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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FORUM: Kebebasan Beragama atau Murtad?

No power of this world can stop the Deepavali at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

Deepavali Celebration at Bhgyalakshmi Temple – Charminar, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad).

!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) | 13th Nov. 2012 - Bhagyalakshi Mata Temple is again full of devotees with ringing bell and around the clock rituals set to the Special Puja of Deepavali. The Deity is fully adorned with ‘Bhakti’ and Ornamental flower d├ęcors. One of our Admins have just visited and surveyed the on-going festivities around Bhagyalakshmi temple.

At last, inner of the Temple and the Deity are fully decorated with flower ornaments and bouquets. A long queue of hundreds of devotees are seen in front of the temple upto the Shiva Temple turn point. No power of this world could stop the Deepavali at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

Bazaars are full of people, people putting flower decorations in shops and houses, heavy rush to buy sweets at sweet shops and
fruit vendors and other vendors are back in business after a lull of two days.

People coming from falaknuma, laldarwaza etc. There is a barricade at Shalilbanda bus top, near wonder world showroom.
You can either take Bela Road or Shalibanda-Khilwat Road and park there vehicles at the Lad Bazaar Road leading to Charminar, or you can take cut before lad bazar-khilwat kaaman which leads to Charminar bus stop,reach Charminar bus stand, all vehicles are allowed to park at Charminar bus stand.People coming from Begum Bazar, Ghasi Bazar etc there is a barricade a Gulzar houz and all vehicles are allowed to park in Agra Mithai lane, and near by jewellery shops. All by lanes leading to Gulzar house from Ghasi Bazar and Agra Mithai is having heavy rush.Avoid taking four wheelers as there is huge number of vehicles parked already. Police is allowing public by foot only near Charminar.

Police have made tight security arrangements for the devotees coming for Darshan 0f Mata Bhagyalkshmi and also placed metal detectors.

There is huge rush at Bhagyalakshmi temple, have patience and co-operative with police and other authorities, and doing the rituals and darshan of Bhagyalakshmi Mata Devi.

Once again we wish a cheerful and glorious, powerful and delightful Diwali at Bhgyalakshmi Temple at Charminar at Bhgyanagar (Hyderabad).
Manglahat Corporator and Heroic Hindu Leader – Thakur Raja Singh conveyed his Subha Deepavali to every Nationalist Citizen of Bharat and urged peaceful coming to Bhgyanagar to have a Darshan and pay offerings to Devi Mata in Bhagyalakshi Mata Temple at Charminar.
The Muslim fanatics and All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM or MIM) perpetrators may try to make road blockade and put hurdles on controlled situation (Thanks to Hyderabad Police) as an revenge upon Bhagyalakshmi supporter Hindus of Hyderabad, as reports came from the reliable sources.
Hindu Organisations have met several times to draw the next strategy to uphold the dignity of Bhagyalakshi Temple as well as the safety and security of common Hindus in crisis. They suggested self defence of every Hindus and not to indulge into any rumour or false provocation.

Government blocking of YouTube leaves Afghans frustrated

Afghans at an Internet cafe in Kabul on Nov. 12, 2012. The popular video website YouTube has been blocked in Afghanistan since a controversy in September over a film trailer that ridiculed Islam's prophet, sparking violent protests across the Middle East. The blocking of YouTube raises fresh concerns about freedom of speech in Afghanistan.
KABUL — At the height of the furor over a crudely produced U.S. movie that insulted Islam’s prophet, Google and YouTube went dark in Afghanistan amid concerns Afghans viewing the video would turn to violent demonstrations, as they did in the wake of a Quran-burning scandal.

Google and Gmail came back quickly, but YouTube, the popular video website, is still blocked, annoying many Afghans and raising questions about the government’s commitment to free speech.

Few in the government want to discuss the reason for the continued blockage or when the website might come back.

“Maybe it will take six months, one year, we don’t know,” said Khair Mohammad Faizi, an official with the Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Faizi said the decision was made by the Afghan Security Council and can be revoked only by that body, but no one on the council would speak to the issue, nor would the office of President Hamid Karzai, who is traveling in India.

Despite banning YouTube, where a trailer for the movie “The Innocence of Muslims” was posted, there were several demonstrations in Afghanistan, though none was as intense as protests in several other Muslim countries.

The continued blockage of YouTube is one of several steps the government has taken that have brought into question its commitment to free speech.

“It is against the media law and the Afghan constitution and we in the journalist community are strongly against this,” Rahimullah Samandar, head of Radio Free Europe Afghanistan, said.

Karzai’s office recently released statements threatening to eject the International Crisis Group from the country over a report that was critical of the country’s election process and warned of problems that could increase the chance for a future civil war. Karzai also accused foreign journalists of waging “psychological war” against Afghanistan.

A mildly tech- savvy Afghan can get around the block with relative ease, using proxy servers. But many Afghans lack access to personal computers and instead rely on Internet cafes, where YouTube is largely unavailable.

At one such Kabul cafe, Afghan Internet users said they hoped the government would lift the ban soon.

“There are a lot of people who want to use YouTube, especially the youth,” Pamir Najman said. “For sure [we] are frustrated.”
Twitter: @Druzin_Stripes

Fifty Alleged Terrorists From Islamic School in Nganjuk Detained

Police guard outside a house, used as a boarding school, in Nganjuk, East Java, on Tuesday. Indonesian police detained 48 students and a teacher from an Islamic boarding school and seized firearms and sharp weapons, a spokesman said Tuesday , in the nation’s latest terror raid. (AFP Photo/Juni Kriswanto) 
 Police guard outside a house, used as a boarding school, in Nganjuk, East Java, on Tuesday. Indonesian police detained 48 students and a teacher from an Islamic boarding school and seized firearms and sharp weapons, a spokesman said Tuesday , in the nation’s latest terror raid. (AFP Photo/Juni Kriswanto) 
Approximately 50 students and one teacher affiliated with an Islamic boarding school and allegedly involved in terrorist activities were taken into police custody on Tuesday.

According to, dozens of fully-armed police officers raided the Pondok Darul Akhfiya school in the Kepuh village of the Nganjuk district in East Java.

Besides hauling in students, officers also arrested Nasiruddin Ahmad, also known as Landung Tri Bawono, the teacher at the institution.

Nganjuk police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Anggoro Sukartono told that police were still trying to determine whether or not the students were being trained to be terrorists.

A local resident commented that people who live in the surrounding area of the school regularly witnessed students participating in martial arts training during the morning and evening.

“They often exercised and practiced martial arts. They even have a space that looks like a military training field behind the school,” Maryono, one of the locals, said, as quoted by “We suspect they are members of a terrorist network.”

Maryono said that students of the school are high school-aged and are from several different regions, such as Banyuwangi, Pasuruan and Ambon.

Nasiruddin denied the allegations and claimed that he only teaches the students about Islam.

“We’re not teaching terrorism, but only religious studies, as other Islamic boarding schools do,” Nasiruddin said. “Besides that, we teach them martial arts.”

Police have not let journalists investigate the scene further, but a reliable source told that police found many books about jihad and air guns on the premises.

Nganjuk police officers refused to comment when the Jakarta Globe contacted them.

MIC leaders support asset declaration for GE candidates

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 – MIC leaders today expressed their support for calls to have candidates declare their assets when contesting in the coming elections, even as the issue of fighting corruption becomes a core campaign point for political parties.

Last Sunday, leaders from opposition party PAS said their candidates in Pahang and Selangor would disclose their assets, in a move that upped the pressure on their political foe Barisan Nasional (BN) to be equally transparent.

Datuk S.K. Devamany (picture), the party’s vice-president, told reporters there was “no problem”, pointing out that he had as a deputy prime minister already declared his assets to the prime minister’s department.

“Can. What’s wrong? If our hearts are pure, our minds are clean, why scared?” Devamany said today in reply to a question on whether election candidates should also declare their assets.

MIC Treasurer-General Datuk Jaspal Singh said that it is a “good move”, but stressed that the calibre of an election candidate would also be important.

“In today’s age, declaring the asset is not the only thing about the candidate, one should look at the calibre of the candidate.

“Even if you declare assets, how are you sure, people’s assets can be in many places, some is with your family, some with your wife. So I think calibre of candidate is more important,” he told The Malaysian Insider when asked to comment.

He also said that even without an asset declaration, the people would be able to observe and find out through the internet.

“I think it’s a good move. My view is in this technology (age), if someone is a candidate, even if you don’t declare, people already know what kind of person you are. If you are someone with no assets, they know you have no assets. If you gain assets next time, they know where the assets come from.”

“The candidate’s asset is already known by the people, so easy to find out, nowadays with internet you can search ...” Jaspal said.
MIC lawmaker P. Kamalanathan said he personally welcomed the idea, adding that a declaration of a candidate’s health would also be a good idea.

“I’m all for it. I’m absolutely supporting not only asset declaration but medical report of candidate, whether he’s healthy and fit.”

The Hulu Selangor MP noted that the idea did not come from PAS, but said it was “very good” when pointed out that some of PAS leaders wanted to put the plan into action.

“It was not their suggestion. It was a suggestion put up by the electoral reform committee,” Kamalanathan, who was a member of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reform, said.

When asked if there was any news on whether the recommendation would be acted upon, he said that it has been passed on to the Election Commission (EC), which will implement some of the recommendations.

Cops likely to be charged with rape of Indonesian

Penang police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi and Acting Indonesian Consul-General Sofiana Mufidah during the press conferrence November 13, 2012. — Picture by K.E. Ooi
GEORGE TOWN, Nov 13 ― Three policemen are expected to face rape charges soon, following the completion of investigations into the alleged sexual assault of an Indonesian woman at a police station here.

The police have handed over its investigation papers on the case to the Attorney-General’s chamber for further instructions.

But Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi told a press conference today that the three suspects will be charged in court with rape once the police received final instructions from the AG.

“The three suspects are now still under remand until Nov 16 and have been interdicted from work,” he said.

The police had formed a special team to speed up investigations into the case, he said.

A total of 10 statements were recorded and the 25-year-old victim has been placed under the care of the Indonesian consulate.

Abdul Rahim said even though the suspects are low-ranking police personnel, he had ensured investigations into the case were thorough and not compromised.

“We hope the public will not speculate further on this case and let us do our job in resolving this case,” he said.

He also urged the public not to over-react as this could dampen the good relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Acting Indonesian Consul-General Sofiana Mufidah, who was also present at the press conference, said they trust the Malaysian police will do the right thing in solving this case and bringing the perpetrators to book.

“I also want to urge Indonesians living in Penang, Malaysia and even those in Indonesia to stay calm,” she said.

She said many are probably upset that something like this had happened to an Indonesian citizen but hoped that they will let the Malaysian law takes its course to punish those responsible for the crime.

Last Friday, a 25-year-old Indonesian woman had sought the help of Bukit Mertajam Barisan Nasional coordinator Lau Chiek Tuan to lodge a police report alleging that she was gang-raped by three policemen at the Prai police station.

The restaurant worker claimed that she was taken to the police station after she was stopped by a police patrol car near Megamall Pinang shopping complex at around 6.30am while travelling in a taxi.

She alleged that she was taken to the police station after she showed a photocopy of her passport and the police refused to accept it.

She claimed that she was taken to a room at the police station and was raped by three policemen.

Abdul Rahim said they received the police report at 3.06pm on the same day and had arrested the three suspects at 5.45pm.

The suspects were brought to the magistrate’s court on Saturday, where a seven-day remand order was issued.

PM: S'gor BN to scrap Batu Caves condo if we win

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today promised to scrap a controversial condominium project located next to the Batu Caves temple complex if BN retakes Selangor.

NONEHe also announced that the cabinet would apply for Unesco World Heritage Site status for the complex once Malaysia's term in the World Heritage Commission expires in 2015.

In addition, he announced that Deepavali would be a public holiday for the Federal Territory of Labuan beginning next year.
"I guarantee that if BN successfully retakes Selangor, that 29-storey condominium project will be cancelled by the new BN government.
"We don't want new developments that threaten Batu Caves.
"Therefore, I make this (promise) and as you know - the BN government is a 'Janji Ditepati' government," he said.
'BN will defend Batu Caves'
Najib was speaking to some 5,000 guests this morning during an open house function at the Batu Caves temple complex organised by MIC in conjunction with the Deepavali celebrations.

NONEThe condominium project was approved by the previous BN administration while the current Pakatan Rakyat administration has put the project on hold pending review.
According to The Sun, the Selayang town council's full board meeting approved the project on Nov 29, 2007. The council members are BN appointees.
During his speech, Najib said that Batu Caves is held with high regard by Malaysia's Hindu community and BN would "defend" the site.
NONE"The Batu Caves complex must be preserved and defended from anything that threatens Batu Cave's position as a holy place to the Hindus.

"I wish to announce before thousands of Hindus at Batu Caves on Deepavali Day that the BN government would defend the complex," said Najib, who is also Selangor BN head.
Heritage site
Indian voters form a sizeable minority in Selangor, the country's richest state, who most analyst claim are evenly split between BN and Pakatan.
It appears ironic that BN has now offered to "defend" Batu Caves, given that its defeat in Selangor during the 2008 general election was attributed to the state-ordered destruction of numerous Hindu temples between 2006 and 2007.
NONEThis caused widespread dissatisfaction against BN and the MIC, led by S Samy Vellu (left) who was in attendance at the event today.
As for the application for the World Heritage Site status, Najib said there is a "technicality" to prevent conflict of interest, thus Malaysia could not make any application until 2015.

He said that the cabinet has charged the ministry of information, communication and culture with the task and it will be executed once Malaysia's term in the commission expires.

If successful, Batu Caves would join five other locations in Malaysia that enjoy World Heritage status: George Town, Melaka, Lenggong Valley, Gunung Mulu National Park, and Kinabalu Park.

The temple complex is already a national heritage site, drawing millions of Hindu pilgrims every Thaipusam.

PPP submits names for four parliament, 12 state seats

(Bernama) - The People's Progressive Party (PPP) has submitted the names of candidates for four parliamentary and 12 state seats in the upcoming general election.

PPP senior vice-president Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz said the candidates comprised mostly of new faces, except for PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas, and this reflected the transformation made by the party.

He said it would be up to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to decide on the candidates.

"We have submitted our list. We believe our candidates are highly qualified and have the credibility to ensure victory for BN (Barisan Nasional) in the general election," he told reporters after attending the Deepavali open house organised by the Federal Territories PPP here.

Asked whether his name was included, Maglin said he would not be contesting to make way for new faces.

He said if the party's candidates were not selected, it would not stop PPP from working closely with BN for their mutual benefit.

In the 2008 general election, PPP was allocated only two seats, namely Taiping parliamentary seat and Pasir Bedamar state seat.

In Taiping, Kayveas lost to DAP's Nga Kor Ming by 11,298-vote majority, while in Pasir Bedamar, PPP's Lee Heng lost to DAP's Seah Leong Peng by 7,914-vote majority.

Nurul Izzah’s statement “There is no compulsion in religion, whether for Muslims or non-Muslims” – the legal and scriptural perspectives

As Malik Imtiaz rightly opined, ''Malaysia is not an Islamic state, Malaysia is a secular state and the constitution is the supreme law of the land”, in Malaysia the Federal Constitution prevails. Article 11 prevails. Article 160 merely defines who a “Malay” is.

Nicole Tan Lee Koon

I read with much excitement the current debacle over Nurul Izzah’s (MP for Lembah Pantai) statement that there should be no compulsion in religion and that it applies to Muslims as well.

Nurul Izzah is right in saying that all Malaysians, including Malays, have the right of freedom of religion, that is freedom to choose their own religion. This is a basic fundamental right as enshrined in Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

The legal perspective. Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides that every person has the right to profess and practice his own religion. Every person has the right to propagate his religion, but the law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among Muslims.

Article 160 defines a Malay as inter alia a person who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, and adheres to Malay customs.

Article 11 contains a proviso only against proselytising to Muslims but not a proviso against professing another religion. Therefore, under the constitution, a Muslim has the freedom of religion. If a person who habitually speaks Malay and practices Malay customs but does not profess to be a Muslim is by definition not a “Malay” under the constitution.

I agree with Malik Imtiaz when he said that Nurul’s statement is consistent with the Federal Constitution ( As Malik Imtiaz rightly opined, ''Malaysia is not an Islamic state, Malaysia is a secular state and the constitution is the supreme law of the land”, in Malaysia the Federal Constitution prevails. Article 11 prevails. Article 160 merely defines who a “Malay” is.

Since I am not a Muslim scholar, I shall be reiterating what other people wrote on the scriptural perspective. Surah Al-Baqara 2:256 : “Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And Allah hears and knows all things.”

Surah Al-Imran 3: 85 : “And whoever desires other than Islam as religion, never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. How shall God guide a people who disbelieved after their belief and had witnessed that the Messenger is true and clear signs had come to them?”

I totally agree with Haris Ibrahim’s scathing article against Nasharudin Mat Isa ( that even God allowed the freedom of religion under Surah Al-Imran 3: 85-90 albeit those who chose to leave Islam shall be condemned to Hell.

Anisah Sukry’s article is like a compendium on freedom of religion with legal, scholarly and scriptural references : She deftly argued that what Nurul Izzah said is nothing new and has basis both in the Quran and in the viewpoints of certain Islamic scholars. My favourite is the one by the former chief judge of Pakistan, SA Rahman who wrote “There is absolutely no mention in the Quran of mundane punishment for defection from the faith by a believer, except in the shape of deprivation of the spiritual benefits of Islam or of the civil status and advantages that accrue to an individual as a member of the well-knit fraternity of Muslims.

“He should, however, be free to profess and propagate the faith of his choice, so long as he keeps within the bounds of law and morality, and to enjoy all other rights as a peaceful citizen of the State, in common with his Muslim co-citizens.”

SA Rahman also added that apostasy is an offence in the realm of the rights of God, rather than the rights of mankind, thus there would be no pressing necessity to punish a peaceful change of faith.

Dr Chen Man Hin (DAP’s Life Adviser) said that the threat of apostasy was used frequently in the Middle Ages. Then, Christianity was a very strict religion. Wrongdoings were frequently said to be heresy and apostasy. One outstanding example was Joan of Arc. Her enemies used the church to discredit her despite her many exploits of heroism for France. She was burned at the stake for heresy. Sadly, some people in Malaysia are possessed with minds mired in the Dark Ages. Any Malay or Muslim who dares to think differently is quickly accused of apostasy. He or she is ostracised and denied the rights of a citizen. Nowadays, apostasy and heresy is not a crime in present day Europe. Likewise, the mindset of the our people must change. Nurul Izzah wants young Malaysians to be free and open minded so that they will be the scientists who can create a new society. She wants to encourage the people to be adventurous and enterprising so that Malaysia can play a dynamic role in the new century which is destined to be an Asian Century.

Nurul Izzah is a courageous and conscientious leader. Malaysia needs such leaders in order to progress lest we stay in the Middle Ages’ mentality. All the three Abrahamic faiths allowed for free will, lest we all become like robots. The choice is ours and we bear the consequences of our choices. Nurul Izzah has opened up a fundamental truth that religious freedom is for all, including Islam religion. Many Malaysian Muslims will sample a new freedom. I urge all you closet and/or “closed door” supporters to come out in full force to support Nurul Izzah as well !

Even Pak Lah said “Allow Muslims to convert if they choose to” ( in 2007.

I would like to end with Wen Jiabao’s quote “I am neither nervous nor afraid because I speak from the heart.” Nurul Izzah, we support you all the way !!

Nicole Tan Lee Koon

Secretary, Seremban branch, DAP NS

Tweet handle : @loyarbaik

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Why apostasy is good for Islam

I suppose one way to solve the serious AIDS and drug problem amongst the Malays-Muslims would be to allow them to leave Islam. Once all these people have left Islam then the high incidence of AIDS and drugs amongst the Malays-Muslims would also end because these people would no longer be Muslims but would be ex-Muslims. (And, according to the Constitution, you must be Muslim to be Malay -- so ex-Muslims would also be ex-Malays).


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“Call to reject Muslim leaders who do not uphold Islam,” said The Borneo Post. Bernama, on the other hand, said, “At Islamic meet, Jakim hopes to slow Muslim AIDS spread”. You can read both news reports below.

I remember Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, the one-time Menteri Besar of Kedah, saying that the highest incidence of AIDS is amongst the fishermen community. He also said that the state with the highest incidence of AIDS is Kelantan.

Sanusi was then the Minister of Agriculture when he said that (in a gathering at the MCOBA building) and what he really meant was that the highest incidence of AIDS is amongst the Malays-Muslims, and the poorer segment of society on top of that.

It was roughly 25 years ago when Sanusi said that. Apparently, after 25 years, Malaysia still faces the problem of Malays-Muslims having the highest incidence of AIDS.

According to the authorities, not only is AIDS the highest amongst Malays-Muslims (estimated at 70%), but it is highest amongst drug addicts (90%) as well. Hence it is drugs (the sharing of needles) and not sex that is the main cause of AIDS -- although in many cases it can be both because drug addicts also become ‘sex workers’ to earn money to finance their very expensive drug addiction.

Someone once told me (I don’t know whether this is true or not) that the highest divorce rate is also amongst the Malays-Muslims. This could be true because it is easier for Muslims than non-Muslims to divorce. The husband just needs to utter the words “I divorce you” and the divorce is complete.

Of course, the wife can always go to the Shariah Court to lodge a complaint. But anyone who has ever dealt with the Shariah Courts will tell you that these courts are male-friendly and female-unfriendly. Hence expect the wife to not receive justice.

And I speak from personal experience because many of my lady friends who were divorced by just these three words were subjected to that injustice. (Yes, I do have many divorced lady friends). I must say I felt strongly for these women (but not in the way you think, though) who were manipulated by the system and mocked by their husbands who abandoned them without any income.

Back in the 1970s, I used to frequent the bars in Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bharu. (Well, I never said I am an angel, did I?). Of course, that was when I was in my 20s and before I became a Born Again Muslim.

Most of the bargirls I spoke to all had one story to tell. They got married in their teens. They now have children. And their husband had abandoned them and had ‘disappeared’.

These girls (many in the 20s and even some in their late teens) have no education or qualification. Hence they need to work as bargirls to earn a living and feed their child/children.

By why do they need to live such immoral lives? What are the Shariah Courts doing about their plight? Nothing, of course, and many of these abandoned girls/women indicated that they would be happy to become my second, third or fourth wife (or even my mistress) for just a couple of hundreds of Ringgit a month ‘allowance’.

Yes, for a mere RM1,000 a month, I could have supported three additional wives (at least back in the 1970s). However, when you are married to a Thai (like me), never try that. Thailand has the most number of ‘Bobbitt’ cases in the entire world. (And if you don’t know what ‘Bobbitt cases’ mean, read here: Charles…this part is meant for you, mate).

Anyway, this piece is not meant as a Malay-Muslim bashing exercise. What I wish to highlight is regarding the serious social problems faced by the Malays-Muslims, which the government has known about for more than three decades and which it can’t seem to solve.

I used to joke that the way to solve the high divorce rate amongst Malays-Muslims would be to not force them to get married. Let them just live together, and then when they separate they just separate. If they are not married then their separation would not be called divorce. Hence the high divorce rate amongst the Malays-Muslims would end.

I suppose one way to solve the serious AIDS and drug problem amongst the Malays-Muslims would be to allow them to leave Islam. Once all these people have left Islam then the high incidence of AIDS and drugs amongst the Malays-Muslims would also end because these people would no longer be Muslims but would be ex-Muslims. (And, according to the Constitution, you must be Muslim to be Malay -- so ex-Muslims would also be ex-Malays).

Anyway, jokes aside -- because this is certainly no joking matter -- we have a serious problem. Or rather, we have a serious problem amongst the Malays-Muslims whether it is divorce, AIDS, drugs, or whatever. And it is an old problem since the 1970s that looks like it can never be solved.

So why are these religious people and the religious authorities talking about this person or that person saying the wrong thing and getting all hot and bothered about it?

Okay, so someone said there is no compulsion in religion and Muslims are free to leave Islam if they wish to. Do you think by stopping people from saying there is no compulsion in religion and Muslims are free to leave Islam if they wish to this will make Muslims better Muslims?

Who cares about how many people become Muslims or how many leave Islam? This is not a numbers game. This is not a contest to see who can beat the other in number of ‘followers’? Should not the focus be on the quality of Muslims rather than the quantity?

I am not so concerned about how many Muslims there are in Malaysia. I am more concerned about what type of Muslim these people are. Currently, when we talk about corruption, abuse of power, divorce, drugs, AIDS, or whatever other social ills you can think of, it appears that the majority of the transgressors are Malays-Muslims.

Aren’t the Malays-Muslims ashamed of this? Then, when the non-Malays/non-Muslims point out that the Malays-Muslims are highly immoral, the Malays-Muslims get angry. They say you are insulting them. They say you are cabaring them. They threaten you with ‘May 13’.

The mindset of the Islamists is becoming very ridiculous. They focus on form rather than function. They worry about whether the woman is too sexy or is indecently dressed. The fact that the woman keeps her tudong on but lifts up her baju kurung for a quickie in the pantry is of no concern to these Islamists.

So you want everyone to dress like Mother Teresa. Does that solve our social problems?

The Johor Wanita Umno head, Datuk Sharifah Azizah Syed Zain, wants us to reject Muslim leaders who do not uphold Islam. What does she mean by ‘do not uphold Islam’? Not a single Muslim leader upholds Islam in the real sense of the word. So that would mean not a single Muslim leader should get our support and must be rejected, even those from the opposition.

Of course, what Sharifah Azizah meant is that we must reject Muslim leaders who propagate freedom of religion. This is the only act of not upholding Islam as far as Sharifah Azizah is concerned.

And this is why the Malays-Muslims can never progress. They have a very narrow worldview. Not upholding Islam just means freedom of religion. All other social ills, sins and crimes are not included. Those do not come under the ambit of ‘not upholding Islam’.

Mampuslah Melayu kalau macam ni!


Call to reject Muslim leaders who do not uphold Islam

(The Borneo Post) - The confusing statement made by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar on religious freedom should be an eye-opener for the people to reject leaders who failed to protect the sanctity of Islam, said two Wanita Umno leaders.

Johor Wanita Umno head Datuk Sharifah Azizah Syed Zain said such a statement should not be made by a Muslim leader as it could be misinterpreted, especially by the young people.

She said stern action should be taken against the Lembah Pantai member of parliament to serve as a lesson to her not to attempt to misuse Islamic teachings for politics.

“She seems to be desperate to win (in the coming general election) to the extent of exploiting religion.

“I hope this will open the people’s eyes to reject such a leader,” she told Bernama.

On Nov 3, a pro-opposition news portal had quoted Nurul Izzah as saying that the people should not be compelled to adopt a particular religion, and that this should also apply to Malays.

“When you ask me, there is no compulsion in religion … how can anyone say sorry, this (religious freedom) only applies to non-Malays, it has to apply equally,” she was quoted as saying when speaking at a forum on “Islamic State: Which version; Who’s responsibility?” in Subang Jaya on the same day.

Sharifah Azizah said she did not believe that Nurul Izzah had unintentionally made the statement.

“She made the statement to show that she is not an Islamic fanatic, supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), rights to religious freedom,” she said.

She also questioned the action by Nurul Izzah in suing the mainstream media, instead of the pro-opposition news portal which posted her controversial statement.

Wanita Umno religious bureau chairman Datin Paduka Mesrah Selamat said a Muslim leader, regardless of the party he/she represented, who failed to uphold Islam was not qualified to lead and should be rejected by the people.

She said Nurul Izzah’s statement could have an impact, especially on Muslim youths.

Meanwhile, an organisation called Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (Pembela) described Nurul Izzah’s statement as irresponsible and disrespectful, and urged an investigation be conducted by the relevant authorities.

This controversy, if not stopped, can give a wrong perception of Islam, it said in a press statement issued here yesterday.

In a related development, Cheras Umno leader Datuk Wira Syed Ali Alhabshee said he did not rule out the possibility that the spread of liberalism and pluralism in Malaysia was supported by enemies of Islam from outside the country.

He said the enemies of Islam never ceased with their efforts to erode the faith of the Muslims and cause a split among them, and this situation was exploited by those with vested political interest in the country.

“Nurul Izzah’s statement on religious freedom has made the enemies of Islam happy. It can give a bad implication to Muslims,” he added.

Syed Ali said the relevant authorities, including the Selangor Religious Council and the National Fatwa Council, should investigate and address the issue


At Islamic meet, Jakim hopes to slow Muslim AIDS spread

(Bernama) - It is hoped that the best guideline and resolution to tackle HIV/AIDS can be produced by the three-day 2012 International Islamic Conference and HIV/AIDS from Monday, here.

Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) said, the conference would also explain efforts by Muslim leaders, Islamic social activists and numerous parties to tackle HIV/AIDS.

“The conference will enable Islamic scholars, scientists and researchers to discuss issues of HIV/AIDS among Muslims and share experiences and studies,” according to Jakim in a statement today.

The conference was organised by Jakim in cooperation with the Health Ministry, Malaysian Aids Council, Ihtimam Foundation and Malaysian Aids Foundation.

It would be attended by 300 participants from government agencies, local and foreign non-government organisations and universities.

Jakim said, the conference would also promote the Islamic approach in tackling the HIV/AIDS problem, as found in the Islamic and HIV/AIDS Manual.

“Currently, Malaysia is the only country with a manual on Islam and HIV/AIDS resulting from close cooperation between Jakim and the Health Ministry”.

Four topics of discussion would be tabled: ‘Strategy To Prevent HIV/AIDS In Malaysia’, ‘Addressing HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Analysis of Best Practice’, ‘Role Played By Malaysian Government & NGO’ and ‘Social Research On HIV/AIDS’.

Among local presenters were Johor Islamic Religious Council Adviser Datuk Noh Gadut, Malaysian Islamic Doctors Association president Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, Malaysian Aids Council president Dr Raj Karim and Malaysian Aids Foundation chairman Prof Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman.

Meanwhile, the foreign presenters were from Uganda, Australia and Qatar.

Nurul Izzah teraniaya

NURUL Izzah telah teraniaya seperti bapanya Anwar Ibrahim.

Sama ada ucapannya tentang tiada paksaan dalam agama tersilap, keliru atau kurang jelas, maka dia telah dipelupuh hingga hampir mati oleh orang yang benci kepada anak beranak itu.

Saya mengambil sikap melayan Izzah sebagai mana-mana orang yang didakwa belum bersalah selagi mahkamah belum mendapatinya bersalah.

Sebagai manusia dia terdedah dengan segala macam kelemahan. Dia boleh melakukan kesilapan dan kekeliruan dan dia juga boleh jadi jahat.

Tetapi semua dikehendaki adil terhadap semua sebagaimana kita mahu semua adil terhadap kita.

Pertama dia bercakap tanpa teks. Walaupun ucapan itu dirakamkan tetapi ia tidak menghalang dia membuat kesilapan. Eloknya rakaman itu memungkinkan kita tahu kesilapan dan boleh dibetulkan.

Sesiapa saja yang berucap khusus yang bukan nabi mesti ada kata-kata tersasul dan kesilapan dan ada yang tidak jelas yang memerlukan penjelasan.

Misalnya seorang ustaz bercakap tentang Firaun dan Nabi Musa a.s. Dalam ucapannya itu dia terkata Nabi Musa itu kejam. Orang yang mendengarnya tahu cakapnya tidak betul. Biasanya orang tahu ustaz itu tersasul dan bukan itu yang dimaksudnya. Yang dia hendak kata kejam itu ialah Firaun, bukan Nabi Musa.

Jika ustaz itu sedar dia tersasul, dia akan betulkan. Jika dia tidak sedar, dia rasa dia betul. Kecualilah sepanjang ucapannya itu terus menerus dia kata nabi itu begitu. Yang itu bukan silap tetapi dia benar-benar jahat.

Apabila berlaku tersasul dan kekeliruan biasanya orang akan bertanya minta penjelasan. Jika yang bercakap tidak bermaksud seperti yang dicakapkannya, dia akan membetulkan kesilapannya dan menjelaskan apa yang kurang jelas.

Tok-tok guru pondok yang mengajar agama pun kadang-kadang tersasul. Maka itu dia minta murid-muridnya bertanya apa yang kurang jelas.

Saya yang terlatih sebagai wartawan, diminta bertanya kepada orang yang membuat kenyataan apabila ada perkara yang kurang jelas atau salah maksud itu. Tidaklah nanti kita membuat laporan yang tidak betul.

Tidaklah pemberita itu dikira salah lapor apabila dia melaporkan cakap yang salah cakap dari seseorang. Beritanya itu betul tetapi dia benar-benar pandir kerana dia tidak minta penjelasan dari orang yang bercakap.

Kekeliruan boleh berlaku bila-bila dan oleh sesiapa. Nabi SAW pernah membuat kenyataan yang mengelirukan seorang tua. Orang tua itu bertanya adalah dia boleh masuk syurga. Baginda menjawab, mana ada orang tua masuk syurga. Lalu menangislah orang tua itu. Nabi pun menjelaskan maksudnya betapa dalam syurga nanti semuanya muda-muda belaka. Orang tua seperti Nabi Nuh a.s. yang seribu tahun usianya, di syurga nanti jadi muda juga.

Jika pemberta dengar cakap Nabi seperti itu dan tidak minta penjelasan, dia buat berita seperti yang didengarnya, maka huru haralah sekalian orang tua.

Makhluk pertama melakukan maksiat ialah iblis apabila dia enggan sujud kepada Adam. Allah tanya dulu iblis menggapa dia begitu? Allah tidak terus laknat dia. Setelah dia jelaskan mengapa dia memusuhi Adam, maka barulah dia dilaknat.

Tetapi mungkin wartawan pandir itu hendak memberi rezeki kepada Izzah dengan membuat laporan begitu tanpa minta penjelasannya. Izzah lalu menyaman mereka. Jika nasib Izzah baik, dia menang saman dan dapat bayaran berjuta.

Penang police will thoroughly probe raped-in-station allegation

The Star 

BUTTERWORTH: The police will not be biased when investigating the three policemen who allegedly gang-raped a 25-year-old Indonesian at a police station in Prai.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said he would not “leave any stone unturned” .

“We will not tolerate any act that may jeopardise the sanctity of the police force.

“We will be firm and take the appropriate action,” he added.

On Saturday, DCP Abdul Rahim said the three policemen were arrested on Friday after the woman lodged a report at the Central Seberang Prai district police headquarters in Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam.

They have been remanded until Nov 16 to facilitate investigations.

The woman, a restaurant worker, had approached Bukit Mertajam Barisan Nasional coordinator Lau Chiek Tuan for help on Saturday.

She claimed during a press conference that she was in a taxi near the Pacific shopping mall at about 6.20am on Friday when she was stopped by a police patrol car.

Because she had only a photocopy of her passport, she said the policemen then brought her to the station, where they allegedly gang-raped her in a room.

DCP Abdul Rahim said police recorded statements from the woman and the taxi driver yesterday.

He stressed that investigations would be carried out according to the police's standard operating procedures.

The taxi driver, identified only as Tan, was also present at the press conference at Lau's service centre in Taman Usahaniaga, Bukit Mertajam.

Lau said he was flooded with phone calls after the case was highlighted in the media.

He said many of the callers expressed concern over the incident.

Sultan's Statement Proves Kelantan Is Not Marginalised - Fatmi

KOTA BAHARU, Nov 13 (Bernama) -- The statement made by the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, thanking the federal government, proves that Kelantan is not neglected by the federal government, as claimed by PAS leaders.

The Prime Minister's political secretary, Datuk Mohd Fatmi Che Salleh, said this could be seen with the setting up of the Federal Development Department (JPP) by the federal government in 1991 after PAS took over the state government's administration.

The objective of JPP is to coordinate and manage allocation provided by the federal government for implementation of development projects for the people's benefit, despite the state being under the opposition, he told reporters after visiting the Kota Utara district polling centre at Kampung Kota here today.

He refuted an allegation made by Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat that JPP was set up as an attempt by the federal government to create two governments in Kelantan.

The Kelantan Sultan, in his speech at the investiture ceremony in conjunction with his 43rd birthday celebration on Sunday, expressed his appreciation to the federal government for not marginalizing the state from the mainstream of development.

Batu Caves Will Be Preserved - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Tuesday gave the assurance that the Batu Caves area will be preserved.

He said if the Barisan Nasional (BN) was able to re-capture Selangor in the coming general election, it would annul the 29-storey condominium project in the area and instead, propose for Batu Caves to be declared a world heritage site.

Najib said Batu Caves was close to the hearts of Hindus not only in Malaysia but also abroad as they considered it to be a holy place.

"We do not want development in this area to threaten the future of the Batu Caves complex," he said when addressing the crowd that had thronged the Deepavali Open House organised by MIC at the Batu Caves Complex here.

Many quarters have objected to the implementation of the proposed condominium project, planned to be built near the limestone hill at the complex.

On the move to make Batu Caves a world heritage site, Najib said the matter would have to be brought to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (Unesco) after Malaysia completed its term as a member of the World Heritage Commission in 2015.

This effort will be made through the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry.

"We cannot submit the application now because there may be a conflict of interest. Our term ends in 2015 and after that we will submit our official request for the Batu Caves Complex to be declared by Unesco as a world heritage site," he added.

In his speech, Najib also announced that the Deepavali public holiday would also be observed in the Federal Territory of Labuan.

"Although Labuan does not have many Hindus, but because Labuan is also part of the Federal Territories, they are also eligible to observe the day as a public holiday," said Najib.

He regarded the Deepavali Open House organised by MIC, held at Batu Caves for the second time, as a merry one and the crowd gathered at the premises as a reflection of the 1Malaysia spirit.

"The 1Malaysia spirit which is supported by mutual respect among the races, religions and cultures which as been nurtured for so long is the pillar of our country," he added.

Najib later attended the Deepavali open house organised by the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) at Rumah Puspanita here where he was greeted on arrival by MAICCI president Datuk K.K.Eswaran.

Present were Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa, Raja Nong Chik, Liow, Koh and Wanita Umno Chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as well as Najib's son Nor Ashman.

Before leaving the event where guests included orphans and underprivileged children about 45 minutes later, Najib cut a three-tiered Deepavali cake and received a garland of flowers from Eswaran.

Meanwhile, Eswaran urged the Indian community to give their full support to the government and the prime minister, and stressed on the importance of practising the 1Malaysia concept.

He said under Najib, the government extended assistance which allowed more Indians to participate in the business sector including small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

"The Indian business community can't complain any more and must give full support to Datuk Seri Najib because he has shown his concern towards us," he said, citing the RM180 million special allocation for Indian entrepreneurs as an example.

Najib then headed for the Federal Territory People's Progressive Party's (PPP) Deepavali do in Jalan Sentul here which was attended by PPP president Datuk M.Kayveas, Federal Territory PPP chairman Datuk A.Chandrakumanan and party senior vice-president Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz as well as other cabinet members and politicians.