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Friday, July 27, 2012

Kelab Taat Suami: Tiada rogol dalam perkahwinan

Illegal Muslim Migrants are the main cause of Assam Riots. Assam under Islamic Seize within ‘Greater Bangladesh project’. Is Govt. of India sleeping senselessly?

Indigenous Bodo Victims of recent ethnic clashes at a relief camp set up on the premises of a college in the violence-hit Kokrajhar district on Wednesday. Pic- PTI

Assam riots: Fruits of living in denial over Bangladesh influx.

Latest Toll: Assam riots spread to new areas, toll rises to 40.

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Venky Vembu Jul 25, 2012 | First Post :: One of the red herrings being tossed around in the context of the ongoing riots in Assam is that the Muslims who attacked the Bodo tribals and drove them out of their homes are in fact Indians, and that it breaks their bleeding riotous hearts to be branded Bangladeshi settlers.

As perverse as that may sound, that claim isn’t an elaborate justification for the riots as typical ‘boys will be boys’ conduct. But it does represent another effort to draw the curtain on the foundational problem that underlies both the latest riots and the simmering tensions in Assam and elsewhere in the North East: the problem of unchecked infiltration of Bangladeshis into India.

Precise estimates of the number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India are hard to come by but conservative official estimates put it at over 20 million. But every attempt to raise it as a matter of concern, and to point to the security and other social perils that they come laden with have been met with cussed unwillingness to face the facts.

Lt Gen (Retd) SK Sinha, who served in the region and served as Assam Governor following his retirement, knows what it means to raise the red flag of warning. In 1998, as Governor, he sent a report to President KR Narayanan, in which he warned of a grave danger to India’s security from the influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

In that report, Sinha had pointed out that even as far back as 1947, Pakistan wanted Assam incorporated in East Pakistan (as the eastern province that subsequently became Bangladesh was known). Only the opposition of regional leaders thwarted that transfer, but the matter rankled with Pakistani leaders who equated it as a dispute nearly as important as the Kashmir dispute. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is known to have claimed that Pakistan had “very good claims” over Assam and some districts adjacent to East Pakistan.

Sinha’s report noted that even the father of the Bangladeshi revolution, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whom India helped to liberate Bangladesh in1971, had expressed a covetous desire for Assam, given its forest and mineral resources. “No matter how friendly our relations with Bangladesh,” Sinha had warned, “we can ill-afford to ignore the dangers inherent in a demographic invasion from that country.”

For his efforts, Sinha was pilloried by the Congress and the CPM and accused of stoking communal tension. Some 22 Congress MPs wrote to the President asking for Sinha’s recall.

Sinha’s concern all along, as a military strategist, was that the whole of India’s north-easteren region was connected to the rest of India by a “chicken neck corder” which, if cut off, would effectively isolate the region. He feared that the influx of illegal migrants was turning lower Assam districts – particularly Dhubri and Goalpara – into a Muslim-majority region, and that it would be only a matter of time before they demanded merger with Bangladesh as part of a ‘Greater Bangladesh project’. “The loss of lower Assam will sever the entire land mass of the northeast from the rest of India and the rich natural resources of that region will be lost to the nation,” Sinha had observed.

In the decade and more since then, the plot has played out exactly as Sinha has predicted, and has been
Illegal Bangladeshi migrants fleeing towards West Bengal borders to resettle there. But they will not return to Bangladesh anyway. Bangladeshi Muslims are the main cause of Assam Riots. Pic-Reuters.
borne out by Census statistics over time, but most political parties have been blind to the security and social threats arising therefrom.

The irony is that the Indian Muslims in Assam, for all their religious affinity with the illegal Bangladeshi Musim immigrants, lose just as much from the influx as the other native people of Assam. The illegal immigrants compete for the same manual work – as rickshaw pullers and in the construction and other industries. And being somewhat more desperate for jobs, they are considered more industrious. And if they manage to procure illegal citizenship documents in the black market, as often happens, they illegal immigrants even have access to work under the NREGA program and services under the National Rural Health Mission.

Yet, political parties are reluctant to so much as have an honest conversation on this issue.

On the other hand, the argument has been made that there may even be an acceptable level of illegal immigration from Bangladesh on the ground that they add to the cheap labour pool in India. This argument is specious on at least two counts. For one, India isn’t exactly lacking in unskilled labour force, given the vast numbers that still live in abject poverty in both rural and urban areas. If it weren’t for rural employment guarantee schemes that have driven wage price inflation, there would still be an abundance of cheap labour. And now, illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have even begun to access these schemes and health services, driving up the cost of service delivery.

For another, even if it’s an overstatement that every illegal immigrant is a potential security threat, the presence of millions of such immigrants—who effectively remain off the radar of the official agencies—is a recipe for disaster.

Even if it is the case that the riots in Kokrajhar, which have since spread to other districts were not directly perpetrated by illegal immigrants, their unchecked entry in the millions over time has played an undeniable role in sharpening religious and ethnic polarisation in Assam and other States in the northeastern region. To live in continued denial over this will only stoke the tensions even further.

Right now, the immediate need is for calm to be restored, but the longer a mature discussion on the underlying problem is delayed, the bigger and more serious will it get.

Cop kills sister for not withdrawing case

She was beaten up for riding bike, wearing pants.

LAHORE:  A woman was shot dead on July 20 by her brother, a police constable, for not withdrawing a case registered against him in April.

Tariq Shah, their elder brother of the deceased, said Najma, 35, part of the Sharqpur Inter College for Girls’ cricket team, used to wear pants and ride a motorcycle. He said he and his brothers did not approve of it. He said they had warned her several times but she did not stop.

Police said on April 23, Sajid and Wajid, beat Najma with clubs. She was rescued by some neighbours. She filed a case against her brothers and an uncle, Naseer Shah, under Sections 354 (assault)/452 (House-trespass for intentional assault) and 379 (theft) with Shahdara police.

Her father, Sarwar Shah, complainant in the FIR, said that her brothers had wanted her to withdraw the case, but she had refused. Sajid Shah has yet to be arrested.The investigation officer said the suspects were on bail till July 28. He said they were not cooperating in the investigation. He said he will write to the court about this and their bails will be cancelled.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 26th, 2012.

Fear stalks Turbat as Islamists vow acid attack on women faces

The militant Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has threatened to throw acid on the faces of women who venture to the bazaars in Mekran's largest town of Turbat, according to a radio report.

"The militants sent text messages to the public that women who venture to go for shopping in the market place like the Lehri market and StarPlus market on their own would be attacked by Lashkar-i-Jhangvi," a caller told the pro-militant Radio Gwank based in Sweden.

Balochistan has been a battleground for secular and democratic forces and Islamists for many years, but the Islamists mostly existed on the fringe of society.

During the military dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq, Saudi Arabia pumped in millions of dollars to finance hundreds of madressahs where poor Baloch students went for religious education.

"What we see now is the coming of age of the graduates of those madressahs," said former speaker of the Balochistan assembly Mir Akram Dashti of the National Party.

There have been at least three reported cases of acid throwing in Balochistan in the last two years. According to Amnesty International, on 29 April, three sisters, Fatima, aged 20, Sakeena, aged 14 and Saima, aged 8, were disfigured by acid thrown at them in Kalat town, Balochistan, apparently for violating a ban on leaving the house without a male guardian.

The latest threat has come in the Muslim Lent, or Holy Ramadhan, when Islamists generally become more excited because of the hunger pangs due to fasting.

In Turbat, itself there cases two years when needles were pricked into the bodies of women shoppers by attackers who would run away after harassing the women, according to Radio Gwank.

In the last decade militancy has also raised its head in Balochistan. The separatist militants have often targeted the softer nationalist for not raising the independence slogans by accusing them of being government informers.

Those killed by the militants include Maula Bakhsh Dashti, Mohammed Hussain, Dr Lal Bakhsh and Nasim Jangiyan of the National Party

Just 10 days back Dr. Malik Baloch, president of the National Party deplored that political immaturity of the militants was helping the rise of fundamentalists in Balochistan and said as many as seven different government agencies are busy countering the secular and democratic forces.

Secular Democrats in Balochistan complain they are sandwiched between the military, mullahs and militants.

Moreover, at least one in every four Baloch is a Zikri, who do not believe in going for Hajj to Saudi Arabia, and any growth of Islamic fundamentalism is likely to tear apart the Baloch political fabric.

Saudi dollars and agents are said to be busy at work to this day not only inside Balochistan but also London and Washington DC to fan religious extremism in Eastern (Pakistan) Balochistan and Western (Iranian) Balochistan.

Baloch members of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi that issued the threats to the women have been involved in the massacre of Shia Hazaras.

1,246 places for matriculation, Form Six students

Students cannot pick the courses if they accept the offer.

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Higher Education Ministry will offer 1,246 places to matriculation and Form Six students with over 2.8 Cumulative Point Grade Average (CPGA) to enter public universities provided they cannot pick the courses.

Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the offer is made as there are places available in certain courses at 20 public universities nationwide.

“The Cabinet agreed that such students be offered places in universities and offer letters will be sent out in mid-Aug. They can enrol in early September, just like other students,” he said he said after opening Institute of Oceanography and Environment Research Complex and Institute of Tropical Aquaculture at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) here today.

To date, a total of 38,549 students have been picked to register for admission to public universities on Sept 1-2.

Khaled hopes that the students would accept the courses offered as the government has given them the chance to further studies at public universities.

- Bernama

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Scrap vehicle repossession permits, govt told

It creates a hassle for industry players who are mostly Indians, says Hindraf.

PETALING JAYA: Hindraf wants the government to do away with vehicle repossessing permits as it is creates more problems for Indian repossessors.

“The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry’s decision to impose permits on repossessors is causing further hardship to Indian operators nationwide.

“We have been receiving numerous complaints from Indian vehicle repossessors,” said Hindraf’s de facto leader P Uthayakumar.

“The usual racist government policy in issuing permits and licences and the red tape in the application and issuance of such permits will force thousands of Indian youths into crime.”

Uthayakumar said this in a letter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, which was made available to FMT.

He was responding to an announcement by the ministry’s KL director, Abu Samah Shahbudin, who said that permits were to ensure that repossessing was done in accordance with the law.

Abu Samah was also quoted by Malay daily Sinar Harian today as saying that the ministry has received many complaints about repossessors using rough methods when they repossessed vehicles.

Uthayakumar said the restrictions in the issuance of the permits also denies a second opportunity for former convicts who have turned over a new leaf.

“Where is the second chance for ex-convicts to re-integrate into the society as announced by the government?” asked Uthayakumar.

Instead of issuing permits, he said the authorities could resort to other means.

“We want this policy withdrawn and that the government enforces strict registration, monitoring and action against repossessors by banks and financial institutions.

“Rogue repossessors can be given warnings and then suspended for a time before they are blacklisted,” said Uthayakumar, the Human Rights Party’s protem secretary-general.

Uthayakumar stressed that Hindraf does not condone car repossessors who use high-handed tactics and criminal methods in repossessing vehicles.

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Betulkah Najib PM terakhir BN?

Barisan Nasional (BN) kian hari kian malang dan segala petunjuk politik menggambarkan yang BN sudah sampai masa untuk diketepikan oleh rakyat.

Oleh Aspan Alias

Wilfred Bumbering dan Lajim Hj Okin telah menampakkan yang mereka akan keluar dan berpisah dari Barisan Nasional (BN).

Perletakan jawatan sebagai Pengerusi BN Tuaran oleh Wilfred memperkuatkan lagi keyakinan yang Timbalan Presiden UPKO itu akan menyertai pilihan raya umum kali ini (PRU13) sebagai salah seorang calon Pakatan Rakyat.

Tindakan kedua-dua pemimpin Sabah ini pastinya memberikan tamparan hebat terhadap BN dan kita mengagakkan yang PRU13 akan ditunda lagi ke tarikh yang lain dan tidak akan diadakan pada bulan September seperti yang dispekulasikan oleh banyak pihak.

BN kian hari kian malang dan segala petunjuk politik menggambarkan yang BN sudah sampai masa untuk diketepikan oleh rakyat.

BN di Sabah sudah tidak lagi ada keupayaan untuk diperbaiki kerana pertelingkahan di antara parti-parti di dalam BN Sabah bukannya kecil.

Krisis keyakinan terhadap Ketua Menteri yang merupakan pengerusi BN Sabah menambah lagi kegentingan BN dan beliau juga merupakan ‘liability’ kepada Umno dan BN Sabah.

Banyak pihak yang mengatakan sebanyak 12 kerusi parlimen di Sabah akan kecundang pada PRU13 dan jika benar berlaku ia merupakan penambahan sebanyak 11 kerusi daripada satu yang sedia ada untuk pembangkang.

Apa pun orang hendak kata, Sabah sudah tidak lagi bertahan untuk menjadi ‘fixed deposit’ bagi BN pada PRU13.

Setiap parti dalam komponen BN di Sabah dan di Semenanjung sedang menghadapi masalah dan segala masalah ‘intra-party’ ini ditambah pula dengan masalah ‘inter-party’ yang kian meruncing.

MCA, Gerakan, MIC sudah tidak relevan

Kita perlu ingat di Semenanjung BN akan hanya tinggal saki baki Umno sahaja selepas PRU ini kerana komponen terbesarnya MCA akan menghadapi kekalahan yang menyeluruh.

Dalam pada itu Gerakan sudah tidak relevan lagi dan MIC dijangka akan kalah dalam semua kerusi yang mereka tandingi.

Oleh itu saya tidak dapat hendak ‘comprehend’ apa yang dikatakan oleh Najib di Melaka baru baru ini yang BN akan menang di semua negeri dan BN akan menang dengan aggregate 14-0.

Cakap-cakap itu menggelikan hati ramai pemerhati politik negara ini. Tetapi tidak mengapalah. Najib bukan kali itu sahaja yang bercakap tidak berasas dan itu sememangnya dilakukan beliau acap kali akhir-akhir ini.

Perkembangan terakhir di Sabah ini menambah keyakinan setengah pihak yang Najib dan seluruh kepimpinan beliau sedang menghadapi krisis keyakinan yang tersangat berat.

Keadaan ini merupakan situasi yang belum pernah lagi dialami oleh BN sejak memerintah selama lebih dari lima dekad ini.

Maka keyakinan setengah pihak yang mengatakan Najib merupakan Perdana Menteri BN yang terakhir nampaknya semakin hampir menjadi kenyataan. –

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Another MIC Sex scandal

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Perak Assembly speaker Ganesan’s chances of contesting a state seat in the coming 13th General Elections is probably dashed by the revelation of his sexscapade in Thailand.
The online media FMT that broke the news did not name the MIC leader but our sources confirmed the person in quandary is indeed Genesan.
Dato Ganesan
MIC leaders refute existence of sex tape

KUALA LUMPUR: An online media had today published a report of the existence of a sex video involving a senior MIC official from Perak.
S. Vell Paari
In refuting this report, MIC Communication and Public Relation Chief, S. Vell Paari, that this only highlighted the internal rivalry within the party in getting rid of competitions before the coming 13th General Election (GE).
“This is all done to sabotage certain party members who will be contesting in the coming GE. Someone within the party is jostling for seats,” said Vell Paari when contacted by The Malaysian Times today.
In giving some comments on this issue TMT also contacted MIC Secretary-General, Datuk S. Murugesan said that he was unaware of such video.
“This is just a form of scare tactic. If you have it then expose it instead of just speaking about it. This only descends into a lower level of politics,” said Murugesan.
Datuk S. Murugesan
It is believed that MIC will be contesting two parliamentary and four seats in Perak. There maybe seat jostling within the party, but this is an expected situation be it the opposition or the current governing party.
It was reported today that a prominent Perak-based MIC leader had apparently been caught on video having sex with a sex worker in Thailand.
An unnamed Perak Youth leader had admitted that he was aware of the video clip but has yet to watch the video. The individual also said that the video is currently in the hands of the Opposition party and would be exposed during the upcoming GE.
He was quoted saying that should the video be exposed before the election it would be a major problem for the MIC. He hopes for the top leadership to look into the matter before it goes out of hand.
He had also stated that the particular leader was almost caught red-handed a few years ago after allegations that he had an affair with his driver’s wife. –TMT

Sex video to rock MIC
B Nantha Kumar | July 25, 2012, FMT
To make matters worse, the alleged sex video of a prominent MIC leader in Perak is apparently in the hands of the opposition.
PETALING JAYA: A prominent Perak-based MIC leader has been apparently caught on video having sex with a sex worker.
A Perak Youth leader contacted by FMT admitted that he was aware of the video clip, where the prominent MIC leader engaged in sex acts with the sex worker in Thailand “some time ago”.
“At present, the video clip is stuck in the hands of the opposition,” he said, not wanting to be named.
“I spoke to the opposition party member who is in possession of the clip and he said that he would expose the video during the upcoming general election. This is because the MIC leader is keen to contest in a state seat in Perak,” he added.
He, however, admitted that he had yet to watch the video.
MIC is expected to contest in two parliamentary and four states seats in Perak.
“The leader embroiled in this controversy has held many positions at the state level. He is an old timer but insists that he wants to contest at the coming general election,” said the source.
The Youth leader also said that the particular leader was nearly caught red-handed a few years ago after allegations that he had an affair with his driver’s wife.
“However, he managed to escape from that scandal. It would be a major problem for the MIC if the video is released before the election. I hope the party top leadership looks into this matter seriously. Otherwise, the party would suffer an image crisis,” he added.
Internal rivalry
Contacted later, MIC secretary-general S Murugesan said he was in the dark about this matter.
“This is news to me. I will have to reserve my comments until we can obtain further information and more details regarding this so-called video,” he said.
Meanwhile, MIC communication and public relations chief S Vell Paari said the matter could be linked to internal rivalry.
“Accusations of sex scandals by both sides of the political divide has become the norm of Malaysian politics,” he said in a statement.
“Today FMT published a report that there exist a sex video involving a senior MIC official from Perak.
“Reading the story it clearly indicates that this current claim is nothing more than an internal rivalry within MIC to rid of competition in jostling for a seat for the coming general election,” he added.

This time, the government needs to LISTEN to the people

Nilakrisna James

If the general election is not held before the budget announcements, it is probably the one last chance for Najib to prove to the people that he will direct funds towards raising the standard of living for the nation and to provide incentives where the people can actually see and feel the everyday benefits. This time, the government needs to LISTEN to the people instead of deciding for themselves where the money should go.

The private business sector and educated mass of recent graduates who are desperate for employment are sick and tired of hearing about the hike in wages and benefits for the ever increasing mass of sub-standard civil servants. The standard of service has not improved and most government departments have not even got a proper I.T system in place, let alone a functioning photocopying machine. By now this country should have already established a system in every government department where the people could go online and fill up forms and pay bills online, where we can derive all the information we need through their respective portals. We need a more efficient I.T. system with fewer quality manpower managing those systems instead of a lazy workforce pampered with yearly hikes in their wages that has grown accustomed to 3 hour effective working hours daily while the public is expected to wait for delayed decisions and make frequent unnecessary trips up and down various government departments just to achieve one objective.

It goes without saying that if the civil service is efficient, technology driven and well managed with fewer but highly intelligent people, it will naturally drive the economy upwards because the people will begin to expect, demand and grow accustomed to quality rather than quantity in every sector of their lives. This will affect quality in our public transport, our schools, our universities, our public hospitals, our sports centres, our community leisure centres, our old folks homes, our retirement villages, our public housing systems, our water quality, our airport services, our welfare provisions, and the list goes on, because there is an unending list of complaints I could provide for every single one of these government sectors.

The government is wholly responsible for establishing the standards in the civil service and we cannot expect the private sector to flourish if we have to continually hold ourselves back for a very retarded civil service system. This is what every Prime Minister is tasked with when managing his or her fleet of Ministers who have been posted to do their jobs. Najib’s main task at the budget is to hold every Minister accountable for all those complaints that the public could provide for every single government department in this country and perhaps before he goes to the budget or to the general election, he should open up a portal that would allow the public to provide their evidence online on the type of rubbish they have had to put up with all these years when dealing with the government service.

That way, he will know what needs to be improved in this country and where that money should go. This country cannot go on with sub-standard service and high level government corruption because it is crippling the country. Najib needs to address what he promised to do and demand the temporary suspension of all Ministers and government servants accused and charged with corruption and be a little bit more Sun Tzu in this approach, otherwise his kindness and leniency will be his own downfall.

Nilakrisna James is a lawyer and civil rights activist plus co-founder of the United Borneo Front

Penghapusan duti eksais kereta: Sekali lagi BN kata tak wajar

Aspan Alias - The Malaysian Insider

25 JULAI — Niat Pakatan Rakyat untuk menghapuskan duti eksais dan berbagai cukai terhadap kereta-kereta adalah usaha yang patut mendapat sokongan. Ini adalah kerana kereta adalah perkara keperluan oleh rakyat negara ini yang masih terlalu jauh ketinggalan dalam menyediakan kemudahan pengangkutan awam. Sesungguhnya rakyat telah terlalu terbeban dengan kos pembelian kereta kerana sebahagian besar dari harga jualan kereta di negara ini adalah disebabkan oleh elemen cukai-cukai seperti duti eksais yang tinggi yang dikenakan oleh pihak kerajaan kita.

Jika duti eksais diturunkan ketahap minima maka kereta import yang berharga sebanyak RM150,000 itu akan boleh didapati dengan harga RM120,000 misalnya. Malahan kalau kita kaji harga kereta di banyak negara maju ia adalah jauh lebih rendah dari harga kereta yang rakyat kita terpaksa bayar. Harga kereta di negara ini terlalu tinggi dan kita adalah bersamaan dengan negara-negara seperti Singapura dan segelintiran negara di-rantau ini.

Itulah sebabnya ramai di antara rakyat negara ini, apabila kembali ke Malaysia kereta adalah salah satu ‘item’ penting yang dibawa mereka kembali kerana mereka telah membeli kereta-kereta tersebut dengan harga yang amat murah di luar negara. tetapi cadangan ini jangan kita harapkan mendapat sokongan dari pihak parti yang memerintah sekarang kerana mereka tidak akan bersetuju untuk memberikan sokongan dan alasan ‘standard’ yang diberikan mereka ialah tindakan itu akan mengbangkrapkan negara.

Pihak BN telah memberikan reaksi yang negatif terhadap isu ini dan Ketua Pemudanya Encik Khairy Jamaluddin telah menyatakan jika ini terlaksana maka ia akan mengurangkan pendapatan negara dalam jumlah yang berbillion ringgit setahun. Kita tidak boleh melayani pandangan ini kerana beliau (Khairy) adalah di pihak pimpinan dan kerajaan yang tidak mempunyai cukup imiginasi untuk mencari pendapatan alternatif terhadap kekurangan pendapatan dari tindakan mengurangkan duti eksais dan cukai-cukai yang berkaitan dengan harga kereta ini.

Kalau kita mengambil ‘pot’ terhadap alasan Khairy ini semuanya tidak boleh kita lakukan. Memang menjadi ‘attribute’ pimpinan pada hari ini untuk tidak mahu melakukan apa-apa yang ‘innovative’ untuk kepentingan rakyat dan jika mereka hendak lakukan pun, mereka tidak akan mampu melakukannya. Pihak pimpinan sekarang hanya berfikir yang memberikan RM500 itu sebagai bantuan untuk mengurangkan beban itu adalah yang terbaik kerana mereka tidak mempunyai daya ‘innovation’ yang tinggi. Lepas ini mungkin penjawat awam akan mendapat bonus raya pula dan ini mereka anggap akan dapat meringankan kehidupan mereka sampai bila-bila.

Yang penting bagi kita ambil ingatan, iaitu Pihak BN khususnya Umno tidak mempunyai kewibawaan untuk menggubal dasar yang baik untuk rakyat. Oleh kerana terlalu biasa dengan keuntungan kroni-kroni apabila menggubal dasar, lama kelamaan pemikiran pimpinan itu menjadi tumpul dan menganggap apa sahaja yang pihak pembangkang buat itu merupakan satu perkara yang tidak boleh dilaksanakan. Pimpinan BN melakukan terhadap pihak pembangkang itu berdasarkan kepada tahap kemampuan mereka. Oleh kerana mereka tidak terfikir dan tidak mampu melakukannya maka pihak pembangkang pun dianggapnya tidak berkemampuan seperti mereka.

Dalam isu penghapusan duti eksais kereta-kereta ini Khairy menyatakan yang ia akan merugikan kerajaan berbillion ringgit, tetapi Khairy tidak pula mengakui yang kerajaan yang didukungnya bertanggungjawab di atas ketirisan sebanyak RM28 billion setahun. Jika PR menjaga ketirisan ini dari berlaku, maka kita boleh menjimatkan wang rakyat sebanyak RM28 billion setahun dan angka ini lebih rendah dari kehilangan pendapatan jika cukai dan duti eksais dihapuskan.

Menghapuskan cukai dan duti eksais itu akan menambahkan ‘disposable income’ rakyat dan ia bermakna kehilangan pendapatan kerajaan itu dipindahkan kepada penambahan ‘disposable income’ rakyat yang ramai. Saya tidak tergamak hendak memberikan ‘markah’ kepada Khairy sebagai pemimpin tertinggi Pemuda Umno tetapi yang menyedihkan saya, sepandai mana seseorang itu dan berkelulusan dari mana sekali pun seseorang itu, apabila menjadi ahli Umno dan pegang pula jawatan yang tinggi-tinggi dalam parti itu dengan secara ‘automatic’ seseorang itu akan menjadi jumud pemikirannya. Yang pandai akan menjadi tidak pandai jika bersama Umno dan itulah sebabnya Umno sudah tidak lagi dihormati oleh rakyat seperti dahulu.

Kenapa pemimpin seperti Khairy tidak pernah menyentuh tentang harga-harga projek yang menjadi terlalu tinggi jika Umno yang mengendalikannya. Khairy tidak pula mahu menyentuh yang pembelian Scorpene merupakan pembelian yang terlalu mahal sedangkan negara lain membeli kapal selam yang spectnya sama dengan kapal selam yang kita beli itu dengan membayar harga yang jauh lebih rendah dari apa yang kita bayar.

Sekarang sudah menjadi persepsi biasa yang apa-apa projek yang diusahakan oleh Umno itu jauh lebih tinggi harganya dengan harga yang sepatut dan sebenarnya. Kalau hendak menjual sesuatu kepada Umno kita boleh jual dengan harga yang berlipat kali ganda asalkan sahaja sanggup memulangkan sebahagian besarnya kepada pemimpin-pemimpin mereka yang lahap dengan rasuah dan ketagih dengan wang ringgit haram itu.

Berbalik kepada usaha Pakatan Rakyat untuk memansuhkan isu duti eksais ini ke dalam manifesto bersama PR itu merupakan perkara yang amat dinanti-nantikan oleh semua pihak kerana pemansuhan itu akan memberikan faedah kepada keseluruhan rakyat. Ia akan lebih bernilai dari BRIM sebanyak RM500 sekali sejak merdeka 55 tahun yang lalu.

Dengan pemansuhan ini rakyat akan mendapat faedahnya tanpa bersusah payah untuk mendapatkan sokongan Ketua Umno bahagian dan kelulusan Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri untuk mendapatkan sejemput bantuan dari BRIM yang menjadi isu kebanggaan Najib dan Muhyiddin ke hulu ke hilir untuk mengungkit-ngungkit tentang bantuan itu dan memaksa semua memberikan undi dalam PRU yang akan datang.

Kita elok berfikir sejenak sebelum kita membuang undi kita kali ini, kerana berfikir sejenak itu adalah lebih baik dari beramal sepanjang malam. —

Lawyers: Ruling does not mean more assemblies

Malay Mail

THE Kuala Lumpur High Court decision on the status of Bersih has a lot of repercussions, but allowing more assemblies is not one of them.

Lawyers For Liberty co-ordinator Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said the government has to bear responsibility to the damage and injuries caused to the coalition for free and fair elections, as well as those injured in the rallies from police action.

“The government went against Article 10 of the Federal Constituition that guarantees Malaysian citizens the right to freedom of speech, assembly and association.

“What are they going to do? Will they apologise to the public? Will they compensate people who were injured?” she asked.

“We always maintained that Bersih is a legal entity as it is in line with the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association. The court’s decision reaffirms the rights,” she said.

Bar council president Lim Chee Wee argues the issue of the legality of Bersih is different from the issue of freedom of assembly.

“The decision is correct and must be applauded. This certainly increases public confidence the Judiciary as a check and balance to Executive decisions.

Lawyer Salim Bashir said the court’s decision is not a blanket consent to say that any demonstration in the country is legal.

“The court’s message clear. It is simply respecting the rights to association provided under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution.

“However, that does not legalise other demonstrations as that would still be referred to the Peaceful Assemblies Act,” he said adding that perhaps the time has come for the government to allow such assemblies in light of the decision.

Salim also said the Home Minister has every right to seek a declaration that Bersih is unlawful, as provided for under the Peaceful Assemblies Act.

Lawyer Sangkaran Nair said before the Peaceful Assembly Act the government had a say on the right to assemble.

Suhakam commissioner Muhammad Shaani Abdullah said the court’s decision gave a message to the public that they are free to form any association or coalition.

“Even though Bersih is a coalition, there is no need to register it as it will be dissolved once what it is fighting for materialises. In a way, the decision is also a good reminder to the authorities.

“Since Bersih is now declared as legal, the government must respect the court’s decision,” he said.

MISC Tanker Fire Leaves One Crew Member Dead, Four Others Missing

LABUAN, July 26 (Bernama) -- A fire on board a Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC) tanker here early today has left one crew dead and four missing.

An explosion during the fire, which occurred on board the vessel, Bunga Alpinia, at 2.30am, rocked Labuan.

The crew member reported killed was identified as Syahril Azmi Baharudin while the four reported missing were identified as Zahari Hashim, Mohd Hanafi Khairil, Mohd Nazim Kamsani and a Filipino known only as Colangoy.

MISC said the vessel was loading methanol at the Petronas Chemicals Methanol Sdn Bhd terminal in Labuan at the time of the incident.

Labuan Fire and Rescue Department director Zainal Madasin said the search-and-rescue operation was temporarily halted at 6pm for the breaking-of-fast and would resume soon after.

MISC said the respective families and next-of-kin of the crew members have been informed and a hotline set up for the affected family members to obtain more information.

The shipping company said during the incident, the 38,000 DWT IMO II vessel had 29 crew, comprising 23 Malaysians and six Filipinos but 24 of the crew members have been brought ashore safely.

Meanwhile, the President Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad Chief Executive Officer Dr Abd Hapiz Abdullah said the explosion occurred a few hours after the loading process was being carried out.

He added that one of the Petronas Chemicals company staff whose identity has yet to be revealed, suffered an eye injury but his condition was reported to be stable.

Abd Hapiz said during the incident 14 of the 200 Petronas Chemicals staff were on duty at the control room.

Plans for nuclear power plants?

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A group of NGOs has warned that the government is going ahead with plans to build two nuclear power plants. A final decision on the location of the plants will be made in 2014 – the point of no return.
Where will they be located? The NGOs say they have learned that seven potential sites have been identified:
  • five coastal sites, one each in Kedah, Perak and Terengganu and two in Johor.
  • two inland sites, near Tasik Temenggor, Perak, and Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu.
Why are we thinking of nuclear plants when there is so much reserve capacity? Why not safer forms of renewable energy? Is it because nuclear power plant involve big money and mega contracts for the chosen concessionaire?
See the full NGO statement on the Aliran website.
Meanwhile, Energy Minister Peter Chin claims he is in the dark.
theSun reports:
On a claim that the government had identified seven potential locations for nuclear plants in the country, Chin said he had heard nothing of it.
“I have received no report on this, and I don’t know where this news comes from.
“There has, of course, been no progress into this because what progress could there be,” he said.
If that’s the case, the government must categorically state that it will not build nuclear power plants. But will it?