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Monday, December 31, 2012

Court is the only hope of outraged nation, says fresh plea

SEEKING ANSWERS: Protesters try to break a police barricade during a demonstration against the death of the 23-year-old gang rape victim, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Sunday . Photo: S. SubramaniumFormer IAS officer seeks CJI’s immediate intervention for safety of women

A former IAS officer, who last week moved the Supreme Court for setting up fast track courts across the country for rape cases, has filed a fresh application seeking the intervention of the Chief Justice of India for urgent relief even as the nation is mourning the 23-year-old victim of the December 16 crime in the national capital.

“Instead of implementing constitutional provisions and the Supreme Court’s directions/judgments towards safety of citizens, more particularly women, the political class is again trying to buy time through formation of committees. The Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, which has become a symbol of the young generation’s tryst with dignity, is closed to citizens, and frustration among the young generation may dent the foundation of democracy if the apex court fails to intervene immediately,” Promilla Shanker said in her application.

“Parliament failed to implement 10-year-old Law Commission recommendations and formed another committee to delay critical issues.”

The government also “failed to implement the Home Ministry’s 2009 guidelines and many other laws enacted for safety of women, and formed another committee as eyewash. We are sure that after the current national awakening, the accused in the present matter will be given severe punishment for rape and murder through a fast track court. But the young generation of this country wants urgent action against powerful politicians, police officials and bureaucrats which will be a true homage to the departed soul and will bring an element of action in the democratic set-up of the country.”

Ms. Shanker said: “After the ghastly rape incident, the public anger against police and an apathetic ruling class… reflects that people across all parts of the country have little faith in the Executive and the Legislature wherein many of them are charged with rape and murder. The petition has been filed for the safety of women and children of different parts of the country who are feeling unsafe.” As per data, one woman is raped every 40 minutes and rape crime has increased by 800 per cent, she said.

Ms. Shanker sought interim directions to ensure time-bound compliance by the State and Central governments which, she said, would not only bring back people’s confidence in democracy but also strengthen the judicial system.

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