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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kampung Railway : Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur

Janet Jackson plans $20m wedding with Qatari billionaire; converts to Islam

Janet Jackson and her fiancé Wissam Al Mana are reportedly planning to get married in Doha, Qatar in 2013.

The couple hope to tie the knot in Doha where the billionaire was born and are making arrangements for the ceremony to take place in 2013.

Janet and Wissam will be wedded in a Muslim ceremony. A renown Turkish author, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya), is also making the claim that the 46-year-old Janet Jackson has converted to Islam — as did her brother, Michael Jackson — and is choosing to keep her new religion a secret from her fans.

According to an insider the wedding will be "one of the biggest, most memorable extravaganzas in recent history".

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: "They have tentatively set a late 2013 wedding date. But they are still working out the details and the exact day."

They will reportedly spend $3 million to fly in their 500 wedding guests from all over the world, while Wissam wants to give all attendees a $10,000 Rolex watch each as a thank you for attending.

The insider added: "Wissam is going to splash big when he marries Janet. It's going to be the wedding of the century."

Janet and Wissam allegedly got engaged last year after Wissam, a billionaire whose family has extensive reaches in the real estate and media spheres, proposed to her with a stunning 15 carat diamond ring. The couple met in December of 2009 after Janet gave a special performance in the Middle East and the rest, so it seems, is history. The couple was supposedly shooting for a 2011 wedding, but they ultimately tempered their excitement and chose to hold off for a couple of years so they could have time to plan the festivities.

Janet has been dating Wissam - who is almost a decade younger than her - since summer 2010.

The 46-year-old singer - the sister of the late Michael Jackson - has previously insisted there is nothing wrong with dating younger men as long as the couple is happy.

Janet - who was in a seven-year relationship with music producer Jermaine Dupri - said: "My mother always raised us to believe that age was just a number. All of us - my sisters, my brothers - we'll just tell you our ages because it's all about where you are mentally and how you feel about yourself. It doesn't matter."

Ten vehicles burnt in Ahmedabad protest against anti-Islam film

The police have arrested 110 people after protests against an anti-Islamic film made in the US turned violent here on Wednesday afternoon, triggering tension in this communally sensitive city in the election-bound Gujarat.

Joint commissioner of police Ajay Tomar told Khaleej Times that differences of opinion among Muslim shopkeepers over keeping their establishments closed to express their outrage against the controversial film had led to the violence in which ten vehicles were torched and five policemen injured.

The mob even set fire to motorcycles parked in an all-woman police station near the historical Teen Derwaza in the market surrounded by shops owned by Muslims.

This correspondent found a curfew-like situation in the usually bustling locality on Thursday with gun-totting jawans of the Rapid Action Force and the State Reseved Police patrolling the trouble-torn localities.

It is learnt that Zarina Khan, a local activist who has since been arrested, had approached the main city police station in the area seeking permission to take out a rally in the old city in protest against the film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

When the police rejected her request, she and her supporters met Mufti Shabbir Alam Siddiqi, the imam of Juma Masjid, who advised them against the rally saying the film had already been banned in the country, and hence, there was no need for further protests.

However, on Wednesday afternoon, some 2,000 protesters gathered at garden in the heart of the city and went ahead with the rally and reached the mosque and mobbed the imam.

When the policemen can-charged them to disperse them, they were abused and assaulted.

Soon, as the word spread to other Mulsim-dominated areas, more crowds gathered. But when the agitators started torching bikes and police vehicles, the police lobbed tear-gas shells and even fired in the air.

Only on Monday, a peaceful shutdown was observed in Teen Darwaza. After this, some Muslim leaders like Zarina had decided to call for a ‘bandh’ in other minority-dominated areas of the city such as Kalupur, Dariapur, Shahpur, Danilimda, Jamalpur and Gomtipur. She had even published and distributed pamphlets appealing for joining the rally.

Reporters complain Anwar brought in foreign lawyers over Scorpene case

PR has alleged of corruption in Malaysia’s purchase of two Scorpene submarines from a French firm. — Reuter pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — The Young Journalists Club today lodged a police report against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers Chua Tian Chang, Datuk Mahfuz Omar and R. Sivarasa for bringing three foreign lawyers to the Parliament to discuss the Scorpene submarine issue.

The federal opposition have claimed of corruption in the multibillion purchase of the submarines in 2009.

Club president Dzulkarnain Taib said the organisation did not want foreign interference in the country’s affairs.

“What is the opposition’s right to bring foreign lawyers to give a briefing in Parliament?

“What is SUARAM’s (Suara Rakyat Malaysia) locus standi in the case?” Dzulkarnain said after lodging a report at the Dang Wangi police station here this evening.

The former Suara Keadilan editor identified the three lawyers as William Bourdon, the French lawyer who was deported from Malaysia earlier this year and Joseph Breham and Oliver Netzer.

The journalist also asked about the ties between the opposition and SUARAM as well as the funds to bring the three lawyers here.

Apart from the 100-member strong club, the others who came along to show support for the report were pro-Barisan Nasional groups such as Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA), Lembaga Kesedaran Pencegahan Jenayah (LKPJ), Lembaga Pelindung Kebajikan Pengguna Malaysia (LPKPM) and Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM).

Dzulkarnain said his current job now was to monitor the media in the interest of the country, adding he supported the current government.

Several groups and Putrajaya have focused on human rights group SUARAM after it revealed that former political aide Abdul Razak Baginda had sold Malaysian naval secrets to France.

In April this year, the Tribunal de Grand Instance in Paris began its inquiry into SUARAM’s claim that French naval firm DCNS had paid some RM452 million as a bribe to Malaysian officials to obtain a contract for two submarines. SUARAM had filed the complaint with the French courts in 2009.

In a May 30 press conference in Bangkok, Breham had revealed that a classified government document on the Malaysian navy’s evaluation of the Scorpene submarines it was then planning to buy had been sold by Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd to DCNS for RM142 million.

Abdul Razak, a former think-tank head who was at the centre of the 2006 investigation into the murder of former model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, is listed as a director of Terasasi with his father, Abdul Malim Baginda.

Weeks after the revelation, SUARAM came under close scrutiny of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) due to its foreign funding sources, and the government agency said last week that it plans to charge the activist group for its “misleading accounts”

Evicted, but he vows to fight on

The other day I told my wife: If I die from this... because I'm sure those people are going to get me into an accident or shoot me... I want to give this house to charity, to those who need it.'

PETALING JAYA: The dreaded moment came for A Muthukrishnan on Tuesday without warning.

Awoken from his sleep by his wife in the afternoon, the 44-year-old former mutton seller’s heart sank when he saw some 30 men outside his gate, together with several cars and two big lorries.

Among them were policemen, lawyers, and moneylenders: they had come to chase him out of his home.

“My wife told me something was happening outside and I walked to my gate to see. And when I saw so many of them, I was afraid, confused, I asked my daughters to go back inside,” the father of three recounted to FMT.

Muthukrishnan knew this day would come, but didn’t expect it to be done so cruelly.

On Sept 1, FMT had reported about Muthukrishnan’s plight of being conned by licensed moneylenders into signing away his double-storey house in Selayang Baru.

He had also blamed Standard Chartered bank when it allegedly failed to properly inform him and to protect him from having his house taken away wrongfully.

The situation was all the more tragic as it had also left him officially a disabled man when he was one day set upon by men with parangs, believed to be sent by the same moneylenders.

He was now without a right thumb, and had limited use of both hands. For the past few years, his business also suffered as his wife had to take over from him due to his disability.

Muthukrishnan had sought help from many parties and thought that he could prolong losing his house or, even change the outcome. He had hoped that he could stop Tuesday from happening, as the matter was still undecided at the courts, but to no avail.

“There was a hearing on Monday but the moneylenders [defendants] didn’t turn up. Instead, they turned up at my house with a bailiff the next day. They didn’t even serve any documents, or court orders,” he said.

But he had no choice but to comply with the group’s demands as he feared for his family’s safety.

“They acted quite rough. They said they didn’t care, and that they would pull us out if they had to. And that they would trash my house if I didn’t come out. I begged. Asked them to come in a few days but they didn’t budge.

“What could I do? You want to fight with all of them? In my heart, I just prayed that they did not disturb my daughters,” said Muthukrishnan, who only managed to pack some clothes before the group came in with the locks.

His house was then sealed with several padlocks and chains on all sides.

“There were people crowding around, and I felt embarrassed for my children. I didn’t do anything wrong, but what would people think when they see us being chased out like that?”

Continue to highlight the case

Today, Muthukrishnan is staying together with his wife at his mother’s house. His son, 20, goes to work from his brother’s house and his two daughters go to school from his sister’s place.

“I’ve lost everything. The use of my hands. My job. And now finally my home. I can’t drive or go anywhere without depending on anyone. Now my children are scattered all over,” he added.

He said that for the past few days, he did not cry in front of his wife and daughters, but wept inside.

“I asked my children to be patient, not to cry, and don’t think about this too much. I wanted them to study hard for their upcoming exams,” said Muthukrishnan.

He said he felt betrayed by the many institutions supposed to help and protect him.

“It’s very sad. The government does not support the good guys at all. Not only was I cheated by these people, but the bank, Bank Negara, the police, Money Lenders’ Association, Bar Council, even the courts seem to be conspiring against me.

“If any one of this people, like the police, helped me in the beginning, it would not have come to this stage,” he said, adding that only the Consumers Tribunal helped him by providing a lawyer.

Asked what he planned to do now, Muthukrishnan could only shake his head.

“What can I do?

“On Wednesday, I went back to get my IC, my wallet, and more clothes for my wife. There is still so much inside I haven’t taken out because they don’t let me. I had to go to the back to feed my dog through the gates,” he said.

However, Muthukrishnan said that he would continue to highlight his case.

“This is not only about me, but those other people who are afraid of standing up and complaining about such issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been wronged this way. But I don’t care anymore, what is the worse they can do to me?

“But the government and all other agencies I’ve complained to don’t take action. They think that I am bad just because I took loans, but I was, and am, a taxpayer. Before this, I donated to charity when I could. Now I’m the one who needs charity.

“The other day I told my wife: If I die from this… because I’m sure those people are going to get me into an accident or shoot me… I want to give this house to charity, to those who need it,” he added.

PMO officers visit Bkt Jalil estate

According to residents' action committee member, the officers visited the area to find out the real situation of the ex-workers.

BUKIT JALIL: Two officers from the Prime Minister’s Office visited the Bukit Jalil estate where former workers are demanding that the federal government allocate four acres out of the remaining 26-acre land to build low-cost houses for them.

The Indian officers also refused to introduce themselves and requested the media not to take photographs of them.

Bukit Jalil Estate Residents’ Action Committee member K Balakrishnan said that he was told the officers visited the estate to find out the real situation of the residents.

“They also visited Bandar Kinrara Section 1, which is an ex-estate turned into low-cost terrace houses for the plantation workers,” he added.

Also present was Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) secretary-general S Arutchelvan and Hindraf coordinators.

It was reported that in 1973, the Ministry of Labour and Manpower had discussed about the housing project for the plantation workers in both the Kinrara and Bukit Jalil estates.

While Kinrara estate received the houses, Bukit Jalil residents were overlooked.

Meanwhile, Balakrishnan insisted that the residents would submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as planned.

“When the government is willing to spend RM20 million to buy land in Penang, what is the big deal for them to build houses in Bukit Jalil?” he asked.

Politicians and gangsters

An anonymous letter implicates a minister, Umno and MIC Youth chiefs of having links with gangsters.

KUALA LUMPUR: A PKR-linked NGO has lodged a police report today over an anonymous letter claiming that three prominent Barisan Nasional politicians have links to an Indian gang.

The People Welfare and Rights Organisation (Power) wanted the police to verify whether the unsigned letter, purportedly from a member of Selayang Baru Umno, was genuine, and for the police to probe into the politicians’ alleged links with the Indian gang “36”.

“The letter, which was left in my office yesterday in Sentul, mentions the name Human Resource Minister S Subramaniam, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and MIC Youth chief T Mohan,” Power president S Gobi Krishnan (photo) told reporters after lodging the report at the Travers police station here.

“It is addressed to the prime minister and says that on Dec 3, 2011, MIC held an event which was attended by [the three politicians] as well as 7,000 youths who represent an Indian gang,” he said.

According to the letter, which is dated April 20, 2012, Subramaniam, Khairy and Mohan were also given gifts bearing the gang’s logo at the event last year.

The anonymous writer wrote: “That event gave a bad impression, especially the Indian community towards BN party. The event also clearly shows an attempt by Gang 36 to fortify its positions through politics.”

Matter of national security

Gobi stressed today that even though the letter was unsigned, the accusation was serious and its contents must be verified as it involved two members of parliament as well as a minister.

“I am asking the police to look into this immediately as it is an issue of national security. What would happen to this country if the allegations in the letter were true?” said Gobi.

“We are not accusing anyone, just making a police report so that the police can investigate whether it is true or not and to inform the rakyat what really happened.”

He also suggested that there was a link between the contents of the letter and the MyKad brawl in Putrajaya on May 2, which involved several opposition members being attacked.

“When we made the police report over the incident in front of the prime minister’s office, no action has been taken for months.

“And now this letter links the leaders with gangsterism. So is it true that they are protecting the gangsters, and that is why no police action has been taken?” said Gobi.

LGE accused of ignoring gangsterism in DAP

Alleged victims say they were beaten up in the party chief’s presence.

PETALING JAYA: Two men who claim they were physically assaulted in the presence of DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng have accused him of being indifferent to the issue of gangsterism in the party.

A Thirumalvalavan (photo, left) and R Selvan (in white shirt), who are both branch-level officials in DAP, have lodged a police report about the attack, but they told reporters today that they were disappointed by Lim’s silence over it.

The incident allegedly happened last Monday during a meeting organised by Selangor DAP in Pekan Salak, Sepang. The two, together with Pantai Putra Sepang branch secretary Rashid Md Gani (photo, middle), were about to submit a memorandum to Lim when they were attacked, they said. Ironically, one of the points of the memorandum was gangsterism in the party.

“Lim and (Selangor DAP chief) Teresa Kok were present when Thirumalvalavan and Selvan were dragged and bashed up by gangsters,” Rashid told this morning’s press conference. “Why didn’t he stop the violence?

“We are also very disappointed with Kok’s leadership. She has also kept silent.”

The Monday meeting was a regular Selangor DAP parliamentary liaison session, but a discussion of election strategies was also on the agenda.

“After delivering his speech, Lim had to leave the hall to attend a funeral,” Rashid said. “We wanted to have dialogue session and hand over a memorandum to him.”

The memorandum complained that:

the Sri Mahamariamman temple in Sungai Pelek was facing a threat of demolition;

Sungai Pelek DAP coordinator P Sivakumar mishandled funds for the Ponggal festival and Deepavali vouchers and hampers;

Sivakumar conducted party activities without informing branch members; and

Sivakumar and Sepang DAP liaison committee chairman Lwi Kian Keong engaged gangsters to intimidate party members.

Thirumalvalavan, who leads DAP’s Taman Murni branch, was in tears when he recalled Monday’s incident. “I was dragged by gangsters who are not DAP members,” he said. “They slapped and kicked me.”

Selvan, a member of the party’s Pantai Sepang Putra committee, said he suffered the same treatment.

The attackers snatched his DAP membership card and destroyed it, he added.

Both displayed to reporters bruises on their shoulders and arms.

Contacted after the press conference, Sivakumar denied that he used gangsters.

He told FMT that everyone at the Monday meeting, including the alleged attackers, were DAP members.

“The state committee ensured that only members would attend the meeting,” he said, adding that Thirumalvalavan, Selvan and Rashid were there only to cause trouble.

“Some party members had to stop them to protect Lim,” he said.

Pakatan's Nov 3 rally is 'tip of iceberg', say analysts

(Malaysian Digest) - The planned mass gathering to be staged by Pakatan Rakyat on Nov 3 in is just one of many public assemblies in store in the run up to the 13th General Election, analysts believe.

Pakatan on Wednesday announced that it will be holding the gathering to push for electoral reforms and are expecting a 500,000 turnout at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu had told reporters that the government has yet to meet the eight core demands made by coalition for clean and fair elections Bersih, "especially on the need to clean up the electoral roll and media fairness".

Speaking to Malaysian Digest, political analyst Wan Saiful Wan Jan said such gatherings by political parties are expected as election nears.

"I think there’s a real purpose behind this (mass gathering) which is to rally Pakatan supporters in preparation for elections. Of course they need a reason to do it," said the chief executive of think-tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS).

"I’m not surprised at the announcement. The first time I heard this was a few weeks ago from one of the Pakatan leaders and said they said there’s an event they are planning and at that stage they called it 'election convention'. That was the term used at the time," he added.

Political analyst James Chin from Monash University Malaysia also believes that Pakatan’s intention of holding the rally is to regroup and prepare its supporters for the impending polls.

However, he doubts that holding such a gathering at a stadium would make as much impact compared to doing it in the streets.

"This is a chance for Pakatan to rally their troops. They must think that the General Election (GE) is just around the corner," said Chin.

"However, I think that doing it in the stadium would have a lesser effect than having it in the streets, which is more 'exciting'. I think the government will ignore them. Nothing will change. The government will not bow down to demands in reforming the system because if they do that, they will lose. Any changes will only come after the GE," he said.

He also finds it hard to believe that Pakatan is holding a rally so soon, "but then again, maybe they want to show everyone that they are
capable of holding a peaceful rally."

Political scientist and activist Wong Chin Huat, meanwhile, staunchly supports the planned rally.

"I support the rally. It is apparent that the government will only respond when the rakyat takes action. Albeit, reluctantly, they will soon respond. Although the reform obtained is not as much as we wanted, previous Bersih rallies have proved that it can be prevent the situation from worsening," said Wong who is also Bersih 2.0 steering committee member.

"Imagine what will happen without the rallies, things would definitely be worse," he added.

Wong also said Barisan Nasional (BN) still has much to do to gain the rakyat’s confidence in the electoral system.

"I wish for the rally to be successful, however, I think that it is ironic that the call for electoral reforms should come from the opposition and that the ruling government is not joining it," he said.

"Malaysia is undergoing rapid development and transformation, the next ruling government needs high legitimacy to rule. If Barisan Nasional is confident of winning, they should also push for electoral reforms. It is in their best interest, after all," he added.

Analysts foresees more politically-motivated gatherings will be held in the next few months leading to the election which is yet to be called by the prime minister.

Earlier this week, more than 1,000 of Kelantan government supporters gathered outside the Federal Court in Putrajaya, as a leave application was being heard over the state’s demand for oil royalty payments. Meanwhile, Bersih had announced last month that it will be holding a concert on Oct 13 as a ‘reminder’ to the government on the former’s eight unfulfilled demands.

According to Wan Saiful, it is common for political parties to hype their supporters up before the election and expects similar gatherings by both sides of the political divide.

"As it comes closer to election both sides will be trying their best to bring supporters together and they will find the reason to do these rallies but the real motivation is just to bring the supporters together so that they would work harder in their campaigns. We can expect more of these sorts of gatherings.

"I think it’s necessary. All political parties around the world do it when it gets closer to the election date. They need to convey their messages to their supporters so that when people go down to campaign they can go to different places and spread the same message. It is more about galvanizing the parties’ supporters, not so much to garner votes.

"I’m very sure BN will be doing their stuff as well. The advantage for BN is they have the cloak of government activities so they can call it something like 'The Prime Minister Meets the Rakyat' or something like that."

However, Wan Saiful said although BN is expected to hold their own mass gatherings, which he believes will have a bigger turnout than Pakatan’s, these assemblies by the ruling party will not be held as a reaction its rival’s rallies.

"I think there will be more rallies like this organized by al parties, not necessarily to counter one another.

"In fact the biggest rally will be carried out by Umno at end of November when they will be holding their annual general meeting (AGM). Gerakan had theirs so we will definitely see more of these sort of gatherings."

The Enemies Of The State Malaysia, the sad truth is that the bigger institutions get and the more progress they enjoy, they often become targets of some disgruntled individuals who have nothing to lose by shooting off unsubstantiated allegations. These characters are no more than enemies of the state.

A concerned Son of Johore

In modern Johor, where development moves at a rapid and promising pace, there is little support left, if any, for detractors attempting to vilify the state and its institutions.

The only possible motive driving those characters is likely to be jealousy or some other self-interest pursuit.

In Malaysia, the sad truth is that the bigger institutions get and the more progress they enjoy, they often become targets of some disgruntled individuals who have nothing to lose by shooting off unsubstantiated allegations. These characters are no more than enemies of the state.

Examples of such characters are none other than lawyer Kamal Hisham Jaafar and has-been corporate chieftan, Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim. One is a so-called lawyer who has teamed up with a two-bit blogger to spew out hard-to-believe allegations against the State and its Palace. And the other is the high profile former head of state’s investment company, Johor Corporation, who is also spewing out some rather ludicrous arguments against the current establishment.

What both these “entertainers” have in common is simply this: they are clearly unable to fit into the new dynamic and clean leadership that has taken shape at Johor.

Johor’s progress today is the most phenomenal that it has ever been. Here are just some examples:

- the Pengerang oil and gas project will see Petronas pouring in over RM60 bil plus another RM60bil from other investors to hit a total of RM120bil in the next five to six years. The project will create at least 20,000 jobs during the construction phase and 4,000 jobs for highly skilled workers.

- Recently opened Legoland will see 5 mil visitors in the first year alone and has already created 1000 jobs for Johoreans.

- Never have there been more Singapore companies wanting to relocate some of their operations in Johor as now.

- In Desaru, the Government is planning a revamp of previously stalled projects, to have internationally classed hotels and a theme park, to make this place similar to “NusaDua” of Bali’s fame.

Johor Corporation has undergone a revamp that is finally seeing it coming it out of financial dire straits by unlocking all the hidden values in the group, divesting non-cores and by bringing in the right professionals to run its many companies.

For all this to happen, there has clearly been the right push for direction from the top of the state, including its Menteri Besar and the Sultan of Johor.

Indeed, it is noteworthy that in a recent show of support for Sultan Ibrahim, a throng of Johorians turned up to offer their well wishes to the head of state. The journalists covering that event wrote a most noteworthy quote: Johorean Albert Pang, 60, representing the Johor Baru Thoong Nyien Hakka Association, said Johor has progressed and developed rapidly over the years and the Johor Monarch had played a big part in the state development.

So Kamal Hashim and his types should be seen for what they are – nothing more than loud trouble-makers still trying to be heard. The state and country has moved on.

And as if to add insult to injury, Kamal Hisham has actually fled the country for a very interesting reason – he is facing allegations that he has embezzled a sum of RM660,000 from a company called Southern Ads Sdn Bhd.

Not only that. The blogs have said this about Kamal Hisham: “This guy is a crook. Everywhere he goes, he would mention Tuanku’s (Johor Sultan) name. We all know that he had cheated Tuanku on a couple of business deals.”

Here’s where it gets interesting – one of the deals Kamal Hisham is linked to involves sixty million ringgit at the centre of it. So how come this small time guy can be doing such big deals if he only operates from a small shoplot in Johor? Clearly, he has amassed some of these monies unlawfully and is now hiding in Dubai, where no doubt he is living it up. In one of the blogs, Kamal Hisham is seen posing in front of a brand new Mercedes G-Class SUV. So much for claiming he’s a victim.

So this is the character who is trying to vilify a state and its leaders of wrong doing?

As for Ali Hashim, the good news is that he has been quiet for some time. But those who know this character are well aware that he is always planning and scheming something, either to fight against the changes that are taking place or to make some unfounded and dubious allegations that his so called JCorp empire is being broken. But here’s a reminder to Ali Hashim: in the first place, you left JCorp in that broken state, with crumbling debts. And secondly, you should be thankful that the might of the State isn’t coming after you for all the shenanigans that you and your team have pulled off during your tenure as the superman of JCorp, such as the sweetener used to buy-out that fried chicken retailer or whatever inducements received to give such a sweet deal to the Malton group to ink the one-sided deal that favoured that Chinese tycoon over the Pusat Bandar Damansara land. Interesting that this matter has hit the courts now, and we wonder what’s going to surface in all the court documents!

And what about the multi-salaries paid to yourself and your directors in JCorp under your rein.

Scorpene: Surat jemputan diterima peguam Perancis – Tian

(Oleh Norutul Ilham)
KUALA LUMPUR 5 Oktober: Peguam mewakili Suaram yang mengendalikan kes Scorpene di Perancis – William Bourdan dan dan Joseph Breham telahpun menerima surat jemputan supaya mereka hadir memberi taklimat kepada Ahli Parlimen Malaysia berhubung siasatan dan perbicaraan yang sedang berjalan di mahkamah Perancis.
Perkara itu disahkan Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua ketika dihubungi.
Turut menerima surat jemputan itu, peguam mewakili syarikat pertahanan Perancis yang terlibat dalam penjualan Scorpene iaitu Direction des Construction Navales Services (DCNS), Olivier Metzner.
“Dua pucuk surat sudah dihantar, mereka sudah terima undangan daripada surat yang dikeluarkan oleh pejabat Ketua Pembangkang supaya mereka datang untuk beri taklimat,” jelas Tian.
Beliau bagaimanapun berharap kerajaan tidak menyekat atau menghantar pulang seperti yang dilakukan ke atas peguam Suaram, William Bourdon, tahun lepas.
“Kita berharap peguam Perancis itu tidak lagi dihantar pulang kerana tiada alasan untuk menyekat kemasukannya ke Malaysia. Mereka (peguam) belum lagi beri respon, tapi kita harap dapat datang dalam masa Parlimen sedang bersidang.
“Ini kerana mereka perlu pohon visa untuk datang ke Malaysia. Berapa lama saya tidak pasti kerana bergantung kepada kerajaan untuk luluskannya,” ujarnya.
Tambah Naib Presiden KEADILAN itu, jika kerajaan berkeras tidak membenarkan mereka masuk ke negara ini, jelas ada sesuatu yang mahu disembunyikan.
“Tiada sebab untuk halang, mereka hanya dijemput memberikan taklimat berhubung status perbicaraan dan siasatan untuk kita dapat maklumat terus daripadanya,” kata Tian.
Dalam surat itu turut mengalu-alukan kehadiran mereka dalam tempoh sehingga Parlimen tamat bersidang pada 22 November depan.

Has Najib “natural abhorrence” of corruption as to appear in Parliament to report on the “test of the trio” – Taib Mahmud, Musa Aman and Gani Patail – on updates of inquiries into allegations of corruption and abuses of power?

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced RM1 million contribution to the newly-established International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Vienna but this could not salvage or buy off the total lack of credibility of his “big speech” on fighting corruption at the launch of the sixth International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) Annual Conference and General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The launch of the international anti-corruption meeting yesterday must be the most uncomfortable programme Najib had to attend since becoming the Prime Minister 42 months ago – delivering a speech on a subject he himself does not believe in and knowing that it would be received with scorn and contempt, politely by the IAACA Conference delegates, but with derision and disdain outside the four walls of the IAACA Conference at the KLCC.

Surely Najib is not so naïve as not to realise that when he called attention to the “bigger picture” of graft and declared that the fight against corruption must go beyond political and public service borders, it is seen instantly as an excuse to justify the utter failure of his administration, the Government Transformation Programe and NKRA in combating corruption, which is amply borne out by Malaysia’s worst 60th ranking and lowest 4.3 score in the 2011 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

Furthermore, when Najib said countries needed to instil a “natural abhorrence” of corruption in society, he is only provoking the question whether he could point out a single member of his Cabinet who is recognised by Malaysians as pre-eminent in the “natural abhorrence” of corruption?

If he could not name a single member of his Cabinet with a “natural abhorrence” of corruption, what about he himself? Does he qualify as a leader with a “natural abhorrence” of corruption?

If Najib has a “natural abhorrence” of corruption, he would not have demolished the credibility, integrity, professionalism and independence of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) just two weeks ago when he summarily dismissed allegations that Sarawak Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud had amassed billions in wealth with the public response: “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan”.

A Prime Minister who has a “natural abhorrence” of corruption would not have said “Jangan kita layan” but would have gone out of his way to demand and ensure that the nation’s anti-corruption body would conduct a thorough and comprehensive inquiry into the allegations in the ground-breaking and explosive report by the Swiss-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) which estimated the assets of Taib Mahmud’s family at US$21 billion (RM64 billion), with the wealth of Taib himself put at a whopping US$15 billion (RM46 billion) making him Malaysia’s richest man outstripping tycoon Robert Kuok who has US$12.5 billion.

In fact, a Prime Minister who has a “natural abhorrence” of corruption would have seriously considered the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to clear Malaysia’s name internationally, as the BMF report has made an even greater impact in international circles than in Malaysia – with the report released in Brussels to coincide with the visit by the Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok to the European Commission last month.

The BMF report is the first that describes in detail the business activities and personal wealth of 20 members of the Taib family in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States and other countries.

It estimated the combined net worth of 20 Taib family members at close to US$21 billion, spread over 400 companies around the globe – all built through their near complete political and economic control of Sarawak, which has been reduced from one of the richest to one of the poorest states in Malaysia over three decades.

As I said in my speech in Parliament on the 2013 Budget yesterday, the three VVIPs comprising the Sarawak Chief Minister, the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman and the Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail – against whom serious allegations of corruption and abuses of power had been made publicly – represent the “test of the trio” as to whether there is a real political will in Malaysia to combat “Grand Corruption” by VVIPs.

Yesterday, I had called on the Prime Minister to give Parliament and nation updates of the actions being taken by MACC with regard to the various reports lodged against the “trio” with regard to corruption – in particular with regard to lawyer Zainal Abidin Ahmad’s recent book, “Tan Sri Gani Patail: Pemalsu, Penipu, Penjenayah (Fraud, Liar, Criminal)?”?

Would Najib demonstrate his “natural abhorrence” of corruption by appearing in person in Parliament to report on the “test of the trio” in the war against Grand Corruption – Taib Mahmud, Musa Aman and Gani Patail – and submit updates of inquiries into allegations of corruption and abuses of power against the trio?

Male Chauvinist Minister

Stay application over Irshad’s book dismissed

The Sun Daily
by S.Tamarai Chelvi

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 4, 2012): An application for stay of investigation and prosecution by Zi Publications Sdn Bhd and its director Mohd Ezra Mohd Zaid in relation to Irshad Manji’s translated edition of “Allah, Liberty & Love” was dismissed by the High Court today.

Justice Datuk Rohana Yusuf made the order after hearing the application in chambers, and fixed Nov 9 for case management.

Nizam Bashir, counsel for Zi Publications Sdn Bhd and its director Mohd Ezra Mohd Zaid, said the judge was of the view that asking for a stay equated to applying for an injunction.

ZI Publications and Mohd Ezra named Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais), its director-general, its enforcement chief, Selangor syarie chief prosecutor, Selangor government and federal government as respondents.

They had filed the judicial review application last July 9 over the May 29 seizure of 180 books and the arrest and prosecution of Ezra.

Meanwhile, Rohana has also fixed Jan 22 next year for the hearing of Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd’s application for judicial review against the Federal Territories Islamic Department (Jawi) in relation to Irshad’s translated book.

Berjaya Books filed an application for judicial review on June 18 this year against Jawi, the home minister, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic Affairs.

Borders staff Nik Raina Nik Aziz was charged in the syariah court on June 19 for distributing and selling the book at the Borders bookstore at Midvalley, The Gardens mall.

The charge followed Jawi officials’ raid on two Borders stores in Midvalley and Bangsar Village 2 on May 23 and 24.

Malaysia Undergoing Challenging Phase To Achieve Developed Nation Status - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Malaysia is now undergoing the most challenging period in the final phase to achieve the developed nation status by the year 2020.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia had a clear strategy and direction to go through the challenge that would elevate the country to the desired position.

"We know how to get there there. But we need to work hard. Think creatively in order to get there.

"We must renew our determination and resolve, and with the grace of Allah, this dream and aspiration can be achieved," he said when opening the 'Ekspo MalaysiaKu' at the Putra World Trade Centre, here Friday.

Also present were Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa.

The three-day exposition with the theme "Tanah Air yang Dihormati" (Our Respected Country) is organised by the Economic Planning Unit.

Recalling the country's development in the context of economic growth, Najib said Malaysia had undergone three major phases, namely, the phase to realise the essence of independence, the industrial era development phase implemented through the New Economic Policy, and the third phase under the new economic model, where the Economic Transformation Plan and the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) were introduced to drive national development.

The Prime Minister said the country had achieved much success beginning as an agricultural nation which was leading in rubber and palm oil production.

"Today, we have sectors which have achieved global recognition such as oil and gas, real estate, Islamic banking and financial centre, manufacturer of products such as gloves, and the latest, we have emerged as the third largest IPO (initial public offering) hub in the world," he said.

Najib said these achievements could be realised because Malaysia had strong political leadership that was effective and had the wisdom to make decisions that were ahead of time and received the support of the civil servants.

"These two elements formed the foundation for our success," he said.

In order for the country's success and development to move in tandem, Najib said emphasis was also given to the people's well-being index.

This was implemented by making improvements to sectors that were close to the people's heart including services, public transport, pollution, solid waste and crime prevention, he said.

"We are not a government that is static in terms of approach and thinking.

"We are not a government that doesn't want to change. We can change, we can reform and bring real progress to the country," he said, adding that creative thinking was crucial in taking the country to greater heights.

"That journey will be successful...but we need your support and mandate when the time comes," he added.

Hindraf: Gov't must stop persecuting Suaram

We at Hindraf are strongly opposed to how the Umno-led government is persecuting Suaram through its media to create an ugly shadow of anti-nationalism on the part of Suaram.

This is very similar to the campaign mounted by Umno against Hindraf after the Nov 25, 2007 rally.

Suaram came about after Operasi Lalang in 1987 when it was clear that there was blatant disregard for democracy and human rights mattered very little without the necessary checks and balances.

Protection and promotion of human rights do not need any justification as these are the natural rights of all human beings.

But yet under the strong arms of a bullying Umno government these rights had to be defended and quite strongly so Suaram took up the challenge. This is a most patriotic move.

Now with the Umno leadership under attack from the truth telling and human rights defence work of Suaram, a witch hunt has begun against Suaram in the form of this persecution.

Create the slurs against Suaram and take away their credibility so black may become white - is the logic of this scurrilous campaign.

Attempts are being made by the Umno leadership to bury the truths that Suaram is unearthing that is inevitably going to tip their apple cart.

We at Hindraf stand in full support of Suaram in their initiative to tell the truth and to defend human rights for our society in Malaysia.

No matter what Umno tries, their ugly truths will come out soon in full display.

Suaram has played a significant role in exposing much of that and we will work alongside Suaram in all their truth telling work in the country.

P WAYTHA MOORTHY is chairman of Hindraf.