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Sunday, May 29, 2011

“Semua 8 A + dapat JPA scholarship” 54 years old UMNO and PM Najib Razak lie. Only U.N led Equal Opportunities Commission will ensure fairness. (See Berita Harian Headlines 28/5/2011)

MOTO NAJIB1Year in and year out, it is the same old story. The UMNO and the Prime Minister Najib Razak makes the kosong media propaganda that all students scoring 8 A+ and above for SPM will be granted full JPA scholarship locally and overseas.

But when top most Indian science students scoring even 12 A+ e.g Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan, he is offered a mere animal rearing Diploma course at UPM. The racist UMNO P.M will say “Oh, the policy was good, it was the implementation that was bad”. This is what we have been hearing from UMNO for the last 54 years since Independence.

Thus, far in our list that we have compiled we have the following top and high achieving students denied PSD scholarships and in the course of their first choice by not less than the racist and religious supremacist UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak as follows :

1) Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan (12A+)
2) Asunta top Student ( 8A+ 2A- 1A 1B)
3) Inthran s/o Manickam (10A “3A+ 2A 5A”)
4) Shamala d/o Sundar (8A and 2 B+)
5) Rubanesh s/o Ramachandran (9 A and 1 B+)
6) Sasiskalaregal s/o Selvaraja ( 9A 1B+)
7) Asogan (7A)
8) Rukaslini (4A, 1A-, 3 B+, 1C+, 1B)
9) Kavita a/p Sriraman (6A 4B)
10) Rubanesh Ramachandran (9A 1B+)
11) Heamanthaa Padmandan (10 A+ 1A)

The implementation of the UMNO racist policies have always excluded and segregated the top and high achieving Indian students save and except for the 0.1 % to 1% top Indian students showpieces who are flaunted to the brim to create the impression that the UMNO and via their MIC and SMC Indian mandores are in fact giving all top and high achieving Indian students and are getting their rightful PSD and other scholarships.

Mr Prime Minister Najib Razak, this kosong wayang kulit does not sell anymore especially after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf rally Indian poor awakening. UMNO has to stop this degrading level of racism and religious supremacy done with impunity. We no longer trust you or the UMNO PSD, government machinery or your newspaper headlines and by lines or your T.V and Radio propaganda. Only a truly independent Equal Opportunities Commission to also be encompassing of at least 51% United Nation Commissioners is the only way forward against UMNO racism.

Then and only then will we see some semblance of fairness, equality and equal opportunities. The racist UMNO is not going to give it on a silver platter to the Indian poor. We have to fight for it using people power a la 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.

P. Uthayakumar
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Make public PSD scholarship recipients

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang says the prime minister must restore transparency and integrity to the selection process
KUALA LUMPUR:  DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang wants Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to make public the names of PSD scholarship recipients.

“Najib must restore transparency and integrity to the selection process by making public the list of scholarship recipients,” said  Lim.

“It’s a crying shame that even after so long, the Public Service Department is incapable of functioning in a competent and professional  manner.”
The former DAP chairman added that as the government had spent billions of ringgit on computerisation, this should be achievable.

“If it was not possible, those responsible for computerisation project should be sacked,” he said.
Lim also underlined the importance of restoring public confidence in the system by ending the double standard of having two different pre-university examinations.

“Malaysian students should be sitting for one common examination.
Separate systems go against Najib’s 1Malaysia concept as two different pre-U’s with different grading systems are open to accusations of  manipulation.”

Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships are given to students who obtain 8A+ .
Top scorers are offered matriculation and diploma courses, and then given scholarships when they further their studies at the first degree level, said Najib yesterday.

There will be 4,000 scholarships to be given to those who obtained at least 9As. Of the total, 1,500 will be for study abroad and the rest  for study locally.

There is a 60% Bumiputera quota for foreign PSD scholarships. The rest of the quota are given out to students based on merit (20%),  those from East Malaysia (10%) and the needy (10%).

Palani moves to knock off threats to his position

MIC chief dangles Tan Sri-ship 'carrot' to former deputy president Subramaniam to stay out of the party elections.
KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president G Palanivel is said to be consolidating his position and is in the midst of eliminating all possible threats.

According to a source, topping the president’s list of threats that needs to be extinguished is none other than former deputy president S Subramaniam.

In the previous two party polls, Palanivel had defeated Subramaniam with the help of the latter’s arch-rival and former president S Samy Vellu.

The source said, both Palanivel and Subramaniam met at the house of VKK Thiagarajan, the ex-MIC FT chief, earlier this year to discuss the party elections.

“Palanivel convinced Subramaniam not to compete for the president’s seat. He promised a Tan Sri-ship for Subra if he does not contest in the upcoming party election,” said the source.

Since taking over the party’s helm, Palanivel  has been  very tactful in handling the party’s top guns.
“He knew that incumbent deputy president Dr S Subramaniam will go against him in the next election. So, Palani is ensuring that Subramaniam will not lend  his support to his rival in the election,” he added.

The source also said that if Subramaniam is awarded a Tan Sri-ship, it will be a loss of face to Samy Vellu. Samy and Subramaniam have been long time political rivals and bitter foes.

The late MIC president V Manickavasagam decided to bring Subramaniam into politics to sideline Samy Vellu.

However, in the 1977 party elections Samy  managed to beat Subramaniam by a mere 26 votes to become the deputy president.

“It seem like Subramaniam is happy to be made a Tan Sri. By getting the award, he will be one up on Samy Vellu who is still a Datuk, the source said.

He, however, admitted that  Subramaniam still has the desire to head the MIC. According to the source he will not be surprised if Subramaniam contests for the president’s post.

Meanwhile, in another development, the source also claimed that Palanivel had promised almost 40 persons for parliament seats.

He also promised 12 for senatorship and nearly 50 to state assembly seats for the upcoming general election. Currently, MIC has nine parliament seats, 18 assembly seats and five senators.

“I believe that there will be a big scuffle when the president sits down  to prepare the party’s candidate list for the general election,”  said a prominent leader.

Eye on religious teachers from Peninsula

Sarawak State Islamic Council to monitor them to ensure they do not promote extremist teachings that go against the government
KUCHING: Extremist religious teachers from Peninsular Malaysia sent to Sarawak will be closely monitored by the state government, said Daud Abdul Rahman, assistant minister in charge of Islamic affairs in the Chief Minister’s department.

“Those found to be promoting extremist or anti-government teachings will be sent home,” he said. “We will need the cooperation of the public and the education department to inform us of such teachers.”
He was asked to comment on remarks made by Parti Rakyat president and Land Development Minister James Masing that some ‘ustaz’ (religious teachers) sent to Sarawak were not seen as ‘ustaz’ but were ‘counselling teachers’ and was worried of their real intention.

“If they are real counsellors, I don’t mind. But they are masquerading as something else then it is quite dangerous,” Masing said. “Thousands of them are now teaching in rural schools.”

Several quarters including the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia) have also expressed concern on the effect of these religious teachers on their children in the rural schools.

Some said that these ‘counselling teachers’ should stay in the peninsular where their services were more needed to help reduce religious extremism, drug addition, rapes, incest and other social problems.

Closely monitoring by MIS

Beginning next year, thousands more of these ‘ustaz’ will be posted to rural schools in Sarawak.
Daud said that ustaz from the peninsular Malaysia would be soon under the watchful eyes of the State Islamic Council (MIS) to ensure they do not promote extremist teachings that go against the state government.

“I do not deny that some teachers from the peninsular especially from the East Coast states have that kind of mentality and we will ensure they are closely monitored by MIS,” he said.

Daud said that Sarawak needs to employ ustaz from peninsular Malaysia as the state lacks religious teachers.

Admitting that there are extremist religious teachers, Daud said, however, the number is small, and that “not all religious teachers from the peninsular have extremist mentalities.”

Some of them, he said, are decent and have good characters.
“Still we have to take precautions,” said Daud, urging the public and the education department to cooperate with MIS and inform them of such teachers.

Suhakam not allowed to view abuse victim’s body

The remains of Pakiam Subramanium, which has been held by the Serdang Hospital for 106 days, has not been released for a second post-mortem either
KUALA LUMPUR: Serdang Hospital has denied Suhakam permission to view the body of a young woman who allegedly died as result of injuries in a domestic violence.

Suhakam commissioner, Mohd Sha’ani Abdullah, said that although they had given prior notice via a letter to view the body this morning at 11am, hospital authorities  refused them.

“I insisted on wanting to view the body as Suhakam has the powers to investigate, but they referred us to the director-general who demanded a letter.

“We have already faxed another letter today, and have scheduled a new appointment for 3pm on Monday.”
He explained that Suhakam had received the complaint regarding discrepancies in the death and inaction by the authorities on Friday.

Mohd Sha’ani added that the family had apparently made five police reports but none were met with any action.

“We need to see the body so we can decide what action to take next, and whether to call for a public inquiry.”

Lorry driver M Subramaniam, 52, is seeking an order for a second post-mortem on the remains of his daughter, Pakiam, 23, who died just five months after marriage.

This is the third time he is seeking such an order, with the first two filings being rejected by the magistrate. The results of the first autopsy concluded the cause of death as ‘pending’.

Beaten up by husband
Subramaniam wants the second post-mortem to be done independently at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre in Petaling Jaya by forensic pathologist Dr Karunakaran Mathiharan.

He also wants the remains of Pakiam brought to UMMC so that the cause of her death could be determined in accordance with Section 326 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Subramaniam also wants an inquest to be called to get to the bottom of the case and for his lawyer, Gurmit Singh Hullon, to be present during the second post-mortem.

In his application, Subramaniam said Pakiam’s arranged marriage took place on Sept 10 and that she was of sound health, physically and mentally.

He said following her marriage, she lived with her in-laws in Padang Serai, Kedah.
On Feb 12, Subramaniam’s wife P Thobathi, 43, went to Padang Serai to visit Pakiam on learning that her daughter had allegedly been beaten by her husband.

Subramaniam claimed was prevented by the husband from seeing Pakiam.
At 11.30pm the same day, he said he received a call from his wife saying that Pakiam had died.
Subramaniam said when he got to Padang Serai, he was told by Pakiam’s husband that Pakiam died after taking medicine for a stomach ache.

He said he found injury marks on her body, including wounds on her hands, cigarette stub marks on her abdomen, finger nails prised off, a swollen head and missing teeth.
He said he then lodged a police report on Feb 14.

Gurmit Singh told reporters that the High Court had set Thursday to hear the application.

Government Plans To Set Up Youth Parliament - Najib

PUTRAJAYA, May 28 (Bernama) -- The government plans to introduce a parliament for youths to get to know their views, aspirations and ideas, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the "MPs" in the parliament would be elected by the youths themselves.

"The age limit for the representatives will probably be below 40," he said when opening the One Million Youths gathering in conjunction with National Youth Day here Saturday.

Also present were Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek and several other Cabinet ministers.

"Debates can be held and proposals made...the government will give due consideration to the inputs provided by the youths' representatives," said Najib.

He said the youth parliament was one of six government initiatives to recognise the role and contributions of the nation's youth.

As future leaders, he said, the government would also be introducing the mentor-mentee concept to youths in several areas including entreprenurship, public service, social activities, industry and in creative and professional fields.

Besides these, he said the government would also be introducing outreach programmes, a news portal for youths, youth icons (role models) and set up a youth park in Putrajaya.

"The youth park initiative is line with Putrajaya being a youth-friendly city," he said.

The mammoth youth gathering, which began yesterday and ends tomorrow, features more than 200 activities and programmes for youths involving sports, extreme sports, the arts and other creative fields.

Najib said he was very pleased with the mammoth gathering and looked forward to seeing a turnout of two million youths next year.

He said this year's turnout was far greater than last year and that this showed youths in the country wanted peace unlike in some countries in the Middle East.

"I believe we can show to the world... Malaysia is peaceful and stable. What happened in Egypt and is happening in Tripoli are their own internal matters.

"Malaysia belongs to us and today's youths know their future is dependent on the success of the national transformation plans," he said.

The prime minister said the government was working very hard for the wellbeing of the people especially youths as they were the catalysts to bring about a transformation to make Malaysia a developed state.

"Although you (youths) may not be at the highest decision making level for the country, it would suffice if you uphold and support the government's transformation plans. I really appreciate that," he said, adding that the support shown by the youths at the gathering relfected that they did not want Putrajaya, the national administrative capital, to fall into the hands of the opposition.

"One day there will among you gathered here today who will occupy powerful positions in Putrajaya. This is what we want to see...not like the opposition who want to "lelong" (auction off) Putrajaya," he added.

A number of foreign envoys also attended the official opening of the mammoth gathering.

Kazim The Crazy Cleric That Preaches Hate

By Mariam Mokhtar
If you are asked to watch the clip called “Ustaz Kazim Elias kutuk Cina India?” (Kazim the Cleric condemns the Chinese and Indians?) on YouTube, don’t bother. 

It is a waste of 11 minutes and far from being inspirational or motivating, the clip was clearly an incitement to violence and every Malay/Muslim should be ashamed of Kazim. Come to think of it, the Malays who were listening to this mad mullah preach, should have walked out of the congregation.
 Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak goes around the nation trying to sell us his 1Malaysia slogan. So if the Chinese and Indians are prepared to accept this unity concept, why has Najib not been able to reach out to Malays like Kazim the cleric?

Kazim is not the only one who is deaf to Najib’s slogan for there are others, like Ibrahim Ali and Najib’s own deputy, Muhyididin Yassin, who are averse to Najib’s 1Malaysia dream.

So why bother with 1Malaysia then? Why do Malays like Kazim escape censure but the non-Malays, who use less inflammatory speech get punished? Why the mixed messages from the government? Why the double-standards? It is obvious that Najib and his Cabinet do not take racism and extremism seriously.

Perhaps the only time Najib and his merry men will take racism seriously, will be when colourful characters like Namewee (Wee Meng Chee) make more videos about racism.

Mohammad Kazim Elias Al Hafiz, is the chairman of the Pusat Pendidiakan Al Barakah, a religious educational establishment which is located in Kampung Manjoi, Ipoh, in Perak.

It is baffling that Kazim has not been hauled up for sedition.
In the clip, he denigrates both the Chinese and Indians, and reproaches these two communities for taking advantage of the Malays, rebukes them for their constant disagreements with the ketuanan issue and for enslaving the Malays – because ‘they (the Chinese and Indians) have never tasted what is like to be ‘slaves’’.

He also says that these two races are lucky to live in a land which is free of conflict.

But the puzzling thing is that Kazim was invited to preach on one of the naval ships.

He described how the bunk beds were cramped and how the sailors had to live onboard ship for three months when they are at sea.

Obviously this cleric has no idea what it is like to be in the service. Perhaps he imagines that every sailor would have the stateroom on a cruise liner and 70 virgins to nurse him every night.

He described the hardships a sailor or soldier in the jungle has to go through, as if the service personnel had been totally unprepared for those privations.

Kazim then makes unfair comparisons with the Chinese who are able to go drinking and to the disco, whilst the ‘poor Malay’ has to suffer in the jungles or on the high seas, in defence of his country; to provide the peace and tranquility enjoyed by the Chinese and Indians.

But his most damning statement was to say that the navy, army and police are composed solely of Malays, that they were prepared to sacrifice life and limb, whilst the non-Malays enjoyed the good life.

Following this description, he then asks: “Who is the master and the slave here?” and “How dare they tell us that they do not want ‘Ketuanan Melayu’”.

Is Kazim so ignorant that he does not realise that it is his government’s policies that have turned the non-Malays from the services?

He asks if we find any Chinese or Indians in the services. He informs us that there are few Indians in the army but that many Indians are criminals.

He tells us that the Malays have been too tolerant, giving the non-Malays land and titles. The rest of his speech is littered with more racist comments.

Why did Kazim not mention the endemic corruption that is crippling the country?

Why did he fail to mention the rempit culture of the Malay youth? He may have condemned the Chinese for going to bars at night, but he did not breathe a word about Malay teenagers who hang out, until the early hours of the morning, in the mamak stalls.

Why did he not condemn the government ministers and ‘elite Malays’ who drink heavily at the casinos of London and Monaco?

Why did Kazim not talk about the deaths caused by the moral police, when raiding hotels and homes?

He forgot about the numbers of sexual assaults on Malay children by older Malay men. He failed to mention the high levels of incest and the illegitimate children borne by unmarried Malay women.

He did not talk about the wives who contracted HIV-AIDS from their husbands who practise unsafe sex with other women, including prostitutes.

And he failed to talk about irresponsible Malay men who marry several women simply because they had got bored with their latest ‘young’ wife, or consider that a wife is too old once she has hit twenty.

The high drug use by Malays is another scourge on the community that he failed to address.

What Kazim talked about, his incitement to violence, is criminal. But the worse crime is that our religious authorities and the police, have failed to censure him for his seditious and inflammatory remarks.