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Monday, May 14, 2012

5 minit tol percuma di Batu Tiga

Rape victim Christian girl aged 12 receives threats instead justice after a year

Kasur, Pakistan: May 7, 2012. (PCP) A 12 years Catholic Christian girl named Khalida Hamid tells horrified incident of rape in his village one year ago. “On 5th May 2011, at 7: 00 PM, I went to by sugar from a shop, in routine mostly I bought things from shop, so, I bought sugar and I was coming back to my home while electricity was not working of whole village. There were the corn fields in front of our house because our house is outside the village. So, when I reached near my house, Muhammad Riaz son of Muhammad Hanif caught me and kept his hand on my mouth and pulled me in the corn crops. I started to cry as he tore my cloths, I requested please forgive me, forgive me but his mind was like a beast and he started to rape with me and I cried very loudly. After that I got senseless”

Hamid Masih aged 41, who is father of rape victim girl Khalida Hamid tell his account of incident and struggle to ensure justice for his daughter “On 5th May 2011 at about 7pm we were sitting at our home and two my friend ‘Sadar Masih son of Fjaa Masih and Akram Masih son of Bali Masih” were also there at my home. We heard the cry of a girl, and we try to search place, because of dark we get torch, searched the place and I saw my daughter Khalida nearly, she was naked, senseless and wet with blood, I understood that anybody raped with my daughter and it was the crying of my daughter. I try to wear her cloths, but it was really unbearable for me, I also got senseless for short time. Then I and my friends took my daughter at my house. It was a big shock for my whole family as they all know the situation. On the other hand bleeding was nothing stopped. We called Lady Doctor at our home; she refused to cure and told that it is raped case so you took her in Government hospital. After half an hour Khalida came in sense. Khalida told that when I was buying sugar from the shop Muhammad Riaz was also buying some grocery from the same shop, when I was coming back my home, Muhammad Riaz was also coming behind me. When I reached near my house Muhammad Riaz strictly shut my mouth with hand and pulled me in crops. I requested to release me but he raped with me and he ran away by seeing my bad condition”

Hamid Masih said that after hearing the story, I went with my friends at Muhammad Riaz’s home. I met his father and told him whole story. After listening my words, He got angry and said you want only insult us in the town, the story is totally wrong which you are telling. He abused us and said leave our place and go away now, what you want to do, you are Christian and you can’t do anything against us. It is Islamic country and court, police, government is Islamic, so you are nothing. I hurt badly.

“I came back home, took my daughter in Police station and registered a case against Muhammad Riaz “FIR No.331/11, Offense No. 376” in Fathay pure police station Saddar Kasour city. The Police arrested him and Muhammad Riaz got confirms bail and he released within 5 days. Even police arrested him just as a formality to satisfy me while police was supporting him. After his release I just got more pressure for compromise from Muhammad Riaz’s family because they are very strong. My Christian friends Sadar Masih and Akram Masih left me soon by seeing the family pressure. By money and politically that family is very strong while I have no money for Hire an advocate. So, now a day they pressurizing and insulting me that what you can do against us, one day you will must force to compromise with us” said Hamid Masih

Hamid said that it is true they are strong even they stopped DNA test report which was the proof against Muhammad Riaz. Only medical report I could get in which rape is clear. I am very weak by money and politically, It is my prayer to God, He will give me peace and justice in this situation while I am helpless, poor against a strong Muslim family.

Pastor Rafique Bhatti of Stephens Shaheed Foundation (reg) Pakistan said “I found this person is spiritual, and the story of his daughter is true, opposite family is strong. By seeing the tears in daughter’s and family member’s eyes and their helplessness, I request President (UCF) we need legal advisor’s fee, DNA test report fee, travailing, communication and some support for this poor family. Please help us in this matter we can get justice if you support immediately. On 15th May we have one trial date and may be one more trial date in the court of additional session Judge Kasour, in these dates if we provide DNA test report with senior legal advisor, Muhammad Riaz can go in jail for 25 years”

Mr. Pervez Masih, President of UCF said that I want to inform that during reporting, I came to know by some villagers ( Muhammad Asrif, Sarwar Masih, Kala Masih and Namdad Masih), Kahlida’s family is in much difficult time, not safe here. Opposite family is planning against them, if they don’t accept their offer for compromising, they will kill them and fired home badly and take action against them on religious issues.

‘House buyers’ rob, sexually assault property agent

The police are urging female sales persons, especially property agents, to be on high alert.

KUALA LUMPUR: A female real estate agent was tied-up, stripped naked and sexually assaulted by a couple who was ‘surveying’ a condominium with her.

The victim, in her 30s, was also beaten up and her Toyota Vios driven off while she was left locked in the condominium unit in Mont Kiara alone for hours.

A police source said that the woman’s husband had noticed that she had not returned from work on Thursday evening and had lodged a missing persons report in Kepong.

However, it was not until about 4am Friday that police received a public tip-off about a woman sobbing and pleading for her life.

Rushing to the scene, a police team broke through the unit’s door and found the property agent still tied up and without her clothing. She was then sent to hospital for treatment.

The victim told policemen that she was showing the suspects, a man and woman, the unit when they had suddenly locked the doors and attacked her. The woman suspect had apparently stood and watched while her male accomplice molested the victim.

“We’ve never heard of such a case and it may be a new modus operandi to target vulnerable lone female property agents. It is really despicable that they’ve not only robbed her but also sexually assaulted her,” said a police source.

The source urged the public, especially female saleswomen, to always be on the alert.

When contacted, Kuala Lumpur CID chief Ku Chin Wah denied knowledge of such a case. However, Brickfields district police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid confirmed the incident, but said the case has been taken over by the Kuala Lumpur D11(Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse) Division.

This latest case comes at the heels of another missing persons report of 42-year-old female real estate agent last Wednesday, and who was found murdered at the Batu Dam in Ulu Yam yesterday.

According to news reports, Cheng Chai Moi had left her house in Jinjang early on Tuesday to meet a client over the sale of a house. Her car was first found and an hour later her body was found floating in the dam.

Initial police inspections showed she was strangled and had other bruises on her body.

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Palani slams Lim, defends Umno

The MIC supremo says there will be no threat to Hindu temples if Umno returns to power in Penang.

GEORGE TOWN: MIC president G Palanivel has slammed Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for making irresponsible statement that Hindu temples would be in danger if Umno returns to power in Penang.

But he added that it was up to the DAP secretary-general on whether to apologise for it or not.

Being a multi-racial administration, Palanivel said the Barisan Nasional federal government was now funding millions to build and strengthen temples and Indian community.

“So it’s wrong to say if Umno comes back to power, it would close us down … it’s wrong.

“It was a irresponsible statement,” he told newsmen at the Caring Society Complex here late yesterday.

Indeed, he claimed Hindu temples were now being demolished in Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states, in obvious reference to happenings in Selangor.

Lim told the state assembly last Monday that “If Umno returns to power, I feel all Hindu shrines will be in danger.”

State Opposition Leader and Penaga assemblyman Azhar Ibrahim has lodged a police report against Lim on Thursday, accusing him of uttering seditious remarks.

Police are investigating the report under Section 3(1)(e) of the Sedition Act 1948.

Palanivel acknowledged that BN faced the wrath of Indian voters due to series of temple demolitions during the pre-2008 general election period, costing the coalition its traditional Indian vote bank.

But, he said that episode was a thing of the past that BN and Umno would not want to repeat.

“Now we are not doing all that.

“Now PKR is demolishing temples,” chided Palanivel.

He however evaded a direct answer when asked on whether he was making a promise that temples would not be demolished if Umno returned to power.

Money for temples

He said the question of demolition does not arise, but indicated that it would happen only when certain temples needed to be relocated.

But he said the government was now focused to financially strengthen and encourage temples to invest to have recurring revenue.

He said big amount of money was being released now as the government has assumed responsibility to effect economic transformation for the Indian community.

“If not for the government, our community will still be backwards,” the Minister in Prime Minister’s Department said after giving out federal cash aids totalling RM2.285 million to 51 local Hindu temples and Indian NGOs.

He called on representatives of Hindu temples and NGOs to return favour by supporting MIC and BN in the election.

At the start of the function, some 200 people present observed a minute’s silence as mark of respect to the late Penang MIC chairman Senator PK Subbaiyah, who passed away in his sleep on early Wednesday morning April 18.

Pakatan may decide on Hudud on Monday

PAS president Hadi Awang would be given an opportunity to clear the air on the party’s recent statements on the issue, says PKR's Azmin.

GEORGE TOWN: Pakatan Rakyat may decide on hudud law and Islamic state agenda espoused by PAS in its leadership council meeting tomorrow morning.
PKR deputy president Azmin Ali acknowledged that it was a serious matter and it would not be swept under the carpet.

He however, cut short of saying that Pakatan would make a final decision on the issue, but hinted that the coalition would undertake a major step to resolving it.
He is confident that Pakatan leadership’s wisdom would prevail in reaching an amicable consensus on the contentious issue.

“Pakatan leadership will surely share the outcome of it with the media during the post-meeting press conference,” he told newsmen after a three-hour election meeting with Penang PKR leaders and members in Bayan Lepas today.

Azmin was responding on DAP national chairman Karpal Singh’s call yesterday on Pakatan leadership to make a public stand on the Islamic state and hudud agenda of PAS.

Karpal wants Pakatan to put to rest the never ending debate on the issue and suggested that coalition’s de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as the right person to make the announcement.

PAS firm on hudud

On Friday, PAS Ulama Council chief Harun Taib said they would implement hudud if they are the biggest partner if Pakatan comes into power.

Last week Abdul Hadi said Pakatan, if it comes to power, would amend the federal constitution to change Islam status as the nation’s official religion to Addin (the way of life).

Harun said PAS would even forge pacts with other parties which support Islamic state, if PKR and DAP don’t back it, to initiate constitutional amendments to enforce its Islamic agenda.

The DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has described PAS statements as “a stab in the back.”  He said PAS antics were unacceptable and against Pakatan policy.

He reminded the Islamist party that it can only cooperate with Pakatan allies within the coalition based on common principles.

“Any discussion that goes against the Pakatan manifesto framework will be seen as attempt to stab one in the back,” said the Penang Chief Minister  said DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng after witnessing the groundbreaking of Jalan Raja Uda Voluntary Bomba Centre

Lim said the Islamic state issue was not a policy that was agreed upon by all three parties in the Pakatan pact.

He said the Islamic state agenda was not included in Pakatan’s common policy framework.
He also confirmed that DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Karpal will attend the Pakatan meeting tomorrow.

Hadi to clear the air

Azmin said Pakatan allies, PKR, DAP and PAS, would be given all chances to deliberate on the issue before a decision can be reached.
He said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang would be given an opportunity to clear the air on the party’s recent statements on the issue.
“We must listen first from PAS side of story.

“Everyone will be given a chance to speak on the issue before making a decision,” said the Gombak MP.

Marina Mahathir, daughter of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has launched a stinging attack on UMNO leaders

Marina Mahathir, daughter of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has launched a stinging attack on UMNO leaders who accused participants of the Bersih 3.0 rally last month of wanting to topple the government through street protests.

“What is this obsession with us not being Egypt anyway? If we’re not, then why worry? Besides, who needs to worry about the Arab Spring unless they identify themselves with Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gadaffi and Assad?” she wrote in a blog posting, referring to the Arab dictators.

UMNO leaders, including her father, had earlier said that Bersih protesters were imitating the people’s uprising in the Middle East, collectively known as the ‘Arab Spring’, and wanted to replace the current government through street protests and foreign interference.

Marina (pic), who also joined the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, defended the right to peaceful assembly and said there was nothing wrong when the Egyptian people assembled at Tahrir Square to press for democratic reforms.

“They want a greater say in the policies of the government. They want an end to corruption. They want proper elections with many candidates to choose from, not just those handpicked by the rulers. They want an end to military interference in politics,” she wrote.

“Aren’t these reasonable? But our government will not acknowledge that these demands are quite normal. Well maybe they’re not in an undemocratic country.”

Marina also took to task those who argued that Malaysians need not protest as their country was “not Egypt.

“If Malaysia is not Egypt and our leaders are not Mubarak, then why are Malaysians who went to Bersih treated like Egyptian protestors?” she asked.

“If anyone had gone down to Dataran on the Sunday after Bersih 3.0, apart from the barbed wire, everything was back to normal… Made our point, now let’s go eat. This is why we are not Egypt. In this we agree with our government. We are NOT Egypt. But then why respond in such Mubarak-like fashion?”

On the recent declaration by the National Fatwa Council that demonstrating against the government was forbidden in Islam, Marina reminded of a similar ruling made by Egypt’s Al-Azhar University Fatwa Committee in the days leading to Mubarak’s resignation on February 11, 2011.

“So getting the NFC ( hmmm…dubious initials…) to issue such a fatwa seems very Mubarak-like, doesn’t it?” she quipped. Harakahdaily.

Hate and vilify the sinner

I find that the Christians are the most hypocritical people on earth. Not that the Muslims are any better, mind you. But at least the Muslims say 'hate the sinner' and not 'love the sinner' like the Christians.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
What amazes me is the manner in which Malaysia Today’s readers react to anyone who writes something not favourable to the opposition. Whether they are from the New Straits Times, The Star, or whatever, if they were to write anything that is perceived as not complimentary to the opposition or complimentary to the government, this writer would get called a bitch, prostitute, arsehole, bastard, cock-sucker, mother-fucker, and worse.
Actually, sometimes I purposely post opinion pieces from these ‘pro-government’ writers to test your reaction. I want to see what you would do and say. And most times you would do and say exactly as predicted. You would immediately go into a rage and curse, mock and vilify these people.
You have zero tolerance for any opinion that goes against your stand. And you make this known by posting a most foul comment in response to this opinion. There are just not enough words in the English language to enable you to describe how you feel. The most favoured word, of course, is prostitute, but not limited to just that one word.
It is also quite comical when I post articles regarding Christianity and the hard-core Christians suddenly crawl out from the woodwork like maggots feeding on a carcass. From nowhere these Christians would appear and lecture us about how Christianity is a religion of love, how we must love the sinner but hate the sin, how Christianity is a better religion than the other religions because by accepting Jesus your soul is saved, how Jesus died for our sins, and so on.
Then, these same ‘love the sinner but hate the sin’ people will foam at the mouth and demonstrate hate against anyone who expresses support for the government or criticises the opposition. I suppose you are now going to tell me that all those who posted hate comments are not Christians but Hindus and Buddhists and that this shows what low quality people Hindus and Buddhists are. Or maybe they are Muslims pretending to be Christians?
I find that the Christians are the most hypocritical people on earth. Not that the Muslims are any better, mind you. But at least the Muslims say 'hate the sinner' and not 'love the sinner' like the Christians.
In fact, in the first place, these writers are not even sinners, at least not in the religious sense. All they did was to write something that is opposite to your political inclination. And already they get whacked to kingdom come. Is it such a sin to express a political opinion opposite to yours? We will probably have to wait until Jesus comes back to earth to find out.
Do you think you can continue to do and this and get away with it? Do you think that at one point of time something is not going to break? The law of physics tells us that anything you stretch to the limit will certainly eventually break.
I have almost given up trying to talk to some of you. My current attitude is: biarkan. You can continue believing what you would like to believe if that makes you happy. After all, what do I get by telling you the truth? Is it worth being cursed, mocked and vilified? Better I just stand back and watch and come dinnertime on Polling Day I can write my “I told you so” article. Then I can end that article with padan muka!


1. One of the favourite accusations against the police in the West is “police brutality”. No doubt there is and there will always be police brutality in the West and elsewhere. But the term is used indiscriminately and even when the police apply some permissible force in the course of their work, they are likely to be accused of “police brutality”.

2. The recent Bersih demonstration in which the demonstrators are obviously violent has given rise to the accusation of police brutality. Even the pictorial and video evidence that the police were violently attacked by the demonstrators have not stopped the Bar Council from accusing the police of brutality.

3. There were it is believed some 250,000 demonstrators. i.e 250 times more than the police. They were violent. They broke the barriers set up by City Hall to stop the demonstrators from going into the Merdeka Square. Obviously from the video clips and pictures the demonstrators not only broke the barriers but attacked, literally attacked the police who were tasked to keep the demonstrators from breaking the barriers. They chased police cars, shattered the windscreen and overturned it. They kicked a policeman who had fallen on the ground.

4. What are the police supposed to do?? Allow the hooligans to do what they like?? Accept being kicked by the hooligans?? Accept having their patrol cars being smashed and overturned??

5. Obviously they must try to stop this hooliganism. They had a need to use force. They cannot just stand by and do nothing or allow themselves to be beaten up or allow public property to be damaged. To prevent this violence they need to use force.

6. In other countries they would not just threaten but would probably shoot their assailants. As far as can be ascertained they did not use their side arms. They must have restrained themselves.

7. I would like to see what members of the Bar Council would do if people kick them, smash their cars’ windscreen and overturn them. They would be running to report to the police. When the police are assaulted who do they run to?

8. We owe much to the Malaysian police. It is not a perfect force but we do feel safe and secure when they are around. How would we like to do away with the police altogether? How would we fare if the police are not allowed to use force against their assailants?

9. Next time let’s have members of the Bar Council to keep law and order during violent demos and riots. I am sure Bersih 4.0 will be free of violence as the demonstrators would not be stopped from breaking rules and laws.

Malaysian Opposition Sacks a Dissident

Tunku Aziz bows out
Tunku Aziz bows out
High-ranking opponent of April 28 rally loses his Senate post
Malaysia’s opposition has cashiered one of its highest-ranking ethnic Malays, removing him from his Senate post in apparent retaliation for opposing an April 28 electoral reform protest that turned violent.

Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, a distant member of the Kedah royal family as well as vice-chairman of the opposition Democratic Action Party and a founder of the Malaysian branch of Transparency International, is to be replaced by another ethnic Malay, academician, Ariffin Omar, one of the founders of the respected human rights organization Aliran, when Aziz’s Penang-based term ends.

Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff, the election director of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, which is headed by Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, is also being dropped as a senator, to be replaced by Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud, former head of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress.

Given Malaysia’s always-volatile racial mix, it remains to be seen how the removal of a top-ranking ethnic Malay from the Chinese-dominated DAP will play itself out. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is expected to dissolve the Dewan Rakyat, or parliament, and call for snap elections sometime soon, perhaps in June, tea leaf readers in Malaysia say.

“Coming so close to the elections, it was a little unnecessary, but I don’t think it is going to have much impact on the DAP,” a longtime political observer said. “All political parties are the same in Malaysia – they don’t like anyone to stray from the party line. Tunku Aziz is a straight shooter but while he talks of rule of law, he should have also understood he is no longer head of an NGO. He is in a political party which has its own rules and he should stick to the party line. That’s how it works. I like Aziz but I think he was a little off in his remarks.”

Aziz was careful to say after his ouster from the Senate became public that he had no quarrel with the party despite the disagreement over the rally. That should mitigate any lingering ethnic irritation, other sources say.

Prior to the rally, Aziz was roundly criticized by Pakatan Rakyat opposition leaders for saying the rally, which was planned at Malaysia’s Independence Square despite a ban by the Kuala Lumpur government, would encourage Malaysians to break the law. Lim Guan Eng, the Penang chief minister and DAP secretary-general, said the Tunku’s comments on the rally had placed him in an embarrassing position.

The rally, organized by a coalition of NGOs under the name Bersih (Clean) 3.0, drew an crowd estimated at anywhere from 50,000 people to estimated 150,000 people but ended in violence as protesters attempted to enter Independence Square , later overturning a police car and battling with police, who responded with tear gas and wter cannons, beating protesters as well.

It remains to be seen which side won in the eyes of the public. No polls have yet been taken to guage Najib’s support. A previous Bersih rally in July 2011 cost Najib 10 points off his popularity rating in polls by the Merdeka Centre, a Kuala Lumpur-based think tank. A poll held by a Universiti Malaya center between March 31 and April 15 – prior to the April 28 rally – found 49 percent of Malaysians would vote for the Barisan with only 21 percent opting for the opposition, with 30 percent still undecided.

In the aftermath of the rally, Tunku Aziz was quoted as saying that the Bersih organizers were “not a group of angels descended from heaven who are completely blameless.” He later acknowledged to the state-owned news agency Bernama that the comments had cost him his position in the Senate.

“Yes, it is true that I will not be re-elected,” he told Bernama. “It is merely a small sacrifice.” He later told reporters in the Dewan Rakyat that he hadn’t disagreed with Bersih’s objectives, but but rather its insistence on marching to Independence Square.

“I am not against Bersih per say, I think they’re doing a marvelous job, because we all want free and fair elections,” he said. “But what I was against and continue to oppose is the fact that, while they’re organizing these rallies, you should not break the law.”

Malaysian Indian Forum protesting beef pizza recipe in Indian Movie News magazine

We, Malaysian Indian Forum together with 2 other NGOs condemning the beef pizza recipe in Indian Movie News Magazine. The book´s large readers are Hindus throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

It is very sensitive for Hindus to learn beef pizza recipe in the cine news book . We are seeking an apology from the editor and our strong message is to stop Muslim inputs in Indian magazines.

At the same time we are requesting all Malaysian Hindus to stop buying Indian Movie News as a protest against their beef pizza recipe for large Hindu readers.

Why it is sensitive for Hindus.
• A Cow is one of the 7 mother to us
• Cows give abundant milk like mother not only for their calves but also for us
• A cow is an invaluable asset in human society
• Cows are intelligent, sentient beings who want to live just as much as we do.

With great hope, we would like Indian Movie news stop those religious sentiment publication.

How to get rid of Malaysian talent — Cass Shan (

MAY 11 — It’s no secret that our graduates who study overseas don’t come back.

Many skilled workers have emigrated citing social injustice (60 per cent) and compensation (54 per cent) as reasons for leaving this beautiful country.

Can you blame them though?

We here in Malaysia are stuck with outdated meritocracy benefits and no minimum wage, not to mention low starting pay for fresh graduates.

About 57 per cent head off to Singapore while the rest move to the US, the UK, Australia and other countries. It has to be mentioned that non-Bumiputeras make up the majority of those who have emigrated.

In place of the talents we’re losing, unskilled workers who have primary school education or less are being taken in.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that we are headed towards becoming a nation of low skills.

What can we do about this devastating scenario? For one, we must acknowledge the reasons why people are leaving.

There is a lack of opportunities for locals unless they go abroad. This alone is the main factor. To address this issue, we must effect a change in our social fabric. We must recognise our talents for what they can do and not what skin colour they are born with. People who work hard for their talents and skills must be recognised for the talents and skills in themselves — not whether they carry Bumiputera status on their MyKad or otherwise.

Government bodies are most prone to this trap. More often than not, they hire Bumiputeras — often neglecting more qualified non-Bumis. This is a fact that I’ve witnessed myself: a friend of mine was the only one with experience among a group of fresh graduates applying for a job at a government body and she was not selected. It also goes to show how far backwards we are as she was castigated for wearing a cross to work.

The entire episode unfortunately displays the low mentality of government bodies when it comes to selecting staff. “Skills” do not seem to actually come into their consideration.

I also personally know of a highly talented Malaysian who was denied the top post of a government agency simply because of his skin colour. He earns a top-tier salary and pulls his weight but was denied the post simply because a certain quota had to be fulfilled.

How do we expect smart graduates who have left to return when we flatly deny them their right to fair employment?

Opportunity must present itself based on merit and not race. For too long the race card has been played on to us. The time to dismantle race-based policies is long overdue.

And then there is the issue of salaries.

Take a quick glance at Jobstreet’s salary report and you’ll see how low the average salary is. A fresh graduate is only able to earn about RM2,000 per month while a manager in a small company will only make RM4,000 per month on average (though this increases with the size of the company).

With living costs having risen exponentially in recent years, how are we expected to eke out a decent living with these figures? Those who want to pursue their master’s must either take up the PTPTN loan or earn a scholarship (or work in Singapore for a while — which is what one of my friends did).

Larger companies fork out RM2,000-3,000 for a simple customer service position and RM6,000 for assistant manager roles. Since most middle-class Malaysians earn within this average, it’s easy to see how one would be hard-pressed to afford a house, especially since property prices continue to skyrocket.

For example, a condominium today costs roughly about RM450,000 — translating to a RM45,000 downpayment. With an average salary of RM4,000, one may perhaps save RM500 per month (after deducting expenses) and take up to 90 months to save up for a condominium. That’s 7.5 years! How would young married couples cope with such costs?

Corporations and businesses must increase wages in tandem with the cost of living. This ensures quality staff and better productivity. It’s the norm that employees hate their jobs and simply do them as a means to an end. Where are the days where employees were passionate about their work? How does a company rise without its people?

It should be in the company’s vision to ensure that staff are paid well enough to house and feed themselves. This is not even scratching the surface of the problem as there are many other Malaysians who earn less than RM3,000 or even RM1,500 for that matter. If we were to broach that part of the subject we’d be able to understand why Malaysians would opt to leave the country at the first opportunity.

In summary, the diaspora exists and will most likely grow due to the factors that have been discussed. To reverse the outflow of talent, we desperately need to look at the key issues involved. Then drive home changes that will bring our best and brightest home to serve and develop this nation. —

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.

300,000 kaum India tiada kad pengenalan, selesai jika Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih Putrajaya.

HULU SELANGOR, (12 Mei): Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim memberi jaminan isu 300,000 kaum India tiada kad pengenalan, selesai jika Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih Putrajaya.

Beliau berkata, masalah tiada kad pengenalan membabitkan kaum India tidak harus berlaku lebih-lebih lagi selepas 54 tahun negara merdeka.
“Orang India ini siapa? Mereka sahabat kita, keluarga kita, bukan pekerja asing. Mereka rakyat Malaysia yang dinafi hak. “Anak kita bersekolah sampai tingkatan 5, tiada kad pengenalan? Kalau setahun lepas merdeka, boleh maafkan, ini sudah 54 tahun,” katanya. Ketua Umum KEADILAN itu berkata demikian depan lebih 5,000 kaum India di Bukit Beruntung, malam tadi, selain turut dihadiri lebih 1,000 kaum lain.

April lalu, kira-kira 200 kaum India berhimpun depan Parlimen menuntut Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak menyelesaikan masalah itu. Mereka sebahagian daripada 300,000 rakyat Malaysia yang tiada kad pengenalan ekoran tiada surat beranak dan dokumen pengenalan diri lain. Ia menyebabkan mereka gagal mencarum dalam Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) dan Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (Perkeso). Selain itu, Anwar menempelak pemimpin Umno BN kerana cuba memperbodoh masyarakat luar bandar yang hidup susah dengan memberi habuan tidak seberapa.

Selepas berbilion-bilion wang rakyat dikaut, Ketua Pembangkang itu berkata, menjelang pilihan raya Umno BN menemui rakyat dan memberi sogokan. “Mereka ingat orang Felda, orang India tidak tahu apa-apa. Bagi duit, bagi hamper, bagi gula-gula tetap akan sokong Umno.
“Kalau Umno ingat orang India begitu, Umno memang tak tahu sejarah. Orang India zaman Mahatma Ghandi, adakah semua masuk universiti? “Tapi mereka ada hati, sebab itu dia boleh lawan Inggeris,” katanya.

Program Demi Rakyat itu berlangsung di padang becak selepas hujan lebat tetapi ia tidak mematahkan semangat rakyat untuk hadir.
Hadirin turut dihiburkan dengan persembahan nyanyian dan sitkom komedi isu politik seperti Bersih 3.0, keganasan polis, SPR serta pemansuhan tol. Kesempatan itu digunakan petugas parti mengedar risalah berkaitan pilihan raya kepada hadirin. Peniaga juga mengedar risalah perniagaan hinggkan hadirin berebut-rebut mendapatkannya kerana disangka risalah pilihan raya.

Turut memberi ucapan, Naib Presiden KEADILAN, N Surendran; Ahli Parlimen Subang R Sivarasah dan Ahli Parlimen Kapar, Manivakasagam. – Keadilan Daily

Murali at the Bridge: MIC turns violent as PKR makes inroads with Indian community

Murali at the Bridge: MIC turns violent as PKR makes inroads with Indian communityWell, it wasn’t quite a bridge, and there was no way three could have defended such open ground as was to be found outside the PMO last week. Yet no less brave than Horatius was PKR Puchong division chief S Murali, as he defended his fellows against the thugs of MIC Youth led by their goonish leader, T Mohan.

Murali may have his detractors but nothing they say could take away from what he did on the 10th of May when he put himself unhesitatingly in harm’s way. MIC had claimed that Murali had shouted vulgarities at them but this was proven to be a lie by extensive photographic evidence.

Murali had stood, indeed, as silent as Horatius, Herminius and Lartius as they waited for Tuscan attack. Murali would not be the only one beaten by MIC’s cowardly thugs; others too (including S Gobikrishnan, an NGO leader) would nurse split lip and swollen jaw before the day was out.

Nor were the MIC’s goons fazed by the fact that they were attacking a multi-racial group which included Rafizi Ramli, PKR’s Director of Strategy, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Wanita Head and Latheefa Koya, its Legal Head. Latheefa Koya could be seen, in the released photographs, fearlessly delivering scathing tongue lashing to any thug fool enough to come within earshot.

Not so easily scared

The main targets of attack appeared to be (based on witness and photographic evidence), incredibly, a 17 year-old schoolgirl and PKR vice-president N Surendran. The child had had the temerity (in MIC eyes) to take her case to PKR instead of suffering in silence or wasting her time with MIC’s incompetents. Indeed, one MIC thug positioned himself at the PM’s office door in an attempt to block her entry.

It is unclear what T Mohan wanted to achieve by this piece of thuggery. Uneducated oaf he may be, but surely even he must know that this is the age of the camera-phone and twitter. The truth, therefore, will out.

The MIC tale that they were there to thank the PM was given the lie by the fact that they were carrying printed banners calling for Surendran to be sacked by PKR. And that T Mohan’s wife had tweeted a not-at-all veiled warning before the event for Surendran to stay away.

If MIC Youth’s intent was to intimidate Surendran, they have certainly not succeeded and are unlikely to. Surendran’s great-grandfather after all, a lawyer like him, spent years in British jails during the Indian Independence struggle, while his grandfather fought in the INA under Subhash Chandra Bose.

And Surendran himself was an experienced, hardened human rights lawyer before joining PKR. In fact, Surendran has been on the attack against an MIC which finds itself in an indefensible position for an action which, in hindsight, can only be described as strategic lunacy.

Hisham and Najib seem to have gone to sleep!

The MIC is split with the party’s discipline chief, KS Nijhar, declaring that he would haul up the culprits while Vel Paari, torch holder of the Samy Vellu faction, immediately condemned Nijhar. The police have proceeded on an investigation but have yet to arrest anybody, despite the spectacular photographic evidence publicly available. This, of course, will surprise nobody.

Of more concern perhaps, is the disturbing question of the extent of the PM, Najib Razak, and the Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein’s involvement in the attack on PKR’s leaders and members. It seems implausible that such an attack could have gone on, and for so long, in so heavily policed a location as the Prime Ministers Office without some form of official eye-closing.

Nevertheless, we will end with a salute to Murali, who if asked why he did it, may perhaps answer, that a man can find his end in no better way than facing fearful odds; for the ashes of his fathers; and the temples of his gods.

Malaysia Chronicle

Najib To Attend Reception By Prince Charles On Royal Charter Award To OCIS

From Nor Faridah Abd Rashid

LONDON, May 14 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will attend a reception to be hosted by the heir to the British throne, The Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, in conjunction with the Royal Charter Award on the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies (OCIS), during his official two-day visit to the United Kingdon, beginning Monday.

Malaysian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Datuk Seri Zakaria Sulong, said the invitation to Najib was due to Malaysia's commitment in contributing to the setting up of the centre.

He said this would be the particular highlight of the prime minister's "overnight" visit to the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles, who is very active in promoting multi-faith, is the patron of OCIS, while Najib is a member of the High Council of OCIS and had given a lecture entitled, 'Coalition of Moderates and Inter-Civilisational Understanding'.

The reception will be held at St James' Palace on Tuesday evening.

"Malaysia is very much appreciated for its involvement in various activities in the OCIS. We have also been respected in terms of our efforts. Our academicians are also involved at the centre," Zakaria told the Malaysian media here Sunday.

OCIS focuses exclusively on the study of Islam and Muslim communities and enjoys tremendous working relationship with Malaysia. Malaysia has been greatly involved in the building of the new OCIS centre and had contributed wood carving to the centre.

Najib's visit to the UK comes only a month after British Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to Malaysia, and this reflected the close relationship between the two countries, which have strong historical ties.

Zakaria said both prime ministers had developed a very good personal rapport.

"This is needed in terms of bringing the relations to a new level," he told the Malaysian media here, pointing out that bilateral ties were already very close.

He mentioned Cameron's visit to Malaysia which took place, soon after Najib visited the UK in July last year.

He also remarked that for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year, Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah had been invited by the Queen to attend the celebrations.

"This goes to show how close the relationship is between the two countries, and it is really very encouraging," noted Zakaria.

During the visit, Najib, who would be accompanied by wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, will also launch the Friends of the Barisan Nasional UK (FBNUK) on Monday.

Zakaria said that the club was established by Malaysians in the UK and those in Malaysia.

"It is an effort by both to reach out to other Malaysians and relay to them the various programmes that the prime minister had launched," he said.

The envoy said the club was also a one-stop centre where Malaysians could get information relating to trade, networking or even tourism.

He added that the club would complement other Malaysian corporations like Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation and Malaysian Investment Development Authority.

Malaysians in London would also get the opportunity to mingle with the prime minster at an 'Evening with the Prime Minister' event scheduled for late Monday evening.

Zakaria expects a good turnout at The 02 arena in Greenwich in East London, which can accommodate about 2,000 people.

The prime minister will also witness a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between Felda Global Ventures and its strategic partners.

Najib and wife are expected to leave for the United States on Tuesday night.

Sg Ara residents want MPPP to block hill-slope project

About 100 residents of Sg Ara staged a protest this morning over an RM800m high-end hill-slope development project in their area.
Sungai Ara residents protest against hill-slope projects today
View of the project sites from Sungai Ara town near the Shell petrol station
They are peeved that the MPPP approved planning permission for a hill-slope development project in their area on 2011. The planning permission permission was given subject to technical conditions in a geotech report and an EIA report.
Sunway City (Penang) Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunway City Berhad (controlled by Jeffrey Cheah), acquired an 81 acres of freehold land for RM39m in 2010. According to the residents, the developer plans to build 600 homes (including 92 three-plus-one storey bungalows and 14 condominium blocks ranging from nine to 18 storeys) over the 81 acres, or 7.4 homes/acre.
The history of this area dates back to 1996, under the previous administration, when the the area was categorised as low density perumahan am in the MPPP’s Development Control and Planning Master Plan (Plan Dasar Perancangan dan Kawalan Kemajuan). This plan, essentially a zoning plan, was approved on 13 September 1996.
In 2007, the Penang Structure Plan was approved and gazetted. This plan forbids development in areas exceeding 250 feet above sea level and on hill-slopes with a gradient of more than 25 degrees. But according to the state government, there is an exceptional projects (projek istimewa) category for those projects classified as low density general housing before the Structure Plan was tabled and these may be exempted from the prohibitions subject to meeting technical conditions. Such projects are also believed to require the approval of the State Planning Committee.
The land in question could be subject to the provisions of the Land Conservation Act 1960, as according to the residents, much of the land is zoned as forest land in the Penang Structure Plan.
Planning approval for the project was submitted on 21 December 2011 and approved on 26 March 2012, after the MPPP went through the motions of seeking public objections last June. The approval was based on the green light given to the geotech report by a committee on high-risk development and the EIA by an environmental committee.
The neighbouring residents who had objected were told they could appeal to the Appeals Board, and they have now since submitted their appeals.
The question remains: why did the MPPP approve this project when there are new guidelines on hill-slopes in place? Based on its old zoning plan in 1996? Surely times have changed and that zoning plan should be superseded in view of the state government’s policy of not approving any more new hill-slope developments. After all, the present state government claims that it has not approved a single hill-slope project since taking over in 2008.
Who decided that this is a projek istimewa and on what legal grounds?
And doesn’t the MPPP now have a right to reject planning permission for projects that are not in the public interest – e.g. congestion, environmental destruction, and hill-slope risk? Does it really have no choice but to approve?
A Penang state exco member has denied allegations that the state government had tried to influence the MPPP to approve the hill-side projects in Sungai Ara.
Sunway City has now submitted its building plan application for Phase 1 (on 30 April 2012).
A lot has changed in our awareness of hill-slope development since 1996. Why should we allow a 1996 MPPP zoning plan to trump the over-riding restrictions on hill-slope development that should be strictly enforced?
And what has happened to the Penang Island Local Plan?
These are all valid public interest questions.
Under subsection 25(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976, “If it appears to the local planning authority to be in the public interest that a planning permission granted under section 22 (3) or an approval of a building plan given under any of the previous local government laws should be revoked or modified, the local planning authority may order the permission or approval to be revoked or modified to such extent as appears to it to be necessary.”
The Penang public will watch closely the proceedings of the Appeals Board, fixed for 18 July 2012. The residents are objecting based on, among other considerations, the height of the project, the grounds for approving it as projek istimewa and the density of the project.