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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kit Siang: Dr M ‘desperate’ to keep BN in power

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — Lim Kit Siang today denied Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s warning that violence would rule the streets should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lose in the coming polls, adding that such allegations reflected the former prime minister’s “desperation” to keep Barisan Nasional (BN) in power.

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir warned in a blog posting that violence from protesters at the April 28 Bersih rally was only the beginning of “unceasing violent demonstrations” if PR were to lose an election that must be held within the year.

But Lim, who is DAP parliamentary leader, claimed that Dr Mahathir’s allegation was “a complete figment of his imagination” as he has a “personal stake” in the outcome of the next general elections.

“Could it be that it has sunk in on him after the Bersih 3.0 rally that Umno and BN can be voted out of power in Putrajaya in the next general election?” Lim said in a statement today.

“And this meant that the long list of financial scandals and abuses of power in his 22 years as Prime Minister could finally be the subject of a full inquiry and he is doing his utmost to prevent the full story of his 22-year premiership from being told?”

Lim said that unlike Najib and other Umno leaders, Dr Mahathir seemed to have realised the full implication of the Bersih rally which saw “200,000 to 300,000 Malaysians” rallying for free and fair elections “despite all the high-powered and futile campaign…to vilify and demonise Bersih 3.0 and PR.”

This realisation, Lim claimed, has created a sense of desperation in Dr Mahathir that is reflected in his blog as well as his “scare mongering” in Kedah last week that the defeat of Umno in the next general election would be akin to Malays losing political power in the country.

“Dr Mahathir should know that it is not true that the Malays will lose political power with the defeat of Umno, as replacing Umno and BN in Putrajaya will be the Pakatan Rakyat comprising PKR, PAS and DAP; and the new Prime Minister will be Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instead of Najib,” said Lim.

“What is evident is that Dr Mahathir has a personal stake in the outcome in the next general elections as to cause him to do his utmost, including concocting lies and falsehoods,” he said.

Dr Mahathir’s statement yesterday comes just days after Putrajaya launched legal action against Bersih and PKR leaders over the April 28 rally for free and fair elections which had spiralled into chaos as protestors and police clashed on the streets.

Bersih leaders were sued by the government for RM122,000 of repairs to 15 vehicles allegedly damaged during the rally for free and fair elections while opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and two party leaders were charged with taking part in an illegal street protest.

Both Dr Mahathir and current prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak have accused the opposition of engineering a coup via the Bersih protest.

The April 28 rally that saw tens of thousands gather at six different locations before heading to Dataran Merdeka was peaceful until about 2.30pm when Bersih chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan asked the crowd to


But the former Bar Council president’s announcement was not heard by most of the crowd who persisted to linger around the historic square which the court had already barred to the public over the weekend.

Just before 3pm, some protestors breached the barricade surrounding the landmark, leading police to disperse the crowd with tear gas and water cannons.

Police then continued to pursue rally-goers down several streets amid chaotic scenes which saw violence from both sides over the next four hours.

Several dozen demonstrators have claimed that they were assaulted by groups of over 10 policemen at a time and visual evidence appears to back their claim but police also point to violence from rally-goers who also attacked a police car.

The police car then crashed into a building before some protesters flipped it on its side.

Best democracy in the world – mobocracy

Now, Malaysia is under mob-rule which will be used to defend Putrajaya at all costs.

The Malaysians who oppose clean, free and fair elections, otherwise known as Umno and their cronies, have claimed two casualties; democracy and the rule of law.

In place of democracy, we now have mobocracy. S Ambiga and her neighbours have been targeted. Now anything to do with Bersih and the opposition are subject to mob attacks. How soon before the same happens to ordinary citizens like you, should you disagree with Umno policy?

The harassment of Ambiga is a calculated distraction. For the past 54 years, Umno has broken every rule in the book to continue its stranglehold on the country.

Then, along comes Ambiga and Bersih to reproach the government for its shoddy election practices. Bersih stands in the way of the continued Umno domination of Malaysia and the face which one normally associates with Bersih, is Ambiga’s.

Umno wants us to focus on protecting Ambiga, so that we will forget about Umno and the Election Commission’s (EC) electoral fraud.

It has been suggested that race, religion and her gender were in some way connected with Ambiga’s harassment.

To make these links is to overlook decades of known atrocities committed by Umno to control the rakyat. We cannot ignore the wider picture in an effort to seek easy answers and scapegoats to explain these abhorrent actions.

The tragedy of May 13 was blamed on worsening Malay-Chinese relations, the Memali incident on a banned Islamic sect and the murder of Altantuya on a greedy vindictive woman. Scratch beneath the surface and a different picture emerges.

The men who are intimidating Ambiga do so under strict orders from the top. These men include the “butt regiment”, a group claiming to be army veterans and the elite “petty traders” whose chief leads the life of a Bollywood film star. Both are aided by their mercenaries, the Mat Rempits.

Umno and their cronies have been spoilt by their continual abuse of the constitution and other initiatives which were meant to help all sections of the rakyat, not just a select few.

Tough future

With a stronger opposition party, and with Bersih demanding free and fair elections, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is backed into a corner. It is no surprise that Bersih received a violent reception.

Malaysians face a tough future because extremist elements within the government do not wish to relinquish power. The extremists have a strong sense of entitlement because of their wrong and unshaken belief that they deserve it; but why should one’s race and religious inclination be the determining factors in education, financial aid and welfare programmes? Why should others be held hostage by the extremists? Why exclude legitimate Malaysians from sharing Malaysia’s wealth?

What did the police do to stop the petty stall holders who distributed free burgers outside Ambiga’ house?

The deputy chief of police, Khalid Abu Bakar, seems incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong, and condoned the actions of the petty trader’s group. He made a mockery of the rule of law. He does not deserve his badge of office.

If he was more responsible, he could have stopped the thugs from perpetrating their act of civil disobedience and there would have been none of the farcical selling of lots outside Ambiga’s residence and none of the “butt” displays from so-called veteran soldiers.

No servicemen would dishonour his old unit. The butt-exhibitionists brought the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s name into disrepute, because all soldiers swear allegiance to King and country. They also brought shame to the Malay community.

Khalid’s stupidity was nothing compared to the silence of the Malaysian leaders who were mute when it came to these personal attacks on individuals. Did we hear our PM condemn the harassment? Did the Home Minister, under whose purview the police come, rebuke the mob-rule? Their silence gave tacit support to anarchy.

These mobs want to hold all of Malaysia to ransom. They are now attacking any Bersih talk, and have targeted ceramahs by the opposition. Last night, a senior citizen suffered head injuries when a talk by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, was pelted with stones and eggs.

So who will accept responsibility should a death occur in these attacks? One man risks losing the sight in one eye because the police fired tear-gas canisters directly at the crowd during the Bersih 3.0 rally of April 28.

Umno lackeys

These Umno lackeys have defied the rule of law. They invade residential areas, invite Mat Rempits to intimidate the public by revving their engines and racing around dangerously; they deface public property just so Umno can continue to govern. Reasoning with them is like reasoning with a toddler in a temper tantrum.

The IGP has no grip on policing just as Najib has no clue on how to govern his “best democracy in the world”. Mat Rempits are encouraged to harass and intimidate the rakyat through their acts of civil disobedience.

Najib tells the whole world he practises moderation but he is a leader who is frustrated by the power-struggles within his party. His government is weak and inefficient. Voting them in at the 13th general election will be like voting for the lunatics to run the asylum.

Now, Malaysia is ruled by mobocracy or mob-rule. Najib has said that he will “defend Putrajaya at all costs, and with blood, sweat and tears”; perhaps the mob-rule will be used to fulfil this promise. If mob-rule dominates, emergency powers will be swept in and Umno can continue to govern. There would be no need for GE13.

The divisive tactics used against Ambiga are not new. They were used in Memali and the May 13, 1969 incident. The reason has always been the same: to divide and rule.

It is time Malaysians snapped out of their delusions and make a stand.

Mariam Mokhtar is a FMT columnist.

Ambiga’s neighbours praise cops, DBKL

Authorities' watchful eye on Bersih co-chair's home to prevent protests from going out of hand warmly welcomed

PETALING JAYA: Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson S Ambiga’s immediate neighbours are hoping that the constant annoyance at Jalan Setiakasih 1, Bukit Damansara has finally come to an end.

Many wished that Thursday’s cancelled plans by several groups to set up food stalls outside Ambiga’s house was the last one.

In the past several weeks, there have been protests involving burgers stalls, vulgar exercises and other forms of harrassment of the Bersih co-chair.

A random FMT chat with several residents in the area showed that many were thankful for the authorities’ watchful eyes to prevent these protests from going out of hand.

“City Hall and the police have taken care of us and did a wonderful job. Without them, we would have felt unsafe,” said one resident who only wished to be known as Noraini.

She said that the people in the neighbourhood has been disturbed and felt uneasy the past few weeks and she had been praying hard for things to stop.

“Definitely I’m disturbed, we don’t trust people in a mob, it just takes just one person to start something and the herd mentality would kick in and make things serious,” she said.

Noraini said that she did not support assemblies of any kind but said that Ambiga was a very nice neighbour. “I think that her intentions are good. Somehow things went awry at Bersih.

“In some ways I’m sure she is disappointed. I don’t support rallies, but no matter what, it does not warrant such personal attacks against her.”

Another neighbour, who requested anonymity, also praised the actions of DBKL and police preventing violence and further nuisance.

“To me it’s a free country, do things, but within limits. Violence is a big no no. The police and DBKL did a really fine job on Thursday. Many here are seniors and ex-civil servants, why disturb them?” he asked.

Another neighbour said he was unaware of the protests and as it did not affect his home. Yet another resident condemned the protests as a “shameful” and “disgraceful”.

“We’ve been restricted, and it’s not nice. Bersih is a noble cause, from where I come from peaceful assemblies happen all the time.

“Coming to Ambiga’s housing area and targeting one person is wrong. Air your grievances through the proper channels,” she said.

Meanwhile, MCA leader Chua Tee Yong also condemned protests, saying that the right to assembly must not be abused.

“Malaysia allows people to hold peaceful rallies on condition that rally-goers respect the right of peaceful assembly, not abuse it,” said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries and Labis MP.

What do you specifically mean?

So what specifically do they mean by Islamic architecture? Just like in the case of JAKIM banning books, we need details. You ban a book without telling us what is specifically wrong with it. And you demand Islamic architecture without telling us specifically what it is supposed to look like.
Raja Petra Kamarudin

I would like to refer to the two news items below but do not know whether I should write a thesis or just my normal ‘short’ seven-page article. Anyway, let me just start writing and we shall see where we end up.
The two news items I am talking about are related to Islam, a most sensitive subject in Islamophobia Malaysia. ‘Islamophobia’ actually mean prejudice against or hatred and/or irrational fear of Islam or Muslims. In Malaysia, however, it can also mean a phobia that Malaysians in general and Muslims in particular are not doing the ‘correct’ Islamic thing.
Now, the federal government or JAKIM is banning books on Islam, or books they regard as ‘against Islamic teachings’, while the state government of Kelantan is imposing Islamic architecture in the state.
Why don’t the government just burn all books totally like what the Mongols did or burn all books not related to Islam like what the Wahabis did. Book burning and book banning has always been a strategy used by despotic governments to keep the people in ignorance. And this is so that the powers-that-be can control the people.
An educated population becomes a thinking population and hence would be a danger to the ruling elite. Therefore, the government would like to keep the people in ignorance just so that it can control the people by enslaving them. And this slavery is more effective when the government can imprison our minds.
Okay, so JAKIM has, yet again, banned a book it perceives as insulting to Islam and “contravening teachings in the Quran and Hadiths”. That is well and fine. But is it not the duty of JAKIM to point out which part of that book is in error, or is deceiving, and what it should correctly be?
For example, did the book say that Prophet Muhammad was born in Medina whereas he was born in Mekah? And was his date of birth mentioned in that book wrong? We need to know which part of that book is wrong and what it should be instead.
As it is, JAKIM just imposes a blanket ban on the book on grounds that the book is misleading. Surely not 100% of that book is misleading. Even if there were any errors in that book it would be only a part of that book, not the whole book.
JAKIM is supposed to play the role of educator of Islam. You do not educate people by banning books. You educate them by correcting misconceptions. If there are wrong beliefs then you tell us which are these wrong beliefs and what the right beliefs are.
Not many Malaysians were initially aware of the existence of these banned books until JAKIM banned them. Now that they are banned these books would become popular. The books may be banned in Malaysia in its print form, but how is JAKIM going to stop people from reading this book online? And when more than 50% of Malaysians are on the Internet, more people are going to read it now than before it was banned. I mean, more than 10 million Malaysians can read books online but they can’t sell 10 million copies of any book in Malaysia. They can’t even sell one million copies.
Hence more damage has been done by banning the book compared to allowing the book and relying to what you consider ‘wrong teachings’. Can you see how stupid these people from JAKIM are? They give idiots a bad name. And these are the same people who tortured me with sleep deprivation when they detained me in 2008. So what more can you expect from them?
Kelantan, on the other hand, wants to impose Islamic architecture in the state. What Islamic architecture are they talking about? Have a look at the photographs below. Is this what they mean?
You see, in the desert, there are sand storms and no rain. So buildings need to be designed differently from those in places, say, like Malaysia, which has monsoon rains. If we design ‘Islamic’ buildings in Malaysia they would not be that appropriate.
So what specifically do they mean by Islamic architecture? Just like in the case of JAKIM banning books, we need details. You ban a book without telling us what is specifically wrong with it. And you demand Islamic architecture without telling us specifically what it is supposed to look like.
During the time of the Prophet, people lived in tents and wooden huts. Is that what you mean by Islamic architecture? Jeddah airport is designed like a huge tent. So you want all buildings in Kelantan to look like a huge tent?
Actually, Islamic architecture has been borrowed from the Persian Sassanid and Eastern Roman Byzantine period with some Germanic Visigoth influence. Hence they are not Islamic but per-Islamic as well Christian architecture. When the Moors invaded Christian Spain, they ‘stole’ the horseshoe arch design. Hence that is, again, Christian architecture.
The Dome of the Rock (Qubbat al-Sakhrah), which was built in Jerusalem in 691, is considered one of the most important buildings in all of Islamic architecture. That, however, has a very strong Byzantine influence. The very form of a rotunda given to the Qubbat al-Sakhrah is foreign to Islam and was an attempt to rival the many Christian domes of its time.
So what Islamic architecture are you talking about? The tent design? The square box design? Or the Christian design that was stolen by the Muslims? Which design is Kelantan going to impose on developers?
So can you see why JAKIM wants to ban books? It is because if they do not ban books then we may discover the truth. And the truth is there is no such thing as Islamic design. The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, the Sultan Sulaiman Building in front of Dataran Merdeka, etc., were actually designed by the ‘kafir’ British and adopted from Moorish architecture. The Moors, in turn, took this design from Christian Spain.
That’s why. Don’t simply ban books. If you ban books then EXCO Members like those from Kelantan would remain ignorant. They would think that Moorish architecture, which was stolen from the Spanish Christians, are actually Islamic designs.
Yeah, sure, ABU, ABU, ABU! Asal bukan Umno! Never mind if we vote for idiots as long as not Umno. Never mind if these idiots ban books and impose Islamic architecture as long as not Umno.
It is time these people are told that it is ABUAI -- anything but Umno and idiots.
Ministry bans Irshad’s latest book for insulting Islam
The Home Ministry has banned the book Allah, Liberty and Love, based on Malaysian Islamic Development Department’s (Jakim) finding that the publication contained elements insulting to Islam.
“The book contravenes teachings in the Quran and Hadiths,” said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman.
The ministry decided to ban the book by Ugandan-born Canadian writer Irshad Manji under Section 7 Subsection 1 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.
“The book, believed to have elements that can deviate Muslims from their faith and teachings and elements which insulted Islam, has received numerous complaints,” he said in a statement here yesterday.
Irshad is also known to openly support the lesbian, gay and bisexual and transsexual lifestyles.
Her previous book The Trouble With Islam Today was banned in Malaysia in 2009.
Kelantan: Islamic designs a must
(The Star) - A controversy is brewing over the proposal for the construction of a Buddhist building here after the PAS-led state government ruled that new buildings should include Islamic designs to reflect the state capital’s status as an Islamic city.
State Local Government, Culture, Arts and Tourism committee chairman Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said developers must incorporate some Islamic elements in their plans or the proposals would be rejected.
“We will ensure development will be based on Islamic principles and features,” he told a press conference here yesterday.
He claimed the ruling was well-accepted by the majority of developers, including non-Muslim developers.
“I do not see it as an issue or something that could cause religious tension, as it only involves architecture and design.
“They have accepted the new ruling well,” he said.
Takiyuddin was commenting on an appeal by the Kelantan Buddhist Association for the state government to approve its building, to be constructed with Chinese features at Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin here.
It is understood that the association had been told that its building design should have dome-shaped motifs, which have created a controversy in the Chinese media.
In an immediate reaction, Kota Baru MCA division chief Tan Ken Ten slammed the directive, which he said was an infringement of the rights of non-Muslims in the state.
“The ruling is an extreme attempt to impose one’s beliefs into other people’s culture or religious beliefs.
“The PAS government must be mindful that Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religious society that respects the differences of each community. It should appreciate this diversity which makes this country unique,” Tan added.
State MCA Youth chief Gan Han Chuan said the Kelantan government was showing disrespect towards the non-Muslims with its new policy.
“With the new directive, PAS is trying to create discord by destroying the harmonious relations between the communities that had been built by the Barisan Nasional over the years,” he added.
“One can only wonder what type of archaic policies PAS will introduce if Pakatan Rakyat manages to take over the Federal Government,” Gan said.

Lagi Ceramah Pakatan Jadi Sasaran Batu Dan Telur


1. Kita sudah merdeka selama 55 tahun dan telah mengadakan 12 Pilihan Raya Umum. Walaupun parti-parti bukan dari Perikatan atau Barisan Nasional telah berjaya menawan dan mendiri Kerajaan dibeberapa negeri di Semenanjung dan di Sabah, tetapi Perikatan dan Barisan Nasional tidak pernah kalah di peringkat Pusat. Perikatan dan Barisan Nasional terus menjadi Kerajaan diperingkat Pusat, peringkat yang paling berkuasa di Malaysia.

2. Memang pada 1969 Perikatan hampir kalah tetapi kuasa kekal di tangan Perikatan dan akhirnya beberapa parti lawan telah menyertai Perikatan untuk menubuh Barisan Nasional yang terus memerintah.

3. Barisan Nasional menghadapi beberapa masalah dalaman tetapi berjaya mengatasinya dan mengekal kuasanya di Peringkat Pusat. Serpihan dari UMNO yang diusahakan oleh Tengku Razaleigh dan Anwar Ibrahim tidak berjaya mengalahkan Barisan Nasional.

4. Pada 2008 kebencian terhadap pemerintahan Abdullah menyebabkan ramai dari penyokong UMNO dan parti-parti komponen lain mengurangkan sokongan kepada Barisan Nasional sehingga lima buah negeri dapat ditawan oleh parti-parti bukan Barisan Nasional. Di peringkat Pusat majoriti Barisan Nasional menurun sehingga tidak dapat menguasai 2/3 dari kerusi Parlimen. Namun Barisan Nasional masih dapat mendiri Kerajaan di peringkat Pusat.

5. Kemenangan yang berturut-turut sejak merdeka melumpuhkan semangat parti-parti bukan Barisan Nasional. Percubaan oleh Anwar Ibrahim untuk menyeludup masuk ke dalam UMNO supaya dapat merebut kuasa dari dalam juga gagal.

6. Yang terpaksa diakui oleh semua pihak, semua rakyat Malaysia dan juga pemerhati asing ialah sehingga kini proses pilihanraya tidak dapat menjatuhkan Barisan Nasional. Majoriti rakyat Malaysia tetap memberi kemenangan kepada Barisan Nasional. Kenapa tidak. Semua terpaksa terima hakikat bahawa Kerajaan-Kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah membawa banyak kemajuan dan nikmat lain kepada rakyat. Barisan Nasional berjaya membawa keamanan dan kesejahteraan kepada Negara Malaysia. Tiap seorang dari rakyat Malaysia dapat mengecapi kehidupan yang lebih mewah dan lebih bahagia di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Nasional. Segala percubaan oleh parti-parti lawan untuk mengurangkan sokongan dan persepsi baik terhadap Barisan Nasional dan pemerintah yang didirikan olehnya tidak berjaya.

7. Memandang kepada sejarah Malaysia merdeka dan keputusan- keputusan pilihanraya, parti lawan tentu kurang yakin mereka akan menang PRU 13 dan mendirikan Kerajaan Pusat. Cara demokrasi tidak boleh menjayakan mereka. Melihat penggulingan Kerajaan di Negara-negara Arab, tentulah terlintas di hati pemimpin-pemimpin parti lawan bahawa cara-cara demonstrasi ganas dan berpanjangan lebih mungkin memberi kejayaan kepada cita-cita mereka.

8. Tetapi mereka perlu menunjuk kepada rakyat, dan lebih utama kepada dunia luar bahawa Kerajaan Barisan Nasional di Malaysia adalah zalim dan menindas rakyat seperti Kerajaan-Kerajaan kuku besi Negara Arab.

9. Maka diciptalah Bersih. Kononnya pilihanraya di Malaysia ditipu oleh Kerajaan Pusat, walau apapun bukti bahawa di Malaysia parti lawan boleh menang dan telah menang berkali-kali jika rakyat menyokong mereka dan sebaliknya di Negara Arab bukan sahaja Kerajaan yang digulingkan tidak pernah kalah tetapi pilihanraya memberi kemenangan 99% kepada pemerintah, masih juga didakwa Pilihan Raya Umum ditipu oleh Kerajaan Malaysia.

10. Kerajaan bertindak untuk meneluskan lagi proses pilihanraya mengikut kehendak parti lawan. Tetapi masih juga dituduh yang Kerajaan menipu.

11. Banyaklah lagi tuduhan kezaliman dan kemungkaran yang dilempar kepada Kerajaan semata-semata untuk memburukkan imej Kerajaan.

12. Tunjuk-tunjuk perasaan Bersih yang besar dan ganas adalah persediaan untuk menolak keputusan PRU 13 jika parti lawan gagal memenanginya. Kekalahan mereka akan dituruti dengan demonstrasi ganas yang tidak berhenti-henti supaya keputusan pilihanraya ditolak dan satu Kerajaan lain didirikan, yang ditunjuk oleh parti lawan. Kemudian mereka akan berusaha untuk mengadakan pilihanraya sekali lagi yang boleh dimanipulasi oleh mereka.

13. Sudah tentu sebelum Kerajaan pilihan rakyat digulingkan, negara akan diserang bertubi-tubi dengan demo ganas dan huru-hara. Perancangan dan perusahaan akan diganggu mungkin dengan mogok di sana sini anjuran parti lawan.

14. Kestabilan negara akan tergugat. Polis dituduh melakukan keganasan supaya mereka tidak dapat kawal huru-hara dan demo dengan cara berkesan.

15. Kuasa-kuasa asing akan mengecam Kerajaan pilihan rakyat kerana kononnya mengguna kekerasan menghalang kebebasan bersuara dan berdemo. Malaysia akan dicap sebagai Police State.

16. Malaysia yang telah memberi banyak nikmat dan kebahagiaan kepada rakyatnya, yang telah diiktiraf sebagai Negara yang termaju di antara negara membangun, Malaysia yang bangun dengan pesatnya akan bertukar menjadi negara yang tidak lagi stabil dan maju, dan tidak lagi memberi kebahagiaan dan rahmat kepada rakyatnya. Mereka tidak percaya dengan demokrasi maka akan hilanglah hak rakyat untuk memilih Kerajaan.

17. Negara ini akan menjadi miskin dan Wawasan 2020 tidak akan menjadi kenyataan. Inilah yang akan berlaku kerana parti bukan Barisan Nasional kecewa tidak dapat ke Putrajaya. Jika dengan cara ganas mereka, mereka berjaya merebut kuasa, percayalah demokrasi akan dihapuskan dan nasib yang buruk akan menimpa Negara tercinta ini.

92% Rakyat Mahu Daftar Pemilih Dibersih Sebelum PRU


Satu kajiselidik yang dibuat baru-baru ini – sehari sebelum perhimpunan BERSIH 3.0 - menunjukkan majoriti responden mahu daftar pemilih dibersihkan sebelum pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Menurut Merdeka Centre, 92 peratus daripada 1,019 orang yang dikajiselidik bulan lalu berkata kerajaan perlu melakukannya sebelum pilihan raya umum.

Keputusan itu hampir sebulat suara di kalangan responden pelbagai bangsa, kumpulan umur, jantina, pendapatan dan kawasan, dengan lebih 90 peratus daripada setiap kumpulan, menjawab dengan positif.

Kira-kira separuh atau 48 peratus daripada kumpulan yang sama juga berkata mereka tidak yakin dengan daftar pemilih.

We shall overcome

Jacob Sinnathamby - The Malaysian Insider

MAY 26 — Can you hear it? Listen closely. Now can you hear it?

I am talking about the deafening silence from the prime minister downwards on the burgeoning violence and thuggish behaviour by Umno and its subsidiaries.

What happened at the PKR ceramah in Lembah Pantai, where blood was drawn after rocks, eggs and bottles were rained on PKR leaders by Umno Youth affiliates, was not the first show of state-encouraged violence.

It is not even the second or third time, but the umpteenth time in recent months that groups affiliated to the ruling party have shown disdain for the rule of law.

Nurul Izzah Anwar and Mat Sabu have faced stones and thugs before while speaking at Felda events, Lim Guan Eng faced thugs during the anti-Lynas demo in Penang recently, and Bersih organisers in Merlimau had their vehicles damaged. And the list goes on.

Never before have Malaysians witnessed state-sanctioned violence on this scale against Malaysians. At Lembah Pantai the other night, the police stood by and did not lift a finger when the Umno affiliates pelted PKR leaders. The same thing happened in Penang.

When the police send a “message” to thugs, political parties and silat groups that no action will be taken against violence, it is only natural that these elements will be emboldened further.

When the national leaders “encourage” the violence through their silence, is it any wonder that the establishment forces are using violence?

Khairy Jamaluddin told Malaysiakini that the party leadership did not send out a memo asking that opposition rallies be disrupted. They don’t have to; their silence and quiet enjoyment is evidence of their complicity, desperation by politicians who have forgotten that they serve at the rakyat’s pleasure.

It is clear that the violence will escalate. Umno wants Malaysians to be cowed, to believe that there will be trouble if they are kicked out of power, that our personal safety will be compromised if we support the Opposition. They want us to go back into our shells, quivering in fear.

But why should we? No one ever said that change would be easy or painless. There are many Malaysians today who are willing to stand up and fight. Let us honour them by standing side by side with them. And to hell with those cops; they are as useful and competent as the security guards in your neighbourhood.

Government Promises To Leave A Better Malaysia For Youths - Najib

PUTRAJAYA, May 26 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says the government promises to leave a better Malaysia to be inherited by youths.

This is done by implementing the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the national transformation agenda.

"The Cabinet members and I shoulder this responsibility. We implement the ETP and national transformation agenda so that we can leave a better Malaysia for youths.

"A country that is more successful and great from all aspects. We will make Malaysia a developed nation and as 1Malaysia... InsyaAllah," he said in his address to mark National Youth Day celebration here Saturday.

Also present were the prime minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Cabinet ministers including Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Najib said that Malaysians must remain united to propel the nation to greatness and success.

"InsyaAllah, we will work day and night and will leave a better Malaysia to be inherited by youths."

He urged youths to reflect on the success of the nation and development of Putrajaya that has become the location for a gathering of millions of youths.

"This is because 55 years ago, youths made the right choice when voting.

They chose a government that implemented numerous changes for 55 years."

Najib said youths had voted not once but in 12 general elections by entrusting the same government to bring about change.

The government is confident that with the theme "Jadikan Hari Esok Lebih Baik Daripada Hari Ini" (Make Tomorrow Better Than Today) as it has delivered the promises for 55 years.

"Youths who gather today will make those outside feel confident that under the government, there will be a better tomorrow."

Najib hopes that youths will be able to diffentiate between diamond and glass to ensure continued development for the country.

"The voice of youths is sacred and they must stand up and show that they can choose wisely," he added.

Crown Jewels sparkle in major new exhibition for Diamond Jubilee

London, England (CNN) -- They are some of the most spectacular diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the world, and they have graced the outfits of monarchs for centuries, now -- just in time for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee -- Britain's Crown Jewels have gone on display in a new-look exhibition.

"The Crown Jewels are a collection of international significance, some of the most stunning gems in the world," said curator Sally Dixon-Smith. "But they are also a working collection, and we wanted to get that across to visitors; that they are real, and that they are very much used, both during coronations and more regularly."

Once through the heavy steel doors -- weighing 2,000 kilos each -- visitors are guided through the process of coronation, allowing them to feel part of the procession, with all its pomp and circumstance.

After following a line of golden trumpets and heavy maces, they are introduced to the regalia of the ceremony: Robes, anointing oil and ceremonial swords, before coming face to face with the fabled gems themselves, set in a succession of stunning crowns, scepters and orbs.
Even their names are the stuff of legend: Koh-i--Nur, the Black Prince's Ruby, Cullinane I and II, King Edward's Sapphire.

Some even come with their own superstitions. The Koh-i-Nur (its name means "Mountain of Light"), for example, is only ever set in crowns made for female members of the monarchy.

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"It is said to bring bad luck to any man who wears it," explained Keith Hanson, the chief exhibitor of the jewels. "By contrast, it is believed to bring long life and happiness to any woman who wears it, and as its last wearer, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was 101 when she died, that would seem to be true."

The jewels that visitors see today have been worn by British monarchs for generations, but in historical terms, Dixon-Smith says, they are "a relatively new collection."

The originals were destroyed in the wake of the Civil War, which saw King Charles I overthrown and executed in 1649. The oldest piece on display is the 12th century Coronation Spoon, which survived the break-up (and melting down) of the old jewels.
William and Catherine attend Jubilee

Many of the items in the Tower of London today date back to the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, and the rule of King Charles II, though the collection has been added to and expanded over the centuries since.

Queen Elizabeth speaks to Parliament

Perhaps the most important piece is the St Edward's Crown, which dates from 1661, and is worn by the monarch at the moment of coronation. Made of solid gold and trimmed with ermine and velvet, it is famously heavy -- weighing more than five pounds (2.23kg) -- and can only be worn for 15 minutes during the ceremony.

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By contrast, Queen Victoria's tiny diamond-encrusted crown, made in 1870, measures less than 10cm (3.7 inches) tall. It was designed to be worn over her mourning veil, following the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert.

And while Queen Victoria wore that miniature coronet so often it was eventually placed on her coffin, after her death, one of the other pieces, the Imperial Crown of India has only been used once.

The crown, which features more than 6,000 diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, was made in 1911 at a cost of £60,000. It was used for the crowning of George V at the Delhi Durbar, because the traditional Crown Jewels are not permitted to leave the country, but has not been worn since.

The new exhibition has been six years in the making, with most of the work being carried out overnight, to allow the Crown Jewels to remain on display throughout.

Thousands of visitors pour in to the Tower of London every day, though Hanson insists "there are no queues here -- only 'lines of expectation.'"

And the fact that the jewels are one of the key attractions for international visitors to London has played a large role in the way they are now displayed, with little writing and a reliance instead on imagery and film, from animations, to painting, to film of the Queen's 1953 coronation.

"The point is not to tell people about the collection, but to show them -- the Crown Jewels are the stars of the show," said interpretation manager Rebecca Richards.

The exhibition also features dramatic lighting and sound effects, designed to allow the precious stones and gold to glow and shine in all their glory.

"They are not relics," said Richards. "They are part of an active tradition, and they are still used today."

So while anyone making a trip to the Tower can expect to be greeted by plenty of glitz and sparkle whenever they visit, they shouldn't be too surprised if they find a small card in place of the Imperial State Crown, reading simply: "In use."