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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hindraf tuntut Pendidikan Moral tak wajib lulus

Uttar Pradesh : Talibanisation in Heartland India. Islamic Taliban Insiders are the main threat in India.

The majority Muslim panchayat also said girls have to cover their heads while stepping out of house. Photo – Daily Mail.

When the whole of India will come under a ‘Talibani Fatwa’? Who are helping the Talibans of India?

‘Talibani’ panchayat: UP panchayat bans love marriage, forbids girls from using cell phones


“The self-styled guardians of morality and social values in India are getting more brazen day-by-day.

In a Talibani diktat slapping several restrictions on women, a village panchayat in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh – around 40 km from the national Capital – banned girls from using mobile phones when out on roads and women less than 40 years old from going out shopping.

The panchayat of Asara village also banned love marriages and ordered girls to cover their heads while stepping out of their houses.

The decisions were taken by the panchayat in February this year. It met on Wednesday to ensure strict enforcement of its decisions.

‘We noticed that some girls and their parents were not taking our order seriously. So, we held a meeting on Wednesday in which we resolved that those who defy the order would be first ostracised and then expelled from the village. There are other ways also to make them follow the instructions. But that would be decided when such a situation arises,’ Mohammed Mohkam (50), a member of the panchayat, said.

While 70 per cent villagers are Muslims, 30 per cent are Hindus, most of them Jats.

The meeting on Wednesday was attended by 200 people, representing the two communities in proportion to their population. To be sure, there were some welcome decisions also as the panchayat ruled that taking or giving dowry would be a punishable offence.

Besides, it barred boys from using headphones/earphones on roads and in bylanes.

‘We also want even our boys to stop using earphone because they fail to listen horn on the roads and meet with accidents. Our women are also expected to cover their heads in the village. They can remove it once out of the boundary of the village,’ Mohkam said.

But most of the fatwas were aimed at curbing the freedom of girls. The panchayat slammed love birds planning to enter into wedlock.

Love marriages are a shame for society. It is very painful for the parents, specially the girl’s family, because
“homes are the more suitable place for the women”- prohibited for Ramadan marketing in Bhupal, Madhya Pradesh last year.
such marriages dent their respectability. Anyone who goes for love marriage will not be allowed to live in the village,’ Sattar Ahmed, another member of the panchayat, said.

Justifying the bizarre decision to ban women below 40 from going to the market, Ahmed said: ‘It gives rise to crime.’

Defending the fatwa on girls covering their heads: ‘This is for their safety.’

Most villagers welcomed the orders. Vijendra Kashyap, a local, said: ‘Women must follow them.’

‘I would have been more happy had the panchayat imposed a complete ban on girls using mobiles,’ Tarun Chaudhary, another villager, said.

Mohammed Islamuddin (62), another panchayat member, said: ‘We are of the view that our immature daughters and sisters shouldn’t carry a mobile phone because it leads to various complications. You know well how mobile phone has been misused to make MMS clips. We want to prevent them from any wrongdoing and protect them from bad elements.’

Even women appeared to support the panchayat’s diktats. Geeta Devi, 40, said: ‘Whatever they have decided would be followed. There shouldn’t be arguments.’

However, Neetu Singh, a 23- year-old MA student in Baghpat who belongs to the same village, said: “I agree with the order that women should cover their heads in the village.

But using a mobile is necessary to be in touch with our parents. The panchayat must know that women are no less than men in any walk of life.’

Baghpat’s superintendent of police V.K. Shekhar said: ‘A deputy superintendent of police is probing the matter and suitable action will be taken once I receive the report.’

State Congress president Rita Bahuguna Joshis said: ‘We will take up this Talibani order with the National Women’s Rights Commission. Such bizarre orders can’t be accepted at any cost.’“

This (“__”) was the report of Daily Mail about the bare Talibanization of an Indian village of Uttar Pradesh and various places in India those were not covered in that report.

The reality of Islamization in many fronts throughout India, mainly in Uttar Pradesh which is now under the control of Samajwadi Party and Muslim Operators of Talibanization, is dreadful.

Hindu Existence sites have been trying to surface the truth about the Talibanisation of India, despite various obstacles put on us. Now, the news from horse’s mouth cannot be described as communal enough though it is always branded most communal when it appears in Hindu Existence.

“”[[This Country ‘India’ was never a nation of Hindus. It was ruled and governed by Muslims for hundreds of years. And we the students of tahreek-e-taliban-hindusthan, demand that the Muslim majority areas should be and must be ruled according to the Sharia Law.
Threatening letter to Hindus by Talibans.

Therefore we pass This verdict from today onwards that all the non-muslim living in muslim majority areas should start paying ‘JIZYA’- A tax that every non-muslim has to pay to Live and Work under Muslims.

You have only three choices:

1) Convert to our great faith ‘Islam” and u will be safe.

2) Or pay the Jizyah on our terms and conditions and live.

3) Or accept our challenge and fight us on the battle field.

Ten % of your monthly income must be deposited to the local Mosques on the 1stdate of every month. Failing to do so Or taking this verdict lightly will result in very harsh and serious punishment and it will be considered as act of treason and provocation to War.

INSHALLAH!!! We will make you sure in a way you can never imagine.

Darul Uloom Deoband, India.

You can contact us on the following e-mail address, Phone or Fax:

Phone: 91-1335-222429 Fax: 91-1336-222768]]””

Hate speech, xenophobia, racism in comic book on foreigners in Malaysia

A shot of the new booklet in Malaysia showing racist views of black foreigners.

KUALA LUMPUR: Black face is never a good idea. Malaysia’s new comic book aimed at educating the country’s taxi drivers as cultural ambassadors for the country has shown that racism and xenophobia can find a place in the location one least expects it.

For the Malaysian government to employ it and publish Africans in this lens is “disrespectful and racist,” said cultural psychologist Mariam Razq, who told that she was “shocked that in today’s modern multicultural world, this kind of overt racism continues.”

She was referring to a recent “M1-Malaysia” magazine aimed at educating the governments recent addition of taxi drivers to be the frontline for tourist relations in the country.

The booklet reveals the dark side of racism and its undercurrents that can be shown publicly. In the magazine, dark-skinned foreigners are depicted with large mouths, white lipstick and slapstick-type qualities in what experts and organizations haave condemned as “highly crude and discriminatory remarks.”

In a statement the Working Group on National Ratification of International Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said the booklet is a distorted propaganda publication bearing the 1Malaysia logo and was widely distributed at the 1Malaysia People’s Taxi Program launch on June 25.

“We strongly and collectively condemn the discriminatory cartoon in the comic booklet entitled “M1-Malaysia – Majalah untuk rakyat,” the statement said.

“The irony is this degrading comic book was actually given to the thousands of tax drivers who were being heralded as the “tourism ambassadors” of our country,” the coalition of NGOs said in the statement.

The booklet continued to refer to black foreigners as “Mr. Charcoal.”

Razq said that getting beyond racism can be a difficult process and one that takes time, “but government officials should have known better than to publish something so blatant and which could have horrible affects for black people visiting the country.”

“This negative depiction of any race or nationality based on skin color is a violation of basic human rights. Sadly this embarrassing document obviously contradicts the spirit, sentiment and principles of “1 Malaysia” as espoused by PM Najib’s government.

“Respect, unity and tolerance for all are not values only to be enjoyed by Malaysian Citizens but they are universal principles applicable for all human beings on this earth!

“This “Xenophobic” behavior or the ridiculous and unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners is truly embarrassing for our nation and our multicultural population. It is a total contradiction to the common claim that Malaysians are very sensitive to each other despite racial and religious differences, and we have achieved the delicate balance of “unity in diversity”,” said the statement in demanding the government immediately remove the document from circulation and publish a new magazine that accurately represents dark-skinned visitors to the country.

The statement continued to warn and question what the result would be if children in Malaysia came in contact with the booklet.

The Malaysia Information Ministry said it was looking into the matter and would investigate the groups’ argument and claims.

For now, the booklet remains in public view, and for the first line of “ambassadors” and taxi drivers who will meet and greet visitors to the country, there are worries that it could have dramatic consequences.

Razq said that more efforts are needed to “educate Malaysians on differences between people, but in a manageable way that does not divide and show people that it is all right to promote racist behavior.”


Imam's call for women to cover up is 'offensive'

By Jenny Yuen, QMI Agency ,

TORONTO - A law forcing women to dress conservatively to prevent sex assaults would "push the blame onto victims," women's rights advocates said Monday.

Calling Muslim cleric Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana's proposal to change Canadian laws to require women to cover themselves "offensive," the executive director of the women's shelter Nellie's said how a woman dresses has nothing to do with sexual assaults.

"I would like to find out the stats in the Muslim countries," Margarita Mendez said.

"The issue is the violence against women, power and control, and it has nothing to do with how women dress. I find his views very oppressive, and it's blaming the victim when we don't have control over men who are abusive."

Atangana has been criticized since he publicly aired his views Sunday that women should have a "dress code." The imam also commended Const. Michael Sanguinetti for advising a group of York University students last year that women should avoid "dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized."

But many women claim those views are out of line.

"Who's going to be passing a law like that in Canada?" Mendez said. "This is against women's right to safety and women's right to say no regardless of how they dress. No means no. Don't try to force me dress in a way that's not within my culture or beliefs."

Harmy Mendoza, of the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto, recalled her "blood boiling" after reading about Atangana's stated beliefs.

"Women are not to be blamed in this country or any other country in the world," she said. "These ideas have to be challenged."

Muhyiddin mahu singkirkan Najib seperti Pak Lah

"Saya rasa TPM tak sabar nak jadi PM," kata Mahfuz Omar dalam sidang media di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

KUALA LUMPUR: Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena Datuk Mahfuz Omar mendakwa Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin cuba menyingkirkan Datuk Seri Najib Razak daripada jawatan Perdana Menteri apabila mahu Pilihan Raya Umum 13 (PRU13) diadakan pada tahun ini juga.

Muhyiddin semalam dalam laporan media membayangkan tahun ini merupakan masa terbaik PRU13 dan tidak fikir ia akan berlarutan sehingga tahun depan.

“Sekarang sudah hendak masuk bulan puasa (Ramadan). Ada orang tanya apakah bulan puasa nak diadakan pilihan raya? Saya kata apa salahnya.

Bulan raya (Aidilfitri), apa salahnya. Selepas itu sambutan Hari Kebangsaan (31 Ogos), apa salahnya. Masuk September (sambutan) Hari
Malaysia. Bila dah sampai waktu, maka jadilah ia (pilihan raya),” katanya dipetik Bernama.

Mahfuz mendakwa, kenyataan Muhyiddin itu sangat bercanggah dengan hasrat Najib sebelum ini yang mahu menggunakan sepenuhnya mandat tempoh PRU sehingga April tahun depan supaya semua janji kepada rakyat dapat ditunaikan.

Katanya, sebagai orang kanan Muhyiddin sepatutnya mendukung hasrat Najib namun beliau dilihat sekali lagi mahu cuba menggunakan ‘formula peralihan kuasa’ yang sama semasa pengunduran mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada tahun 2010.

Ulang seperti desak Pak Lah undur

“Nampaknya dia ulang apa yang dilakukannya pada tahun 2010 apabila mengeluarkan kenyataan mendesak Pak Lah undur lebih awal daripada tarikh yang dipersetujui Kabinet.

“Saya rasa TPM tak sabar nak jadi PM,” katanya dalam sidang media di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

Naib Presiden PAS itu mendakwa Muhyiddin mempunyai perkiraan sendiri apabila menyedari BN tidak mungkin memperolehi kemenangan majoriti 2/3.

Katanya, jika perkara itu terjadi semasa PRU 13, Najib harus melakukan perkara yang sama seperti Abdullah iaitu melepaskan jawatannya.

“Dia (Muhyiddin) mengharapkan kalau BN nak menang pun jangan menang majoriti besar.

“Kalau menang majoriti dia tiada harapan…jadi biarlah kalah yang berbaloi,” katanya.

Katanya, kenyataan Muhyiddin itu mungkin akan menumbulkan krisis dalam Umno selepas kedua-dua pemimpin tertinggi itu menimbulkan spekulasi tarikh PRU13 yang berbeza.

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Another sodomy trial in the making?

A popular pro-Umno blogger claims of a new sodomy allegation against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim while critics have already started to call it 'yet another Umno conspiracy'.

KUALA LUMPUR: Pro-Umno blogger Papagomo ( has claimed that a fresh sodomy case was being brought against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

In a blog posting yesterday night, the blogger claimed that he had received information that a university student had lodged a police report againt the PKR de facto leader, claiming to have been sodomised the previous night.

The blogger alleged that the report was made in a police station in one of the northern states in the country.

“It is not known if the report is real or not but what is certain is that all embassies in Malaysia must not to protect Anwar if he decides to hide himself like he did in the previous sodomy case,” wrote the blogger.

Without divulging more, the blogger teased his readers, asking them wait for more in the next development.

Attempts by FMT to obtain a confirmation from the police if such a police report existed were unsuccessful.

Papagomo had also posted a photo of the said student in a police vehicle. The student was accompanied by another man in what appeared to be a police patrol car.

When contacted today, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar however said no such report had been lodged.

“No report so far,” he told FMT.

Anwar’s aide meanwhile said the opposition leader was presently away on an official visit to Jakarta.

Umno’s new tactic

In an immediate response, Edy Noor Reduan, a spokesperson for the PKR-linked Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) said that this ‘Sodomy III’ would be Umno’s brand new tactic.

He noted that this third installment followed the failures to prove the previous two other sodomy ‘conspiracies’ against Anwar.

“The public is sick with news items that are obscene in nature and will be nauseated if another conspiracy is created. Utusan [Malaysia] will once again compete with Playboy magazine.

“And for sure tens of millions of public funds will be used to construct a ‘state of the art’ conspiracy since Sodomy II failed to put Anwar behind bars,” he said in a statement.

PKR’s strategic director Rafizi Ramli also rubbished this latest claim in a tweet feed late last night.

Two sodomy trials

On Jan 9 this year, High Court Judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah acquitted and discharged Anwar of the charge of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari.

Three years ago, Anwar was accused of committing the act at a Desa Damansara condominium unit in Bukit Damansara between 3.10pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The offence of “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” under Section 377B of the Penal Code carries up to 20 years’ imprisonment and whipping on conviction.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers is appealing Anwar’s discharge and acquittal.

Following Saiful’s police report against Anwar then, the PKR leader had temporarily sought refuge at the Turkey embassy before he finally agreed to be questioned by the police. This was why Papagomo had made reference to diplomats not to protect Anwar over the latest accusation.

The first time Anwar was accused of sodomy was in 1998, where he was charged together with his adopted brother, Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja, with sodomising his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s driver Azizan Abu Bakar.

Anwar was found guilty in 2000 and sentenced to nine years in jail.

However, Anwar was freed on Sept 5, 2004 after the Federal Court set aside the sodomy conviction and jail term. The court also overturned the conviction and six-year jail sentence of Sukma.

Latheefa urged to reconsider resignation

Selangor PKR deputy chairman Zuraida Kamaruddin credits Latheefa Koya for the new political culture in PKR and the local council.

PETALING JAYA: Selangor PKR wants PKR information chief Latheefa Koya to reconsider her decision to resign as a Petaling Jaya councillor.

Selangor PKR deputy chairman Zuraida Kamaruddin in a statement said: “While Selangor PKR respects her decision, we also want her to reconsider her decision as she had been very instrumental in driving new political culture in the party as well as the local authority.”

Zuraida, who is also Ampang MP and the party’s Wanita wing chief, said this in response to Latheefa’s resignation as Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) councillor.

Zuraida also revealed that Latheefa had quit as the PKR councillors whip as well.

In Latheefa’s resignation letter dated yesterday, she stated that the exposure of an internal email to the media is the reason for her resignation.

In the email to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, she allegedly had questioned the state policy on housing for the poor.

Zuraida also reminded the state government to be more open to criticism, especially those that are done in confidentiality as in Latheefa’s case.

Selangor PKR also expressed its regret over the manner the state government “had taken the issue in its own hands” without consulting the party’s state leadership.

This is because the state government had been mulling over sacking Latheefa earlier. Sources said that Khalid had put the motion during a state exco but no decision was made.

Dr M doing BN more harm than good

The former premier's comments on vernacular education has got the Indian and Chinese fuming.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s critical comments on the existence of Tamil and Chinese schools in this country has drawn an unprecedented tirade against him from the Tamil media, with many Indian leaders firing salvos at the former premier for his unacceptable stand.

In a recent interview with Utusan Malaysia, Mahathir’s comments suggested that vernacular schools should be abolished to have one single education system.

Everyone was surprised because during his tenure of 22 years as the premier of this country no one remembered such remarks coming from him. Knowing the political dangers of making such statements as a prime minister, Mahathir never seriously ventured into the arena of vernacular school education during his days.

Upon the publication of Mahathir’s comments, the Tamil media went into a frenzy as many Indian NGOs and leaders lambasted Mahathir for his comments on removing Tamil schools as it would ultimately eradicate Tamil education in this country, a subject close to the hearts of Tamils who form the largest segment within the Indian community.

“A venom known as Mahathir” was the heading of the editorial serial of Tamil daily Thinakural written by the newspaper’s editor BR Rajan. In a series of articles, Rajan outlined Mahathir’s venomous attacks on minorities and their right to learn their mother tongues.

Other Tamil newspapers also carried similar statements attacking Mahathir.

Several Indian NGO leaders soon joined the fray in condemning Mahathir for making statements against minority races and vernacular education.

However, the senior MIC leaders carefully avoided a confrontation with Mahathir on this issue for reasons best known to them. MIC is also known for its continued battle for the betterment of Tamil schools and Tamil education.

Can BN repair the damage?

Mahathir is always seen as the voice of Umno and BN. Reports suggest that even Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s actions are to some extent influenced by Mahathir’s thinking.

Mahathir is going around the country whipping up support for Umno and BN with the 13th general election in his mind. He has even summoned government officers for his meetings with BN-Umno party leaders, but it remains to be seen whether his campaigns are in fact helping BN or pushing the minority votes away from BN, thereby further spoiling its chances of retaining Putrajaya.

Some of Mahathir’s recent comments are causing colossal damage to BN’s efforts in getting the crucial Chinese and Indians votes during the forthcoming general election.

The Chinese community is not pleased with his views on Chinese private schools and before their perceptions could be corrected by the BN government, Mahathir further angered the Chinese community by criticising Najib for recognising educational certificates from Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) college, which is run by MCA.

While the Chinese community is upset with the comments from Mahathir, his Utusan interview has also clearly caused discontentment among the Indian community.

The Indian community is already upset and unhappy with Umno-BN for its actions against S Ambiga. Before the dust surrounding Ambiga’s issues could settle, Mahathir’s comments have caused further displeasure within the Indian community.

Mahathir’s comments cannot be ignored just because it is not coming from a government minister of the day. He is still seen as part of the government, greatly influencing its affairs.

The Indian community, too, had a respectable view about Mahathir for his past contributions to the country but that seems to be shattered now in view of his comments on the Tamil schools.

Some segments of the Indian community still argue that Mahathir’s racially inclined policies during his 22-year tenure as premier was one of the key factors that retarded the growth and progress of the Indian community and some single him out for the sorry state of the Indian community today.

Some firm and unwavering assurances from the prime minister or his deputy on vernacular education – which may be forthcoming – would be able to change the perceptions created by Mahathir on vernacular education in this country, but the damage has already been done as far as the Indian votes are concerned.

Only time would tell us whether the mighty BN machinery would be able to overcome and correct the damage.

RJ Rajah is an observer and writer on politics and social issues with a keen interest particularly in Malaysian Indian affairs.

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Woman wants name cleared

(The Star) - A WOMAN implicated in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's alleged RM3bil controversy has demanded that the Opposition Leader clear her name, reported Mingguan Malaysia.

Zaliah Zakaria said it was important for Anwar to explain the issue so people would know the truth and for her family not to become his political victims.

“I want Anwar to explain the truth,” she was quoted as saying.

“I feel pressured because a close acquaintance even labelled me as Anwar's mistress,” she said.

Zaliah has lodged a police report in Kuala Lumpur and a complaint with Pertubuhan Islam Gabungan Amal (Pertiga), a Muslim-based welfare organisation.

Utusan Malaysia had earlier reported Zaliah's confessions after Ummi Hafilda Ali, one of Anwar's critics, linked a mystery woman to his alleged RM3bil wealth.

Zaliah claimed that her children don't feel safe following Ummi's allegation that she had to pay over RM50mil in income tax, and that she either owned or was associated with 62 luxury units, including condominiums and bungalows.

“I fear that Ummi's statements could put my children in danger of being kidnapped,” she said, while calling on Ummi to stop linking her to the issue.

Pertiga president Sabaruddin Ahmad said that by remaining silent, Anwar had caused a third party to suffer the brunt of his political agenda.

Najib doing the greatest disservice to national unity and 55-year Malaysian nation building by insisting that the BN 13GE campaign theme of “Janji Ditepati” is adopted as this year’s theme for National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is doing the greatest disservice to national unity and 55-year Malaysian nation-building by insisting that the Barisan Nasional 13th General Election campaign theme of “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled) is adopted as this year’s theme for National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations.

National Day and Malaysia Day should be national occasions where Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region, class, gender, age and most important of all, political beliefs and affiliations, can come together as Malaysians first and last to celebrate the attainment of Merdeka on August 31, 1957 and the formation of Malaysia on Sept. 16, 1963.

However, when the National Day and Malaysia Day theme this year is the blatant and partisan Barisan Nasional 13GE campaign theme of “Janji Ditepati”, whose dissemination had been spearheaded by the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, in a highly politicized tour dubbed “Jelajah Janji Ditepati” all over the country in the past few months, the Barisan Nasional government is deliberately provoking instead of avoiding a national division among Malaysians based on their political beliefs and affiliations on these two national occasions.

The question that must be asked is – Who is being petty-minded and even being anti-national?

Is the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Barisan Nasional component parties so desperate about getting electoral support in the next general election that they cannot afford to allow National Day and Malaysia Day to be celebrated by all Malaysians without bringing in party politics or partisan political differences?

In fact, if Najib and the Cabinet are serious about the 1Malaysia policy to create “a nation where every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society” (1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme – The Roadmap), they would have ensured that at least on National Day and Malaysia Day all forms of political party slogans would have been put aside to allow all Malaysians to celebrate these two national occasions as Malaysians, regardless of whether they are Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat component parties are prepared to put aside all its slogans on National Day and Malaysia Day, but clearly UMNO and Barisan Nasional are not prepared to make such an important national gesture.

I do not know whether Muhyiddin, who have declared that he is “Malay first, Malaysian second” would have agreed that at least on these two days of National Day and Malaysia Day all be Malaysians first, but it is most inexcusable, unforgivable and anti-national when Barisan Nasional leaders failed to rise to the national occasion by insisting that UMNO/BN campaign theme of “Janji Ditepati” becomes the National Day and Malaysia Day theme despite causing division, discord and disunity among Malaysians.

This is a classic example where those-in-power are unable to see the important distinction between the nation and parties-in-power or among the government, political parties and private personal interests.

It is the failure to make the important distinction between the nation and the parties-in-power , or among the government, political parties and personal interests that is the real cause of the overwhelming misgovernance in the country, whether gross abuses of power, massive corruption or rampant cronyism.

The “Janji Ditepati” theme for this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day stands as a powerful reminder to Malaysians why there must be change in Malaysia particularly in the 13GE – where the important distinction between the nation and the political parties in power, and among the government, political parties and personal interests are scrupulously observed and upheld if Malaysia is to start a new chapter of national life where promises of the government to serve the people and nation are to be truly fulfilled.

From now to Malaysia Day on Sept. 16, let the “Janji Ditepati” slogan all over the country be a constant reminder to all Malaysians that they must stand united to demand for change in the 13th general election if they want the promises of democracy, justice, progress, clean and honest governance in Malaysia to be fulfilled!

Law to bring back prisoners

ImageThe New Straits Times 

IN THE WORKS: Act will have them serve their sentences here

KUALA LUMPUR:  A COMMITTEE has been formed to draw up legislation to have Malaysians in prisons overseas serve their sentences in local prisons, the Dewan Negara was told yesterday.

Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay said the committee, established by the Home Ministry together with the Foreign Ministry, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry and the Prisons Department is considering drafting a specific law to make this possible.

"The Act is called Akta Pemindahan Antarabangsa (International Transfer Act).

"When it is accepted, we will also need to sign a bilateral treaty with other countries to enable us to bring back Malaysians who are imprisoned overseas to serve their sentences here," he said in reply to Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin during question time.

Chin wanted to know the number of Malaysians who were in prisons abroad, the crimes committed and the government's efforts to extradite them back to be tried.

Kohilan said that the Home Ministry as the lead agency was in the midst of studying and preparing the protocols and mechanisms to bring home the prisoners and enable them to serve their sentences locally in accordance with the Prisons Act 1995 and Prisons Regulations 2000.

He said as of June, there were 2,500 Malaysians detained in foreign prisons for various offences such as drug trafficking, murder, falsifying credit cards, commercial offences, theft, illegal immigration, cheating and falsifying documents and human trafficking.

He said there were 10 countries with a large number of Malaysian prisoners, with Singapore heading the list.
"In Singapore, 1,096 Malaysians are detained, followed by Thailand (404), China (231), Indonesia (148), Taiwan (137), Australia (77), Spain (47), Kuwait (33), Vietnam (29), and France (25)," he said.

Kohilan said the government was always concerned about the fate and welfare of Malaysians detained abroad.
But he stressed that the government respected and would not interfere with the laws of other countries.

Selangor Government Must Present Water Plans - Muhyiddin

TAMPIN, July 17 (Bernama) - The Selangor government must present water plans to federal government if it wants to takeover supply from Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas).

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the takeover could not be done arbitrarily as the federal government must be informed based on provisions in the concession agreement.

"The Selangor government must inform the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui who will study whether they have grounds for it.

"We want to see their plans on how to resolve the water crisis in Selangor," he told reporters after a meet-the-people session at SMK Taman Indah near here Tuesday.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state government was considering taking over from Syabas as it failed to carry out duties according to the concession agreement.

The takeover could not be done unilaterally but with mutual consent of the state and federal government.

Muhyiddin said uncertain weather conditions caused water supply at treatment plants to remain at low level.

"This is of great concern to consumers and the state government must take responsibility.

"We had submitted and discussed the proposal for a long time but they did not not make a decision."

On another note, he said the government did not stop teachers from wearing traditional dress in schools provided they adhere to the dress code.

"Nowadays, the Chinese and Indians wear the Malay baju kurung while the Malays wear the Cheongsam. We have no restrictions," he added.

No good time for Najib

When will the next general election be held? If Najib is waiting for an opportune moment, it may never come. 
This is a piece I wrote last week for Asia Times:

Malaysia’s ruling coalition is having second thoughts about holding an early snap general election. The problem for Prime Minister Najib Razak and Umno-led administration, however, is that time is running short to win a pre-emptive electoral advantage before the current five-year parliamentary term expires in April 2013.

Speculation about snap elections has intensified as parties led by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) begin to fancy their chances of wresting power from UMNO and the Barisan Nasional coalition for the first time since independence.

Full article in Asia Times Online

Hindraf tuntut Pendidikan Moral tak wajib lulus

(Malaysiakini) Barisan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu (Hindraf) menuntut supaya mata pelajaran Pendidikan Moral tidak lagi menjadi subjek wajib lulus dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) kerana ia didakwa mendiskriminasi pelajar bukan Islam.
Hindraf mengemukakan tuntutan itu dalam satu memorandum yang turut ditandatangani satu NGO, Morally Upright dan juga beberapa wakil ibu bapa.
NONEDalam memorandum kepada Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) itu, kumpulan itu mendakwa, ketetapan wajib lulus mendiskriminasi pelajar bukan Islam kerana menyukarkan mereka melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat lebih tinggi.
Oleh itu, kumpulan itu mendakwa ketetapan tersebut melanggar Perkara 12 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang melarang diskriminasi terhadap warganegara berdasarkan keturunan dan agama.
Memorandum itu mendakwa kegagalan untuk mendapat A+ dalam mata pelajaran itu menyukarkan pelajar cemerlang melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat lebih tinggi, khususnya untuk mendapatkan biasiswa yang memerlukan kelulusan 9A+.

Kumpulan itu juga mendakwa subjek tersebut hanyalah pelajaran untuk sebagai "mengingati dan meluahkan semula perkataan demi perkataan" terhadap maksud 36 nilai moral dalam sukatan tersebut.

"Dalam definisi, terdapat kata kunci yang mesti digunakan untuk menjawab soalan.

"Kegagalan menggunakan kata kunci untuk menjelaskan nilai moral, bermakna markah kamu akan dipotong," kata memorandum itu lagi yang memetik temubual dengan pelajar yang mengambil mata pelajaran tersebut.

Sehubungan itu, mereka merayu kepada Suhakam untuk mengadakan perbincangan dengan kementerian bagi meneliti aduan yang dikemukakan.

NONEKoordinator Morally Upright, S V Namasoo ketika menyampaikan aduan lisan kepada Suhakam mempersoalkan mengapa pelajar tersebut sukar mendapat A+ untuk Pengajian Moral, walau mampu mendapat A untuk subjek sukar seperti Biologi, Kimia dan Fizik.

Beliau memberi contoh, seramai kira-kira 130 pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tarcisian Convent gagal mendapat A+ untuk mata pelajaran tersebut dalam peperiksaan SPM 2011, namun 26 daripada mereka berjaya memperoleh markah itu dalam peperiksaan percubaan.
Beliau memberi contoh, seramai kira-kira 130 pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tarcisian Convent gagal mendapat A+ untuk mata pelajaran tersebut, namun 26 daripada mereka berjaya memperoleh markah itu dalam peperiksaan percubaan SPM 2011.
Namasoo merupakan salah seorang bapa kepada sembilan pelajar sekolah berkenaan yang mendapat 8A bagi semua mata pelajaran kecuali pengajian moral.

Turut hadir dalam majlis penyerahan memorandum tersebut Penyelaras Kumpulan Bertindak Ibu Bapa untuk Pendidikan Malaysia (PAGE) Datuk Dr Anwar Hassan.

Dr Anwar dalam aduan lisannya mencadangkan kepada kerajaan supaya membenarkan kertas pendidikan moral bagi 26 pelajar itu disemak semula oleh pemeriksa bebas yang dilantik oleh Menteri Pelajaran Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

"Penilaian ini dijalankan dengan kehadiran pelajar berkenaan supaya mereka dapat memahami di mana kesilapan mereka yang menyebabkan mereka tidak dapat memperolehi kelulusan A+.

"Seelok-eloknya penilaian bebas ini dijalankan di Ipoh untuk kemudahan pelajar berkenaan," kata Dr Anwar.