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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston to Bangalore, Islamic Jihad wants to destroy Global Peace. Is it not the time to ‘Say No to Jihad and Radical Islam’?

Blast in Bangalore
Blast in Bangalore

Bangalore blast: Indian Mujahideen may be involved..

Blast near BJP office in Bangalore injures 16, police hint at terror angle 

Improvised explosive device kept on bike stolen from Hyderabad? ….

Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi | 17th April 2013:: If you go through the above news hyperlink, then you will be able to learn that in the same process home grown Islamist again attacked Bangalore (Very near to BJP office at Malleswaram) today, after another attack on Hyderabad on 21st Feb 2013 near Sai Temple in a prime time of offering Puja in evening darshan. Same Improvised Explosive Device, Use of Cylinders, Motor Cycles, Tiffin Carrier, Choosing Mandir Places, Hindu Org Offices, Market Places full of Hindu commuters or the Congregations on Non Muslim Kaffirs are the main target to these Jihadists to carry on the Quranic version: To Instill the Terror in the Minds of Infidels (Q. 8:12- says “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.” ). It is an easy prey of the Jihadists to accomplish Jihad to make this world into to Dar-ul-Islam (Land of Islam) from an very nasty Dar-ul-Harb (Land of Enemies). It is the single and only agenda causing all these gory happenings conducted by the Allah and Mohammad follower Muslims may be mild, moderate or radical, but they are all ready to finish all the infidels from this world only to make a world of Allah, you believe or not.

But, we are totally disbelieve this truth and invite a Muslim (Actually Jihadi in Disguise) for having a cup of tea or invite him for a dinner or allow our children with the Muslim children, but never mind that in our permissiveness, we definitely indulge and help a dangerous thing like Islam and its followers for the advancement for another unholy Jihad in the next.

If you think all Muslims are not alike, then you will do a great blunder. Muslims may be defined in two ways. Category One is Muslims in Islamic optimization. And the second is Jihadists in waiting. There is no third category, many ways you can define. The weeding-hook in the hand of a Muslim labour in your Garden, may be turned as a lethal weapon to kill you at once out of nothing.

Mind it, a Muslim cannot discard the doctrine of Quran and Quran cannot be separated from Jihad. And Jihad obviously is targeted on you also, if you are not a Muslim. May be you a pious Christian, a simple devotee on Hindu Spiritualism, a Jewish Rabbi dedicated on social work, a Buddhist monk finding a series of meditations or a commoner only as a peace lover to settle with all others, what else to these satanic Jihadists and these barbaric demons of Islam, they only want to kill us. Kill us. And kill us. My words may be harsh. But, my friends, these are the highest truth in any circumstances.

Leave it this case of Bangalore blast where the Islamists are failure to take any single life but injured over 100.

But what is the frightening Boston Marathon Blast rocked the whole world just on 15th April 2013?
Tragedy in Boston Marathon - Terror looms
Blast in Boston
The name Marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon (in which he had just fought),which took place in August or September, 490 BC. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly, exclaiming “νενικηκαμεν’ (nenikekamen)”, (“We wοn”), before collapsing and dying.

To commemorate this historic legend, the peace lovers and propagators of world amity organize so many marathon races everywhere in the world (barring the Islamic Countries as they consider Marathon is an unholy Islamic act which does not glorify Islam anyway), including Olympics.

Boston Marathon was such event to take all 25000 participants together over 50 countries to make a joyful assembling of humanity in the field of sports and games to commemorate the Patriot’s Day on the third Monday in April each year.

Horror of explosions near the finish line of the USA’s most famous marathon sank in, when government officials compelled for mobilizing to respond on Monday afternoon rather minimizing the casualties and post blast hazards.

 Reports say:  Boy, 8, one of 3 killed in bombings at Boston Marathon; scores wounded. (CNN).   But another source says: A federal law enforcement source told The Post there are at least 12 dead and at least 132 people have been treated at seven area hospitals. (New York Post).

While pressure cooker bombs are more commonly utilized in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal; they have been seen before in domestic terror attacks, including the 2010 attempted bombing in Times Square, the same pressure cooker device and IED components were utilized in Boston also to challenge the security and safety of peace loving US citizens.

Sources also hint upon that Authorities ID person of interest as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital. And the same pressure cooker bombs generally used by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian Muslim outfits attached with Jihadi sabotage.

We also carry a fatal virus of harmony with the horrific hooligans of Islam. If we do not understand the danger of a poisons snake keeping silent under the green grass, who can save us from its venomous biting all on a sudden.

Those who are speaking about the terror and its classification like home-grown and foreign, they are simply bogus. Jihadi Terrorism is a powerful tool to grab all our land, culture, faith, wealth, future and everything under an oceanic Arab Expansionism. I would like to understand this pivotal thing to understand Radical Islam it all its shape, mild to moderate. Molestation to Murder. Mischief to Misdeeds. This is Islam as turned today very unfortunately.

Islam wants to capture America, Europe Asia, Africa, Australasia and every corner of this globe with its sharped sword and fanatic doctrine of Quran alias Satanic Verses. There is no chance to revise Quran to scrap its portions directly inciting killing of infidels and the innocent non-believers. As such we have no other option to say No to Islam and its deadliest Jihad ongoing.

In this juncture, we have to strict enough. Enough is Enough. Considering them as minority, we gave so may indulgence to their menace and nuisance. Now, it is the time to teach them to accept the others’ culture, etiquette, social custom to adjust with the motion of the majority. Islam should grant the democracy and the wish and will of the majority, not to toe down everything with a views of Islamic bullshit.

Unless, we restrict them in our restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, educational institutions, libraries, clinics, hospitals, markets, public vehicles, metros, parks and in our families, we will never be able to check them to invite nearer to make another blast or to slit a throat after raping one’s darling. Please don’t allow your children with the Muslim children. They are also baby Mujahideens to attack the secular mentality of your children. They are also same rattles with same poison with a less quantity.

Bad to hear or tell, but we can’t welcome them until they honor others culture and heritage and let others live as Infidels or anything. First of all declare that we have proscribed those portions from our book that are causing so many deadly occurance against humanity and we are really sorry.


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