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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Samy Vellu least qualified to criticise Selangor Pakatan

COMMENT Former MIC president S Samy Vellu has been in the news recently, expressing support for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's transformation programmes as well as attacking the Selangor Pakatan government for lacking in achievements.
Samy Vellu has also been spotted alongside PM Najib at many functions.

mic agm president g palanivelIt is also widely believed that MIC president G Palanivel (left) is weak, both within and outside the MIC.

So, we see Umno's pitbull and proven lackey unleashed, as part of a late onslaught on Pakatan, to boost BN/MIC's chances at the ballot box.

It looks like termites are finding their way out of the woodwork.

That Najib has to rely on the discredited Samy Vellu, who was put to pasture by Najib himself when he became PM, points to an increasingly desperate MIC/BN.

Samy Vellu presided over MIC and was the sole representative for the Indians at cabinet level for almost 30 years.

During this period, we have seen the total marginalisation of Indians in all areas under the Malaysian sun.

We witnessed a spike in the crime rate, the neglect and deterioration of Tamil schools, rampant demolition of Hindu temples, narrowing of access to government jobs and business capital as well as a diminishing corporate stake.
Unprecedented allocation
In contrast, Pakatan's contribution to the Indians has been remarkable in Selangor.

There is an unprecedented specific annual allocation of RM4 million to Tamil schools and RM2 million to Hindu temples.

The newly renovated and refurbished SRJK (T) Midlands school and convention centre is the pride of the Indian community and for the first time in Malaysian history, we will have a full residential Tamil school in ljok.

In comparison, BN's 55 years saw five major estates make way for the iconic Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Samy Vellu stood powerless when former workers were relocated to low-cost houses that were just too far away from schools, temples and other amenities, causing untold hardship.

Indians became a displaced community all over Selangor as more and more estates made way for development.

In almost all cases, the culprits were state (BN) owned companies.

effingham school 050808 protestTo top it all, Samy Vellu himself was implicated in the hijacking of land allocated to the Effingham school in Bandar Utama, PJ.

To date, the issue remains unresolved.

It was always a trademark of Samy Vellu's leadership to surround himself with weak leaders. Selangor was no exception.
Happy with crumbs
The successive Selangor MIC leadership mirrored the MIC leader's philosophy of never offending the Umno master.

They were happy with the crumbs thrown at them by Umno.

This attitude trickled all the way down to the division and branch levels.

For instance, Tamil school headmasters, who were often local MIC branch chairmen and leaders, kept silent on the plight of their students for fear of offending the local state department of education as well as the powerful Umno warlords.

If each and every MIC branch had chosen to champion just 10 cases of the critical stateless Indian problem, the issue would have been totally resolved today.

A servile attitude permeated all levels of the MIC leadership, who were keen on minor state awards like PJK, PPN, AMN and the like.

It was common for them to look forward to the general election and the by-elections as occasions to make money through the many campaign allocations dished out by their Umno counterparts.

Thus, the MIC was always at a sandiwara (show) with Umno in its dealings with the Indian community.

MIC lamented the lack of resources at its disposal but Umno pronounced that enough had been done for the Indians through the MIC.

NONEIndians finally had enough of the wayang kulit (shadow play) and sent a loud message through the ballot box in 2008.

This prompted Najib (left) to reach out directly to the Indians when he was appointed PM in 2009.

It looks like Najib has failed in his direct approach by the way he has reverted to the old formula of letting MIC and Samy Vellu do his bidding at the hustings.

And Samy Vellu should know better than come out of retirement because he is synonymous with BN's failed Indian leadership in Selangor and elsewhere.

m manoharan 02M MANOHARAN is Selangor assemblyperson for Kota Alam Shah.

PRU13: Mood rakyat tukar kerajaan masih kuat

Guru dipecat dakwa dapat borang keahlian Umno

Pakistan is being a Hell for Hindus. Pakistan authorities are trying hectically to destroy all Hindus and Hindu signs in Pakistan.

Pakistan the Hell for Hindus.

100-year-old Hindu temple demolished in Karachi, angry Hindus ask Pakistan Govt to arrange tickets to India as their safe Home.

pakistan a hell for HindusKARACHI | Dec. 2nd 2012 :: In a hectic operation with all Islamic enthusiasm to vandalize an ‘infidel place of worship’, a Pakistani Muslim builder agency demolished a century-old Hindu temple in Soldier Bazaar in Karachi on Saturday morning while the Sindh High Court was hearing a petition seeking a stay order.

Apart from razing down the pre-partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir, the private builder also demolished four or five Hindu houses located next to it. Over 40 people of Hindu faith has become homeless as a result.

“They destroyed our mandir and humiliated our gods,” said an angry Prakash, pointing towards the huge debris of concrete, stones and walls of the temple. The demolishing team did place the statues of four Hindu deities on the side but the residents accused them of taking away their gold jewellery and crowns.

Pointing to bruises on his arms, another man identified as Lakshman said, “They hit me with their guns when I tried to stop them. I told them to kill me instead of destroying our holy place.“

A woman named Banwri said the demolition team arrived at around 11 am while she was preparing breakfast.

She rushed outside when she heard the sound of a bulldozer and was given instructions to move her bed, cupboard and other essential items outside her home.

“I watched my house go down in just minutes and I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

Banwri said that during the demolition, the area was cordoned off by police and paramilitary Pakistan Rangers.

Outsiders were not allowed to enter the area, she added.

Saveeta was among the 40-odd people who lost their homes. With her husband away from Karachi, she said she and her three children would spend the nights in the open.

The area around the temple had 150 Hindu residents and some four families lived in each of the houses that were demolished, according to an elderly resident named Kaali Das.

“People were living in cramped houses, separated only by curtains. Over here, we live like animals,” he said.

Angered by the demolition, the Hindus demanded that the Pak government should arrange tickets to India for them. “If you don’t want us, we will go to India,” screamed a woman.

Protest- Pak Temple DemolitionFollowing the demolition, the Pakistan Hindu Council organised a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon.

They protested the demolition by the builder and the lack of action on the part of authorities.

Pak President Asif Ali Zardari took note of reports of the demolition of the temple in Karachi and sought a report on the incident from concerned authorities, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said.

Zardari reiterated the governments commitment to continue safeguarding the rights of minorities as enshrined in the Constitution to ensure that no discrimination was made to any community in any manner.

Actually big talks and assurance like these from Pak authorities to the dying Hindu People of Pakistan do not carry any meaning. Under a definite conspiracy, the 16% strength of Hindu populace in 1947 in Pakistan has come down to a crying 1.86% now as a prominent symbol of last days for Pakistani Hindus anyway. Each and every day the dignity and the Rights of living of Hindus in Pakistan is narrowing in a vanishing point.

India should take direct initiatives to liberate Sindh as a Free State to ensure that land as a place of Free Thinkers, Secular People, Universal Brotherhood and the sanctuary of Pak Hindus. Unless there will be no Hindu in Pakistan after the next ten years.

In Bharat (India), the Shiva Sena and other Hindu Organisations are protesting over these issues of rampant persecution over Pakistani Hindu Citizens time and again by both the Pakistani Muslim Citizens and the various Pak authorities & other Talibani organisations.

Input and Courtesy: Express Tribune | India Today.

Public Rallies Against Garut District Head Over Crude Divorce of Teenage Wife

This grainy photo reportedly taken at the wedding of Garut District Chief Aceng Fikri, 40, and Fani Oktora sparked a wave of public outcry over Aceng  
This grainy photo reportedly taken at the wedding of Garut District Chief Aceng Fikri, 40, and Fani Oktora sparked a wave of public outcry over Aceng's brief marriage and subsequent divorce of the teenage girl. Aceng told reporters that he divorced Fani via text message because she wasn't a virgin. (Photo Taken From Social Media)   

Protestors rallied against Garut’s embattled district chief on Monday in a demonstration that united Islamic students, university groups and women’s rights activists in anger against a man who divorced his teenage bride after four days because he doubted her virginity.

The protestors gathered outside the Garut Legislative Council (DPRD) office and unfurled a banner demanding that 40-year-old Aceng Fikri step down from his post. The district chief inspired a wave of public outcry after he divorced 17-year-old Fani Oktora four days after their July wedding via text message.

When a reporter from ask Aceng why he divorced his teenage bride, the district chief explained that she didn’t bleed after they consummated their marriage.

“On the first night, I felt that she was not virgin because no blood came out,” he said. “I wanted to marry a woman who beautiful on the outside and the inside.”

Aceng then lamented to a reporter from that he only slept with Fani once after spending Rp 250 million ($26,000) on their wedding.

“Even sleeping with an artist doesn’t cost that much,” he complained. “After I bought her, I found out that she was ‘not as advertised,’ so I returned her.”

Fani said she agreed to become Aceng’s second wife after he promised to pay for her to go to college and take her on an umroh (minor Islamic pilgrimage) to Mecca.

She has now filed a complaint with the National Police accusing Aceng of psychological abuse, according to Aceng reportedly sent Fani threatening text messages after their divorce, the girl’s lawyer Nur Setia Alam said.

“We will report him for psychologically abusing Fani,” Setia said.

Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi told West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to summon Aceng for failing to set a good example for the people.

Ahmad said he would summon the district chief this week.

“The district chief is in a public position,” Ahmad said. “He should watch his behavior.”

Aceng told reporters that he didn’t understand what the fuss was about. The wedding grabbed the public’s attention after the couple's wedding photos were posted online.

“I consider this a family matter,” he told, adding that he had given Fani some money after their divorce.

The Golkar Party, who nominated Aceng, declined to take any action.

“That’s a personal matter,” Tantowi Yahya, a senior member of the party told “The party has no regulations on it.”

Religious educators: Chained up for ‘threatening to leave madrassa’

Sajjad says he had been able to escape after some of his friends broke the chain in one place using bricks and some sharp objects.

TAUNSA: A teenager, who was wandering the streets with chains around his hands and feet, on Saturday told reporters that he had escaped from his madrassa after his teacher punished him up for threatening to leave the madrassa.

Several witnesses told reporters that he had been asking people if they had pliers so he could cut off the chains. They had then taken him to the Taunsa Press Club where he told reporters his story.

He introduced himself as Sajjad, 13, a student of the Jamia Ghausia Madrassa in Kot Sultan. He claimed that he had asked Qari Akbar for a few days’ leave so he could go home.

“The qari said I couldn’t go home. I told him that if he didn’t I would not study at his madrassa anymore.” Sajjad said. He said Akbar had then tied him up in chains.

The teenager claimed that Akbar had also tortured him. “He beat me up,” Sajjad told reporters, “and then he chained me in an open corridor. I was left there in the cold for four days and nights.” He said his class fellows had seem him suffer and then taken pity on him.

Sajjad said he had been able to escape after some of his friends broke the chain in one place using bricks and some sharp objects. He said Akbar used to go home in the evenings and that is when his friends had helped him escape.

The young boy was then taken to the City police station, where the police recorded his statement and then contacted his family. His father Ghulam Hussain and uncle Ghulam Shabbir told police that they did not wish to persecute the madrassa teacher. Hussain and Shabbir told reporters that their family did not want to get involved in a court case or a police investigation. “We are poor people. The madrassa owners are influential. We do not want to initiate any action against them,” they said. Sajjad’s cousin Abdur Rehman said the family would not send him to any madrassa ever.

The police then allowed Sajjad to leave with his family.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 3rd, 2012.

DAP an obstacle to Islamic state aspiration, says Hasan Ali

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 — Independent Selangor lawmaker Datuk Hasan Ali portrayed today the DAP as an obstacle to PAS’s bid for an Islamic state, countering the MCA’s claim that the secular opposition party is camouflaging its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Islamist ally’s true intent.

The DAP frequently opposes PAS’s efforts to elevate the religion while the Islamist party’s attitude of conforming to its Chinese-dominant partner despite claiming to be championing Islam has clearly disappointed Muslim Malaysians, said Hasan (picture), the former Selangor PAS chief.

“What is being raised here is not a question of enforcing rules like those in the enactment that have been in force for so long,” said the president of Muslim group Jalur Tiga (Jati), referring to DAP chairman Karpal Singh’s recent remarks on a controversial by-law barring women hairdressers from cutting men’s hair and vice-versa in PAS-led Kelantan’s capital Kota Baru.

“But more to the question of opposition and obstruction towards those rules that come from the DAP, PAS’s political partner in the opposition pact,” the assemblyman for Gombak Setia said in a statement.

Hasan said Karpal’s comment showed the DAP was unprepared to accept any Islamic rule, and urged the Malay-Muslim community to find alternatives to ensure Islam will be elevated instead of relying on PAS to do so.

“If in a matter that is said to be trivial like this the DAP cannot receive well, what more in bigger issues like implementing hudud and an Islamic state that PAS promises to realise when the opposition pact succeeds in capturing Putrajaya,” he said.

Racial and religious issues are inseparable in Southeast Asia’s third-biggest economy, sparking heated rows between the opposition PR and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition as well as among their respective political alliances as the 13th general election looms.

Malays make up some 60 per cent of the population and are defined as Muslims by the country’s highest law.

The MCA, the Chinese component party in the 13-member BN, has persistently painted the DAP as paving the way for an Islamic theocracy to be formed in the run-up to polls that could catapult the PR pact to Putrajaya.

However, BN lynchpin Umno and other right-wing Malay groups have just as persistently been portraying the DAP as a catalyst for the setting up of a Christian state and a Christian prime minister in the mainstream media.

‘No gains from Deepavali carnival’

Foreign traders took away the local business during trade fairs, say Indian traders.

KLANG: The Malaysian Indian Textiles and General Stores Association (MITA) has claimed that many local Indian traders suffered substantial losses resulting from the Indian shopping carnivals and trade fairs held in the country.

MITA secretary Maheswary Ramasamy said the shopping carnivals held in conjunction with Deepavali last month drastically affected the livelihood of many local Indian businessmen in the Klang Valley, especially those in Little India, Brickfields.

“Such carnivals and trade fairs participated by foreign textile, handicraft and costume jewellery companies have affected the local traders’ good business during the festive season.

“It’s not fair for foreign traders to come into our country and take away the local traders’ business,” she said.

Indian trade fairs organised by local event management companies were originally meant to be participated by manufacturers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to introduce products like textiles, handicraft and costume jewellery to local traders.

Maheswary noted the objective had changed over the years as foreign traders involved in the trade fairs started doing retail sale to local customers.

The trade fairs had also become an avenue for foreign textile companies to sell their substandard and rejected items to vulnerable consumers.

She urged the relevant authorities to stop issuing permits to local event management companies that bring in foreign traders to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Surendran Subramaniam, a saree shop owner from Sungai Petani, Kedah, claimed he suffered 70% business losses due to the Deepavali carnival held at Bukit Jalil and Village Mall, Sungai Petani, recently.

“With all these trade fairs being organised in September, October and November, the good business we used to enjoy during Deepavali is also doomed,” he said, adding that local Indian traders can only expect good business during the festive season to recover their debts.

Another Indian trader from Penang who insisted on anonymity said many Indian traders selling lower range items in the island suffered losses of about 20% to 30% due to the Deepavali shopping carnivals and trade fairs.

“There were many stalls set up by organisers of such trade fairs at Penang International Sports Arena and this had badly affected the business of the surrounding Indian traders selling lower range items like clothings and imitation jewellery costing below RM100,” he said.


Former leader says MIC being shortchanged

A former MIC vice president Muthu Palaniappan says that MIC should not give up its traditional seats to Umno.

TAIPING: A former MIC vice president has sounded a warning to MIC that if it hands over its traditional seats to Umno, there will be no looking back.

M Muthu Palaniappan said Umno will do this under the guise of selecting winnable candidates for the coming elections.

Muthu told FMT today that MIC under the weak leadership of G Palanivel was being bullied by Umno in surrendering some of its traditional seats to Umno to ensure that BN wins these seats in the coming polls.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had been reported as saying that only winnable BN candidates will be given seats in the coming polls and that there is no room for BN component parties to claim traditional seats as was practiced in the past.

“MIC will be committing political suicide if it gives up its traditional seats to Umno as they will never get them back from Umno,” warned Muthu.

Earlier this year, Muthu defected to PKR after differences with the MIC leadership and now he is set to be the PKR candidate to contest for the Teluk Kemang parliamentary seat.

Muthu’s advice is that MIC should ask for replacements for the party’s traditional seats that Umno wants or demand to contest such party seats for the 2013 polls before surrendering them.

The latest speculation in Negeri Sembilan is that the traditional MIC seat of Teluk Kemang is being eyed by Umno to be contested by former menteri besar Isa Samad.

This comes after speculation that some of the MIC leaders like Palanivel, MIC vice president SK Devamany and party secretary-general S Murugesan did not want to contest in this traditional MIC seat, allegedly fearing defeat.

Another media report had quoted that MIC deputy chief Dr S Subramaniam’s parliamentary seat of Segamat in Johor might be taken over by Umno and the deputy chief pushed either to Malacca or Negeri Sembilan.

Meanwhile in Perak, the two traditional MIC state seats of Behrang and Pasir Panjang have been taken over by Umno, and MIC was supposed to be compensated for these two losses with a senator’s post and another state seat in Selangor.

However, Palanivel and former party state chief S Veerasingam had declined the Umno’s offer and had insisted on two more state seats.

It was also speculated that MIC was eyeing MCA’s two state seats of Buntong and Tronoh as replacements.

Pemuda PAS desak suruhanjaya bebas siasat Hishammuddin

Pada masa yang sama ia juga mendesak pemimpin Umno itu bercuti hingga siasatan yang di buat selesai.

PETALING JAYA: Pemuda PAS mendesak Suruhanjaya Penyiasatan Bebas diwujudkan segera untuk membuat siasatan dan dakwaan terhadap campurtangan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein terhadap pasukan polis yang dibongkarkan baru-baru ini.

Pada masa yang sama ia juga mendesak pemimpin Umno itu bercuti hingga siasatan yang di buat selesai.

“Hishammuddin perlu bersikap “gentleman” dan mengikut jejak langkah Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil dengan mengambil cuti ekoran skandal Pusat Fedlot Kebangsaan (NFC) yang lalu,” kata Ketua Pemuda PAS, Nasrudin Hassan.

Bekas Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan dalam satu sidang akhbar di Petaling Jaya minggu lalu ketika menjawab pertanyaan wartawan mendakwa bahawa pasukan polis semasa di bawah pimpinannya berdepan dengan campurtangan Hishammuddin.

Tindakan Hishamuddin itu menurut Musa bersalahan dengan Seksyen 4 (1) Akta Polis (1967) yang membenarkan hanya beliau sebagai Ketua Polis Negara saja yang boleh memberi arahan kepada pegawai bawahan.

Pemuda PAS menurut Nasrudin memandang serius terhadap pendedahan Musa itu.

“Pendedahan tersebut tidak boleh dianggap satu pengkhianatan tetapi maklumat yang wajar didedahkan dan disiasat dengan segera kerana ianya melibatkan persoalan integriti Pasukan Polis Malaysia,” tambah Nasrudin.

Sehingga kini tiada sebarang tindakan dilakukan untuk membongkar segala kemungkinan penyelewangan dan salah laku yang berlaku.

Pemuda PAS juga berharap agar Polis Diraja Malaysia bertindak menjaga rakyat mengikut arus perundangan bukan menjaga parti politik serta mengikut arahan mereka semata-mata.

Shahrizat’s May 13 remark a ‘crime’

Anwar says he understands that the former minister is trying to revive her political career but chides her for stooping to such levels.

PETALING JAYA: Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s speech which raised the spectre of the May 13 riots is “highly seditious” and should be considered a crime, said Anwar Ibrahim today.

The opposition leader said that it is an attempt to sow animosity among the races and to spread fear of violence and bloodshed if Umno loses power.

“This is not only reckless but highly seditious and therefore criminal,” he told a press conference this morning.

Anwar said that while he understands that Shahrizat was trying to revive her political career after the damaging cattle rearing National Feedlot Centre scandal, it is “inexcusable to resort to such low hand tactics”.

He said this “relentless campaign of hate and fear mongering” is a prelude to a loss of power scenario which Umno fears will come true if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government.

“With the mainstream media at its complete disposal, Umno is using every trick in the book to sow racial discord and instil fear among the people of the consequences that will befall them when Pakatan Rakyat comes to power.

“The just-concluded Umno general assembly provided yet another pretext to go on overdrive in this offensive of lies and intimidation led by Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Tun Razak.

“We condemn his reckless statement that Malaysia will lose its sovereignty in three years after Pakatan takes over,” he added.

Anwar claimed that the prime minister’s statement aims to sow the seeds of distrust among the people that Pakatan leaders are traitors who will pawn the nation’s sovereignty for political power.

“Citing no facts nor providing any evidence, Najib’s scurrilous suggestion is therefore totally unfounded and can only be made by someone who has neither respect for the truth nor any sense of moral rectitude,” he added.

Shahrizat had raised the May 13 riots during the opening of the Wanita Umno general assembly here to encourage delegates to work harder for Umno’s victory.

The politician told delegates that a weak Umno would spread uneasiness among the Malay community and possibly invite the same racial conflict that caused the bloodshed during the 1969 tragedy.

“Do we want to such a terrible situation repeated in our country? Of course we do not,” she had said, according to the text copy of her opening address to those gathered at Dewan Merdeka here.

‘Dr M tells Umno leaders to kill Najib after GE’

Anwar Ibrahim claims that the former premier has been asking Umno state leaders to grit their teeth and lend their support to Umno and BN for now.

PETALING JAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad is asking Umno state leaders to postpone their plan to kill off Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak until after the general election, according to Anwar Ibrahim.

The opposition leader said he “knew for a fact” that Mahathir had been asking state leaders to lend their support to Umno and Barisan Nasional while suggesting that they could “topple the leader after the election.”

“This message has gone to almost all state leaders. I think that is why because of this fear, Najib feels that his personal position is rather insecure,” he told a press conference here.

Anwar was responding to Najib’s sudden move to thank Mahathir for voluntarily campaigning for Umno towards the end of the party’s annual general assembly on Saturday and congratulating the former premier for his Vision 2020 yesterday.

“Najib has displayed very little courage as a leader, he cannot deal with [Wanita Umno chief] Shahrizat [Abdul Jalil] firmly, can’t imagine he can deal with Mahathir firmly. That is why he is trying to appease everyone,” he said.

Asked if he thought Najib now realised that he needed Mahathir in the run-up to the 13th general election, Anwar said: “Knowing Najib he will need to cling to everyone; his personality of seemingly [appearing] confident was never Najib’s style.”

Anwar said that Najib’s camp was not happy that Mahathir had been “interfering with government matters and in the giving out of contracts to cronies”, but had no choice as Najib was unable to put his foot down.

“Najib does not have the courage to put his foot down… you have a party where Dr Mahathir still goes around calling party leaders. I don’t think he [Najib] has the courage to deal with it… [so] he has to appease all parties, because he does not have the clout to enforce his policies or views,” he said.

On the Umno general assembly, Anwar said that the ruling party’s confidence of winning back four opposition-held states and re-capturing the two-thirds majority was a sign of denial.

“They [Umno leaders] are in a state of denial. They sit in five-star hotels, smoke expensive cigars, spend time in lounges, that’s where they devise their strategy… a clear disconnect between the multimillionaire Umno leaders and the masses on the ground… the urban, rural Malays… non-Malays,” he said at a press conference to rebut issues raised at the 66th Umno general assembly.

Umno has changed – for the worst

Anwar said that the Umno assembly did not touch on core issues affecting society including “economic hardship, soaring prices, endemic poverty”, but instead focused on “power, and how to retain it at all cost”.

He said he was not the least worried by Umno’s display of “sheer arrogance” and its need to “protect its condos, cows, petroleum companies, San Miguel”.

“If he [Najib] was really confident, he would not treat us as if we are a big threat. The tempo and tone of the attacks show that they [Umno leaders] are in fear, as if there is a giant dragon that is waiting to pounce on them,” he said.

Anwar also chided Najib for failing to give the nation a clear vision during his speeches.

“I agree with Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin that Umno is a changed party. It is more corrupt, more racist and more insecure. The presidential speeches should give a clear indication of the way forward, a clear vision to chart the nation in terms of dealing with government policies. But this was not done. Yes Umno has changed – it is more desperate to cling to power, resorting to fear-mongering, it is retrogressive,” he said.

Ex-aide damns ex-IGP in SD

In his statutory declaration, Musa Hassan's former aide claims that the ex-IGP had betrayed his oath of office by indulging in a slew of wrongdoings.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian police force’s image continues to plummet as allegations of serious misconduct pour in against its top brass.

The police force, which is ailing from a serious public confidence crisis, was dealt another black eye last week by none other than its former chief Musa Hassan.

The former inspector-general, whom detractors had accused of having several closets laden with skeletons himself, claimed that criminal elements had infiltrated the force.

Pointing the finger at Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, Musa also charged that politicians interfered with investigations.

But his successor Ismail Omar downplayed the allegations as unimportant while Hishammuddin questioned the timing of Musa’s revelations which came during the Umno annual general assembly.

The snub by his successor led an infuriated Musa, who had described Ismail as a “good man” just hours before, to denounce him as a “snob” later.

Amid this raging controversy, a statutory declaration (SD) made in 2009 had now re-surfaced.

The document accused Musa of a slew of wrongdoings during his tenure and exposed how he had purportedly ruled with an iron fist, silencing critics with transfers and trumped-up charges.

The SD was by police officer Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim, who served as Musa’s aide de camp from 2005 to 2007.

Azizul claimed that during the period which he served under Musa, he had witnessed numerous things which caused him to lose confidence in the latter’s leadership.

Likening his former boss to a “pengkhianat” (traitor), he said: “Many of his [Musa's] actions undermined the integrity and credibility of PDRM…”

“On many occasions, I observed that the public persona displayed by Musa was opposite to his private conduct. Musa’s actions constituted an act of betrayal of his oath of office,” he added.

‘Manipulation of promotions and postings’

Azizul claimed that former CID director Christopher Wan had revealed to him that Musa had directed the setting up of a covert blog to publish allegations of corruption against then deputy home minister Johari Baharom.

The contents of the blog, he said, damaged Johari’s reputation and subjected him to a probe by the then Anti-Corruption Agency (now known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).

“I am also aware of the statutory declarations made by several policemen, police informants and subjects of police actions showing links between Musa and the underworld, specifically concerning restricted residence detainee Goh Cheng Poh @ Tongku and one shadowy figure, BK Tan.

“Based on my personal knowledge and involvement as the ADC to the IGP, I can confirm that the statements made by these deponents concerning Musa were true…,” he alleged.

Referring to the SDs of ASP Mior Fahim Ahmad and ASP Hong Kin Hock, Azizul confirmed that their allegations had basis.

The pair had claimed that there was manipulation of promotions, ranks and postings in the PDRM involving BK Tan.

“I have personal knowledge and involvement in that I was asked to compile and coordinate such posting orders based on the drafts and proposals made by BK Tan.

“Officers were transferred to achieve certain objectives. In some cases, there were ‘entrapments’ that made certain officers appear guilty of wrongdoings. In others, allegations were made against certain officers that resulted in them being given 24-hour transfer orders or short notice transfers.

“This gave the impression that Musa was eradicating corruption and abuses within PDRM… in most cases that was the furthest from the truth,” said Azizul.

“The credibility of these officers would be ‘demolished’ such that whatsoever information they gathered about Musa would be discredited. These officers would suffer hardship being transferred away from their families and home base. They would also get bypassed in promotions and suffer disciplinary action without the proper process.

“Consequently, less able officers climbed the ranks and the victimised officers were used as warnings against others… This process of ‘mecantas’ [pruning] explains the apparent lack of ability by PDRM to tackle crime, the lack of motivation and low morale within PDRM that saw crime escalating at an alarming rate during Musa’s tenure,” he added.

‘Government was fully behind him’

Azizul revealed that he had informed various individuals, both within and outside the police force, regarding this matter but nothing was done to curb Musa.

Among those he had turned to included former IGP Haniff Omar and ex-home minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad.

“I also informed former CCD [commercial crime department] director Ramli Yussuf, whom I knew had been Musa’s superior for six years and who at the time was investigating some money-lending syndicate.

“I believe that Ramli would have reported the information to the deputy home minister within the scope of his investigations on the money-lending syndicate,” he said.

However, Azizul said nothing could be done against Musa when former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave him a two-year extension in 2007.

“This served as a powerful endorsement that the government was fully behind Musa. A sense of fear also gripped many within PDRM and outside when not long after that in October 2007, the lawyer who assisted CCD [Ramli] in the Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku matter [after the AG Chambers declined to prepare affidavits for the CCD], was himself arrested in a most humiliating manner and charged one day before Aidilfitri.

“The message was clear that Musa had the support of the ACA, the attorney-general and the prime minister in all his actions. The fear among officers in PDRM became the need for self-preservation after six rank and file policemen including Ramli were charged with various offences. Not long after that, the AG ordered the release of the said Goh Cheng Ph @ Tongku.

“Many in PDRM became demoralised that a criminal was released by resorting to legal niceties whereas our own fellow brothers were charged,” he added.

Meanwhile, former MACC adviser Robert Phang, who took Azizul to meet ex-IGP Haniff over his SD, said that Azizul was not willing to come out into the open.

“However, if a royal commission of inquiry was set up to probe the matter, then Azizul would be willing to testify,” he told FMT.

Troubled and desperate ... Deepak could do anything

There are issues and events to write about and comments to make. But who cares?

It is the holiday season and we are still in a "devil may care" mood. To pun Billy Joel's song lyric, "I am in a Sabah state of mind." In fact, we might be going again before Christmas.

It had to take one of PKR's "General Chief" attempted stunt to deviate public attention from UMNO's General Assembly to get us to get back in a writing mood.

It is not the futile anti-Lynas group or Husam-initiated Royalti Minyak Kelantan  losing concern stunt or frogging in UMNO Semporna that are worth writing about

But the one on Deepak.

Simply because he tried to revive and link with the debunked Scorpene issue by still trying to slander Rosmah with the death of Altantunya. We still have a story waiting for the timing to release.

Frankly, only idiot would buy into Suaram's latest edition of French lawyer's press conference. It is ridiculous for French court to have jurisdiction on Malaysian soil on criminal issue?

Now ... the name Deepak first appeared in Raja Petra's Malaysia Today years ago when he was in his instruments playing up the link between Altantunya's murder and Rosmah that culminated in his infamous "reliably informed" Statutory Declaration.

Deepak's name was seldom bandied as a close associate of the Prime Minister's wife in the same stroke with names like Jho Loh. Since there is not enough story to play on, they created the story that Deepak was sent by Rosmah to deal with PI Bala and pay him off. [Hear Deepak's You Tube denial here.]

Boy Dugong

However, it is all suspicious. Maybe Deepak did meet or maybe he didn't meet PI Bala. If he did it, it is of his own accord to win the heart of Rosmah. But pleaz ... this dugong is no toyboy material.

In the first place, why would Rosmah entrust someone like Deepak, whom she just knew for few years, to do such a politically sensitive task?

Anyway this legend of Deepak could only have come out from the mouth of Dato Mumtaz Jaafar, the former national athelete and trainer to maam, and was behind many other leakage of private Najib household.

Raja Petra used to write that she was Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop "man."

It is heard that she was a toll collector arranging meeting with Rosmah and benefited financially. God knows, if there is any truth.

Since her name surfaced everywhere and had put the first family in bad light many times,  Mumtaz is now no more part Rosmah's daily life.

Back to Deepak.

Deepak the carpet man but trying to be carpet beggar

Deepak Jaikishan is merely a carpet seller and taking over his father's business at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Read Carpet Raya Sdn Bhd latest profile here and here

He only knew the first family when Rosmah was interested in his carpet designs and commissioned him to install carpets at their private residence at Jalan Duta. It is heard that she came down to the shop.

Like any overly ambitous and opportunistic businessmen yang "tidak tahu segan dan malu" (have no shyness and shame), Deepak used the opportunity in supervising the installation to get to know the maam.

Perhaps, he did got help from maam to ask PM to help him help secure contracts for official residence of Deputy Prime Minister, Sri Satria and later at Prime Minister's official residence, Sri Perdana.

Deepak was quite an impressionable young man and he managed to gain the confidence of others to get appointed on the Board of Directors of George Kent and many others.

Basically, he managed to exploit the opportunity to the fullest by creating the impression that he is maam's orang kuat. If one is smart, getting negative expose on Malaysia Today does boost oneself sometimes. Khairy did too.

Deepak became greedy, reckless and ruthless

However, Deepak got greedy and reckless. He was selling maam's name to frequently and all over town that it reached Rosmah's ears that he is a conman.

The carpet man was becoming a carpet beggar ruthlessly pouncing on unsuspecting businessman. One former Tan Sri high flying corporate man had to pay him commission for fund raising which he was not part off.

It is heard and he himself admitted to Malaysiakini that he had amassed RM600 million of facility. Off course, the public would jump to make the presumption that he got those loans because Najib is Finance Minister.

Firstly, is the number right? Secondly, having facility is one thing but was he able to drawdown those facilities. Thirdly, if Najib did not help get him the facility, who then?

Deepak had raised a couple of banking facilities with the likes of Hong Leong bank, Bank Rakyat, Maybank, and bulk of it is with Kuwait Finance house (KFH). Heard to be about RM600 million. [Hear You Tube here.]

Talk of KWH, it reminded us of BCCI that went under decades ago.

KWH had a character who was the Managing Director by the name of K Salman Younis or Dato K Salman Younis. This guy was giving facility on name lending and Deepak sold himself real well.

He has since left in 2009 or he would have been in the slammer under BAFIA. Here is The Edge report

With facility available and the yearning to be a billionaire in a hurry by 40, Deepak went about town  to secure, hustle and even extort deals and investments.

One such scheme was to get himself into his failed joint venture with Wanita UMNO Selangor, Dato Raja Ropiaah's privatisation deal with MINDEF.

She got it when she was not a position holder but a struggling business women.

How convenient that Deepak sued Raja Ropiah at around now when he does not have a legal fighting chance of winning the lawsuit? Read MI here.

For him to make a police report against  Raja Ropiaah on claims of CBT, can the bloke differentiate between alleged CBT and alleged non-fulfillment of agreement?

Isn't it obvious that Deepak is lending a hand to assist PKR Selangor from Wanita Selangor's planned onslaught?

With the money standing by, it is easier to get and secure deals. The trump card Deepak used was Najib and Rosmah's name. How is anyone going to check with Najib and Rosmah? More so, with Malaysia Today's help to create him into an urban legend..

But since 2009, after Salman left, and his relationship with maam gone sour by 2010, things were not looking up for Deepak. His board membership were pulled back.

True he was investigated by MACC and IRD by him. Opposition made noises of him and so sure they will go in. Only thing is MACC do not make noise.

It is heard that he called maam for help to remove all the officers. Apalah Deepak, since when first lady can order around government agencies like that?

Banks begin to recall their loans. It is raining so Bank will pull back their umbrellas.

It is heard that Maybank had forsold his land to recoup the loan. Kuwait Finance House also pulled the plug on him when they found that there were elements of conmanship or fraud in the manner Deepak secured the facility.

Deepak couldn't pay back Kuwait Finance House. It is believed in the tune of more than RM100 million. Some say it is as much as RM170 million. This is part of the reason behind his debacle with Raja Ropiah because he wants his money back or give the project wholly to him.

Obviously Bank had to sue him and it is also another of Deepak's many ongoing case with Banks.

He fits in the maxim seldom heard in the securities industry, "high flyers get shot down."

This amateurish wheeler dealer but smooth talker was flying high. He once flew by private jet to Las Vegas to impress one sexy leggy Chinese girl. Smart girl .. take the money and run.

Deepak tried to seek Rosmah's help, tried to seek Rosmah's name when being investigated, tried to get Rosmah to ask Najib to ask investigators to pull their brakes and get banks to allow him to use his facilities, etc.

Deepak .. where ever you are?

When all fails, he tried to appear himself in public whenever Rosmah is present to salvage the image that he still has cable with first family as big as any submarine cable from Bakun to Semananjung. One instance was at Batu Caves during the Thaipusam festival.

Not only he was desperate for his failed deals, Deepak's family carpet business was going down and his father suffered heart attack from seeing his lifetime work up in "smoke" because of his over ambitous and over zealous heir apparent son.

Realising that he could go under and become bankrupt, Deepak's friends recommended him to go to Anwar Ibrahim, another fake financial adviser with Malay studies qualification from University Malaya. Some say he never actually graduated.

Deepak's friend is Dato Ravi Dharan, Chairman of Daya Group of Companies arranged for Deepak to meet anwar Ibrahim. [Read it here in Medan Info here.]

Deepak was hoping Anwar's links with Middle East banks can help him. Anwar's pro murtad daughter, Nurul Izzah smelled the political opportunity.

At one point, Deepak was in so deep a trouble that no lawyers wants to take up his cases against the Banks and also to sue Raja Ropiaah. One an understand the reluctance of lawyers to take up cases of controversial and questionable character like Deepak.

Despite being in touch with Nurul, Deepak never got to meet Nurul. He chickenned out. Perhaps he was worried Nurul will talk him out of his Hindu faith.

PKR set the bait to entice Deepak till he finally agreed to meet Anwar. And he did meet Anwar a couple of times.

One of the meeting is at the house of Dato Ravi, a close friend of Anwar. Off course, Anwar agreed and promised to help him just like he promised the people of Kg Buah Pala. Maybe promised Deepak post of  Sabah Chief Minister.

Deepak at the court

For a start, Anwar asked his conman lawyer from SUARAM, Sivarasa to help his case against Raja Ropiaah. We call Sivarasa conman because he together with Dr Xavier Jeyakumar tried to "steal" lands belonging to former Sime Darby Indian estate workers.

Anwar showed keenness to help Deepak in order to get back in his battle to discredit PM via Rosmah. That has been his plan since he has no current issue against PM that sticks so he dig up on the past and exploit the negative perception against Rosmah.

Deepak was given lyrics by Sivarasa to sing Anwar's tune to implicate PM and his wife and revive the Altantunya's murder. Sivarasa also arranged for interview with Malaysiakini and broadcast during UMNO's 2012 general Assembly. [Read Malaysiakini here]

Free Malaysia Today sambut the story further here and here, And Malaysia Chornicles here.

Before that they had a PAS delegate raised questions and suspicions on Deepak at the PAS Muktamar. Conveniently, Harakah was one of the earliest to break the Deepak story on November 27th. Who doesn't know the power Dato Kamaruddin Jaafar has on Harakahdaily. [Read here.]

Oh Husam ... do shut up! Your Tuntutan Royalti Minyak is a losing concern. [Read here]

Deepak sang some of the lyric from Sivarasa in court but not all. Even that it was rejected by the judge in the Raja Ropiah's case as "not relevant." [Read The Edge here.]

He is smart too. Anwar has to deliver first before he will sing Anwar's song. He is a Gujerati Indian, off course he has heard of Anwar's promise with the Indian population at Kg Buah Pala.

By November 29th, there will be another of Deepak's many cases.

Whatever is to come, bear in mind that this is part of Anwar's evil doing against Najib and Rosmah. It has always been that way.

Everything coming out of this sinful prositute-visiting and young boy-sodomising Anwar are lies and full ill intentions. He just can't lead this country to greater height but to disaster.

This is the gist of the story.

The details, the proof, the documents, the ... can come later. Correct, correct, correct ...?

While writing, Anwar already tried to absolved himself. He chickened out since Deepak spoke to some bloggers Friday night. Read FMT here and here.
“Similarly, coming from Deepak, who is known to be direct associate of Najib and Rosmah [Mansor]. You can’t just be dismissive. 
“If it is just a scurrilous attack. I would understand that Najib would dismiss it. But this is specific, that he is involved to reverse a statutory declaration, so, answer lah,” he added.
No no ... you are not diverting it to Najib. And you are not getting away on this.

Umno assembly - final chance for change missed - Malaysia

The just concluded 66th Umno general assembly was the last opportunity for the party to convince the people of its willingness to change - a promise it made four years ago after its unprecedented losses at the March 8 election of 2008.

Unfortunately it appears that Umno had missed that opportunity going by the proceedings at the assembly, the last before 13th general election.

It was pathetic to see a party in power for 55 years, having led the fight for independence and developing the nation to a level to be admired by many, resorting to three misguided strategies to win the crucial 13th general election that is seen as a threat to unseat it.
They are:

1. Over-boasting of its experience in governance and achievements while failing to address all its glaring misdeeds.

2. Threatening of riots and unrest if it loses.
3. Opposition bashing and ridiculing the opposition as an unholy alliance, its inexperience in governing and unrealistic populist policies which will only lead the country to bankruptcy.

It was unfortunate that led by the heads of the Youth and Wanita wings and president, speaker after speaker took turns to attack the opposition and its leaders instead of trying to prove they had changed and deserve to be trusted to continue to rule for another term.
The PM also boasted on Umno's past achievements instead of trying to chart a new direction his party will head to take the country and the people to greater heights.

The Umno Wanita leader's use of May 13 to scare Malaysians to support Umno reflects how desperate her party is to win the elections at all costs.
By trying to instill fear of riots and the possibility of another May 13 should they lose power, they exhibited great anxiety and fear at the prospect of losing power.
It further proved they had totally lost touch with what the people on the ground want - peace and progress, not war and chaos.

The vast majority of Malaysians of all races are living quite comfortably and are not in the mood for fights and riots with their own fellow citizens.
They want to continue their peaceful coexistence to develop the nation to greater heights.

Her claim that that Malays will lose political power if Umno loses the mandate to govern in the next general election is ridiculous as Malays also form the majority in Pakatan.
In actual fact, it is Umno who will lose their power not Malays as they will continue to dominate even under Pakatan rule.

The Umno Youth leader's comparison to the coming elections to World War II is unbecoming of a leader in a democratic country who could be aspiring to be the PM in the future.

In a war you fight against enemies invading your country and you have the right to kill if necessary - unlike in an election where you contest against your opponents who are not your enemy but fellow citizens who are your comrades in building your nation.

I don't understand the relevance of him quoting Winston Churchill's words which refers to war, not elections.

The Umno president did not spare the opposition in his opening address.
He reiterated that if Pakatan rules, the country will be demolished economically and lose its sovereignty.

What proof does he have to support that as Pakatan has yet to be given a chance to rule?

They condemned and even ridiculed Pakatan's promises to reduce oil prices, car prices, abolish toll and provide free tertiary education to all, saying such populist measures are unrealistic and only will bankrupt the nation.

It is hard to believe how enriching the people will cause the nation to go bankrupt.
What concrete measures are Umno-BN planning to alleviate the people's impoverished state other than giving out free cash occasionally in the form the abused BR1M?

On the whole the assembly was a great letdown for those who had hopes that Umno is capable to reinvent and change itself for the sake of the country and the people.
Instead what it really proved was that it was still in denial.
It was more of an opposition-bashing only on a more subdued tone compared to previous Umno general assemblies because of the coming elections.

It also showed its desperate attempts to cling on by bringing back services of an ageing former leader and even God.

The strategies adopted by Umno, instead of garnering more support, would only help convince fence sitters to make up their mind against BN in the coming election.
The incumbent party cannot hope to win an election by the non-existing demerits of its untested opponent but only by its merits over 55 years of rule.

The over two thousand delegates of the 66th Umno general assembly may have gone home feeling good, motivated and recharged by the intensive three days of opposition bashing but how long that fire in them lasts to bring the desired victory at the 13th general election remains to be seen.

Najib: Government To Continue Putting In Place Policies Supporting Knowledge-based Economy

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 (Bernama) -- The government will continue to put in place, policies and investments that support a knowledge-based economy, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The prime minister said, he believed in building a knowledge-based economy as one way for Malaysia to achieve sustainable growth and remain globally competitive.

"We will continue to put in place, the policies and investments that support a knowledge-based economy: in science and technology, in research and development, and in information technology infrastructure.

"And, we will focus on the social impact of our policies, and be aware of our responsibility to ensure that the knowledge-based economy does not widen disparities between various sections of our society," he said at the Merdeka Award presentation ceremony in Dewan Filharmonik Petronas here Monday night.

Present were the Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, who is also chairman of the Merdeka Award Board of Trustees, and his consort, Raja Puan Besar Perak Tuanku Zara Salim.

Najib's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Petronas chairman Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, and its president and oil company chief executive officer Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas, also attended the event.

Najib, who is also Merdeka Award patron, said as the nation sought to become fully developed by 2020, Malaysia must chart its own course to consolidate the gains it had made in healthcare, finance and energy, and continue economic reforms to unlock investment, and secure a greater share of the sectors and technologies of the future.

He said Malaysia's development depended on its ability to build an open, highly-skilled economy, and thus it must invest in one of its greatest assets, its people, as the country moved towards an economy with greater focus on technology and services.

"Just as Malaysia must be ready to compete within our region, so our workers, students and entrepreneurs must be able to hold their own on the world stage," he added.

Later, Najib presented the Merdeka Award to this year's recipients, academician Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine Ong Soon Hock, Tan Sri Professor Dr Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas and Dr Engkik Soepadmo.

Dr Ong, under the Health, Science and Technology category, is recognised for his outstanding contribution to the research and development of the chemistry and technology of palm oil, and for his significant role in advocating and promoting the Malaysian Palm Oil industry to the world.

Dr Syed Muhammad, under the Outstanding Scholastic Achievement category, was awarded for outstanding contribution in the area of Islamisation of Contemporary Knowledge and Muslim Education.

Dr Engkik, from the category of Outstanding Contribution to the People of Malaysia, received the award for outstanding contribution to the research and conservation of Malaysia's forest plant diversity.

Each of the recipients received a RM500,000 cash award, Merdeka Award trophy and the Merdeka Award Work of Art.

For this year, there is no award recipient in the Education and Community, and Environment categories.

This is the fifth year that the Merdeka Award has announced a group of recipients, following the establishment of the Merdeka Award in 2007.

Its first group of recipients was in 2008.