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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Penduduk resah dengan penggambaran iklan air

Orang Rimba: Hidup di Pinggir Tamadun

Suhakam must ask gov't to stop harassing Suaram

Memorandum to Suhakam on the concerted harassment against Suaram by the government and its agencies

 The ongoing harassment on Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd (Suaram) by the government and its agencies is getting out of hand. Suaram has since July 2012 been publicly persecuted by the government and its agencies. The chronology of events is set out in the following:-

  • On July 20, 2012, in compliance with the notices of inspection dated July 13, 2012, Suaram produced all documents and information to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)
  • On August 30, 2012, in compliance to a notice dated 3rd August 2012 from the Social Security Organisation (“22 September 2012”), Suaram produced all requested documents and information to the Perkeso office.
  • On September 5, 2012, 2 officers from CCM served notices pursuant to ss 7C and 7D(1) of the Companies Act 1965 (CA 1965) to Suaram’s company secretary and auditors. The S7C notices require the secretary and auditors to produce a list of documents to the CCM for investigation while S7D(1) notices require the secretary and auditors to appear at CCM on 10th September 2012 for investigation.
  • On September 7, 2012, 2 officers from CCM served notices pursuant to s7D(1) CA 1965 to Suaram’s finance manager, Danapakiam Savari, refugee coordinator, Sarah Vanitha Devaraj, directors, Kua Kia Soong and Yeoh Seng Guan and executive director, Enalini Elumalai.
  • On September 10 and 11, 2012, Suaram’s company secretary and auditors were investigated by CCM. On September 13, 2012, Danapakiam Savari and Sarah Vanitha Devaraj were investigated by the CCM. CCM’s investigation on Danapakiam Savari resumed on the September 18, 2012.
  • On September 11, 2012, a meeting between the CCM, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Central Bank (Bank Negara), Registrar of Societies (RoS), PDRM and Home Ministry was held to determine the jurisdictions of respective agencies and actions to be taken against Suaram.
  • On September 13, 2012, Suaram chairman, Arumugam Kalimuthu received a notice pursuant to S7D(1) CA 1965 by way of registered mail and was summoned to appear at CCM  on September 19, 2012 for investigation.
  • On September 19, 2012, the RoS and PDRM visited Suaram’s office for an intended inspection on Suaram. However, the team led by one Ganesh of RoS had to return empty handed upon being notified that Suaram is a registered private limited company and is not a society under the purview of the RoS.
  • On the same day, Danapakiam Savari was again summoned to appear at the CCM on September 20, 2012 for further investigation vide a notice pursuant to S7D(1) CA 1965. The said notice was served at her residence at or about 9:15PM.
Suaram is gravely concerned on the overreaching powers displayed by Minister of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ismail Sabri Yaakob in interfering and influencing the on-going CCM investigation on Suaram. Please refer to police report dated September 20, 2012 lodged against the Minister by Suaram marked as “Suaram-1”.
Persecution 'planned'
It is pertinent to note that the CCM had only commenced its investigation on Suaram on September 10, 2012. The planned persecution of Suaram by the government and its agencies can be seen even prior to the commencement and continues throughout the investigation:-
  • On September 3, the minister announced to the public that Suaram’s  accounts are “highly suspicious” and that 99.4% of Suaram’s activities are “money collecting”.  
  • On September 10, the first day of investigation, the minister announced to the public that CCM will press charges against Suaram in two weeks’ time.
  • On September 18, the minister announced to the public that his team is building a case premised on Suaram’s alleged “confusing” accounts. When pressed further to elaborate on his allegation, he said “…All kinds of things… they (Suaram) do one thing and report another…” The minister had also submitted CCM’s investigation papers (“IPs”) to the Attorney General’s Chambers on even date despite the fact that Suaram’s chairman, K Arumugam’s scheduled investigation on September 19.
  • Suaram questions the integrity and overreaching powers displayed by the minister’s constant hovering above the Registrar of Companies and the attorney-general prior and throughout the investigations. We note with concern that the minister, may have usurped the powers of the Registrar and the attorney-general and thus placed himself in an embarrassing position.
  • This is compounded by a report by Bernama dated September 19 whereby deputy solicitor-general  II, Tun Majid Tun Hamzah confirmed that the IPs submitted by the CCM had to be returned because they were incomplete for the attorney general to draft the charges.
Suaram wishes to draw your attention to the recommendations made by the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, Maina Kiai on page 21 of A/HRC/20/27, Maina Kiai’s report at the 20th Session of Human Rights Council dated 21st May 2012. For ease of reference, the recommendations are reproduced as follows:-
  • Any associations should be allowed to function freely, and their members operate in an enabling and safe environment;
  • Associations should be free to determine their statutes, structure and activities and to make decisions without State interference;
  • Associations should enjoy the right to privacy; and
  • Associations should be able to access domestic and foreign funding and resources without prior authorization.
Malaysia, as a member state to the United Nations Human Rights Council, must take heed of the recommendations made by the special rapporteur. Instead of taking the opportunity to learn and put to practice all valuable experience gained from other member states in the council, the government made racist remarks towards the special rapporteur.

The government has to realise that criticisms from critical organisations like Suaram and other organisations are important and shall be welcomed and viewed as an added advantage for the government to understand the needs of the people. Undue harassment to silent these voices must be avoided at all costs.

On this note, Suaram  humbly requests from Suhakam the following:-
  • To acknowledge actions and/or inactions of the government and its agencies against Suaram as undue harassment;
  • To take an affirmative stand on the violations of fundamental freedoms and civil liberties arising out of the harassment against Suaram;
  • To monitor and report on the violations of human rights and civil liberties of Suaram by the government and its agencies;
  • To advise the government on the relevance and violations of fundamental freedoms and civil liberties by the government and its agencies;
  • To urge the government to immediately cease all forms of harassment against Suaram and uphold fundamental freedoms and civil liberties;
  • To condemn the harassment and violations against Suaram;\
  • To overlook and commit to end the harassment against Suaram;
  • To advise the government on its role as a member state to the United Nations Human Rights Council;  
  • To uphold the right to freedom of association enshrined in the Federal Constitution in line with international standards;  
  • To take an affirmative stand on the issue of perversion of civil servants by the government; 
  • To condemn the perversion of civil servants by the government;
  • To take a stand on the Minister’s over reaching powers in interrupting and influencing the investigations by the CC  
  • To acknowledge the normalcy of foreign funding to organisations in Malaysia; and
  • To take a stand on the issues of foreign funding to organisations in Malaysia.
We look forward to a favourable response from Suhakam.

Thank you.

Submitted by:
Nalini Elumalai, Suaram

After Pakistan, Bangladesh will be almost Hindu-less soon.

Alarming decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh

by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
September 22, 2012 | Courtesy: Weekly Blitz (Bangladesh).

In past ten years, in comparing to the growth of the total population in Bangladesh, there is an alarming decrease of Hindu population in the country. According to statistics available with the government sources, the proportionate decrease in Hindu population is around nine hundred thousand. The statistics show almost elimination of Hindu population in fifteen districts in the country. Most of the Hindu families in those districts were forced to leave the country. In 2001, the total number of Hindu population in Bangladesh was 16.83 million, while the population was expected to be 18.2 million in 2011. But the latest statistics available with the government shows the total number of Hindu population at 12.3 million, which is nine hundred thousand less than the expected rate of growth. Currently 8.5 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is Hindus, while in 2001, it was 9.2 percent. The proportion of Christian, Buddhist and other religious minority population did not see any decline in the past. Currently the total number of Muslim population in Bangladesh is 90.4 percent. The district-wise statistics of population sees “huge decline” or “almost elimination” of Hindu population in fifteen districts, though the statistics terms the decline of Hindu population as “missing population”.

Rise of Islamists as well as greed of forceful occupation of Hindu properties has compelled hundreds of Hindu families in migrating to other countries, while Islamic Missionaries engaged in converting Hindus are also liable for such decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh. Currently more than three hundred Islamic charitable organizations are actively engaged in patronizing and funding converting Hindus into Islam. At the same time, one of the reasons behind decrease in Hindu population is lesser rate of total fertility rate. Hindus in Bangladesh started migrating to various countries, including neighboring India since the partition of British India in 1947. Muslim influential figures in various parts of Bangladesh, irrespective of their political identities have been continuing to force hundreds Hindu families in selling their properties at unbelievably cheaper price and migrate mostly to India in order to skip numerous forms of repressive actions. If any Hindu tried to protect their ancestral property and resist undue pressure of the Muslims, either their houses were set on fire or female members of those families were forcefully abducted as well as gang-raped. In most cases, law enforcing agencies, instead of standing in protecting the Hindu families, tried to defend the perpetrators, simply because of their political identity or social status. Whichever party came in power in Bangladesh, repression on Hindus never stopped, as it has become a type of social disease within the Muslim population of Bangladesh in applying repressive actions on the Hindus and other religious minority groups, thus finally compelling them in leaving the country by selling their properties only at a token price.

Secretary General of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik said, “Hindu girls are becoming victim of abduction and rape on an increased frequency. That is why, most of the Hindu families in Bangladesh either send their girl children to various educational institutions in India or get them married at tinder age simply to save their religious and social dignity.”

He said, “Though some of the Hindu rights groups are falsely claiming that the forceful migration of Hindu families had decreased since Bangladesh Awami League came in power, the reality is actually just the opposite. Even during this present government, which came in power in 2009, there had been numerous attacks on Hindu families and temples in the country as well as alarming rise in the forceful abduction and religious conversion of Hindu girls and boys throughout the country.”

Citing example of Gopalganj district in Bangladesh, which is considered to be the exclusive vote bank of Bangladesh Awami League and safe heaven for the Hindus, Gobinda Chandra Pramanik said, “In 2001, the total Hindu population at Gopalganj district was 371,000, while now it has gone down below fifty thousand. This statistics will prove the fact of repression on Hindu population even in the district, which is wrongly considered as ‘safe heaven’ for the Hindus in Bangladesh.”

He said, “The burden of ‘Enemy Property Act’, which later was changed into ‘Vested Property Act’ has already caused hundreds and thousands of Hindu families in leaving Bangladesh either by selling their properties at token price or simply abandoning their ancestral properties into the grips of the greedy Muslim influential figures belonging to Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and Jatiyo Party. Though a large proportion of the Hindu populations consider Bangladesh Awami League as their own party and almost as guardians of protecting the rights of Hindus, in the past, very unfortunately, Awami League never kept its promises in protecting the Hindus.”

Seeking anonymity, a Hindu community leader in Gopalganj district said, “Bangladesh Awami League though proclaims to be a party totally committed to protecting rights of Hindus and religious minorities in Bangladesh, unfortunately their political behavior is no different than any other political party in Bangladesh. No Hindu has ever been placed into top most posts in the Central Committee or district level committees of Bangladesh Awami League. Though it is very unfortunate, but this is the ground reality.”

French Church Vandalised with Graffiti: "Islam is Growing in Power ... M. Merah"

On Friday night a church in the village of Chassieu in France was vandalised with graffiti reading "Islam is growing in power" and "M. Merah". The town council quickly arranged for the graffiti to be erased. While it is normal for mosque desecrations in France to make national and even international headlines, so far there appear to have been no significant reporting of this event. No politicians have denounced it, declared that it runs contrary to the values of the Republic, promised a massive police operation to catch the perpetrators or harsh punishment for them when found.

The whole thing might have been erased from history had it not been for the initiative of a local nationalist group in taking a photograph of the graffiti and publishing a report about it on its website.

Without reference to this specific incident (which had not occurred then), Marine Le Pen mentioned this curious disparity in treatment in the interview she gave to Le Monde a few days ago:

I'm glad the crime of blasphemy no longer exists. What I find astonishing is the variable geometry of the political class. We are in a country where 95% of the desecrations concern Catholic places of worship or graves and not a single line appears, not one statement from a minister. And as soon as there is a desecration of a mosque or square, immediately, a press statement has to be issued.

Honor Killing Caught On Film the video below you will see a housewife being killed in broad daylight. Tthe horror occurred in Hariri’s manor in eastern province while the crowds stood by and watched. A cellphone was available to film the gory details.

Notice how the killer is stabbing the woman with a small blade while she is laying helplessly on the floor. Honor killings are becoming more and more common in Egypt since the toppling of Mubarak. On April of this year, it was reported by Emirates24 that an Egyptian man murdered his three daughters with two cobras. These killings will increase as the days go by, and as Islamic Jihad ensues.

Malacca highwaymen gang arrested

MALACCA, Sept 24 — Police detained five members of the “Merlimau Myvi Gang” notorious for carrying out robberies on roads around Merlimau, here.

Malacca Criminal Investigation Department chief ACP Raja Shahrom Raja Abdullah said the five, aged 16 to 22, were detained on Friday at several locations around the state.

He said the youths, who moved around in a Perodua Myvi, were believed to be involved in four robbery cases on September 17 by preying on those going to work between 7.30am to 8am.

“They threatened using a parang, seized valuables and resorted to violence such as punching their victims,” he told a press conference, here, today.

Raja Shahrom said police also seized a cellphone, a Perodua Myvi car and a parang.

All the suspects also tested positive for syabu. — Bernama

Why Suaram’s status is suddenly so important

By showing that Suaram is a company, the Najib administration can tell the French authorities that Suaram has no legal standing to bring the Scorpene inquiry, says Raja Petra.

PETALING JAYA: The ongoing government onslaught on human rights watchdog Suaram is a carefully planned tactic undertaken by the Najib administration to defend itself against a French inquiry into the Scorpene submarine deal.

The government intends to show to the French authorities that Suaram is a profit-motivated company and not an international NGO as it had claimed itself to be at the French courts.

“As such, Suaram has no locus standi in the ‘class action suit’ [over the alleged corruption in the Scorpene deal],” popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said today in a posting in his Malaysia-Today portal.

Raja Petra said that the French investigation into the sale of the two submarines to Malaysia was launched mainly because of an application made by Suaram, which had applied to the French court for the investigation to be launched on the basis that it was an international NGO.

He said that Suaram had claimed that it has suffered damage because France sold the two submarines to Malaysia.

He added that Suaram was also seeking compensation.

“Suaram has managed to convince the French court that it is an international NGO and therefore has locus standi to take this ‘class action suit’ against the Malaysian government.”

Raja Petra also attached a document submitted to the French authorities to indicate that Suaram was “an international NGO that was eligible to sue for compensation as it had personally suffered damages because of the obvious phenomenon surrounding the corrupt sale of these submarines”.

“The Malaysian government, therefore, now has to defend itself against a possible legal action.

“And to do that, it has to bring into question Suaram’s status as an international NGO. And if the Malaysian government can prove that Suaram is not an international NGO but is a registered company [and hence profit-motivated], then it may be able to torpedo the submarine investigation,” he said.

Raja Petra said that the Malaysian government has to “rip to shreds Suaram’s status” so that it can argue that “not only is Suaram a profit-motivated company and not an international NGO but also it has no locus standi in this class action suit”.

In recent weeks, Suaram has come under intense attack over its funding and organisational structure. The government has accused it of being funded by foreign powers to “destabilise the peace of the country”.

Last week, Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that six government agencies are taking action against Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd, the operating entity of Suaram, for breaching five sections of the Companies Act 1965.

Suaram has consistently denied any wrongdoings.

Ibu kesal dengan layanan buruk hospital

Puvaneswary juga tidak puas hati terhadap seorang kakitangan dari Klinik Kesihatan Takau, Rantau.

SENAWANG: M Puvaneswary, 29, ibu kepada seorang anak lelaki berumur lapan tahun, M Sarvin dari Taman Anggerik, Rantau yang menghidapi penyakit Apendiks melahirkan rasa kesal terhadap layanan buruk pegawai perubatan dan jururawat di Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban.

Puvaneswary juga tidak puas hati terhadap seorang kakitangan dari Klinik Kesihatan Takau, Rantau.

Menceritakan kronologi insiden di pejabat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Senawang, P Gunasekaran (DAP); Puvaneswary berkata pada 5 September, Sarvin mengadu sakit perut dan Puvaneswary beranggapan ianya sakit perut biasa.

Bagaimanapun pada 7 September, Sarvin mengalami sakit perut yang teruk dan turut muntah-muntah. Pada hari yang sama sekitar jam 9 pagi , Puvaneswary membawa Sarvin ke Klinik Kesihatan Takau di Rantau.

Pegawai perubatan di Klinik Kesihatan Rantau memberikan preskripsi ubat gastrik.

Semakin teruk dan cirit birit

Sekembali ke rumah, tahap kesakitan Sarvin semakin teruk apabila terus muntah dan mengalami cirit-birit pula.

“Pada hari yang sama (7 September), kira-kira jam 8.30 malam saya dan suami membawa Sarvin ke Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban dan mendaftar di Unit Kecemasan.

“Pegawai Perubatan wanita yang bertugas menahan Sarvin kira-kira dua jam di wad kecemasan. Bagaimanapun selama tempoh itu Sarvin tidak diberikan apa-apa rawatan. Anak saya menggelupur kesakitan perut dan terus muntah-muntah.

“Doktor kata anak saya cuma alami sakit perut biasa. Saya meminta agar anak saya dimasukkan ke wad. Bagaimanapun doktor di wad kecemasan tetap dengan pendirian beliau bahawa anak saya cuma sakit perut biasa dan memberikan ubat,”, kata Puvaneswary.

Puvanewary kembali ke rumah bersama-sama Sarvin.

Pada 8 September, simptom yang ditunjukkan oleh Sarvin tetap sama iaitu masih mengalami muntah-muntah dan cirit-birit. Pada hari yang sama Puvaneswary dan suami membawa Sarvin ke sebuah klinik swasta untuk melakukan pemeriksaan untuk menjalankan imbasan.

Bagaimanapun doktor di klinik swasta itu memaklumkan kepada Puvaneswary dan suami bahawa alat pemerikasaan imbasan tersebut hanya boleh digunakan untuk bayi sahaja.

Sarvin muntah kehijauan dan kehitaman

Pada 9 September, memandangkan keadaan Sarvin semakin teruk, Puvaneswary dan suami sekali lagi membawa Sarvin ke Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban.

“Kami sampai di unit kecemasan kira-kira jam 8.30 malam. Kami menunggu lama. Ketika menunggu giliran, satu ketika Sarvin yang tidak tahan dengan sakit perut, menggelupur kesakitan di lantai. Selepas itu barulah Sarvin dimasukkan ke dalam wad kecemasan dan dimasukkan air melalui urat di tangan beliau.

“Pada ketika itu pun sama ada doktor atau jururawat tidak memaklumkan kepada kami Sarvin mempunyai penyakit Apendiks. Sementara itu keadaan Sarvin semakin teruk apabila mula mengeluarkan muntah kehijau-hijauan dan kehitam-hitaman. Seterusnya Sarvin dimasukkan ke dalam wad 8A.

“Pada 10 September, kira-kira 5.30 pagi, Sarvin mengadu sakit dada. Saya memaklumkan kepada jururawat dan beliau hanya memberikan ubat tahan sakit.

“Pada pukul 9 pagi, ketika melakukan pemeriksaan, salah seorang doktor memberitahu anak saya disyaki menghidapi penyakit Apendiks.Tidak lama selepas itu datang pula doktor pakar dan beliau marah jururawat bertugas kerana tidak berikan Sarvin dengan ubat ‘high dose’. Selepas itu jururawat mengambil sampel darah anak saya.

“Pada pukul 4.00 petang, Sarvin ditukarkan ke wad 5D dan doktor berkata beliau mengesyaki Sarvin mempunyai penyakit Apendiks. Pada pukul 6 petang, Sarvin mula menunjukkan tanda-tanda kesejukkan dan demam.

Sarvin dibedah dan sah Apendiks

“Seterusnya Sarvin dibawa masuk ke dewan pembedahan. Ketika berada di dalam dewan pembedahan pun saya dan suami saya tidak dimaklumkan bahawa Sarvin sah menghidapi penyakit Apendiks.

“Pada jam 11 malam, apabila Sarvin dibawa keluar dari dewan pembedahan, barulah kami dimaklumkan oleh doktor yang melakukan pembedahan bahawa Sarvin mengalami penyakit Apendiks.

“Malah kami juga dimaklumkan oleh seorang doktor yang menjalankan pembedahan bahawa Sarvin tidak perlu melalui proses pembedahan yang rumit jika beliau dirawat lebih awal. Di mana doktor tersebut memaklumkan kepada kami, Apendiks itu telah pecah di dalam abdomen Sarvin dan nanah telah merebak di dalam organ dalaman.

“Saya dan suami saya amat sedih dengan apa yang menimpa dengan Sarvin. Jika Pegawai Perubatan mengambil serius masalah penyakit ini sejak dari awal lagi, Sarvin tidak perlu melalui segala kesakitan dan komplikasi yang teruk seperti ini,” ujar Punaneswary dengan sebak.

Bapa kepada Sarvin iaitu N Mahendran, 30, berkata pada 11 September, beliau perasan doktor yang mula-mula merawat Sarvin pada 07 September di wad kecemasan, memasuki wad 5D.

“Saya segera mendapatkan doktor wanita itu dan menyatakan perasaan kesal saya pada doktor itu iaitu jika pada 7 September seandainya doktor tersebut benar-benar memeriksa anak saya dengan serius dan memberikan rawatan yang sebetul-betulnya, anak saya tidak perlu melalui saat-saat yang membahayakan diri sehingga Apendiks itu pecah di dalam organ badan.

“Doktor itu dengan selamba berkata “Ok loo…Sudah operate Ok lah”.

“Seterusnya pada hari yang sama jururawat meminta Sarvin turun dari katil dan berjalan sedangkan luka kesan pembedahan sepanjang tiga inci di perut belum sembuh atau tutup kulitnya,” kata Mahendran.

Pergi luar boleh cuci dengan air paip

Sementara itu Puvaneswary berkata pada 14 September Sarvin telah dibenarkan keluar dari Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban.

Puvaneswary membawa Sarvin ke Wad 5D pada 16 September untuk membersihkan luka kesan pembedahan di perut.

“Bagaimanapun pihak hospital memberikan surat bahawa selepas ini saya tidak perlu membawa Sarvin ke hospital untuk membersihkan luka kesan pembedahan sebaliknya boleh melakukan rawatan pembersihan luka itu di klinik kesihatan berdekatan iaitu Klinik Kesihatan Takau.

“Pada 19 September saya membawa Sarvin ke Klinik Kesihatan Takau untuk rawatan pembersihan luka tersebut. Seorang kakitangan lelaki bernama Khalid di kaunter pertanyaan bertanya ‘apa mau’?.

“Saya memberitahu kakitangan tersebut bahawa saya membawa Sarvin untuk mencuci luka pembedahan.

“Kakitangan lelaki itu dengan nada marah menyuruh saya pergi luar dan dia boleh cuci dengan air paip. Saya juga memberikan senarai ubat kepada dia dan dia memberitahu ubat tersebut tidak ada di Klinik Kesihatan tersebut. Beliau menyuruh saya beli sendiri ubat itu di farmasi luar, dan bawa semula ubat itu ke Kinik Ksihatan dan mereka boleh mencucikan.

“Segala kesulitan kami tidak berakhir di sini sahaja. Pada 21 September (Jumaat), Sarvin mempunyai temujanji dengan doktor di Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban. Yang saya pelik Sarvin tidak dibekalkan dengan apa-apa ubat. Malah permintaan kami untuk melanjutkan cuti sakit untuk Sarvin bermula 24 September juga tidak dihiraukan oleh doktor bertugas.

“Saya sangat sedih dan kesan dengan apa yang berlaku terhadap anak saya. Saya memohon Kementerian Kesihatan harus mengambil serius perkara ini dan siasat agar ia tidak berulang lagi,” katanya.

Bekerja untuk gaji dan bukan sebagai tanggungjawab

Sementara itu Gunasekaran berkata seandainya Sarvin dirawati dengan betul dan sempurna beliau tidak perlu melalui kesakitan dan trauma sebegitu rupa.

“Pegawai Perubatan ini mungkin tidak pakar dalam tugas mereka. Mungkin bekerja untuk gaji dan bukan sebagai tanggungjawab.

“Kementerian Kesihatan, Pengarah Kesihatan dan Menteri Kesihatan harus bertanggungjawab dalam kes ini dan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya ke atas Pegawai Perubatan, jururawat dan kakitangan yang cuai dan tidak menjalankan tugas dengan sempurna.

“Ianya juga amat memalukan apabila insiden yang berlaku di Klinik Kesihatan Takau terletak di dalam DUN Rantau yang merupakan DUN Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

“Saya akan bawa isu ini ke parlimen melalui Ahli Parlimen Rasah, Loke Siew Fook (DAP) dan akan menulis surat kepada Perdana Menteri, Menteri Kesihatan dan Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Sembilan,” ujar Gunasekaran.

Gunasekaran berkata hospital ialah tempat menyelamatkan nyawa dan seharusnya doktor, jururawat serta kakitangan yang berkhidmat haruslah mereka yang mempunyai pengalaman secukupnya dalam bidang perubatan dan serius dalam tugas seharian.

Anwar: Dr M, Daim behind forex scandal

Referring to the foreign exchange scandal that erupted in the 90s, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said that he instructed Bank Negara to stop speculating in the currency market.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara got involved in foreign exchange speculation under the direction of the finance minister before me, with the blessings of the then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said this at Parliament today.

Anwar served as finance minister from 1991 to 1998. His immediate predecessor was Umno veteran, Daim Zainuddin.

Earlier, Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim told the Dewan that Malaysia lost RM5.7 billion when Bank Negara was said to be involved in the forex scandal.

When Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng asked whether action was taken against officers involved in the matter, the deputy minister told the Penang chief minister to refer the matter to Anwar as he was serving as the finance minister then.

The hall soon erupted and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin pointed out that on April 27, 1993, DAP MP Lim Kit Siang had said that Anwar must take responsibility for the billions lost.

Anwar stood up to defend himself, saying it was he who instructed Bank Negara to stop speculating on the currency market in 1993.

He also said Kit Siang was right to ask the question at that time and said that he had admitted to the DAP veteran that Bank Negara made some losses in the scandal.

“Then Bank Negara governor, Jaafar Hussein resigned despite not being directly involved in the matter, together with Nor Mohamed Yakcop who was then in charge of the Forex Trading Unit.

“But when I was jailed in 1998, Nor Mohamed was promoted to become a minister,” said Anwar.

Star columnists – are they twisting the truth?

By Aliran, on 24 September 2012

Journalists and columnists have a sacred duty to uphold truth and justice, asserts John Inbaraj.

Trash it is, without a doubt. But some features on health and fitness, sports and finance draw you to buy The Star occasionally, especially on weekends.

When that happens I find it difficult to avoid the likes of writers Joceline Tan and Baradan Kuppusamy. Without a doubt they are skilful writers in the English language. Such is their skill that with mere words they can make black look white!

I have decided to just have fun with them and ask readers to join me in critically analysing their views if only to let them know that there are intelligent, discerning people out there who treat their views with contempt.

Let’s look at a couple of Sundays gone by (16 September, National Day). Joceline said, “Going solo could backfire on S’gor” while Baradan’s caption on Monday, 17 September reads “PR just hoping to retain Selangor jewel”.


Tactfully Joceline belittles Anwar. The following quotes from her article should help one see how glaringly anti-Anwar, anti-Khalid Ibrahim and anti-PKR she is.

The PKR de facto leader has been quite a news maker over the last few weeks. First, there was the nasty business of the bus getting splashed with red paint when it stopped over in Kota Baru … A couple of flying bricks also left two starburst shatters on the front windscreen …

She goes on:

Before the buzz could subside, his bodyguard…..caused a sensation when he drew out his automatic pistol and pointed it at a group of people in Malacca.

Note: She states that pointing a gun is serious business and quite indefensible…

A professional bodyguard should not behave like a nightclub bouncer.

Question: are nightclub bouncers allowed to point guns?

The police, of course, are investigating the bodyguard not the trouble makers and Joceline saw it not fit to rebuke the police for allowing the opposition leader of the country to be harassed to such an extent. To the person in the street, are such actions to be deemed part of government strategy and therefore legal?

Joceline slowly drifts into the crux of her article which is about Selangor holding separate state elections. Shocks, gasps from both sides of the political divide, hasty decision and “Pakatan Rakyat politicians were as surprised as those from the Barisan” were some of the words she chose to describe her perception of what was actually meant as a possibility.

A key reason for this to happen was that the EC had failed to clean up Selangor’s electoral roll which has risen by about 450,000 new voters.

Strangely though, Joceline has admitted in the last paragraph of the first column that:

Pakatan leaders have toyed with the idea of holding separate polls as far back as 2010.

Did she shoot herself in the foot?

Readers are well aware of hundreds of thousands of Malaysians at Bersih rallies calling for clean and fair elections where evidence of “ghost voters” was revealed.

There is much more. Twists and turns to accommodate Barisan’s agenda, opinions of conformists and a load of tactfully worded personal opinions.

Some may ask, where has integrity gone? Where has independent journalism gone? Does one in government agencies or those leaning towards government agencies apparently have to sell their souls for a pay-check or continued employment?

Baradan Kuppusamy receives my salute for thinking out of the box.

With Selangor going its own way, it appears that Pakatan has given up the fight for Putrajaya to do battle only to retain the ‘jewel in the crown’ state in a separate election.


Holding polls separately from parliamentary polls:

is an admission that Putrajaya … is now beyond reach.

That’s surely an ‘A’ for creative thinking!

The decision also shows they (Pakatan) are prepared to just hunker down, fight and hope to convince voters to let Pakatan continue to rule Selangor as a consolation prize after Putrajaya is lost.’

The ostensible reason for Selangor to go it alone is that the state’s electoral list has not been cleaned of ‘thousands of dubious voters’ an allegation immediately denied by Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof.

Of course! Does anyone expect him to agree?

Baradan goes on:

It is a reason that is difficult to buy since the voters’ list will be the same whether Selangor goes it alone or with the rest.

Well, Mr Baradan, look at it this way. Pakatan wins Putrajaya. There are still months left. The new Pakatan government sacks the entire Election Commision and replaces it with credible people (like Ambiga). Clean the electoral roll and then call for Selangor’s state elections? Isn’t it possible?

When Barisan lost it was a bitter pill to swallow. Najib has declared that Barisan must re-capture the richest state “at all costs”. That normally means even if you have to play dirty.

Indeed political parties and NGOs have uncovered numerous discrepancies. The unwillingness to rectify the roll is an indication of foul play. Over the years many forms of cheating have been uncovered and highlighted by various groups. Is there a possibility of ‘special’ indelible ink that can be washed away with certain chemicals?

Day by day, the voice of the opposition is rising. The indication of the opposition marching into Putrajaya is real. The people see this clearly. This may be the cause for our writers to lean so aggressively towards the Barisan. Maybe they are being pressured … maybe … but these are people born into this world with wisdom, who have acquired knowledge and are bestowed by the almighty with the power of discernment. They have a sacred duty to uphold truth and justice.

John Inbaraj is an Aliran member

Zaid tells Dr M: I rather be an ungrateful Malay than a stupid one

(The Malaysian Insider) - Former Cabinet member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said today he would rather be ungrateful than stupid, as he mocked Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for suggesting that Malays who were unappreciative would cause the community to lose political power.

Dr Mahathir told Umno’s Utusan Malaysia in an interview published yesterday that Malays were “ungrateful” and “lacking intelligence”, warning that the greed of a few power-hungry Malays in the opposition would see the country’s dominant race lose its political power.

The former PM also alleged that “if any of these Malay (opposition) parties win the elections and form the government, this government would have to follow the dictates of other (races).”

Responding on Twitter this morning, Zaid said: “I rather be called ungrateful Malay than a stupid one, who doesn’t think, who follow blindly the dictates of arrogant Malay leaders.”

Zaid was part of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Cabinet but was sacked in 2008, a few months after he resigned as minister in protest against the government’s decision to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to arrest an opposition politician, a blogger and a journalist.

He became a PKR member before eventually quitting, and is now the leader of an opposition-aligned party, while continuing to push for political and law reforms.

Dr Mahathir has become in recent months a vocal campaigner for Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Umno, and his growing influence has seen the party shed many of its reform plans in favour of playing the race card.

Yesterday, in his lengthy tirade against the Malays, the former prime minister expressed sadness that the Malays were now purportedly split into three factions and said that this has resulted in them “begging” for support from the other races.

At another function, Dr Mahathir also suggested that currency speculator George Soros was attempting to usurp political power from the Barisan Nasional (BN) government by appointing his own leader as the next prime minister of Malaysia.

The former prime minister made this statement when asked to comment on several local NGOs that were in the limelight recently after the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry called on the Registrar of Societies to investigate Suaram, which has received funds from Soros.

Commenting on this, Zaid also mocked Dr Mahathir on Twitter yesterday by saying that if English football club Manchester United won their match against Liverpool yesterday, it must also be because of Soros.

“If Man U wins then Soros must hav a hand in this.”

In another tweet, he added: “Malays must be really stupid to believe the Jewish conspiracy to install puppet PM.”

Anwar setuju terima bantuan jet peribadi

KUALA LUMPUR: Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim memberitahu isu penggunaan jet peribadi ketika beliau ke Sabah dan Sarawak tidak pernah disembunyikan.

Malah beliau turut meminta Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua untuk mengambil gambar dan menyebarkannya melalui laman twitter agar semua rakyat tahu apa yang dilakukan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

"Penggunaan jet peribadi ini adalah bagi perjalanan saya dari Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu dan Kuching seterusnya balik semula ke Kuala Lumpur.

"Saya melihat mereka memperbesarkan isu ini yang lebih kepada kepentingan peribadi mahupun wujud unsur rasuah, malah kita lebih telus memberitahu kepada semua dan perkara ini boleh disemak," jelasnya pada sidang media di lobi parlimen.

Anwar turut memberitahu, beliau telah menjelaskan perkara tersebut melalui laman twitternya sebelum ini.

"Mereka yang ingin mengetahui siapa pemilik jet tersebut boleh menghubungi Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) Malaysia kerana semua maklumat pemilik ada dalam simpanan DCA," sambungnya lagi.

Anwar yang sebelum itu memberitahu, beliau dihubungi rakannya bahawa ada seorang individu yang sanggup memberi kebenaran beliau menggunakan jet peribadi tersebut.

"Jet peribadi ini diuruskan oleh rakan saya dan siapa pemiliknya mereka yang ingin mengetahui oleh hubungi DCA.

"Ia macam saya bila kereta rosak, maka kawan akan memberi pinjam kereta mereka begitulah urusan penggunaan jet tersebut," sambung beliau lagi.

Anwar yang secara berselorok menyatakan beliau hari ini juga terpaksa meminjam baju kot dari rakannya kerana tidak membawa bajunya sendiri serta menyifatkan itu perkara biasa apabila ada rakan ingin membantu.

"Saya tahu banyak isu akan ditimbulkan dan sebelum saya bersetuju untuk menerima bantuan jet peribadi itu, saya telah pastikan bahawa pemilik tersebut tidak mempunyai apa-apa kepentingan di negeri-negeri Pakatan Rakyat.

"Umno dan MCA cuba memperbesarkan isu ini adalah bertujuan untuk menakutkan ahli-ahli perniagaan agar tidak lagi membantui Pakatan.

"Tetapi mereka terus merahsiakan isu-isu rasuah, penyelewengan serta penggunaan dana awam untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri," tegasnya.

Dalam pada itu, beliau juga turut memberitahu jika ada ruang dari ahli-ahli perniagaan yang ingin meminjam jet peribadi mereka beliau mengalu-alukannya terutamanya apabila hampir pilihanraya nanti.

"Kita perlukan helikopter di Sabah dan Sarawak termasuk jet peribadi untuk urusan kita (Pakatan) jika terlalu terdesak untuk ke mana-mana," tambah Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu lagi.

Abuse and Alcoholism

Dear DAP Representative,

I am writing to you this email to seek help for many man and women in Malaysia who are involved in abuse caused by alcoholism. I have tried my best to find out information to help this category of people. What i noticed is that drug addition is noted to be a serious offence and has many legal and help channels we could turn to but no importants is given towards alcoholism. You would be suprised that Malaysia a small country is ranked 10th in the world . Also note there is currently only one society in Malaysia Alcoholics Anonymous Malaysia . This society is only for people who want to get better and have realized their problems as they have to go on their on free will. So this society will be of no help to those in denial and are currently abusing their families. But if it was a legal offens to be alcoholic and people could be charged similiar to drug addiction then it would be effective to reduce the number of alcoholics in Malaysia.

i would like to propose a bill to be passed to make it compulsary for any individual found to be alcoholic go to a rehab center. Also just like Pusat Serenti there should be more goverment centers that cater to alcoholics. Apart from this the responsibility to identify this alcoholics should not be left solely to spouses & children that are suffering in silence and too scared to do anything. The public or anybody with sufficient prove should be able to launch a complain and make it possible for these families to help this very sick alcoholics. Please note that this point is crutial as spouses and children are normally the victims if outside intervention does not happen.

I writing this email to your organization since this problem is very closely related to non-muslims and could be a very strong area that DAP could look into to fight for. I am rather sure that you would have 100% support from all Indian & Chinese man/women that put up with Alcoholism just to save face from this world. Apart from this the more elite educated Alcoholics would be fearful if there is a legal consequence of their in excuseable behavior. We could also tremendously reduce the accident in Malaysia if we could remove this alcoholics from the road before its too late. This point will also be well appreciated by all races alike.

I do hope that this letter will be given due importants as many families will continue to suffer until a proactive step is taken to ensure all potential dangers posed by alcoholism is put to an end.

Please feel free to contact me at this email address for anything pertaining to the matter above.

Thank you.

Sincerely ,

Scopene Submarines Purchase and Murder Scandal

A brief summary
by Koon Yew Yin
September 24, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat has invited Suaram to talk about the Scopene Submarines Purchase and the Murder scandal at 8PM at Hotel Excelsior , Ipoh on Sunday, 30th Sept 2012. My purpose of writing this summary is to help the attendees understand the talk better. As you know Suaram needs money to do the work for us in exposing the corruption and murder involved. We are expected to donate whatever we like at the admission.

In November of 2009, Suaram, the Kuala Lumpur-based human rights NGO, asked a French investigative law firm to look into what appeared to be huge bribes and kickbacks paid to Malaysian politicians by the French state-owned defence company DCN and its subsidiaries for the 2002 purchase of two submarines and the lease of a third.

The story was complicated by the sensational 2006 death of a Mongolian translator and party girl, Altantuya Shaariibuu, who was shot by two of then-Defense Minister Najib Tun Razak’s bodyguards and her body was blown up with military explosives. While the bodyguards were convicted of her killing, the court appeared to have actively suppressed any mention of who allegedly paid the two to kill her, raising Suaram’s concerns that there would be no justice delivered.

In the intervening three years, Suaram’s request to the law firm, headed by the Paris-based William Bourdon, resulted in a probe that exposed the bribe of about US$200 million paid to Abdul Razak Baginda, a close friend of Najib Tun Razak for the purchase of two submarines costing about US$ 800 million.

Eventually, when a Paris-based investigating magistrate began to examine the evidence, the court turned up voluminous memos, emails and other documents from a raid on DCN’s offices indicating that massive bribes had been paid with the full knowledge of Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, Dr Mahathir, then the prime minister of Malaysia, and Najib, then the Defence Minister who had negotiated the purchase. The evidence detailed a host of other sleazy dealings.

The bulk of 133 documents came from DCN’s files and they dealt with the Malaysian contacts. They were presented to the court on April 7,2010 by investigators from the anti-organized crime unit of the French Directorate of Judicial Police, not Suaram and not Suaram’s lawyers.

These documents tie Altantuya Shaariibuu to the case despite numerous statements by the critics that she had never visited France or had anything to do with the submarine transaction.

The documents indicate that DCN and its subsidiaries steered the money to two companies controlled by Prime Minister Najib’s best friend, Abdul Razak Baginda, in contravention of the OECD convention on bribery by routing the money through companies controlled by Jean-Marie Boivin, the former DCN finance director, who stepped out of the defence contractor to become the thin wall of insulation between DCN and the Malaysian officials who got the money.

As much as UMNO want to discredit Suaram, they cannot discredit the 133 documents submitted to the French Court . As the next general election is coming soon, UMNO want to stop the spread of this corruption and murder scandal at all cost.

Special graft court to boost Malaysia’s image

The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The Institute of Integrity Malaysia (IIM) has said that the nation’s anti-graft image has improved with the introduction of special courts dedicated to handle corruption cases.

“It is a good idea (to set up the special court) because one of the biggest complaints we hear is that corruption cases can take a few years before being brought to court.

“At the moment, it is very fast and cases are disposed of within six months. I think it has helped our image in terms of fighting corruption,” said its president Datuk Dr Mohd Tap Salleh.

He shared his thoughts when asked about the Government’s initiative to fight corruption and solidify integrity.

The 14 Special Corruption Courts came into operation on Feb 16 last year in a bid to speed up trials and clear backlog cases, said Dr Mohd Tap.

Gerakan Youth Wants Party To Field New Faces

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- Gerakan Youth has urged the party to field new faces, especially those from the wing in the 13th general election.

Its chief, Datuk Lim Si Pin said it would be wise for the party to bank on candidates below 40 and definitely those from Gerakan Youth would certainly be committed if selected.

"Hence, Gerakan Youth hopes the candidates selected should be new faces and competitive in pursuing the party's struggle," he told reporters at Menara PGRM here Monday.

On the Gerakan national delegates' conference on Saturday and Sunday, he said among motions that would be tabled were the Malaysia Education Blueprint, the rare earth project and the general election strategy.

Lim said the conference would be opened to the public, particularly students as observers.