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Saturday, April 27, 2013

EXCLUSIVE:Declaration from The National Revolutionary Front BRN

Received via email

Peace, the Mercy and the Benevolence of  God be upon you

After the negotiations between the Thai government and the fighters from Patani Liberation Movement on February and March, so many questions have been asked by the Patani people and the general public. For this reason, we would like to ask you as international mass media to publish and broadcast the video clips which contains the answers and explanations so that the Patani people and the general public do not have to worry about or confused by the negation process.

We would like to thank you for the attention and actions to be taken concerning this matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Barisan Revolusi Nasional
(National Revolutionary Front)

Video 1

Caption 1
Declaration from The National Revolutionary Frontline of Malay Muslims

Caption 2
Ustaz Hassan Taib
Representative of BRN
The Speech by Ustaz Hassan Taib.
The BRN is a national revolutionary frontline for the Malay people in Patani. The BRN was founded as a national front line to unite the Malay people in Patani from every walk of life to build a line of fighters for the people of Patani. The Malay people in Patani become stronger, and we shall obtain the liberation (freedom). After that we can administrate (the country) as fairly (equally, just) as possible. So I would like to plead to all Patani people, regardless of their ethnicity, no matter if you are Malay, Chinese or Siamese, so as not to be afraid or worried about the justice (which we are going to bring about). That’s all from me. A short explanation about the struggle of the BRN which is aiming at justice, prosperity and establishment of a country (nation) of justice.

Video 2

Caption 1

Abdulkarim Khalib
A member of the BRN delegation on 28 March


If we talk about the conflict in Patani, we must refer to the history. The colonization of Patani by Siamese in 1785 is the start point of the ruthless system of suppression, as well as the movements for the liberation of Patani, in order to liberate the Patani people from the suppression and troubles brought about by the Siamese colonization. We are proceeding to the genuine peace.

Caption 2:

How’s the attitude of the BRN after the negotiation (signing) on 28 February?


Actions shall continue to be taken until the Siamese colonization system and suppression against the Patani people is put to an end.

Caption 3:

How’s the attitude of the BRN concerning the coming peace talks.
The talk shall be continued, with conditions.
First, the Siamese colonists must accept Malaysia not as a facilitator but as a moderator.
Second, the talk is between the Malay people led by the BRN and the Siamese colonists.
Third, in the talk, there must be observers from the ASEAN Countries, the OIC and NGOs.
Fourth, the Siamese colonists must unconditionally release all detained people and cancel (annul) all arrest warrants
Fifth, the Siamese colonists must acknowledge that the BRN is an organization for the liberation of Patani, not a separationist group.

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