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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anwar can't make it to Hindraf event

PKR has declined an invitation by the Human Rights Party (HRP) for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to a public meeting in Klang on April 22 to discuss issues facing the Indian community, saying the circumstances were “inappropriate”.

Party sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said while PKR rejects “the race-based policies and politics of the Barisan Nasional”, he explained that “it is inappropriate for these important matters to be resolved at a meeting in a public field as requested by HRP”.

NONEHe added that Anwar had not been consulted on the date and that he has another engagement at the time.

HRP had asked for Anwar to be present at Padang Chetty, Klang to spell out what Pakatan Rakyat plans for this community within 100 days of taking Putrajaya.

Saifuddin (left), however, said PKR recognises the problems facing the Indian community, even though the party believes in “redress of grievances and upliftment of social and economic situation of every single community”.

“The Indian community has been seriously neglected by the BN government and there are many problems peculiar to the community which require to be addressed systematically and comprehensively,” he said in a statement today.

NONEHe added that the party’s “doors have always been open” and that they are “ever willing to accept representations from any party for the public good”.

However, key members of the Hindraf movement have distanced themselves from P Uthayakumar's (right) invitation, saying they were not consulted.

"The national leadership of Hindraf is deeply concerned with these unilateral statements and actions as it has been sending the wrong signals to the Malaysian public on the true stand of Hindraf," Hindraf national secretary P Ramesh had responded.
Meanwhile HRP said the event at Padang Chetty will proceed as scheduled regardless.

“Upon getting feedback from the general public attending the aforesaid event, we would be announcing our next course of action vis a vis the 13th General Election accordingly,” said HRP information chief S Jayathas in a statement.

“Our political directions is not to vote for Umno/BN in the 13th general elections,” he added.