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Saturday, July 7, 2012

'Isteri tahanan ISA 'diugut', diminta tarik laporan'


High contingent Pakistani Terrorist force waiting to infiltrate from POK border to spred Terrorism in India.


Poonch: 6th July, 2012 | HE Special Coorrespondent :: While the army is doing its best to prevent cross-border infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant General KT Parnaik, General Officer Commanding, Northern Command, warned a chance to infiltrate a high numbers of Islamic Terrorists to spread cross-border terrorism in India through POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) borders.

Addressing journalists, General Parnaik disclosed that the Home Ministry has approved all army-related policies in this regard.

He added that though the army was “little disappointed” with the execution of the projects to curb infiltration, though it had considerably reduced in the last few months.

“The policies have been approved by the Home Ministry. Yes, we are a little disappointed with the way it has been done, but infiltration has reduced,” Lieutenant General Parnaik said.

He said that they have received information regarding camping of militants at launch pads, waiting to infiltrate into Kashmir.

“We have received information that all the launching pads house terrorists and they have been trying for the last six months, since the snow has melted, and their attempts have been futile. There have been one or two successful attempts as well, but it is no cause for worry,” he said.

Secret Pak Terror bases in POK
Not to contradict with Lieutenant General KT Parnaik, nor to degenerate the hard liner Defense Ministers of India, we must point out one dangerous move in the Govt policy under a timid softness in the face of internal communal hazards and election politics so pricked by the foreign agencies, for which the cross border subversive elements aspire the immediate support and acceptance of it by their counterparts already settled in India.

Now, it is supported from an intelligence link that thousands of communal agents from Pakistan, POK and Afghanistan have settled in India, not returning in their home land even after the expiry of their visas and doing their entrusted jobs of weakening India through various illegal business of arms, narcotics, fake notes, money-lending, women and children trafficking, assassination as mercenary and vary other anti national activities. These people always play a significant role to provide the safe arrival of the cross border terrorists and the intruders jumped from their launching pad.

Very recently five Pak nationals have been arrested by Indian Police in Titagarh area of West Bengal, which is considered as sleeper zone of choice of the Pak and Chinese terrorist outfits. They were arrested by the CID from Titagarh in North 24-Parganas district for one year overstaying in the country under the Foreigners Act, the police said.

The family entered into India through Amritsar Rly Check Post on a tourist visa that had validity till May 2011. They had come to visit relative Osman Gani, who lives on RK Road in Hooghly’s Serampore. During their stay, one of the members married Gani’s relative and the family did not return to their country, Pakistan. Afterward they all shifted in Titagarh area.

Using a residential certificate given by local Muslim TMC (ruling party in West Bengal) Councillor, they managed to obtain other documents like a PAN card and even opened bank accounts like Indian nationals. Everything in place, they decided to stay back permanently in India. Apart from conspiracy, CID officers have arrested them arrested all five for staying in India even after their visa had expired and forging documents.They were also charged with conspiracy. The officers said they are in the process of interrogation for all the five family members to confirm whether they hold any links with spies or had any plans of sabotage plan in India.

However, all the five Pakistani nationals, all members of a family from Karachi (Rahim Sha Colony, Orangi Town, Sector-11), were arrested on Sunday (1st July2012) for staying well after the expiry of their visa period and were produced in a court on Monday.

This is not a single story. When such thousand Pakistani traders, Moulavi, unknown professionals, Afghan money lenders, Kashmir Shwal sellers from POK and Kashmir (most of them are connected with Hurriyat Conference in Kashmir and marrying Hindu girls here and there in numbers) are spreading their Islamic network, the common patriotic persons can not ignore the matter. Bharatiya (Indian) patriotic people must prepare themselves with full valour and equipment to resist these venomous reptiles everywhere at first chance. These stand point is not excluded in checking the Maoist dragons and Evangelical leviathan also.

But the fault line in the Interior Ministry is alarming. As per opinion of an expert, (Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (retd) is Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies, a New Delhi-based Think-Tank. 24-01-2012 Rediff News):

“The National Investigation Agency, NIA, needs to be re-modeled on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to give it both preventive and investigative powers. The NIA must be reconstituted as it lacks teeth in its present form.

India’s intelligence coordination and assessment apparatus at the national level remains mired in the days of innocence. While the requirement is for a strong National Counter-terrorism Centre, the approval accorded by the Cabinet Committee for Security is for a watered down version of the form in which the NCTC had been originally conceived by Home Minister P Chidambaram.

The NCTC had been envisaged as an umbrella organisation which would exercise control over agencies like the NIA, the National Technical Research Organisation, the Joint Intelligence Committee, the National Crime Records Bureau and the National Security Guard. It will now be placed under the Intelligence Bureau and the existing Multi-Agency Centre will be subsumed in it.

The NCTC will draw up and coordinate counter-terrorism plans, integrate intelligence gathering and coordinate with all existing investigating and intelligence agencies.

The NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid), which was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security in June 2011, will provide a data bank of 20 database like travel records, immigration details and income tax records as inputs to the NCTC.

Finally, the government must seriously consider enlarging the scope of its counter-terrorism policy to covertly eliminate the leaders of terrorist organisations abroad who are sponsoring terrorism in India.”

Here also the cooperation between the people and the Govt is not addressed properly. Unless and until the Govt is prepared to make a public preparedness on the basis on compulsory and confident military training or the spontaneous armed combat to the attacking terrorist force by the patriotic people on their own, these PAK, MAO or ANY TERROR FORCE cannot be eliminated.

Rehabilitation of the ex-military personnel in the border areas, creating rural level resistance force of the local people, logistic and equipment supports to the hard core anti Pakistan, anti Mao, anti anti-Indian cultural forces are the other options.

If Pakistan or China attack Bharat or any Vatican Conspiracy wants to make India again as a colony of them directly , is it possible to set aside the matter by a patriotic person. All the majority people will surely take the arms in the names of Chartapati Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Govind Singh, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas to save their Mother Land. Who will resist them?

It is a real time of preparation to combat all the Jihadi and anti Indian Forces putting their claws to the body of my mother.

Abu Jindal has no remorse for Mumbai carnage, say investigators

New Delhi: There is no remorse in Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jindal Hamza, the Indian national who has confessed to being in the control room in Karachi during the 2008 terror siege of Mumbai, say investigators, describing him as an intensely devout man who believes he did his "religious duty".

The Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist from Beed in Maharashtra has confessed to being amongst those directing the 10 Pakistani terrorists who docked in Mumbai on the night of Nov 26, 2008 and unleashed mayhem till Nov 28, sources in the investigation team said.

Jindal, who was arrested at the airport here on June 21 after his deportation from Saudi Arabia, is being interrogated by several investigating teams, including the Intelligence Bureau, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad team and a special Delhi Police team.

He has shown no regret for the Nov 26-28, 2008, attacks, in which 166 people, including several foreigners, were killed and 238 injured.

"Jindal has no regret for the deaths of 166 people in the 26/11 attack. He explained the deaths, saying that in the way of god people have to sacrifice not only their life but also leave their homes, relatives and family too," an officer in the interrogation team said.

Jindal, who loves to expound on Islam and offers namaz five times a day during which he rubs his forehead against the floor as a true devout, told interrogators that the 2008 Mumbai carnage was "a part of his devotion for his religious duty called jihad".

He told interrogators that the word jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression "striving in the way of god (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)".

Asked why he had chosen India for jihad, Jindal is believed to have told interrogators, "It's a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad.... especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims."

He has been forthcoming in his replies regarding the role played by the LeT in the attack, but "tends to mumble" when it comes to the role of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, say investigators.

He has told them that he is only a member of LeT, and his bosses chose the specific targets for jihad. He also said there were other mujahideen - persons engaged in jihad - like him who were selected to execute plans.

The planning for 26/11 was done sometime in 2003, Jindal has said. He had been tasked to recruit Indian Muslims for jihad and those hailing from non-Hindi speaking areas were taught to speak Hindi by him.

During 2006, when investigators unearthed a major arms and explosives consignment in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Jindal, who was part of the team taking the deadly goods to Mumbai, managed to escape, said sleuths. Though police were on his trail, he managed to flee to Bangladesh.

"He crossed into Bangladesh and then travelled onwards to Pakistan, all with the help of Pakistani intelligence operatives," an investigator said.

"As he was well versed with Mumbai due to his native place being Beed in Maharashtra, Jindal was deputed to recruit and train the ten terrorists involved in 26/11 attack," the official said.

An unrepentant Jindal told investigators that if he gets another chance, he will repeat the terror attack as it would help him get a place in jannat (heaven) through jihad.

Investigators are trying join the dots in the entire 26/11 conspiracy and execution by connecting Jindal's activities - from his early days as part of the LeT camp in Nepal, and later when he attended camps in Muridke and Thakot in Pakistan - to his directing the Mumbai attack from the Karachi control room along with LeT chief Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi and some ISI officers.

Anwar’s retirement announcement a ploy, says Dr M

KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today Opposition Leader Datuk Seri
Dr M has called Anwar’s statement “rhetoric”. — file pic
Anwar Ibrahim should not waste any more time if he intends to retire from politics as he has said.

“He should retire right now. It is futile ... his desire to become the prime minister,” the former prime minister told reporters after paying a courtesy call to visiting President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, here.

Anwar had indicated in an interview published recently by the Financial Times that he might consider quitting politics if the opposition fails to wrest federal power in the next general election, due by April next year.

Dr Mahathir said Anwar’s statement was mere rhetoric because, even if the opposition pact were to lose in the next general election, he would continue to dream of becoming the prime minister.

The former prime minister said in jest that probably an honorary prime ministerial post could be established for Anwar for the duration of five days to enable him to fulfil his dream prior to retirement.

Meanwhile, Federal Territory Umno Liaison Committee secretary Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said Anwar’s latest statement was yet another ploy to garner sympathy votes in the next general election.

“Anwar should retire from politics now because he himself knows that he cannot win in the next general election. He and the others in the opposition pact realise that they cannot compete against the proven track record of the Barisan Nasional (BN) which has the support of the people,” he told Bernama when contacted.

The Cheras Umno Division chief said he was convinced that Anwar would continue to be active in politics even if the opposition pact were to lose in the next general election because he harbours ambitions of becoming the prime minister.

Syed Ali advised BN leaders to be wary of Anwar’s tactics, saying the Permatang Pauh MP was deft at psychological warfare and propaganda. — Bernama

Asri urges Muslims to shed feudalism, pseudo-salafism

Jul 6: Former Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin has chided a section of Muslim scholars who he said had a tendency to remain silent on injustices while defending unjust kings, dictatorship and tyranny based on their ignorance and 'literalist' understanding of Islamic texts.

"These are the people who would churn out fatwas in defence of [former Libyan leader] Muammar Qadafi, [former Egyptian president] Hosni Mubarak and the still surviving regime of Bashar al-Asad.

"They are busy preventing people from voicing out, but they are not busy engaging in forum, debates and seminars to stop those in power from trampling upon people's rights. They claim this is the belief of the salaf [first generation of Muslims], as if the salaf are the bastion of unjust regimes," wrote Asri (pic) in his blog.

Asri reminded that even Muawiyah Abi Sufyan, who opposed the caliphate of Ali Abi Talib and who later went on to controversially set up a hereditary system of caliphate, had provided space for people to voice their dissent.

Reacting to the victory of Islamist leader Mohamed Mursi in Egypt's first free presidential election, Asri said Muslim masses had suffered for far too long and that it was time they shed their feudal thinking.

"It is time to do away with corrupt groups and supporters of feudal thinking from the Muslim community," he added.

Asri pointed out that Western societies were more aware of their rights, citing how the British media would frequently expose wastages and extravagant lifestyles of their royal families.

"The increase in Queen Elizabeth's expenditure is also questioned. This is despite the British queen, like others, also paying taxes. But the principle of justice and democracy allows the public to scrutinise anyone who abuses public funds," he said, citing a recent report by UK's Daily Mail questioning Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton's travel expenses.

Last May, Asri spoke out against a police investigation against former Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin for questioning the half-a-million ringgit purchase of a car number plate by the Sultan of Johor.
"If the behaviour and actions of royalties cannot be questioned, we are only deifying them and subjugating ourselves," Asri said.

Ex-army man: Razor wire should not have been used

The Star 

KUALA LUMPUR: The razor wire used to cordon off several areas surrounding Dataran Merdeka during the Bersih 3.0 rally should not have been used on members of the public, Suhakam’s public inquiry into the rally was told.

Retired army personnel Khairul Annuar Pawanchik, 60, said that some of the wire which had been used during the rally and identified as “razor blade barbed concertina wire”, was usually used in war zones and atop prison walls.

“I think the wire should never have been used. In my experience, it is the most dangerous razor wire,” he said yesterday at the Suhakam public inquiry into allegations during and after the April 28 gathering.

However, he stressed that he was not against the police but was “concerned that it would have injured the public”.

Khairul, who is a Red Crescent Society communication and reserve officer, was the third witness called before the panel yesterday.

He said that a person would need special gloves and sufficient training to remove the razor wire, adding that it would take five to 10 minutes.

While giving his account of the events on that day, he said he saw a group of 15 to 20 traffic police officers with the leading officer holding up his gun while on a motorcycle in between Quality Hotel and Medan Mara.

The inquiry, which began yesterday, is chaired by Suhakam vice-chairman Prof Datuk Dr Khaw Lake Tee and assisted by fellow commissioners Prof Datuk Dr Mahmood Zuhdi Abdul Majid and Detta Samen.

The two other witnesses, who also testified yesterday, were rally participant Kunabal K. Rajagopal, 58, and Baharudin Hashim, 53, who described himself as a “curious bystander”.

At a press conference later, Dr Khaw said tentatively 22 witnesses excluding police officers would be called during the inquiry.

The inquiry resumes on July 11.

Another woman attacked in car park

Viciously attacked : Nooralida resting on her hospital bed.

KUALA LUMPUR: Another woman has been brutally attacked in broad daylight at a car park near a hypermarket here.

Nooralida M. Noor was getting into her car at a shopping centre at around 2.50pm on Tuesday when a man forcibly entered her car and slashed her left arm and neck.

Although she fought back and tried shouting, the man pinned her down and warned her “not to be stupid”, she said in her Facebook account.

The commotion attracted the attentions of another woman and her son. The attacker then panicked and fled.

Nooralida drove to a police station before seeking treatment at the Gleneagles Hospital. Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Amiruddin Jamaluddin has asked witnesses to call the Selangor police hotline at 03-2052 9999.

Recently, Internet marketeer Chin Xin-Ci posted on Facebook her ordeal of being almost kidnapped by two men at a shopping mall car park on May 27.

Less than 24 hours later, two women were robbed of RM80,000 at the same place while another woman was robbed at the outdoor parking lot near a shopping centre on June 4.

On June 24, a woman nearly had her finger severed by an armed robber as she stopped in front of her friend’s house at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Just 32 hours earlier, another woman was robbed and slashed on the head while she was walking towards her car at a shopping mall car park.

Meanwhile, MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong advised the people to be careful of being approached by those who claimed to be policemen.

He said that in the latest case on April 27, 22-year-old student Teng Sheng Hao was robbed at a shopping mall in the city by a bogus policeman.

Teng claimed a man in plainclothes came up to him and accused him of being involved in a credit card theft.
Teng agreed to cooperate after he believed that the man was a policeman although he didn’t show his authority card.

The man then robbed Teng of his car keys, handphone and his wallet. He was also forced to give up his ATM card number.

The victim later found out that about RM10,000 had been withdrawn from his account.

IGP Refutes Claims Of Rising Crime Rates

KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 (Bernama) -- Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar refuted claims by some quarters of rising crime rates in the country based on the crime cases reported by the media including social media.

He said the claims were not true because statistics obtained from the state and district police, as well as international platforms like the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) showed the effectiveness of measures to combat and reduce crime in the country.

"If there are quarters who are still not convinced by what have been done by the Royal Malaysian Police since the implementation of the National Key Result Area (NKRA) initiatives to reduce crime two years ago, they can refer to the reports including that issued by GPI.

"And yesterday, international panellists attending the two-day meeting on Review of Crime Reduction 2012 through the NKRA also agreed with what we have done," he said after the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters' greening programme, here, Friday.

The international meeting was also attended by Hong Kong police director of management, SAC Tang How Kong and former head of the Anti-Terrorist Branch of the New Scotland Yard, Peter Clarke.

‘Constitution was doctored to favour one race’

Hindraf Makkal Sakti claims that Tunku Abdul Rahman and the then British High Commissioner had a hand in it.

GEORGE TOWN: Umno, then led by Tunku Abdul Rahman and the British High Commissioner to Malaya Donald MacGillivary, revised the Federal Constitution to favour one race.

This allegation comes from Hindraf Makkal Sakti’s P Waytha Moorthy.

Waytha Moorthy claims that they formed a “secret working pact”to dilute and amend provisions under Article 8 to institutionalise a super class status for the ethnic Malays under Article 153.

He says that Article 8 of the Federal Constitution that provided “equality for all Malaysian citizens before the law” is a doctored form of the original constitutional draft prepared by the Reid Constitution Commission (RCC).

The secret working pact was never authorised and sanctioned by the London Constitutional Conference (LCC), the British authority that formed and sanctioned the RCC in February 1956 as the only official body to draft the Malayan constitution.

Waytha Moorthy said under the original draft prepared by RCC, Article 8, among others:

All persons shall be equal before the law and shall be entitled to the equal protection of the law; and

No provision of any law shall discriminate against any citizen or class of citizens by reason only of religion, race, descent, or place of birth, provided that nothing in this clause shall invalidate any provision regulating the personal law of any class of citizens.

Waytha Moorthy said the RCC’s original recommendations would have provided a constitutional guarantee for non-Malays against any form of racial and religious discrimination.

However, he said Tunku and his Umno conspired and colluded with MacGillivary to hatch a conspiracy to dilute and amend the whole Article 8 to usurp fundamental rights of non-Malays or any individual to equality in rights and dignity.

He said the secret pact’s amalgamated Article 8 (2) and (3) now reads as:

“Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent or place of birth in any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.”

Waytha Moorthy noted that the inserted clause “Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution …” was key to the formation of Article 153, which invented and upheld the special super class position of Malays.

“This paved the way for Umno’s racial and religious discriminative policies to marginalise non-Malays since independence until today,” he told FMT.

Fresh suit filed

The London-based lawyer said he discovered this while scrutinising more than 400,000 documents of Malayan independence talks to facilitate the Hindraf trillion-dollar class action suit against the former colonial British government.

The suit was filed at London Courts on July 2 to seek justice from the British government for abandoning ethnic Indians at the mercy of perceived racist Umno regime when Malaya gained independence in 1957.

Waytha Moorthy said the Tunku-led Umno leadership was given all the time and ample opportunities to table their oral representations before the RCC.

But, he said when some Umno proposals were rejected out-right by the commission, Tunku and MacGillivray formed the secret pact to illegally review the recommendations made by the independent RCC

He noted that the power to review and amend RCC recommendations was, however, never granted to any other party by the LCC.

But, he said with the help of MacGillivray, Tunku and his Umno leaders somehow managed to unlawfully amend and insert their own constitutional proposals into the original draft of Malayan Constitution without the knowledge or sanction of LCC and RCC.

He said the conspirators submitted their own unlawful racially amended constitutional draft directly to the British Cabinet, by passing LCC and RCC.

Shockingly though, he said the British Cabinet merely rubber-stamped the Umno-drafted Constitution and tabled it in British Parliament where it was duly passed in July 1957.

“Thus the doctored and flawed racist Malayan Constitution was born,” he said.

Gomateshwara Bahubali Statue at Shravanabelagola: A Wonder

Gomateshwara Statue at ShravanabelagolaThere is a unique statue of Gomateshwar, also known as Bahubali (Armstrong), in southern state of
Gomateshwara Statue at Shravanabelagola
Karnataka in India. The uniqueness of this statue is that this is the world's highest monolithic statue without external support. The statue is 17.6 Meters (58.8 feet) high, situated on a hill called Indragiri (also known as Vindhyagiri) at Shravanabelagola town.

This statue is historical one, carved in a single granite stone in 983 C.E. The statue is in standing pose, naked, attractive and very proportional. It was carved by Chaavundaraay, a General of king Marsinha of Gang dynasty.

Shravanabelagola is a pilgrimage center for Jains, the followers of Jainism from ancient time. This is the place where Chandragupt Maurya, the first emperor of Mauryan dynasty spent his last days as a Jain ascetic. His Guru Acharya Bhadrabahu also spent his last days here.

Historical Importance of Gomateshwar Statue

Oldest inscription in Marathi language, on the stone near the left feet of Gomateshwar statueThis statue has historical importance. Important for historians, archaeologists as well as for linguists. The statue is evidence of spread of Jainism in south India, and the royal patronage to it. For archeologists, the statue is important because it is the greatest presentation of Indian sculpture.

For linguists also, the statue is important, as inscriptions in three different languages are written on the base stone near the feet of the statue. The three languages are Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. The Marathi inscription is the oldest inscription in this language. all the three
Inscription in old Kannada language at Shravanabelagola
inscriptions are important for knowing the history and evolution of related languages.

Religious Importance of Gomateshwar Statue

Mahamastakabhishek ceremony of Gomateshwar statueThe statue is very important for Jains. Because of this statue, this ancient place got more importance as Jains and others from all over India got attracted to this place. In recent few decades, the statue has become an attraction for worldwide tourists, especially from Europe and America. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come here to see the wonder.

Every 12th year, there is a big ceremony called Mahamastakabhishek. In that year, about 2 millions of people visit this place.

Why the rush for GE13?

By R Shan

It appears many of the political and non-political organisations are keen to have the election as soon as possible. Why the rush?

Many who rush for it appear to have an agenda, but how are these agendas any good for the public? The public still move around doing their daily routine whether BN or Pakatan Rakyat comes into power.

Much anticipation was there when the Hindraf tsunami created the five opposition states and now the current four in GE12, but to no avail. And talking about BN is like talking to the wall.

Now after four years we see the same politicians taking their turn in their wooing of the public for votes. Many scandals and much rhetoric are thrown about in both the mainstream media and the alternative media to entice the voter but will it succeed, if the thought process of these politicians do not move beyond being summer soldiers and sunshine patriots as opposed to soldiers for the general benefit of the public?

The cycle of politics is a never-ending process no matter who comes into the foray unless and until you have genuine leaders, but then genuine leaders for the community don’t survive in politics as we have both the mainstream media and alternative media that only supports what the party wants, not what is just and fair for the community.

Highlighting to and educating the masses seems very political these days for the Internet-savvy armchair critics who create their arm’s length thoughts without actually acting on their thoughts. The politicians of the current time have mastered this and works through their lapdogs to create a pseudo-belief amongst these all-knowing Malaysians.

Many would agree that the goals of life are the causes of desires and aspirations. Desires arise naturally since our senses still require wealth, love and desire in a material world, yet aspirations like practice of righteousness and liberation for humanity is still a farfetched notion. The latter needs tenacity and determination against the odds.

Our politicians, like us, are still in the desire stage so I guess that kind of sums up why there is a rush for the GE13.

The anchor reason for Malaysians should not be when the election is going to be, but whether we have we gradually changed our attitude in approaching the ground problems such as the truth and reality for the common folks in our own ways, rather than to keep hearing what this or that politician has to say.

Politics will be politics as usual, but I am sure we are more mature and wise when and if we chose to be because of the aspiration rather than the desire.

So why rush GE13, let it take place when it has to take place.

Naturalised citizenship a must for stateless M'sians

(Malaysiakini) Stateless Malaysians - those without birth certificates or blue MYcards - are not foreigners, so they should not need to apply for citizenship, said PKR.

Saying this after a protest at Klang National Registration Department (NRD) office today, PKR vice president N Surendran called on the participants to reject application forms distributed to them.

"The NRD insisted on issuing citizenship application forms to us, to which we responded: This is not right! These people are not foreigners, although the government treats them as such."

NONEHe was referring to the fact that the federal government treats such stateless individuals as foreigners under articles 16 and 19 of the constitution, though born in the country.

"They were born here, they have lived here all their lives, and should be subject to article 14. They should be allowed to become naturalised citizens of the country," he said.

About 100 people, including stateless Indians, attended a PKR-led protest at the NRD office in Jalan Kapar, Klang at 10.30am today over the plight of stateless Malaysians.

Roots here, still not citizens

Joining Surendran were Lawyers for Liberty's (LFL) Latheefah Koya, Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, Klang MP Charles Santiago and PKR supreme council member Tan Yee Kiew.

They objected to the government's refusal to issue blue MyKads to the stateless from the surrounding areas, many living in this country for countless number of years, but not granted citizenship.

NONENRD officers responded by distributing citizenship forms to those present and an argument between the officers and Surendran (in white shirt) broke out, with the latter reminding the former that the stateless need not apply for what is rightfully theirs.

PKR publicity director Nik Nazmi said the that the protest was to highlight the issue that citizens of the country could not be denied citizenship, adding that naturalising them was a federal issue.

"The bottom line is this. Do not deny Malaysians their statehood. Not a single citizen should be excluded from their rights.

"Without a blue Mykad, these people have no access to university education - they have limited access to healthcare, jobs. They live in the twilight zone," he said.

PKR, in collaboration with the Selangor government and Mysel (centre to help to acquire birth certificates and citizenship), had previously gathered the names of stateless Indians and sent the list to the JPN for consideration, but received little response.

"All assets that can be used should be used. Administrative inertia is no excuse, because the government should be proactive. Any government with political will be able to overcome these problems - this cannot continue", he said.