in managing their financial and economic policies properly, the Prime Minister said their failure had posed difficulties for them in tackling the problems arising.

"As a result, there is a feeling of uneasiness among the people when they are 'bound' by the conditions imposed by the international organisations," he said.

As such, Najib said the government had set the road map and clear platform based on the concept of '1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now' to ensure that Malaysia did not face similar problems.

He said various policies, programmes and projects, including those under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), National Key Result Areas (NKRA), Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) had been drawn up so that Malaysia could continue to succeed and realise the aspiration to turn Malaysia into a developed nation with a high income by the year 2020.

"We have long fought for what we consider to be most important in maintaining and preserving the interest of the people and national integrity," he said.

The Prime Minister said that last year Malaysia succeeded in registering an economic growth of 7.2 per cent and the challenge currently was to ensure that the growth rate was not less than six per cent each year.

He said the challenge thereafter was to control inflation in the country to the lowest rate possible, otherwise the people would face difficulties and a heavier burden.

"In addition, we also have other primary objectives where the national wealth and strong growth could be could be distributed in a balanced manner," he said.

At the assembly, the Prime Minister also announced the award of the MS ISO 9001:2008 certification by Sirim to the Malaysian Treasury and launched the "Treasury's Smile Culture".

On the MS ISO 9001:2008 certification, Najib said it involved seven divisions namely the Remuneration Policy, Public Money and Management Service Division; Tax Analysis Division; Economic Analysis and International Division.

Loans Management, Financial Market and Actuary Division, Government Procurement Division, Strategic Financial Management Division; Information Technology Management Division; and Corporate Communications Unit.

For the "Treasury's Smile Culture", Najib said the campaign with the slogan "Always With A Smile" would last two months.

He said the campaign was most suited to the aspiration to raise the effectiveness of the public service delivery system to ensure that the services provided satisfied the needs of the people and clients generally.

Children in home were abused, claims MIC Youth

The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Several children were abused and beaten while girls are believed to have been sexually-abused in an unregistered home in Puchong, MIC Youth secretary C. Sivarraajh claimed.

He said the goings-on at the home came to light after some of the children complained to their school teacher.

“MIC Youth and Selangor welfare department officials went to the home to investigate after a police report was lodged by the school's Parent-Teacher Association,” he said.

Sivarraajh said they took away the children from the home but had to send them back after the children's parents made a counter report that their children were well looked after by the home's 60-year-old administrator.

The Selangor welfare department is still investigating the complaints.

Sivarraajh said there were 2,261 welfare and day-care homes set up between 2001 and 2010 by the private sector and non-governmental organisations but only 441 were registered with the Welfare Department.

He said MIC Youth would form a special unit under the social and welfare bureau to monitor such homes in their respective states.