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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RPK, you are still a LIAR and a COWARD! No wonder, Umno took you in!

RPK, you are still a LIAR and a COWARD! No wonder, Umno took you in!I have stopped reading m2day for a few years now, especially after I faced-off with the fugitive blogger-owner living the high life in London; but sometimes secondary or third parties would bring Desi's attention to his current articles/fiction where he had mentioned Desi-Y:L Chong as part of a PKR complot against him.
Yesterday a close BUMmer kaki told me that the devil-in-disguise has again cited my name, alongside Malaysia Chronicle and its founder-editor Ms Wong Choon Mei. More seriously RPK continued with a sin in Islam greater than murder -- committing SLANDER (Membuat Fitnah) and character-assasination against an MP YB Tian Chua of Batu.
Let me go on record that I was a card-carrying member in PKR from January 2005; had also been a member in DAP the previous decades.
I DON'T OFFER any apologies for facing-off with the privileged blogger hydeing up in luxury living when I beg to differ with him strongly ON THE ISSUES, but now since he has been a BANKRUPT, he cares two hoots about DEFAMING PKR leaders with whom he once marched alongside to topple the evil BN-UMNO regime.
YES, we have been told for several years by RPK's statutory declaration that his well-informed sources claimed that ROSMAH MANSOR was at the scene of where Mongolian beauty-translator Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered. Conveniently, years later, RPK spun a story ala-Arabian Nights that is to the effect:  "No, it is not possible for a woman to go into the jungle in the middle of the night!"
Then the famous/notorious RPK gave a new meaning to the word GO-STAN by appearing on TV3 on the one hand saying he's still fighting for Change and a Better Malaysia, yet he constantly and viciously attacks Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim just before the Sarawak State Electons, and again on various mainstream media on New Year's Day 2012, focusing on all the weaknesses of Anwar again and PKR in general. 
Do you think I was surprised? Well, read my article which led to his (RPK's) Declaration of War, and my calling him "a Liar and a Coward", the latter piece which drew no reaction at all from the "great RPK", a term coined aptly by MChronicle!
Also as to why the sudden RPK attack seems to be he was found out in this story  RPK, admit it: You're lying through your teeth to help Nong Chik beat Nurul in GE-13.
I would only reprise TWO OF MY POSTS later which are relevant to preliminary rebutting RPK's latest writing titledEpisode 30: A declaration of war,which I won't dignity with full reproduction, but if you think it worthw'ile, go to this LINK:
Let me first reproduce the THREE (3) "segments" in RPK's piece which I would comment on:
(1) So, Malaysia Chronicle a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua, do we continue? What more shall we talk about? Shall we talk about how Desi YL Chong was rejected by Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today before he joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team? Shall we talk about how Wong Choon Mei was sacked from Malaysiakini for misconduct before she joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team?
(2) Malaysia Chronicle, a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua, is basically Desi YL Chong, Wong Choon Mei and Tian Chua. This is the Chinese mafia in PKR that I talked about in an earlier article. Even DAP does not like this Chinese gang and many a conflict between DAP and PKR since 1999 was because of this PKR Chinese mafia. In fact, the DAP people just hate the PKR Chinese mafia and would rather negotiate with the Malays in PKR than with this Chinese gang.
(3) Shall we talk about the people Tian Chua sent to Korea for training on how to organise demonstrations so that the Bersih rallies can be turned into violent demonstrations like in Korea?

My rebuttals to the three points follow, --only where as far as YL Chong, the journalist in me, and as Desiderata, the BUMmer in me, normally signed off as "knottyaSsusual:) is concerned -- and my assessment of what FICTION RPK is continuing to churn out copiously after he was "turned over", -- for how much USD, pound sterling or RM (also short for Rosmah, what a coincidence in Malaysian history eh!):
* (1) Firstly, let me reiterate that I have been a freelance journalist-blogger for the past ten years; yes, I have been an Editorial Consultant prior to that period at as its first News Editor. Yes, I served as Consultant Editor in the first five months at from its gestation period into first three months.
But I also had served at two other online sites, for more than a year each at and as inaugural news editor at, for which I had given my best and I leave it to my peers who served with me to judge my record, NOT OUTSIDERS LIKE RPK AND HIS HARDCORE FANS (naming a few, Harris Ibrahim, Zorro, whisperer....I will add on more later, so Pateince OK!:)WHO RESORT OFTEN TO FOUR-LETTER RPK's  ROYAL&HALFBREEDLOUDMOUTH VOCAB LEARNT IN THE U.K. PUBS and OTHER DARK HOUSES OF PLEASURE TO CURSE AND SWEAR when they can't win a debate via reason and rational discourse.
** (2) I had also told off RPK that I am neither a shareholder or staff at Malaysia Chronicle, and the editor herself had put the record straight which RPK himself picked up for publication at m2day. However, may I just add YES, I AM A PROUD CONTRIBUTOR as a freeance journalist to MChronicle, SO WHAT? Digressing a bit/byte -- which is a Blogger's privilege to abuse, so why don't you get on board? --I  think Malaysia is STILL A FREE WORLD IN CYBER-SPACE, thanks to ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's MSC and its Bill of Guarantee ensuring NO CENSORSHIP OF THE INTERNET and that bungkling olde fool of Minister of Information and Communications and Culture who tries very hard to breach to please his UMNO he's beholden to and that Omnipotent Master-you-know-who!
"Me a Chinese mafia member, along with Choon Mei and Tian Chua, Yang Mulia RPK?" - RPK, thou giveth Desi too much credit, but I don't get that sort of credit you get as a turn-around sexpert. YES, you read right! -- "Sexpert" because this coward of a fugitive thrives on making innuendoes on his opponents' sex adventures with no solid foundation -- ala Datuk T trio remember? Mr millionaire-bankrupt RPK, how about providing us with current PM's sexploit with a singer-beauty in Port DICKson one fine night not so long ago you cunt remember! Okay, go aRsEk another pendek ex-MB ISA SAMAD, now chairman of Felda despite being found guilty of MONEY POLITICS IN UMNO PARTY ERECTIONS.. Oooops, elections!
*** (3) ") Shall we talk about the people Tian Chua sent to Korea for training on how to organise demonstrations..." -- Hey, royal Blogger, thou giveth too much credit to the Batu MP-lah! He himself got that sort of money and expertise like your UMNO friends/sponsors? Either you are high on drugs, or rubbing too often that pair of Dada on a "Cina Pendek" night&day and day&night to continue spinning Arabian 1,0001 Nights tales; but this is not the era of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.(Digressing&Confession: I was "reluctant" to take a dig at that moniker reference on poor Marina Lee Abdullah who now pays for the SINS OF HER HUSBAND, what I'm doing is following the axiom WHAT IS GOOD FODDER FOR THE GOOSE, IS BADDER FOR THE GANDER, for recently RPK called Desi a "China Pendek"!)
Malaysia Today is in the ERA OF THE INTERNET AND NOW MODERN ALI  DADA like you, RPK -- and the whole bunch of 21st century daylight robbers -- won't be able to hide the ill-gotten billions they robbed from the PUBLIC COFFERS now stashed away in Swiss banks. Your fugitive days are numbered as Pakatan Rakyat supported by the Rakyat-ala-Bersih3.0 march in unison to take over Putrajaya cometh GE-13.
*PS: My current comments end here -- Bear with me while I later Cut&Paste the two olde posts, with -- TYPOS, WARTS&AWE! hEY, i DON'T HAVE A SEXCRETARY.NYET! i DON'T GET PAYMENTS IN THE TENS OF THOUSANDS THAT SOME ROYAL HALF-PAST-SEX FUGITIVE GETS! --  relevant to the current situation, YL

With friends like RPK, Haris Ibrahim, PKR doesn't need enemies....

The Rakyat/electorate must stay focused and united in rejecting a third, or fourth or fifth force; by contesting, they will only become "spoilers", siphoning off votes from the PR, hence benefiting the BN. Foremost on our mind must be to question where these sudden new forces get their monies from? Whose agenda are they really fighting for?
YL Chong, Malaysia Chronicle
I recently wrote an article thinking aloud why Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) the blogger now-in-exile in Britain has been writing some articles highly critical of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, especially regarding its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but I tempered my concern with giving benefit of the doubt to the blogger now resident abroad that he might have been misinformed or disinformed by his cronies back home including civil rights lawyer-cum-blogger Haris Ibrahim.
My main criticism was that RPK had always written promoting Reformasi from 1998, marked by his outstanding role of director of FreeAnwarCampaign (FAC), and generally working in concert with opposition parties and non-governmental organisations(NGOs) towards change in government at the federal level. But recent writings had given rise to concern he was giving lots of ammunition to the ruling BN regime, especialy UMNO, to attack the Pakatan Rakyat. And today's New Sunday Times proves again my point -- its page 9 report shows that following the departure of former PKR deputy presidential candidate Zaid Ibrahim, RPK has become the "flavour of the month" of the MSM.
In fact, most Malaysians long to see the birth of a two-party/coalition system in this country -- surely a central message sent by the March 8, 2008 General Elections (GE12)? My contention is that PR consisting of PKR, DAP and PAS, now form the only viable alternative coalition able to topple the BN government in Putrajaya, and hence must be given a chance to prove themselves. I add that any third force, however well-intentioned, would only become a new impediment to PR's march on Putrajaya.
I have mentioned Haris in tandem with RPK because their efforts in moving civil society often are inter-connected in timing, and objectives, but whether by design or in revision of stands, the duo are caught flat footed in their contradictions when promoting their preferred candidate to take over PKR Zaid Ibrahim, and curently The Third Force in Malaysian politics.
I clearly recall that RPK, in elaborating on the third force, had stressed that it's NEVER meant to field any canidates in the forthcoming general elections, especially the GE13. Using the public-listed companies as an analogy, he said the third force would act like an auditor, to check the listed company's accounts and watch out for discrepancies, or waywardness by its directors and management chiefs. One point I would ask: The listed companies always appoint their own auditors who are qualified for this role, but whose mandate are this third force using to self-appoint themselves as auditors to the three components of the PR?
In fact, in my earlier article I had quoted Haris as saying the third force -- now birthing as Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) in London -- had identified some 30 men/women of integrity to stand as candidates in GE13, and some 20 had agreed to stand, and they would want DAP and PKR to allow these candiadtes to stand under their party banner, according to a Star report dated Nov 17, 2010. I had questioned why would these well established parties with their own selection criteria privatise such an important role to outside parties. This stance was also restated by leaders like PKR strategy director Tian Chua besides Dr Syed Husin.
This Third Force is neither third nor force, according to just retired PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali. In fact he sarcastically shared at a mew conference in conjunction with recent party Congress a "revealing" episode, relating that preceding the March 2008 elections, a representation was made to him to allow a Third Force candidate to stand under PKR banner. Syed Husin knew of this "guy" candidate quite well, so he told off the backers that they should have done a thorough background check and would have found that their nominee was a regular pub-goer who often ended up drunk.
Let me now reproduce the NST report dated December 12, 2010 in full, and I reiterate that the headline itself again proved my point that RPK is providing grist to the MSM to attack PKR and PR frontally, with banner headlines likely to be used by the UMNO campaigners cometh GE13.

'Some PR reps not fit to walk a dog'


KUALA LUMPUR: Raja Petra Kamaruddin has reiterated his disappointment at what he views as the lack of commitment to reforms by Pakatan Rakyat.

After virtually reprimanding his most recognisable political ally Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a London political forum on Oct 2 for not honouring campaign promises, the fugitive blogger wrote in his latest blog posting: "But what is Pakatan Rakyat's excuse? Pakatan Rakyat talks about reforms. But what reforms are they themselves introducing?

"They demand that Barisan Nasional reform. Should not Pakatan Rakyat demonstrate what it means by reforms by first of all reforming itself?

"In a nutshell, this is what I mean when I say that the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) seeks to reform the political environment of Malaysia. Note that our target to push for reforms is not just Barisan Nasional but also Pakatan Rakyat.

"And I will continuously write about how things are done elsewhere and ask why we can't also do the same in Malaysia.

"And I will not accept the argument that we can't also do that because our skin is black, brown, cocoa or yellow and not white.

"It is not the external colour of our skin that determines advancement. It is our brain and how we utilise it that will."

At the Oct 2 Friends of Pakatan Rakyat Forum in London with Anwar, and now Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Tian Chua, Raja Petra launched an attack on Pakatan's failure to implement "not a single one of the reform agenda contained in the People's Declaration".

He said this was an improved version of the Agenda of Change authored by Anwar in 1998.

According to Raja Petra, the People's Declaration was drawn up by what he termed as the civil society movement and was adopted by Pakatan parties as their manifesto for the March 2008 general election.

Three other non-Pakatan parties, too, embraced the People's Declaration, Raja Petra said.

He argued that the move and the spirited efforts of activists and bloggers like him had helped Pakatan gain seats. And now some 21/2 years after the election, not a single one of the reforms had been implemented.

As seen from the video recording of the event, Anwar had smiled approvingly when Raja Petra started addressing the forum but no longer smiled as the speech wore on.

Raja Petra offered not himself, but credible personalities from the civil society movement to be fielded as Pakatan candidates in the next general election.

As for some of the candidates fielded by Pakatan in 2008, Raja Petra, quoting his wife had said, "some of them, I can't even trust to walk my dog".

Raja Petra described them as an embarrassment.

(NST report ends here)

RPK asked in a reaction article to my piece titled "Why RPK is acting out (of character)" asked "Have I really changed?", and in a partial reply, I just said we all as individuals "grow up" with passing years, and that only the person himself or herself (including this writer!) would be able to answer truthfully if he/she has changed characterwise or with respect to the causes he/she once championed. But today, a month later, I conclude that RPK, your struggle has indeed changed direction, and you are treating PKR, and Anwar, as the enemy bigger than BN-UMNO. WHY?

So today when I opened up the New Straits Times, I wasn't surprised by the page 9 lead item headline; totally in character with his previous Oct 13's header: "Umno is Beginning to Look Better Than PKR"

So Pakatan Rakyat be forewarned that you would have to "review" your election strategies with the probable entry of MCLM or Third Force candidates, however you call them, now or revised because the promoters don't seem to know their directions and mandate. Maybe they will be strengthened by their well-linked ally Zaid Ibrahim -- in the next general elections?

The Rakyat/electorate must stay focused and united in rejecting a third, or fourth or fifth force; by contesting, they will only become "spoilers", siphoning off votes from the PR, hence benefiting the BN. Foremost on our mind must be to question where these sudden new forces get their monies from? Whose agenda are they really fighting for?

Monday, January 31, 2011

YL Chong says: 'RPK, You are a liar and a coward'

To put into CONTEXT the subject at hand, I recap, from my own "relevant" posts here (including TYPOS and all) as follows, with only the relevant extracts I wish to focus on:
(Post 1)
Thursday, December 30, 2010
FOR THE RECORD wrt to RPK's highly inaccurate acusations of Desi
I had sent off an email just past midnight to raja petra kamarudin and/or web admin of to straighten out "totally false and inaccurate" points about my role by RPK in his latest column. I don't look for fights with anyone -- I believe in civil engagement with fellow writers and readers/commenters whether here or at certain, very selective websites I read.
Following is the official email I sent FOR THE RECORD:
Below is what YL Chong wrote about me. It appears like he is going out of his way to try to bring me down for whatever reason only he knows. I don’t know what I did to him to make him so full of vile. Anyway, if it is a fight he wants then it is a fight he is going to get.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story.

Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself.

Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. In that case, since they have decided on the rules of engagement, I am only too happy to take them on...
I'm reprising only the above paragraphs, and if I need to comment further on other parts of your post, I reserve the right to, and I will keep posted CC malaysia chroniclesince you have made allegations that I had acted on behalf of malaysia chronicle.
WRT: "Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story."
How can I forget something that I never did with respect to your reported OSA incident?
WRT: "Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself."
WHEN HAD I EVER CONTACTED YOU regarding following up on "documents" -- I had never received any documents I had to refer to you RPK!
WRT: "Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. .."
I thought we bloggers read each other's writings and have the right to exchange views based on the principle of "Let's be agreeable in our disagreement."
Signing off: YL Chong, Desi
(Post 2)
Monday, January 03, 2011FOR THE RECORD 2: I have just sent RPK an email demanding a retraction of an offending article he published ...
Dear Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), and webadmin of
I further refer to your posting of my response to RPK's FALSE ALLEGATIONS against me (relating my personal role and also my role on behalf of, the article of which was subsequently also published by the New Straits Times (NST).
I waited a few days to see if you would retract these false allegations against me and to tender a PUBLIC APOLOGY to me, but thus far,I did not sight any.
From now about 2.40PM Monday January 3, 2011, I am giving you notice to RETRACT THE SAID OFFENDNG ARTICLE and TENDER A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO ME, in both your web portal, as well as in the NST, WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.
Your failure to abide by my request may see legal action being taken against you -- and/or other parties lending weight to spreading such allegations flowing from your offending article against me.
YL Chong, Desi
posted by desiderata
After a few days of waiting for a response from RPK, and there was none that I know of, I posted up the DEMAND for a RETRACTION of said allegations against me by RPK accompanied by a PUBLIC APOLOGY from him in my post dated January 3, 2011.
I am hence calling Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) a "liar" because of the "false allegations" he made against me which I rebutted as HIGHLIGHTED above in my blogpost dated December 30, 2010 and his failure to provide evidence to his allegations means these allegations had been deliberately "manufactured" by RPK, and I believe, for sinister reasons, including getting me into trouble with the government authorities.
He's a "coward" for not being brave enough to admit "wrong" to making "false allegations" against a fellow Blogger who once held him in high esteem from his days as Director of "FreeAnwarCampaign"(FAC) going back more than a decade.Just by the way mention, in the early days of Reformasi, starting early Jan 2000, I was then News Editor at for a year, and hence followed writings at FAC regularly. (This esteem of RPK as an iconic blogger began to wane from mid-2010 after I noticed a "change of character" in him,highlighted in my article published by "Malaysia Chronicle" titled "Why is RPK acting so out of character?" dated October 14, 2010, also reprised at my blog on the same day.)
Back to the current issue: since the deadline for RPK to withdraw his false allegatons and tender a public apology has long passed, today I place on record that my opinion of him is that he has lost all credibility as a blogger, once hailed by many as a key fighter for a Better Malaysia.
I would like to now refresh RPK's mind that the last time I interacted with him was in Seremban at a candle-light vigil held to protest against the Internal Security Act at Dataran Seremban (which I am proud to state for the record I helped to co-organise for three consecutive Saturday evenings...) as recorded in my post Saturday, November 08, 2008 titled: "JUBILATION at Seremban Vigil Last Night!"
Soon after, RPK self-exiled himself to the United Kingdom --enjoying the benefits of a writer living the high life, on donations from diehard fans? -- writing with lots of consistencies and contradictions (as contrasted with RPK's lieutenant in Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim's, at People's Parliament, on the MCLM for instance...) and in the past year, many readers including my own reading, RPK's no more championing the cause of a change in government at Putrajaya which he advocated for a long time, evidenced by his constant attacks on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) the better part of 2010! Yes, now I deem him a coward for running away from NegaraKu -- for a real Malaysian fighter would return to the homeland to carry on the fight for a BetterMalaysia, not "and like many other Malaysians including an MCA Minister holding Australian PR, playing safe by having one foot here and another foot there!" I don't know IF a Chines saying is apt here: Having one leg in two boats?
So RPK's allegations against me could not hold water as the "alleged actions" by me were supposedly very recent i.e. in the course of last year (2010) and were in association with which was only started by its founder-editor, Ms Wong Choon Mei, on June 1, 2010. And I was not, am not, a shareholder or staff at the online web portal.
What worries YL Chong more is also what some readers have commented about, is that editor had breached the ethics of secrecy by "exposing" whistle-blowers' identities, like mine just because we differed on several current issues. Worse yet, how can anyone trust RPK anymore when he's capable of cooking stories up and he had indeed threatened to do so to those who had passed on "classified government documents" to him in good faith but now stand the risk of being exposed just because of differences of opinion on issues that cropped up later. (In my case, the sin of RPK is compounded because the allegations against me were unfounded and false, and yet he "threatened" my safety with his unfounded allegations. I believe that bearing false witness against a fellowman is a "great sin" for Muslims, and I trust Raja Petra remains a follower of the Islamic faith, yes?)
Last, but not least, I was heartened to read from an anonymous reader at who posted a comment on my "Demand for retraction of allegations and tender an apology from RPK", as many of his sentiments struck a chord with me, a freelance writer who has been a member of PKR since January 2005, and my writings are focused on committing my fight for the birth of a two party/coalition system. I will continue my quest to ensure Pakatan Rakyat's efforts to replace the 54-year-old Barisan Nasional government, undeterred by RPK's false stories about me.
I close by reproducing the said Commenter's views in full:
* Comment Link AN Monday, 03 January 2011 19:38 posted by AN
RPK is a ruthless liar. Many time what he wrote is absolutely rubbish lies. At one time he wrote about this Sarawakian Yb for Ngemah who got many wives and that he is running out of money so he jump back to BN. This are all lies as I'm a personal friend of the YB's family.

RPK, with the setting up of this MCLM shows he is a opportunist. He desperate wants attention after making the wrong move of going into exile to run away from all the false allegations he made against some top umnp guys.

RPK was at his best when he went to ISA and everyone treat him as their idol. But not now as he have shown his true colors by taking on PR to show that he is the kingmaker.He can't be what he think he want to be. He is just like you and me except that he have a Petra in his name.

RPK must not try to be the people's leader. We have Anwar and he is the true champion for all the people of malaysia. If RPK wants to steal that title with the help of Zaid, Jeffery or anyone else then he is absolute wrong. He will only earn the hatred of the people in Malaysia.

RPK must repent and come back to show he can contribute to the change of gov't and to make the road to Putrajaya smoother, not rougher.
RPK 's MT was a MUST read blog in those days when he was hot after the Altantuya's murder. All malaysian follow his posting 7/24.He make us all cry when he posted Anwar's daughter speech at UN, makes us all us when he posted 'Dear Pete', makes us all hate umno when he posted all the corruption in umno,particularly Khir Toyo broad daylight robbery of Selangor coffer.He was indeed my icon if not yours. But today I seldom visited his blog and to be honest I don't care much whether he survive or not.I have practically lost all interest in this man . I hope he just fade into sunset.

When he was in Kamunting I also help to keep his blog alive and entertaning by writing hilarious posting about Altantuya's murderer. I was so glue to MT that I could have die for MT.Even after the police raided my house and took away all my computers, I still adored RPK. I even took a doctored photo from Zorro's blog showing RPK been handcuffed and escorted by former IGP Musa Hassan, Najib and Badawi.That photo was placed right infront of my computer to act as a rallying point for me to blast umno/BN. The police took that best doctored photo away but I made another one.

But after the RPK fire die down, I'm back to earth and seeing my former idol belittling PR and using MCLM to open up another front, I lost all hopes in this man,RPK.

This will be my last criticism of RPK and I shall kept my hate in my heart and my mouth shut."
DESIDERATA: I updated the post with some slight amendments @9.39AM 31 Jan 2011
Malaysia Chronicle

Kumpulan pro, anti-BERSIH bertembung di Bukit Aman

Calcutta High Court refuses to stay honorarium to Imams from public exchequers. Bengal getting infuriated.

Calcutta HC refuses to pass stay order on honorarium to imams. Hindu mass, the Brahman Purohits (Hindu Clerics) and Other Religious leaders getting infuriated in Bengal due to Communal steps by Mamata Banerjee, CM, West Bengal.

Kolkata, May 4, 2012 (Hindu Existence News): The Calcutta High Court refused to stay the payment of honorarium by the West Bengal government to Imams till the suit is pending in the court on Friday, while hearing a public interest litigation filed by (i) West Bengal BJP (Case No.WP 358 of 2012 -Original side), (ii) Acahrya Yogesh Shastri, Arya Samaj, Bengal (Case No. W.P. 9163 of 2012 - Appellate Side) & (iii) another party. The PIL challenges the honorarium on the ground of a Supreme Court directive which states that salary to an Imam can be paid only from the state Wakf board fund. “Although the court refused to stay the payment of honorarium, it asked the state government to give an affidavit to take the responsibility of recovering the amount so paid if the honorarium is held unconstitutional by the court,” Bharatiya Janata Party counsel Kaushik Chandra said.

Mr. Asish Sanyal, senior counsel for Arya Samaj petitioner vehemently opposed the communal approach of West Bengal Govt only to favour the Muslim Imams by giving the monthly honorarium by spending the Govt. exchequers collected from all mainly from Hindus. He said that in name sake this Govt includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christians, Zoroastrian (Persi) in the cluster of West Bengal minority community, but the state only giving the monthly to Muslim Imams. He also narrated it ‘Vote for Cash’ policy by the West Bengal Ruling Party while it was highlighted in the Indian Parliament as ‘Cash for Vote’.

Renowned Hindu Rights Activist Brahamchari Upananda said to Hindu Existence correspondent that this Govt. in West Bengal wants to bid a farewell to the democratic and secular system in the name of welfare of Muslim minorities. He is apparently found dissatisfied by not getting the stay on Honorarium of Imams as the State is failure to provide basic amenities to the poorest of the poor, but spending huge amount of money for Muslim Vote Bank.

The division bench of Chief Justice J.N. Patel and justice Sambuddha Chakrabarty has also ordered the disbursing authority to inform the Imams that the honorarium will be paid subject to the decision of the court. “If the verdict goes against them, they shall be liable to refund the money paid to them,” added Chandra. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday announced her government’s plan to pay a monthly honorarium of Rs.2,500 to around 30,000 Imams in the state.

The Court directed the state to file the affidavit by 15th May; reply to that affidavit by the partitioner by 1st June and fixed the haring for the concerned all the cases against giving the honorarium of Imam on 8th June, 2012 accordingly.

WB Govt is now disbursing the Imam’s honorarium very hectically though the matter is subjudice.

Refusing to pass a stay order on the notification no 220/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012, 222/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012 and 232/SMAME/L/12 dated 11/04/2012 issued by the state government to pay honorarium to imams, the Calcutta High Court today said the amount to be paid to the imams, if at all, would be decided according to the final verdict of the writ petition.

The Division Bench wanted to know from the Advocate General, Sri Anindya Mitra, if any amount has been paid to the imams or not and how would the state government and the Wakf Board realize the money in case of an adverse verdict.

Mitra submitted that the money would be realised from the imams by the administrative procedure if the High Court turn downs the notification.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the Division Bench directed the governments to file an affidavit on the petitions within two weeks.

The writ petitions claimed that the notification was unconstitutionals and it should be cancelled by the High Court.

The counsels of the petitioner pointed out that the Wakf board has already paid honorarium to a few imams even when the case is pending in the High Court.

During the hearing it was revealed that the Wakf Board has already paid honorarium to 12 imams from its own fund and not from the budgetary allocation. Ashoke Banerjee, counsel of the Wakf Board, said the application of the imams were under process and the fund allocated by the state government in the budget has not been utilised for such purpose yet.

Hundreds of supporters of BJP and Arya Samaj were present in the 1st Court to hear the arguments of the concerned parties before the division Bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Sambuddha Chakroborty (J), expecting a stay over the communal approach of the State Govt of West Bengal in giving more and more sops to Muslim community keeping the eyes on upcoming Panchayet Election in Bengal.

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Mystery right-wing group covers up ‘immoral’ billboards with its own message

FACELESS DEFACING: By Saturday some of the billboards were being taken down. This one in Gulshan-e-Iqbal says, ‘Sell clothes, not your honour’. PHOTO: EXPRESS

KARACHI: Sell clothes, not your honour, screams a billboard in Karachi, part of a mysterious campaign against the plethora of lawn advertisements in the city.

While no match for the number of banners and billboards advertising the latest lawn fabric collections, over a dozen from this campaign have popped up across town. Their main objection appears to be over ‘immorality’, since the advertisements feature female models in sleeveless or backless clothes with risque necklines.

The campaign has been attributed to unheard of groups such as the Women Education Society and the Women Professional Forum. Their anti-immorality advertisements have been spotted near Islamia College, along Shahrah-e-Faisal and in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

“These are not paid advertisements. People are putting up banners over the billboards late at night,” said Akhter Sheikh, the head of the Karachi Municipal Corporation’s (KMC) outdoor advertisement department. “There is nothing we can do about it.”

The KMC and Sindh Outdoor Advertisers Association (SOAA) are clueless about who is behind the campaign, and no religious or political organisation has claimed it is their handiwork.

Even though the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) recently launched a campaign against vulgarity, it denies involvement. However, the spokesperson for its women’s wing Aliya Mansoor insisted that the campaign is a reflection of public outrage against the use of women as a ‘commodity’.

“Women from every section of society have been coming to us and pleading that something needs to done about the degeneration of our values,” Mansoor claimed.

According to her, lawn fabric has been in use for years but was ‘never marketed in such a vulgar way’. “Our campaign against nudity is not limited to billboards. The entire content on television needs to be checked. We are not against the media but there is a limit to freedom of speech and expression.”

She said JI is not scared of using its own name when it comes to defying ‘nudity’. “We need funds and resources to run such a drive through billboards and other means. But it remains our utmost desire to do that and we will do it.”

However, sources in the advertising sector believe JI is behind the campaign but is not using the party’s name to suggest that the movement has mass support. A member of the JI who did not want to be named for fear of repercussions confirmed the party’s involvement and explained that they were putting the messages over existing ads because they couldn’t afford to rent billboards on their own. It costs about Rs20,000 to rent a billboard for a month in Gulshan and up to Rs50,000 in Clifton.

“The banners have been put on the billboards by hired men,” the JI source explained, adding that they did it at night.

Outdoor advertisers are too scared to comment. “It is common for political and religious parties to take over billboards. If we remove their banners, they call and threaten us,” said an advertiser who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The ire of the campaigners isn’t restricted to angry slogans. At different sites, photos of models in lawn advertisements have been blacked out and banners have been torn down. A Lux advertisement featuring Meera and a Veet advertisement with Indian actor Katrina Kaif have not been spared either.

Ex-chairperson of the SOAA Mashood Merchant wonders why the ire was directed at billboards. “The same models appear in television advertisements in the same clothes. They should be stopped first.”

The legality of lawn ads

The KMC laws on the matter are vague. According to clause 5-1 (3) on the use of billboards, anything that is deemed vulgar or upsets any segment of society is prohibited.

“This is tricky,” said a KMC official. “Now it can be anyone’s guess what is vulgar and otherwise. Is showing arms, the back or the neck nudity? I can’t say.”

Abid Umer, the director of Al Karam, one of the largest manufacturers of lawn, says the advertisements comply with the laws. “Our advertisements are not even close to being vulgar. These campaigns don’t represent the majority of customers.”

There are laws against using women for advertisements in Saudi Arabia and Iran, he said. “If the government pass such a law here, we will comply with it. We advertise within the boundaries of morality.” He said that the Pakistan Advertisers’ Society must take notice of the situation. “This year there was a specific focus on billboards to connect with customers. Next year, I am expecting marketing to go digital. As brands we want to get noticed.”

Couturier Umar Sayeed, who also designs fabric for Al Karam, says it is time to fight back. “We make and advertise what the whole world wants to wear.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 6th, 2012.

Ambiga says wants to meet ‘Dear Ambiga’ founders

KUALA LUMPUR, May 7 — Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today that she would be happy to meet the people behind the “Dear Ambiga” website while reassuring the public that the electoral reform movement’s cause has not been ‘hijacked’.

“Dear Ambiga”, a website that professes to be pro-Bersih, has accused Pakatan Rakyat (PR) of hijacking the electoral reform group’s cause for their own “political interests and benefit.”

The one-page website appeared days after the April 28 rally, which saw tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets to demand for free and fair elections. The rally ended in clashes between demonstrators and the police, resulting in scores injured and damage to public property.

“I have no issue whatsoever with I respect their right to express their views,” Ambiga (picture) told The Malaysian Insider in a text message.

She expressed her wish to meet the website’s founders to “address their concerns” and urged them to “come forward”.

Ambiga again stressed “that there is no one hijacking Bersih’s agenda of free and fair elections”.

“No one can (hijack Bersih) if we remain focused and single minded about ensuring reform before the 13th general election (GE),” she said.

She said Bersih was now focused on getting “a response from the government” to its demands “for the resignation of Election Commission (EC), cleaning the electoral process before GE13 and for international observers.”

“Perhaps we can enlist the help of those behind to spread this message of Bersih. Again we are happy to meet them,” Ambiga also said.

The title of the “Dear Ambiga” website’s solitary page reads “Time to stop Pakatan Rakyat hijacking our movement” and features a picture of Ambiga together with Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wearing Bersih 3.0 T-shirts.

The website features an automated email function that allows visitors to “email Datuk Ambiga if you want the hijacking to stop.”

“Dear Ambiga, I, like you, believe Bersih should be an independent NGO by the people, for the people — of all races, areas, and political views. Our aim is to constantly improve [elections] in this country, not support any particular person or group. But, it’s disappointing how we have let politicians hijack our movement for themselves.

“Just look at what happened at Bersih 3.0, when some Pakatan Rakyat bosses took advantage of our noble cause for their own political interests. First, they tried to rally the crowd with partisan speeches and chants like ‘tumbang BN’, which we had decided not to allow. Then, far more seriously for our reputation, they picked a fight with the police by urging their supporters to force their way into Dataran Merdeka!

“Because of their petty actions, PR has dirtied the name of Bersih and diluted our message. Enough is enough! It’s time to claim back our movement from the politicians. Please reassure me and all other Malaysians who support Bersih that you and the steering committee will do everything possible to make this happen,” read the pre-populated email message to the Bersih co-chairman.

The website also features tweets and news articles seemingly critical of PR’s involvement in the Bersih rally. It also polls visitors for their views on whether “politicians should be able to influence Bersih?”

Ambiga has repeatedly denied claims that PR was hijacking Bersih to gain political support. She has also been critical of opposition lawmakers over their roles in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reform.

PKR’s Anwar and Azmin Ali have been heavily criticised over their alleged roles in the April 28 rally, as well as being accused of instigating the breach of the court-ordered barrier at Dataran Merdeka, after which police began firing tear gas and water cannons at demonstrators.

Foreign media reports of Bersih’s rally have painted the Malaysian authorities in a negative light for their purportedly heavy-handed tactics at dispersing protesters.

Bersih 3.0, which had begun peacefully, ended just as Bersih 2.0 did last July 9, with riot police seen chasing citizens on the streets of the capital amid the chaos of tear gas, jets of chemical-laced water and warning bells from police trucks.

The electoral reform movement remains critical of efforts to improve the voting system by the administration, including the recently-concluded PSC, saying that these were inadequate to guarantee free and fair elections in the country.

It also wants the government to delay the next general election until all of its demanded reforms are implemented.

Bersih’s eight demands are a clean electoral roll, reforming postal voting, the use of indelible ink, a minimum campaign period of 21 days, free access to the media, strengthening public institutions, stopping corruption and ending dirty politics.

‘Dharma’ sebagai norma masyarakat

Ajaran ini turut memainkan peranan mengekalkan persefahaman dan perpaduan dalam masyarakat.

Konsep hidup bermasyarakat sudah wujud dalam budaya penduduk India sejak bermulanya Tamadun Lembah Indus pada sekitar tahun 2500 Sebelum Masehi. Masyarakat India pada waktu itu terbukti sudah membentuk peraturan, norma, etika dan moral sebagai pegangan hidup bermasyarakat.

Segala peraturan yang disebut “dharma” dikaitkan pula dengan peraturan agama. Namun, perlu dinyatakan bahawa konsep “dharma” bukan sebahagian daripada ajaran agama Hindu. Sebaliknya, kedua-duanya seiring dalam membantu manusia mencapai kehidupan yang sempurna.

Sekiranya dihayati, perkara-perkara berkaitan “dharma” masih sesuai diguna pakai pada zaman moden ini. Apatah lagi apabila pelbagai masalah sosial dan keruntuhan moral dilaporkan berlaku dalam masyarakat.

Konsep “dharma” masih relevan kerana ajaran yang terkandung di dalamnya adalah – antara lain – berkaitan nilai kekeluargaan dan norma dalam masyarakat.

Peraturan dan ajaran “dharma” memainkan peranan penting dalam mengekalkan persefahaman dan perpaduan dalam masyarakat. Tidak hairanlah terdapat teks berjudul ‘Dharmasastra’ dalam budaya India yang khusus membicarakan konsep “dharma”.

Ajaran-ajaran dalam Dharmasastra antara lain berperanan memelihara nilai-nilai murni dalam kehidupan, menyedarkan perihal tugas dan tanggungjawab setiap individu serta menjadi panduan ke arah kesejahteraan hidup bermasyarakat.

Perkataan “dharma” berasaskan perkataan Sanskrit “dhr” yang membawa makna “menyokong, meneruskan atau mengekalkan”. Maka, konsep “dharma” merujuk pada apa yang perlu bagi menyokong, meneruskan serta mengekalkan keseimbangan kehidupan yang murni.

Saya pernah membicarakan konsep ini menerusi sebuah makalah di majalah Dewan Budaya pada Oktober 2004. Harus dinyatakan bahawa segala tulisan saya berkaitan budaya kaum India bertujuan memberi maklumat asas dan membuka ruang pemahaman kepada masyarakat pelbagai kaum di Malaysia; bukan bertujuan menjadikan sesiapa pakar agama Hindu dan budaya India.

Para pemikir agung yang hidup pada sekitar tahun 2500 Sebelum Masehi di India telah menyenaraikan ordinan, peraturan, tugas, hak, moral, tanggungjawab, peranan dan ciri yang perlu dimiliki oleh setiap individu yang hidup dalam masyarakat.

Konsep awal “dharma” terdapat dalam ‘Rigveda’ yang menjadi sumber rujukan utama. Terdapat sekurang-kurangnya 50 bahagian dalam kitab veda yang membicarakan konsep “dharma” seperti jenis-jenis perkahwinan, jenis-jenis anak, peraturan mengambil anak angkat, pembahagian harta, harta yang menjadi hak kaum wanita dan tingkah laku.


Bagaimanapun, Bahasa Sanskrit yang digunakan menjadikan ajaran-ajaran dalam veda sukar difahami masyarakat umum. Maka, terhasil pula kitab-kitab yang kemudian dikumpul dan dinamakan Dharmasastra.

Salah satu bentuk Dharmasastra yang lebih mudah difahami adalah ‘dharmasutra’ iaitu himpunan ajaran “dharma” dalam hidup berkeluarga dan bermasyarakat. Kandungannya lebih mudah difahami berbanding Rigveda.

Contoh teks dharmasurta adalah Apastamba Dharmasutra, Gautama Dharmasutra, Harita Dharmasutra dan Visnu Dharmasutra. Bahasa yang digunakan dalam dharmasutra dikatakan masih sukar difahami. Penyusunan subjek pula kurang sistematik.

Hasilnya, beberapa pemikir agung dalam masyarakat India menghasilkan bentuk penulisan baru yang dikenali sebagai ‘smrti’. Bahasa yang digunakan adalah lebih mudah difahami oleh masyarakat umum. Teknik dan gaya bahasa berirama menjadikan kandungan smrti lebih mudah dihafaz dan diingat.

‘Manu Smrti’ merupakan teks yang paling dikenali hingga kini. Teks itu mengandungi 12 bab dengan 2,684 rangkap berlagu yang meliputi hampir keseluruhan ajaran Dharmasastra. Maka, ia diakui sebagai teks paling tua dan paling layak digunakan sebagai sumber rujukan berhubung ajaran “dharma”.

Antara topik yang dibicarakan dalam Manu Smrti adalah proses penciptaan dunia, sistem varna, perselisihan dan cara penyelesaian, dosa dan taubat, sikap positif dan negatif, serta tindakan yang dibenarkan sewaktu dalam keadaan darurat.

Memandangkan kehidupan dan pemikiran masyarakat adalah proses yang sentiasa berkembang, tidak hairanlah bahawa timbul pelbagai pandangan dan interpretasi berbeza terhadap konsep “dharma” yang terkandung dalam veda, dharmasutra dan smrti.

Pakar bidang dan pendeta dalam masyarakat mula menulis pandangan mereka setelah mengkaji teks-teks berkenaan. Pandangan, komen dan interpretasi itu juga kemudian diterima sebagai bahan rujukan apabila membicarakan konsep “dharma”. Malah, amalan dan tingkah laku pendeta terbabit turut dijadikan rujukan.

Ada pula pendeta dan pakar yang menghasilkan beberapa teks rujukan lengkap terhadap segala perkara berkaitan konsep “dharma”. Sari atau pati segala ajaran “dharma” disusun secara terperinci dan penuh sistematik sehingga teks berkenaan boleh dianggap sebagai beberapa buah ensiklopedia. Nama yang diberikan adalah ‘nibandha’.

Antara topik yang diterangkan dalam nibandha adalah ritual keagamaan, pemberian hadiah, tugas pemerintah, perundangan, pentadbiran, syarat pemakanan, prosedur mahkamah, undang-undang sivil, perayaan, hari-hari suci, syarat mengambil anak angkat, tanggungjawab ahli keluarga, upacara pemujaan, tanggungjawab sosial, sains politik dan penyucian diri.

Ringkasnya, segala aspek “dharma” berhubung moral, nilai, norma, etika, tugas, tanggungjawab, hak dan sebagainya tersusun kemas dalam teks nibandha. Contoh nibandha adalah Kalpataru, Smrticandrika, Smrtitattva dan Viramitrodaya.

Selain itu, terdapat juga kisah dewa-dewi yang dinamakan purana dalam budaya India. Terdapat sejumlah 18 purana yang utama di mana setiap satu menghimpunkan kisah keagungan dewa atau dewi terbabit.

Pengarang purana pasti memasukkan unsur ajaran “dharma” yang terdapat dalam veda, dharmasutra, smrti dan nibandha. Maka, secara tidak langsung, purana turut menjadi teks rujukan bagi ajaran “dharma”.

Ajaran dharma

Kisah dewa-dewi yang terdapat dalam purana menjadikan ajaran “dharma” di dalamnya lebih menarik dan meninggalkan kesan mendalam kepada masyarakat India. Kanak-kanak biasanya disuakan dengan kisah-kisah purana sebagai salah satu cara mudah menerapkan konsep “dharma” sejak usia muda.

Bercakap tentang cerita, tentu sekali ‘Ramayana’ karya Valmiki dan ‘Mahabharata’ karya Vyasa tidak boleh dilupakan. Walaupun kedua-duanya adalah karya sastera yang dihasilkan oleh manusia, namun teks ini dianggap sebagai kitab suci dan sangat dihormati dalam kalangan masyarakat India beragama Hindu.

Hal ini tidaklah menghairankan kerana Ramayana dan Mahabharata tepu dengan ajaran “dharma” yang sangat mendalam serta boleh dijadikan paduan hidup zaman-berzaman.

Malah, dialog antara Dewa Krishna dan Arjuna dalam epik Mahabharata membuatkan ramai menganggap apa yang diucapkan oleh watak Dewa Krishna sebagai semacam wahyu atau perintah Tuhan. Bahagian dialog ini turut dibukukan secara berasingan dengan judul ‘Bhagavad Gita’ dan menjadi sumber rujukan yang sangat penting dan bermanfaat.

Seperti yang sudah saya nyatakan, makalah ini tidak bertujuan menjadikan sesiapa pakar agama Hindu. Sebaliknya membantu masyarakat pelbagai kaum memahami secara umum salah satu perkara asas berkaitan budaya, pemikiran, jatidiri dan falsafah kaum India.

Uthaya Sankar SB sering memaparkan keunikan budaya kaum India menerusi cerpen-cerpen Bahasa Malaysia yang dihasilkannya.

Drop charges against Hindraf 54, AG told

The government has implicitly admitted error on its part, says Hindraf advisor Ganesan.

PETALING JAYA: Hindraf Makkal Sakthi has asked the Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail to drop charges against 54 Hindraf activists who participated in a rally last year to demand the withdrawal of the controversial novel Interlok from schools.

Hindraf advisor N Ganesan said the government, in removing the novel from the SPM reading list last December, had implicitly admitted that the rally was justified.

Ganesan was at the head of a Hindraf delegation that went to Gani’s office this morning to submit a memorandum calling for a withdrawal of the charges against the 54.

Hindraf is also seeking an apology from the government for the arrest and prosecution of the activists.

The 54 had participated in a rally billed as a “Solidarity March Against Umno Racism and Interlok” on Feb 27 last year. They have been charged under the Police Act for participating in an unlawful assembly and the Societies Act over their membership in an unregistered organisation.

Hindraf was one of many organisations that opposed the use of Interlok as a literature text in school. They allege that the novel, written by national laureate Abdullah Hussain, contains derogatory references to the Indian community and factual errors about their culture.

Referring to the eventual withdrawal of the novel from schools, Ganesan said in a press statement: “This act of the government is an implicit admission of error on their part, in their decision and intentions.

“It validates the purpose of the opposition to the inclusion of this book in the first place by human rights defenders and supporters of Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.”

He added that prosecuting the 54 activists was an act that contradicted the right to assemble peacefully as stated in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution.

Pointing out that the government did not prosecute participants in last year’s Bersih rally, Ganesan said this showed that it was targeting the Indian community.

By continuing with “this selective prosecution,” he said, the government was indicating to the world that it did not respect the right of ethnic minorities to enjoy guarantees provided by the Federal Constitution and that it would not abide by the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights when it came to minorities.

“So, what we have is not just a violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Federal Constitution and in the UN Declaration on Human Rights; we also have a serious breach of the rights of minorities in the country.”

‘I’m suing because Indians are not beggars’

An affronted customer is not appeased by Domino's apology over a racist remark made by its call-centre staff.

KUALA LUMPUR: A former IT consultant shocked at being referred to as ‘keling’ by a staff at Domino’s Pizza is planning to sue its operators Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. ‘Keling’ is considered a derogatory term by Indians.

C Kuna, 32, from Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, said on March 26, she called Domino’s to order a pizza and was treated rudely.

“My call was attended by a Domino’s staff who introduced himself as Suhaimi. However, he passed the line to another person who introduced herself as Hani.

“While I was on the phone, I overheard Suhaimi saying to Hani that ‘keling’ (Indians) are always lazy. He did not realise that I was still on the phone,” she told FMT.

Kuna added that she then called back and spoke to the ‘team leader’ who went by name of Ashraf to file a complaint after Hani and Suhaimi denied having uttered the derogatory word.

“The next day, a Domino’s staff by the name of K Atchuthan from the contact centre wanted me to provide more detail about the matter.

“During the phone call, Atchuthan admitted and apologised to me over the incident,” Kuna said.

Insulting Indians

She added that Atchuthan also asked that he be given a week to conduct an internal inquiry and promised that Domino’s manager will call for further action.

“The manager has not contacted me until today. But on April 10, I received a letter of apology signed by the manager,” said Kuna.

In the letter, the operators apologised for the incident and racist remark.They also claimed that the trainee involved was terminated.

But Kuna is not appeased. She is further riled that the letter came with 10 free Domino’s vouchers.

“This is ridiculous. Domino’s is an international brand and it is now obvious that they have a low opinion of the Indian community. An apology letter is not enough.

“They’ve insulted me by attaching 10 free pizza vouchers to the letter.

“They said it was a token of appreciation because I complained, but I’m insulted…they want to settle with 10 vouchers?” she asked.

Kuna said she has decided to sue the company and is in the midst of seeking legal advise.

“I have decided to sue the company to show that Indians are not beggars,” she said.

Domino’s could not be contacted for comment at press time.

Bersih activist charged with trespassing

The activist pleaded not guilty to entering USM illegally to put up rally posters.

GEORGE TOWN: A Bersih 3.0 activist from Suaram was charged with trespassing into a local university last month at a magistrate’s court here today.

Tan Hong Kai, 21, pleaded not guilty to the charge before magistrate Noor Aini Yusof.

Tan was granted bail of RM1,500 with one surety.

He was charged with criminal trespassing into Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) between 2.30am and 3am on April 20.

The charge under Section 447 of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to six months or a maximum fine of RM3,000, or both upon conviction.

The case will be up for mention on June 8.

Tan was represented by lawyer Tham Shien Shyong while DPP Nur Azizah Jaafar prosecuted.

Suaram members were also present at the court house.

Tan, a Suaram volunteer for the past several months, was detained by USM guards while he and several university students were putting up Bersih 3.0 rally posters on April 20.

Tan, not a USM student, was later handed over to the Sungai Nibong police station before being transferred to the Jalan Patani police station.

He was released on police bail after a few hours of interrogation.

At a press conference later in the court building, Suaram state secretariat member Ng Eng Kiat “praised” the police for their speedy investigation and prosecution of Tan.

However, he questioned why the police failed to demonstrate the same zest in detaining and charging the thugs involved in a fracas during a peaceful anti-Lynas gathering at the Esplanade on April 26.

In the incident, some 30 men from Umno and Perkasa disrupted the peaceful gathering, hurled abuses at protesters, incited violence, vandalised banners and placards, and even roughed up two journalists.

One of them was identified as Penang Perkasa leader Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin.

Eyewitnesses have claimed that the police who were present did not intervene to stop the fracas.

In the aftermath of the incident, several police reports were lodged and strong evidence, including photos and video clips, was handed over to assist investigation.

However, until today the police have not made any arrest.

Bersih 3.0 violence marks a turning point

Indians choosing to stay home leaves the arena to the two major races, Malay and Chinese.

Aliran, the NGO that organized the Penang Bersih 3.0 chapter of Duduk Bantah, carried in their website an eyewitness account by one ‘Bersih Mum’ on the conduct of the rally in Kuala Lumpur.

‘Bersih Mum’ is from Subang Jaya – a middle-class, strongly pro-opposition suburb. She wrote: “… to my Indian brothers and sisters … Anneh, Thamby, where were you? We missed you-lah at Bersih 3.0”.

Her observation on Indians ‘missing in action’ is corroborated by independent monitors, including the Human Rights Party. A HRP statement said that YouTube videos, photographs via e-mail and in Facebook as well as feedback received revealed “the very thin Indian participation”.

“Reporters on the ground also communicated the same thing to us,” said the HRP leadership.

A Hindraf analyst who requested anonymity pointed to the race disparity of the latest Bersih edition.

While the consensus is that the Indian presence was certainly negligible and unreflective of their seven-plus percentage in the national population, the analyst said the Chinese on the contrary made an unusually strong showing.

For the first time in the history of Malaysians taking to the street since 1969, the Chinese and Malay turnout respectively with regard to Bersih 3.0 was estimated at almost half-half. This disproportion bucks the country’s race ratio wherein the 2010 population census indicated Malay 54.6%, Chinese 24.6% and Indian 7.3%.

Other Hindraf activists I spoke to similarly backed the findings of the informal survey of who (ethnicity wise) had taken part. The usual suspects from the Indian-majority Parti Sosialis Malaysia made their presence felt but it was the conspicuous Indian absence that spoke volumes.

Indians choosing to stay home leaves the arena to the two major races, Malay and Chinese.

Ethnic polarity

It is common knowledge that our security forces are predominantly Malay. However, in Bersih 3.0, the confrontation between the authorities in uniform and the agitators was not Malay versus Chinese but Malay versus Malay. The more than 50 suspects linked to the outbreak of violence and wanted by police for questioning were almost all Malay-looking with only a handful of exceptions.

Although Chinese protesters thronged the streets around Jalan Sultan (Chinatown) and anti-Lynas Himpunan Hijau members swarmed the KLCC area, they managed to avoid notable skirmishes with the police.

Thus the Chinese-Malay polarity vis-à-vis Bersih is not a physical manifestation but lies more in the mindset and was most tellingly illustrated by the spat between the DAP vice chairman and the party secretary-general.

Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim is an “anak polis” (coming from a ‘police family’). His father was former OCPD of Alor Setar. Thus the take by Tunku Aziz on Bersih’s potential for violence diverged from his Chinese party colleagues, and his dissident stance earning him a sharp rebuke from Lim Guan Eng.

Most Malays have close friends or at least a relative if not more in the police and army, and this is where they deviate from the Chinese. In view of the pro- /anti-establishment bias aligned along racial affiliations, it was a wise decision by Indians to strategically sit out Bersih.

Why should the mousedeer want to be caught in the middle when two elephants fight?

We can interpret the fence-sitting to be due to Bersih’s demands – a few of which are abstract in nature – failing to resonate with working-class Indians more concerned with pressing bread-and-butter issues.

A regular commenter at my blog wondered aloud as to what it would take to satisfy the protesters. With tongue in cheek, he declared the government should indeed fulfil Bersih’s 7th and 8th demands, viz. “stop corruption”, and put a halt to “dirty politics”.

My blog reader challenged: “Perhaps Najib [Razak] should suspend the democratic process until Ambiga [Sreenevasan] and her friends are satisfied that all the 8 demands have been met. The PM should take Bersih 3.0 seriously, no GE [general election] until all the 8 demands are met!”

His rhetorical flourish is intended as a counterfoil to highlight the impossibility of guaranteeing the whole Bersih wish list.

I agree with his calling Bersih’s bluff. As long as corruption remains with us and politics is dirty, don’t hold the general election. Postpone it indefinitely just as how the DAP party elections have been deferred in recent years, why not?

What Bersih really wants

Then there is the matter of Bersih 3.0 shifting the goalposts. From the initial eight demands, the movement has upped the ante by holding the government to ransom with the threat of more street demonstrations to rock the capital.

Ambiga and her steering committee are now demanding the resignation of the entire Election Commission. How reasonable is that? The EC is a legally constituted agency and the entity with which to hold any negotiation. Asking for the EC’s removal is alike to overturning the discussion table.

In pointing the gun, there seems to be hidden motives other than seeking a remedy for our electoral shortcomings. No wonder then that former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad finds “the real objective” of Bersih questionable.

“Sunday’s Bersih 3 demonstration is no doubt the biggest and the most violent in the series,” stated Dr M unequivocally.

His is a view shared by the prime minister and other BN figures, and naturally echoed throughout the state media where Najib was widely quoted as describing the rally to be an attempt to topple the government.

“They wanted to make Dataran Merdeka like the Tahrir Square in Egypt,” he said.

The Star also reported an announcement by Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar that his men “have started an investigation to identify the mastermind behind the so-called attempt to overthrow the government by way of the [Bersih 3.0] demonstration”.

While the appeal to stability is admittedly an old chestnut, still, non-partisan bystanders are beginning to ask if the Pakatan is stable enough.

Politics is about compromise but with the opposition troika, this ingredient appears to be lacking.

Race-religion divide

Mahathir the maverick has opted to ring the alarm bells; clanging that future Bersih masses are likely to be “even bigger and more violent”.

Another top ex-cabinet minister Daim Zainudin is more shadowy but no less influential. Although he speaks softly, oppositionists should not forget that the elites and Umno vested interests carry a big stick.

In an interview with Nanyang Siang Pau in late March, Daim warned that “Malaysia is akin to walking the tightrope, almost half the time is spent on maintaining balance on the wire”.

He opined the above in the context of the 80% Chinese support for Pakatan calculated by his intelligence, in contrast to Malay and Indian voters generally preferring Barisan Nasional.

Most Chinese make the mistake of misreading the surface quiescence of the Malay grassroots as a tolerance of the DAP push and push and push. They appear ignorant of the Malay proverb ‘air tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya’.

It’s not difficult to fathom why the Chinese are so clueless. One viral Bersih 3.0 clip which has easily registered more than half a million views to date (in total from several separate video uploads of the same incident) hammers home the point.

The video(s) shows an altercation between a Chinese woman in the Bersih yellow and a journalist attached to a “non-Western, foreign channel which broadcasts internationally”.

According to the man’s account of the story, “she seemed to pick me out from the group of journalists at the front line because I was the only obvious foreigner among them. She began shouting at me, (she had been shouting about various things from the beginning, like pushing the protesters to enter Dataran Merdeka)”.

In her verbal assault, the woman screams, “You’re corrupted, corrupted” at the man whom she calls “you white idiot”.

The man retorted: “Saya orang Islam. Saya tinggal di sini. Isteri saya orang Malaysia. Jangan biadab kau.”

There have been a couple of thousand comments in Malay on YouTube to this. DAP followers should read these responses as the public reaction bears closer examination.

By asserting he is Muslim, the journalist immediately got the crowd on his side but this tactic also signals an implicit demarcation of ‘us’ and ‘them’. By virtue of being Muslim, he is an insider; through grating Malay onlookers with her pretentious English inflection, the woman is perceived as alien and thus perpetuating the ‘pendatang’ name-calling.

Coupled with the fact that he spoke in our national language whereas she spoke in English, the foreigner had the YouTube community cheering him on while the woman was vilified with racist epithets.

Danger of riots

DAP has been assiduously flogging photos of participants passing each other water and salt in order to promote their propaganda that the Bersih event engendered a new camaraderie crossing racial lines.

In truth, such assistance given each other is only situational. For example, if I saw a writhing dog or a cat on the road that had been run over, I’d help it too – an action across specie lines, no less.

The DAP yellow shirts should instead take note of the anti-Chinese sentiments expressed by YouTube users where almost none credited the said Chinese woman with an ability to speak Malay.

During the civil war in northern Ireland (1968-1994), the Irish Catholics and Protestants – same nationality, same race, same language, same religion and only separated by denomination – were killing each other.

In Malaysia where we pronouncedly belong to different races, different religions and not even effectively sharing a common tongue, don’t you think that the situation is more volatile?

Even the developed democracies are sounding their doubts about multiculturalism.

In mid-October of 2010, German chancellor Angela Merkel admitted “the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] … has failed, utterly failed.” The crowd gathered in Potsdam greeted her remarks with a standing ovation.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the then French President, declared on Feb 10, 2011 in a nationally televised debate that multiculturalism was “a failure”. Sarkozy’s complaint on how France had been “too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him” is something that Malays might endorse quite enthusiastically.

Preceding him was the British prime minister – quoted in a BBC report on Feb 5, 2011 headlined ‘State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron’ – lamenting “We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run counter to our values.”

The anti-immigrant current in Western Europe has not abated. Earlier in the opening round of the French presidential election, the far right’s Marine Le Pen collected a remarkable 18% of the votes, nipping at the heels of Sarkozy (27%) and François Hollande (29%).

Yesterday, ‘The Economist’ ran a copy that said ethnic Chinese and Thais were deliberately targeted by the insurgents who exploded car bombs in Ruammit Road in Muang district of Yala. The March 31 blasts killed 11 people and injured more than a hundred.

Yala, together with its sister provinces Songkhla, Pattani and Narathiwat in southern Thailand where Muslim guerrillas continue to wage a separatist war, has recorded 128 deaths and 657 injuries in the first quarter of this year alone from the militancy.

Dr M cautioned that “[t]he average Malaysian always think what happens in other countries will not happen here” but the “possibility [of shattered peace] is not farfetched”.

The writer blogs at

Nik Aziz: Fatwa Council seeing with one eye

PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat says the council is not looking at the Bersih 3.0 rally in its proper perspective.

PETALING JAYA: PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat has criticised the National Fatwa Council for being biased in issuing a fatwa (religious edict) declaring it “haram” for Muslims to participate in demonstrations.

Through a posting on his Facebook page today, Nik Aziz defended the Bersih 3.0 protest on April 28, saying the people were demanding for clean elections and not to cause chaos.

“Don’t they [the National Fatwa Council] realise that the Bersih gathering was not to cause trouble but to stress the eight demand for free and fair elections?

“If using lawful means to protest is allowed, then what better and law-abiding way is there than a sit-in protest?” he asked.

He doubted whether the Fatwa Council understood the gravity of Bersih’s demands for a cleaner electoral roll for the country.

“I am sure this fatwa was made without consulting or seeking an explanation from Bersih 3.0 organisers.

“So my question is this: is it a fatwa when both parties were not consulted?”

Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan Menteri Besar, also took a swing at Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak when he visited Kelantan last week.

He said the crowds in Gua Musang and the Rural Transformation Centre in Kota Baru who greeted Najib would have turned violent if the state authorities had used tear-gas and water cannons to disperse them.

He added that if Bersih 3.0 was deemed illegal, then the gathering in Kelantan was also unlawful because it was “clearly meant to change the state government”.

Najib visited the opposition stronghold where he urged the Kelantanese to embark on change for better livelihood.

Nik Aziz also said that the Fatwa Council was not seeing the rally in its proper perspective.

“I agree that if a rally is held with the aim of damaging property and creating chaos, it is haram. But in the case of Bersih 3.0, the council is not seeing the full picture; it is only looking through one eye.”

“It is enough for me to say that the Fatwa Council must not hop on one leg, otherwise there is bound to be a misstep (jangan berjalan sebelah kaki, nanti pincang mengatur langkah).”

The peaceful Bersih 3.0 rally turned ugly when a few protesters breached the barriers cordoning off Dataran Merdeka. Police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the 80,000 crowd.

K P Samy: Midlands Tamil School hall rates ‘a day-light robbery’

k p samy
For several weeks, opposition controlled Selangor state government boasted their successful completion of Midlands Tamil Scholl, Klang for RM 3 three million and also a multipurpose hall for RM 1.9 million purportedly a model Tamil school for the entire country.

Before the euphoria dies down, the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) members have quickly started a campaign to belittle the achievement. Several allegations have been thrown but yet to show any concrete proof.

MIC central working committee member K P Samy has joined the critics who questioned the exorbitant charges for the multipurpose hall set by the outsourced management.  Apparently, a weekend charge for the hall can go as high as RM 14,000.

“Why the rate (rental) charged is like the rate charged for a five star hotel? Why outsource the hall to the contractor who built it for mere RM 1.3 million with RM 600,000 donations from the public?” said K P Samy.
K P Samy further said that he does not see the justifications for outsourcing the facility for 15 years, and strongly believes the school will not benefit under the current terms.

“The residents in the surrounding area of Midlands are not rich. It’s really pathetic for people to spent huge amount for weddings when it was said that the hall was built for the people”.
K P Samy called the state government to explain the ‘day light robbery’.

BFM Uncensored - Bersih 3.0: The Blame Game with Marina Mahathir

Dear Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim

I started this piece by laying out your track record to remind all of us that you have contributed immensely to the nation. However, that one slip, if I may be permitted to call it that, is going to tarnish everything that you have done. Malaysians will never remember the 1,000 good things that you did. They will only remember the one thing that you did, which they do not agree with.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Dear Tunku, in 1998, you helped found Transparency International-Malaysia, the local chapter of Transparency International (TI), and soon after that you were elected the vice chairman of TI's Board of Directors, a position you held until October 2002.
No one can deny the role you played in fighting corruption and in promoting good governance in the Asia region, including propagating corporate governance, something severely lacking in Malaysia. Being a member of the Kedah Royal Family, that also links you to His Majesty the Agong, although you may be not that closely linked to the ruling family.
You served as a member of the World Bank High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption in the East Asia and Pacific Region, the Asia Pacific Advisory Panel on Good Urban Governance, the Board of the International Institute of Public Ethics, and the United Nations Development Programme Advisory Panel for the 2002 Human Development Report.
From February 2006 to January 2007, you served in New York as special advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. During your tenure, you set up the UN Ethics Office.
These are certainly most impressive credentials by any standards and it is no wonder that DAP not only wanted you as its member but immediately appointed you as the party Vice Chairman on top of that.
I must admit, though, that I was quite puzzled as to why you decided in 2008 to become politically active. For 14 years you had fought for the same thing that we are fighting for. And, just like many of us, you chose to fight outside the political arena rather than within it. Then you went and became a politician.
Knowing your background and understanding how you think, I suspected that you may not have the political culture required to become a good politician, although how one would define ‘good’ is another matter altogether. 
My late father was born in 1925. You were born nine years later in 1934. You studied in England, as did my father. You worked for a British multi-national, as did my father. And both you and my father are not only members of the royal family but are pre-Merdeka Malays -- where Malays of that era, especially those from the elite class and products of a British education, were more English than Englishmen. 
Hence, while I do not know you that well -- I only met you in 2008 -- I do know what my father was like and I do understand what made Malays, in particular ‘elite’ Malays of that era, tick. And unless I am terribly wrong, you probably have the same heart and mind as my father. And because of that you are certainly not suited for a career in politics. 
Please do not get me wrong, Tunku. My father hated Umno, although almost all his contemporaries joined Umno and became members of the new post-Merdeka government in 1957. There was hardly a single corporate chief, senior civil servant, or political leader of that era who did not know my father. But he refused to join the government either as a civil servant or a politician. He just did not believe in politics.
That did not mean he did not vote though. And he not only voted but he voted opposition as well, Gerakan to be precise. But that was only because Gerakan was then an opposition party and a party of what he regarded as intellectuals from a mixed-racial background.
My father was already 1Malaysia and anti-Umno long before the concept became popular. Unfortunately, my father died in 1971 before he could retire or else I believe he may have even become politically active with the opposition had he lived until retirement age, like you did, Tunku. Sometimes I think it is maybe fortunate that he died in 1971 before he could see Gerakan join Barisan Nasional, which, I am sure, would have broken his heart.
My father was so proud that he voted Gerakan he would tell the whole world that he did so, much to my mother’s horror who would tell him to shush. He had high hopes that the days of racial politics had come to an end and that the future lies with multi-racial parties like Gerakan, which was headed by a whole bunch of intellectuals.
And I suppose that is why I think the way I think and do things that I do. My father’s ‘indoctrination’ had a lasting affect on me and made me into what I am today, whether that is a good or bad I really do not know.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is: knowing my father, and hence knowing you as well -- unless I am wrong in my assessment -- it may be prudent that you gracefully resign from DAP. Since what you stand for is not quite what DAP also stands for, your graceful exit on the understanding that you have agreed to disagree would mean you can still remain friends although you may not quite share the same views.
I started this piece by laying out your track record to remind all of us that you have contributed immensely to the nation. However, that one slip, if I may be permitted to call it that, is going to tarnish everything that you have done. Malaysians will never remember the 1,000 good things that you did. They will only remember the one thing that you did, which they do not agree with.
The trouble with you, Tunku, is that you think like an Englishman. Hence, if it is not cricket, as they say in England, you will speak your mind. But in politics you can’t do that. You need to toe the party line. You have to do what is good for the party. And if you can’t do this then you have no business being in the party.
I trust what I say will be taken in the spirit it has been said. I certainly mean no disrespect. The fact that I have drawn parallels between you and my father demonstrates the tremendous respect I have for you. It is just that the longer you remain in DAP the more they will demonise you. And for someone who has done so much for the nation you really do not deserve the things they are saying about you or what they are doing to you.
I do hope we can one day meet again, maybe here in the UK, where we can shoot the breeze and talk about the good old days when Malays and Malaysians in general were decent human beings who put the nation above self-interest.
Till we next meet, Tunku, may salam to you and the family.

Tear Gas in Your Eyes (Parody of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)

Dataran Merdeka is not Tahrir Square: Malaysia is not Eygpt

The Malaysian Insider
by Tommy Thomas

MAY 7 — The Prime Minister’s recent statement that Bersih supporters intended to occupy Dataran Merdeka and stay there for days with the objective of overthrowing his government must be answered.

Two broad groups made up Bersih’s massive crowd in Kuala Lumpur on April 28, 2012. First, genuine Bersih supporters who were calling for clean elections. The second group comprised those who support the Pakatan Coalition. No doubt, thousands of marchers did not belong to either faction (while some straddled both), but this broad division is not inaccurate.

The Bersih supporters just cannot understand how any political party would oppose clean elections. For them, Barisan Nasional’s vigorous opposition, coupled with police brutality that day, indicates that Barisan Nasional has a vested interest with the “status quo”, that it will benefit from the present set-up, with substantial help from the Election Commission.

For this group, Barisan Nasional’s conduct will be punished at the ballot box.

For Pakatan supporters, the decision was already made. They are partisan, just as UMNO supporters are partisan. Nothing that could have occurred on April 28 would change their vote.

But in each case, change was only going to come at the ballot box, when general elections are held. The only way of changing governments in Malaysia is by the vote. No other method will be countenanced by the people; no other mode has been advocated by any political party. In fact, the surest way for any party or politician to lose support is to propose extra-legal methods of changing the government. Change must be constitutional and lawful.

Accordingly, no one went for the Bersih “sit-in” or “walk-in” in Kuala Lumpur on April 28 with the intention of staying overnight, whether on the Dataran or anywhere else in the city. In the course of walking miles through numerous streets for five hours observing thousands of fellow marchers, I did not see a single person equipped for a long stay, like bringing tents, sleeping bags, blankets, towels, etc. Indeed, the Malaysian obsession with food and drinks was such that restaurants enjoyed roaring business that evening. That was the primary objective of those who marched!! Having regard to this food-mania of our people, how would they have coped for days and nights in an “Occupy Dataran” campaign?

It is an open secret that the hawks and hardliners advising the Prime Minister always frighten him with the spectre of Tahrir Square. But there is no parallel with Egypt, or for that matter Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Syria where the Arab Spring flowered. But even in these countries, it never advanced to the Arab Summer! Reform has halted, and the old power structures are very much in place.

By comparison, Malaysia is far more advanced politically and economically.

Ours is a more mature society. The average Malaysian enjoys far more democratic rights and space than citizens in these nations. In some of these countries, unemployment is as high as 25 per cent. In Malaysia, not only do we have full employment, we also provide work for some 3-4 million immigrants. Malaysia is a blessed land.

At the other end of the spectrum, Malaysia is also different from the United States. The conditions are not ripe for an “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Malaysians are generally conservative, cautious, resistant to change, and absolutely peaceful, abhorring violence. We are too spoilt to endure the inconvenience and hardship associated with any “occupy” movement.

Accordingly, we who marched were exercising our democratic rights of expression and assembly. For that purpose, we did not have to sleep overnight in the city.

There is absolutely no intention to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government by crude methods. Rather, if a clear majority of Malaysians vote against them (and, that is, translated into seats) at the forthcoming general elections, Barisan Nasional will be dispatched to the opposition benches. But not by any other means.

* Tommy Thomas is a senior lawyer in the Malaysian Bar.