(Malaysiakini) Jasin Umno Youth chief Jezlee Tit today admitted that they were part of the protest at yesterday’s event in Merlimau featuring Bersih's Ambiga Sreenevasan, but denied responsibility for the throwing of eggs and stones.

perkasa tibai umno red shirt in merlimau malacca ambiga event 1Jezlee said the flying projectiles - which hit two DAP state assemblypersons and damaged several vehicles - was unexpected and protesters had never been instructed to bring eggs and stones to the protest.

"I myself am not sure who were throwing (the projectiles) because there were Umno and non-Umno people at the protest yesterday.

"On my side, I never issued any instruction for eggs or stones to be brought (to the protest).

“I am sure it wasn't my boys who did it, Jasin boys aren't like that," he said when contacted by Malaysiakini.

Explaining the situation, Jezlee, who is also Umno Jasin secretary, said the protest was initially peaceful, but claimed that eggs and stones began to fly after one of the event participant’s cars allegedly hit a child.

‘Chaos after car hit protester’

"Before that (the attacks), a car had knocked into a boy, maybe he became angry because of that and then it became (chaotic).

"This (the stoning) is not good and we did not ask them to act like this," he said.

perkasa tibai umno red shirt in merlimau malacca ambiga event 2Jezlee, who was present at the protest, said he tried to stop the protesters from attacking the vehicles at the event when they turned rowdy, and even assisted the vehicles to leave the area.

"I was near the car (that knocked into a protester). Everyone gave way for it to leave... I said don't (attack it)," he said.

He added that he had no problems with the opposition organising ceramahs but was against the programme because of Ambiga.

"We do not agree for her to come because clearly she belittles Islam and the law. We demonstrated to send her this message," he said.

perkasa tibai umno red shirt in merlimau malacca ambiga event car type puncturedIn the incident yesterday evening, Ayer Keroh state assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong was hit by a stone and the car he was travelling in was pelted with eggs.

Bandar Hilir state assemblyperson Tey Kok Kiew too suffered similar fate and his car was damaged after protesters punctured his tyre and dented his car.

Car windows of party supporters at the event were also smashed.

Ambiga was not present during the incident as the organisers had advised her against coming due to security concerns.
Her absence however did not stop the protesters from creating a ruckus at the event.