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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kohilan washes his hands off Batu Caves condo

(Malaysiakini) Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay has contended that he was not involved in the approval of a controversial 29-storey condominium near the Batu Caves temple although he was a local councillor when the decision was made.

Denying the allegation by Selangor exco Ronnie Liu, the senator claimed that the approval was given by the One Stop Centre (OSC) of Selayang Municipal council (MPS).

protest at batu cave temple 261012 former selayang counsellor a kohilan pillay"I was only a councillor. It was not me who gave the approval. It was the OSC in the council that gave the approval. I was not involved. If he (Liu) wants to accuse, (he should provide) the facts...

"Many facts have been spun. There was nothing to show (that I) gave the approval. I have checked the files. I was not involved in giving the approval," he told Malaysiakini yesterday.

According to the MPS official website, the function of OSC is to receive and process applications of building plans, land work plans and project planning for the approval of the local council.

Kohilan was a councillor in MPS for 11 years, serving from 1997 to 2008.

The construction of a massive condominium near the iconic Subramaniar Temple in Batu Caves came under the spotlight after the temple committee, backed by MIC top guns including former president S Samy Vellu, led a protest against the Selangor government last week.

Batu caves condo near temple ronnie liu with mapHowever, Liu later revealed documents to show that BN had approved the tower block - considered by many as an eyesore - when it controlled Selangor in 2007.

Last Wednesday, Liu reportedly alleged that Kohilan and Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan were among those responsible for approving the project.

However, Kamalanathan denied the accusation yesterday and lodged a police report on the matter. Kohilan has also lodged a similar report last night at the Batu Caves police station.

About-turn by Kohilan

Kohilan told Malaysiakini that he found out that he and Kamalanathan were linked to the condo approval after this was raised by the temple committee recently.

He described the allegation as "baseless" and "reckless".

"See who actually made (the decision in approving the project). Don't simply guess. This (allegation) smells of a political agenda."

Wprotest at batu cave temple 261012 05hile Kohilan conceded that the approval for the project was given during the BN administration - an about-turn from his allegation last Friday - he nevertheless ticked off the current councillors appointed by the Pakatan government.

"Did they monitor it (the project) or are they not aware of the issue... What have the councillors been doing (after Pakatan took over Selangor)?" he asked.

Scrap Batu Caves condo now, Karpal tells S'gor gov't

Even as his colleagues in Pakatan Rakyat are embroiled in a blame game with the BN over the Batu Caves condominium project, DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh has called on the Selangor government to end the bickering quickly.

In a statement, he said this can happen if the state government scraps the proposed 29-storey condominium complex.
karpal singh pc 200812 02
Karpal argued that this would "end the blame game" as to whether the BN or Pakatan is liable for the conundrum, and quell growing unrest among Hindus over the threat of damage to the world-renowned shrine to Lord Murugan which is located in the area.

Other than the religious sensitivities involved, he pointed to environmental and conservation concerns as the project may negatively impact the 400 million-year-old limestone caves, whose tourism potential makes it important not only to Hindus but all Malaysians.

"The state government cannot ignore the manifestation of protests against the project," he warned.

Reinforcing his argument, he said the project itself is not viable for more mundane reasons, quoting the disclosures by Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu who cited:
  • Department of Environment letters to the Selayang Municipal Council stating the dangers of building high-risk projects in the area; and
  • Minerals and Geoscience Department warnings to the council over the "unsafe"project is unsafe and the failure of developer Dolomite Industries Sdn Bhd to submit an environmental impact assessment report.
‘Relocate project’

Karpal said there are plenty of other more viable sites to which the project can be moved and appealed to the developer to act in good faith and re-site the condominium.

protest at batu cave temple 261012 04The veteran lawyer offered pro bono legal services to the Batu Caves temple committee, should his suggestion be ignored and the committee seek recourse in the court.

The committee has said it is prepared to take legal action if no permanent solution is found within one month.

Karpal also threatened to mobilise the DAP to mount an all-out campaign against the project if the state refuses to scrap the project.

This is reminiscent of what the party did to stop planned development that would have ruined the pristine environs of Bukit Cina, Malacca, in the early 1980s.

Independent task force set up over Batu Caves condo

(Malaysiakini) Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has announced that an independent task force will examine the issues surrounding the construction of condominiums near the iconic Subramaniar Temple in Batu Caves.

azlan"We want to show the people that we are transparent in our decision making, so we will set up an independent task force that may be headed by a former judge,” he told a press conference at the Parliament lobby this afternoon.

"It will include committee members who are well known planners, lawyers and other people related to the industry."

The details and timeline, Khalid said, will be announced after these are discussed at the state exco meeting tomorrow.

The committee, he said, will advise the state government on the situation and how best to move forward, while safeguarding the sacred site and allowing development in the surrounding areas.

"We want the process to be very systematic until we get a conclusion, then we will make the appropriate decision," he said.

protest at batu cave temple 261012 condo drawingAsked if the temple committee-members will be represented in the task force, Khalid said it would be made up only of independent individuals without any interest in the issue.

To defuse tensions which are running high in some quarters, a stop-work order was issued last week on the 29-storey condominium project.

The controversy broke after the temple committee, backed by MIC top guns including former president S Samy Vellu, led a protest against the Selangor government.

However, state exco Ronnie Liu later revealed documents to show that BN had approved the project when it controlled Selangor in 2007.

200 pelabur emas berkampung di pejabat PM

Dishonourable crime: Woman assaulted, disrobed to pay for brother’s ‘sins’

"The FIR was registered on the details of the complaint that the victim lodged with the police", says DPO Sher Akbar. PHOTO: FILE

MANSEHRA: A married woman was stripped and dragged in the street allegedly to pay for her brother’s actions, the victim told media persons on Monday. She was hospitalised with bruises and other injuries, hospital sources said.

At King Abdullah Hospital, Shirin Bibi*, 39, a resident of Matiyal village of Ghazikot, told media persons that she was home on Friday afternoon when Akbar*, his brother Feroz* and cousins Shahnawaz* and Farooq* barged into her house and started thrashing her. She said they tore apart her clothes and dragged her onto a nearby street where several villagers witnessed her “bitter humiliation”.

Some elderly villagers came to her rescue, urging the attackers from exposing her to public view. Paying no heed to their pleas, the accused punched and kicked her and hit her with rifle butts, leaving her unconscious, she narrated.

She said that the motive behind exposing her to public disgrace was the alleged elopement of her brother Samad* with the sister of one of the accused. She said the attackers wanted to avenge the disrespect that her brother had brought upon them.

Earlier, she lodged a First Information Report (FIR) with the Saddar Police Station. However, the police registered a case under section 354/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) which states that whoever assaults a woman with intent to outrage her modesty, shall be punished with imprisonment of up to two years with or without fine. On the other hand, the contents of her complaint indicate that the FIR should have been registered under section of 354-A of the PPC, which states that whoever assaults a woman and strips her, shall be awarded a death penalty or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

District Police Officer Sher Akbar Khan said that the FIR was registered on the details of the complaint the victim lodged with the police. The police have registered a criminal case against five accused who are still at large.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2012.

Somali comedian who poked fun at Islamists shot dead

An African Union soldier from Uganda guards his commander after Somali government soldiers and AU forces captured weapons from Al Shabab Islamist militia, Marka, Somalia, 24 October 2012. Included in the weapons haul where RPG rocket launchers and other heavy arms. EPA/ELYAS AHMED
An African Union soldier from Uganda guards his commander after Somali government soldiers and AU forces captured weapons from Al Shabab Islamist militia, Marka, Somalia, 24 October 2012. Included in the weapons haul where RPG rocket launchers and other heavy arms. EPA/ELYAS AHMED 

Gunmen assassinated a well-known comedian and musician who poked fun at Al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents in the Somali capital Mogadishu, police and colleagues said Tuesday.

Warsame Shire Awale, a famous composer who had worked with Somalia's national army band before joining Radio Kulmiye as a drama producer and comedian, was attacked by two gunmen late on Monday.

"Gunmen killed him... we are investigating the matter and the killers will be brought to justice," police chief Ahmed Hassan Malin told reporters.

"Two men armed with pistols shot and wounded him near his house in Waberi district, he died shortly after in hospital," said Abdi Mohamed Haji, a colleague at Radio Kulmiye.

The killing, the latest in a string of attacks on media workers in Somalia, follows the murder of fellow comic Abdi Jeylani Malaq Marshale in August, who also worked at Kulmiye.

Press rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has called 2012 the "deadliest year" on record for Somalia, surpassing 2009 when nine died.

At least 17 reporters have been killed this year in the war-ravaged country.

Several killings are blamed on Al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents, but other murders are also believed to be linked to struggles within the multiple factions in power.

Malaysia’s consumer confidence shaken by uncertain global economy, survey shows

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — Consumers in Malaysia are less optimistic this quarter, their confidence rattled by a belief that demand and investments may not be as resilient due to the slowing economy in Europe, North America and China, according to the latest global online consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, a global provider of information into what consumers watch and buy.

Malaysia’s consumer confidence fell six points in the index to 105 in the third quarter of 2012 from 111 three months ago, despite seeing its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growing by 5.4 per cent in the second quarter of the year and inflation at its slowest pace in September.

“Although domestic conditions remain stable consumers may have increasing concerns that external demand and investments may not be as resilient as expected and the economic situation in Europe, North America and the slowing down of demand in China may be contributing to the decline in optimism,” Nielsen Malaysia’s managing director, Richard Hall, said in a statement today.

Southeast Asia’s third biggest economy ranked ninth out of 58 countries surveyed in the Nielsen Global Online Consumer Confidence Survey 2012, falling four rungs from the previous quarter and landing behind neighbours Indonesia and India which both drew 119 points.

While it remained in the top 10, it also placed behind the Philippines (118), Thailand (112), China (106), the United Arab Emirates (114), Saudi Arabia (113) and Brazil (110) in the survey but ahead of Singapore, which ranked 15th out of the 58 countries surveyed.

Consumer confidence levels above and below a baseline of 100 indicate degrees of optimism and pessimism.

However, consumer confidence rose to 118.3 in the third quarter of 2012 from 114.9 in the second quarter of 2012, according to the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER), which polls a sample of over 1,200 households in Malaysia every quarter to gauge consumer spending trends and sentiments.

The local research house has found that historically, from 2005 until 2012, Malaysia’s consumer confidence averaged 106.54 reaching an all time high of 124.10 in March of 2007 and a record low of 70.50 in June of 2008.

The Nielsen survey found that consumer confidence in Malaysia dropped by six points due to the drop in optimism based on job prospects as well as personal financial status.

Consumers are split between saying the country is in a recession or not.

Just over half of the online consumers surveyed or 51 per cent felt that the nation is in an economic recession, while 49 per cent said that Malaysia is not in recession.

Slightly more than a quarter of those surveyed by Nielsen believed that the recession would last for another 12 months.

Four out of five consumers have changed their spending patterns to save on household expenses, Nielsen said, pointing a slowdown in the total Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) tracked by Nielsen, which showed a year-on-year decline of 3.1 per cent and 2.4 per cent in sales value during the Ramadan fasting month and Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival last July and August.

It said only 36 categories experienced positive growth during the two-month period, which usually peaks as the Aidilfitri festival is celebrated by the 60-per cent majority Muslim population.

“The trends suggest that consumers are spending cautiously and holding back spending amid global economic uncertainties.

“On the other hand, Nielsen’s survey reveals that they have increased both their contribution to savings and retirement funds (increased by three and five per cent respectively),” Hall said.

He noted that pre-budget sentiment may have also contributed to the slowdown in growth on a year-on-year basis.

He said consumers are deferring spending especially on discretionary items such as major durable goods while waiting for the government to roll out people-friendly incentives or measures before the close of the third quarter.

Nielsen said nearly one-fifth of online consumers polled were most concerned about the state of economy, followed by job security and political stability.

Another death in prison, family cries foul

Family of R Kumarajah are demanding answers, alleging his death was due to negligence of Kajang prison authorities.

PETALING JAYA: A 27-year-old man, serving time at the Kajang prison, died yesterday, and his family is alleging that his life could have been saved if prison authorities had been sensitive to his plight.

Relating the case at the Kajang Hospital mortuary, G Sivamalar of Lawyers for Liberty said inmate Kumarajah died due to negligence of prison officials.

Kumarajah, 27, who was serving time for petty theft, had complained of stomach ache last Friday and prison authorities allegedly did not provide him medical attention.

The prison’s doctor only gave Kumarajah pain killers on the second day when the pain persisted.

However, on the third day, his stomach bloated up. According to Sivamalar, the doctor had the audacity to suggest that Kumarajah was faking his illness.

“The doctor told Kumarajah to stop play acting and that if he wanted to die, to go ahead. He was sent back to the cell while still in pain,” said Sivamalar.

Kumarajah’s body was brought to the Kajang Hospital Mortuary at 4.40pm yesterday and his family was informed of his death at 10.30am today by the prison officials, said Sivamalar.

Negligence and carelessness

No post mortem has been conducted thus far and the family is demanding that it be done swiftly so as not to delay his burial.

“We are waiting for a post mortem to be conducted. There is not even a single officer from the prison here to explain what actually happened,” said Sivamalar outside the mortuary.

“The case is clear cut. Kumarajah’s death is due to negligence and carelessness of the prison doctor and officials.

“If only they had given proper medical attention to him, most probably his life could have been spared,” she said.

Kumarajah was serving time after being found guilty of motorcycle theft. He was to be released in February 2013.

“We will consult a pathologist for the preliminary findings and also lodge a police report against the prison authorities and the doctor who treated Kumarajah,” said Sivamalar.

“Although we do not think there is any foul play, there is definitely negligence on the part of prison authorities. Looking at his body, we found blood stains near his mouth.”

Kumarajah’s mother M Suryaghandi, 51, when met at the mortuary, said she learnt of her son’s death from his friend in the prison at 9am today.

The prison warden only called much later at 10.30am, said Suryaghandi.

Suryaghandi is a single mother and Kumarajah is her youngest. She lives alone as her daughter is married. She said last saw her son on Oct 25.

Police report filed against Kohilan

An NGO accuses the deputy minister of providing 'false and confusing information' with regard to the controversial condominium project in Batu Caves.

BATU CAVES: The police has been asked to investigate Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay over his “confusing information” on the Batu Caves 29-storey condominium project.

S Surendran, deputy chairman of the People’s Welfare and Rights Organisation (Power), lodged a police report with the Batu Caves police station this morning.

Kohilan had claimed that he did not approve the condominium project but only approved the preliminary planning proposal of the Dolomite township project during his tenure as a councillor in the Selayang Town Council (MPS) in 2007.

Kohilan had blamed the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor state government over the condominium approval after he attended a protest held by the Batu Caves temple committee last Friday.

However, Selangor exco Ronnie Liu provided evidence showing Barisan Nasional’s hand in approving the proposed condominium.

At a recent a press conference, Liu had exposed a planning approval issued on Nov 30, 2007 that detailed the height, size and type of the development slated on the land.

He explained that the building approval, which was issued in March 2008, was the work of BN councillors.

He said this was because Pakatan councillors were only sworn in during July 2008.

“So, it is crystal clear that Kohilan has confused the Indians with ‘false information’,” said Surendran.

“Thus, it is the police’s duty to investigate the deputy minister,” he added.

Last week, the Sri Mahamariamman Devasthanam chairman R Nadarajah raised concerns over the proposed 29-storey project to be built adjacent to the temple.

He said the matter might be referred to the courts if there was no sign of a permanent stop work order against the developer, Dolomite Properties Sdn Bhd.

Today Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim Selangor said the state has ordered a temporary halt to the project pending the findings of an independent state-level task force.

RM100m suit: Kugan’s mother to testify on Nov 2

The hearing over the case of A Kugan, who died in police custody, will see the plantiff calling five witnesses while the defendants calling nine.

KUALA LUMPUR: The mother of A Kugan, the suspected car thief who died in police custody three years ago, will take the stand on Nov 2 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court in her RM100 million civil suit against the Deputy Inspector-General of Police and four others.

N Indra had filed the suit on Jan 13 this year against Khalid Abu Bakar, police officer V Navindran, former Subang Jaya police chief Zainal Rashid, the then-inspector-general of police (IGP) as well as the government for negligence and breach of statutory duty.

In the statement of claim, Indra had said Kugan was arrested by the police on Jan 14, 2009. On Jan 20, at about 9pm, a police officer informed her that her son had died while he was in police custody.

Indra had claimed on Jan 21, Khalid had issued a false explanation to the media on the cause of death, alleging that Kugan had asked for a glass of water and then collapsed and died.

She had claimed that the defendants made attempts to cover-up the real cause of death and issued statements calculated to exonerate the police from blame or liability.

In a separate trial in June this year, Navindran had been found guilty on two counts of causing hurt to Kugan. Shah Alam Sessions Court judge Aslam Zainuddin sentenced him to three years’ jail on each count, to be served concurrently.

Today, the Kuala Lumpur High Court was told that before his death, Kugan had taken care of his mother and provided her with a portion of his salary every month.

Thus, as the plaintiff, Indra would also be making a liability dependency claim.

Pathologist left the country

Lawyers for the defendants later told reporters that they were willing to pay the amount as long as it was a “reasonable sum.”

“They said that Kugan earned RM3,000 a month and paid his mother RM1,00 every month,” said Azizan Md Arshad.

“We are now trying to solve the issue of income as they have not provided us with his pay slip,” he told reporters.

“But if it’s a reasonable sum, then we will pay,” he added.

Lawyer RL Bani Prakash, who is representing Indra, had also told Justice VT Singham in court that they would call a total of five witnesses, including former lead counsel N Surendran who is now a key witness.

R Sivarasa, who was not in court today, would replace Surendran as lead counsel for the plaintiff.

Bani also revealed that they were not able to subpoena University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) pathologist Dr N Prashant, as he was not in the country.

Dr Prashant had conducted the second autopsy on Kugan which revealed that his death had been caused by “acute renal failure…due to blunt trauma to skeletal muscles.”

This was after the first post-mortem had concluded the death was due to fluid accumulation in the lungs.

“We are still waiting for confirmation from the hospital on whether Dr Prashant is returning to the country,” Bani told the court today.

“We went to serve the subpoena , but was informed by the front desk that he was no longer there.”

Instead, Bani said, they will subpoena Dr Nazarina Abdul Rahman, the head of UMMC’s forensic pathology department.

Defendants have nine witnesses

Singham rebuked Bani for not informing the court earlier that Dr Prashant was not in the country, pointing out that arrangements could have been made to compensate for his absence.

“I am only interested in justice. The doctor is a material witness and we could have made arrangements to record his statement earlier,” said Singham.

“He is a foreigner, so you should have checked for how long he would be remaining in the country. For the sake of justice to prevail in the courts, you could have applied to record his evidence earlier.”

Meanwhile, the lawyers for the defendants informed the court that they would be calling in nine witnesses.

Kugan, from Puchong, had been arrested to facilitate investigations into a luxury car theft syndicate. He died six days later.

The case was then reclassified as murder following the results of the second autopsy, and 11 rank-and-file policemen were transferred to desk duty at the Selangor police headquarters over this case.

However, only Navindran was charged with Kugan’s death.

Negeri Sembilan semakin lemah di bawah BN

Dari memiliki 'aset' berjumlah RM23.40 juta pada tahun 2010, aset dalam bentuk saham tersebut cuma tinggal RM590,000 sahaja menjelang tahun 2011.

PETALING JAYA: Laporan Audit Negeri Sembilan 2011 telah membongkar banyak kelemahan dan ini menunjukkan prestasi pentadbiran negeri di bawah Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) kini semakin lemah.

Pengasas Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin dalam satu kenyataan media berkata pihaknya memandang serius perkara ini.

Pada tahun 2010 katanya, kerajaan Negeri Sembilan memiliki ‘aset’ berjumlah RM23.40 juta dalam bentuk saham di beberapa syarikat seperti Telekom, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia Airport tetapi menjelang tahun 2011 pegangan tersebut cuma tinggal RM590,000 sahaja.

“Media propaganda Umno-BN menuduh kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang mengenepikan pembangunan Islam namun semua
ini berjaya dipatahkan dengan peningkatan setiap tahun peruntukan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam.

“Dari peruntukan sebanyak RM25.7 juta pada tahun 2008 ketika di bawah BN, kini kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang di bawah Pakatan memperuntukan sebanyak RM64.03 juta pada 2012 untuk Hal Ehwal Islam.

“Berbanding di Negeri Sembilan di bawah pemerintahan Umno-BN peruntukan bagi hal ehwal Islam menurun dari RM7.15 juta pada tahun 2010 menurun kepada RM5.63 juta pada 2011,” jelas beliau yang juga dikenali sebagai CheguBard.

Menurut beliau, pengurangan serius ini akan mengakibatkan banyak program pembangunan dan keagamaan telah terbantut. Pengurangan bajet Hal Ehwal Agama ini berkaitan dengan kelembapan ekonomi dan berkurangan pendapatan kerajaan negeri.

Selain itu katanya, peruntukan pembangunan agensi kerajaan bawah kerajaan negeri dari RM85 juta jelas berkurangan kepada RM82.49 juta yang akan memberi kesan secara langsung terhadap keselesaan hidup rakyat.

Beliau menegaskan bahawa kerajaan negeri jelas makin hilang kemampuan untuk mengumpul pendapatan negeri.

“Pendapatan kerajaan negeri dari hasil utama seperti cukai tanah, terimaan dari agensi, perkhidmatan, perolehan dari segi lesen dan permit dari tahun 2010 berjumlah RM326.99 juta menurun dengan serius kepada RM280.11 juta pada 2011.

Katanya, ketika Laporan Ketua Audit Negara 2011 memuji negeri-negeri Pakatan seperti Selangor dan Kelantan, kerajaan Negeri Sembilan di bawah Umno-BN terus ditimpa kelemahan pentadbiran, hanya dapat terus bernafas kerana berhutang dengan kerajaan pusat.

“Selangor walaupun memberikan air percuma dan perbagai bentuk kebajikan pada rakyat namun masih mampu mencatat lebihan hasil RM60 juta dan Kelantan dalam keadaan kerajaan pusat menafikan banyak haknya tetapi dapat menambah aset sebanyak RM90 juta,” katanya.

CheguBard berkata banyak lagi kelemahan kerajaan negeri, kalau hendak dibongkar satu persatu seperti dalam isu perumahan dan kerugian yang dialami YNS Management Sdn Bhd.

Beliau mengajak rakyat berfikir dari segi rekod empat tahun berturut-turut pencapaian dan rekod pentadbiran negeri di bawah Pakatan cemerlang berbanding pentadbiran Negeri Sembilan di bawah Umno-BN.

Petronas Carigali discovers more oil reserves in Bertam, says PM - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today announced that Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and Lundin Oil have jointly discovered additional oil reserves, under a production-sharing contract (PSC), at Block PM 307 of the Bertam oilfield.

He said the oil field, located 160 kilometres offshore Peninsula Malaysia, is opposite the state of Pahang at the depth of 76 metres.

PM 307 PSC is operated by Lundin Malaysia which holds a 75 per cent interest and Petronas holds the remaining equity.

“This is very significant because we never discovered oil in commercial quantity at Penyu Basin and this is a major breakthrough.

“Based on the findings of commercial and technical feasibility studies, crude oil production will begin at the oil field in the third quarter of 2014 with a projected output of between 17,500 and 20,000 barrels per day,” Najib (picture) told reporters after chairing the Biotechnology Implementation Council meeting here today.

The prime minister said with the additional discovery, the Bertam oilfield is estimated to have oil reserves of 64 million barrels.

Najib, who also is Finance Minister, said Pahang was expected to receive a special payment of RM100 million a year, once production begins in the third quarter of 2014.

“This discovery proved there is oil and gas at the Southern region of the Malay Basin towards the Penyu Basin.

“The oilfield is located on the continent shelf which is under the jurisdiction of the Federal government.

“This is our policy to distribute oil wealth with five per cent cash payment to Pahang,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ramlan A Malek, Vice-President, Petronas Nasional Bhd, Exploration & Production Business, Petroleum Management said the commercial and technical feasibility studies were expected to be completed in the second quarter of next year.
He also said this was the first oil discovery in the Pahang state.

Election dilemma among Indian voters

“In relation to the job placement in Government, we are now having a 3% of Indians in the government work sector and we will further upgrade to advance the current percentage up to 7%. In terms of privilege, the government has allocated 180 million Ringgit Malaysia for the Indians in terms to consolidate any business”, said Komala.

The Malaysian Times
The Indian community makes up a majority of two million in the current population, and to picture, if Barisan National loses this majority of voters due to their decline in involvement of voting, how would it be possible for the ruling party, to prevail in this election?

Comparing the votes posted for BN from year 2004 to 2008, there is a radical drop in the number of votes. In year 2004, studies reveals that the vote count for BN was 90.87 and in year 2008 the total amount of votes dropped to 51.50 even though the percentage of electorates shows a sum of 100.00% electorates participated in the voting.

We could assume that social disharmony is an aspect to be taken into account for the decline of Indian voters.

Under the umbrella of one Malaysia, we are all supposed to be united regardless of racial, religious or cultural backgrounds.

Be it BN or Opposition, they are still serving the country in different ways; nevertheless they still contribute to the same responsibility; to make the country a better place to live instead of fighting over power.

The dispute over racial harmony can be visibly noticed when the very day, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, publicly unveiled the 1 Malaysia logo and Tan Sri Muhyiddin  Yassin said, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, said “ UMNO would fight to the last drop of blood to protect Malay rights”.
Highlighting the statement said above, has this probably affected the mentality of our Indian Community to not vote as they are perception that the government is biased?

How can this type of biased statement be announced especially in a 1 Malaysia seminar? Shouldn’t the statement be general and not too specific to ensure that the government is not mistaken by the Indians and even Chinese?

This may be an explanation to why Indian voters are fading away time to time.

To a further study on why Indian voters are declining; interviews were conducted by TMT reporter, in random with the public to observe their views on the decline of Indian voters.
“I personally feel that there is a decline in Indian voters it is probably due to the distribution of wealth to the respective races, not on an equal basis and the Indians are looking for fairness”, said Ahamad Azmi Alip, 36, a Bank Executive.

“The Indians is not given adequate chance to fill the government jobs regardless if you are a Malay, then only you may be a part of the government sector, I also think that the current government should dissolve and new government should be established”, said, Rajendran, 50, a driver.

“I would say it is all started from the government unfairness, and that can be visibly seen through the education system, whereby there is inequality when it comes to the receiving of scholarships and the entrance into local universities”, said, Raaj Kumar, 22, a Software Engineer.
In regards to these voices of the Rakyat, TMT reporter then carried out an interview with Datin Paduka Komala Devi, National Wanita MIC Chief, to give out her views based on the voices of the Rakyat.
“We are doing our part for the Indians, I also know that many are dissatisfied about the government, but we are also doing our part as a government to serve all with benefits and privileges”, said Komala.
“We have set up SITF, Special Implementation Taskforce on Indian Community, which was established to ensure that Malaysian Indians are able to access the service, programs and projects of the federal government in a just fair and equitable way, which is wanted by everyone”, added, Komala.
“In relation to the job placement in Government, we are now having a 3% of Indians in the government work sector and we will further upgrade to advance the current percentage up to 7%”.
“In terms of privilege, the government has allocated 180 million Ringgit Malaysia for the Indians in terms to consolidate any business”, said Komala.
“Meanwhile about education, we have increased the amount of intake of students into the matriculation, and the scholarships will be given to those who have reached the standard qualification criteria”. However, if they are not qualified for the scholarship, they still receive funds assistance from PTPTN thus they are still able to study, In addition to education fund assistance, MIED  also helps those who are in need of financial help for education”.
Komala also continued further by saying, “We are expecting a percentage of 70-80% of votes from the Indians for BN, because we have taken up so many initiatives for the betterment of the Indians”, added Komala.
Thus we can conclude that the, Malaysian government must focus on building a strong, impartial executive, legislative and judiciary system, as a result to keep up with the Malaysian society of today. The government must grow up and shed its childish race-based mindset.

Ucapan Pimpinan ABIM Era 70-an dan 80-an

Ramai di kalangan pimpinan ABIM yang masuk PAS antaranya Almarhum Ustaz Fadzil Nor (mantan Presiden PAS), Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Presiden PAS Abdul Hadi Awang (bekas Pengerusi ABIM Terengganu), Mohamad Sabu, Ustaz Abdul Ghani Shamsudin, Husam Musa, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, Ustaz Abu Bakar Chik (sekarang AJK PAS Pusat), Ustaz Muhammad Mustafa, Ustaz Mohd Daud Iraqi dan ramai lagi.

Bekas pimpinan ABIM yang telah ke Umno antaranya Anwar Ibrahim (sekarang Ketua Umum PKR), Kamaruddin Mohd Nor, Fuad Hassan (bekas ADUN Hulu Klang), Roslan Kassim, Kamaruddin Jaafar (sekarang PAS), Sanusi Junid, Fauzi Rahman, Zambry Abdul Kadir, dan ramai lagi..

Bekas pimpinan ABIM yang telah menyertai PKR ialah antaranya Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty, Dr Badrulamin Bahron, Anuar Tahir (sekarang PAS), Mustafa Kamil Ayub dan Fauzi Rahman (sebelumnya Umno, anak Rahman Talib)

Video di bawah ini pula adalah “Mengenali Anwar Ibrahim melalui sahabat-sahabat beliau yang telah lama bersamanya sejak dari Abim mahupun Umno.

BR1M – Betrayal Rakyat 1M’sia

by Mariam Mokhtar - Malaysiakini

Without any surgical instruments, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has managed to create the Malay master-race. Dr Josef Mengele, the Nazi ‘Angel of Death’, would have been proud of him.

Mengele is best remembered for his work to create an Aryan master-race, befitting the Third Reich. During WWII, he performed experiments on inmates at Nazi concentration camps, many of which had no scientific basis.

People were operated on without anaesthetics. Mengele was motivated by the desire for racial purification and he satisfied his passion for the study of genetics, by experimenting on twins.

These experiments started during WWII and continued in Argentina, after his escape from Germany.

We are aware that Mahathir has a morbid obsession with all things Jewish. He has a special mention of the Jews in his book ‘The Malay Dilemma’; he blamed the 1997 financial crisis on a Jewish conspiracy; and, in 2003, his anti-Semitic speech caused an international outcry.

Last week, he reiterated his stance that the Jews “created many problems for us and the rest of the world” but then, appeared to distance himself from the comments of his former cabinet minister, Sanusi Junid, who said Mahathir’s economic policies were anti-Jewish.

In their youth, both Mengele and Mahathir were both intelligent and popular men, but within a few years of finishing their medical degrees, their racist views shaped their future lives.

In Nazi Germany, the Sturmabteilung or ‘Brownshirts’ played an important role in bringing Adolf Hitler to power in the 1920s and 1930s. They provided the security during Nazi rallies and assemblies, created trouble for the opposition and harassed the Jewish community. Young boys between 14 and18 years of age were encouraged to join the Hitler Youth movement.

The parallels with the Malaysian scene are uncanny. Extremist groups aligned with Umno, harass NGOs and the opposition. Teenagers in secondary schools are allegedly encouraged to join Umno Youth organisations. Some are allegedly told that their prospects of a job and advancement in their chosen career will be higher.

Many Malaysians see Mahathir as unrepentant, unforgiving, dismissive, divisive and irrational, when they read newspaper reports about him. Umno is in dire straits but when Mahathir attacks the current premier, Najib Abdul Razak, one feels that Mahathir has designs on the premiership.

Mahathir and Najib may play the ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine, but make no mistake, their objective is the same: to create fear in the divided Malay population and make them vote Umno.

If Umno wins, even by a whisker, Mahathir will be safe.

If Umno falls, then everyone in Umno, MCA and MIC will be in trouble; but the chief engineer of the Malay master-race, Mahathir will be doomed.

Umno indoctrination

Mahathir bullies and confuses the Malays with conflicting views. He says they are strong and respected, but then changes his mind and describes them as greedy and beggars in their own land.

He blames everyone, including the Jews for the failure of the Malays, but he ignores two things – himself as the chief architect of the denigration of the Malay mind, and Umno, the party which he manipulated to support him, his family and his cronies.

Malaysia is defined by its multicultural diversity but Mahathir took away our tolerance and uniqueness, and he left us without any shared values. Without shared values, no country can move forward, as we focus only on our particular racial interests.

Mahathir introduced a system of patronage and cronyism that puts those in other banana republics to shame. He bought off individuals and groups. He and his party continued to renege on their promises. The poor get poorer while the middle classes are increasingly isolated. The inability of the government agencies to tackle corruption, drives everyone to despair.

Mahathir is conscious that Najib has lost his grip on Umno and the country. Recently, members of the KL Taxi Association threatened Najib that they would vote for the opposition if Umno does not accede to their demands. Groups such as these, which Umno cultivated in the past, have lost confidence in Umno.

This is where the taxi drivers are wrong. They are nothing more than blackmailers. They should only vote for the opposition if they think their policies will benefit them and their children’s future.

This is what Mahathir has done to a majority of the Malays; he has disengaged their brains.

For generations, the Malays were indoctrinated by Umno with handouts and cheap gimmicks. Malays functioned by demanding or bullying others into doing something for them, because they were the master-race.

Now that Malaysians are coming out of the cycle of dependence, Mahathir’s greatest fear is not that he will be jailed or punished for his past deeds. An egotist like Mahathir is more afraid that his ‘legacy’ will be lost.

There are two things Mahathir dreads.

First, that the people he trusted will betray him. In the run-up to GE13, Mahathir is afraid of people who will reveal details of how they were instigated to follow his instructions. These people are watching from the sidelines, wondering who will be first to expose his past deeds.

Mahathir’s second fear is that people will realise that he has betrayed them; he sold them a lie, and that three generations have been mired in that lie.

The evidence is available for all to see.

The New Economic Policy has been a failure; Mahathir’s heavy industries have failed; we don’t have a decent national transport network; our once-proud national airline is floundering; our education is in the doldrums; mega-projects like the Bakun dam only benefit the cronies; our cost of living has increased because whenever we pay for almost any commodity or service, a levy to some crony is included in the price.

The confessions of people, coupled with the sense of betrayal, will be enough to annihilate Umno and erase all traces of Mahathir’s legacy.

Mahathir has betrayed the rakyat but the irony is that he himself would feel betrayed, if his legacy were not continued and his son does not inherit the country. As far as Mahathir is concerned, that would be the ultimate Betrayal Rakyat 1Malaysia.


MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In ‘real-speak’, this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist

'Don't Regard Malaysia As A Terrosist Nation' - Ahmad Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- Malaysia should not be regarded as a terrorist country after two Malaysians were detained in Lebanon on suspicion of having links with the AL-Qaeda group, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said, on the other hand, Malaysia endeavoured to curb such activities from spreading in the country.

"The Malaysian Armed Forces, police and National Security Council cooperate in monitoring terrorist activity," he told Bernama after taking part in the me 'Dalam Radar' programme on Bernama's Radio24 station at Wisma Bernama, Tuesday.

He was asked to comment on the detention of Razif Mohamad Ariffin, 28, and Mohamad Razin Shahar Mustapha Kamal, 21, at a hotel in Beirut on Oct 18 after they were suspected to have been trained as suicide bombers and had links with Al-Qaeda.

Both the youths will be represented by four counsel during re-mention of their cases at Lebanon's Military Tribunal in Beirut, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, when answering a question from a caller on the progamme, he said biological warfare would be a new threat to Malaysia.

As such, he said Malaysia planned to draw up a law as preparation in the event biological warfare took place in the future.

"Biological warfare is a new war which can happen not only in Malaysia but also in the Asean region," he added.

Malaysian Embassy In Washington Activates Disaster Relief Committee

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's embassy in Washington DC has activated a Disaster Relief Committee to monitor developments in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy disaster along the east coast of the United States and its effects on Malaysians living there.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said some 1,500 Malaysians were living in the affected areas, mainly New York, Maryland and Virginia.

"There also about 1,200 Malaysian students in the affected areas. The Students Affairs Department at the embassy is in contact with the International Students Department of the universities concerned so that all necessary steps can be taken to ensure their safety.

"The Malaysian Embassy in Washington and Malaysia's Consul-General in New York have not received any reports of Malaysians in danger," he said in a statement here Tuesday night.

He said only one Malaysian family was stranded at New York's La Guardia Airport and that they were now placed at a hotel in Queens (New York). "All other Malaysians including students are safe," he said.

Anifah said due to a declaration of an emergency situation in Washington DC, the Malaysian embassy there was closed on Monday.

"All Malaysians had been advised to look after their personal safety and always be alert towards hurricane warnings issued by the local authorities.

"Wisma Putra (Foriegn Ministry) will continue to monitor the situation and priovide updates on the latest developments," he said.

Preliminary reports showed affected states like Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York had declared emergencies and had started the process of relocation, including 375,000 people in Manhattan, and other parts of New York City; 50,000 in Delaware and 30,000 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

More than 5,000 flights at all major airports (Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National) in Washington DC had been shifted to other airports.

According to media reports, at least 65 people have been killed in the Caribbeans Islands due to the hurricane.